1-1 7' 41 . ifi.nr. D' Y. MAUCil 20, 1NJ7. D'OL. YIL-mN'O. 831. BV 'till ! II. 7 4 f - t4 Wr f! Irlcl Wjrll f I '.J UfcltJ f .ftfc. L lit t ... i.t i( f, dts,"W.' r,fettf V4m!y ' M Ii4 grati if V Ifta-Mre, Mrtti t4 HliwiM fut, M iniH of m i mi rttswn k in tell. Tfc I.stM fif 4 prtxtH ft Vtrt t U ' 'f 1 M f I ; ftB 4 . .Hliti t. k f jt f, - aa i.MkaiiJ Jttftft if ' 7 I ' lr, Is lit tut tf i "41 J f urfcifM, k r.ii lour C4 kfMtft ir'wf ttttre. fie rw- A Ma fjU y aW W W 4 Caal xnj tfiM Wtftl 5i?i. - " : - .C4KtrT;te-tt'l!triir' tV Mf4 u LdJwt t , il f ,v 1 f ! HUm4 4mi le KUl, b4g beta fc- . ;iVw f .- M tit kJ f pot W U fc.Nt ta 4 KM to tw ! fr . 4 I AAA !. 4 - .. . i ltaa lit .mm t it i- m lid ft. ' """ '. ' '" toa r mi aWr aaaaUa flaf'tV wataa ArW aaman. ---- M, iM? Mff It lit Mt tltMi t Ik j . 1 1 . ' "J1 s kaa4 bf iva Kl44f. flM J a4 tM r 7 ni MC XttJ I 'til 1 n tie nf ini. s !1 3 3 3 5 oft rtu m tw i . i.. L.,t " . .. 7 , 7 r ; 7 r . jvt rt cf ilaori Xf 'JUai&iiUi Uarr.b. ' ' . '-j t UtnJof it U Mrrfcorf rUri4t, iii 10 jai IM locwio f i tttM tlitvnitiM. yaiii (if U4 Svprtma Coart. I ta'ii.'uIoQ ! u Act la NcjHti i4 It firtBt HIT-MI oCc4. MM44 April, llll, kQtUrlu lh Stitt of Ikiknt it as a ti aa a a.4 llifl(l ftaMfti "t JC4fJ PiW Will m 4aajf 444 ptuifu 1 j Tf lutbofkf lk FrtWtt of iko 17. 'tto -Mtm la icruU 4aJ iltJcottt )U 1 ki lanitni booftdtry otbt 5ait of taiUtM. lJ I TO 40' hod. 144 UtUlaUlff ef ibt! ,1 :t4of AJat UmUU UotktrttO'lt lUiina, tppropflkitofrt Lr Iht Mippon f ki Pp)rrUlt4 for ih km f ScbooUlof C at mi rocnt, for tht flaro4ttouun4 " i 4 lllla j ni vnt To cxteod tia tunt f Iimlof to4 loco- . Wihtr LatxJ Wirrartu lo oaro '4 ooWim of tbf KaroJutkntra Am. I To pmldo .tot ibt 4(!jatinoi of , urn of portoat totMit a 10 loueovnitco u i. . t 1.1-. t .1.. . 1 -iJTJii'y (Tut - f.V B1,mw 7" Jr1 xktHta$mclth lam paid 44 to b SMkMMOoTweniofOftat-MtiJt, 'adif 4 Contentloo UtoitQ (h U.5iitll MhU JMttW JIjrlyrco41uda4. il tondoo 00 tbt IJib Norambaf, JI39. ; I Miklna apDroorutlonifortho Darroeot Jlht Herolatinrurj and other ffotwo- I Tok tbt relief of tbt lodi jtnt aaStreri V Ik4 Irt 41 AleianJru. f To' allow tit fit! jeot'of 'iht territory f klkkigih to ttect the tncoibera if se1r LetitljUf t CotuvdJ, ; pd (or other To-Nftrx-certain datlrt pU unofl f atfa artd'eargoca belonging to tbt city iiimourg. - To aotborittakt Irowtotioo of Bran in ctikl cf cipiciiy not Itaa iba !,.. 11 . .. J . ." . ' . ruwoii uu ins cuwnauuq qi iot l - !. . . . . mt ior iot Dcneai 01 a 0 raw Data, ol tbt For tbt preaemtion anil ttmlrof tht To utborlat tht laying out ind open. j kT 7 f?V I Conrreta, and for other Durttoaea , u,.7 Slaking approprlationa for the Indian nartiaenti for tha teir ona thoutand ilk ,ht handred anftwinlfeTeo. I Making appropriations for tht Public IbL Jiildinga, and other obiecta." fcj I To provide fcr the completion of the 7 H frotn.t point opposito to Memphit, 7' I, the rotate, or- J cnoeatee, to Lktle r) pek, iq the Territory of Arkaniai, end J F otner purpoaev Top-ant a jquant IlHnoU pi ;tbt purpose or ai-liiig in flf l r mm 4Mkl 4 ma a a !. . -. ft . . I ! v-u- iv ""men ma waicrv y cd4 hb tbote of Lake Michigan, I r:rPu' n certain quanuiy or iana io ri ,'ug aaid Suto in opening canal to r. mbiim( ir ma nirws wi i i ' ni j 'ar- a 'w V V OWWOIt IVI waav otepfLake Erie..- , Qirinr . further comnentatlon to the ptaina and SuuaUerna of tbo Army of .i i united btatea, in certain caaea. Authorising the .completion and repair V ""wn, rotdi V, tbo .TrUof : of jinpaKMHi ior otber ppoae.5iiM IToiocreaat the Velar j of the Pottmaa- 1 'tW-Y".WWi.K13-jliWw, Granting to the; Corporation bf thf ity of Mobile the right of preference In archaao of four aectioha 'of land, r Ti yantlty eqoaltofouf iectionii nt or near lring Hill, In the county ofMobtie4 ouppiementary , to , an Act to perfect rtain locationa ind sales of public laada aiori,assd Apttt S6tt23 Concerning invalid pensioner. Totlttrt U'mct.of JioWifig lit Dit- rwikflaf U III J)tin.0 tf.ii. "7777 .. . I 'r'-r'" mi. rr " wmmmu lit Sot ol AlUau. T rrwi t rnifl a4Ailtf e Ui4 (it S.it 4 OUa. (rjf U NrMM f ajtakUg R4 (ratu Cliftbw4 to San- I tk Tiff Ua7 ( AfltAM. tmU tW tit eoACnaaikM tt4 tatitotAtfti cf lt In4 tWlnt to Ctn Ta l u Witt 1K4 ttU ef ft rtt! rKU 6T ItnJ U Ut 9t 4 UU coroCrtxJf cUJ4 Monu4 UimL To fm?i 444 (H4 miriktrunit tmryofit4 litrtio, from live prmrfii of ditcrimla ilnr tfui(l of totf a ft4 Impealt, fwf C raited limtt "4 Ux txKtr tnirpot. Amhofixinffltt PrtUdmr oflht fal- led sitttt lu raoHwt W UaialTKt la tht Caoclav Ui.ukl, la lit Suit f UitiUtippi tigbl kttdrtd aa4 tat 01 f kcrta. likkinr tppropHttwvii Lt lk4 nUittry arrko cf Ibt Unit id Sutct, for ik f f oot thoui44eiskt bubdrtd end Ueoiy utn. MiUog ippropHtiboi for ceruin tr to UoJ.H Suit, for ikt F"' 00lbooMo4 clgbt fcuodrtd o4 ! lw 4iuriPf lima m B9uiing ika uit trict uoqrt of tbo Vuatd Suttt, fuf ihi Sootkera DiUrkt of .Alabama tint fir oher porpotti. nkiof ipproprut-uni fur tki crcciioo a4 t0fBpU.bn.9f trt"4 Vtrmknaiort hoOMi,"aud toiph.U, tod for other pur- -To iotkorin Ike tullding of jigM- boutct ind bcocontf and for other pur poara. , Amemfatnnr of tbo art regtlUtln; the Poit OPks Dfptrtmet.tr - , , . Making ipproDii.ilont for ika luooort ottko r4ty of lh4 Untied ttev for tbt .t k. i . i . . I Concerning the entry of teatela it the I . ft 4t . . . . r -EttaWtbinge-pmof 4.ittry t tkeled by tht'-Seaateiia early It tbo mlddlt towo of MarabGcM, in Iho District of Ply moatbi and 4 port of delivery at Rbioe ki. f .-t u .k. t.:..: -r v. To'e.t.blUh tUndry Poat Road.. " Ao"ng tbt paymeot r iatereat to M.kingcompto.tior.jo ter Hagn.r, Tbif4 AU(C,M vf 4 freaaury Diptri- ment. THE VIRGINIA RESOLUTIONS. The following U tht conclution of tl.e report of the cooiniittet in' tht Virginia kgitlatore, oa Mr. Gilei retolutioru in relation to tht encoacb- ment, ot tht general government oa the right of I tht atttet. There b a very long preamble i but the whole pith of tbe report, will be found em bodied iii the conclution, which WIowi: Tbt general aaaembly of Virginia, .. t ? . a a itciuticu tt it aiwayi naa neen, oy tht f moar aincere-ditposition, for tbe preser vation ol the Union ol theae ttatei bo- iictiiig mai toe union can oniy oe preser ved by keeping tbe general and atate gov ernmenu-within tbeir rttpectivt apherca oi action, aa marked out by the conatitu- tion of the United States being also tin- cerely detiroua that the general goHrn- ment ehould be protected In the full and free titrate of-all the -specified powers giaw.t,u.ii oy , iiiflL.contutuuoo ot ttte time, deeply impressed with t aenae of ail iPt .ngnia or tne people .and govern- ment of this atate conferred upon it by the constitution ofthia atate and of the Un- ttt:tStiifefind. : ItMtTNIactandyicoi' strained to enter its most aoleron protest against the usurpationi of the general I government a's described in the report of Imerelv 'touched et Vert Crux, end too ii tuioiuitiea f loeicigrc, . ; . !. ,. .1 r j I . f " fareserf, That this general aaaembly, irt behalf of (be people and govtrnmcQt of I m4 tMr4 IMi0Jf fat, UttU. m-4c i' M ir fii MirvtrMU4 bJaI A. ItMA Ik 41 4AUM 4htkAltAf..jl-.4 r-&-4,4 "I 4f llMpf C4frywg M4) tBt it I lit VMI44 JH4144. T ArVrr, l litii wwotr, thtr tkhl41 "f m4 ctM't UmCi MI Mair, it(tWt44 lit 041 of lit (tntr! (Ttt4Mlo OrotXl OocatatU - ajaofKtrtt t Ikt Orotoctloo of M - ucmrtn 4n Wloc kmootiiiko trwi'i poir 10 lk crot. t-tcit4 lk Hd(N(ki M IUX'4 k4 4td, It'tifltt ii rrkMrt o rWoc of Cwom. aMdnr 31J. Illl.cntl- LI44. 4 act. 10 44 1U mikU oftl titunffU. -hlxi .trr iktdio- Impott ralUJ 1 iriUilofH of lk4 prdMdt of t Utw of (it COOHBtkiltf m luck 4 MOOtft 41 14 lraatr proponj ff m oai portico ol 1K4 L'iJud StAici to us btr.iod to tiki f iti proptrtr trota oof fof kt booo it of tootbtr ptnw oo raodtHng public ktf lt at BOCOQ' HtlioOtU HOOUl, 00; juKt uoiqutl i4 0 :fctaif4.' Hr. CA 8 SPEECH. IaarU-t, vtfHtkli U it Mr. Carwi,afthittUtMfit lion mUtprx gaH- Iii, tftiMl ikt apprpnafla af ta mi Cut tH m OMaktf (MrirwMatt) la tka ConfTe tf TaewUya, kM tfef iepy af Mr. Irtai, af LaulkUna, lo fifor an it autit. Wt iaanUi, M UaJvartaady tJtlat4, ta giat kUo ttta r. Jaiodar of Mr Ci34l vtUkt 1bimf op. fartwkr af rli-ll Wa aatttyWc After Mr. BrtM kad (anudad kia reaarU -Mr. Cartoo rota agalo to reply to tbo gentleaua iMn Mmhiani (nr. Brtnt He aU4, that tbo gtftUtmta, from Loui aiaaa kad imdcrtakeo lo correct kita 00 muttra of fact, and kad prot4 klo oq vant of knowledge la ikt 4tt40.pt. lit kad ventured to oaewtt for tbt odmlolt trattoo in not ttodlog out tbo P moi mittWa during tbt latt tummer, aod laid the delay to the account of tbt oppotlUoo who bad coaioroed tbe time la delato. n... ..,k ik rt Tk Pu-no Congreaa did oot meet lurtU tbt J3J of ' s .a a. J t !.. of March arte the approprtaltoaa were made in April,- and night dart bets J . .11 If Wi link, mf thm Umtmm -mm a. aa miU, ftllll, uw w. ivvn kad not beeo conturoed by tbo .aap. Dorteraef tbt adtiinUtratloo in landing bt meaure,tn4 waiting for tbo p, : . . . . ... I 4 r. M j I k. r.. kl Miynk II.p.IBV ...!! .,.. waa lima cnouxo tor ids rauuucriu nave ..v... P.n.m.k.i .ha rntntf f ih. Cn. great, and certainly oeiore me ireauea vert aignetJ, which waa dont latt io July. Bat tbey neiiber got there nor attempted ft . ft ft ! . ft r- a to get there. They never atarted. 1 hey did not know whether they bad. time .r-ftiiph nrncr. The remained in t hit . . I Aiinirw. mr.A aonr Ia aljar tinnaorSnai aivrilklm ia Ninlet. for chtnce of air. At it doea not become the President or hie supportera to aay they had not time to go there, when tbey made no attempt to ate the time which lav upon tbeir banda. If Mr. Servant had been elected to Con- great, and Mr. Rocheafer Governor of who performed ao conspicuous a port in Xmm.Vnrk the would not have rone otlche Southern caropaigna dnnng tbe Revo- mII i fnp tKa nfticet cmtdiftfeenltmttmirTVorfiro double, and Incompatible, and to hold Kmh. nnil kaaa hn unrontiitudonal. both, would have been unconstitutional Tbo fact of being candidatei, and of wait ing until the elecdona were over, end themaelvea defeated, proves- that tbey would not have gent if 'they had been elected i. and fun Aer crave, that the? waited foe tbe eloctionl to bo over, and. not for the oppoutlon to. 6e4aapeaungj .... frOM tislaM httt alifgrVgatro an. undertakeoaet ma right about the lof aending her to Vara Out wim Jir. er-1 In geant. . Unhaily tni imseii no nai lot miaaed the fadta io both attempt! to co reel me. V4aeerted, 4hat the Hornet went to- Veri Cruz, an4 returned to the United Staiea. He alleges that . abe tinued beff1 voyage according to ber ongl- . .' r L. !.! nsl destifnatioo. sueh- a peremptory atateoeit called upod t for ro-xamln-1 44 jln I wbtf nkwUr, l U t 1 bf 4 14 in J tit ikk ta rklm U ikU Ibtts iMvrrtt in MHlnr ika lfMt 4 cel W U. & t.rlf gl0OW, 1 1 4 U aVaoaftJ (A 't1ftif to iktif l ivkk prtJbfala ti of Iktir 049 r t A I lo k cU4 4 "Att A- Ucuh I U1 to iit laltaofmoui tumvf I kil nad 4Mb dm "", "' Tk 0ai 4t from oUafiM ivf ) ' MW rft t'. bg M4o-ft4 W ko A JmiaUtrtjU t pioifctbdlK-Mlooofiho poopW. i tJii, Ifcojlooikt 4i4 .Honlft Ulo4, wKl. bo r90t IMOI 0.1 tt.Oklk TBOVI4ID lootiii. ! tniMSQ It rUtU. . Oo Toetdaf, I3k ull. ia Ikt Hooie of Rtpeacntatiri of iko V- 8. to tnoiia mi tltifroeol watrccaitao irom t&a stertta- w,.Wtow mt tf t panrr It tit Uimaw I m 41 i a t m - P.l.It. . . . . - j tj of lot 1 rtavr. 1 xom iooogo 01 im U.SiatcaU 1131. rka rrtvttmi loaatn it UlaJ u roojtaoo Raralkd and keaard taaaagr, . 4J7.490 00 Tiab-Bf mack .... 64.C460 1 k laaatct ao wkkk dutiaa waft toHact4 lor jrvtr. ta . r. raurttl loaMftgt ia brtiga trada SlMS-SI eoaayag Ua.k. perwf kaul Ju - y, tad a 4ay oa aadk tatry, Fatung atela 5. DaUct fc4 a UMuaura aanJ ia ItUJ 1) U, B. but ikgtgad ia farelgq trade, . Tatal bnmmM af toeaaft aa wkkk 264 '37 (tirtira wtft coltertad, - I.619.CI J OJ 0f(klkbotia Wkala fairrr . JV37934 Ummi iwntIi Wtt ia IMS. BrrWlnvd laoaarr. 6195 M KxJolkdJ. nt0t4-ll97 POST OFFICE DZP2MTMLST. By 4 public4tioo mad4 tkia ycart il ap- Pm. W.! lln4Ml I'M! liriWC. inciUUllllf LUIHIUUIII' d "y f? 'V,5! about ail hundred dtilr ibroUgboat the year. More ibn tbirty-6ve ibotittnd account! are audited annually ; bundreda . , . j . of auita coromencod from fire hundred lot tbouund conuacti i rnadj I oaarly a aUIioo and a nan oi oo.,.r. pruag, it . j j 4;aiifinrl ftnniitua t from ICU " ".-v-i w ra io .t,,.. " : If ikm ra often er? important, and l"' " : ' ti mott of them eicue con.iderahit comp4 liiinn i an eautl number of compiaiotl again! poU matters are daily investiga ted and decided. Marquis Hastings recently died on board the friza.e wfiicn was conveying m . . I tbe timo of Ills death, be was Governor of Malta, having formerly been uovernoi General of India. This nobleman will be better known on cia atlanuc ehoree, aa Uerrf ?Wo, (afterwarda, Larl moira; bis papers, kli Lordship made the reroar kthla reaueat that " on his decease, his right band might be cut off, and preaerve4 until tht death of the Marchionesa, when it was to be Interred in the aame coffin .ik k Liulathinl" In Duriuance of his direction, tbe hand waa amputated. . ti.. d. Ttnrklea Carll. and the cori: Rahwtv, (N.JA are unhappily engaged the Kabway Aavocaic, nit miniKcrw wiwuuv., w it ftitt .fript of said church i on which many barsh tblnga'art aaid on bath aidea Tia -t pity that aucb a quarrel should eiiat, bet adit U:li mjr however, be trdy aaid of all auch controversies, that when wars enter the4oon of a church, religion wiU general! creep out tt the vrbdows 7 ka h-4 4ta af O aaarrr It at ary kodl a aaOaatl yrwpaffc.tt Ua tv taaaa t Ur kltte, tt4 tr aaaUa f W M, tia twfminat a Iwa tfaj a tia aiirlat af ait urn mi bOa af ara4 it U a M FTlk tV-itlfcal I lUi lit Itinnaia af Lk aa Hata.Wt rta impmnmm h ika mial aeala. katMt.jaWaf Km annaWaiat4iaitaJ4yaaj iat naa N w 1 wil ! tW aaania . M.,t IimUml Tia tLKara MN'I1 la ana titoaa tWtiia iw a. rVWrat aaiwi nt ta 4 riair 4rtv Ua lit ttwal 4a4 trtaaait ibaaaiii 1 aft a4 tratwaaitt jhkmgjk aa aaa4 k4 aolUfra kffa4 aaaAt amiaf at 4 Mfat kMtMrf af tW Int rw4rf aJaafk4i at oaa ail kntoai M tmj rial h Maj aavapaatft that rial av 1 MWiH ta aaakf taaaa, m ta N ai A (ia ar4 f 4Jaa, aaaaM laal Ita rtMH - r' -T IT-111111 la4 a awe a tPtt 4t la fiab Umm4. taUa la fwa n a mmmtn af al thai b kata ta aria. wJCt fKil4 KJ" r4 ?-J,rfa, vy fygT krt!T.iW tiU. ? I ir pnata4 M aaco 0 mk, 1W7 tolM. . Ma, a-k aaM OfTMaf 7. 44 at otrtaMfa ta at n4 naat aaco 4 pwLteIM alQ pmUt k aat-it4 kf aor - . - ft L l nB(Ww4 M glauming f-L-4i 0 W ti okom f ru tarWr kUltgaaeo J rmc Mrtip aM tMagt M ioata tad tklap tkfaadi af oMkia 1 tf la unoer 1 or gtrttg t taara aiUttnl mJ aii-fftCtory aocoaftJ af mu Irgt-ktivt a4 taa. paftiiaaal practSjpt kaJ. la abort, af pai. Liwt a rrtater vtnaiy af atattar. tWrvir at lufdiag or (ottMBat ti tdvtMtgt tf itiag th Ua af every iUm of trailer. Tka alWeUoa of the eittteae of rot atattL vj aor etl frxaJ aad pairaaa Mrtkalarfjr, ia frtilvllf mh4 ia ue aabjeet, Oar preset Batel iua4 at Itil aa Um tttaio4 tr wkkkal-U ktr of tlx if petroaaf. U4 TZMM1.-TI tewtwaekly &ar wUI kt la. lutii ta aoo a lk4 tuitcriptioa fiat IH jujtlry 4. u4 ka mL64m4 avary.toetday aal fridart t Ire duJUri pr tmMiai, Al,triiwtats will ka iwrrtad aa tbt mat Sanaa u ia ta wctkry paper. - Tktrv wiU be no aktratwa la tbt wr Uy p4 prr,escepl lie eewUmpkitd cnWgeaiaaU.tt aiO eoMifHie, aa ajt, lo be poaUbtd once Oetk." at three dolltw per aaaava. g7 Tkote of oar eld Mbtoibtrt wk prckr the ttmi-aetk par, UI pleaaa to ad viae ua of h at tooa aa pmable. A. J. LAWfit.VCE, MMgK Jba. 13, It37. -TII04. J-IXMAT. TU PV.MjU .Ilium, aW ItJV fTftklf CaMMrr OPvkkk aifttt qiurto ptfat are poklitkedl vwrekrj( mking. an MirulrolutafTtl to r- - . - fc . .a -v " - IKiBted 04 nnt paper taa tBMit4 wun tpteoato engraving. . 11 1 dean w ta rurnitn a v, eeaiy Mepoanarr or abttrtct of tka Tma Aria, lottoy, Hwlerf, TrtvcK Review, Moral ttkavt, 8kttcbet,Ttlat, Ftmiliar Letlera, Poetry, Retciptt, kc m. iiih a Weekly Summary of tht etrlieet Fereiffa aad Domaatk Neva. Tkw Ammm la paobarr nd uteful to our Ktir Courrtrywoim e-kkra ring a great variety tf tht eiertacka of poUta itenmre, eoavertauoa, ora aeawr, twaaaav lie with biognphical tketchea of tkeaa wko kava beet ditUnni'itbad for tbeir UleaU, piety. ind other eminent virtues. la addition lo ita naoal variety, early ia Ja uary will oonmenct tbt publication of naarry uaty Origintl Ttlei, and abortly thervtfier, k kandtome oollectioo of original ewwys and poecnk. til of which kava been written fai eorapetitiob for the fitartry priiet, fdx CtUMeiUU. Ua tWaa 2310) offered by the prepriHor of thie wora. no paina or expenaa ftfww inftHft a beautiful aa well aa uteful and thlereeting Dublicalion. and tha uupreoedented reoepbaa whkh it baa already met with from tkt publie, warranti tbt priattng of 4 weekly edition of upwarda of 3000 cftpiea. - " ilte Album, tttjn uia Kocneaiar itw tore Dail-A4vartMaa. of Dne. ithl baa keen bictrv commended by tht editors of publie journtit in almost every ptrt of tbe United SttteV Tka foDowiug h from tbe United State Telegraph t Thia we unheaitatingly pronounce Hhe cbetp. eat Litertry Journal wa bare ever tarn, and we confidently recommend h tt , worthy of publia pttronare. It it a apeeimco of very neat typo- rraobvi enriched with an interertinr varietw of proae and poetry, adapted to the amusement end edification of both teiea, , . . ,i ,.: , But the work bemg more narticularir d.- limed' Jhri&4 ticSotT vmWtMiS it in iu bebalf their btnignaut aauka, belwri ag t it well wortlry their fbatertng regtwlt.: Jmteea 4 it-st(terlr f umi.ioa Ibat it wuuldcond'Mse Ia Ihn morftl anil intetltctual intereiti of everV " ftmifyin tlie eommupity to posteat a Journal Bka, tliit, afibrding a cheap ttock of general reading, wen adaptta,rrom me nrevwy nu variciy oi u article to oceypy pleaaUrably aad profitably;! Iboae.-tliortnten'kU of kiture whkh .oontUtuta in the; We8Me Mcl 1,rS amount of tbo turn of human life. , - , rfatWiita City, J?tv, 30, 182S.' Temu, only fctfaouonv payable fat 44 vv(e. " " , . a 1, Tf I It - 1 t ; . "; .it -i - i : I V 4'. i. ' r !:f

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