North Carolina Newspapers

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8AUSIJUUY, N. CTUi:AY, JULY 3, 1827.
VOL. VIII.-...NO. 309,
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Ira la tat a eaiflraLbria Iron tirtttf lam
-. - -
TWiiiwWtfCpr'wv ib erfcakxt. I lit brother rt
m MH " rr-Jr. fUrkk Umb, U tbo Ambaix la
awgjaan wtowwii i i Mimp!rf&ikfnijiP"4ff torrrelnlrdioi
ha aqara a-aav i . I iHH irtj lb oelf person! W In !
Mh d.-'.ad. ("T4.-'V TllmlftJtiri mak Ik aliiboal ue)
f U4 W.".rr! rJaloet to f,leUm. and bow tfTighf Ifcdf
A4afa M n R ' i V- -.--4-. -.,14 tV
vr deserfpijaeu I im, - Ml b
served tift neither of there ft la ikt
CaeVnf. Their 7poiwmon r alto-
re (her lobordinatt. 1 bey ir hot Hi
conditio to tlginet or object to t
measure, or In toy poetlMe wig kuu
;;. taerw f t! In j.rfiisuli!XU
IMO l? Calk aWj'T - v a
-A4 IritovkUMwi lath EdUoi, mmtLhi
fdd4, m Oey tawy m b aitaadad u.
t -. J . 1 J
im a' nfiNi iiirtaaa,
. jit timia MtMSTHr.
. - -
We will, from me more. frnitb to tktleix ministerial movement!. t our
reader ion of fKrixMbxi f ik Mt hIki coiiJr ihcm niuf;lnc tJmoi
tumfam Nr. Can nr't CUnH. Ii I not Mar in favor of U lVr 3hffxa
la Mboct of roucb Inurt M to Iba o- Jio Mr. CannJnf . If. Mrcd. Hoi
ci ibk couMrv. coaMciaf at v art I Uo4 had Ueo mnJ H Ixfd Cbambcr
bt "Miiff do a4 pnkuUrlr allljni HoMkxjm, 5rcur? of Ireland,
tboprtMbt nombfi Impof- and HrouRSacn. Attorney imtxru, Ibtfl
lanl Batlooal poiou may com bcCifo iHai ahoutd kat cooldrtd lb vbott
Cabin for dtllberallno. It raual trt ft party pledared aod bound up io Ibo for
CoJlacud. tbat Ibt Cabinet fbiiklata'of tunea of Canning. W viil now aay a
tin ptraoot. To M CaUnal baa faw orda aboot tbt v.htt rm oppvint
(iKoajb their poaitlona art alijatly chang- meola, which are aim! lo mia from
d) trvtn of the old mlftltJry remahlna;. :be ptUate. pcrtonal and political frlcndi
Te Introduced eirinbtre art (be Duke of tht remicr.
of PortUod. Ibo Lord CbanreUor, Mr Tbe Dukt t, rtUd it Mr. Cannlng'a
IWrW, and Lord Dttd'cy and Ward. No brtthrr in low. He ia a rcapectablt per-
ooeoflbeHi Calmiatod to add mochjoo cnoob. Uit utterly unuted to pollil
cal life. He la Krctlr known ?.
nefi neveTt. oft,Xord Ceorje
Bentinrk, ii one nfthe tinder Pecretariea
in tba ForelriJ OffKe. Canniot and
Doke married aiatera, lb dortere of
Grnerel 8ott. tbt tnovt auccenJul t;ame
' Word nr two of all of thrtn, Mcrpno
Lord Cbane enof, Coptly.
Tbt Duif DrtnMrt ia tcarcely ap
tcccttlon from iht oppoaitloo,.and bia
klnnK tnaW Bttured! can&of be re-
.mA n tv nu of ih London aer of bia !. who left ibera about TO,
' "mi1 aa too outward itrooftbe-unlonft'O . T poIilkaJ
ntba Wblw bod whb tbt Mlnlaiera." influence.
Tb Doke bat rarelr taken any part In Th Dute ltd bo oeer appear
" .Jt.:,. lla U a mild. aMUMo wtmnr led in noutical life. JUa Pii)ioOI reP
. iH.a . u.ri.u rmm k!i nhiril dafrri the liberal Tore cut. In London be U
fexeettiTt deafnew) from abariojr in par not well known for any thinr etcept the
i;.m.n.r4,b.tti.inH baa never awoken excellence of bu horaea andlho elerance
tnt twW, ad iben on tb preaentatioo of of hit cunicle. Thia may accouot for
tetitioea. He waa aent out bf the Ue hia bavior; been appointed Mftrr of Mr
Tory Adroloiatratlon aa Ambador to loer. Hia brother, Lord rranm u
tbo EmDeror of IHmia ihe acceptance bomt, la t sort f half whig, member for
of which appointment roit jutt aa well we county oi v-amonuse.
lift Miaed a w aJrn of the union of Mr. Sturf Bturne ia a very renpecta
tb treat body of tbe Whig with tbe late ble and at th tame time veiy dull man
Mlnlatere." Tb truth it, the Duke It He ia regarded ea a dependent of Mr
...i r,t,,t r.r ih Klnv. and U ibe Canninr. end roea in and out with bu
rmlv gkltfcl with whta hit tnaietty baa wtruiu Hertofor be bat been placed in
ti. ine bl accetuon to tb throne, tubaltern tituationa; where by hJi tobri-
'HeTaillo8Uli1lrMpTittotrttron ff eWiijento end gejioral courtfouan,e,l
.ofrifertlcreirUJthe arti He launivertal ne naa obtained it reapvi ao;vuu-
Jy reapected, end hat jrrtat penonai in- dene of bw colleauct and employera.
flaence, arbkb, If he aboold r.e, miKht Hit perliamentary bbourt have been con-
-lr-xeried politically; He return $fx fined 1" melioration and eontolldarton
member to th Hout of Commont. of the Toor Lawt. Aa a tpeaker be
- Mr.JeaweSro'rtiiaaWfttlndianby contemptible, at a politician unknown.
-Wrth,traduateof Cambridge, aud nq! It.i quite lu.ljcrcnit to commt Mr
- vnnrh than ixiv .cir, old. lit baa IWne with hi predecettor. (Mr. feel,;
j . y..r, nnr,.,4!v ar ,h tor with the Marouit of Lantdowne. wbo
bead of tb Enlith bar, but haf never wa tolicited bv Mr. tannine to accept
taken any part in politic nnr aincr bia the Home Department. Mr. Bourne hat
ir.-totry.inio the. Uoute .(about four or. fif Q? ofindtience, .perwnal or political.
-w.ra r anoken on aov uuekUbot hurt H appointment la an irrefraKaWe proot
i fit. ; i I Af ih mii .Uituip In atiirh Mr. an-
tv Dolititlcal. Hit conneiiont however
re decidedly Whir- But without mean
injr to charge Mr. Scarlett with anv de
tertion of hit princjplet we mav however
observe, that it would not aurpnae any
on if he were entirely to quit hit party.
A lawyer't political faith it of to flexible
Y , future that oo-.ooe mtrvelt in. Fneland
Th tbre latt Attornev Generala are il
. . - ' mar
lottnouttpecimentoltuch change. Air.
Giflbrd w oriirinally- Diatenter and a
Whig: Copley wat all hit life, (until
made Solicitor General) a moit outrage
ont Whitr. and the Dertonal friend of
Foi : Wetherell hat been Whi( and
Tory by Gtaand ttarttfor the last quarter
of century, rrotestional sycophancy
and political instability the insepara
ble cburactertstica or the majority ol
lith lawvert.- Bnt Mr. Scarlett't it bv
' no meant a new taking of office, although
he ta now brought, for the first time, in
l to Immediate contact wit ministers. . He
hat, for teveral year, been Attorney den
era in the Duchy of Lottcattcr, under Lord
.Th remaining? appointment which at
11 aavourt of whigjrism, it Mr. W. Lamb,
lhe ton of "Lord Melbourne, and husband
of the famua Lady Caroline. To call
Mr. Lamb a whig, hat alwayt ttruck ut
Zni aTstranlse initnomrr, for though he
vtuallf it on th oppotition de of the
rpeculiaVlji f belomrto hi Prtyt he ote
,.ith mlnbteftOn the quetdon touch-
ing tbo Qoeen, on the Catholic cmancl
" "I I teatiortbrr Partiamentarf .Reform on th
Suspention of th Habea Corput, on tbe
; .JTk of 11 S on the French Invasion of
Spain: Jcc. Ice. he Uniformly tpoke and
toted with the minister. He U alwayt
- To the grosa and profligate abandonment
of their party by Sir John Leach (Mater f the
Boll) Mr- haree Wyime1 (Pttaldent of the
Board of Control) tnd Sir Charlea Warren,
(Chief Justice of Chester) we ahall make no al
luaion. They began, violent wbiga, and they
now hold bigh' office from the tdrier This it
the way with tbelawvera. They are all patrili
ili the beginjiirj, ind pkecmtnpy the end.
nf ih utirr Jrtnair to which Mr. an-
ninir mus' have been reduced.
The Marquit of AngU era is a gallant
officer, and will properly discharge the
dutiea of the Ordnance Department. h
it a liber! Tory, and r!id belong to the
Hih Aristocratical party until hia unhap
nv afftr with Lady Wdlesley (now Lady
lie life and from all society. It is proba
ble tht the Marquis would have clung to
the acceders but for tbe bitter hatred
which mutually exista between him and
the whole Wcllcslev family. The Duke
of Wellington is supposed to have deeply
wounded the feelings of Lord Anglesca
by the manner in which he tpoke of his
services in the depatcnra alter tne Ddi
tle of Waterloo. The M jrquis it a great
favourite of George IV.' As a politician
he takes no part, although in the Catho
lie debate of 1825 he. delivered an un
commonlv violent and menacing apecch
azainat the claims. However, hia office I
givet him no seat to the Cabinet. ;
Mr Hart, the new vice chancellor, is
rmertcchatKery barruter.; a mild tern
shrewd U kit LnulUcU krt arorcc!lsh
td U kit eaannart, and lUraSy furnlaMd
with all torn of kkfgft M U opt
Ut to tueleta pact l" i tdanlnlitratloo
tbootb a tat bt ia W luCVcleatJr f
perUoced (A lb ttWbldr W wold.
L'ui ttaionuoataJr Ut ailoo fcr too
tittrncf U ttrf itre ' brtaaf Vlt
rhW-t rtd bl naiV tpJ wet bf U-
Baatleadiof iUn( nt cwninct
lot war. Hi mi treat Jtty wat 10
favor of parrtiaery rtfontV ft then
rtmaln4 tileot tot ww year, ata woen
be next took It from Uhd tbt
treetury bench, Tbt Brtt Umttxtetf
vUlted tb Hoowof Common 1 It wat oar
fort to bear it. Ward beglo a aptech
lib Ibit acntec I " I Wr btar, Mr
fpaaker, lb wrd ptrlUaaentary reform
in ibU bouse wl'bout being Clled vlib
tDprthcotiootof democrKy and retail
lkmlM at. Jar ttM) t foal abandon ox nt
of hit priaxbkt bt meived lb tae
- ... a
night ont of th most lerrtbJt cattlgattona
rom Sir Sanutt Korollly tbat tver
nflicted by ont tpttker 00 another. II
haa been at different timet a writer for
tb Ldtnkorr tnd Wgrtrit, tnd ftas
writte 04 both sides vf ike same Ouea-
f Ko. I or Urn (bt tong vl al'rr ''colt
(Allen a Dale) nt ptrodird, bejrnnlng.
John William Wtrd bat Mcnt' lr
tnuugtm ftc. lo allnaio! lit scaniv
power or tTtripfv1 ;pawfrwg
hit notoiout beartUstaaat lo all lbb,s,
th poet Roget wrote itfi bitter epigram
on him t j
" Ward haa bo heart tbertay, bol I dVay rt 1
" He bu a Umr giaU ipeecbta by A."
lltq'jtfttlty lad llndlbry,mtyvt to
oupott or, and wb.t wUJ bt th rbtbl
lentitldispoaatdt turn. . '.
t. It It probeU that inv Ptrfoo or
ptrvMjt woMtd, J tbt Cfcltad buitu to
rtf rwyttdflf tb tUrt mrnrloned if-
tkUt la tbt msooe r Artlgnatrd, from ia
Ititiraeet Ibal btblf City, tod cfaewfte'rt,
frtSJ ptmftt TJtrittio irlktcf Jkbi
trow a cVcwrd twefrrerxe lo tho u
aimtur 1111 ana ouiuty rttuituiff rrom
tit v laW f - -
J. Wbtt number of IndWIdaaft ire
there U tour townahio or nelehborbood
that would b willing to purrhatt tbe
abort named inlclct it imall idvinct
abort the mtrktt prke f
4. "bat pro port loo of tb people
would. In your opinion, prrhas thvw
rtlclct In prcferenc to those raited by
Slavet it the tame pricet, within your
neighbourhood f
It r dirtdk of the t orretpnading Tom
a 1 Mil a .aa..
nittee, Aim. 1.. rr..t.tin.K, 1 4
JAH. JttOTT, teertury.
Pbludeifihi, 4th Mo. (April) 1 1 A, 1177
: For Pftft- r lltnti
Mr 4 lM l lk T d tii
H u U a tl ian W the !, 4 1 t e.j
ry arrMe -)( rii nb or tyMVf
kiadea b '. U$n ba f wrnm Jr mtm
mfUd aa a - t mmmm Mara lW la a a4 ,
DatWnr. aal SMiairt am buiWtart: mm IV
f . .. .
mm. hmukh h ti Ilia
for lUrtbrr barimtit,trtly !
.wit-mciuiL 1 urnrir-t. t
I,IA . .
I m U a'i. y -i Jfili yinm.
(wld ir.tYT;. .
f f 1 'XT1 m:to k W vrr I ub 1 ponl
II a Jl'iMa fpmiKf M CJ4, he k-tt
iWy wnt give the kf toat prire U ta, eat d.
fcvanr al iWk lvtraakVa abp i rabry.
JlLa 9. H77. 13
" FHend frille '1 1 gtvingtbr Mlvvtag a iac
enm ta thy paper, aaay tmet a favor oa mmti
4TUiyBEa4ara. Ka-frctfall Ui, T, at
-- OrraArt Tb iiaiK of Slavery in
the I'nl'od Statct haa lotg been tuhjert
oi deep regret, not welf 10 th human
and benevolent, but to many Pitriott and
Stjtetmcn in different parti of lb Union.
In tome placet tbt combined effort t of
these hive already erected partial or
entire removal of thit evil from their re
tnectivt States. Hiring accomplished
tbia, they cannot, they apprehend, with
propriety, encourtgt lit cootbiuince In
other placet.
Thit, ibey belicre, it don by coo
surainr tbt product! of Slavery 1. hence,
torn individuals bar abstained from tne
a mt .-nut t a'i mini
other would do to, eovld lb obuio fat
pricet whhla-iheir reach) timllar pro
duct! raised by the labour of Freemen.
It it known that In those-states
where Slavery Hill prevaila, there are
many pertone who deprecate Hi con
tinuance, tomt of whom are engaged by
heir own and the labor of other hired
Freemen io the production of article
timilar to roost of those usually the remit
of slave labor. To these tret Jaborera It
it believed that a' market, (bt tbt ready
tale of their tor plus produce would be ao
object of Importance, tending, in tome
degreee, lo compentattfor the diffkulties
h:cb they are tuojeci irom oeing
turrounded by a Slav population.
Bv affording proper encouragement to
he free laborer he may be brought in
to a fuH and fair compeitioa,on the lame
toll and in the tame, climate, in the pro
.. . 't. a - 1
pered and veteran lawyer, better known
as Tony Hart." It would sadly perplex
him to point out the difference between
a tory and a tMg. Hit wnoie me naa
bee a spent between hit chambers and the
court, lie will make a good vice cnan
cellor, beautifully contrasting hit good
natured alowneat k wltb. the petuunl i
patch of J)irtWhBi
The laat name on thit atalorue Raison-
ne of hi4 "ministert, It that of Lord Dud
ley and Ward, better known in : the Lon
don circle i Jolm Williim Ward"
Ever aince he left college (tome where
about 1809) hit tole ambition appears to
have .been to . be quoted aa a wit about
town. 1 hia 11 very bad tatte, and doet
not augur well of hii fitness for the for
eign office ; but he hat in truth tbe ele
ment! of something better in him
80 called because, of hia resembling - Mra.
Othello in the faculty of tw-mnr 14 Oh, ", she
can turn and turn and turn again and yet go
on."-v$ Tmfmy Ptf.) ' rvJ-
roa MvearaV itrria.
iivhui. ruct: jit y.ifitx
The Camna Sauto i entirely peculia
lit r onitruwion In an area of many
acres, enclosed by a bigh wall ) pita ti
lecn feet equer ar tank to the depth of
tat flour fcetidiTtdrd from eci oturf
oytjon waMv of regwlar.matooay, tao
nrred at lop with large flagt of lava
hes ire 36$ in njmbcr, corrriponding
iih the davs in the tear. On of them
is -opened, in rotation every morning at
dawn for the reception of tbe dead brought
ot during tWigbt, . Th average ntup
ber collected dailr is from fifteen to twen
ty Cve in Augoat and September, muck
greater. , A thml prayer it muttered ovrr
them collective v. when th trap door
flies up by mena of a prv, and, they are
tumMed in like o much lumber, witboui
coffin or ahroud. The lie drtpt ami is
hermetically sealed for the year, that the
effluvia may not escape One of he pits
wat opened for our examination. Nghts
were dttcloaed too horrid fur description,
and from which the feelings recoil with
dikgutt. Swarmt of cock-roche uued
out tnd roveted the pavement An
lishman atsuced me, that be saw in one
of Ui pi's a blk doe, which had leapt
in after the body of bit master, and that
m nMrnoae he offered handaome re-
ward to tM wxton, 11 ne wouiu mkot
faithful animal. -
Hvmen afforded a ball
On the outside of bia caatle :
Some count it Happintaa Halt.
Oibera account it a baatile.
Yor Aaltt or ttf nt.
vril J. arlt. of real (of a tern 1 yrtrt, my
U0Vr. ami LOT ia tba lawa bt lattmr
ton. n m 1 vahianW aland ft a Taarr ad
arv, atS a lv 4nm tmrih ml the CaH
lltirar. om Mala fttr1 1 iba lama bting aaflU
Cteat.'y Uit M lK aWo bualaaat, a Ah all
air ry milium, la iboat aba Mf ttl
iIi,vm- 10 rr((v la Miametaof h tlnd, lh
prrarnti a ftorahU aa epyvof a aay )
Ihi plate, the prewtata caa be erae a ao
pltcailo lo tbe MiUcrvtfr, t miJr tberaaai.
Jfnl I9iA. IIT. 3f73
tiold .Mine.
r ANTED la hire, a mrnhtr aablr haaja)
V? In work at tb CW.ltWaai R.Jmmm
frerk, ttoef)ra'Wt1y aaanwy aewrvlt twa-aa
tbiWa'a Mirnr. la hick tbe Steal Ejiriivw
attached. Ijheral waa-ea ill be riven, ao4
He each p'1 mw iMt ' V. 12, W7T. $0
AN , tbe aubarriber, on ll t ll
of Feb. LmI, a yoinf ma a by br atmc oi
Cabrirt t. nley, td IS year. All petvM arw
forbid-Un lo barbae or Inwt bias ea an account.
aal will not pay. any dtht of 'hie rontrartrn..
Sit aitd a ipiarter etata ttitt be givr la anv ana
who will return m'm! 1at. bu' ho etpenari naUU""
or think gien. OI.OMSK f.NtiLr.r.
7km J-m numlf, .V. C. Jume Ti, 1877. Z71
Yatttit iitvtr Watches,
it.wr.i.ttr. ue.
t NTlSftTON k WYNNK have Juet re.
eeied from Philadelphia ami New-York,
t urtment nf the aboe arttclea.
Alio, pxal aMnrtmrnl of Military Gndt. All
hich ran and will be mM oa the Bot rt
oriitile temn.
Thev hare a freth wrnply of mil a rial,, and
are a ell prrparrd to Refxiir Hole krt, kC . AH
onlcr 'atl meet aitli prompt mention.
.VaAr Mat li. 7T. 62
He that a it may, in a triea
I lancing we hl and hitaritr t
Heart that were butind up in ica
. Melted to amoroul cliarit
Deauty looked tmilingoti Paithj
' Coynes, ktcw trrtolcativtty,
Pairt M they whirled Out of breatlw
Waltzed 'hemaelvea Into captirity. -
Crowd to the c'le (no more
Single to pine and lo pout ajjiin)
Fbwked and behind tliem the door
Waa iliul that let. nobix out again.
Stunned a it alammed on them, wro
dCtfa;aWe J.. iflriM eial, I'm vexed toiagr,
Sfave. ' .1 But for owe face ihat gVM'"''!'-:
Reason and expenenci teach that tris
will clearly demonstrati a superiority of
profit to the free laborer ; and it la conti
tntl believed that a Diminution in the
use of Slaves mutt toon follow. Satisfy
the Slave holder, that the net income from
hia estate would be increased by convert
ing bis Slaves into free kjred laborera,
and an important advance will be made in
he great work of emancipation.
Influenced by these considerations, an
Association was formed ki thit City a short
time since, under the tile of " The Free
Ai the Corresnondinc Committee of
this Society we have thus explained the
motives which led to Jtt formation pd
we now address you tobciting your aid in
accomplishing the great object! contem
plated by it.
At present, at least the Society ill
confine its exertiont to obtaining and dit-neminatine-
information of the placet and
person! from tthich the artlclei of Cot-
IOQ 'lUCff ougar, i'luwwa, wuavwj ..
c pfoduoed byt reeme cano ootain
ed i and " the beat markbU. iiahicK, artd
the persons to ar bom, mejr inay,,it?,.aow.
Endeavoori vriij itso pa ima to encourage
the contumption of auca productt. We
thai! be glad to, receive from you any in
formation connected wtth.thieinferesting
Mbiect. and nlrticularfy with your re
plies to the annexed Queries,, which di-
reel to me v.iiiummi
1. Are there any persons, and what
number, within your knowledge, in me
riniid States, eneaeed in the production,
Uv the labor of Freemen of either Cotton,
Sugar, nice, or looaccoi ai vncr-iv,
plcuc ttate their iddrsiimdjbeproba
Twenty brigliien'd with ectacy.
Wedlock' a glorioua thing,
Bletainjrs be on the beginning ot ;
Should your neck break with the atrmg,
Sweet ia at least the springing ot.
B.MROfrtXG 'and LFJfDtyC.
Oh, happv I blert of all hi race,
The man who till the soil,
Whose spring and harvest hones m place,
Come aweet'ning every toil.
Vere mine a field of waving grain i
A m-a(l with "cattle winkled o er;
A wood to tempt the warbling train ;
Before- mv house a graaay plain,
Utacending to aome ahore r
In ioyous ease I'd apend my life,
In MMteof fortune's frown i .
rx ijn- iimiutevua wic.
THIS it to f irewan all peranfM from trading
tne a note at band, give by David MajwaU
to me, fr gWO, of date betwrea lOtb and 2Hh
Novemler, 1RVV, a I hae reetived full tUm
fur the same, by the hands of John Matwell.
Attest: Wiiua PJtaira, Fiataia Jiiaia.
Talitrt 3v WsiA UommUtttA,
OX the 9th atrfl 1 1 th instant, Ben, f'rmk, mm! -Mm
' 'lea about M tear old, J fret 6 or .
7 inchra high, black, al he belong to JaIii.
Gurduia. of Hiikii cvuntv, Ceorjia I Frank,
25 yeara oIO Tret 9 of iWinchet higtr dyrt r r
ctm-ltn, sa be bcrnmjs to f'hariet Smrth
of (tjrlethnrpe emtply, : am,2U ytara .
old, 3 feet 6 or 7 inches high, yellow complex
I'm, a he (x lonn to 9amuel Cherry, of Pen
dleton. South Carolina, l he owner ar re
quested to come forward, prove property, pay
charges, and take them away.
Mortanttm, X C. June l$tk, IH2T. 68
Nor re
Regret the noisy town.
Farewell, the counting-bouse and rtore,
Amid the city's ilin j
My eyes and eart be vex d no mrre,
With "-end me, Sir," without the door,
And, ?Mr, tW A"i" tun.
Uvd, help the man who apenda hia dayt
. , In borrowing and lending t
trA heee and there a hundred ways
- " Vet -time aw eeytjir.-twanitolV
Be mine the waggon, plough and spade, r
With health a-plenty more thar .paid, -I'd
Uke my cheer, and ahake my bead
At fools of rank and station.
riauAB KAiLorr,
Storms kiss th clotula above,
And zephyra kiss the flower ;
Streams kiss their banks-aod tave,
Love kisses hearta Uke ours.
Since all hature then ia kissing,
Why ahould we alone be missing f
Come, my dear, ere life bi spent, ,
Let oj karand be cojitent.
T, Sail in Salisbury, on tbe 9th iaat a nagrw
fallow, ho ays tiis name it Peter, and that
he bilong to John iteeves, ot Boutn Carolina,
whom he left about three weeka aine. Peter
is 5 feet 8 inches high, 20 year of are, rather
slim, haa a scar on the back of hi left hand, and
also a Mtiall one on the left shin, cut by an axe,
i quite black, and has a tolerablv pleaaing'
countenance. The owner i desired to proro
property, pay charges and take him away.
Jme 1 1, 1827. 67
Commuted to tie JaU
OF Wilkes county, on the 20th of May, 1837,
nepro man who says hl name ia DOC. TOR
he is 5 feet 7 or 8 incbe high, about 23 yeara
nM, very black, apeak quick, has lost mm of
hi uppt-r front teeth rather on the left side, and
vs be belongs to Jame Young, of Tennessee,
who -purchased him in the W-J?ffJn,B.
tr, and tliai nc leu nia rnimcr wnnr-vmr-
lotte. The owm-r ia desired to com and proro
property, pay charges and take the 'negro
May t, 1827. M
Taken 3 v and Commuted
mo Jail in Salisbury, on tbe 9th iat. a negro
1. - leliow, wno aaja n
e. i :yKaa liic-h. black complexion, I
fins rather thick, with a'tmafl '
biim on the lor4liea oe wep" .mr.-V3!5 " w ,
discoverable, and aaya he Deionjpr w wra-
Keeves of Soutn-caroima, irv , i.u.
about tin
. . ...
.....V. nifti-. Tha mtn, '
..imu atinm riirrc. .iv. " - - -
desired to?"" property; pay e hargea, and take
th nrPTO awar. X. oua. i s-n, wr.
June II. low.
Taken A3v
RTifohn Good, and entered on the stray BooS
r Huike county, a bright orrel UORSt'
about 14 hand high, tuppoaed to be 12 year
old, some sadlle.niarka on Kis btck, wmd-galla
on his paster joints, and no perceivable brands.
... ;i
- i
- t

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