North Carolina Newspapers

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N"e lAnta ot Blasts;
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irHt lb Mall frossi
JlJi(iifi l Aiu,
CBimxi unnttj aV, liM tommriseM rum.
i a lam etAtml Slmc bta lb Jib,
c a wci i m4 I pfparsd w tfT7 P'
taa, A tup ao- rvr smkry Ix-lsse iU. I pitrd frf ! Tomer's Mitt. ) mI ummy,
Lir mU aUsotrrM km a abort lU. W m Uird Creek, o tht sWLkury road. Ah
rilllR ibriW ripcifu!t nff4 fha
CoMO jhasinf Whll fulJ aW IWi,
Bad R,(l,ftf ta! JI wlMth ar U;oUj l
tfii&ua aWtada, iwtii KrWltr( aigr. I
Hows Cwuaty, M Ok sooth Mi V Oaulll TA
kin. iIxmI 4 milr fr KtiKlwr'i ford, M tb
lf-d0 road, lit wUI also, to It tow re ml
three a fwtr Vrsks, has tare nvir if
UH Vet) AtlitilW (itM Wim Iprinr)
m4 fffpoft, ftmn. r 4 IK Si bum Cm.
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ttriu i M ftit ibrrm r'J tW W iwU
Xho JACK,Gen..We!lington,
lVlTfrV M4Uk4MlMMrMlb
yl 1 ifJfl, rt m1rm f'km of )w
M Mir turn) -ru i mtufjickln lb cwiatry i
tM fmitH In ib Mirni part of lk it
ftov y Mrt 4-l, kiyk kMltk and vlpor, gtU
Mncommotily lkl Colli, m4 will b arrmnl-4
m pnAiKm M Iim MuW m njr U ikia
mi CMiairj. faquir at lt auUctibr. ia Nata
tory. CIIAHLF.l L IM)wF.HH,
Tk kSova Jack, tad a ttry dkr 1 Jtmrnrg,
iyjnt aa abw. frj 3ft, ig7. 60
lha articlf cm M !tJ h appMnf
ai lU
auWrit h"Iv. m (ttt llanftUI rtL 3
mil kki Muck;D.' CarrUtri mnUrr
aMaoawd Umban IImwU a)r work fail ia llf
lr4 aVrra M ait ajoit4, h ID U rn'ir4
.if rnxl.iBjf. I'noo Mjr b know fcy liirin
ai tuner of in timft anrt tm njrw frt
rtpMMitl rvn but a deductjim wilt ba
taila h tbc wic, mtn hm Cab U paid
iiicuir a f AHKCh.
Look Hi fVh
uWrikaf retpMtfully
ietida. and tba ixibtto rnraJh . tkal k
cMliiKic to carry m lx
TAiix)niN(i nrsiNKSs,
at kil e4d alanil in Ika tnmm tj CmmjmrJ raKa.
rut ermnty. tkmf Afmt f Mr. Wari of i BuJ mvbmdStj vifl aaar
tie tMcter? Ao Uf !! ttitiU
tin this wheal vouU tvo tunj iht
m ti uf i caaauttaa. Iwinltr, I Ail U Dot my OTHQIOi
Coid pm b fwrftr il; HMUai VfJiMlTbit Iht rire.Hp when not tuc
bllkoVlraiiiarflWiftwaoearvjcted U bw, wet gTOttOdl tt tH il
fjwtfjanr Jmf, Kknrtt. tht fra chaff Of Hint heaf. I ihiol I
Wk; fw frrf fUmom al
Tlf ry t igU Htif raa
I'aioal Hi; tuari. r Cl tUmt t;f.
Co, aAAffa kk tk tWiftttkai gijr;
At aatidoUl ;Wta to (taj , '
Apiat lk aMMckMa tfa
-TcWk-ari fmmmmmimmi,.
tft4 dfiiia f mky nM
Ua muttti afiMUco4 frava i
f kpa7Tt pnmlti fWi'aupUvf,"""
AaJitaUtfreioWa. ' "
fkidawpltj aavrti ia tU
TdM mUdt of rcaik um trkarpa a'ef
TIm karat ktaOcctua pWay
Ak tiva Nab of (irUiiM aaar.
T imrimm Tka rtrarM if trot t
TJa iad ootuao aaopi caa Maor
Wkk mmIi cWaml ktaltf rrrWv
TWir Nbmd kop vtl nun'4 jJ.
Tmtiij oAats lUwanA.
TAM ava fro tiie tubarn.
1 1 bar. btlitf ia FalrArU U.
tnct. I. CaroliB. oa lb lib m.
a AVra jMia aamnl DCJC, 77
mr V ynn old, rrr black coaa-
pklo. ralbcr plrting cwnh
aaaca, do a caat look alow apo
PbiladlpbU. 1b auUcnbf raeai'M tb feah
iuna rfub)Hr frum thai citv, aj o(a a tKrra ta
aay cbaiifa in Uxm j and b aaaurca all abo
a afl) (WHplloo of fWWaf dona, Ibat M
will aiacuta H in a atvkf or aookavuMiiip aad
f laeat cnnal lo aajr Ibmr in iio I'nilad Buiaa i
and ba cludlcnrta a ootrtpartaoii uf baa work
witb aay garmrtrt avaW in Philadelphia or Ktw.
York. Il haa alio kiat rccelvad draAa. kc, fur
cniiiiir LsiLn Ihtmrt, In tt antot aad mi
t ). Ijulit will b iaatructod bow la
aukr up lb nraeoia after tbtt art cut i tba
pitm ia oo cawilr Ma (rratoud. Ibat a few Bundle
dtrtnkNi will be aullkiral to aoabW aajr lad ta
lea, not taD but ralbcr atout
- - I i ' , , . . ... . . . I win vw niucwih iq mmmow tmj iaur to
attxifr aojiiaa aoaU aalt ya. y i)f I . .L ., ' '
U r:a. (roa wbenct b waa br.rb . .J t TT S:?f,S f"1"? - ,
ht my alaa . thanp brf ovaftera aamr, ar he bat .uik.,. aiu- w,m. Pai.. mMm
rrnrn : caco auoxmoer will M entitled la re.
eeie the fathiona from Philadelphia quarlerl.
acconpantrd with tlrana, portrait fipirrt, Ue.
Cfttrj. .Wa rv. is?r. tnTu
tba Ska beftirr. Anr rro who will
paa op ana aej-ro, tax cor, fine him in In I, and
infurm me bv letter, direetad lo Mount Pleatant
Poet oflice, Fatrnctd dWtrict, I. C. aliaU receWa
Um abona rearard, and au reaNmabli- cbaixrt
rpilC aubacriber repeetfullT inform the it.
. uta or .Saiiabury. n4 the aairroundinr
a .a a. a . i t a a .
nwnirr.iiuu n aaa eHaoiianeu a Hw JUmkrj
In raid town, on Main Street, a few doort vmth
of the Court-llo-ite i wbera lie will be thankful
to reerlre an kind of work In hit line ofbune.
Froaa number of year experience, ia Europe
aad America, be fcrli confident of beinp able to
fire entire tatiifactioo to all thoae who may fa.
tor him wib any description of Blmlmf.
Bltmk BvJtt made to order, after any pattern
furnished, on abort notice, and at prices which
a one can compiaia or.
Old AWAe Re&imi, either plain or omamea.
tt on the moft moderate term. All order
from difance, faithfully attended to. The pat.
ronaje of the ptiblic ia reaprctfullr aolieited. by
tbair obedient servant, J.II.DE CAKTKKET.
SatUwry, JpHI 2&k, V27. CO
ft Waft Temvetn, Tailor,
ASjiif rrrerfrd the hlet ami moat an.
Estate of ftnnrat M'Ouire.
THE aubacriber baring qualified aa Admin,
iatrator on tb estate of Samuel WGuirt.
We'd notifies all penons indebted to said estate
to make payment without delay ( and thota
ttarint; claim fint the estate, are desired to
Jpresent them, lenity authenticated, wkkin the
time prescribed oy law, otherwise this notice
iD be plead in bar of their recovery.
Jlfar 13, 1827. 9t73
Stall rVrrA.t'oraA'M, RmtKerM cawns
SUPERIOR Court of Law, April term, 1827,
Law'w Mcflan t. Cynthia McHan 1 Petition
for divorce. It appearing to the saGafaction of
the court, that Cynthia McHan,- tba defendant,
b not an inhabitant af this State, it is therefore
ordered by court, that publication be made
three months in the Western Carolinian, (rrvinj
notice to the defendant, that she appear at the
neit Superior Court of Law to be hekl for
Kutnerfbrd county, at the court-house in Kuth
erfrHton, on the 3d Monday after the 4th Mon.
day of September next, then and there lo an
swer, plead or demur to said petition, otherwise
it will be taken pro confess and adjudged sc.
cowling. Witness. James Morris, clerk of
said court, at office, the 3d Monday after the 4th
Monday of March, A. t. 1837, and in the 5 1st
year of the Independence of the United States
State f Amrth Carsa'na. Catximu ctunly :
proved frtiiom from Philadelphia,
panted with portrait firiirea. representing the
different colors which are worn by the moat
fashionable gentlemen of tfw cities of Philadel
phia ami New-Vork.. I he drafts of the fashions
now received, are, in reran! to their nratnen
and elegance of taste, superior to any hereto
fore published. All grn lem'-n. therefore,
wishing fashiimahle rannents ma le. mav rest
avsurcd that thrv csn be at well suited as st snv
I other place in this or the adjoining atates.
I Hat ing in his employ a considerable force, or
ders for every description of work from a dis.
tance, will be executed on the hortrst notice i
and oo disappointment, ei'her ia the fit of the
garments, or in the punctual execution of them,
need be feared. Country cloth, and summer '
doming, win oc made up at more reasonable
price than b baa heretofore charred.
He also here lakes the fibertv of rttuminr hi
..... . . n
sincere thanks to the public, fur lb liberal en.
couragrment he baa hitherto receividi and
hopes that the ityle of his work, and the piinc
tuality wrk which lis will e&ecut U. will in
sure a continuance of tlie grnennis patronage
which bai heretofore been extended to him.
AoAsAwr. April 7 1827. 39
Wbera c.hur'd merry srsuld aisk:
Tb sert ila bend aad aid implore
Tba fm ara brv a rwia i brink.
Did Cato, U Lis dread tttrraaa,
Accept af CaWa prorTer'd booa f
Did Segalua becom to awaa
Aa la avoid iMacertaia doom
Corporeal ailment bav Ibeir baha i
Kit wbal pbyauui yet ka (Utad
Aa opiate tbc miad U aalm.
Or cV aa btcnectual warn ad
- . . :
QJ Wgosa, asyoa aaasrmy-,
Confid k cablotf bRs remote ?
Whilst t enjoy tb passing scene,
AiaJ oa this inre decanter dote.
Pray, acakpaia, beroa !
Come JUccbiks, rosy Cod bcaJfn, . .
Of loa-hwea piys m Rt - -
But dowa By carts ia spicy wise.
... LIBER.
I prut ctrttla iaioch lanJi ht wia
I ler froat will U very apt to trott
flcitructlrt ti It. Out no wheat it cer
tain la lUch tasdi la dry laoda, and
pirticolarly if they art father high.
larrl erfiiaded oo vkeat will pttt tht
trioier better thin tht rare-rip;-Oo
I . at . m m m. a . .
MMna ItDicB tre Bs, but dry,) I
have never leeo atiy (liTcrenca To the
effect r' iotr froau nj aret uoa
lrr-ipt at other t beat Mod. I hire
aftays bad me af tbe Cornmoa Ijadi
of vbeft trow log whenever I grcarthe
rare-rtp, My preieot crop of rare
In entirely unaffected by last winter
froat, on a field that II at level ai
Ibowlinv ereen .
Wherever the teed wheat wai rood'.
the crop of rare-ripe wheat u rood
thii rear, and ii whollv umffcctd br
the By although the adjacent field
of other kiodi hire beco very much
injured. I consider the rare. ri fie
wheat in exempt from the ravage of
the Heiatan fly, that I believe if seed.
ed after the Slh or 10th of October,
and the teeding completed in the next
four or five week, pine yean out of
ten, the crop will lucceed. It will
do to be iredrd later than thii. I
have very fine rre-ripe wheat now
growing, that wai tecded the 1 8th and
tWKof NtmUf but j indeed, I hive
htf wbiiley l J water (B, ttt fotfc
teen uiedur heat tmaloytd,) waiaow
excetlrnt vlnegir fur the ttle.
I Uf yoa will glvt thU a pu It
your uieful piper, and oUij yr
coaitant reader and occasional eorrti
poodent. COVna TAiirtfl,
P, 3, I havt bo douU but vine gtr$
for all purpoiei, might be made ia thii
wiy, cheaper than from cider, la.
ifcad of cucumbers there igh b '
added to tht whiskey and iurtbo
other tejretablei, a grapt Uivte, breta, -itrawUrtiei,
.&c. &C. wbeo niiuir
vToegfaf wii the ooly wbjetc to t ati -
TnlHCelfm.K,Mm hi loo'. Z'
Maior Cibaoa'.o'f FranrritAwn W it
btelv""prodochd a bull elf -wht.v
welshed whea dropped 108 tbnd
when thret noetht old 335 lbJi.
inr in Inrreate of more than 2 i
poundi per dav. " Cow native breed
the present bull calf Deotoo,
TO PHKXf'mF. MfjtT.
The German ptpen riie ao ratv
proceia for the prraervatimj of neat .
it la to prepare it with a brine made
from loot. A compantive experi
ment hat been made with a ham rt.
poied to imoke, and a ham prepared
with brine of toot. The reauh
io favour of the latter process, ,bich
had belter preserved the weitfht. tha
volume, and the juicei of the neat.
Tba trutb of ibeJaCCOUOt of Lb isvi.
e r I ui mi Indians, upon a
aeeo good cropi of it grow. og from man ly th. .WeVOre, and cVs!
December aeediog. But th aureat havina; been-dosibud, tha editor of tk
'rTVflE aubscriber respectfully informs (he ci
X tizens of Concord, and the public at large,
inai ne nas commenced the
in said town, a here he intends to have ad kinds
of work done in the line of hi profession, in as
good style of workmanship a at any other place
in the United State. Hsvine- a stronr force
employed, he will be able to accommodate any
person wttn garments on very abort notice
JUwing to the hanlne of the limes, he will
work at the following reduced prices, to wit :
Cloth Costs, from 5 fi gS. owing to payment
Pantaloons, from 1 to l 25 : ivv
Summer Coats, from 'i to R? 30.
. .v .IH0,AS A. HAGUE,
f acor4 June 5J, 1827. 6tTl
flOV BT of pleu and quarter sessions, April
wy term, 187 : George C. Morton and others
t. Francis Bedford and others i Petition for
partition : It ppeanng to the satisfaction of the
court, that the defendants in this case are not
inhabitants of this State, ordered, therefore, that
publication be made six weeks in the Western
Carolinian, notifying said defendants, that unless
they appear at the next court of pleas and quar
ter sessions io oe new ror said county, at the
coun-nouse in concord, on the 3d Monday in
July next, and answer or plead to the petition,
tbe prayer of the petitioner will be beard ex-
p-rtej smt judgment granted accordingly.
6t7l I) A MEL COLEMAN. CTfr.
'Bvtir, subscriber, acting as Agent for Mr.
Henry Fulenwider. nronrietar nf th. ttJ
l ... w. , . l
:", r , t . ,jack"?' ,e, to he public
Soe sf .VortA-f arnA'no, Mantronerv counlu .
COURT of pleu and quarter sessions, April
sessions, 1827 1 James M. Butler, w. Lewis
Kennedy i attachment, levied, Sec. Ordered by
the court,' that publication be nade in. the
Western Carolinian for six weeks, that unlen
the defendant appenf at the next county court
to held for the county of Montgomery, at the
court-house in Lawrence ville. on the first Mnmlav
In 1nlv'hr a .l-l -i. I
be entered p fosaunt Ae plaintaPa j ,W 1827.
Price.,lvt mT' rt?0- bt,Jght hy the subscriber. " K CRESS'
HAVE just received, from Philadelphia, the
very latest Spring Fothitm in rogue there
and the other ci res of the North, accompanied
with drafts and portrait fimirea. reireaemln-
rent lemon ia full dress, and the most approved
colours now worn which will enable them to
suit the fancy of those gentlemen who wish
fashionable garments made. They continue to
c.ccuic an uesenpuona ot plain work, at short
tea rat warrta caaoiisu.
Tbe day of strife has paWd away,
And with jt, thej wb Iburbl and bled ,
Save her and tber a tet'ra gray
RewiiMla of tb warlik dead.
Now tAy years and one has rune
Since ltfsnt Liberty beheld
Cobjmbia seat her on the throne.
And call her champion to tbe field.
They built our castle on a bsse
Minclcss by domineering nuni
Tbe people hold the highest place,
With MffHtdmrt tn thwir -;
.... Democraciei their flsfi eUspIs,,
Proud AHstocraciei have none i
We have ao despot to obey.
For Frttdon sits on Hetmn't throne.
Rnt wnr, a noble one remain
Of that Assembly atera and high,
W ho burled baci the hateful chains
At Britain's doughty panoply.
Pan i the fervid hour of strife.
The combstsnts J1 nearly gone,
Time has spun out their thread of Gfc ;
In ram we nature's lot beavoaa, -
True to their memories, shall w
On thtt day make the welkin ring,
In praise of those w ho made us free,
By bearding an Usurping King.
What though the period of our date
I limited to dubious span 1
'Tf fTeal, tke jreat to immitate.
In Freedom live, and die like Jtawtvt,
way it, to begin io late at to avoid the
autumo fly, and then set your crop
seeded ra toe ahorteu time aftei ibat i
the earlier the better with all wheat
provided you can escape tbe fall fly.
But the rare-rfoe bean late aerdine
oetter tnan any other wheal that iluvc
Trw -advantages of the rare -ripe
wheat then, are theic: it will beir as
late teeding as any other wheat ; its
early and rapid spring growth puts it
out of the wav of the spring fly t it is
always jointed by the lit day of May,
often before i it ii never subject to
rust it produce! ai abundantly as oth
er wheat t the train is generally hra
vler than that of any other iort i it is
ai productive a wheat to the miller as
most other kinds j it stands well
throughout harvest, and' is easily cut
and saved. I have nrver known an
instance of the spring fly destroying it.
ft haa been aupposed that the early
harvest of thia wheat . will embarrass
the farmer in his corn crop. I do not
find this to be the case. Knowing
that your harvest will be a fortnight
earlier, you make jour exertions and
arrangements totneet if, and that ear.
ly and rapid cultivation is a great hen.
t fit to the corn crops. I expect to be
gin my harvest by the 12th of June.
Your otedt aerv't,
Tbe following are Uracts of a communication
in tbe American Farmer, of the 15th ult., writ-
tea by Robert H. GohJsboro, of Talbot county,
Mar land, dated 1st June.
Having witnessed a cood deal of!
destruction in the wheat crop this sea-
A J L i- . r
r. turrcspnnacnt nas round irom ex.
perience, that the crop is not only in
creased, but much better in quality,
and wishes us to direct the attention of
our readers to the practice, which we
hereby do, fully convinced of its im
portance. . Load. Card. Mag.
Wt . V aa m - m -
uoatoo i raveiier, in whir n psper tk
state mem originatly appeared, obtained ra
ilterview whh Oregory. an'l othen ml
reewfred a la?emeWrom brwr mow,
sit hour b one third of Ms tofigrje had beta
co o(T Tbe fbllowinit ii an rxtrirti
M The narrative of tbe lufTertr cftaTcrt)
fn fro very essewisl pointf fVm osjr ttatf
menu beretofbe made. He entered ike
service as a waiter or musician al elrsen
veara of age i was in the army f Gtoer-
I Hull, when ha surrcMlered ai D troit.
nd with siitr three others wasseitedsnd
carried away by the Indians. All of this
number, but seventeen, who were spared
on account of their youthfuW, after
being lakrn iato the dense wildemesti
were tied to noits and trees, their clothes
stripped off, nnd their bodies thickly
perforated with pine, torches. In ihis
condition, the splinien were lihted, snd
iney were literally roasted alive, and then
If ft to linger out their painful existence.
Fourteen of the tthert were dive vhn
Grewy snd Ait comfianiomt mde tAtir
i. p i ...
i was some or nra re iowa. bai aa
Grepory, who had been - wlpedf aa
stated. One was a worthy lieutenant
whoae name, if we rightlv anderttand tk
broken acre nt of our informant, is Mc
rea. 1 Ins officer made three allrmOu
with the o.lttn to liberate himself, but
the saag were so severe and horrid in
their punishments or scalping and nung
ling him, thathe durat not again take so
unforbidden step.' He is believed to be
ulive with ihr Flit Heads at the present
. r rr i .
ume. i nouil Gregory was not actually
scalped, a gash was cut in his forehrsi
across his skull nearly to his neck, and
another across from ear to ear. The
skin was torn tuck aSout id-
k, . . . . . ' im9 im UWI aT itilJifM,
y icun u)y aiu ncanng oi j , tlut EIitor of the Xn-Enfland Farmer,
mum more in oincr places, i ininx it I Sir : From the si
notice, and on the lowest terms. They are " 1 lo lurn ,ne auention 01 lar-
groteful for the support already received in this mrs to the EarIr,or Rare-ripe wheat j
place , and hope they will give such latbfaction which is the only wheat that I have vet
as to inaure a continuance of patronage. . ... y . wncai. ne jet
SulitburyiMay 14x1827.
jiir.a oi an sizes and descriptions, bv the k.-
or nuantity, upon terms enuullv ;ur..t
mcr can De oroticnt irom Char ealon .
other citv to this nlace. Tt- ;.t.u ..
t nnl.. at. 1 l . ... "
uieniacires, can 00 0 Or makin- annll
cation to the undersigned.
A'orth Carolina, Surrw ciintu :
COURT of Pleas and Quarter sessions, May
term, 1827: John Wright vt. Elijah Har
fits j Original attachment, Jonathan Unthank,.
garnishee. It appearing to the satisfaction of
the court, that Elijah Harms, the defendant,
lives oat of the state, ordered, therefore, that
publication be made for six weeks successively
in the Western Carolinian, for thenaid Harriss
to appear at the next term of thia court, to be
bcid jn Riickfordorthe 2nd Monday in August
next, and" plead io said iiuT, else" jii(fghwnrpr6r
coofesso will be entered against him.
t6? I WILJUAM, Ok.
Ever man Ms onAUV.T.
rTlHE subscriber hav ing purchased tbe right
a -m- M,Ut"nhaBi- Perpendicumr,
'.1!?Wr '"H Pnl,ow " Hwladntat Patent V,ri,t
MIU, for Cabarrus county, and William Ben,
bow s for Mecklenburg- county, now offer, for
aie tnese Atfft, and the Simrl- n;Kf.
ratelv or bv th rf.kU. " ?.
j ' -- Huiu'Eia as si mi I'limmnn sai i rt es
term. Mr. John E. Milan of rnn
tboriaed to sell for tbe county of Cabarrua,
The plan of 6oth these Mill may be seen in
Concoid and Charlotte, st Courts.
BENJAMIN V irrvivnm
Metklenburgctunty,MaS9,mr, 374
seen that can make a crop in spite of
hjJyJisJathethKd tear in sue
Cession that I have tried it ;,and it h:
been recularlv. each vear. unhurt bv
u j , j , j
the fly, notwithstanding aome of it was
puny m its early growth Irom defect
in tne seed wheat, occasioned by wee
vil fly, and whilst other wheat alone
ide of it, and in iti neighborhood, has
neen constantly destroyed. ; Nor -is
thia diflercu e confined to the crops on
UMMy , maonred lands j it is equally
apparent oEiir:timti
The rareripe ia a -beautiful white
. . - -
wheat, plnmn' irrain. and next to the
old white wheat of- trood oualitv. is
mc most producuve rn flour... Jt is i
remarkably heavy wheat, never sub
ject to rust of a shorter straw and
head-thaa any of the other k indaof
wneat yet ita product to the acre.
shock or stack, ia equal to that of any
wneat, itioca not branch ao much
aa aome other kinds of wheat, and is
oo that account generally aeeded ia lit-
ri.WmSG off Petal blossoms,
Ve are sorry to observe that this
practice is not generally adopted, as
MheaProdncc would thereby be mjteri.
-uy uit.rc9cu. ( JMI. rfllf. Jf.Jjnw witti.'wwMj
muscie rould be disserted, which- wss
roasted and eaten by the IndiantyoT ihcir
The flrsh lias been rut from his thieh
and oilier parts as has been stated, but in
arger quantities than had been imseined.
His arm hangs by his side, a mass of
senseless as well as useless mailer. The
rod made use of to stiffen it was not of
wood, but a common ramrod, and wji
forced ihrough the flesh from the shoulder
down. The nerve of the arm called br
anatomists the musculo cutaneous nerve(
waaajso.aevered.and hence the skin and
muscle on the back or the arm and hand
are entirely without feeling, and in a stale
of violent contraction. Several arars of
parte of the arm, which in size are much
larger than lhat on the left side.
The remaining particulars are as we
before stated them." '
scarcity of vincear
me last season, I was led to make trial
of a mode of preserving cucumbers,
(pickling, if you will,) that I should
not have attempted under other cir
cumstances. Hut it has succeeded an
well with me, that I am dcrslroluTTha7
other house-ives should partake of
me oenetit.
. a a
- i gatnerea the cucumbers from the
vioei, and without any other nreDara
tion than washing them clean, dropped
them into a stand containinw a mirm
of whiskey and water, one part of the
loriucr 10 iaret ih Uttsv. I ur-
.them againit fenats. Hits: and
teroat air, by tying flarel close orer
the top, and layinir bVe ftla i fjirVI
and stone, and neither moved or exam-1
: a . a . .
mcu . mem until (:hntm k.r. r
. f-ssasu wr tWII
ound them, not merelv eriual. hi,r
ucviucuiy superior toany pickles I
had ever tasted. Thev wer- har,l
ana ot a hne flavour, and what has been
1 a . '
particularly admired in them. th-v
..: i .1.- .... . . ' . j
. mc original coiuour ol the
cucumber, not exhibiting the green
poisonous appearance of oicklea that
had been salted aad scalded ia copper.
Kine of Sweden ( Br. n u
Majesty is, at present, about sixtr rerj
of age, of the common sizer and hi
hair, which is of a jflossv black, curli
naturUy;:iliCtoke ,.ul, uncarrmvorJr.
nance, baa, in reality, freat expression
of kindness, and his manners are singu
larly p'resosseisino. it maw h further
remarked, that Charles John is temper
ate, economical, and what may be called
equable in his disposition, modest in de
meanour, condesending towards all rant''
and deservedly poDular in the hiehest
degree. ffWeen' Travelt.
This humble tone records,
What few proud pillars can,
Compris'd in Iheae few words,
'ffcre lietaa boneit m.'
. i
' 'J
54 ;
in v
the I
tors c
Ion. (
were t
the B
' capturi
tion, C
and 25
" 120 wt
in, Mic
men, u
and afn
cd hiB J
,.v . "lw! ; ..- ,,,;, ' " ': " ' .. " , v- '"-''. -''" ' .. ..

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