North Carolina Newspapers

    U ik- f -fc re ibe AU'umt a4 lettifbte
jfre wrtt bfer tbe hra sarrea.
juA k,M 1 lUm had ba runaways M
amral ytet,-h4 bu.ll IM eal.ioi, mtT
At talfln aa ahj tabtiblg reg
I Mkirou, from . b ibT depre-
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ermart. n m rearyibef tUhHgtdiy
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Ur U. at thUc. artol la
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tortfc ItlMN potii abde ibe t?. P.
TrmoH. RWhaaoni Eaq-i 'rer, end ethers of
f,. rMaebWa. regularly la Mad. Aft
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t nat iU orTit In lb place 1 hJ
MMH 0MI1"'' M NJt COM.!
MtMMk sua "a " ' " -
1 towtsrag fceahWe of Ibe Charlotte
gditor ees w b aw ibe rack M fcmt out the
aaietbiawoua art at that taue these anUrarri.
ages I and he oWbt would Cud rharga thrnt
iroi e tit DfptHm'irt, ! ct fror lK clreu.
MkM M pipe f of llMW M m-f W!
nil lhif pwfxm.
J Ait rMr.berld m ll.W eMimv,
la t: Urn, m Fmmltr, th 7M tutf. IK
vw flrt diowrd b) wlf. wp-d4 by
Im u Uimriitf mtr an ftlWratMHi of mint! 1
but m lhntit IbM
iIm) oct)ieftiu cwk of the rommlMMin of
tkii ufftrfqrkl d ! .Tltit m itrikwir nu-tr
1 mm f tb frtiHr r-w -uir-. H k
la dv urt.eeuatbb, Uov itn 4J ma sImmU
li wifc'a intoBlinenff, ahen. 1?e w
ting Kim of itair Jf r K -rtny u
aiprclrtl M llif marftt JIif-lTr wet
tocf ainra lnr4 up ia bflth f thmi. loor
jaaal Efta'if lU t tfjilctona bra vrll
Krouiutr!. be M bettrr tiara ukca BUlrv
parV aUticatO
ForfH, (xirprr-rrffMe, nd I g rfr! 1
" Our Lcl or ay tliia m no lioia lo blcrJ."
Kiort tb pbrir!K)a of wif laat fapf, iWe
hara be rrfrrahinf raint ablrli bafe irrrailv
rtfWfd ff )rta'Kn, and viO ba of iacakula'ole
txnrflt to b rroinf rri and rUmprtcu
laHy tb formrr: t' ram crop wiU ba fary
(immI ia Rowan, and adjoining coanlirt.
Tba JacVioa (Wrat Ten CaiHtp, of
tha 3Cth ah. tart lb- crop are rnr rally rery
prMni-inf. and iba eilur at brallliy, in that ace
tifm of cwtmry. t
Jaawa, Tbora, a pUirtrr of jrood ataiwlag in
Yit eony, aaa committed to jail in Halcigli
ontba 13tb inat. rbarftd with murdering a
younr w aamed Iloara llradoa. A nrgro,
(anted RnmulilV a alo eommitied to- tbe
... a V . 1 k'
. , aame Jail, rur atabkiaf a too m air, uowx nsa
maftef. " . ' " --- - -
It wiB barely be neccaury to refer tha reader
Ho tha ad J ma of "Jndra Morphey, (wb4eh wa
hafa comenred thia week, and ihall finih in
nr neil) oa ba firtt page of tcday'a paper 1
k neada ao paaeiryric from ua. to aecu ra it a
careful penuai. It-ia worthy, ia matter and
atyle, of hi difiinfwialied author,
Iter, itamiiai tMr,uicu wmiwiiiii
' (a iftla atate, on the 13th Int.
' Celt. Btmt. Ilowatow, (who ia anar , a- candid.
- ata lar Co. f Tenneaaee) receded and ccep.
Med an MlatWw to a public Ball, Id Paria. 10
-. that rale," on tha lat ult. Col Nc vton Cannon,
und. El-Cof. nmre Woant, tra alao eandidatea
for 'Go, of Tenneaaee 1" but from tha tnoet
authentic aecounta, we are incKned to think
Gen. llojtnn will be elected.
Raimng ikt Drtd ! ft man in Wilton eownty,
Tenneaaee. wi'rtea to hi friend in Paria, ia that
atate, that bia aon Jamea died on the I0h of
June, and continued d,ead for hah an hour, and
m h'JU u,,t?5L "
"' ffen. John OoVr. of Tenneaaee, cat
rnmrn'mlonera fia con lunction with Generala
. Daridaon and Grar. of thia atate) to bold a tree
U Viih Ifce Chrrijkeei Indiana, uited the
tion on the 3d inat. while tha Council . waa in
eetaion In Newtown : the Gen. waa received in
a friendly manner, and infited to an audience
in the Council. A conrention aeemhled on the
3d, for the purpose of forming a Conatitution
for the e-nremment of the Cherokee Nation.
It is now atated that William II. Crawford has
aetthifd the Judrcahin to which be waa recent
Jv appointed by the Gov, of Georgia, and enter
ed on the diacharre of hi dutiee.
Jlie Richmond Enquirer eav it haa euthen.
tie ariirne. that-Jactuon will get one half or
T. t wo-lhirda of JC w.York. But flie"Whlg;Tf the
((airirriTia )
Oa 1turfc!r, ll.a 7h M, aa afray
,lry li.fl ''ia wwvl jtn, at,uh
aoa f4 I.M dk. rJ prau4
htMiL t lff waa ewftrff.4 la aaffa
il U apf Ji of t) t a, I f-t b f H,
atentler ada, I 1m a t,f, tjn, w (iff a ta
iioaiioa, aba d'tkr U ta'kaioa, a4
mwnUiaii kut ba I pptmt
lidtyiH aidgrtltMlyi (aa aitlr rtad auf
nttf had Ma blue rMb cea, nnm-Ii wraal
lcld 1 white real, papain aw aa4 Ml baa a
kit, aala by kaf, Um. li from a eye
(aixl b4 tu. The ftW aa Ihla. ami
ay of Ibe fljUoiag a, woatd da H ta
appfthaM rat ak yiaan aWy, laat ka atay
be bewail k' Jaaiica. rHutrn Wilt amt the
I. CALU W LUX, Htfifl7lK
rata rai nrrVrar airaarib.
Oi y arrWal at WbCnr, aa the JJd .
a'aat, I n Worl that Mr. Carter IWferlr,
Ttiea at tbat pU. bad rectirrd the eecbig
a-rX by ata! a brtter fboi General Kim.
birJi be baj eihibiied la aeraral prm ami
left with axy f'l Col. Noah IW any p.
rwaal, tM which I waa told (.iraied a ihjct of
gvaeral coaveraatioat, and bad peodaead mrM
eukeaaeat U the lawa. The Cantaui of Ibe
RinUr baring kindly drtaiaed ba iIimU
for aay areotanaodatioa, aaJ aa I wa aaaillinf
Inatg e la delay hie departare, I bad only liaae
to atWaia baaty bat I blee a aarrtct epy of
the teller, and I now aeiaa ibe fir avaint, af.
lee any armal a boa. ta rnti it ta Ibe pb.
lie, tnfrther wi'b a copy of another letter ad
dmrd by ta. IWaerly li CJ. Zae.
I pryj febea,at IhU lime, to mike ae.
feral cyme nf which Iheae Jucamonta ai'ho
riie. ami cWina NMartf to a notice of the rhar
fee which General Jckaoe baa brought forward
ia )ia Idler.
iV chinrra are, let. That my friend ia
Congrtaa. early ia Jannary, laiS, peopoaed to
htm thai, rf be wnukl ear, or permit any of I
f ottfiVnlUI frWap la aer, tk(, in caaa be wa
elected PreaSderrt, Mr. Aditn aVoold aot be
continued eery r-f H'aie. by a eomnlete
anion of mtarrf and my friend, we could put
aa end to the I'rcaidrniial conirat ia one buur 1
and . .
2J!r.. Tha' the Ur pmnnaal waa made to
Gm. Jaekwrn. iSmuth a f atmipitJird member
f Congfeaa, U Ligh atanilir with my fwltj
ana tnmmi.
Tn the latter ehaare, I orinoae a direct, on-
qnahnrd, and indignant denial. I neither made.
nor enthorieed, nor know of any. tiropoaitJ(Hl ,
aliatefer to ri'her of lite three randxlates who
were returned In the fl'xiae nf Tteprea-TTttlifea
at the Ut Prealntil rlrclion, re to the
f.icml of either of them, fr thr tMrpn iif in
duenciiic lle reilt of the rleetion. or for any
other purpnec. And a'l allegation, intimation,
and inoendoc that my rote, on that nrrin,
waa offload to be giern, or aaiio frt riven.
ia 000 tide ration of any ttipulation nr undenriand
ing, exprea or implicit, dirret or in-lireet,
written or eerhal, that I waa, or tht any ruber
pron waa not, lo be appointed Seeretarr of
state, or thai I waa, in anr oilier mirnw, to be I
pcnonallv brnefittcd, art defotd of all truth,
and deatitute of any foundation a liateeer. A r
I firmly ami aolrmnly LeKere. that the firt
of the ta l ova mantiaeied rhargra are aUke
untrue and groundleta. Hut if frontrary to me
full belief) mv fricivUnr any of them made any
audi pro.poait.oft or otTer, a ia aaered in the
Cnt tliarge,- rt-wa without my knowledge aad
jilnint my aiMbority.
Thr VttVr f Gen. Jackaon inainuatea, rather
than directly make, the further charge, that an
arrangement a propped and rrt-V between
Mr. Adam' friendi and mine, by which, in the
erent of hi election, I 111 to be appointed
Sreretarv of Stale. I pTtniminee that charge
alao, a fr if I know or brliefe, to be untrue
and witltout the Iraat fmindation.
Gen. JacVaon having at last voluntarily placed
himarlf in the atti'udc of my pnhlie acruarr,
we are now" fairtr at raawe-r I rejoice, that a apet
ciffe accusation bri mponaible arcuaer, ha
!! Cholcl,
Ma til llf H Utrrtil.'
OlJ Iikloer It tha te
n wa wiih lb tt -.'.i: mi tf Mt I't't
id l k at Iba fwi!i)in lii l tout,
whirl) rxj Intrljua c rnmirt ntM t
ttVa from (it a. Jatkaoo, aod H yia
tU u;vi f,
- 3
1 (
A !,
M-appi, . . .
ona Carohaa,
r ., f . .
Netb CaroSaa,
JVjfinia. . ?
Kentucky, Sdirfrkla, 0 V '
laa, .
V,.,. - . . . . " , ut- Ui
Ulftf mijotiff rf fha) alwJe St! r Hot
one of th( rottt will Mr. Aaarri ar
rectirtt and wh i'tt aijorltr iU Oca
ml comet Into
afarjUed, abieb baa If rot by &Mti.
er.Tork, . . 26 do. da.
Itrlaaiaref' i . 3 " Jo.""
tKiMi, . . . H do.
New Jerery, I do.
Kantucky, 1 dletri, 4 6",
VAinauTt AVMriicikGiL,t f,t4 Minimis i.:4 ioi -'
if af 9 F I 1 ltnt. City flat,
r".a aa T "I't-i l1) a II tef rd.
d owe m !' at iW U, laaa a a l U tjf$ mi 4 $ ftmt.
IU4 ;Vi I ila lu MMU
Vow, ho etind Ihctt votei f In f-
rrland 0n. ackao race 1 red at the laat
t'.a arral f rvMjr al Mlr 4 it.
fehf, Ul.ri Kifif.
Jttffik C.UU, I), V. iVei't.
and PoTf. fe MikI rhl!oaoihr Hat.
;ia A. M. TrofV Cbcmlt
lf, Mmtnlogf and OeoWgy. ftav. If at
eaArr.A.M. Pr'r. Ubiurl itd Uric.
aav-a A. M. Proff. Ithm.k
M Haiaral P biloaopbf . AAaaj f. 4
frra, A. if. frofr. t AruWnt U
fiagea. A, A. raX.A.M. Prpff. ef
Wwdart Laagvagta. ,
6a,r rimtiTK, ltr. -
SJ01 M. JoJ'tvi, A. U.
" .... ... rf
' Tha IJMrdf? tntmml aiewyara
met In Ihi ciir (be 30ta nil. agrata
14 r ia tpp4nimant, and adjourned on (be
SJ inat. Veflottt ttibjecli cama under
Iht Ir cooperation j but nothing aofficlent
Tf Tmporlaiil 16 14 deilllrd to Tha rrtrMtc.
Our rtadtra will U grattbed loltirn (bat
pram, a . Ha. a f, 30.
0Aa. .V SIToifrm, f I a lh 'ra,
ill, 37 43 1 aak, f a K)f lnJr, A
I J abr.t, II la ft.1 1 bh N
la 7S f ippta d t4 ta li bia f i 9
bevf ft f, Xmt,
. ill irrlfat,
la CeemanirNt, It.lH runty, aa the lib law.
b Jreewi t) UMt. f. Mr, Kt,Ua tl.
Ug ta M Mary tliiting, jUogMtf af Mr, iwba
LUi'tiag. ---
la MvVWb4rrrniy, mT' lw
Inat. by ti-iy 4twtl. r.-j M.j. Ma rtomgeav
ry ta Km M.m H. r4 rftai rutjy.,
t '. . . 1 - 1 h
THE ropanneeUiSa) tweatufurw auhaUinff U
tvrra the at.WrrS ra, anwUe ta turn af
lUata Av Wet!, la tbia diy y awatl
rooarwt. Jacob Rinr.ux.
.rM,Hr. V. If . W A f f .
f Fl ft K awbarribera hating fneaard a copartner
- A --., W Iba tMteMta aaamieg on h
I 7VWf Bmmmtuu to the a Sep fueaarefr eu.
tha IW.dglnw Machine, which It at .othj !TrV' .
TltntlH V. CArtON, rvAi.Rr.
Uatk Wank ttonflia
on Ibt ahoata below Vmingion, bat ra
duted ibe Pboal upon which ll hai opera
led, tea ftrl and that Meter. Nab and
Hrazicr, our Ciril Irveera, are engaged
f.atam a..leaJ afl la I A AnhAfia nl ai 7 Mil a akaaaal aa 1 a start WamlrttriaV lilfrktw Clf thai
of 1 1 -.I. ' , larttkl w4 Uk, iract. of our Swamp 1)1:
vj 1 '.,. 1 . . . T J I . ..I ' w.i w. m.
.fw iorm no twtt oy omrictt, ana i.i'uJs aome 01 nun art ai iw vm
the heart of the rteopla art wirh Orn. 1 lie 6 rat (ju-Iity, and Ihr bell mode of
Jeckaon. Km Inirigoe, no coaling cea ilraking .el.f will U rrportrd lo our
lurn Iba republican party oter 10 John aril (Irncral Aiatmhly. Hulngh lrg
the 31
Drlwar will unqtettioniMy be fur
Oen. Jackaonlhe ccDfcniioot 0 UitH
panic in thai Halt late a mainly in
hit fatnur.
In Ohio, Gen. JirkkonUd' A(Jm
in the 11 clecion 6500 ftfet, and aill
lead blot at many more. - f f
All the account! from New Jerkty
unite in taring, thai ibal $i'e will be, aa
it wet before, for 0e. Jadtaon.
Wc'wIII leave ou( of tltar New Hamp-
hire am) Maine. Suppoi Otrt Jtf00
rrrrirra tntl half Ikclft 73 rotta, and
how atanda the retult f
jkaaa. t 171
Adam. ' ' VO
T 1 iet t,t .Sio k of Ibe Slate Hank
of North Carolina, were aold al auction,
. ictly t iar
l epUmtU Oitrrvfr, 1 2:4 at.
At)ihrr Urtirn mi Tb Franklin
ft.i.a ol New Jeraey ttoppraj paymcnl on
ihe IJih inat. Tha Cahtr gara pub
lie i.oike on the Utb lhai the note
VTrvrm f-r,4iniin IH7T.
To Wank UivtTA.
rpllf. MtioVrwgawd bating beta frerprntlr
1 applied la bf deatert ta Iba Oaak at ibit
place, aho fraide al a ianre, lo accept aa
agency to iimrvre lite reneaal re Uieir hrnd
Ac. ia fUnt, baa eonckided lo bflrr hie arrrieei
la tboat bo are cfipoaed lo connde to blm
anr buaineie of thai aatnra. If tbum will
be ihe tna eat lhal are nauallr ma!e.
fa'hwrm,jmh,i ruttjn wfirTr..
TJMrmt Ihe tulW Ftable la Concord, fa.
' lurtM mnir. X. C. tut tha nirhl tJ XM.
would be rrgulariy retire med during the , l. tvq gray U0HHr.Ktm( lUem bating a
hour buaioctk, but aheraardt lailed' iark taana and lait, about 7 or t yeare old, and
' to do t. The fitora of ibe NVw Tbtl ? r am irtmnd W.Tiglbind fry W rha.
5,;(c.m.n Intimkte thtt tha
Ihe paper mutt U tonteot to pocktl a loa. tU rtbf f , hy .We.aaUabod befbrw
hen atoien 1 they are of Ihe common aue, but
There miy be a great hunla about
tl.Ia maiter, but there trill be U feftlUy
no rare.
We would admonith all cor tery good ,
frienda, who hold ofTicea, or waot oDce,
and aall who with to ba oa the atrongrit
aide, to make up their tninda protnptjy, j
for there it little lime lo be loa: ; we
shall koon hare no nrutralt
The trial' of tenain prraone in the
City of New York, charged with con
apiracy lo tie fraud Mmt of the Monicd
Inailtutiooa ol ibal city, have at let'gth
been brcfttht to a cloae. Jtttb Barter,
and Mr. Vcrmilyra, were found guilty
mar appear heavy buih. A maa aba caQt him
arlf M m. Ileen, 1 euepected ta be iba thief.
Dean aaa miawng at the aame Ijme the llortra
were 1 he i 5 fret 7 or o1pehet"lig,""
broad aemw ihe fure-heed. but Lia face lapera
lwarb ibe rbin. with a very large mouth, rather
tioop ahouMrred, npleaanl countenance ami
.Matthew I.. -Dam tummed up ihe evi-, down look , "boa. much f bimanliood. and i
. . . ... ..i . rr h f'ni "f mimii kirgthe vviat brogue, fond of
dence in hi. own cat, and made a tpteth, ) JT b tniU
. r . 1 ik. r..n, 1 rnnm. i r . " . . . . ; . . .
that dtw leer from all in the court room.
and carried conviction to tbe jurj, they
arfjuiiird Mm.
Sistrrn huniud persona partook of the
Democratic Jatkan featival on Ihe 4th at
had on a blue cloth coalrc aith a black Vehret
collar, gray caaanet pantaloona, bbek bat, will
a low tapered crown ami broad brim. A very
liberal reaard will be given for hia apprehen
sion iml confinement in any jail, or delivtrinr to ma in Concord, N. C. Alan, a liberal
rard for both or either of the florae. Any
-office m thia
rVl.. .r r ...Im. nanvra In lh 7th and
Urerpool tn the l.h 'of JulJereacf, fa. j httrgh, Oaa, . r4Uf -",1 ; JJ?f
clutive, have been received al New lork. yet It it taia i ennayit.r... .. ' K, MAIIAIf.
. The tpeecb and ktaiementnrMr. Can- I'ooh! 00 crW. A. C. Jif 23. 18.7. 3t7J
nlngi the new Chiftrellorof the Eiehe- - .. . aT Editor of nrwapaprra are requeated to
quer, OA opening .the BttoVet io'th). lioaM S.tLl5BVRT BIBLE S0CIF.TV. ' ' al in UetectJr.g a hofaef, by rng the
of Commont.wat admitted, by all perrica, Tl,eneit annual meeting -f the SaKahuryni "" ,
10 be frafikand ingenuwi. lo the debate I ble Society, will be beU at the Court llwiae in Tlrtt-ltX ft,nt WoitSa "VfHTittd.
I,lch en.ued Mr. Cajh fully and j JXA) T ?H
kbly lupported by Mr. Brougham. mg J w a y , be M m y p
t la not pretended lo M concealed by VV,'!tT.j b' M- J O. Free h f Auguf. I w.n gite 46 cent, pV-
M"r. Canning, that after Mwelre years t0 it.Jeirh.-and all the other- f the.fratn. tlt ta well. ekanedt aad
peace, te nmonai ocin n mcrcaaea oy
a . i . . . .
.nn.itrKM amount, and that Ihe rare- ted in their place :
- - .. . . t . I - . l In li. InnMftrii
' . . ... . . . .1.. i ih. iiieneat once lor rooa imn.
f l -I ..lh. imfiflflinl bun. JIIIIW SCIIUUl. , -
- !
'am'a"place; declarra italieKef thai lWwi8 not
Gt, at moat, over ix vwea in tnai atate. rer
pa to split the difTerence between theae cal
culationa. would not be far fiom the truth i
which wmiTJglVcaxkson-reea tolea. - Bu te
"the wind bloweth where it liatetn," ao New.
York vote at aha pleatea, maugre all takula-
fion. . , '
The provincial parliament of Lower Canada
was dissolved, br proclamation of the Governor
of that province, on the 5tb inst.j and writ
issued for the election of new membera.
-The OAa-Canaf hat been fin5hed from the
,fa;,l '""" -v-r--- , - - - ,- ,
and trie, tirst noav yineo irwor mnw.m ,;
.Jsst, nimed place (a distance of about 40 mile)
on the 4'b of July Inst." A tptendid celebration
washgd on thjtcMio
.""Dunnr the.aecond week in this month, the
: weather;, w
-Cky, in thia atate t ,ihe jnrrct'rJ h Piktmm
eter rose as high as 100 degrees. We have not
noticed the' atate of the thermometer m 8alia.
bury j bt believe it hae frequently, dtitmg
two or three. weeks past, exhibited as great a
degree of heat as that above noticed in Eliza
beth City. It has, however, been comfortably
eool for a few days past.
" Juven'n" shall certainlv be attended tn, at
"tomvas we can dUpoaa of ther-JnitierJhftf
wsnss to caj for inora hpnediate attention,
t lMth annr-arrd. thoueh at the dirtance t iljOOOJOOOl, Thlk defiaencj it IO be tap
e ,. . .. . r cfc.-. .j,,.
plicc by anoincr nu ui i.iicfucr tuna.
Tbe openiag commerce af South Ameri
ca aod the operttion f more' liberal
principles and policy on the continent of
Kurope, are looked to as tbe sources
which are to retcae the country from its
dilTlcultiet. -- -
Accounts were received from Qdeisi
.rrA. b'f b, ...menjioDed tbst
but the particular hsd not transpired.
The also atated that an insurrection had
broken out among the Janitsarieaat Con
stantinople, which had thrown tha capi
tal into a great state of alarm.
near two and a half yeare aince tbe charge a
first nut forth, ihmngtr Mr. George Kremer.
It will he trniveraally admitted, tint the aceu
eat ion iaof the mot aeriou na'ure. Hanlly
any more atmciou could be preferred aframal
a representative of the people in hi official
character. The charge tn auhatance it, that
deliberate propoailion of bargain" weremade
bv mv Conirrefeiona! fr5enleolbrtively.throurU
waa. by theae " meana ot bargain amt
tion," to exclude Mr. Ad ma trom the uepart
ment of State, or to aeeure my promotion to
officeTaridat t wa yittend asaented to
thoae pmpoaition and to tbe employment of
tboae means.
Such being the accusation and the pmeru
tor. and the issue between ua. I have now a
right to expect that he will etibatantiale hia
, . . ..; r . : r.
Charge! or IM eimuiuon r wwk'wi fi
dence. Ira that event, there is no punishment
which would exceed the measure of my offence,
la the onnoMte event, what ought to he the
judgment of the American public. Is cheerfully
rubmitied to their wisdom ana justice.
The Washington Telegraph gives the follow
u . .. ' i , i r
ing note trom tne -cusiinKUisnea memoerui
Congrekh(Tinformed Gem-Jackaoa otihe
M great intrigue, which he affirmed waa going
on. From tbb letter, we are led to believe, that
in due time, a full developement of the " great
intrigue" may be expected.
, UA Jul, 1827.
Dear Sir t I received yours of the 30th ult.
on the morning of the 5th mat. In anawcr .to jt,
I can ..only, at present, refer you to my answer to
yours of the "IWf of October Wr l hata o ae
ry to'f I recollection of the only conversation I
aJtw lkaala-1 IPsftl l-aviva I laAlranN niarninrt thaw
w aii.,aa tr aav,Pis auiav 'K av i . . " ... . . .
anC Men compelled to disc loan it, 1 need jtot
Everything m this State at nireetrf. looka well
for the General. We have been makintr treat
exertions in his behalf. The character of the
proposed Convention of States, at Harrisburg,
seems now to be pretty well understood. I hope
that nothng may occur to mar bis prospects here,
aa a doubt about the vote of thia State might
have a serious effect against him throughout the
VI11UH. ftVtU IUUI liliJV
.WuAwrt. yM5tA.I837.
Jul, jta, 187.
COWAN, ferar. Sery.
mrnrrr rnrxTf mni.E SOCIETT,
Mnr IJI.ItJJ fcui.". - i
. . . . .... f( .WI
The Rev. Doctor ftobineon m eipecteu. to jjf g
.V.IlLft for ftae.
TilR eubacriber, acting Si At?nt for Mr:
' Henry Fulenwider. proprietor of the ia-
rVi7 .Vanufartsri, oiirra to tlie ejuouc
. . . i . i .i . i
tire ana ueacnpiions oj nn arg
preach iRe AnnivcPwry Sermon oi thia qmotiivupon term equally aatiafactory as
tt Fourth Creek Mecting-llmine, on tbe firit t,iev Mn ,e brouirht from Charictton or any
afn,l. in next. The membera or (nr. . ... , - ni. -i-hinr to
Society .re .Icirrd punctually lo attend. Wo . i,emaelt es ran do ao by making apph-
Aecounta from Caracas, in Colombia, (South-
America) to the 20th June, have been received
at New-York. The Caracar paper of that date,
contains aa official detpatch from Gen. fiantan
den, Vice President of the Republic, to Gen.
Bolivarurging him to resume the rein of gov.
ernment The Ttce President gives i.deplora-
ble picture of the tUte of public feeling in the
.n it., frirarfa of the cauae ol toe lliuie
and of Iba lU ligion it ineulcateii, lo meet us on
thi orcwion; ami evrntlioe irarjitiuriront
nlcawnl and profitable to n.rei wiui na, mi
rarehilly to examine for themr1vea our method
of rondiiding the businew, in which we expect
on that day to be engaged.
JAS. CAMPBELL, Krctrihrtr -rec'y.
Ciir iarutts.
cation to tbe underfrned.
5a.VW. V4. lia. IB37. . tn70
Talent littr "WftlclifiSt
JElfF.LRT, Ue.
nUffTINGTON h WYNNE have jurt re
reived from Philadelphia and New-York,
an elegant amwrtmrnt tfvtle above articlea.
Aim. . -! uoHmrnl of Mitilarw Cood. All
Jf rrit Marlrt, Jut 17. Cotton, uplands, , wf w,;t, cn t,,d wj be told on the mot rea-
funder which denomination, all from N. Carlin i gonjuie terma.
. i. m ii. v.iv.firtfnii. 10 to 1.1: ti,. i.... . Minnlv of msteriala. and
Cotton bging, htP ' ,0 n" 13 l" "'are well prepared to Hrpatr rt aiers KC
domestic calicoes, blue 1 1 eunion; f " order aliail meet wii prompt aucnuun
fancv 16 to 20 j brown ?ottn blurting j j Satithury, Maul, inlT.
wide) 7 to I0J; ble.d,Mdo. 7.8 wide. 1 1 to 15 , j LmfL BN0,
brown aheettnes ,-Aia -v ,7 " "1 .i,.,j . ... ,imiiums"
r. M..rht. 4.14 tu.i9-lo. 54, irtoW;
yellow beewx, 28 to 29 j check," -, 14 to
in. r..iion varn.5tol0.224 23 eta. per Anrer-
Ttintiinrmt nf htVanatd)Jlolifaxis9a-i rQ,i or 00 . hidea. 10 to 174 i sole lealh.
Vii ... 1 . rn......... . . " .
er. oak tanned 22 to b, nemioca lanri a
22 1 North Carolina tobacco, tn leal, J to a
ed a proclamation dated at Caracas, 9th June ;
in which he says, among othet things,
Pom-teen vesrs I have been at your head,
by the almost unsnimous wink of Ihe people.
At every period of glory and proaperityi I have
renounced the supreme commaad wita the
purest sincerity : 1 have desired nowing so
m.rh uto diveat mvaelf ol nubnc newer, tha
. . . I MIL a IO
trmnminv bibsebb. ja ubii "w m j m . --.. ..-ii'a-.'nj u- .-.m - -- ,
Cefeiw&(r. 2L -Cotton, uplaml. M a
to. k;.b.v. V. to 15: intite brtmy,5aJ6.i
.tajatrBWtkrJTV t vy v., ,M . M . ..-M
Uw.i. 27 a 28 1 bacon, ,60 7 TK&WRrP
Waninwei "jrn WWB 94 10j Coff-e, 14
awr7.. Julu id. Annie brandy, 45 to
50 1 Peach do. 60 lo 75 ; Bacon, 7 J to 8j Hag-
ging, 20 to 25 1 Coitee uiio,"
9 00 , Com, 70 a 70 i flour. 5 J a 6, Iron, 5 50
to 50, Molasses 34 to 3(5, "agar. to 10 J
Salt. 75 to 80, WhtaKey, t """
. .. ,k-. ...iA..ib.B" niriM I. kr m. m wwm
,u. ilk, laiprwrlrl, f fwlllhif rll "T rw ""W"
T " - -- - - - ...fc.. .- .
,11'"w.p-r.""-" .
I ...M .U" Ml. If ". Oinwta 7
! . .k m. kMKtl ta Iwt mttr MffNW
iirrniMi .it.ii.
in the hour of danger h Would tbh ha the con-
t.;.n I 1 am reaolved 15 i prlate'if inrfbTW
arctirwifl mreoTMe
eonsiiJutwoT At a Citiren Liberatof an4 liea.
ideht, my duty lmpoter8p1lMrr
necessity of sacrificing myself for you. I inarch
therefore to the southern confides of the Repub
lic, to risk mv life and my glow to deliver ye
fmm the nerfidious, who. after having trtmpleet
on their most sacred obligations, have spread
the standard of treason, to invade tha depart
menta which are the most loyal 1d tha mo
worthy of youi prpfteonV
i flfchA -IT. I'lil.!!..- .11
... ii.. ur Wkli.. I4li-r Wm-
li (uwtry.
SaUtbnrv, JV27,1827.
i 1 w
corn, 50 a 55, flour 5f to o.
Cotton Upland thi demand '
mre than equal to the tufifiliet ; tri rotiie
autnte of the ttork beipg very lovn lhe tu
IhuH dont hat been lmitrd-venunur
our qntimVordimrV 8 1 2 tjivr u
ITAVR just received, from Philadelphia, the
nd tbf ptbitjef of tlie Ntih,rnpMi
'wTKlfafl and portrait llghres, ?ejireacnfwff,
.gantkmen ;l full Ife. awl tne raw. .,.p.o.ea
... worn - , icli will enitble them to
fashionable garmenta- made, fhey continue to
ear-cute all description of plain work, it abort
notice, ind on the loweat; terms. The are
grateful for the auppOrt already received InJlus
place , and hope they will give such satisfaction
as to insure a continuance of patronage;
AuMury, May 14, 1827. V
'. V

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