North Carolina Newspapers

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Luauno Rtnr- u pa. Ictlli yow to ibe city of Iw-Trk wblcfc
.pp itwTimi. learrpt n ' I""-I ) mile I dlttent. Iot R o to tne ate am
L J.ttnrr .ta wrr-cn, are OanL . , eMnf ft loa,, . fcep
CitUrfarflU n U loaned at fryeerU, . . v "i .i , '. I(.
ara fur lh prw marpion. aaa miv'
Irtttn tAir.! to the Witof, eauet be
or iky may a at i"fw4
laarl Tat tllte eeeitfta,'
CAniTON-No. in.;' "V.
V. tnn wkaowntand cuMmet a
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L fe ttt neighborhood nf popoloo
mori more favourable opportooittrt
upporting family and enlarging hit
rty , tbo on who H vet et i JlftfKi
I iurturotli and boiy psputMlon or
k la the Interior of a country. f
W-eu4 lU prodoctiooe of hie farm
Via a-aiden. have a fair and DrorfiDt
let, with no dalaf uf payment '.ThW
,t tirauiut te nit eteniont .ue
c aerated to fort ill Mi grounde fo
ire lb beti modet of t uttiuitan, to
r'MxI-iJ kit llma.'-eod not to be
U of M toil; Jj" -irtet"V wTl
ti, kit orchards fljurtihi bit rcee
ire luxuriant, end ht 1 DO lett p jr
kl the quality of hit grabs ruou
,tttMr 7 He It o b-hhufttif in
tpirltt-from knowbgoo oeceuiif
la it' unembarrassed .'command' ff
lira, tod V? retcul r"""1 M
IfCtiJo'-Mftiiflr nd til fMMrtni
h Ubourtt tnfcUa o oioc opprei
rt proiecuted "nh rctiowr d inter
hlle fte Jooki forward to ibrlr apee
U friIn reward. I ft it no wonder
hat iucb punhn of UP eoontrr
ik ib-lniif of a dePM and actlro
Ltloo, ihootd bt remrkbl for th
rritf of their ioUUuntt. 1 be dif
rmer bowa kit eeaie of thlt end
town diMdranta Re,. w bile in cut
town ibe timber jbat incumbers hit
tod wbicb la to be burned b heapt
n- Anla-tn jia -wat-be -reniarbi
lere ihete met of ood in e'er.
uttUut. imxead otcau-Uoz blm.ta
M bit forteo What ia berc said
(krmei or otaoter it o leat eppJJ-
laeJi tort of butineet. Mioet of
or lead, could thcr til be titn-
Ll mrbul IWP tn tDOrt lOWOt Or
titiet, or ei en tery populout ptrtt
c coontrti err rooro't
'remote rrom the prompt: opportu
of lle. ' 1 he i0tanuK oi an
fmnufetOfiee ore-eaUoiWe,.b
mntflKrt'iont. Letu then
Lm i Lrin. workthoD or a rniafi
I?-' r. ........L.sir
ill ut meant a ptmK.FiswK'Mi jhl;
two .hundred milet from :ne tea,
tkeo up, end put down agaia a iw
fmm a commercial citr. - he
kirk hTnrt aucb'a chanee told for
i Aiir: would now tell for 6fteen,
h tblrt or fif if dollar, per ecre.
i . . .
I ' . . jJiilirt. :ltlt.imrm bowcrfrthiteIaMn bmelof
M ----- i , iiiwgig urv'Hif wimiifi whu iinfw inrifivivi wi w i tUnvt'JCfl inVlll
. "T'T'.TI lukU & ri'Kt in !rtejiinjr ani contr if emir panicuiaraof tbit etampie, trett oi lime. I iKoold tunnota
Into it.- Wkeo bad lime cornet; you He
Aawn and tlacooQ at tioil a bed at voe
tnt and and Ibe next mornlnr you
a a t a . I al
tiie at four ocioci wua me initiu
inn ikai all toa bare to do ia to ateo
out of the boat lno ibe city, ai'end to
. a .
vour bUtlotM ana then return Home aRin
bytbettme mean. Wkat (reat differ
core ir mf be aiked, it there to fr at
Miruir atona are coneerncd hiweeB la
kinr up your hoow In Ne-JIrn. and
muIor H flown attaecitr oi ncwiora
and then reiuroint it at ln to lit proper
ptjca,? Inhere any thine virtually io
.opMrl'tii aivlnr that lh 'titt ' be-
vf I
iween your own boute and New-1 orb bat
been remored at to the pracilcal purpo
e of bualnetti" A per ton may -now
irarel br tteam boat aiid tttRe from Nor
folk. la.PkUadeloble io tbirtr-tix bourt,
tbooyh the ditiance betwetn tbcte placet
U l rnUev- Pyucb meihodt of tra-
tclller a wart once pracuieu,
rte of. forty or thlrty-Ge ruilet a day, he
moil bate required fittof tli"dai "Ti
c rompliiH ii. When we lr thai by ihe
improved rntibod't of traiellinjf the di
tnce"bf ".ehundrrd and teienty milet
eUbe-MVeV one-butwlred oTi
enty 6eat the olbcri bat been annihila
led, there it no longer that objef ionable
nnr.nri ef-miferr or miric which
rr"(rj.-.-..-i -.,. .
mixkt at brt Bae occurrcu io our v
Tt I, nnf K lhnuht that the eiDente
of uch trirellwir h been tudiiuly
- - a wen. . a f . a.
kept out of iiew. . i m expo11011 'cn
hat been made it for the purpote of rlit
linetfy khowlnif whut it mnni, when h
certain modet of contenre, l!inre l
taid tn be annihilated. Tbe ttai;e from
New linen lo New l drk mukt cotl three
dolUrt for the dinanre of richly fire
boat la aa XfMtla- awfhw baili(t a rut
maintenance at ikret wacrona, ain ihlt
e a at a aa . - a aa a
tain Da a literal aiiAWaneo ia ui aiad
rtotaire of Ihe boatt. and b be or of lnd
ctrriitte. It will the be tree from tbe
orccedinK tutementt that oie horte br
meant of tbe Canal performt jbe work of
fifty bortet upon a road, orb mm tbe
woik of twenty fSe and oie vttcoo
vr nerlv at mucb at eertrlien war
root, nor It tbit the lull accjunt of the
matter, for ibe ron, borte. id wttrrrari
w m - ,
do that in one dif, which the Wenty-bre
men. tilt r hortetend tercntecl wareoot
- A V t - 1 . ...
do in iwo oaya.. iow u wt tiypoto toe
day t work oi the mto to oe toe dollar
that of tbe bone ball a dollar end tbe
warion io be worth fifty ceott day, and
ihe value of the work done b he twen
ty-let men, fifty bortet, and ievtnleeo ooe day wiu do iny eicht
dotlirt and a half, or ooe kurdied and
teveMeen dolUrt in tao dar- plainly
lutlowa'iboniujM when la Coat' wf
reyance by Um4 caitut atM one
nandred imf-tenmew -tJollart It wo
more than three dollit by a Canal f or
"'ft.L i 1 X V m
IIIM CipcnM Of "IKguna
a Don a Turnpike Roi, U eiibty-acTen
dollara and a b'alf.Tll one, the
Canal or Rtlwty.' The liberty bere ta
ken in ipeakinR of it Ctnal and the
Kiilway ai alike in Uetr emnency
Irjnipnrt.Uon, I woollremmatneTeaacr,
it' founded upoo the preKnt rtltninK
opinltd of Eri;ineert,VDd upon kfilcb eil
denre at hat been r'u in Ihe precedinR
Wee a Railway cotk'ructrd from Ihe
mountain! to'Iieauforjon the tee coot,
11 Kaw tr ahttvrterf from one
rnd of it io the nther.lhrouRh a ditunce
of in hundred rnd ft rtr milet in two
vv . v r '
I.. a Thia muti ha Wiident at toon at
dolUrt lor the cimanre I nKniy ore - 7 r , CarHiMt.
milaa, and that beel.een Norfolk and "f. a"?f, ."?.f,
ihioR W tbe. l.uer .b.nce .brinR found r,lKh, .nd day. go .1 .r'
a ..... aia nimwm nawawi nuirs. mam lataui . a?av wwaf aai a
in the t weller," through tne fliwe w v- : r " L.
oVie" iuch a Uailroid without the leaat
incu. if m aaa.aai a-ia-a"-',i - ii m . art in a run aiariii lata aaa u waai . a rav
Ulv..K . r.rlriletre toeffcet ilwlr '-'".nr rU-ib
cm.. - r , . j snail i men mcit . iwim.. .
obiectt on tbete termt, ana in roou caw. hich, if accom
. . i. t- .w. m.nA ikafi.w - r; . .. .
plithed, mutt be of ineitlmtwe mue io
tbeTHate - Ik" It ror tne peopiw -w -7
i. ... -.k.. amnio at toon at
lie I iv i - y . - - -
r n ,av n ni-nmii Tnpn ?. I www auivi v'Jf lor nf Tntne 6
in flaTBrtminins Tnl Taar rim ti i .anaia A l iniua ia umj mM .k. wi.i.. -
KaUwavt aai commoo roi, L4 1 ut j dittoo la HQ9,anfj he mutt have been SI
admit fur the tike of rompirito. that one j at tbtt time. HU tppetnnce now it that
-w." ...iot. rlUttinrrt on buiinefftt H w r ' - - , ,
they -rain aormuen j -
thw eapenta u-moreioan niinytu'n.
by 4he adraOURe. Wbco ; they r.e
for bleature; we Ihall acarceiy nenyH-
Ibeir remunertiioo is grratly enhance,
nr at Waal thai it it a nwtlr wnico ouK...
l ... nM tnft,.n-a on the tubiect
orcbawb4or WV, for we do well
m ..... k ri.ra) in the newtDa-
pernbat three diy auerwardAibero la to I
oe toio at auciiu" i - - "
quintltyofRd or property in which
. ... ..J I . tka laat
he Teelt nimieit mieroMcu.
thirty til Jourt before the time of tale
a r 11 tk ak aw.
be ptttetlo the ciiy oeiitya
r at . a l.i. a.aalaaaTa aflall r ta.
pentes of m p itwge wmi wS,t ww......
eaant) oo wuiir t '" " jmaket nit pure nca,auu ,-
Ijd, it bal aU the opportuniilet oTa ju ,bem t0 the amount of tome hundreilt
ronicnicnii u r lor eren inouaino - - -
1. i V. . mti ftf aimall I . r - u.n.ilrl nn Innffer OC
H ibuhi . w " ' I ling II It preu"icA n, ,
aratlon, that,the land ?t prewnt waa Mmed) 1D(L the.ditltnce. ..between I Ji'-(
. f J. ..... t rntiivafinn. . ThetO I 4 ki. ..n rrlder.ce. he Will
danger tbtt tt would rot toon be- lo tay bat fceen reduced to lime
rich in tbete new clrcurotttncet. or nolhi01l7 by 'the.-facilities of the pa-
T.....ntn.. Mcnil on the New lork
Canal, from Albany to Lake Erie, a dit-
tance of three hundrea ana bit-.
. t 1.11 mm'frantian with a man
iniiea, "1" w....-
L .' .t. ' ..r ifwtni-r. naasinor westward
Of InC IWtll' Wl .w4--Tl r.
' . ... At II- .... n. gt
in lhe tame pwrket ooat-.o w. v.v.
your bbin, tubttantul, tenoie iu,.., .
mod farmer, wbollf of a practical charac
i.. n ih r.nundneat of whoe opinions
and iba corrtctnets oLwhpse statcmenis,
it fair to tfo that reliance wtt to be
nl.Ced. , Said be, 1 live aome uiaiancc up ..krh tin Knfrinefr WleUl Ja I
UViai' kH O , a
few bontht tie ut an enlightened cor
rect and conrlusiie ettimaie oi me man-
f a smooth, telftati6ed mto of 40, who
bal fcotbanded bit betlth, and wl'h whom
I ha wmld lo aaMraI haa lhrlti. lla U
tald lo be fond of tbe rclaiation and quiet
. r j ..i. i! f . ..j .t... l . a ...
i giHiiiiic ui, anii inn ttm ooca o
mile aa empty boatt when be tiyi that
be bat rather fled from than been tbe
pursuer of office.
at tocceeded by bit eldest tow. Thomas
n.aiuktm.. ThU-ttoUeraaO wat al
to t diptomaitatt ha wR been Dccrclary ol
the fcrnbassy to the Vonnreti oi iut 1761, and Ambatadur lo ihe
raa . t . aaaa I . t WW A L
Court of Madrid in iT7i. in i nc
wat rvoraioatcd Firt Ird of Trade aud
Plantation; in 1781, Seeteiary of Suit
Aff.ira: and in 1713, be
concluded the preliminaries of the eier
a n ..fa t
memorable J raaty ol retce-itn rrante.
Hii lordthip mimed l7lO,Miy Jemima,
dauRhier of Philip, ihe tccood Eail of
Hard.iike. and titter and heirett pre
aumptWe of Amabel, counten He Grrr.
by whom he left two tont Thom
Philip, the prettnt Lord Grantham, and
Frecerlck John Koblnton, ite wnancci
inr Tihn aria ratitrf to the Peerate br the
IV I , - w - - - - ww '
Itjlfli tnd 'ite. of ,Varounl Goderick, and
tucreeded.'. n ; onhum- at - rnm ipai
rtlllrt- bntt is ta (ir, a4 w'.!!'""" nr-:--
JL iiaatMi rUai'H t (LrnfYrtoa m aiwl r, '
carry prudv'a at OifiwMr, hVi tK auk. -
acrutcrt vim apart wt ricnKHi o ripcoiie lot .
rraMnorlitlaa raf UrOtluea aiut rrwula la atvl rma. "
either f tbe abote place. Iliijknat haa mai . , ,
a inp iron unancoa, vuo a iuu irttpt IB . .
lew than Ire dart. , , ; , vf j . '
a. aw. a a a . ... - I
wa ! a rote 0"tt now en me ttocu
al.Lrk IU ka t...rk.J .k.,1 Ik. I'. . a ,
ramber. raLmUlt la nm ia kua1m1 k.Ua - '
of cotton, and of ao ntht a draft of waier. at to ' ' ' ,J,!
aa anabW to ro at all araapna. Ihii boat In '
JMitl.hMlM milk Ik. L.t 'M L . ' 5 .
wy..rn. wb.w -new w ... rfmrr in ; - v .
eanalrrty of np and daaa frctbla, althuut dclar. - . . s
ajMidrrate tenna. and aaake Mcbarra far C .
atorare, if ahlpped by tkrlr boata. v
:n .1 .!. j . , ' j
"t wiu anw rtwin ana rvrwmra forma, cm ,
VaMMt.kla till.. kvlnv .
. iip '"a "..v.a ff.v.v,
and warr-bouara, foe the aecurity of rootb. ,
.. tl. Ilaao U'. ru. tka ..... L 'k. J .
wm-wwwf v--"". p j., .j v r. .-war ica.
ton, wlM atte-4 te the rccirlnf aad fbrwanliaf ' j
aO food te th'w or any inttrtBcdiate plaert uaj
ik. u.. rw. ...i ' . .. j
. . . iiisii awn w in icmrg pnvj atirml
. .1 j . I ... .
Tvtril C.nAtA. k.'tla fiir Frartartrk RnK.
Inton, and the pre seal Premier of Lor
V . a I a M M M a
iana, ia mmi pot io exceeo a a yeart ih
aa lla I a nnniraa hrnlK r liM
tiranlkarot Baron, of Urtntbimf in Ike
rntinia el LJnrnln. I ha lnuitnr tT kla
familr. waa iTm. Robinkon. an eminent
lltmburf merchant, who w.t Lord Mayor to all ordm rerpectlrf carton tUf e-y be anrt
AT ika rlla Al Tnrk In ika aaara MBI amtlt. VU 14.. .A it l. .
- - - m u"ii ttrm wunnwn pwun arra
1194. Ilia eon, Heicelf Robmaon, w aclrea, taif ndinf-trHaraMenooaU Ueir
aar. - . . . - J . . a .a - .
traataif a Himn! In I'M II aa. ika I POWfr KJf 101 imerttta Of ItOM WhA toaff taala
RTBOd faiber of Lord Uoderjck, who 9Ui'" - . .
"v - . - t otto. a. rj. m4 -jm. ttrrr jnui
. I . . .1 .. . .1.. i .....I.. .. . .a... I " 1 . v . v..
murvrn in vluwrnilK tapatiiy woven 1 1
II ll.l..,w .. .. ..a!? . -w . . a
ini. lie- roae so- nienar wiw,.wiii. i um..ijr..r--- -
wat b office until 1770 when he died, and IN 7"xw ?. UMMUB
- . . .. .. r. i mM a rruni r.ui.r.
. a '
ike- bereated alicrity, ineenuiiy
V.nairament of the owner. If It
t' . . ..kt . m urn. nernllap r.roiY
. ' "... .. It:,, k. ...M!
tO jnwnCIOie ncnwji n
L, liitla af itt former unproduc
!ondition. .All thia it eiidcmly
r true of te t jnmo of the worktbop.
V cite can nlybe imagined and
r tbe take of illustration alone ihat
been tuppoted. But to prepare
.deBhititrftly Tot . the we tf Ihit
i the dllTerenceJuetween tbe value
farm and all ita productiont. In the
Ration and in ibe other in
distance from market. ah mat w
iupposed it the annihihtloo ol 0i-
HI the ,nectkuy &Kt,j m?
ortationdid not exist, the farm that
hunareo rniiet iriim r7
would be et once -at yaluable ln
..r.i.T: ir"wrrewithin"-ne
would be:rooreMry,pr1itaitt
Jherlbecause GwMlld ;3Ufiit4h
opportuoiqea of market, ana ine
timKi. mi, r inintr coia. wiiu ins
vtuut. v.. - 7 ""---n -
bittance of liyine in a healthy toun
tit.araVin wav ofanmhiuune nit-
opt b realityj bur: b all that the
r wou d ask. l mean ttt .eaecit
1 hit or.norinr.Uiet t . Are there' fio
of reducing jthese great dittancet
fott nothing wito retpe Tso i
hntage to which Jhey tuojeci mm
Imiwar nTalnla U. that it can be done
jCanal Or a Railroad; 'i It may at frit
strange and eitravagant to. apeak
aihilaiiDg djttapce) between If
. t . . aaJ ak a m r nfita9
"wi o fit uTJBY CBAftACnRi:
a LrK.ndent of the N. V. Timet, in wrltinR
from London, under date of July laat, rW the
followinir brief tketch of the enarastert bocm
of the prominent mea cd England :
The new.Lord Chtoceiiorit e pemon
of a iery ttriking figure and countenance.
He aeerat exceedingly ai nis caac u.. B
woolaack. I heard him on one occasion
retort on Lord Ellenborougb with aarouch
aeperity of tone and manner aa 1 bae
eyer.itnessed on a tri9ing oceaaioa.
The Duke of Wellington a a noReity
,nd talkaiive perton while tbelr Lomtnipt
. ...trJ..:- II. la nerDetuallf
are in aenoerauuii. r r---
thifiing his potltioo, ana i""K w
Lord Goderick it t perton whose tpeecb
it better to tbe tight, or on paper, han to
the ear. The rererte, probably, may be
taid l LoidDudley Ml tra jitwi.
great precision, tmootnnett ana iwn..,
h, whai he deliver.: Urd L.ntedowne,
howeier, appear, lobe the bett ape.ker
b,lbe..pp.r hou, lie to onej. i j
the country along thlt Canal, and have
been down lo ftcnenectaay io marac.. .
took down five hundred end. twenty eix
barrelt of fljur in e boat which coat aoout
.-a- Kxndrad and fifll dollaf t. It : WIS
doneiy-1wo tnen and two bortea,and the
.. k,.i. win do . comoicieu in ciicni
daytUad I done thii by our oia roeinoa
thinr would bare
it equired fiftf ft fiftf waggoriind
nuiidreaiiortei .awjj.vs.vH-r.-i
f mi tht be left fwr any one to eaUOUte
, V . a..a..aUKaa k ilak
the romntrative cot: oi iraiijr-H
i. hni.d the reader will excuae the ego
V i " . 1 .. ...J. .. la Ihna.rht im.
turn jometiroei reaorvru w. -
T . k..-.i4 hluimia and viewe uooa
cannot be miated, for it wat noted down on
paper at me me. f. ierewo
hL wLfrwrwcli atari commonly usedie
.k. .nrth.m country i
that ana owe' p. v, 1 ----. -
bat One of them let ten baml.of
flour.- nia tkey can oe
"i.V n".'. ainro wblcE, UDOn t
nm ii i i i
. ' . f O : Va ala innflinlfd
demlte Ol tBniOa; tn.mmw 'rf -
Flrtt'Lordol tbeTreatury, ana mm.
Mi.t.... f r.norind. haiine taken prece-
lllll, w, ... .. . ....
dence in the Peerage of his elder brother
the pretenl Lord Oram nam.
. a . a a -la 1" If It. . . Ml A at all.
a dlt'.lngulshen oenim oi -cent
cttty on tbe tubject of extracting
lealbaUudea to the effect of the imtgin;
i;::.t .lAAh Aii .ih. loom acne
uts, tbtt a lady m Boston, who it tubject
- . f - i..wi.lni. ha for aer
tOlDIt tutircaaina;. --- --
eral roontht been in the habit of borrow
: ki. in.n.m.nii when the fell a rr
Hill . bhh. - f i ,
. . .... atnn i ( rr mtw it w. .....
turn oi ,uo w'u -.
never faila to eneci an ioiui-
the followbg reme
n menu "rf.- -- .
dr for Bott in Hortet t - Bleed the hore
. ' . i! ... .ka. kaan at the
in the mouth, noiomn h ":.:. .
lime, that be may aw-uow in ,
and In fifteen mbute. .fur the WernK
..imniF notion of sage lea
He aaya thia tiroplf treatment hat been
.....j.j ...I. r nil re luuira m
lltUUIW wua
batancet within bia kookdge.
it ia at.t.J that b a l-le trial at Albany
objection w.t made to the tom"
.' . ..! ikil ha i!id not be
wi'nesson inoi;ruu... -
,.! after death, it ap
Hfwfj it, umini ' .
avnuld rje'DUniinrju -
T .' a. a a. a..j. aa.1 a a, an WW
held that he wat a compoieui w..u
and be wat admitted :
Grtcerv and Cemmiuton Buitnru,:.t:--
voaki nanMifully twllcil a aUro of pubue.- ,
a. iu'laa.flika'Beceaunrarrai.n ' '
tuvB. --a : , , ' , !
menta frr tbe batter eondurting of a ( tmmimi
a - . kala ttMaulrd with rood Httr
tm, tWttM.aloraga of O'iTVa Wr. aul'
atanttal, and well built iWtor ibe Irait-porti.
tkmof all pioduc that Buy pe tmruirra io
..... .; a nlrdfe that no want of at
lire .1 I - ,';--- ... i m
lentkM on their part in the faclliUtinfy of an
CornaMiaion BuanM-at Uey may oe larorr j a n
lltey Batter themarhei ith Ihe hope of tmng
rry rrntral aatiafaction. Thrir l r4iooata
M..tu fnr lKr rrff nlion of fOUntrT
HIT nu. v . ... I .
. ..II k. taaanail Ah
proauce Rtneni.1- i"' ... i
Horace, aold here, or anippea coronwiac, n
rrquirra. .
Ihrr hare now on hand a rry rrJa)
a.tortMnr cf 'JX'r!H!Li rAi .tary
atntrknf rrrnr arTicle la their line, wincb ii
mM aatauwarl . a pari artlHrh hrT flmHrf thcflV'-''
acliaa they will be enabled tovfier an aa Rood
-. a. .t'-." tftal "
i . a .
what he doet in tM n I"
amazing ftcility. A writer, who i . par-
.. . kl. nariwta. and ItStldiOUS 10
licuiar aoou. i'"" ... .
the collocation of worda, eiuecfUy wheo
the idea, to be exprettea n.-. -
, - . r .1. .1. . k nm, well the UUll-
aeai oi -oiupit';, . . .
.nrhtlMI. LlOfU Jii"'-. i ---
grea eat ""iM t,im tiff
hatidi end wHhou wi . Tr
. 1 . Whon I aav in the U fe
tation or C - "-r - ,h. a.
per lloiite I mean, Wf"7t
Sye ditcharge of it. dutiea. I refer rad,.
to the member, whose toicet are f mil
iar to the eare. of those who h'
v i - ...1. .at retrard Lord
batea can acarv! I fd.
f lunkeit ft of the band ifrttojljj
t.H.nn,,i.n vl it at yet a nu."T
. . r . IV..
kinka nroner
their aphere, ou: wnen .""""5 ' 7. .
10 exercite bit energiea, bia atation, aa
-1 .u -HI. of courte, be
maaicr wt tiuvuui . K k-
t. :- .k. raoion from wnicn ne
batatcended-thatlt, itwin late Mm
above all compeuUon ana m airy . .
Peel lpoki yet ter; J ooog InrtipcwM
t-lk- -v.--jaJk.-i'yrfi.
JnaMrjnon&V black fcllbwe,
n D- L..t,iMM an
recently at Keading, aenn. .
pute at carda, agreed to decide U by but
. ... c-k.:n ha ad lo head.1 Une
na' or UK"""n ' " , . . i
them waa killed, and the other lodged b
: a i irtnaatnn. Teun. They weTe
vv . ..s.i and aenteoced 10
imm.niiiFiF iu ---- . . . .
mootbt impntonraen, "
i Sfteerfy -.-The Stonington, Con.
Telegraph mentiona thai a uioa .-
der, lot drunk in that borough a. Wed-
"'. . l - J ...a a rltixen. Wtt
netday baMooc " rial
and conaemneo - There
. . j .11 .ki. In two hours. mere
r a man will bture to Mnwii
I ri. j.IuarwUh albol:oLruoi
a j..4 w. -- f
- '
' rr
n... raJ...n l.rvrlt rr (1101 n TO IBB
IV r.m. the aubicriber offen for
ale tbe whole of hit lahiabV poatfittorit, fylnf
oh tbe louth aideorme latiainTTTtx. mnn .
both iidrt of Crant'a Ureet, anmning
Jameil. Unr, Adam Miller.and other, between
3 and 6 milei of aliburyr Kowan h.C,
portion of which il firat rate lend In the counly.
rw Ika mailUKI IMtt. IB -I, p JWUUrr
'W 1"-w . " ' . .. . . . a . a ft a.- - ' .- " T .
A H.cient -oantrtro l.nd7:
unlrhiraUon, profitably tomp 14 or 15,.-.-
handa: with a aufficieni quanii-y er -j .
meadow ground cleared, to ewwer til ru,pojee, x , v
and a coniidernble qnanmy unc.c.rcu .
land ' waceptible bung. "
mar auit purchaaera, divided kite two or more
plantation!. ' ' . , ,k t
AfeO, WiU Oe Olipoaro in, "-TV"
bery inureat (Iho half) m ine t..o mo
MILLS, well known aa tmft J.
Orant't Creek, between 3 and 4 milea frora.
8an,buri 1 The aubacnberbeintf ietermined a
tell, all ibe abuve properly, or any part of ,
w 1 be dUpoaea on uie n. -
term, to the purchuer. ft"" f '
my brother, Jamea I. Long, bring aear Lonf
l errv ,r by my Oreneer, on the premuet.
KILIiU. W. L.vrw
irewea tunty. ay3d,1827. 70tf 5
lialeal from TUdieia.
M.a t aft) . V
nNEof Ihe wibaenben i.inomai v. wanon,
l . 1.. ,.A IWin. Phi'ad. lohia. WiU)
ill Ibe fkahimw of -the dayrd-
.- at.., . t.;i. at tna l.nrtn. nw
rorm tne puoiic, u-. - . ' "
cerebrated lauonui pcv..7,v 1 -r.
flobbk Wlnebrenner.and Mear, tharlea C.
a. k. ..bal A akAOlillA flalT -
Wataon K sonar wneiw nc Tror a -. . v
hritifflfWthetJCTpoMrf ewMHMg wvor:4f--
mationreapectinr ht ""Pr:
menta are cut ana mmu. u , . -'-;'-"";r
two ahopt are the celebrated tti the. Unl.
ted WttU. He alao fiwtef many other very
celebrated ahopa, In rniiweipoia, -urr.v-.
. L j J o.i.mKhi-9. Vim he abo
earne through BaJUmore and, Waihington City,
and examined the faahiona in all thcae plaoea.
" Tfce anbacribert (Tboa. V. Canon and B-oja.
menGbhed phveeaand ViM tfiriSHE -
kno their work wHI wel any. JMth3L
ik.u wnrk aa taonaWe aa an in thia aee .7
dd tbeir work aa reaaoi 1 r ikon.-"1
lion of country. v--- .. - -y . .
a, AW - "J!
...j t-i. 1 1827 ' . vr
i. :
TIE I Eft, a
-Airaalk tallow eoninfceted'r
. . c an, v.ara old. about 5 feet 8.
a iciiow, w. r r . . ?
. . i iha an aanminir and imou- .
Diitrict, 8tHiUi.caroi.ira, on u.f . u,
Informttion of bim -directrd, Liberty Hd I. , Ker
llaw iJaUicWaoMta-CarollnH?4!
. . 1
' ' V.- '-:- v.'-. V. !" '' ' ": J

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