North Carolina Newspapers

fU.W .-timual ft. Cbrtifca bte ten f
Ut4 ir srgWaier of the Ne w i
IttU fUi,k of Tf annae. James f , Lowry bu ,
W.ifct4tofie5ofillMllllhiilHcl Rot-
,rtLCrutl.ersofthe&buricl mJ Erwt
rUraaa.ef the Ithdiatnct.
The Editor of ltt !ahvlll RrpubCc, ad
to T Ut Xaottill tUgUr, are elected
frinisn t that Stat. '
$f Ittlf , tot tkf taring jeiitT-
ffeimul Houston, tb new Oovernor,
tai Mudtd Info eRcVa' Tburiday, the let
The eerewionlei MJheeccaaio were
. jtt mplg I tbey look "place Li lb baptist
(Surchr the aaeajbcr tb JeguIaiwro.W
Talent, and t tbe moat dlatSngu'ieh.
i cUImm (f lU Male, tad visiter from
ather id'H, among whom r mUc the wn
tf Seieioe SrtocVef thU Atr-7 ti-Oomwor
CtnQ delivered 1 very feeling valedictory 4
tVext I bc the oath of oftc were admlnia
tared by Judge Catron, to the Cot. elect i after
vlUt, Cor. Iluwioo addeased the company I
I shut but Mat aad appropr iat speech.
U tfx N.ahvilU atepublicaii, of tbe 3th oh.
r M l pubLctio tnn tht Nhrk Jwbtoa
Ciaiili Nbdaf to tb tuu(So of the ail
U 1814, at MoliU, for mufmy and
jtifrtloo- eottrtilwy wbicb ao xicb dunwr
at Wa ralacd apW, and ao mock elumn
bcap4 Poa,1 Coo. Jftrktoo. Tbo reaaoning
aoi K beta art fbrOi hi tbh fwbnra'ion.
ktefy ttcolpoio tbo Cenl froa all blame or
labmawiNtyteftMtraMaetioAi and muat entirely
act to real afl caUHng on the nbjeet,
J la J iri.-Mo.tffooKry lvlff No, J J,
Soditora "fctonUo U Bwaoory," lo publiab
atp1lc4 from all coAamnlettio with old
Um fcff hni afl tfl ftifbll IIW) ftrWL
iwwf vw - - - - - - r
I kW of Btaonry, for wmimmit wA," Now,
JklUrlAg lbo'lMdlataof -aiorry" "M fain.
jati b benevolenor, aad baring no evidence
aol nbot tbat carJirud rbta ba conUnuad to
(bo fratarait, m m, waving, boverer, our
pialoa In tetUion to tbo Morgan affiur-we
alvara been rorbly" dMpoted
lb craft, and aaoat willtnglr gire pub-
to tbo nwortblneaa of Mr, Holliater. at
reqveit of tbo Lodge although we are, in
pis particular Inatanoe, left a much In tbe
u i iKm twifui MadMdf bv wbich he
rendered biaatlf an obnoiioua to bia fellow.
aa vo are in general unappriaed of
COMthutce unmaaonic eonduet." But
Ing Mr. HoWater'a eapoWon In oumpariaon
Itk tba eondoct of ar Waaont, aa wuin'nW
would at onct conclude that hona tha
diabofieal wre.ebon,"earh, t; deeem
banb treatmetit at tjje baada of hia breth-
or etnniplei. It bu been proien, tbat
Broee. ahenff of Niagara county, w.Totb,
ViMQ of lig tndrng, and high in degree,
BMoratnrcn, wat aprtnni oaer in ine
r a " m a a " . n ..a tfw.a.
I of fcwnappinc anu amrtfrniij wapi.
Jonran, for wWch he baa been rrmored from
jeOco by Cor. Clinton i yet this atrocioue con.
jjuet oaUho. flart nf Brucf. im. ,0rt..KtaJo
Jraaderldia obnoxiow to the charge of unma
JaTondttctf'' aa wa hear nothing of Aia being
eefled," and etrt off from all the Vtghta
land pririlegee of maaonrr.M We are curioiia to
!know the apecille cbargea apinrt Holliater : for
'J fc'oWiifS nd njafrf(v tbo two moat bain.
crimea known to our criminal laws, be not
eient to rain bim attainted of them an ex-
from the brotherhood of maionry, what
creation coakl Holliater bare done, to entU
Ju'a to tbat kind of proacnplwn from nil
XatktiUt CaOrre.-Tbe aeeond regular com
incement In tbe UnJveralty of Naahrille, wu
elebrated in tbat town on the 3d ult. Eleren
ang men, alumni of the college, bad the dc
i of A. B. conferred on them i and the nan
derrce of A. B. waa conferred on Rich.
rd 8. Wuliame, of Columbia t the honorary
egrVe' of A. M. wu conferred on Judge Wm
. Kennedy, and Aaron m. urown, fcag. aenaior
the fcrialature of Ll L. D. waa
Mtferred on Judge Francia Xavier Martin, of
(formerly ;'T tbia at at a j) and the ide-
rof D.- D wMconrerrel on the Hightmr,
Joahiia Soule, Blabop of tbe Methodirt EpVaco-
jal Church. -1
John Graham, Xaq. a member of the leg'wla.
W"of Tenncaaee, how to ttuten, died at Naah-
I JaiaifwIfe.The rayetteville Obaerrer, of
,tb loth mat. aay t uoiiucrre .jui.w..
Qoodl nare Wi'ieeeireT In town aince out
W,Kwfral Bnji wJjgim' liWfa&tt&a
mere i iari i Wiuilmp1rwfement,alao, in the
produce market aO that, on the whole, bmi
jarJJWattt4; CAeralrer 7mfia-We are sorry to learn,
(bat die effort of the - W. 8. commissioners
(Gens. Davidson and Gray of thia state, and Gen.
Cocke, of Tennessee) to assemble the Cbero.
kee Indiana,'' with view to enter into treaty
!.k fm mmmm mt Mm of their lamia.
WHU UICM MVW m v"oj.w. r '
re likely to prove unavainng. Toesday, the
. ' r . ...... !;.
lota ult wu appwnteooyine uommuwioiicfa.
n whkhto meet the India.! but tbo latter
could not be prevailed on to attend. Some, of
Kb p(iteppflCefokeb
CemffiWonere, wVh tviaced the lMer U .
two tb gf. There Mefl" to be but
btW bop of the CwnmipWt being iW t
H lb W ate ,-
U " with them. Cim, Davldao end Cr,
two of tL CowmUto f reached tbalr placet
of ro4d4c kM woek-tkat f tb fcntf b
lf U Iredell, and of the letter U BaadJph
eouaty, - t- - -
litlHmf.ft klgVfy Important and palav
ful operation of eHraetUg tbo mm hm iki
UaJJtrf (whtcb "oprilon 1 Tenr4"af
pbyaklana, liiiUmf) ai perfaonad upon tha
body of Mr. Jaaara Locke, of Kutkerford county,
TanaaaatnU lJka JJy V, h t.
I'rederick L Breton, In tbe prraence of aereral
pkyaickjM and atudcnU of anadieme. Mr.
Lock wai about JO yrar old wbon ka aubaait.
tod to the ope rat Um, -and bad Wbfirad ndcr-tbo
dWaao for aora than ten J tut, aulteriag all
tbe agonica pecuKar to tltat moat (Bic4ia of
buman aaaladies and did not poaarte, witbaL a
aounj eonatitution i yet the wound wa bealed,
and tbe patiret on bl fett. In three week after
the operation. The mono ri tract ed weighed
fmr tuner, avoirdiipoit i and wa of the ape.
clea called Multerry ralcuhi," eowpooxl of
the oxalate of Kne. Ibrre are at Waat half
doaen peraona within tbe circle of our acquain
tance, in tha Weatrm Kction of tbia atate,
(aome in thii county) who art etiftcring the bv
dWrilMbl pain and excruciating torture in
cldcnt to (hat dreadful malady tbe wet
Are there none of the medical profraaion among
ua, who can rurf to thrir ilill in adrcrturing an
operation m CtlwXoiiiy ' ProKroaWnal nunc, and
iU concomitant, an citcndrd practice, would
await tbe aucceaaful operator In tbia can.
- ,.to"W.:U w...t- ...
Tbo Race om- the Paliaftwry eowraw eoav
menrod on Wedneaday, tbe. ink inat and eon
tiauad three day.
.'- Tn JCrti da 'i ptlrae. two mile won
by Mr. Turner Horae, North-Carolina, beating
Mr. Harriaon mare, Huwn llobiaon, in three
hcata; tblf raco waa wrtl.eontratod, .tbewin.
ning borae coming out aliead by only half a
Unfik, In the eonrl beat. 8uaan Bobiaon i4
yeara old. aired by Sir Halt North-Carolina,
alan 4 year old, by Virginian.
Suaan Robiaon, ... 23
North Carolina, 211
Time lit brat, 4 m. 5 1. 3d beat, 4 m. 4 . i
3d heat, 4 m. 8 a.
oVcmo dy'i pome, one mile heatt, wt won
by Turnert Colt, Indian Chief: heatng Mr.
Harriaon' mare Jemima, Mr. Tbampw a borae
Napoleon, Mr. If uie'i horae Cobetord, and Mr.
lelly 'a mare Betaey Robiaon.
' Indian Chief. ' ' ' I 1
yennnia, . ------
r 8-3
Betaer Robiaon, ... diatane'd.
Time let heat, 2 m. S I. r&l heat, 1 m. 58a.
Third day, Proprietor puree, three bert m
five.-rx "wotr br Mr. Cauble'a aaara. in two
beat, beating Dr. MoorcS rare Rrpma, Mr.
Irrin'a horae Napoleon, Mr. Krlly'a mare Hirtil-
la, and Mr. Iluie'i ctik Stride. Much good run
nim waa kit in thi race, by the unfortunate
fan of Stride and Fhrtilla, near the itretcTw
the aecondbeat.
rnrt.iu, -
ime It beat, S
. 3.dit.
. 3, diet.
. 4. fell.
. 5, fell.
!m. 2.
m.2a.i 3d heat.
CT The Editor of the New-York Enquirer, in
copying into hia column a paragraph on the
aabject of making Wine from tbe Aercaaiw
r.,. .i, i..t h bad forsrotten from what
Npiwr it waa taken: We are happy in being
to rellere the Mj. from hi regret on this
aabject: tbe article ftrat appeared in this paper,
(the Western Carolinian.) Mr. ICoab can now
make the necery acknowledgment, if he
thinka the doing ao worth hie time, and tbe
apace it will occupy in hi column.
try We owe our aubaerihers an apology for
the unauitable dimension and inferior quality
oftbc pa-on wbich tV Wettern Carolinian
ia tbia week printed jlhit the Lf?'!!10"."01
lie at awr door our contract for paper, waa not
for auch ooarae atuffee we pthUg4d to uae
thia week :-no bettrr. hoeer. haring been, wemuat u such a we get, or iuspend
the publication of the paper a week a misfor
tune which we have for seven or eight years
averted, and hope still to avert.
ft7ay.The Charlotte Journal,- of
the 334 int taya i f An attempt waa
made on Monday night, the Mth met
burn tbe dwelling house of Dr. William
J;;bll iboiiV'; three ;m.iIei;frofa. town.
Thi home i ekvated three, ojt four feef
frnm the pmund. and resta on Dlllara : and
ih incendiarv . had inserted piece of
lightwood 'between tbo weather boarding
and ceiling, to which he aet fire, with tbo
intention of dettroyihg not only the houae,
but the Doctor and bit family, who weie
,n it. But fortunatelTi hie atrocioua de-
sign wa fruttrated, aa the fire waa disco
vered in teaton to extinguith lt without
.material dam-ge to tne couae, aiiuuugn
. e.. iKnnaht lh huildine could
"T" .m .
ai ni , ,v f .
not be saved. 1 ne uoc w .on . w-
videmiall; atepping into dostt, he dfc
i.. nmrm nrnrinir io ipo iu wcu, v f"
rum J ih garrjei, i!rt iJy fciflf NiCa
d lk Mccmd itory, isd tbo tb lirci of
blniaeir and family were lared. Had lb
fir been communicated half an hour !
ter, Ihe protabinir it that nil would by
per lib
Thar li no 6ouU tkat tb perpetrator
of tbll dUbollcel set U Mfroi tod
bar itrooa; taopei (bat f wilj b diKow
rod and auficr tb ponlahmene k io-
Mrrta. . . , .. ....
A rtwird of g 500, U offered bf Dr.
F oik; foe Ike, dcortrj Cjb4 IncabcTur.
' -: ' MMK .
- -i-. XZJTM . T. MZSMT. '.
DUi In Chartettife; f i Ct tk3 Itfc
Inat. after a abort and eera Klntii, tto
Ret. Thomu CUftton tfmrfrU tbo 11 tb
rear of bia ate, Paitor of fto lecood
Prttbyterian Church la tbat'cVy. Ho
at burled on Saturday rooming, etbj
benealb tbo centfo alJo of tbo Church,
adjoining tbo rtmalnt of tbo lata Anirrm
Flint. A correipondent of tao t bar let-
Ion Courier, to ootldag tbo cfcath of Mr.
Henry, rernarkii MTbt oulogy of nature
U the eulogy of truth nor ran we of-
fcr to tbo memory of tbo Kir. Thomai
Chariton Henry, augtnt tbat cat bo held In
coroparieon with tbo anguiahe tight and
tear of Mi numerous roournpg and el
flicted congregation.
M Pilgrim1 arrouldat thou approach tbia awful
ehrine, 1
The merit of tbe honored dead I arck i
Tbe friend the aon tb chruian,!b dirinr.
Let thoe who knew bim, thuarwbo loJ
him apeak. !
Oh ! let them in tome pauae of angiiah, aay.
What xral inspired, abat ralb enlarged hi
How anon tb' unfettered i apint a-inr'd k wax r
rro una kw, Jnm hitg M be
A rnapjwoprUto; iriproulte trxl it
ceilent funeral aermon tat delirered on
the tolemn occaaion, a which tbo Ror.
Clergf of tbo citr -tlended, by the Re?.
Mr. Gilder tit eve.
CatBAW, OCT. 19.
'TneSteimboal NonhOaroHtiB.Capra liH
f L . a!ual va4 Allff4xawl. afll II. loaded I
urooa, m .-v
1th talt and oiker mercbandne lor our
.erchantt. Thii it her firtt trip, and
m.m m wrw mnrh in hoaca abo will be
able to make her pattagea unhtterruptedly
hereafter. We are aorry to aay however
that the river which bu riten contldera
bly bat agaio fallen. cfT.
Rather Extraordinary William Chap
man. Eta. bat iutt ihewn ut an apple
L meaturing 1 1 S inchet in circumference,
being the attend growth we year, on a
tree In hia garden. -Mr- Chapman In.
lormt t)t tunc tn tree on .wntcn n grew
la now in full Uooifi. :'Tho firtt jfjowth
of applea on tbia tree wa tery fioe and
Wo witnetied rather a novel et well at
melancholy tpeiracle intbottreetaof tbit
town on Wedneaday laat. . doming; more
nor let than a man driving a waggon
loaded iih four coffini, containing tbe
drad hfxliet of hit two. wive and .two
"children Hit lt" wte bed died .within
a da or two. and havinp . determined on
hurrinc ber in N; Cerolina, about .40
mile distant, he bad dtsiote rred tbe body
nf hit former wife, who bu been dead
about four year, together with tboto of
hit two children, tome time.alnco do
ceated, and wat transporting tbem to a
new place of sepulture. All tbit may for
euirht we know bo rerfcctlv proper, but
we never wish to wijett a repetition of
the tcene.
airsnaoMDt OCT.
Fating Intelligence.
well Court Mouse
tince, me ccreoi..iv -
. .IUaaaitak)
, IN. C a anon 22 to 26 Cottee ia a 101 vwn, wf-
Tn.nn. ia annnoted to have r Wt Ull.lron, i, to o. , - ;
heat. In a contett with Mr. Harriaon 1
frantic, no too iu m
In the aeeond, hia left foro-leg, (which
nrevented his running at Tree Hill Iatt
v hft.i villi riu. i
Spring) gave way, and no can ou. on
thiee lega, ttill winning tbo beat. Many
a - .
think him a hore ot me grcncai pv-.
ever run over n American Csurae
net. 12-We have received
by the packet ship Birmingham, Captain
ii . .rivd laat evenioe from
Liverpool, our regular filea of Uodoo pa,
pert to the fth, and Liverpool the Stb
K..mclutWeA. we were WJ
were definitively arrangei on e fld ult.
L .The foUowing-Ulbirj.Jfeiw
if now atknd t - - --Firat
Lord otihe T.wory.0
erirl r Chancellor of tU Exchequer. Mf?
Hrlri f "Secretary of State for Foreign
ndi7. and Ward: Secret-
Srtment, wiih the led of the Houae of
Common., Mr. Hu.kitton ; Secretary of
81? far the Home I"
of Lanadowne ; Matter SSLi
Ordnances .rqu ."of
Chancellor, Urd Lyodburtt Pre.idtnl
.:i Tt.AmrJt Portland I ora
ci p.ri f Carlisle : Pretidenroi
I'lff, Mr. ChirlndrafJi retWeal of.
tbo Hoard or Control, Mr. C. W. Wynn
Secretary at Wr, Lord Palmerttonj
Cbtncellor of the Duchy of Uncattcr,
Lord Doley Maattr of tbo allot, Mr.
TUrney i Surteyor of tbo TToodi aod
rorwatt, M. 8. Doorno.
Tha Intilllgcnca from Greece la rather
bf gratifying; oaturo Reduhld Pacha
bad gon to Acaroanla, wbero bo bad ef
fected nothing. Tbo Oreekt baring
placed their Fe and cblldran wlthlo tbo
oaiortl forfrtttet of Iho (oU3
ad kli 'morimehtt and loufcepted' bit
uppliet, ao at to prevent biro from cn
tarinr to any dUtance . from tbe.coatl.
!boblTaba, ibrouth a almllar reaaoo.
bad been obliged to return to Modun and
Cortn, from wbeoco bo bad despatched
two European officcra to Zaota to boy
proriaiooa, with aereral-Egyptian re tacit
of war to guard the conroy. Thii wat
be flotilla which Lord Cochrane attacked
and defeated an exploit which bad lo-
created tbo terrort of bia name through
out the Lerant, and imparted proportion
ate couraco and ardor to tbo Oreeka.
Instead of tbo Roaalana having beao
defeated at Eriroa, it appeart thai on Ihe
17th of July, tbey achieved a conquett
over a bodv of rortiant, rompoeed of
11,000 cavalry. Abbat Mirra narrowly
The aon of Napoleon bad been India
poaed, and wat ttill attended dally by bit
A Utter from Smyrna ttatea, that tlnce
the knowlcdiro of the treaty concluded
between tbo Allied I'owert bad become
general, the greatest irriution prevailed
amonK the Turkt. The feeling wat ca
pctially directed - tffitrrit-lho- Htniitnt,
-w mut be bckl m gw
UCHiW. . . lt
Tbe future of tbe newt from Spain u
iintoomble; Trwopt-ond : UVlel M all
kinda from tbe neighboring prorlncet
were pouring into Catalonia, where In
turrec'.ion waa growing more aod more
tsnrl and audacioUI.
it it conndently elated, lhat Poo Miguel
proceed to I.Ubon to ataume the regency
of Pcmugalwrtrw4b.caeia.JUdJU-
thorit of hia brother, Uon redro
ii la
..... . .Lt. i. ,i. ,K
generally ocjiercu ima .K "
taken ith the ..sent and concurrence o
r,i Briton Me wat to erooara
Vrnire In an Austrian Trieste
Parity September I. The Jounul 0U
Con.merce publishet the following ex
tract of a letter, dated Conttintinople,
July 3, which it hit received by way ol
Nothing it talked of here but tbe ap
proaching arrival of the aquadrona of all
tboCbrittiao nations, to tecond the inter
vention of the Powert of tbo Wert in the
eUairi of Greece but people are eonvin
eed.'thar whatever jepugnanco the Gov
trnment roty feel lor tbe proposed aneana
of accommodation, it will not ttriko a
blow t and the alarmt that, under tucb
circumttancei, might bo felt for the per
aona and oronertv of tbe Frank, are en
tirely destitute of any reetooable found.
.PariMSefil 2--A courier extraordina
r'. who arrired at Bavonne on the eve-
an anew if. ft h 29ih. has broueht (he newa of
the Change it) tbe Spanieh Ministry. Tbo
following are the namet ,of thote who
now compoae it t
M. Erro, Minister of Finance.
M. SaUzar. MinUter of tbe Marine..
M. Calomarde, Miniater of the Interior.
It it also taid tbat the Duke de linfan
ado it nominated Minister of Foreign
arhr fHarftrta
, , in, Siiirar..
1 10 to J ' buihel,
Sale of Cotton thia week support our quota-1
aaie OH,uun r . f -
Horn. Tbere ia no couim t ..- i
Tbe late swell in the river Has enaoieotne
to get up many kw
:. th;. time, here and on me river anu
1 11 L .n abundant aupply of all kinda
CAarfr. Oct. 15.-Cotton, upland. 9fo
U , whiskey. 33 to 33 apple brandy. 37 a 33 (
beeswax. 24 a 25 , bacon. 71 to 8 j , "ftf
tSIOveroooUn bulk4J i LlDL'
Island 52, upr, brown, 9J to 9, Coffee, 13
to 15 molaaaea, 33 a 33 black proper. 18 20
cts. corn, 40 45i flour 5 to J.
C..-Uplanda both new and old, nd a
ready sale, a fa as tbey arrive-the old crop
. mi at the new. at 11 cenU-tor aome
my w ...... .Mhinr over
very favorite loia oi in --;
our highest been Stained.
dot?aiwWare leceauriry di4w W
12SL Jd id nr U,. for CoUon to fir.! Hfi.
York andSadelphi par P cent. prem.
WiVunlOalOoer cent
per cent diacount
rMi' Ort. 20.Cotton. 9 .9 75; torn, 40
Camden, ua. . a ftourf 5
rat. Orf. 8.-Apple brandy, 53 to
At K.CC t aa- Jwh do 3, t0 4J , B.eon, 8 10 , Bar-
hnrae. Monsieur f- a m . Porn. 35 a 40 : Hour, ww(i
PttrJutf Irf. i;-Tghat, ptitti
fl I t to i rrfuaed RV to 4 r-Crton, M.
10 to llcta-oU.S to lO cia kfd Vbeat. 7 J
to B0-.V)U do. BO to 90-Com, 3 14 to f 3 1-3,
-Pork, JJ Brandy, new, 30 to 33 ctaSacoa,.
1- cti-Lard. 9 eta. AH Ik Ur article
will readily atD at our quoutione, Cotton b
glna to come to frtafy-he laat Curopeaa ac
oeuato do not appew 10 Juatify tbe price gfrcfl
oare tbopwrhe watndrattnd being aere
n to aupply the Brat
Iratdeaaandof our owe mtno V
tacturcra. '
- aaw-iaae, oef. 11.
C ittt Tbewlrt, ilnre Our la pubjlcationv
anMMM lo alwut JIXJU baira eompnaiag about
UK) VpkfKbvand the reminder AUaa ml rr--''"'
coramoa) NXrkana. ,
New-Orleant, new JO a l34.l,pUda,iiew,iW.w.
10 a 1 1 1 Alabama, 10 a It i Teaeeete, 10 a 1 u I.
J9f4 M1 ttfw.ivr
NortbJarolina bank billa were at 4) to I per
cent, diacount i Virgin'. 1 1 SoutbCaroCna, 1 1
Georgia, If
xcept Par W-ft, vhlca are 3
Alabama,! TeeaoiffMe, awoxen i
3 to 3 1 Mteaieaippl, 4 to 1 Ohio, 4 J i Kentucky
and Tenneaato notea, are a wncertain, that M
rate of diacount ia put down to tbeaa.
jmrrttw. .
In ibis place, on tbe 33d inat. by Stephen L.
Farrand, Kq. Dr. Jam R. C. Ncagle, of Lla
cola county, to Mia AlWtine UUmaa, of tbia
On the 33d iatt. by the Rer. Dr. M'Ree, Mr.
Hiram L. Sloan to Mist Sarah Brevard, all of
treuell county.
Alan, on the ?3d inat, Mr. Jamet Jobmon, of -Mecklenburg
county, lo Miat Nancy Torrrnee, '
daughter of Alexander Tommo, taq. of ire
deli county.
Near tbia tfrw. a tbe 2at inat Mias Uv
garet S rider, daughter of Mr. f eter tridet, in
the loth year or nrr age.
la Warren county, la tbia atate, an tbe JJtb
knit. Mrs. Sarah Corn It Coir ma a Orrea, wife .. 1
of Mr. NalbuUat T.XrMtvaod daurbler of -4-
tx Uto Joabua Dinkloa. of UacUaaWg cocuw
mother. It waa elghtoen tatbaTrom nU
. t . A . ' hM. llMtll M - - - .
riage jo ua uay . ka
41 r aat,Mar aw MinxT"H -."
County. 14U in. Ura. ocn;anaui n.
ton, of a abort but arrtre anaca irpn
Cenrral Covington waa Clerk of tb
Court of Richmond County; and chief Clerk of
the Senate of thiw State,
in Uontflmerv counrv. on tbe 3d mat. Hob-
. 94 p.nrk. Rao. ared 36 tear. He wu
member of the Preabyteria 'ChwrtrV and left
tbe world with a bright proepect of a florhHt
immortality br)ond the grave. .
In Sandwich, Maasacbuaetta, on the .'filh ult.
ih Hun. Nathaniel Preeman, ared 86. He way
n artiva Patriot of the Revolutkw, and bia c
vicea are honorably mentioned in the bietorie
of that period. ...
1-atcly in Sampson County, James Holme,
Esq formerly sheriff of thst county.
Departed thia life, on the 13th inat. Col. Ma
tagir Ibward, ot Baltimore. 1 1c dralb of thi
diatinruiahed Revolutionary Hero, and pubrio
piritrd citixen, baa covered that city with
mmfrnWr Everv testimonial of veneration kit -
tuvui saiisxa aw v t
K;. irhi, and rratitude for bia earvice. Civil
and military, waa ebownintbe laataad tribute? ..V
of respect to Ma remain.-Howard waa , ....
Colonel uf tn Maryiana sna,ounn ua w
hjtion, and diatinguahed himself h Jb oatttea
of G Gilford, Eutaw, and tbe Cow Pens, and wa
severely wounded at Eutaw i he wu after aria
Gov. of Mar) land, his native atate. - -
To ttit TiibWc.
TlIE aubfcriber ia now receiving a Urge arjd
general assortment of -. -r
Dry GooJt, Cutlery, and Hardware,
of aH deacriptionfrom Newr-York and rkiladrl-
phia, Where they were selected by bimaelf, with f
care, and bought for ceh, and which are offered
o the moat reasonable term. . A he bu two,;
Storva, be wiU leB for cash ' at the lowest - .
nrirn-rthrrwiar. on time. Country PTodueo
bought, at the highest msrket prices. Arrange
mcnta are made to receive Goods monthly, from
tbe above named places t which, will keep up a
good supply of Preab Goods. Call at hia More
in Salisbury, and examine for yourselves.
N. B. Sugar, Coffee, Salt, Iron, Molasac;,
Rum, Winei, French Brandy, &e. ke.
Oct. 34, 1827. ,
Gentlemen and Ladiet Fancy Boot and
Shoe Maker,
w-a. aTiTDK'a thank lo ihe ffentlemeo and la-
A... r S.r.Jf.n
I . i,h ,- ha
an virumy, ior mm uv
hu been in .inea. , and hopes that his unror
milting attention to buainra hereaftrr,
u.. ill ent ile him to a c
ucn y .
.a nf ik urn
He has now on hsnd, jurt recr v. d from tbo
North, a general assortment of Maimub. which
will enable him to execute every description cf
work in bis line, in the most fashionable, dura
ble and elegant style. ...
"'ZT Order for work from a btancrdl not.
be attended to, unless accompanied by thrrosA, -or
its equivslent. No Northern made work will
be repaired, except ladiet ahoca, or the footing
ofboota. '
Smhiburf. Oct. 29, 1827. 86
SraTa Baa or Norr-Caouaa,'
Saliibury Branch, Oet. 25, 127,
ORDERED, by the Board of Director., that
a payment of one tenth of tbe ..punct
ual be exacted upon all note offered for renew
al, from aiui after :the.ltdsy?rf j:zzr:j
and that tb Cashier gre notice
Carolinian and Catawba Journal.- '"V r
A copy fronrtne arrmnw
- p,g4 " JUNIUS feNttP, Cotry.
rpO jail in Morganton, t. v. on uw yin
X 1827. a negro man, named JJronsvn. 46
veare old, J feet 4 or 5 inchc high yllow com
plexion, aay he belong io Dan.el Allen, Creen
county, The owner ia deired to
come forward, prove p?oerty,pay chargw. and
take bin, away. ff
Slieriflfe' Dccils,
OB land sold by order LwriU f VLTO
exporrsa, fcr Cfc at w nc
V ' fit

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