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8AUHI1URY, N. C.....TUKSDAY, JANUARY 15, 1828.
VOL. VIII.......NO. 397.
The terms of the Westen Carolinian are, W
uf annum-or R3 30, if paid in Jfjnf .-.lut
payment In advance will be r quired from HI
Jubacrihert at a distance, whe are unknown to
the Editor, Mhk" some responsible. M
lit acquaintance guarantees the payment.
Ka naner discontinued, (eirepl alt" optioe
f the Miter) until all arrearages are phW- -
tVl A.lw,rtUemi.ntf will h )"t
, square for the first insertion, and twenty-five
tent k ch subsequent ' , . .
aii .tifMtd to th KJitor, mtwM
... ..... . -
The. fcllowlnjf aMtional ptrticuUn In rela.
Ioa to the Utile r rvavsnno, in wntcn w
Turkish fleet vu annihilated, ere from Engliab
and French paper.
A letter from Zante, saya, that during
the- action, Ibrahim Pacha, who oever
bid an? coUrsge but that of an eiecution
er, wis banting the Christians in . the
mountsins of Messmia, presidio the
punishment of some priests, whom he
caused to be crucified on the tdm tret, in
offering holocausts of peasants, and mi
king up bale of (rirls and children, whom
be Intended to send into Egy pt. could
not paint to you the joy of u lonlaos the
telle rlnie bonfires bUte, and the church
fttea are hung with garlands. Greece is
saved V It is intimated that the armis
tic was violated by Ibrahim at the ei
nress command of the Sultan if so, for
iher hostilities will be likely to result,
and the Russian Lmd (orces put in mo
don.." An army of 80.0i0 Russians under
the celebrated-Wittgenstein, wa ready
(or the field on the Danube, and a still
ftreatef force concentrating under Marshal
Uachan Lord Cochrane bad suspended
bit war operation at the request of Ad
miral Codiington, but the uireks hid
destroyed, after a gallant action, seven
Turkish vessels in the harbour of Lepan-
.to. The U. S. achr. Porpoise had e ta
ken an Englith bri; from a tt of Greek
pirate, 40 of whom were kilted by the
fire of the boat tent against them, or
drowned In trying to escape from the
brig to the shore.
The French paper are highly gratified
with the there which their ships took in
the action i and the destruction of 45
Austrian transports, in the service of
Egypt, wa a mailer of peculiar rejoicing.
A letter from a French officer to his wife,
states bel lh destruction of the gvpt
tian fleet was complete, and the ships
continued burning two days after the bt
He. At the moment ne wa writing, inc
allied flt were, firing oiv the rampart
of Nvarino, and the gaVrion marching
out. '' The battle presenteJ a ' terrible
icenf. Conceive 150 ship of war Gring
In a narrow basin in a triple line, the bur
ning of tome, and the eaplosion of other.
Admiral Codrington. This officer was
captain under Lord Nelson at the battle
of TraMgar Ud he wirJniiharJay
before he deatroy ed the Turkish fleet, it
would have been the anniversary of hat
great victory by which the. maritime
forcet of France and Spain were annihila-
ted. "a I St
of Uct. I805-- Count iieklcn,
-thc-ROTMift-AjloMrai ia jsa
native of Holland, and is said to be an
"officer brconslderable merh, and of tt
cellent private character.
The volumiuout documents transmitted to
ConereiM with the President's mrawifre, have
been oblijpnsrly furnished ua by Mct,rs. Caron
-and Ijomr-OueliiuUaaiillnotadniit of extract-
inr very copiously from them : we mutt, for the
pretent week content ourselves with giving the
following abstract relative to the Army, Navy,
Lead Mines Pensioners, Armories, National
Road, and Public Lands t
Army Tut army of the United States
in October bat was composed of 5722
men, including 54 surgeons, 15 pay mas
ten, 33 engineers, and 443 commissioned
oBkriK The number sick was 603, and
the number in arrest or confinement 232
The troops are distributed in 39 different
posts, on the seaboard, western frontier,
&r. Desertions from the army are fre
quent. The number of recruits enlisted
from Jan. I, to Oct. 1, 1827, was 953.
Javy.- The Navy or the United States,
built and building, consists of twelve ships
of the line, fourteen 44's, three 36's, two
-Ttrmtesr -ateero- frigate and aboutawenJimpulsefiaaturCiisi
ty sloops of war and schooners. In addi
tion to these, live oak limber has been
purchased for 5 ships of the line, 5 fri-
Sitea, and S sloops of war. The number
vessels in commission is 19. Of these
4 or 5 are inr tbe Mediterranean, about as
many in the Paciflk, and the others in
the West Indiesi on the cosaj of firatf!,
and Navy Yards, not Including the sums
appropriated lor the gradualjmproyement Navy, is about three millions ol
dollara. The pay and subsistence of offi
cers, and pay of seamen amount to 1,360,
000 dollars ; provisions 505,000 ; repairs
Of vessels 475.000.
Lead Minet. The lead made. at-the
public lead mines during the last year
amounted to 6,092.560 pounds, one tenth
of which leIong to the United State for
rent. The product of the mine near
Fever River was upward of five million
and that of the Missouri mines lest than
one million. It It tuppoted that the an
nual product of the mlr-e will soon reach
ten million of pounds.
T- PrZrin&:TWhmUt of tnHn.
er on tle'rollt lrt 5ep(errtMr llsrwiret
follow r Kevolutionarf Penstonert - liv
500 j Invalid Pensioner 3,803 j Half pay
Peosionert 19 4.-lotallli.314jCieJlej
olutiooanr te)slniert received the last
year 793,354 1 end the Invalid and half
pay pensioners.S 1 74,628. ..Ahout n
third of the pensioners belon to ffew
York and the New England State. Mi
arhutett has 1557 revolutionary,' and
345 invalid pensioners.
Armoriet, tfe. - During the year ending
September 30th, S5.7CO muskets and their
appendages were made at the nations! ar
mories at Springfield and Harper Ferry..
In the vear 1826. the amount of money
expended at Springfield was 8183,280;
nd at Harper's Ferry 8167,341. I ne
expense of the U. Sines for cannon, ar
ullery carriage!, small arms, ammuni
tion, tec. has averaged about 860,000 dol-
in per annum, for the last fourteen years
These large aums have been expended
for permanent objects, and for articles of
- durable. character ; and the value ol this
description of military property now in
the charge or the Ordnance IJapartmnt
is more than ten millions of dollar. T' e
value of the small arms alone exceed six
National Road - Twenty eight mllerof
this road, west of the Onio river are com
pleted, on the McAdam principle, having
received three coverings of stone, reduced
to pieces of not more than four ounces in
weight, making a lotal tliickness of nin
inches. The mat of these 3H miles of
road, including bridges, culverts, Sec. has
been about 7000 dollars per mile. ' About
45 mile more i.f the roid," extending to
lanesville in USio, are in an active aiatc
of progress.
The old National Road, on the east of
the Ohio, hat neailv gone to destruction
for want of rare and attention. By long
neglect it has become too bad to be mend
ed, and must in a great degree be renew
ed. The appropriation of 30,000 dullais
granted by congress for it repair, has
done but little good. Thla road, extend
ing from Cumberland to the Ohio, has
cost the United States about two millions
of dollar.
Public Landt - The United State have
paid to France, Spain, Georgivand the
Indians, for public lands, 29,600,000 dot
lars, and the expentr of surveying and
selling have amounted, to 3,320,000 dol
lars- The total amount paid by pur
chasers is lest than 33 millions. The
quantity of land purchased by tbe U.
Uiute i 2i8,377,6G7..lcres. OMhis,
about 20 millions of acre have been ap
propriated for military bounties, support
of schools, colleges, &c. The quantity
of land within the present limits of the
states ancT territories, not yet ceded by
itlie..Iildiitnt J sJ6tTi i Hi on s of acre, ; and
the quantity of uncc3ecf TaniTi i TyTriR'hoTih
aba west of the state and icrritories,
within the limits of the United States, h
750,000,000 acres.
We have published the President 't message,
In ertrnM but as many folks ditliketo read
lonir piect$,wt preterit' them With a humoroua
analytia of that document, taken from the Elk-
ton ( Maryland) I'reu :
The weather has been very hot, my
friends, since I had the pleasure of meo
ting you here a twelve month ago but
bv the blesMnp of Providence you have
enjoyed pretty Rood health, and so hare I.
The blf ssinjr of peace with our breth
ren has been uninterrupted Though the
Winnebago Indians did scalp some of our
women and children on the frontiers. -
Internal quiet has left our fellow citi
zens in the free enjoyment of all their
rights notwithstanding that saucy fellow
Governor Troup did make auch a splutter.-
Everv man has a right to pursue the
I don't like
that expression it mesns many things.
The Crofit have been good and there
is a good deal of foreign commerce car
ried on humone thi Brittth Wcit In
dia Iilantft. " - :
At this time peace and prosperity pre
vail over the habitable globe. (Greece
ami Turkey excepted) present fore
tastejof thai blessed period when the lion
shall lie down with the lamb, and Jackson
and 1 shall ahake hands together. .
Objects ol deep importance to the wel
fare of the Union are constantly recurring,
and as this is the last opportunity I expect
to have, I shall present them to the Le
gislature for tbeii consideration.
A negotiation, upon subjects of hiizh
and delicate interest with Great Britain,
ha terminated by Mr. Gallatin's re
. . if
turning home when be - talked about
opening; the negotiation about the colo
nial trade, Mr. Canning, In bis lifetime,
very rudely abut the toor in his face, and
told him he would talk ne more on the
subject.- They have paid Hi for'our run
way negroes, which wa very clever In
thenr';'Tftenortftvf ern bosndary line U
nfH--vffifief-ttitU. Uit.l.expeci
shortly to get It done in4 if I doot, the
Governor of Maine will.-i .-..
-Yi Ju'? on"l?r'LF fnce Xo ubmit the
indamnifict7wv pf our, loiWs ty "the seiz
ure and confiscation or oat property by
Hounaparte, to Arbitration, kut ahe won t
agree to Itl hope." however," I shall be
able to catch her in a bettet humor by
and by.
We have concluded a treaty of amity
and commerce, with the Hacstatic Republic-
whereby they are to furnish the
Cabbagi, if we will send them Vitegar, to
make Sour Grout.
The Emperor Nicholas seem a very
rlever fellow he and the other cowned
head ol the Holy Alliance, are gting'to
give freedom to the Greeks Dot't you
think we had better take a hand it It f
The treatie concluded at theCtegres
of Panama do not appear to have been
ratified ; but no matter for that, t our
Minister could not End the place. I have
not yet been notified when they wil meet
sgain at Tacubaya, but when I am in
formed, I will let you know.
The naval oflker of Brazil have cap
tured some of our vessels, tut I hope and
trust Jhey will be honest etough to give,
them up
The receipts for the presrnt year
amount to twenty one mill ons four hun
dred thousand dollars--the expenditures
for the time time, will amonnt to twen
ty two millions three hundred thousand
dollars ; leaving the account at the end of
the year to stand--Expenses
..... g22,300OOO
Receipts - - - --- 21,400.000
The nation rninti ihh um 8900,000
Hut this is a matter of ho consequence
- if our current revenue will not enable
us to pay off the ten raillbn of the pub
lie debt, our credit' good-t-we can borrow
money to do it with. I
The condition of tbe army and navy
will be teen by the reports of the respective
Serretarieofthoe Department. They
are in rather a better condition than when
I wt at Ghent.
Tbe Civil Engineer$y my jurveyor,
have made sundry surveys, 1 last
bad the pleasure of seeing yeu ; of which
pUns and certificates returned to
you. Thev are twelve in number.
Our little school-boys, at West Point,
are doing very well; they learn smartly.
" Don't you think it would be well enough
to have another school, somewhere on
the pater, to teach tvfimming and diving ?"
1 had" like to have forgotten the Post
master General, the only good officer un
der the government. He aays he has one
hundred thousand dollars of a surplus, in
his hands , for us ; notwithstanding he
drives' a' moi7 to every man's door. .
v The amount; received- forthe -sale-of
n..l.i; l.nt.. U ,ua ..iii. ,..1
we have paid for them ; but this is owing
" t M w '
to the purchasers not being able to pav
fur them ; and when (hat is the case, I
think we bad better give it up to them,
and not make any fuss about it. Those
I I a (( .
oacK-wooos t.uo..rrf arc ugiy iciiows to
deal ...with-
l here are vanous- omer suTjeCH of 1
deep interest to the Union, which l
have heretofore recommended. Amongst
dim ; a new Militia Law, which will pre j
vent Jackson trom murdering our fellow
citizens. The extension of the judiciary
to places where they have none. A law
to let insolvent debtors out of jail ; nn
which, if you choose lo act, you may cA
culate upon my hearty co-operation ; but
if you have not time, it is lit tie matter
P. S
Lout or Mitlatdy I hat paragi aph
in the " "President's Message which treats
about domestic manufacture! ; perhaps it
may be found in the unfrequented pigeon
hole, where was found the report of the
militiamen. THE BELLMAN.
Elizabeth Payne, forty years of age,
and h.tving five children, died not Jong
ago at Bethnal Green, Eng. from tak
ing tobacco water as a cure for worms.
A O t'tac k doctor, nam cd Gahriel JDre:
"manslaughter," and the doctor was
committed to Newgate.
The French College of Physicians
have lately decided-that the cause of
ladies teeth decaying at so much earliei
a stage of life than those of the opposite
sex, is the great friction of the tongue
upon them. I
WT. art reoiieted to say, that a meeting of
thefi-wndjrfGen.ftrrJafewlllb I
in isiatetulU, 00 the third Monday in January
iwt. h bring the 21at day of the month i a lien
ana nr tbe rrunusor the OH Hero, Ummgli
out Iredell county, are requested to attend.
January lit, 1828. t97
Il'kWVWytibnrriV-, W Tuesday ef v
January Court, at tbe court4iouae in IJn-
eointon, th nmiininr gbarea (17) M llaiiry
Conner, dee'd. in the BUte Bank of North t.i-.
olint.Atw, at rheramB time and place, id rhr
ooarri DeionrinrTo aakl estate N thff Cataw&a
navigation Company. Terras caah. 98
ic 1 H2r. I). M. rOHN KV, rt-. . 1,imr.
TIIOSP. indebtrd to the eitate of William C.
Love, dee'd. are renuettrd to make imme.
diate paymrnt, at the alUiri of the estate are
uch that indulgrnce cannot he given. Thoe
wiahing to settle, can rail upon John II. Mar. lie,
ithwhon the notes are lutlired. and who can
be found at the Court-IIouw at all times.
gruki;: ix)cke,
January 3rf, 1828. ll crivtr,
WIU, be told, at public auction, on Wed
iievlay, I lie 20: b of febniarr neat, in the
town of Maiciville, a lfoun ami together
with ttie iwcctwry ut boutea, and in addition
therto a tafe am! comtnothOut blacka:i.ith'l thop,
situated io a plranxnt part of the village, near
ine dcm puui:c wen.
Alio, One Ar Alan, two wgrt wmei, and
one rhilJ. 1rni 13 month rreJit, bond and
tecurity irrpiirr-l. M. I.. HILL. TnuteeS'
January 1, 6(02
Wtli he aoM for canh, at the court JnMiaa in
slibiiry, on Monilny, the IBtli of Febni.
ary neit, 13 likely nrgnti, 4 men. 3 women and
children, and ) younir w omen ; told bv esecu-
tion, at the property iM-Ionjrin to tbe date if
tm. (.. Love, ilfc'il, to aatpfy tundry elecu
liom in my hand, for collection.
Price t1v. 1.75 V. SLATKR. . Shff.
January 18?!). 6t01
' Hit K r lamination will commrnc -oo MmmUv
I the 3d of D.cenibrr, and conclude on the
eveninr of tbe fullovkinn day.
The rsrrcitit will be returned on the tecond
Thursday in January.
W.J. D INGHAM, Principal.
Xv. 20, 1E27. 3t98
OAsn ,
THE subscriber bating removed hia Store to
Concord, reipectfully invite i all thone who
are indebted to bim to come forward and aettle
bv tlx? firal day of March next. T bote who fail
in complying, may real atMirvd that their note
and account! will be placed forthwith in the
handt of officers for collection.
Salitburv, At. 5rA, 1827. 92
IHK tubacrilier having qualified si F.xecu
1 tor of tbe list w ill and tettament of Alfred
Marty, late of Silitburv, dee'd. dctirei all per
on, indebted to ttid dee'd.. to make payment
with at little delay a, possible ; and all person
having claims against the estate, will -present
them, legally . authenticated, for settlement,
within the time limited by act of assembly, other
wise thit notice will be pled in bar of their re
covery. JAMES MARTIN, Jr. TwrrcV.
AW. 23d, 1827. 13iU2 -
i ,ACaway frcim.t.he VibKMber on (fie ?4th
instant, intrm, e.wa, a. mulatto, oounu 10
' m to S,,yi1hn rrf,irl trt.aii.M. nd rill work
prettv well ; lir it a bnifht mulatto, ahotit 5 leet
I 6 inches high, between 19 anil 20 yert old j had
on a black for bat, pule blue mixed homespun
coatee. All persons are forbidden to harbor,
employ, or trutt bim, at the peril cT the law ;
tbe above rew ard will be riven lor bit nppre-
, lpn (l(..;rv , in 6.i;,burv. or for
hit confinement in tnv inil in tbe ttatc.
SaHrfmy, Drr. 1 827.
Ill B exercises of this school will be returned
I 1 on Tucvlav the 1-t ol January. I ovo. Ine
course of instruction at thit Academy itprenar.
atory to admission intothe Freshman and Sopho
more classet of the University. Besides the or
dinary advantaget of a preparatory education,
the pupil mv here avail himself of the oppor
tunity of ttudying and learning -the following
branches of clktsical literature and irience.viz j
Sallutt, Herodotus ami ('yropordia in (irteca Ma.
lora. AiL-ora. vireii s i.eorRioa, uicero t ura
linn. ILuu'd Mnw.rii. 'IVhnif-B. Iktpl snd
Sytyre, of Hor rce, UaLt er Keonretryv HhwVt
Klietonck, lour bookt o: Homer t Iliad and ttie
elements of Chemistry and Natural Plulotophy.
Access may be had to well telected library.
Hoard may be had in respectable families at from
It in (a) nor trtiinn Tuition to varv trom
giJou-812-3LVAccor3ing jotherade ol'
scholarship, J. D. CLANCY, i'rina'paJ.
Pec. 29, 1827.
HAVE the pleasure of informing their friendi
and tbe public generally, that they have
received their fall supply of Goods, consisting in
part of Ihfr following; ,...,,,. ",......,.,
Ladies and " teirtlemenV Cold Patent vver
Watches, . .
Silver do. " ' .
Good plain English do,
' Gold Chains, Seals, Keys,
Sets of Pearl,
And a very extensive astoTtment of Tine Jew
elry, at very low prices for ttnh.
Persons indebted to them, are requested to
call and settle their respective account, by bond
or otherwise 02 -
; v I,L ,,n,, iih'y
li ,f. theeniin)rpHpp,the
-, to commence- about tb
f "arch. Ii;in.1it.
Slid ix li, ;
handbilla, in lie time . .JOSIAII 1 URN Kit,
n,Utru lan J. . 4t0
...Vy-TO-Tf IK- WHLUZr:
Tf R ximWr. W-iv mnr rreervtwy -a hrnmA
general aitortment of ,
-Dry Good$;uttcry;and Hardware;""
of all detcriptionv. from New.Ym-k nA -
phhH'whrty mtn aetiict,! fcy hfrhteW. with"'
care, and bought ca-hand hki are offer J
nn the moat rekMmable terms. As he hat two
Stores, bf will tell for rh i.
pneev otberwiae, on time. Country Produeo
bought, at the l.ljheat markot pncea, Arranra
ments are male to receive tunU monthly, from
the above named olacra wbirh will .
good .ipply of rretb rwda. Call at his Stores
in Saliaoury, and eiamine for yourtrlvf t.
N. n. Suirar. Coftee. Sab. u..i-
Rum, U'imr., French Dram!, tc. fcc. '
rA( fOuAOE AND COMMlssrm
JWMXE.SX LY rljui a
rpllK sjibscnber re.pectfully ' Mo, his
the above line of bnainea l.:. u j "
KdmomUtoo't Wharf, wber. h. . .1
attend to the tale of produce Committed i fcu
care, upon which liberal ..
, . , will ai ait
tioset o made i or to the .j i
forfiooda. w un,e
V'm. J. Wilton. Fan. nr in y,:. .i .i
an, of lhe AhHwne"
wd! and ...fcou, ,,e,,V( .,
LotloMa-comMimed . mt k ik. er-t
and will be prepared to make on Hid
conipnments, if reuireL , . -,-07 .,
Charlrtlttn. S v. Ul. 182T.
rptlE Subtcriber hating declined the Tavern.
1 K.rper'a ItutiiM-ta, earncwly rrqurttt all
pertrni. indebred lobim to Call wid make imme diate
payment. Tliit measure it ahanlmlv
crttarv, at he intend, devoting himtelf to an.
uim-r orancn k uiimiicb which drmandt the uto
of all U fumb, mJ Mnlravthit call ie-eompkad
with bv tbe nii4ldlf JannryHtem have no
other altenutive than a culltciion by suit.
Will acconinioi!ate a few gentlemen witli
boartl, by the month or year. She would be
happy in accommodate her former travelling
customers, and pem.nt w ho with to be retired
from the noie ami buttle of the town, at tht
firt hiHite above II lair, Johnton and Coata ttota
Main Street. M. . M'CULI.lCll.
Vamtlen, Dec. 18. (0g .
WILL be told, for eah,ti the rourt-luiuae
in Salisbury, on aiundav tbe 10th of Feb
uary, tH.8, ,e Ibllowin'g tractt of land, or SO
much thereof at will tatisfy tbe tax due for tbe
year 1826, to wit .
0 teres adjoining Samuel 'Martin and others,
- giren in bv Thomas ttobbuuav- ,
96 aorea adjoining forest Monroe and others,
given in by John Robley.
ATI acres adjoining Moses A. l-ockt and othety,
given in by William Moore.
198 acret adjoining Wilie Coats and other,
given in by Nancy Bhudt.
249. acret adjoining George Clodfelter ami
others, given in by James W. Hamtey. .,
350 acret tdjoining Motet Drown and others,
gien in by Itobcrt Garner, dee'd.
350 cres adjoining Doct. John Scott and others, '
riven in bv Joteph McConnauirhv.
J 4?.ff a.:joii.Hg Matthew Locke and othetar"
unto m oy jutcpn aicuonnaugncy IbrJiaej?:
700 acrrt adjoining William Pinktton and others,
given in by-John F. fhifer. - -
1 House and Lot in the town of Salisbury, ad.
juinnijf James Maruu, jr. ana ouu rt, given in
by Iwnm Hanrt.
1 lloukc and Lot lying on Main street, adjoining1
Mary Cay and others, given in by I homos
Holmes, lor Franria Connie.
1 House and Lot lying on Main it reel, adjoining
William I'inktton. JranJ otheragiveu in by-
Abraham .bieob4.' - " '. . . .
1 Houe and iM lying on Water ttreet, adjoin.
ing aac Rarnbart and othrrs, given in by
Italph Kestler. T. 8LATEK, Shtrif.
Jan.Ut.mH, 40ctt.) 6tOI
RAN away from the subtcriber, on the lt of
Mav last, my Vyrt oy GEORGE, about
2f or 27 yeart of age, amooth black skin, plea
aant countenance ''aving one of hia fingers
injured by a machine as renders it useless, and.
as well at recoil, cted, (,nite doubled up in bias
handi and .1 feet 10 it 11 inches high. Said
boy belongs to the estate of Jete Wren, dee'd.
now in 'he cure of the subtcriber, and lawful
agent of said estate." " It '"Si tupposed he intend
making hi? way lo some free state. Tbe abova ,
roward will be paid on bit delivery to me, inj
Lancaster Dittrict, S. C. or lolge! in any jail" in
North' Carolina," Virginia or Maryland, so at f
receive bim ; or 25 it taken in South Carolina.
.Vovrmher 4'h, 1827.
BEGS leave most respectfully to inform thia
t!ituen of Davidson county, that he hat jutC
received a fine assortment of I'rtih Mtillcinn t
and expects to receive within a few weck, front
Philadelphia and New. York, an assortment mors
extensive thtn has ever reached this country .
and he -pledge hit time and talents, i fiUurv,
entirely- to his profcsaion,. ;!!; hope,- from .
ycara experience in the profession, "to m wiu
that patronage which a man tliould wliose
whole mind it devoted to it. Hi, charges shall
never exceed those made by other medical
gentlemen, '.fyyutf '2T.-8?7 - - - 78 -
sctvrT's NAi'OLEON.'
ONI? copy of tbi woik (new) for tale, at
orice lis ttian tin: orieiiial cost. Annlv ai
the office if the Western Co!inia1i
" l
lis if
... :
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i ,",-,'..:,- .i- : .'. . " .;';
I I - ' - -

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