North Carolina Newspapers

Dtt. 36. Ort' motion
KtuJtrd, That jollit Select Commit
tee, tonsUtlng of two members from each
Home. be appointed lo coiner with the
remeaentatlves. devisees and widow of
the late Treasurrr nf this Slate, end lo
tnak such arrangements with ihem n
mev he thought compatible tub the pub
Jlc Interest to if tun lo the State. the
Davment of the debt due from sId dece
dent or such portion thereof it may be
practicable, aubject to the ratification of
tbe LeKWaturev-ft;-:'"
Mems JVkttt e J wesvsw a ppcuv
fed 'the committee "alhe psrt' of the
-..The entrrossed bill to establish a Medi
t.s,:ctt iioara.nq io rrguijic inc, practice wi
""pby lie .andaurger j . in this Slat?. ae In
' definitely -postponed tin- in second read
The bill concerning the election of
county surveyors, was amended on mo
lion of Messrs. Love of Haywood and
..Jooeii read the third timet passed and or
dercd to be engrossed
Thunday, Dee. 27. Mr. Shober, from
the committee of Proportion and Griev
ances, reposed a bill to authorise John
Waddell, of Randolph, toured two gates.
Mr. Shober alo reported a bill to re
atore to credit William Ferrell, of Mont
gomer- county, which was rejected.
Mr. Davidson presented a rrtoluti'n in
favor of the administrator of Thorn Cl
liott, of Mecklenburg j which was read
tbe first, second and third limes, paused,
and ordered to be engrossed.
Mr. Shober presented a resolution re
lative lo procuring iron barks for the fire
puces in the senate Clumber and Lorn
Tnons Hall. Read the Grt inr nJ pat
- WAiyr-"-28- Mr.Prberry pre
sented the petition of Parharh Kirk, late
Sheriff of Montgomery, praying to be re
leased from a certain fine, and to be allow
sd his commissions, insolvents, tccv
Mr. Burgln presented a bill io Vest the
election of Sheriff in the freemen of the
county of Burke; which passed its fir at
reading Jlejected on. its second reading
On motion -of Mr.' Vanrmok the -com'
tnittee of Finance were instruc rd to in
quire into the expediency of issuing 100,
O09 dollars in Treasury Notes.
Saturday, Dee. 29.
. Mr. M'Eachin presented a bill provi
ding for the appointment of Electors ol
President and Vice President of the Uni
ted States, bv Distiict; which being
read, Mr. Williams, of Martin, moved for
it indefinite postponement. Mr. Pily
moved to lay it on the table ; which mo
lion was not agreed
was then taken on the
Thecnte having receded fitm their
dipreem nt to the amendment made ly
this IIoue U the engroed Mil o allow
the right of challenge to the State In ccr
lain cases, the Said till was ordered to be
Several engrossed bills and resolutions
passed their first reading.
The hill to appoint a committee of Fi
nance for the count; of Surry j the bill
to amend the sale law h Rutherford, were
read tbe second and third times and pas
sed. ....
" TfiUtiJ6y.'Dec7 27 MrTXonra'rf pre
sented the petition of sundry 'citizeni of
.. . . ii"nf
uocoin praying inai imam J'" oe
releasee from the forfeiture of recojrni-
Heferred. .
,JJr. ElJis presented a bill to compel te
clerks of the at vcral courts arid registers
to keep theirvffires at the court house of
their rcipecrive eoimtks whicH wae read
the first time,' passed, and referred." "
Mr. Drittaln presented a blH to establish
a new county by the name of Macon r
which was read, when Mr. Brnnm moved
for its indefinite postpotemen'. This
motion was decided hi the negatnrc, 64
to 61. The bill wi thert ordered to lie
on the table until Fjiuiday r.est.
Mr. Gary, from the committee ol Pro
Kisitions and Grievances, made a report,
requesting to be discharged from the
further confederation of the petition of
Lronard Hicks, of Durke Concurred in
The bill to incorporate the town of
Islington ; the bill to alter the dividing
lines between the 1st and 3d regiments of
Uuillordi the bill to incorporate Frank
lin L dge. No. 94 j passed their second
and third reading, and were ordered to
be engrossed.
r rdau, Vre. 28 On motion of Mr.
art cf I82'.i, mpttt't;: the reservations
of rertain ' ttie Unit lately ac
iiu'red from the Cherokee Indians the
bill supplementsrr to the ads relative to
the power of courts of email f In cases of
t a . t.i . - l . !
part HI on ( the tin tonceming n appoint-
tnent of clerks of the Superior Courts and
masters in equity
The resolution' front the Senate, lo
structing the committee of Finance to
I Ae charge of all (he money In the Trea
sury office and bqw so much, of the
Treasury Notes at they may deend unfit
fnp i imitation, was concurred in. , .'
Mr Erclei ptasenled the mcmoriaf of
the Cpe rear uank, praying that. the
tax paid by, iu'd bank be repealed or
mnflificff.' Ordered lo 1"Teferred'"toa
joini scieci tominiucw.
The following bills sssed their third
l reading, ana were oroerea io oe cngros-
V j . - t- - - . . .i . r? r
lief 5oclety o Soetb Carolina! aod.lU
Wll lo authorise 1 the - County- imrt-of
Rowan lo appoint committee' of finance
The bill te authorise the wardens of the
poor of Mecklenburg to purchase a tract
of rand and erect buildings for the acepm
modai ion it the poor; were read tbe
eeconcT any third times, paased, and or
dered to be enrolled.
Mr. Litle presented a bill to provide
for the appointment of Electors of Prel
dent aid Vice President of the United
States br districts t which was read and
rejected 34 voting for, and 9 1 again-1
Yfni MfMrs. Adams, Allen of Uontgotnenr
Of Oje lublic Acti,iiini-d ly ihn LpjIiUturs
of North X'trtillna, at tla artiocj of 18.T
45 acta of a publio nature were paaaed, mtt of
hich will ba fnund below
I An act concerning the State Htik of
North Carolina. Authorises and directs
the Speaker of the Senate to exercise all
the duties and powers in the meetings of
the Stockholders, and in the Board of Pi
rectors of the State Bank, heretofore
exerrlied by the Public Treasurer.
3 To alter the act of 1104, fixing the
time for paying purchase money into the
Treasury on entries ol land. Extends the
time for paying such money until tbe 1st
a rrescybtijtpoii .whaj.McncejJi!
Public Treaiursr shall receive the pur
'nf mnnryr sn t! a t prC; rhun cf (!,.
itate not be p.,i 1 until U. roj it com.
pleird )
20 To contioue In force the act ef (
sesl)n, entitled " an act to revl ,nj
continue In force an act, pasted In the
year 1135. to alter and amend an act for
the relief of such persons as became sun
......... .... inu, U4 jj.
derthe authotltyof this State). Con.
tlndei In force said act uni the meethip
of the next General Ambly. 1
2I Amending the 2d section of the set
f 1191, far as regards Salvage. - ttJ,
Idee for the appointment of two commli.
slonef s, one to be selected by each party "
and In case the dltsgree, they are to t!
Uctan umpIre...If .aoy paiifc ikouw-"
dlaalUd jllb,..Uie decUloa, aJs.wpBe-i,
rwaaas I us maiafa IA I IS a flu n tU
KatA monali Lni manl aiam1 iinannsMRtL. f k.
. 77 7tT . 77 7 l T i a rrenline; l be set of lift), entid-
PUtgm ot-.?le. n auction of -IS-of
surveT beW tl ed wltfir the Siratare.L.c.Tj- 4 ' -....-V VM Vl wer..
grant I certiCcate, on , j, Ceding lo tbe United Elates a ialr
Hamhirdt, ilarnett, Benncn. Itlackledre, Black
wooit,' llonlen, Urrvard. Clement, Conrad
Dickirf on. Fulli, . Foy, Gliwon, Gaatoit, Hmp
ton. Iftdinira. Hill. Ilodtrea. Little. lillv. Mar
hilt, U'Dearmld. M'Lean, Pool, PurcelU Simp
ion, sisiih, Hummen. Troy, H. Walker, Waah-
mrron imj n. WHUama.
Aaw-lesr. Aleunder. Allen of Bun
combe. TJaker. Ball, Barnard, Battle, Balenun.
... . . . ..-I uicu cuuimincc or I Ilurnc. nuno. Xii6ee. Bvnum. Simii J tlni-
appoinr4 to inquire into the expediency ' man, Chri Otyton, Conr, Cos, Davonport.
oi adopting some provisions for the eub '
lishment of a uniform standard of me
sures throughout the State.
Msrs. Gtrv, Jones of Wgrrcni and
Gaiion, form the committee. . -
The engrossed bill-to authorise und di
DomAo, DoogUw, Doi'hrr, BccIm, F.llia, Flaher,
r. roy, uryt CiUeipieA Gilmore, Glaagov,
oKi, iioruon, bree-n, flarpcr. Hardy, Hotrgh
Jackum, Jmper, Vf. W, Jones. R, II. Jonr. 11
C. Jon- a. Kerr.Kilpatrfck. King. LawaonLcoiu
to, iwii, unt. Msiitr; wrtchenV Monromrrva
Morehead. M'Villan. M'Nair. Newland. NtiiL
reel the Sheriff of Roan to collect the ' nmri KiWickl Hoberta, RuftK.,dmona,
takes imposed by tbo-tonuniuioners of i ?c"l''X'l' Slmmoni, SpcT-
. . .. "'"H "'F Stephen. Stewart, Styron, Thiirna nHet. W
Dim .uuuiurrtu iu uc cnroiicu 'flrrwontL ard. H. Walker. Webb. Whr -r.
The eneroed renolution in favor of 'White, WhitReU. Whitaker. Wilder. E. Wil.
James Patton, of Runcombc was amen- i ,1m w'ikiion.
ded on motion ol Mr. Nuttall, read the I The bill to publish; the countr of Ma
second and third times, and passed 32 'c", passed i sfirtit leading 69 to 60.
to :e
Saturday, Dec 29 Mr. Jones, from
the committee on the Militia, to whom
was rclerred the resolution instiuctini?
them to inquire into the expediency of
am.nmntv itom I . : I . : .
, rr.. . ....... v.. ..s .... . ia uwi iii rcianon 10
to. J he -question ,he time that a captain shall keep his men
indefinite postpone armil. ' . .fc J '"l"
men, of the bilU and decuUd in the affir- e r'
native yeas 43, navs 14. m. c,,jb ' f
W-lUr. Aakew of Bertie, A.kew of f C ''" the
Hertford. Aleiander, tlurgin. Bailey. BeaIy. clect "nntee lo whom the subject
Brodnax, Burney,. Drake, Dobaon, Davenport. wa refrreci, reported a bill to prevent
Devanr. Hnrr, Harrell, llollimon, Hinton, Haw- the importation of slaves in'o this State ;
kin. Love of Haywood, MTtowelf. Mattlie, which parsed its first reading i
, .... flalyear. Smith, SaundfTOn,.?cotLih(.ber J Pseniea a bill to e(.b.lh
rard, lbonMon, Vanhook, fVHion of Camden, 1Be 1'intc f 1 oriyhe, for the Urpoe
Walton, Wilfonof Kdgecomb, Whitfield, Wil- f holding Coutii of Plea and Quarter
Lams of Martin and Ward. . Sessions within the same ; which was
Anw.MeMri Bethune, Debcrrv. Davidson. it., fir.. .; J. ,
Pulltr, Franklin, Gray, Joir. JUnev-Lk, Wft I "j - v- . -
XcreoiMrchmo.Kl. M'Millan, M'Neilt, sfKachin, V ' r 1 1. Prc8cn!ed bill prescribing
, rarker, HeiubaKtt and William, of Beaufort. 'be tnanntr in winch field and general
Mf - Oweo-rcported that it is inxpli wictrt bsll be. , rccoiMaended-1 - the
ent to Icgialate on the subject of insolvent tore.- " '
-imrf blank licenses; Corcurred in." Mr. Fiher presented a statement,
MrrReinhardt presented the nctition of "hewing the expenditures of the State on
John Davis, of Lincoln, praying to be ij!crnfl improvements up to the present
placed on the pension list : and Shu ''mc whcb wa read and ordered to be
ford, the petition of Thomas Muriin. ol prHtetL
Rutherford, praying to be restored to 'fhe bill to appropriate 6215 dollars for
the purpose or improving the CaneTear
ucr uciow tfiimmgion, was reaci the
third time, fas"edr awd ordered to- be en
xvtRiKo session.
On motion of Mr Alexander,
Jtnotvtd, That a joint select commit
tee b appointeJ to inquire what measure
this l-eguUture can adopt, if any, to pro
feci the local Banka of this State, and con
srquentlr the interest of the State and its
citizens, against the destructive operations
or the liank of the united States at Fay
Messrs. Alexanders Fisher and Bynum
were appointed the said committee on the
part of this House.
The Military Academy at West Pointi
from the report of the late Visiters, is
progressing wlih Its actnstomed success,
and Joses nothing in a comparison, accor
ding to the testimony of those whose op
portauities enable ihem to decide, with
any estabHsmrnr of the kind io the world
surver betn
ol state. He it to
which the Treaiurer
ehae monev.1
' v J I J I .
4 Lxtendmg the time for registering
grams and mesne conveyances, powers of
attorney, bills of ssle, and deeds f gift.
Allows two years further time. J ,
5 Increasing the penalty of the oflicial
bonrit of the clerks of the several courts of
record in this State and providing-for the
drposite and safe keeping of said bonds.
The bond to be m the um of ten thou
sand dollars. Bond of the clerks of tbe
S ii pe nor Courts to be deposited in the
offices of the Clerk of the du'it Courta,
and vice una as to the Clerk ol the
County Couirt and clerks and master in
equity. Said bond to be register's office,
a certified ropy t hereif to be received in
evidence; Judges of the Superior Courts
and Justices of the Count v Courts to cause
the bond of the clerks of their respective
courts to be. acknowledged before them,
and to give a certificate of such acknowl
edgement Any clerk who shall enter
upon i he duties cf his office before giving
bond, shall be subject to a penilty of one
thousand dollar. J
for the purpose of erecting thereon .'
fight house
34 Continuing in force tbe act of Hj;
dirrctlng 4 geological and mioenlogicaj
survey to be made of the State. I (Joo
tinuet in force the said act for one r4fi
25 Amending the act of 1123. respec.
ting the reservations of certain Indians ia
the lands lately oolredSv ire.i.
the Cherokee Indimi . f VV'hn.,
0 m
ot crnor bat reatoq to believe that taa
title set up bv any Indian, or Der
claiming under any Indian, to rervf
lion under the treaties of HIT and Illy,
is not good, it shall be bis dutr to emnlJ
counsel io defend the title conveyed br
the S'aic '
30 RcUiive to the sale of the estates of
infants. (Un application of. the
of an infant, setting fonh thar ihf
of the infant would be materially benrfita
ted by a salej the court of equity to whom
the .application- lmiirnjvdecree
salr, provided the farts set forth io lbs
petition be found to be Irue. "
27 f rovidiog more efficiuafly for tbe
-llwmg .the .iightof TepreBen-u,0ll of the s,0ck or the St,t0-
he St.t ir certain cases. fAn-hoMse. held in the 8t.te BanVr (Authorise Tib.
he prosecuting officer in behalf 0r the Q0,ernor, Secretary and Co32 9
warawB h w i w null, ate iaa i iiif ssiaiaa a
credit ) wbicb was referred
..;.,Cjrffrrjt On one aide of t her blade: of
the penknives used bv msmbera'orcoh'
cress is slampcd " Rogersi makers to his
Majesty and on the other, manufac
lured by Rogers for the use of Congress."
all criminal cases of a capital nature 1
i vonrermntr lite i uoiic 1 reasurv
Enforcing in a more rigid manner the
accountability of the Treasurer, and in
corporating the several acts of Assembly
rela'lve to the 1 reasury J
6 subjecting bail to cost. Whenever
r!tss . . .
a scire larus snan issue against bill, md
said ball shsll not, at the term of the Court
to which he is bound to appear, be dia
charged from his liability by the death or
surrender of his principal, the bail shall
be liable for all costs J
9 Supplementary to the several acts
now in torre lor the relier of insolvent
debtors. Provides that whenever any
debtor shall file a schedule of his effects.
11 debts due to such debtor shall vest in
the sheriff, who is authorised to sue for
and collect the same $ and the monies so
collected to be distributed amonir the cre
10 lo amend the act of 1771 , estab
ishing courts of law, and regulatinc'trie
proceedings therein. Any person sur
rendered to the sheriff afier the return
court, or committed to the custody of the
sheriff upon a surrender in court, thai)
have liberty, .before final iudement. to
" give other baiUf
T II-lf-rr--
England. Egbert united the kingdoms
of the Saxon Heptarchy in 827, so that it
ivjuoooj-iears since England became
a Kingdom.
Silk Arenritino ..tit. a, 1st Hi atom nt nf
itr.i . L . t
ireonciaau. uec. so rar. Jr,ne. nn crossed i.iir M.i.w..n ih. ;l n.r..r,..r. ..r
Warren, from the co
oaijr, made a report, recommending the committee nn Intr.rnl I rr...,-I amount of fourteen million tterlintr n.r
r .l- . " .. r-.u.siMcma, - -t, ,--
j..,.ui toe i ckoiuuoR insirticting said reported a bill to establish a turnpike j annum, and is consequently, aftercotton,
committee to inquire into the manner in road in Durke county : which n.rrl it. ! the greatest staple of the coontrr.
. I ' I I 1 - . '.. M
ii ia cornpmetr ina; roe capital actually
invested in the cultivation of the British
soil by the land owners and farmers,
amounts to the enormous sum ef two
thousand milliini tttrling.
svhich the several Governors of this Stale firat re,iin.
have heretofore exercised the power ol Mr. Fisher presented a bill to incorpo
,.-.-,..... ...w .vr. ..,(,, mm.,, rcpon raic me north Carolina Inatltution for the
... tv., .n. instructton of deaf and dumb ; whkh pas
Mi. Morehead, from the Judiciary com (l ita first reading.
Unmet made a teport, recommending the Mr- Mitchell presented the petition of
rejection or tue resolution requiring 'onn oseot Ashe, praying to be restor
Clerks to advertise ( flic t rate of ine county ed to the pri vile ges cf a ciiixen. " liefer-
tax Concurred in ' red.
The resolutimn from the Senate, "to Mr. Burns, from the committee ap-
raise a select joint committee lo confer pointed to conduct the balloting for Brig-
With the representatives, -devisees and dier General of the 7th brreachi, reoor
l.l.,.. .. f . u - ... p. . ..j .i tu .... ti . . . . ' - r"'
U.1U1; ie. f caurcrr waa toplad, I ica wiai m ii. rverr y f!nf yileocd
ena rarssrs. Alexander and Gaston were P Mr. Gaamn.. fr -k. :;. ..i
ppo Htd the committee on the part of roinee, who were instructed lo confer
"r"fii . , , . .. , ''b h representatives, devisees and
I Mehead, from the committee on widow of the fate Treasurer, reported the
the Judiciary reported aeainat the exne- fiWnW;n"v..r.!.Mt.Vn.-s.Kfcft :
.! r j, . . r- I - it win iuuuicu
fiTf.ndlnglhe.1,W'"S.,Pre- 'AVaeArfrf, That this House doth an
m.itiH, J'V" voHveymK oeu- prop
erty.bsumortgage x 4leed.. trust tne
or more cieduof in . preference to the
othera ; wisp of settling by law the priori
ty of Akn be t ween e xecution . issutd by
justices of the peace, so as to fix the lien
in favor-of the younger executions which
iiave beto levied ; and also, of passing a
Jaw to pnwnt the educating of slaves.
voncuiud in.- .
The engrossed bill to provide for the
final settlement of executors and admin
atraturs, was rejected on its first reading.
.aiartno, which has now become cele
brated in the annals of naval warfare, is a
strong-end populous town of the Mores,
(the ancient Peloponessus.) and is seated
on a hill, near the sea, 6 miles ft. E. of
Wodon, LT long. 21 40; N. iat 37, 2.
prove and sanction the lecommendat ions
contained in the Xoregomg report ; and
on us part dotb.diect the farTangemeot$
niertin proposed to be carried into execu
. -i he engrossed bill to incorporate-the
North Carolina Gold Mining Company,
w reaa iue nrst time, amending, and
Plie following engrossed bills and reso
lutions passed their first reading. The.
bill providing for the payment of jurors
in Ashccflunfy; the bill to amen tbe
Yale Cottrge . This institution numbers
over 50Q students. This is more, if we
are hot mistaken, than are, or ever have
been, connected with any other college in
the united Mates at one time. -Theological-.
Students, SO ; Law, 20; Medical,
9 1 i Resident Graduates; 4 i Undeigradu-
ates,-335 ; total SOI. Uf the Dndergrad
wtes, B 5 re.j)beHio.89iJ.uMo:ra..
bophornores, 7 1 Freshmen,
Tnm the Raleigh Register.
We observe by the Virginia Advocate,
published at Charlottesyillr , Virginia, that
the prospectus for the oublication of MSS
of the late Thomas Jefferson, will be of
fered for subscription next month, and
that fi is contemplated to deliver the
iwk to subscribers eirJy vent aumtaer.
llTtfiRTnc it tfie "'oifyor'inierTfftTr"or
oneis and constaLles to serve ull uotire
required to be given in proceedings at law
or in equity.
1 2 Keducinx the number of petty mus
ters to two in a year fCiwiaini to mn
' , i
ter 'heir companies once in six months.
J? Appropriating G.2J2 dollars lot the
purpose of improving the naviijation o
Cape-Fear river below Wilmknetow,
14 Prescribing the duty of committee
ofr tnance I Requires them, immediate
ly on entering on their duty of the Finan
ces, to count all the money in the Trea
sury, and report the amount to the Leis
15 lo change the time of holding the
Supreme Court of this Siaie. (Fixes the
lime of holding said Lourt on the first
Monday in June and December.)
1 6 Amending the different acts concern
in; dower. ( 1 he iurv not restricted in
assign dower in every separate iract ; but
may assign in one or more, having regard
to the interest of the beirs as well as'the
17 For the relief of persons, who have
madeenlrie a of land with entry tak ersujc
who have had lands surveyed by survey
ors, who have not renewed their bonds
agreeably to law. (Entries and survevs
rhade in the offices of entry takers and by
surveyors, who have not renewed their
bonds agreeably to law, rendered valid 1 1
ouppiementai to act of the present
session, entitled an act to alter an act.
entitled an act lo amend the 4ih r. ;,..'
. r . i ........ v. ... - . ....1
oi me act passes in mo." 1 1 he provis
Sbhs" oT said ac f to coh tin ue in lorce t o t h e
end of this Session.) ...
19 Amending the act of 1824. 1'ivino
the assent of North Carolina to, and en-
torcing in this btate, certain acts of the
r-gislature of lennessee. relating tn ih
Sirii.kv Mountain turnpike road. (Authdr
i s the stockholders of aaid road to dis
charge tb,cr sobscriptions by labor instead
appoint a person to repreicflt rhe sfate if
thc.anoual meetings of the stockholder.
of taid Bank.)
28 To erect an arsenal oo the south
we- of the Capitol square.
29 Supplemenary to the acts relative,
to the power of Courts of Eauit ifcii
of partition (Whenever a court of equi
ty shall order, the sale of real estate be
longing to joint tenants in coperrenary,
the court at tbdr ditcretion m rlireet
such sales to be made on the premises,
or at any place within the county )
SO For the relief of clerks of court and
clerka and masters of eouilv. fEaemm.
clerks of ibe County, Superior and Su,. Courts and clerks and master in
equity from the penalties nrestiherf h
rbe- act of U2J,pnti'led "an act to amend
and extend the provisions of ap act to,
promote agriculture and family domestic
manufactures within this State." who
shall account for, and pay into the lre.u-
ry .by ibe 11 M-b neat, all the moniesr
bey were bound, by the before recited '
act, to have paid by the 1st December
31 Extending the provisions of the act
of 1822, gnnting further time o perfect
titles of land wil bin this Stale. (Extends
,lJe.prviiiua.of said act io ibe .1st Jnu-. ..
arv.J829 A
33 tirai'ing the appointment of Solici
tor General and Soiititors so four years.
53 Making provision for widow when
they dissent from the wills of their hu-
bands ( Allow the widow of a teata'or.
out of htr husband's ette, one year's
provisionr tnthe same manner as if her
Susbm'l had died intestate.)
staves, heading aad Shingles shall hereaf
ter be iitapected.- (Ten hundred alaves,
heading or shingles considered a
thousand, and not twelve hundred as
SJ Concerning the tat to be paid by
persons peddling on certain streams.
'Persons peddling on the south side of Al
bemarle Sound, and the waters emnninp
therein, (Roanoke and Cashie excepted,)
to pay a tax of five dollar in each county
in which they shall peddle.) "
35 AmenJin'g the act of l7l5T"aDtoin.
un public regis-ers and directing tbe
method to be observed rn conveyini: land.
gnotlt and-nattcl, 4iiid for preventing
fraudulent deeds an(Tntorgigea.
7 Concerning the appointment of
keeper of the State fiinjse and for the .
preservation of the ajatue, of Washington. .
38io amend the ct.of isae, prescrt '
bing the mode of nrvey4g and salliflf
he lands lately" acquired frn the Chef
K I - j: TV! "Li ' 'IM ' ' '
cmec inniani. greets ine a reasurer
pay to the surveyor, or chain bearers, fcc, .
,SfllB.l5JlCilil-5','n? kaidJaiHljhilie sums
era appointed under the act of
39 In addition tithe acts relative t
weights and ' meVsueir'TMalcTlr lb
duty of the justices of the county courtl,
which have not provided sealed weig '
measdrrs, stamp and-braodt. dii eciavl t
be provided by the ads of 1741, to pre -vide
the same at the charge of their revr
spectivc counties )

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