North Carolina Newspapers

. t a. at a . i
- id C;.'ccft.lii,t l" tMry tf UAJi tiow
n.rrrd bv the Watert I any ofthe Ukd I' Cavalry Ulcere, attached la llifl IJiti bri
.f .hi. (Prohlblti entry taken "J'' T"?- V"1 1"Cin,i,,
. ,11 Benjamin I. Bnttaln, 11 Colonel, Win. M (.Una.
from rfc tivina; e.dritt of tucb lands.). . Ueitt CuUlt, (lll Bcni.mlrt jiX
Compelling tho county truatees of (M it.jor.
On I'rlJay, i i tie lLuic, a l.t.f,:, tt Lai
ff Cavalry Oiiicert, attadied to lLo
' etch county to report the elperidliuret of
' the county in the proecmior and punitb
form of insolvent offenders.
' 43 To rrrufjt the payment ofthe ul
try of the I'uhlle Printer, Treaturcr and
Clerk of the Trcaiury Department, and
to prescribe the manner-in which printing
hall hereiner be doti for the depart
mnfi of Stsie, end .forbe, preservation
I the public buildingi.
. 4) Supplemental to the act of ihl
ietkion, entitled " an act to slte an act en
alTacf Sailed Iff 1 SO.-
44 krtnectinir cerlala reserratlnM
TStweJ by Jndlanl Irf the lands Ta'telj
flulied by treaty from the Cbero';ie Na"
Vion." Provide for thr appointment oft
w Yommisstaner by the t over nor to inquire
-into Ibe-titles l certain tracts of. laud
claimed by Individuals of the Cherokee
Nation, and Contract for the purchase of
uch rracti said Indiana shall have a
.good title for
- 4) Directing whst construction shall be
given o contingent executory limitation.
' For want of room we are obliged
to defer till our next, a litt of the Prime
Act and Resolutions i there were I f 4 of
the former, and 29 of the latter, patted.
i1. 1 . 1 i
Tha Kt vilntion rci ilrinir the Governor to
make known tthe Secretary of War, the wVh
of tha Legislature, that he would tend ibe
Corps id U. H, P.ngiaccn to turv r tha route for
a Hail H-ul from N'ewbcrn through lUlcigh, to
the western part of trie ante, u taken up and
rejecieu, vs io a.
taataa waariaa caaouauv.
At company Mutter la Aahe co, N. C. on
tha Jib. Inat, a IMCetinr of the friemli of Gen.
Jack was1 held, which was attended by 83 Of
iw persons, i he meeting wat organized by
vin..wi'P rwri . ma a nir, ana ep
howling Meal M. Cuivacd and David . Moore.
KCretarJefc-e obi-dt or tfia ihefctli.irl.;!
It... JV 1 . . . "
cxpuuneu at soma lengtn by Col. iro. Hower,
reaoiuiwni upreaMnrtiieir decided diupproba
noil to tha preaent adminxtraiion, and their
preference for Andrew Jackon. and oledirinir
thrmaeWed to' u tlf honourable meant in
eeeare hla election to the froidenejr of the Vni.
(a Urtea, were aOopled wMb tMtt m diaaan
ting voice. A commillce coniling of CoL
Geo. Bower, Cant, f avion Colvard, and Cant
Daeid T.. Muorr, waa appointed, to Correspond
uli oher comniitlret of tlie dirtrict. and make
au otber txcritxry amitgementa fur the met
ting of dflrgatea at tVilketboro,' to aelect tome
periiMi to he voted for aa a Jack ion Elector fur
the diatn eompod of the eounUct of 8urrv
Wilkea, IiedcU, and Aaha.
SbniisfXmvm :
i;Airw t'ew-i. The Sapreme tkiort of (hi
atate met in Kaleigh on Monday the 3lt nit.
Jh L. lUndertin, Y. of thia town, hat been
appointed Clerk, in place of Col. Wm. Howards
elected Trcaaurer of the State. We under
aland there were three randidatea, ami that a
choice wunot tfTi-ctrd until the third or fourth
dy after the court met.
N. M. Wnnl,).
U. E. Mooore, $
Tlilt proud day for our country, waa celebra
ted in Haliabury, on Taeaday lat, in a manner
creditable-to the public apirit and patriotiani of
- ir cttisena.
In accordance wiih prriotia arranirenients.
Capt. Lemlv'a company of Light Infantry Bluet
paraded in the momma i and after nerformin
Yarioua miliUry erolutiont, with much precition,
and In martial vvlt, they marched up Miln
-Mreei to toe uoun-nouee, where a line waa
termed on the left of the military, (under the
directiont of Col. I hoa. U. Polk. marUia) of the
day. and Col. Henry G ilea, ataut ant mardiaL)
competed of the Clergy rf the town. Orator of
ue day, committee of arrmngementa, cititena
and It ran per i who moved in proceaaioa to the
Uiuieran Llmrcn, where had previoualy aatm
bled a rrapectable company of that American
Beauty" whiiae a tat era wrte ao gallantly airrd
oy int rr tieroic countrymen at Orleana, on
the er r-roemorable Bth of January, !815, of
wuicniia "e urn anntveraary, from tn
brut'alityxif a hcentioua foreign aoldierv.
The eieWiaea jn the cbutch werr commenced
ajith a verV inipreiaive, chaste and appropria c
fyer, vj uic neT, i namat n nglil. Iinmeui
aialjr after, Gen. Romulut M. launder! deliver
ed a truly eloquent and patriotic aldreM,
trnich called forth the apnlauae of the auditorv.
In the eveninff, a Ball warfgiven at the Fulton
uooe, wmcn u attended bv i laree and faih
ionahle aaarmblage cf ladiea and gentlemen,
citiaeaa and viaitera who retired at a aeaaona.
Lie hour, gratified with havinc contributed their
mite towards perpetuating the remembrance of
to glonout an era in the annali of our country
It waa pleasing to witm-as ao great a degree
i unanimiiy among our citizens on '.lie ocra-
on. EfTorti had been used to diveat the nro
ceedingi of every thing like a party complexion,
an to nonor TDeiayTjnrpitriotic uatianawn
deration. - With -how much tuccc&a these if.
farta" were attended, the following note apeaki
more convincingly, oecawse irom a more linn
tarcfted tource, than any thing we could toy on
uie auojeci :
SaUtburif, Jan. 9th, 1828.
lb trt:... t t- ii. . .
..... ,,aucr i wai mgniy pieasea at tne
tkcorodt manner in which the 8M J unitary
wa celebrated in your village. It waa truly
voarwcicnsuc pi uie iioapiuiity ot a renerou
and high-minded people. It was literally a day
f rejoicint; for the event, and not air'otlenta.
tiout ahow for paHy purponea : Bo1 ahould it
eyer be. I had een led to believe that the
ject of the celebration waa, to. aaiiat in the
approaching Presidential election ; that it was
not ao much the day, aa the man, that wat to be
Celebrated i and although f can never aee the
rrHit-n of that day without emotion, I felt that
emoTihn damped by the fear tliat the good peo.
pie of Salisbury looked more at tlie oeni in the
hand of Providence m achieving th virtnrr
Raleigh Jackton AJertini?.-0xr liruitt evil
not admit of our Kivinj, in deuil, at this
time, the proceedings of the J acVton mee
uni held in Raleigh on the 28th u!t. - At
we stated in our Ut, the Hon. Chief Jus
tice Taylor p'realded John KXTampFveij'
a w a . . w
ana nenj. a. nit-Hani, tcctetanet. An
able and eloquent preamble and reaolu
tiont, expretslve of a decided preference
of Gn. Jart'on at President, and John C.
Cuhoun as V ice President, were adopted
TV:il! Pli. '.i I ns .
imam oMi, voi. iiimet r . i aykir,
than at the conaeqnencea of the Victory itself.
I was deceived. 1 he prayer bv the Rev. Mr.
Wright, and the Addrese by Oen. Saundert,
(both truly patriotic and chaste performances)
the good fellowship and cordiality of all parties
On the occasion, all tend to An linnn, in ll,.
I iJiospitable and liberal tmncinlee which. 1
pay ever direct the cititent of a Free Republic.
1 1
Col. John Bell, Col. Winiim Kobards,
lion. John u. Taylor, lion. George E
Badger, Charlea L. Ilintofi, Uer.i. A. Bi-
harr, Bw.j B. Smith, VV. II. Hay wood,
jr. Chtrle Wanlev, 1 heo. Hunter, Geo.
W. I fay wood, Alea. J Lawrenre. com
nose the " Central Jackson Committee of
Igilance and Corretpoodence," to whom
the committees of the teteral Districts
when they have aRreed upon their electo
ral candidate, are resetted to communi
cate such selection.
Mr. Calhoun, at far aa oOr information
ettends, is moat decidedly the choke of
the friends of Jackson: their interests
- . ,
are inseparably hlenrled. Our rallying be
The corarnhico pi r . di and ctnalth
the house of rcprescatattvet of the United
Statct, made a 'report, on the 2d intt. on
the tubject of the National Road from
"athlngtotj City4 to New-Orletnt, accora
panled by a bill on the subject. The re
commend' the- Iffittm Koutt, through
Tennettee, Iter, The following are their
rtatont for giving thia preference i
" The committee hate, after much re
flection, decided In favor bf the western
route for. the contemplated road, without
intending, however, to etclude from tha
discretion, of tbe..Eiecuit aucb future
alferttloriiof thaf route at the further re
f pafft'orttitf United Suui'Eriglfteert, dally
"pecrea, or .luture loqyry, mtj
' In preferring the weslern to the mid
die or cittern route, the committee have
been governed by.. a, reuteVcT toThe
abundance and quality of the Material
which may hereafter be required Tor ita
more solid structure, and ti the various
uses of which it will be imceptilde, at
well In peace at In war, it affording,
whcie mott needed,! ready channel of
octal, commercial arid polittal inter
course and the mi ant of tpeedily con.
centrating and directing the pvblic force
to the defence of the nation."
Poit OfTutt The followvur N
Pmt Oflicea were ettablished in tha atate.
from the Ut to the 3 1st December, to
Unville River, Burke county.
peV.Oeekt -' - da
Bakertville, do
Toe Kiver, do.
North Cove. la.
Mill drove, Cabarrus county.
GreenleCsrflle, Buncombe county.
y, do.
Little Yadkin, Stokea county.
Blakely'i do.
Waughlown, do.
Kamtboro' GuMford county.
Koadville, Surry county. ;
Liletville, Anaon county.
Culpeper't Store, Mootgomery county,
nas oeen uisconunuca.
fjfctiJt Qf ITvpr in IJvWoot.. The
eiecuon or Htyor which took place In
Liverpool last October, wit more clotely
contested itm any, at we believe, on re
coru. it listed tlx. dayt( and at .the
cjote of the polla in each of the five first
daye there wat a lie between the.candi-
datct, Menri. Kotlnson and Porter.
The latter candidate succeeded on the
alxth day, by a rtiajorlty of 15. The
totet then itood, foe Porier 1 710 for Kob
Intonl7oS. The Liverpool Albion apcakt
of many disgraceful scene aa occurring
during the contest. " Bribery wat open
ly reduced to a ayttem. One party gave
three pounds for each tally, and at much
beer at, the men could drink while the
other gave five "pounds onlyallowinjr the
wen to get arunn at their own cipcnte.
A Mr. Wm. Rankin hunr himielf f deaik on
the 3d init. in Guilford couaty. He had, at
timet, been troubled with htaaaity.
Fatitltnill. .1 Annla k tt t.
iTxStwk do. 4(Ltai5 1 Jitcpn, i jjfjag.
fine;. y io coiiea 10-a lii.lMUm, new J
to 8 50,- Corn, 40 a 45 flour, g4 to 4 73,
Iron, 5) to 6 , MoUaacs 35 to 40 1 Sugar
9 J to 10i i Salt, 80 to 85 1 VThiekey, 30 a 3J ,
noeat io ou, per ouiheu
CharffHtn, Jan. 5. Jotlon. onlancL 01 to
10 1 whiskey, 17 to 28 1 annle hnndv. 31 a 32
beeawai, 25 a 25 , bacon, Hto HI t barrinr.
to 24 1 talt, Liverpool in bulk 45 a 45 lurks
IMamt none augar, brown. HI a 91 1 Coftee. U
to 15 ; molars, 30 a .12 1 black pepper, 18 a 18
ct. i eorn, 4H a 50 1 flmir 5 7S to 6.
North-Carolina Bank ItilK 2i to 3 ner eent.
diacount. GVoriria do. CeZcrtit Darienl 1 to U
per ecnt. discount.
aiw-toaa, iw. 1,
Cvittn. The trnnartion, for the Uat three
days, compriae -abwt 250 balea New-Orleans
at ll a 12 j cents; 300 balea of Upland at 9 a
l5!w4l Wvatwrt(trttfp-AHhama at 9) ell.,
making the total nalea of the week I "WO balea.
JHne Murtrt,n New-York. January 1st.
.Nortb-CuroliMa tank lulu were it 5 to S ter
cent, diaco'int i Mrvinia, 1; S'utli-Carolina, II ,
l.emgia, V Mi Darien. Iiatik the mimi Al.
bama, 6 I'ombicbee, brokrnj Louiatana, 2
a 2 i liiippi, 5 a 6 1 Ohio, 5a6 Kentucky,
uneertaint Tennctace, do.
Petmbnrg. Jan. 5 Cotton.' 6J to 9J bacon,
to 8i old apple brandy, ?) to 30; peach do.
65 to 65 , flonr, 6 a 6J t pork, 4 ;, 80 a
8ri- North-Canilina bank notea, 5 per cent,
discount i Georgia do. 2 do.
NOTE, OR imtit LOST.
0M tha mh of Ut O. tobr, f lifted a praiti
laory note, or bond, for fc2(X, given by K'tU
liana Jarratt 10 Dt. John M'Rntire, of Umhrrfunl
county, dated In March, 18J3. On the 25'h or
:CiU dayiof the aforeauid month and year, I art.
tied with Dr. M'Knu for the note, which, with
intereat to the Ittlt Mclpber, 127, amounted to
gW, or thereabouti i Wlikb note la lost or
midaKl, any person, therefore, who may have
found it, will confer favor by returning it to
me, at Morganton, N. C. Ami I forewarn all
persona from trading for laid note.
Jan. t, 1838. - 3t'H I ,
St4U f .VcrfA-Cor.liw, irtill ''tyntft
SLPEHIOIl Co,irt of Uw, r.ll Term, 1827 a'
ially Deat m vt, Janus Dcatnn, Petitlan
for Divorce, In th a eate it ia ! tl,.
Court that noiier iffrrrf fir three rn.i.thi w
the ..WetleiiL.Cju'wljuuj. printrd 4t tid'mhun .
and in the Star, orbited in IUUIHi . ,
defemlant James IJeaton, appear at the neat
Superior Court of taw to he hell fhr tb r.m:
ty of Iredell, at the Court llouae if. Ruteavllle,
on the fifth Monday after tha founh llotvt U
ircb weiuhcQ ani. there la jilidjUu.JDt .
wer the- petition of Badly Beaton, or that the '""-
same will he taken nro confeaan. and win h
hearJ ei parte. Copied from the minutaa.
I3IV Terti JA8.CASlPllf.LU at.
Ckrray, Prim, Jan. 4. Cotton, 6 to 8 6? i
cofTre, U a -:0 ; ,ur. 11 a 1? , aalt, 85 a 87 j s
baon. 9 to 10; fiotir, 5j , biakey, 40 , apple
Y the celebrated lUcer,
Air Arcby, of Roanoke,
out of an Eagle mare , will
stand the neat season mt tha
Mlort ot bumo . & Clavton. at Ileattv'a Vn,A
part of hw time i ant part at eome convenient
ataml about mid-wy between thia and Salisbury.
He ia a Horse of great power and vigor
seven veara old the neat rprin, upwards of
10 hands high. Particular will be made known
bemre the commencement of the aeaaon.
Hruttit', I'trd. Jan. 7th, 1828. 4t0
REMAINING in the Post Office at SalisburV,
North Carolina, on tha lt Junuary,
Samuel lxng
Margret lck
Prancia Lock
John LiniUay
Jacob Lyon
Peter Iwia - - -
slathew U. IKk
ttichard lck
Richard lury
jonn i4icki
word should be, Jackton and Calhoun. I Salibury by the CommUaionera thereof, whnsh
naSjei . nave nerctotore oeen collected by the Town
Joflron E!rctor$. Among the reaoltitiona ad. ' Coiiatable,' the appointment of wkich officer will
ited at the meeting of the li ieml- ol Gen. Jaeb. PTObu
ton, at Raleigh, wa one. recoinmending to hi, ence JJ'
friends in (lie counties comprising each electo-'
brandy, 35 to 40 ( molastea. 45 to 50 1 href. "
to 4 ; porl, 4 to 5; tallow, 9 to 10; flua-ieed,
45i ot. 25 ; leaf tobacco. 5 i butter. 12 to i ,
. . hagging, 23 to25 peach braiid),40to 45.
7wa Among the Dnvate acU naaaeil
by the IegUlkture at its recent eeetion, waa one IttarrffTl
Inch makes it the duty of the sheriff of; in ir.,!.n rn.m. ..- or.t. ..i. k d
Rowan cojinty to coUect the tales which may Campbell. Esq. Mr. jack Knai.Alpl.onao Gibbi
upon ine cmtena oi toe town of ' P.u i0 j,m Nancv Maev Al,n. on .K- I Asa Delozier
John Albright
Alel Artihart
A let V. Dramlon
tVm. C. I.'randon
M m. P.. Ilird
M m. Ilarbcr
James Bell
Jeaae B. Ba Iget .
Robt. Uradahaw
rPm flnrd
Polly Drown
John C. Utile w
Isaac Barrett
Charlea Biles
Mary Cooper
Rarah Cowan
John Cro'.'-r
Thotiaa Colet
IPill'ia Carter
John Catnip
Jacob Caughanour
Mary Campbell
Samuel Culbrrtaon
Dr. Jease Carter
David Co
Mr. Chambers
John IP. Moyr
Thos. A. Mera
Jamea Mull .
Armsted Monfcald
M. Mathus
I t.m ill. Kv ,lf mnm 1 tnM 4.l . Thftmi, f li. Ir Mn
have herctotore been collectee by the Town Surrv e.nntv. m Miu r n,..ii ,.r i.i.n : James nn!i
i . i j i - - w 9 j arww am ii hi lucii .
Va.Vrt 7iwla Tliam kill wM'-L t .1
the Central Jackton Commhtee of Vigilance lUouae of Common, to e.tabluh a Medical Board
the 1 icket, hen comuleted. aiav be formallt, .i.i. : ... .
Srgt'Se,7atJ Ue"er"' JWk"n f,n!,eV p0StpO,Wd in "'e "U t 00 "'e2ti-
Thia ia the eouree contenpSbtted to be rwnued ' , " .
bv the frienda i.f Jarkaon in thia Electoral dis- . M ' We "v5 hrn obligingly favored,
trict, compwed of the countiea of Rowan, Da. ' frwnd w"'"ng1on, with a pamphlet
vid-wn, and Montgomery. In due time, we un- co",,nilUr n address from the Hon. Henry
derstand. committee will he anT.tii..t i.- n.. 'y, Secretary of State of the United Btatra.
people of each of tbeaa counties to meet at cc"ml'n,e1 by numeroua te.timomala, in the
Islington, Davidaon county, and nominate a pe oT ,eUert m rioui Pblic charactcrt.
Jackson candidate for Elector for thii district nd among them one from Gen Lafayette V-all
, puuuj vinuicaie air. uiay against tha ehar
" of-entf rlnrtMarr corniDFcoaTTtmn wfU. ii
KtmaYlable:K w hft'e Had wat cm c fit' Akamai, by means' of which the Utter Was placed
m mt icwucmiH tuair, ami ne lor.Tier rewar
ded with the post of prime minister. . To Mtiafy
Hie curiosity of our reader, we will publish ex.
tracts fr6m Mr. Clay's address, aa we can find
ronm ami who tatrma from hla
testimony. All Ihit evidence, however, ia of a
negative cnaracieruie wnneaaea are Mr.
Clay'a personal ( friend, and testify u the
brtt f their iritvkdfe ! Our opiniorl of the
matter ia the aane it ever wal, to wit.Ut
Mr. Clay voted for the man be N felt ai.n"
l la .aa - w
iwouia mate mm tne beat return for ao doir.r
Bagwell to Miaa Jane Crabb, both of
In-dell. Alko, by the aame, on the 15th Nov
Mt. milium Morgan to Miss Jane Mnlli, both
of Irrdell. Alms bv the Same, on the 5th Nov.
Mr. Javid Raah to Miaa Maria Dais, both of
Iredell All friends of Jackson. Ctmmunicattd.
rntiiilv Alci nti thm v.l utt l.w tl.u f
onteil at tli m.ti..,. ril. , nrobablv hereafter be diknrnard wtih ' Viun. I n. ..i:. i. tt . . ' ..: . .. '.' .' 1
.... ..... v, .in. nirinr ui uc. . -, ., . t ' . - , nrraiaii .uaaarv to .tin tancv tJiiiierv, Ootn
ence na proven, tnat aome lurther provuuou in f Iredell. Alao. bv the aame. on the IA. Me a., ik. .n.:.. iL mm . - v - -
COIIlbritini?- hc r . : "it-" " e I aiei Ol uie i mm
a ar n - ww- . ll a ja a . I ----
ral Oiatnct lo convene and appoint committcoe. ' l0' M",a ,ort "no Impe (lie preaent
to meet in the central county of diirt ' ltw orJ M elTectuml remedy for the evila
thd aelect a Miilable Jackaon candidate for eec. eu"'Hiiied of.
tor for the district; and that immediate notice .
ot aucb selection and nominal iun h trlton t..
At her residence at Ebeneier A'calemy, York
district, S. C. the 28ih of Dec. Mrs. Jane Agnew
Hitrria, aonaart of the Rev, tittutr llarrit. In
her 18th year, she sunk under the mares of
I'uimoniryl onsumption, and has lett a bereaved
husband to mourn her untimely loam.
Near Jonffiville. Rurry county, lately, Mr,
llioma Allen, aged 85.
on Christmat morning, io.Pee Dee river,
abuut 5 miles from Richmond, county
court home.
Equally Rtmttrkabli There are at this
time (14th Januaiy, 828) Peat in bloom
in the (own of Salisbory !
Joseph rickeft, James F. Taylor, and
I THIRST quality of H 'inter Strained Lump Oi7,
itisiVtiitf'tM)tipfrfar te,-br
SaStbtiry, Jan. Hth, 1828.
William Robafda.are appointed Com mis L' lboe' attempt at tnw&thing over the
tinners h ih. ' v r ,u . . t v . !bunei,i labor loat, Gen. Jackson Win be
u, un me pari oi tne state Ot iorth- tnade President bv the Peoble. maiiPTi. ti ami
arolina, to lake possession of and ae II !" ?ther 1rt9f alike nature.
( The Legislature of thia ttate adjourned on
'Io'mlay morning, the 7th inat. after a session of
' udya. A litt of all tha public acts w ill be
Jutllld in tireeedina enltimna n
Jthe private acta, and the resslutiona, shall be
the property of the late John Haywood, to
indemnify the state againrt (he loss it has
sustained by reason of the defalcation iti
the fundi of the treatirry during the time
3rr. Haywood presided over that depart
ment. These gentlemen have advertised
for tale 110 Valuable slaves, and scvera)
valuable tracts of land'in the neighborhood
of Raleigh j talc to lake place in Raleigh,
on tne soth of February nexu
f piava nut
On Thursday Previous to the adtmirnment.
Mt. Stewart presented a biU In the House of
mmone, to alter the time of meeting of the
General; Assembly, to the 1st Monday in No
vember,.wbich was rejected on ita first reading;
and Mr. Borden. oreacnteJ a hill to mine th
per diea allowaVice of Member to t-xo dollars.
hich met with tfce same fate, by a vote of S4
o7. .... .,
Thomas Marshall ait Wtt fin rva1!a flr.
a t a U , . aruauiwi un-
eral of tlfd 2nd brigade, on the second ballot.
Oo Thursday, in the Senate, the bill for the
rection of a new county in the wi.i,. l.
called JMaen, waa indefinitely postponed. The
r was 30 to 29.
Kentucky.mmK convention of friends of
the adminittration, waa held at rrankfort,
ventucky.ontbe 17th ult. Oen. Thos.
Metealf, now In ohgre.s7 wis nmlniSd
f0! Gove!"! Mr7'L. J. Underwood
(or Lieut.Gov. Electoral tickets in'iavor
ol Wr. Adams, were alao agreed upon
But can they be elected ll'e think not.
fratertiy.-On the 1st imt, William J. Alex.
ander, of Mecklenburg county , William Ro.
bard, of Raleigh Nicholaa J. Drake, of Nah
county i and Emanuel Shober, of Stokei coun-
ty-were elected Truiteet oi the Univertity
of thia state, to supply vacancisi which occurred
darimj the pt jeir..
THE exercises of t la - Institution will be re
on tl 35th inst. under the manage
ment of the .Unc Spear, and the ctrl of the
The reputation for health and good anciety
which our town enjtrya, united to the facilitiei
for instruction ponst-ased by our Seminary, pre
aent no ordinary eluims to the attention of the
Parents and Guardians in our community!
1 he prices of board and taition are moderate i
and the Trulee and Teachers' pledge them,
selves to repress, so far at hes in their power,
every thing likj extravagance in dress, or any
unnrceasary expenditure of money.
The price of ordinary tuition varlea from 10
to gl5pef seuion, payable quarterly in ad
vance. Instruction in Muio, g?5
In Drifting and Painting, . ... 15
In'Needle work 1
Board Cur i he obtained in the motif respects,
ble families of the place, at $10 per month, in
cluding washing, wood, candle, &e.
WM. M. GREEN, Superintendent.
January 5th, 1828. 3t99
M ill,, KIM
Jamea Ellis
Jeremiah foreman
Mathtia Prick
Hv. II PielJ
Moat s Fight
Ssmuel Ganlrter
Hllliam Gilliwn
IPilliam Omy
IPilliamaon Harria
Mary Hill
Henry Hill
James Hardie
filliam T). Iladen
Joa. B. Herbet
Andrew llolaouser
John Hvde
Mn. Howel
Jumcs Hogan
Leroy Hightower
Rosanna Iladen
Nancy llodgens
John Hall 3
IPilliam Jones
Jacob Kurts
Moses Kern
WJ ILL be sold for cash at the Court-house in
Pruidential ecar. Oe reference to the
proceedings of the legislature of the 29th ult.
it will be cen that bills were presented in both
houses on that day, with the view of changing
tlie mode of electing Electors Of President aod
Vice President, from the general ticket'tu the
district system t and that they were rejected in
each house, by large majorities. The rejection
of these bills ia said to have afforded V teat' of
the atrength of parties in the legislature ; the
friends of the administration generally voting
for, and those of GenTTawTTagiliii
Co fie Fear A'otei'. We have seen by
tne Virginia papers that the call which
the President cf the Cape Fesr BifiR hat
made for a general meeting of iti Stock
holders, in order to consider i the piupii
ety of surrendering their charter," hat
had the effect of depreciatine the value of
Oape r ear r otea n 4hat - btate. Ve do r Womew and Children. t.AU sold at the orooertv
noi. pcilCVe JS. Spy just ground For of muei roung, to eatmty sunUry eaecu
thit depreciation. JhdeeffMaowTM '
the charter -will be surrender K . F. SLATER, D. Sheriff.
Peter Moury
James McCrackeri
Josiah Morriaon 5
Allen Neesluan
Thomas Noah
William Oaka
Jesse Parka
James H. Pickens . ;
Alexander Pinkatoa
Henry Powlus
laurrnco Porter
Jacob or Pttcr Riblen
Jacob Roe
lHaac N. Reek
George Rufly
IV-orge Iteeka
William Robinson
Thorns, S, Reeca
John T, Reed
Moreae Rase .
James Rum
John. ThorthouK I
John better
.loannah Smith
Edward Smart .
Kamuel Sloan
Archibald Stokes
Edwtrd Taylor
John N. Truckel
John Turner
Hiram Turner
Adam Trexler i
Abram Wrieht
Philip Walling
Dennia M. Winston'
Sarah Homack
Mewry ITeavetjr - -
A B. JPaugh
Asaph Waterman
Preeman IPafker.
REMAINING in the Post-Office at Coneonl,
North-Carolina, on the 1st January, 182t.
Aon H. Alexander Prancia Newal
Margaref Alexander John Newal
fcalisbury. on Monday, IHth daV of Peb- Wm. Averett
umgfeton Averett
ruary next, the J'tantatiun whereon Samuel
Young now lives, lying on Third Creek, adjoin,
ing John Young, Wm. M. Wood, and others j
containing about 700 acres of at good l and ti
any in Rowan county, about 175 acre cleared,
much 6T aIfch is fresh, (all under good fence i
and there are on the premise convenient and
suitable buildings of all kinds required on a lat ge
'fkrrrtr"K'''' --'--.-.--
.fia, will be sold on. the sme day and,
ti likely Je.tiHUC.r, conaiwmg vt .t tnen.r.
state which is considerably inferesYed, is
opposed to the surrender. Should the
business be continued it is possible that
the heavy tax of which the ' Directors
complain may be repealed by the Lcgis:
latue. ' " ' Rod. Reaittcr.
January Hh, 1828.
4 NY person having some odd volumes or num.
1. ' ber of Nicholson's Encyclopedia, for sale,
will receive a fair price for ot the Hook
bindery in Salisbury.
Jan. 12ih, 1828.-. " 3199
Catharine Barringcr
vviinam H. liinra
Jacob Cenay
Joseph CrofTord
Ionard C'agle
Robert CrofTord
Henrv Doland
John Purr
Tobias Purr
John Gannon
John Gillian
Stanhope Harris
I-eonard llaghe
Leonard' HarUel
Levi Hope .
Moses Mi Kitilcy
Oliver McCurdy
John Mitchler 3(99
Nsncy Newal
David J. Newal
William Nichols
David J. Newal
Robert Pickena
Daniel Prgram
M'llliam Petry
W. fhillip
David Reese
I'hoaiat C. Robinson
Prancia Ross,
Daniel Keep
Hubert W. Smith
Hugh Smith
John Strobe
John II. White
John Welch ,
REMAINING in the Post-OfRbe at State.ville,'
Northarolina, on the In Januarv, 1828
James P. Alley
EliaabeU) ArcltiUld
Henry Baggerly
John Campbell
Wm'. Cumminii' "
NicholUs Cloer .
John Cavm
Wm. MoroW
Andrew Murdoch
Nicholas Norton
.lame Nance
We,tley Keynoh!! .
John Ileynoida
Hugh llandlei
Mattiew Roberts
TlH.drGeo. Duckworth Miss Caandra Ke?l'
George P, lHdmn James Smith, or
"en. P.pVaiih DaVidiDtiThb; Smith
Cvru Fleminir
.loliri A. Pleiriiiiff
MatW iwllaher
Ariiold Holland
Abraham Hill
'I noma Johnson
Eit'jcb Irwin, 3
L B. l.ind.iry
loll Luncchwd
James Sliirliell
. Joliua M. Smith
. Jeremiah G. htoaa
Hom hini6iiion
Mist Wary (Jimpson.
.Mm Weber
)mti Williame
Thomai Waits
a. a in
worie. lJ
.n.Jion vUs J.MK M'KN
1 ..
1 "
... . .i
a -
1 f
P .i
1 1 ' '

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