North Carolina Newspapers

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fllHE ii.bKnb-r Ik.. d.-itinrd W,-f "
A fioods, and ll.uae Ulcl.trd him,
T la ment nai.urt lb '' "'"J, as 1o..(f indulgence ned ePec.r
&i'.ry. AW 29. 1H27. 91
. cash ... , . '
amoved Ml Stort to
- 7 I' Concord, respectfully Inultt all T.i'we wk
t,. t....i im (.if in cimm forward ana ecttie
by the first day of March J
in Complying, m.y siUlfcht j10"
rt accows U M places jonii i;-
Land of offivert for CoIIc1hi. -- --.
- . ED WifiD C1ESS,
'. miine int.ktMl la tho eatat of William C
1 j -,teM. mHeil to ike ,Bime
liilfi 'of tit are
7s" ... .v .iT ii.Wiva e&iinot he riven. - ' Those
rwMnrteramterCM CatTubon John M. Hardie,
' with vTott (be not are lotlffrI. ind wto can
: " be found at (be CourtHotrie at all time- . -.
t0 HENRI blLr.9,
- January id, 1828. .
T T wtu of a deed of trufl, eteeuted by AU
1 eunder J. Wecke, for tho purpow. of ae
, rur.:,m rWia drbia therein mentioneu, 1 will
. sell at public vendue on Friday the 29tb dr of
February tKif.on the prem.aei, tliat ealuable
tract of land known by the name of the Leeper
place, lyinf on we uif m -v.
about three milea above MaKin'i ferry, joining
th Un.l .r rr. W. Maclean and other. Thii
! tract eontaina, according to a late aurey I06J
"crrt I a.'l la well known to be equal in cjnality
J to anv in the upper part of Bouih-Carohna i a
larea portion thereof belnir fir nt low 5?mmL
PeSona w-hing to porcnaae, will do well to
. . no tune in eiaminin it, ae a nle will powlmly
, , take place at 12 o'clock of that day.
4 Term of aale aill be, one-thifd caebi one
-t fiird-af our yera eredit, and lhe..remaining
third two year ereou
Tnmvnrw 22dL 1828. - 4t03
FHElwfiacriber lianr" quafificd'aa' adminif.
A jraror on the MUte of Joint C. F.llioti, decd.
c;v:late of. niitherM 'pjKyaVh& t pee-
aona indebted to the eaiate to make payment
Kith a Uttle delay ai poaaible j and penona tit
ing cfauan agamat tne e.weraioiiia pntJ work io kit nne-.r-. .: -r t
aent them, legally aurtiettcated:wiihln the time
prtacribed by hw-,x)therwwe'hii notice- will be
plena in ear 01 weir reonTcry.
WU, 8LADP,f&iV.
Jenatory lSik, 1828. .. -:.. - 3t03
0V the 12th day of February next, I will aell,
at the houte of John C. FJliott, dee'd. in
Hutherford county, N. C. upon a eredit of twelve
' month, all the personal property belonging to
ih Mtate of said Elliott, eomwtinr of Cattle,
Ilogv Sheep, and Horaea 1 a large quantity of
Corn, bctwecen thirty and forty likeU Negroes,
gongnma' nr men. women. Bra and cbUdren,
kmnnr them one etcellent blacksmith of roodi
character, and two othert toleraUy -good black
J nnithi and Carpenter, also 01 gooo cnaracier 1 , comignmenia, a rcquireu. iw
and other articles the aale to continue from .. , . IIF.NRY W. CONNER.
. .day today lintil finished.-r Other terma of aalet. ; Ckarieu Jtim. 1827.-.-.-vV.-A:.-:- 'j.-
L made known on we oay 01 eaie...
Jatuitthf II'. 1838 " r 3rt)3
m HE aubacriber having quahfied a admin!
M X tra-or on the estate of John Donaldson,
i I ; .eo'd.kuavof ilaai faWitytyl.C,. yU.h tbeWill
f.--3nZr'r . ZllLAlk' i;:.r
t i.te to oavment with a little delay aa
, Mnnexru. urirr n uvfwnnwniii,n
boasibter aiidattpeTeoMhM
.ufUnttrd. vithia tl. timefimitedbr Ad of ift
lrT fjH- 4MHI M , . f
-T . -:. IIUFI'8 RF.ID, Admrntimtw.
' J
j.FIHE aubacriber, administrator of Mj
erick SachTer, dee'd. ol Uoww eounly, N.
C. deaire the Uratee to present their invento-
riea, legally authenticated, for settlement i and
that h will be fully rvadyi for , settlement by
liexr Ftbruary court. . atua
' ' ADAM noSEMAN, JaWr.
V.fcitrr SoVAi 1828. . ..'
" fT!HE aubacriber respectfully informs the eiU
JL iteris bf 9fiabury, and the surrounding
- codntny that he h established a Mk J&mltry
- ' in mill lAm. rtn Main KlrMt. a fkf dfiora anTiin
' of the Court-Housej where h ill be thankful
to recelv knv kind of work In hi line Of business.
From A number of yeara experience, In Europe
t" and America, he fee la confident of being able to
;v. -mii. uti.f.rtmn to J1 thoae who nv
' Inr t'.m itlt iihv ili-acrinilon of ItinJurv.
ot. . tuu. t .ft., ...
fumisbeO.on aliort notice, and at pricea which
rnK.n)u;n nf
. n.
- n,
.from a distance, faithfully attended to. 1 he pat-
"ronage of the public is rcpecU'ully solicited, by
- ineir oocuiciu sen im,
-: jmtrf-H.-DB-CARTERETi
Wwr, 28lAi 1827. ' 61
V'v-"1EGS leave mot reapeclfully to inform tbe
, ' , JLl citixeni of Davidson county, that be has just
"received a fine assortment of t'rttk JVedicinet
-"-and expect to cWe. within a Esw weeks, from
H Philadelphia andKcy-Tork;an annrtmerlt more
'''exiettslve thart h;eer xwhe1hirntry'i
. ' and be pledget hia time and talents, in fidurt,
' entirely. Jo , his profession. He hopes, from
year ieBoelnthe.prjessipp, to meet With
that, patTonage, which . a .man r.ajipiljkrlinw.
' whole nund i devoted to it, ' IHs charges shall
-' imu' exceed, those made bjr other medical
gaitfmwih 79. m ...
45V person hsving tome odd volume or num
J t.r? of Nicliolson'a Encyclopedia, for tale,
wiliiTw u e a fair price for thcn at the Book.
bindery in -aliabury,
. pv l2rh,1828. v qjW-
jACitfos melting. .
The ciliaee. id Rowan ,l.ntv who
l to lh election
.f Jiutrrm jac ii - -
aidrnt, and M V. Cult""
u Vke President
0, the United "'T" ,tTuin
m.hlie meetings! the court-Use to?
of, on Tuesday tha lorn W
rv BeIf, for the purpoe o pii""
7at. U confer with .). others M miy
5e.iKnted in DwMiwi and Montpomery eeun.
tirOn nominiin(randi!tef..r Jn nd
Caliioun Wector b taU dUtrict i and in
Inr virfa otlier meurn aa my b dferned
adiiiable In mot.Hr the cawt or the Pw(ti.
JanuAr, 26f. 18.
"Hiefriemliof admlniitration. ;i4 thote
ZXL MtuvtA' tu -flit rlret W-Andrt
.-v.- .. PMWUnt of the United Statei, are
remtttrd 4naUoLUit ti? "coiitt-hWJ
town of BaKtlMir, on Wedntiday, the 30th day
of IVbrtw.'y. 182. o dvie auch meawrw aa
thw iniy J,1irbe1te1atrt1otJ4UBa
wwir 19, t8C8. ' " "
AMRKTINti-of 4he JcU)w ol tiy.-,l aiam
.Niiciion Company it req ierted on the
1 Si of r-hrn WT"ei m-tho town of fcdiiburj.
Uatten of Importance require toeir auemnm.
Jan. XJ, 1828. 3t01
THE eopartnenhip of lluntinton and Wynne,
la tliia dy (fiinolved by mutual content.
Ail thoe indebted, by note, or account, are ear.
neattv refluefted to call and make payment to
Jdbh lluminctom who ia uthorierd J- re emH
theeame. It m eontvieniiy cipwr i
ie will not be neHected. ime of the firm
deairotia of learinr the plaoe, and aa it ia not Iri
i t..i r. I. I
our power io give inuuiK-nir, i ,
win not be etoeotedl Therefore, thnae wh
do not etlil themaelret of the earliett opportt
nity to make payment, may expect their nutte
and aceounti to be placed in the hand of in of
ficer for collectioni JOHN livr iwu i u,
8ltiiury,VUt January, 182B. 4(03
UrOCLD Inform hi friendmml the public
f F - jtenetailf ihat h iualaken.lli,himelf
the eoneern of Huntington and Wfrmr, anrl will
continue 1o keep a neat aaaort went of all kioda of
JElTF.t.HY. and
07. a t.K-n JtKEf
and reanectfully aohViu thoae who are diapbaed
tor purcrnije- liith artictev Jiim a-ea
lie expecta, in a abort time, an additional jour
neyman ivl will h nretiared to eiecute
tuTUhitvTJan. ?4ri8?8.
THE aubacriber reapcclfiilly informs hia
frienda and the public, that he continue
the above line of bnairew at hia olq tand on
I Kdmomlaton'a Wharf, where he ia prepared to
' attend to the aale of produce committed to hia
care, upon wbicn liberal advanceawiii at ail
time be made 1 or to the execution of orders
for Coodi,
1 Wm. J. Wilson, Raq. or in hi absence, the
j agent of the Sirme iTaofa. Joseph H. Townee,
t will ject ue and iorward witjiout delay. aU
Cottona eonaiirned to me by the way of Clieraw,
- - and will be prepared to make advance on tucb
"ATHAN BROWN returni hit sincere thanVt
to his friend and the public in general.
for the hberaJ encoungemenUhe. hu received
n hia fine of busineas , and beg leave to inform
continue at hie old eta!,
door oortWaMrftlic jul wbrre htio on
.-...v.. .. ...-. . v.s j .
tuacey.l arrt,., and tnmrtM,oraIT(IfSertp
tiona, eiecuted not infenorto anym the eur
nf. of ?wfT. 9CX0
" of ?nr M will be done on the ihorteit
r . .
SaUihrirv, Jan. 15M,
182). fr04
; rTTlHtt aubacriher hsving qualified as Execu-
H tnr nT IhM luet w II nA itsnviint nf Alfis..,!
tif..v. I.U of S.Kshiirv. iIpcM. deilre. .11 . ,Um. to m.k Mrm.m
, with M iittJe deUr at poaaible 1 and all penon
having cJaima against tbe estate, will preaent
them,-legally;; authenticated, - for aettlement,
within the time limited by act of Usembty; other
wise tbia notice will he pled in bar of their re
covery, JAMES -UABTIN, Jr firw"p.
v. 9SJ, 1827. 13f0t
Stan nf Mnh-Vart&nn, htdett('ormf)t -
OrPEBIORourt of Law, Fall Term, 1827 :
O Sallv Deaton , Jame Deatoni Petition
for Diorce. In tht caae It ia ordered by the
c,"rt tht notice be given for three months in
the Western Carolinian, printed ui Ealirbury 1
"d '"the Star, printed in Raleigh i that the
defendant James Deaton, appear at the next
Superior Court of Law to be held for the Coon.
tr of IredelL at the Court Ilouae in Statesville.
th f,m Monday after the ftjurth Monday in
Marco next, then and there to plead to. or an.
Deaton, or that the
P"c wp'o"n me mmure.
13(9 Test 1 MS. CAMPBELL, Clh,
State AsrA-Cm6'na, ftte ceutity 1
tJcrEKtotr fjourt of
O 1827. - Majory Baldwin v. Eliaha Baldwin 1
I'etition for divorce. Wbereas, it appears to
the statutaeiion or the court, that the defendant
it an inhabitant of another state, it ia therefore
ordered by the court, that publication be made
for three months in the Raleigh Register and
WeMern Carofinian, that tho defendant appear
at the next Superior Court of La w to be held
for the County or Ashe, at. the Crturt-bouie in
Jefferson, on the third Monday of March next,
and then and there plead, answer or demur,
etherwie4he petition will be beard exparte.and
the xante et ,fjWitr;lavid. Xmvt
uicra, at oiace, trnr jib day or November,
A., U. lo-7. U. EAKSEST, CTk.
NOTICE. All persona having books in their
possession belonging to the estate of Al
fred Macay, deceased, are requested to leave
them at lr, .Mitchell's. .
1. :..;.
A i .r. 1oriion LcM I. ttie Mock
or thla IUnk al lcit u-mkinp: nouo ia
rhiUdelphla, on th 7th and 8lh Init. the
following gentlemen wero chosen Direc-
ion for the prtien. year, vui
Horace tlinney,
John Iloiden,
Henry Pratt,
Thomaa Cadwinadcr,
llichard Will'inf. , Tol.nd. "
MatUew L. Btran,
John Hemphill, .
Manuel F.yre,
Paul Deck, Jr.
!ewie Clapier, .
(iatnuel D. Morni, ,
.i U'L'...
John Potter, of South Caroniva,
Ceoixe Ifoirman, of Maryland,
wetter nawne. of New fork. -
William B. Aitor, of New York, '
yr(l.inlel ihbee, of MaaMcbuaettt
Daniel wwur, w itiaawcntncTisv"
Ani tt merlin on the obt o( Ihfi ,
8lb UM. 01 ' ,rc,0"w",,;,"'aomeof the hoary headed eteraneof 78. Co
tppoiited bt tht ajorertiment of tb vm. S. AIUn wu eafled to the chair, and
Unrw a! afei rilrbolra bMir Mqwaa4
uniitmotjalf re-elected Preaident ot the
Back Tor the ume period. - .
From tia Cajnden Journal w .
There apneart to be aomeXtrJins An
ifi n N York pn the cfwiraw yf the ltU
td Sttf a Bank. 'That Initkotlon drawi
ni EncUnd at a bltrh Rate of Exchange.
1 keep funds there for tht purpoae of
peeting theae draft and, It It to M pre
unies, of f ttionauy orawa in butbuvw.
,n ike ttate of the
money market
n Great Hritiin, It can
command any
. mon Certainly this meal
"( - . . , p,fn.nfy. .
U ore keepi don the Hate of LichanRe j
but, ar the ame time, it muat reduce the
slue of all the marketable produce ot the
Country. ThU produce would be ahlp
ped to par the European debit, and hence
n hirher price woo W be obtained for it.
Surely, this employment of the 0. State
raoUal In Great Britain, and ia a manner
directly calculated to lower the price of
J . A.W
the great staple! ol tbe United state, was
never contemplated. Having been made
the Government Banker, the Bank of the
United Stitct- bat TlrtTjaHf -been render
ed a monopoly, and the application of -it
cbdIisI in thi manner, It, we repeat it,
readfWopprearyerr theCottonr'-To-
haccoand nice-dealers. It anteafrom an
txcetsire -capital. -
; : FtomrA' Report: mdr to Congrett, at
its nretrnt ieinn, by Ibe Director of the
actions during the past year, J he follow
ing fOt apiear. The coinage effected
within that period, amounts to 8JJ24.
342 31 Of the Gold bullion deposited
at the Mint within the laat year, the pro
pop ion received from Mexico, South
America, and the West Indies, may be
Mated at 76.000 dollars; that from N.
Carolina al 21.000 dollars, and that from
Africa at 13,000 dollars, leaving about
20.000 dolUra derived from sources not
isceiiMfled .- The whole amount received
ft cm N. Carolina, to the present period,
i nearly g 1 10,000. This Gold hs gen
erally been . found to exceed in fineness
: Raleigh Remitter. -
In the report made by Gov. Iredell, a PresU
dent of the Board of .Director of the Literary Jegialalure, aiUtajecent . ae ssion.
a bnet iKw.xt. liu, ioacoAUiLioa ol ino. I rc
sury of the State of North-Carolina will prtbablv
he. on the 1st of July and. 1st of November,
18 8, is given 1 from which we give the follow
ing synopsis :
Cah in the Treasury and in Banks, ,
Dee. 187, -.- .r r .1 . . ; 85.437 83
Estimated amount of Bank divU
dend. one hah" receivable Dec
18!'. tttf 0TrwrJuneT8?8: -r9984-o
Am'l receivable from therifra, for
taxes, . . .
Do. for tax on Newbern Bank, T
Do. for lax on'Cane Fear Bank
6,137 00
5,93a 00
Pp. receivable on the Cherokee
Land Debt, entry of vacant lands,
fee. be. - . . . ' ' . . ' .
1090 00
Total estimated receipts.
210,353 83
The total estimated expenditures,
up to 1st No. 1828, (including
36,000 for tbe late Legialatore.)
are , .
102,729 00
Probable balance in tbe Treasury,
Nov. 1,1828, - . v .
Of this sum there will be
107,624 83
ue and oledired to the
jterarvFund, 38.245 50
Arid to the Fund for Inter.
1 Improvemeute, -' 37,77600
"6,021 60
wlifcb, deducted from the above
turn of 107,624 83,will leave an
1: aptnaj balance of available funds,
. Te State own 6565 shares of Bank stock,
(par .value 656.500.) the itividends on 3662
'htretof Which am appropriated to the Fund
fur linerual" Impreveinenis, and "on t Ml-thare
to the Literary Fund. . -
Com. Purttrk letter to the Editors
of the -National Intelligencer, from V
friend In Mexico, under date oL Decern
ber r-i837-aays Com. Porter Ji now
ing leception from the Government, and
during next month, when Congress opens
it? ordinary session, he is-to be promoted
tqjtne rsnk oi eadier ueneral, equiva
lent to. .tpIASraiIirR
is in Vera Crux, but will be got to tea as
quickly as possible?' 7 -
Extract of a letter from ' Vand&Ua fllli-
noia) Det. 8 M Whatever you may hear
to tbe contrary, fecksofi stett the vote
01 (Hit atate."
Fr.nuuAiiF i:ii, n;n.
. r,
try We must beir the indulutnce 01 1
our correapondents, for the omission of a
number of communiratlotis, ouuuary no
ticei, Ice. They ahall all be duly attcn-
ded to in short time. .
tr find tt Imnract'icaSle to Dukllili entire In
Uila week'l paper, the proceedinp of the Jack,
ion meeting held In Concord on the 31t4 ult.
and prtKimlnjr It would be more ijeiirwble to
delay one week, than dividi them, we defer
their intertion till our neKt. - . -
I-We ara adriaed. Jbat the fneetlhf wae.eom.
poaed of from 150 to 300 people, moat of wliom
waaungton llama,. r.q. ana vapr. i;n.r ( luit
man. annointed tecretaries. A committee cf
vigilance was appointed 1 and Col Wm, . ADi.
aon, L H, Alexander, Esq. Uaj. fleorre Barn,
hardf, Capt Robert TikeiAand MsJ.'L Csnnti,
were appoint ed Delefate u-mees the d lega
tion from Macklftlwrj,so4 Lincoln counties, at
Charlotte, on Wednesday,-th-27th of this
month, for tho purpoae of - nominating a candi
date for Jackson and Calhoun Elector for that
district. 1 ho proceedings shall be pubtahad
entire Io our next. . ; : .,
jack&oxu mists.
A very large and respectable meeting of tbe
friends of Gen. Jackson waabrld in Wilkeaboro,'
on Tuesday, the 5th in. 1 at which an able pre
amble and reaolutiona were adopted, setting
forth the necewiity of electing Gen. Jackson aa
President, and John C. Calhoun as Vice Presi
dent of I United Mate. Committee of vigi
lance and correspondence were appointed, and
other measure taken to promote the election of
Jackaon an4 Calhoun, - After which, Gen...
fwH Sukft was nominated aa the Electoral can.
didate for that distnct. weexpecx io gei aoe
tailed ststement of the proceedings lor publica
tion in our next, or succeeding paper.
faefwiran, Jan. SOth, 1828.
At a tmmerou and reaneetable meeting of the
eitiaens of Burke ommHr, friendly f e the elect ion ai
uen. nnarewsctson as rrrmiem r me .m.
ted "tatea, Chartn Mcl)wwt!! Esq. waa nnanl
monrv eaPed Sotrteehair, and WllKam Roane,
Faq appointed secretary. On motion of Col.
Itid Newland. Hueh M. Stoke. Esfl. was re-
qucted io "p'repare anli'Ufress to tlie"c'leni oT
the United State,on the bad policy of re-electing
John Quincy Adam at President of the United
"Sutea,rJ. lb propjnety of electinp General
Andrew Jarkaon to that office.
- ffnfot4hs)4 wowiiTnae aOhosioaabW mean
to secure the election of Gen. Andrew Jackson
ssvPresldent, and John C. Calhoun as Vice-Pre-aident,
of the United State.
Renhed, that this meeting recommend to
the people of each Captain's com pa ty in tbia
county, to elect two representatives. (0 meet in
the town of llorgsnton, on the Tuesday of
March superior court next, for the purpose of
taking imo consideration such means as may
promote the foregoing resolutions.
FlmhvJ, that Cot David XrwWod, Col. Sarnl
C. Tate, Col. John Kincaid, Col. Alna Burgm,
Col. David Raker, If ugh M. Stokes, and William
Roane, Eaquirea, acta a corresponding commit'
tee to carry the foregoing resolution into effect
Rntlved, that the proceeding of this meeting
be published in the Raleigh Star, Western
Carolinian, and North Carolina Journal. McDowell, a.
roa wi wrsrsaa tuotmiT.' -"
Stati $f Iftrtk'Carttijta,' Burke cesuiv.v
January county court r Wherea, we, the
Grand Jorora for the ewinty of ,Burke have
looked with moral and politic! alarm upon the
present widely extended prevalence of tbe high
porrv tpirit wbkb-ia-abown upon the. Presiden
tial Election at issue before the American peo
ple: And whereas, we oehold the aame with
ttfeetitnrcf dcrp rrzret, being dangerous to
moral sod political safety t therefore. ;
Ptttlvtd, that (as we here withhold any ex
Pfe.sjon of our predilections, for either of the
mmiKiare; we oepreca'e uie. prewni nign ex
citement, believing H a dangrrous encroachment
anon our norm unit putittat turniMi.
Retttved, that we nfTer our most solemn ttt
to the imfxratitx dictum of any nmmittte or
JZaaKiLjthalwe recommend the Ptttxtr.
ciae of our rVrtit privileges to be deliberately
exercised by a coot reflecting judgment, unbial
acd oy party rage or injngueing deaign.
Retired, - that the- foregoing -reaolutiona be
pubiohed in tome ttate paper.
- Joseph HayViViwaaiu George. Copening,
wuiiam uvsart, Jacob Keller, W illinm Moore,
Jesse Hartley, Elijah Largernt, Daniel Jarret,
A. II. Krw in, John W. Kibler. David Tate, jr.
Zachariah Downet, Andrew Moore, James Bur
lison, John Dobton, William SherriH, James
Mm Slander Rrfvteil.So frequent, and so
profligate, are tbe slanders on Gen. Jackson's
character, that we deem it an act of sune re ro ra
tion to devote time and space to a refutation of
xnera 1 ror most or mem Dear ineir own rerutation
on meir faee. Amonp other calomnie. wliicb
have recently been propagated against the Gen
eral, u one wmcn represents him as having, in
the spring of 1819, repaired to the lobby of the
senate of ihe Urtstea, aemmpanied bv hi two
n ws, ror ine purpose 01 innicung personal cnaa-
uscment on John w; Eppet, a- senator from
Virginia, for the part he was supposed to have
taken In the Seminole debate, against tbe Gen
trail and that he was prevented from execu
ting hi purpose by the interference and threats
ot tora.-letiur t iaksor4 hw formaUy
.Hs4ipi.i.vw v."y,e 1 um ins enemies it ill an ea
ting not to put Confidence in his denial ka they
say he is an inttrettedvdtneu, R. K. Call, one of the
Aid who are eaid (in the alander) to have, ac
companied the Gen. to the lobby "of the senate
hat been,. Appealed to oa the -subject, sd hat
made a publication, denyitif;,- iinquaKfiedly, the
whole affair, lie says:
- I had the horror to be one of the two
aids de camp oGen. Jackson above allu
ded to 1 1 he ot her, Capt. Ric ha rd J, Easter
it unfortunately no more, or I am ronfi
w v-wwisj ajiiMU we tU lllW IIIUt !. V Ul
ally in this statement, t tccompaoied .
a i i 1
t? I'i!
:vr r lie went j and to the best of rny
crtlon and belief, he wai not In ih
- . - , im iu
Smata Chamber, or the antl room i n,.
Senatr, at any lime during this vUU, 1
remtrnber freouently to have heard him
tnvj,e(j by the members tu visit the Sen.
ate -while In sesilon, end always heard
him decline doing so from motives of d.
ijcarjr, aa his ofTiclsl conduct was at that
time a subject of Investigation before tht
body." ... - ;
MWblie at uaninfjion 1 witnessci!
wiih the Mhett gratification, many inter
views between Gen. Jcktn end Com
modore Decatur. The conlialiU of fea-
tingT'and; the'WpeetfttLtWportment-fjf
these freotlemtai towards each other, was
such as might have been expected from
the chivalry and generosity of their dit-
post t ions.
Thoae who know uen. Jackson. o
neier giro the least credit to this tidku.
loUsaleIIc Jit4o1ieq.jlelttd 4o 4t
persuasions end intreatles of M frieaei,
butkea) In the whole' coutscLiuV
eventful life ever driven fiord kli
fixed determination by threaa and ,n
nares f All Hl aftter-tiever ! Ii i,
somewhat tintortnnate for the autbdr of
this strange ttorf that he should have
remained aitenMintil after the death of
the lamented Decatur. This circum
stance alone most create the most unfa
vorable opinion ef bit veracity and what
man of common understanding ran be
lieve, for e moment, that an angry con
trovers could have taken place between
Gen. Jackson and Com, Drcatgr, in thn
k SB. a -.f 'e.a
tnnenamrer ot tn senate, wit nout nk
being immediately known to the public;
and yet I, as aid de-camp of Gen Jackson,
though said to have been present on ibe
occasion, never heard of the occurrence
till Informed of it through the merfiota
of the newspapers."
".Another calumny, at malignant aittU filj,
St goirg the rounds of the admlnistratioii p.
pert (..that Col rV Jure, in a casual conr3
sation, said Gen. Jsckson waa kit mt.
meaning that the General wu concerned wits
Burr in hw ntrempta to exeHran msorrecrioa Is
the West. ' CeA Burr himself ha put dowa tbn
lander, by declaring that there is sw rratt
tlfiwf. We are ewrieot to trnow what hW.
hood the eoemiel of Jackaon will next propsgue
against him. .
Mr. AJami tn NtrtkX anVma ln the legit,
(sture of this ttate, at itt late session, out of IV
member, (the whole number) it waa rtVatad
that 151 were friendly to Jackson. 43 for Adstu,
and toe neutrali more t,han tkrtt-fkwnKt of the
whole legislatare for Jackson I Beaides tha.
our Governor, Treasurer, Comptroller, Chit.'
Justice and Judges of the ?opreme Cour. the
Attorney sml Solicitor Cenerahv mor rf i
Judget of the Superior Court, the two ta
tort, and tho Representatives in Conm irti
four exceptiont, and tbe great body of the ?n
pit of . fire Hate, are decidedly favorable t ibe
election of Gen. Jackson and Mr. Calboun.
Such being tbe ease, ean any thing but the stranr
est infatuation induce tabulating matt tebetieti
or hope that the Adam ticket can. ia any em,
tingency, eoooeed in tht ttate.- H it meet tail
proper, however, that those lo eonscientiouilv
believe Mr. Adams ought to be contiaoed in of.
fice, should have an opportunity of vtft'a sad
to insure them thai right, it it necvaaary there
should be an Advnt ticket 1 - And we tre glad
there ia ooe. ror we can now neastire ttrenb
mlk.wrpjMment. "
Slj 1 ,
. Jibe. ?witb-Carolina Legislatare adjonmH tt
the 29th nh.- 1 b WpMchmeni fJmdgJima.
resulted io his removal from office. WY rare
heard of no appointment to fill the vacancy. A
resolution was ptftrd fbr Impeachiof Jwijt
4aVy-7lUntasj r-hia trial,- however,
postponed till nest seaaioB,---
A eomoliroentary dinner wat riven to Cor.
Iredell, on hia arrival in Ettcnton, hia place f
residence, by the citlxeris of that town, as a tes
timonial or tliep respect for hit public and pn
rate character,
" At North Bridre water. Mac, a ehild " vex
old, of Mr. Humphreys, was harbarmiaJy killed
with an axe, by a man named Daniel reread
supposedto be deranged.
..The Ualelgh Register Informs us that
s cause was argued before tbe snpreme
court of this state, week before last, which
hat been in litigation 34 years.
The Xewbern Bank has declared a di
vidend of Mirer per cent, on" its cipitsl
stock for the last six months.
Convention in Virginia. A bill has pit
ted the senate of Virginia, by a vote of
1 4 tor tor tubmitting5' tn"the people the.
propriety -of calling- a tovention to ameni
the constitution of that state. It it he
licved tbe bill will past tlie lower house.
A Snttlanakt wu killed, while roanm"
abroad, near Pendleton, 8. C on the 4th of Jan
uary 1 which is considered an extraordinary e.r'
cumstance; aa these reotilet usually keep n
their dens during the month of December, Jo-
nary, and February, But it is ope cf btpM?'
mena of this remarkably itiild winter. ; 7;
Two men hare lately committed tilicid is
Phila(lelphia,:by ..t.wjpg: JlwiMelWIfro..!'.
ftfarkettneet britlire into llie SsliuvlkiU Xif
One waa supposed to have beon craxy, ami tli
iklU'.' 1jV -... .,.!. c.. ji. rv
ouier ssr f -
The laHff Bi'tt.The-oommitteo on -oanu-
facturea presented to the house of representa
tive, on the 28th ult. a bill for Increasing we
duties onlmportsaceompaiiied bjra report
the aul.ject. . The bill is very general
provisiont, (say the Journal) and will frobi
ycr 101V.
f n'Ztf illicit
excite warm discassios. . -

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