North Carolina Newspapers

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vol. vnr m. m.
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The terms elh Wim Carolm-an are. S3
payment In advance wiH be required from fill
VkLi.:)MH at m distanc. who Are unknown to
the Editor, unle aemw tetpon4nle perton oW
". fiat acqnaintariee guarantees the pat menu
No papeneriadornintied, (r ijH optwn
er tli Editor) until an aireewirea -AdvetrUaetnaati
ill be, lnrted at "fly rents
er square for the fir week, ami ta'eaty-flve
nts for etch week thereafter.
r All HfMffi rdtlrH to the P-ditor, trrast be
- ptx-tmid. or they may sW be attcMc4 te"
I ,,.".' ,!-
t iw "r "rnHt.HlHKib ting
r VTTfl pu"l'Mrd this route
Lj5t$ ''Cof Mr John Morein. Jun.
wlfttrVPh i i(n i ffullji inform the
hublie tlmt nu nrrtiom In hit power UU He
tnlinr to remlrr it explitiou. wA
fcwnforubl u it hM hiiherti hn tiwier tne
teperinlemlrnee of ita former ltKlfticb! wk!
Vortliy owner.
There ft ill be bo c!njrei in the route. The
fiUffv. m uu', ill eot timie to run from K1e)rh
to tli'hur-, tic lithorwi(th n! AtliHoroiifh,
once eek. It leie Ruleh ererr Frkli
hi J o'clock, r. n. nJ rrive t Rlir.Mrr
Mondav M 10 o'clock, a. w- Tricj (if pKr
from Kltiph to Hli!mry, 7 dolUrt. whI t ilir
fctme rtte for nv dtoliiKe on the route. AH
trunks ami other bflfMe Uken into the xtafe,
jail b! delivered at the pf.ce to which thev
re directed, on the ftiponiHirirv of Ihr nib.
axiher. The aubacriber haxardt wrtbinjr in
uyint; that thia ia the nearr, rheieM am)
hot arreeabl" route from Haleirh to ar!inry j
ftnd he, therefiwe, wiih the (freater conflencc
afioili public rmtronaee.
awrWMIS. 3mt!4 .
t,ar outsiRjvrfii&ijrRfTxvotK
f ILL atand tlie enmiihjr
araaon. at the a'ore or
Hwrtm U Clnxttn, at natv'
row. WI'Din la ronri nr
crJrton. ami 23 of Charlotte r and 4 HI b let to
tlar-1 at ihf rrn- moderate price of ft 8 the a
eon, Si the tingle lean, ami. ftl J the insurance.
ihe mone lie Ktaurance will be claimed a "kw
it the mare k diaeoverd 'e- with dial, or the
property chanpetl.
Bin AacajB ia a bevitihil darX nar, 7 run
4d next pr'T nparna of 16 liantb high, of
reat power, action and igr t anl, In point of
I. . ... a . 1.
DKXXJ, ia imenor io nv uvrre in iiw nwnnrrn
Statea. at will be reen by the folWmjr eertifi.
te frort Judirr Cameron ami Mr. ftrnnrhan.
nf Oranfe, which fully eitahlithea hi pe'liifrer :
We certify, that the bay Stud hme Yowi?
ttr Archie, told in Aii(fut latt to Mr Ahred
M. Buron, of Uneoln county, wt raiaeil by
Ci I that he fol bv Old Sir Archie, liia dam
y Eyle hii praii-dim by the imported liorae.
Druid, hit rrear, treat dam, by Mart' Antliitoy.
- - fie waaaiz )rar oM latt tprinf. Jantwrn 2?rt,
The ieaaim-win commence on the lt .of
' lUrch, and end on the let of Aurut i jrood
partrtvajre Will be fiirniched (trati, and mm at
the market pHcir , if required j care will he ta
ken to prevent accident or ecaora, hut no lia.
MUy for either. ALFRED M. BURTON,
FitnarplitA, 18. 6t0
tttCaJitbtJMrcaL.imVJtctkjille Pioneer
Will tniblith the abrwe 5 time, ami forward
"thetf accrntt to me for paV.'"' "A""W." B.""
VfATrlANBROVVNreliim hit incpr6 thank I
J" to hit frirnda and Ihe public in general,
for, the liberal encojinijfemeni h hat receind
in hi Kite of btim-t-and berleave to inform
them, that he Will continnea at hit old atamT,
one doir uorth-eat of the jail i w here he hat on
band iret'rrallv. f,(;s panel ami (tick : aim.
Sulktiii, ftry1ttii, al Cnm'afet, of all descrip.
tiona, executed not inferior to any in the tur
founding countrj-.
Hrpniring, of evcrv description, and Smitfi.
ti'trlc of any kind, will he done on the ahortest
notice and at the lour it prices.
SaUthtrv, Jan. 15l,i. 182B. 6t04
THE aubcnbrr keeps constantly nn hand,
Carriage, Gift, Suite, tfc. at the moai
reduced price. He will execute, on the thort.
est notice, all orders in his line of bui-inet, in
an elegant and fashionsble style. Being grateful
for the enconragement he haa hitherto rereiveil.
he will promise that nothing on his part shall b
wanting to please those who may feel disposed
topatronue liim. tiF.OHC.F. W. SPEARS
Ceiled K C. Tr. 1 5th, 1 8-.'8. 3(5
PIflE subscriber wihelo inform the citizen
I of Saliahury, ajxl the drrounding country,
mat ne nrfl-coniene-iiio.--v. .....
Tailoring Btisinn$
-fit said towTif M Alain street, tmith of the cotirt
I" house, a few doors above Mr. Slaughter's tav
ern t w-hi-re he w in be inanxniT urTecelrrxny
Kind-ot wort in tu line ot uutmeas. iiy his
long experience in the business tie flatter him.
acV he wilt be able tn give entire satisfaction to
all who may patronire him
All order for work from. a distance, will be
punctually attended to, strictly according to di-
teetiofta. TltepiiMittiya
try the subscriber'! Arw- W, '
':jtdbljttryt f. AA, '.l828..L.l.,:,s;,,.,;s:J5tQCv
s'lJtOR the puroote of making dutfribut Jpn f;f e-J
X awy to a rteert m tnrst?;eKCUted ttr me b
! iBariri tJampbeflidee' e of RamloVptt county i
for the nae and benefit of her children, !ic. will
be aold in thp Town of Lexington, on Thursday,
the 20th day of March .next",-on a credit of
iwelve months,
Ten r hvrfce Valuable SLATES,
one of whom is a good Cooper and wheek wright.
ALEX. CUAY, Tnutei
V Mansion hotel.
v ,y,..r7jr jvo?7VI CjMOLLVJ.
L'' fpnfl allgaht erabn-hment, Situated
f7Vff I 'north corner of the Court-
iNoitte, has bten recently repaired and
fitted up m tie and anperier at vie. foe the re
eepti(xvorCompanv...r1 ae trmtcat pslnl have
pen raien 'O procare ir inia etraninnmeni
new fiimitn ra of every tletcrtpUoiL MCXtM.r
for.lhe .comfort eLTrtverier i the moat ap
proved. arrMnti lire been aelcctcd wlih rfeaf
lit b4r. aloe wi'h. choice Btjuort, ami
ihe ubk JitUmJc l hy ,Wwn8 nJ attentive
hoat brt. 'The convenienoe of tliia aituatioA If
equal to any jn tlif place., The IxMiae con'aint
a Miiahor of private roonia, VhI otit-hOnif , well
calculated for the accommodation cf TrkVetlert
and Iloardera. Attached 'to rhich, there ia a
Dry OkhI and Book Xtore.
1'o ihoe who may plane to call on him, he
amorri them ttial no paint will be apare ! to
render their atay comfortable and pteaainpr.
Sot'uru, toit . 17. 1827. M
cAkd "
C At the Sign fth Mortar and Prm'e,J
HAVF. jiint received from New
York, a larpe tttpply of
Mrdkiner, and
Fnhiti ;
which, toucher with their firmer Mock, make
their prearnt aianrtmrnt trplete with the moM
valuable MLeint nld in our country. Aa (hy
arv (Vtrrniined to make t!d et'.blilimrnt
v orthv of ptiblir p'itr-map"c, they no- o(T-r for
tale. Wholesale ami Retai', the above JeJtrinrt.
lie. on the tmtt rraaonnhle term.
.'AvuWnni in tliN amion of the emin'ry, aa
re1tTW thne to the Ve iriwariV !, IS c rr I vft-
hie fir-en in h';t of aMipnlyinff thmwlrei
.m ,a . t . i a s a . I
1 . . . r .i . . . . .
r.i . . ...
ton oi Mir (irr-rm pruprir'nra, in niaing in'S
a uaeful am! permanent ataml
agretatJir-tTt -mrrrtinr'ari.ei the Bhotet .
lice. HitUthuri,, .nv. 20rA, 1R?7
fTtll AT m pursuance of .a Ded of Tnts ami
for the purpo-ea therein mi-ntinned. we will
expoe to public 'r'le, at the dwelling home of
William Mean, aen. on Momlay, the 24th March
next, that lurre and vaii.ahir
7Virf of Jjtnd
nn which the aaid W illiam Meant now live, ccm-
UiningopwanUofevenlinmlreUcre. lhere
r no tract of I Jind in the " etern part of North
Carolina, of the ame quantitv of acrr nior
valuable. There i on the preminr a Vxrr am1
elegant brick therMe Ifoute . and alo a brick
Kitchen, ami all nrceimnr oiihmiin.
On the aamr thv anil- M he mim n!, ,
will aell anothrr Worr f i.inrf, conia-ningaNotit
one hundred arrra, Iviofr en the new Road UraU
ing from Concord to Salilun'.
Alro, on the tame dsv, wetritTa'!! eighteen
or. twenty like'v A r.'C RO&S, consisting of men,
w omen and children,
A credit of twelve months will he given, the
purchaser giving bond with approved trcurity.
JOIIV N. PIIIKEH, ? '"wrrrr.
Jartprti ."0M. J8?H. ft06
'- T1ie Cala wbi JiMi-i'ht will Insert the aNr-e till
davnfWamlawodivxotint.... ..
rACTOlI t;r. AI r(lMllsSO
nTJSTr.!t.t r v rit.Ht.itvmv .
THK aubscriber repectfu!!v informs hi
friends and the public, that he continue
the above line of buaipevs at h nH .tam! m
V2?3'!'ZZ CTT1,'.0
care, upon whirl) IHieral advances 'will at aT
lime be made i or to the erudition of orders
for (IikkN.
Wm. .1. Wilson, Kaq. or in hi absence, the
agent of the .iimm Hoat: Joarph li. lownrs,
- :u ....i ft,. ...i :.u... .i.i. .. .
CotlMn consigned to me bv the way of Chew.
and will he tics-pared to make advance on mirh
cmiMgnntent, if required. tU9
rhrr'n'n. .Viv. 1f. H27.
Tl WILLEY k Uh have on hand of the
nhove I'owdera, and w ill continue tn keep, r
. - ......I.. ..- .i
gros, dozen, or single box.
Salir'jhrw, Jan. IS, 1828. 98
N. H. anid powder are put up according to
the method prescribed by the London Phanrn-
WOIT.D inform hi fi ienda ami the public
rgene"ralfvTthat he has"" tnkeh to liimsetf
the concern of Huntington ami Wynne, and will
continue tu keep a neat assortment ol all kind of
aiut r.N.rr jint. t
to purchase such articles, to nive him a calf.
He expect, in a abort time, an additional jour
neyman! and will be well prepared to execute
all work In his line. 4t04
Salithuni, Jan. 24M, 1828.
nTKl aH t hose that ai tndebtd-ttr mrrl hor
JL Jbey will attend to thia notice, aa I am de.
termmed to close my book i if I dant 'l will be
eotWrHjIled la diacUarge my hawl and.abut up
my hop, for the want of money. Those that
flout attemramr pay against the first day of
i-vlll. 1 j j. ..i . J... . ..
otj prcsrmea to tneni on tnat oay,
nun muse Miauaii 10 pay, may expect to be
Waited on by Peter Cauble, as I have requeated
him to attend at my fhop on the 4th day of
March, to receive the balance of the accounts
and notea not then settled. I am compelled to
have moi.ey, ami. money I mutt have : ao oconlfc
ought'nt to think hard af me - " -
SOltbnrn, Feb. 1 128. 3t4
witnweniciiies irom,. a.w tMii .BfM, follow- i( up hy a correspondent
will liiul it fur their intrttH In enriHirin. Ihr r(. . . . '
" Cthnrut, ttb. T2d, 1828.
8ia t Tn looking over the olumna of your pa
per of the 19th Inat I tee you have put mia-
GQiMrrucuont on ine aocJTao ne Aa-ninmra-tion
Convention qf the people of thia atate, by
uylng Itl reaaonina U deeeptive, and fa he in iu
dedueilont t you will muck oblirt aubfjcriber
by pnhliatiint; ft in y wr ptpwr, to f,tve the peo
pie a fair opportunity of Jdirinf for rtiemaeives.
4-rtft 'WltwMKyi'li theahorerequeK .ofa
annaorioer, we aae tint week tommencea ln
addreat-wf the adaMjraKP-ConveBtioa at
Ualeifhi it rreat lenrth impeaet on ua the
necewity or rivlnt in detached parta. .In
pubKthtnt; tkia addraaav we da not aaarnt to t
propoaitiotis not the "joochiatcmt ut antbor ar
rtvea at j but we publish it in norm nee of our
determination to afford the opponent of the
man of our choice. (Gen. Andrew JaekwO no
Juit room to complain of our not riving them
- ' i
an opportunity of being heard through the
column or the Western Carolinian :
Addrrat of the Administration Convention
held in the Capitol at Raleigh, Dee. 30th, 1827.
T the Frremnt .Ver(A Carolina.
Fr.ttow CiTiZBMt The approaching
election ol Preidentof the United Stales
has created a hih excitement in Ihe pub
lic mind, and routed ioto action many
dngrr p.ions. Those who now address
von are far from rfeairioR to increase this
rxri'emrpt. or to inflame these passions.
Thev know that a Vtrt majority of their
countrymen who take a part on either
side of this controversy, are actuated by
holiest motives. They cJalm to' them
selves the rlt;hl. of expressing their own
opinion, and of actinjr in 'conformity to
the dictates of their own judgment ; but
right of others to form a dlilerent opinion
roursrj of action i ney see no reason
why the citizens of the same communVy,
immutoumwumn JtUlttU.
T -
of promoting the prosperity of their
common Coun'ry, may not differ about
the means of elTfrtine; this end, without
penff"orw animosity hff "telle ve
that- ca!m discussion ftlld dispassionate
j enquiry are most favorable to a cortect
i (risjon y
While, therefure, as freemen,
addreisinp freemen, they would express
themselves frankly and fearlessly ; yet,
I s rorn who know their own infirroiiiei
ant weaknesses, they would fain speak
without arrogance or bitterness.
We have assembled, fellow-citizens,
from different parts of the State, to con
fxT-with each, ntber on the forming of an J
Flrrtoml Ticket which we may ourselves !
support,- and which we -eon recommend
10 others who may determine to act with
us in the Presidential' Election. A con
ff rence on this subject was indispensable.
The law of our state, as It now exists,
will not permit us to vote in our respec
live districts for Electors whom we per
sonally know, and in whom we can con
fide because we do know themWe.can
eitKisefiefflectiw onltr as
,he permits; and we cannot exercise
'it tllll without learning who will toroba
blv be Hcreptable to those citir.ens in the
different districts of the Slate, who, with
u,, flre f,,orabe to the re-election of the
Present Chief-Migistrate,- Ve believe
information, and we therefore take the
liberty oi making known the names of
ihe persons for whom we intend to vote.
e attempt no control over public sen'i
mtn, m,ke no parade of our numbers,
"" claim no official influence. The
1 irket which we propose must stand or
bil by its own merit.
The approaching contest exhibits a
.,,- r ,i,;. ,;i I ...i. i r :
...... , i-,
tne political nisiory oi our country
roni the period which closed the poliii
cal life of the illustrious Washington,
uown to tne days in wnicn we live, when
ever there were rival Candidates for the
Piesidency, the rivalry sprang from a
difference in the fiartie who divided Ihe
Country. To the honor of the People,
these parties were founded on measures
and principles not on men and Vs-fuR
ule for office. The effect of these con
tests was to bring before the People for
their choice those best-qitalified o ad-
miTmterihe-affaire-of- the-Niof, aceor-
to their views of its policy; and in
evcrv instance, the Candidate prelerre
was decidedly the ablest man of his par
ty. 1 he pending controversy exhibits no
such dignity. It is not a conflict between
opposing principles but a conflict be
tween opposing men and combinations of
menr'Mr " foW
difference" sbout ; me'asuf es --- but on , -competition
for power and' place. On
either side we 'aee"v arrayed Politicians
who have fccarcely before been known to
act tn xmtms: The dMitttSbtt
rights, arid the liberal expounders of the
Federal Constitution the aealots for na
tional encouragement to Domestic Manu
factures, and the bigots who deem even
moderate, prptecttpn ; usurpation and ty
ranny the friends and the enemies to
Improvement by some . extraordinary
principles of cohesion; sre foynd either
combined to evert urn, op united to on
hold the present Administration. In the
political principles of Mr. Adams and o
bis opponentin their view of nations
policy so far at they Jure been declared
or ar oiscoserabie, a diDarertce of any
kind ia riot know to iat..: ThU state
of things appear to asi not-only notrel,
but in tome reanecti alarmine. It Is ofi
Liiaracicr wmcn we ceem menacing; to
the tranquUlity7theT6hfifrnd the best
in'rl. At rA.,.
tie. nave no personal rnnrern in this
stW."""BeWctntj to the treat body of
tW1!' 4re1t her fearing; t rose, nor
wefctnjr try ain omcerwe Cbehold. d
judge of it only as it may affect the
common welfare of c all, and believing;
that welfare essentially endangered, we
cannot be Indifferent to the result.
Three tears ago four Candidates were
Voted for by the People- No cne Obtain
eJ a constitutional majorityi and it de
volved on the House of Representatives
to make a selection from the three who
had received the Rrettrsf number of stif
frages. The choice fell on one of un
questioned falents. of extensive and ac
curate political knowledge, of lone ex
perience -pronounced by Washington
among the first of our public characters
tried, trusted and approved by Jeffer
son, Madison, and Monroe. He selected
for the firs: station in his Cabinet one of
his opponent, distinguished for genius,
eminent as a Statesman, and ardently ad
mired by his friends. Ins'antly, the
aealous supporters of the disappointed
Gniididafes began- the -work of oTrposi.ioiwI
I he charge of corruption was sounded
through the tand. Honorable and good
men, exasperated by disappointment, or
. -A . i. . j.: , t
frirtH ,roWr termination to
PPm- the Ainistr.tion.-ibough it
should be as pure as ihe Angels who sur
rounded the throne of the Most High !
Then commenced the jrrav of party
BRsinst' party Iri'ouf'Na'tion&l'CoancTls;
and fiom that day, no public measure
bus been censured or applauded, opposed
or supported, without a view to i's infill
ence on the next President! il Contest
The work of violence begun by the Polit
ical Chiefs, was prosecuted with bitter
ness by the Suosl'crns of the parties
through the Nition. The harmony of
Social Intercourse has been impaired
the purity of Character of our best citi
renn has Wen assailed ancient animosi
ties .have been revived new schisms
have been crea:ed sectional prejudices
have been roused and many of our pub:,
lie prints have Jeemed with abuss and
slanJer. To be continued.
On Tuesday, the '5th January, 1828,
a meeting of the citizens of Anson roun
tv, frieriiny" toThe" election -of-vfnrfrefa
Jarlcwn xo the Presidency of the United
States, was held at the Court Ifbuse in
Wadesborouch. "Col. Joseph Pickett was
called to the chair, and Martin Pickett
and Clement Marshall. Lsouires, were
amiointed Secretaries- The ' Chairman
meeting in an
impressive and eloouent address, whifh
was' highly gratifying to the numeroui
and respectable assemblage.
On motion ol Mr. Jennings, it was
Retlvnl, That this meeting approve of the
resolution of the Jacknn Meeting held at the
city of Raleigh on the 24th of December last.
On morion cf Mr Medley,
Renlred. That Martin Pickett, Samuel Spen-
cer. Hi ram iennings. Mitr v. siasa ami uiem
ent Man-haM be appoinleddeli-gates, to meet t
RnpBhllHll( ni-hmnmt eoumv. on the third
i ne-dav of March next, for the purpote of con.
ferring with the delegate of the other Count ie
composing mi uwm, on mc .u.Mt-ci nunu.
natmir a suitable person s an eiteior nir aaiu
On motion of .Mr.
Snencer, Joseph Mrulev, Dr. P. M. Ket
trell, John P. Bates, Clement Marshall,
Adam Lockbart arwl-Matlia Pickett were
appointed a committee to draft a pream
We. and resolutions expreivo of the
views of the meetings-After a "short ab
sence, Martiu Pickett, Esq. as Chairman
of the Committee appointed to prepare a
4nrmhl-nd resolutions, made a report
or. . . -T-t-
rnurherl in a nlain. nervous st vie ; wmcn
conclusively shows, that the best interests
of the citizens of this state, and of the
United States, would be subserved by the
election of Andrew Jackson, in preference
Uo JohnftuiiicAdams, as President of
the Un ted States, "e regrer our warn
of room" to 'gwe We "hole of the report
it concludes as Jollowj :
We are. therefore opposed to John
Atfamf i becBOse-his" whole course thrpugir
life has Dee'n Vw
est has - always been the primum mobile
of all his acts. We are opposed to him,
because he has directed the representa
tives not to be palsied by the will of their
constituents : because he came into oltKc
.i.t.m.1 ih cvnress will of a majority oil
the cntw-of the tnlbti end' Ns'-, indgeneril on fbond sifter moylpff
hot the least because the very manner In
which he was elected, to aay the least of
it, savours Itrorfly of rorrnpion. Your ,
committee theref-itf recommend that ,
adoption of the foMottimr resolutions I '
I, JtWrMf, That we will use every honours
ale kertio lit our power to prevent the re
election of John Q. Adams, and Promote the
eauteof tJeavAJaciuinaJ ".-. "
jXrhi(t. ,Tht the. piimmittef of rvjef.
m be inatrncted to rrAommend an nnlfonn abf
tried' tVM f CeT Jacw and 7A C. CL
Aiiai a suitable jierton to be pltcej pa the
On iMtiMTbC Mr.' Medleti' )reifdls?z:-
iaaVatlltnfin ar.t. mnnnintA a rrtmmlr
tee of V igllatiee and-Cotreapondence, Ix-r ,v
Iockhart, William Johnson Wm. A.
Morris, Leonidas King, John P. Batcaw
Russel Rogers, Oliver Wi'ey, Joshua Al
len. Col. Joseph Picket', Tho-ns God
frey, Joseph Tanner. Rohert Il.thswayV
Dr. Kettrell, John Studivant. . ir. John '.
Wall and Martin Firket, scjs. ;
On motion, it was nnnlmnfw rtht, that' '
the thanks of the meeting be returned to the) f
Chairman, for the able and dignified manner Ira
whieli be presided. . .
On motion, rfvtd, that the foregoing nrvy - i
cecding be published in the Raleigh Star, North - j'
Carolina Journal ami Weatem Carofinian. "
CtlMSBT MABtaut, t1' i
We regret our want of room to give the te
eeedings of the moat splendid celebration of UiO
glorious Hgkt tf January at New Orleans, more
in detail i below will be found a brief account-
iiSmucR M we can find, room for to-day) of
thoe intererting proeedinga s 7 77
Aa exfaci of a letter elves the folios-'
ing Description oi me reception or tneuerr
eral: " We learned that the Legislator .
had met in the morning, and that tha
Governor had announced the arrival of,
their inviteT"guets,and that the Legisla
ture of the State, in obedience to public
sentiment, had appointed joint commit
tee to act in conjunction whit that of the
people. Every thing was done that the
honor of Louisiana demanded, in haste
it is truetut still it was done r and it
was sufficient ; the enthusiasm of the peo
ple filled up the out line, imperfectly
sketched by their representatives. At
last ihe morning of the auspicious daf
dawned upon New Orleans A fleet ot
steamhoata were seen advancing towards
the Pocahontas, which had now got un
der way, with twenty-four flaga waving
over her.: lofty deckt. Two stupendous
boats, lashed together, led the van. Tha
whole fleet kepi up a constant tv-e of ar
tilery, which was answered from several
ships in the harbour, and from the shore.
Gen. Jackson stood on. the' hack gallerv
of the Pocahontas, his head uncovered,
conspicuous to the whole multitude
which literally covered the steamboats
the shipping and the surrounding shores.
The Van boats which bore the Revootiorr
ary soldiers and the remnant of the old
. ... '1 "r -
rounding. too. fell . cjpsyp.lh.e i jream. . . J:
le the acclamationa of thousandsof
spectators rung from the river to tha
woods and back again to-the river. In
this order the' fteet (eighteen steamboats
of the first clpmsedTloe-to the ettf-
directing their course towarda the field,
of battle. In a few minutes it seemed
alive with a vast multitude brought thith
er on horseback and in carnages, and
poured forth from ihe steamboats. A
line was formed by G.-nerals Plauche and
Laiuiut, and the co.nmittee repaired on
hoard the Pocahontas, in order to invito
the Gen. to land and meet his brother sol-'
diet s and fellow cititens. I'have no words
to describe the scene which ensued. It
would require a bolder pencil than mine.
The addresses delivered to the General,
and his answers may be given ; but that
which cannot he given, U the expression
of his venerable features ; and the intense
feelings of his heart, pourtriyed in every
gesture and every look, it would bo
equally difficult to depict the joy and
ptide of the people in again beholding;
their ' country's great benefactor.' Stran
gers, who had come from afar to behold
the scene, caught the "t'Ontagtoua .
pathy. When he began to speak, tho
noise was hushed every one seemed
eager to catch the sound oThis
He spoke of his own deeds with modesty
of his surviving companions with affec
tion, and of the dead with fond regret.
As it grew late, he was hurried back to
the Pocahontas and the fleet ascended the
fiver Tne Oenera I laiided-prriMMhsK
house of Mr.- Marigny. The., trowdon -
the bank of the river was immense the.
window s, the. balconies,, even, the roofs of..
th; hoUaea, the tJeclta top, and tigiW .
of tha:inlr:tcvet
tors. Their shouts when the Geftenl ' '
touched the shore, eie as loud Vt the
artillery, whkh ihundeted from 4ne J.nd
and the water t he nun hi d sloi.g tn line)
Of-lhe troop, with isi hekd uncovered.
The procession was then funned tha
f .
- r -

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