.1 t - I " "through tiie jiiintiii'ntffciiiif the tlty, rea(hnhe (loventmrtii House, where J the Governor introduced him to the Ie ftUlaitire of Louisiana, then In session. , The Governor's address was conclic and j pertinents the General answered him svitb frankness and energy, no ' re' inarkable in bis langeege than in Ms ac lionsj each rrrembir we presented o him in turn t ami all acknowledged the Courtesy, the' rati) and nffe'rtcd dignity of hit manners... Prom the legislature, he proceeded to rr view the troops at the in vital luit, of the Governor i the proees ion wis again formed and the fen- " ersl, attended by the Governor end the Legislature,' repaired to the Catholic Churtbi.ihent ftcr the delUer of an ""eloquent Istotmnr tf " fnwf; 'prim sneaking tr the name or his venerable su- cr;pic .ai.i.!JfVy9,,, aierin srueum sves performed- hen tha., vligloUj ceremony area terminated the (Jen. wis. ... .,. conducted by the Committee' to the home ,..,"..- prepared for Ma residence i. he . there informed that lie waa invited to a dinner at Dsvis'a Hotel, Riven by the ritiirns in ; commemoration of the dir. The teblrs t' occupied two rooma of vest dimensions, e mi kik i.... ... u...i.-.i . ... d6wnv.Hr. Jifarignr was chosen Presi dent of 'the day. Genera! Jackson wal placed on bis right. Governor Houston-, of Tennessee, on his left the venerable Tether Autonia and the Abbey Honni, aat at 4he Generate left Many toaata were drank they were warm and patriotic. nothing vapid lotherr. When the Pre. j sjdrnt announced the name of JACKSON, the company rose up, as if moved by one impolae end rent, the air with loud and repeated Jiutzas. hen silence was re etored, Mr. Marian in speech, deliver ed with an energy of manner in unison with the ardor of his feeling, bestowed a merited tribute of praiae upon the servi ce! and character of the guest of hit na tive tt look the handsel his companions in emit on lha battle ground,- but fcot through with the ceremony remarkably well af ter which he returned on board the steam boat, and re-landed opposite to the house of Bernard Mar'gny, Esq., where ho was hailed by an immense muftituJo as the saviour of Louisiana. All except few miserably contracted beings, waited, upon and paid him their respects. Mrs. Jackson also teceived marked attention and kindness. She was visited (at the residence nf Martin Gor. don) by nearly all the ladies of the city, both resident! and strangers t the penile men also called upon her. 8ALISHUHY; MARCH 4, 1828. ? 4 1 17 f 4S i.e. ; h - A I: After the dinner, the General waa in- Vlted ro attend both the Pren'cn and Amer "an i beat res, where 'he greeted wkh the same alutttona which had followed him from jhe Buttle Omund to the city. - - Jtfra. Jackson who, with several ladies - fronvTerinVsace, ecrbrppahyTng'her hun ' band on his visit to Louisiana, was wai'ed upon and ttiet the moment she Isnrfed ,,r fronT thg; rpcahontasrhy Mrs. Maricny.J no Qiner respecraoie ladies, who afier having congratulated her on her cafe ar rival,': conducted her t0 Jtf Marigny's house, where refreshments had been prepared, and where she received the salutations of large and brilliant circle. Mrs. Marigny in her carriage afterwards accompanied Mrs. Jackson to the house of Martin Gordcn, Esq. where apartments had been prepared lor Ixr and her fe male friends;"?" On Oen. Jack aonV visit to the rathe- 3ral, ri impressive., discourse, prepared by the Key. Father Antonio de Sedilla, ias delmred by a young clergyman. - To which ihe Oencraj replied in these words i - .. ' : Ktterrni father: I receive jroir ben edictiorrs with atdent gratitude. When I contemplate your hngr useful and happy sue, approacntng jourscorc years, fysth fully spent in the lervlcr'of the most "high, in'thia sanctuary, and amidst thia grareful people if inspires me with In creased jrye.renc;.for jhc.,wligion which you teach. To your pious labours in .. mis corn rnwrM(v do I atinbuie, in a great aegree.Wai (Jehvtrance from the t "Jfoe, which crowned the valopr , ADMl.N'JSIKA'f ION MKKTINU; XTwaably tsvjswtitw prtviouaJf.fi vctCa xnecrtnar the. citiaeivscflajwan county, favorable to the present administration, arroppbSed to' the election u( .General to?c? H" J!. court-house In SiditWy, on-Ucdnesdav. the 50th inir. tVhen, on motion of John Heard, jr. Ej. George Andrewt, Jsq. waa called to the rhair,and Vr. tephen h. Ferrand, John Heard, sen. and Thomas L. Cowan. Esq. were ' appointed' assistans chairmen; and on motion, of HJehard II. Alexander, E'-q. Junius Sneed and Samuel Silliman were appointed secretaries The obiec! of the mcetinrv wa by Mr, Alexander ; upon wliuse motion, a committee, consKtine of John Beard, ir. ! Jplm, Andrews, Elkanah I). Austin, Jesse W. Waltbn, John Clement, Thomaa Chambers Albert Torrence, Thomas Dews, Hicbard II. Alexander, and Rich mond I'earsoh, was appointed to report an address to the people of the cotintr,on the subject of the Presidenual election. The committee retired, and after a abort consultation, returned, and reported. throuKh Major Heard, the following ad crep.i Djtiiel Chrr, JoI.d CI, C;, hln t.'ej nilJiam 'altoni Jt: '.!, V!ion Smith, reter Kth'io, John Goodmsn, Frederick Joea, WiUurn Josea, Thos. W. ueii, iiCnu, etujgp'cr, wnaries U. i or rence, William II. Hackett, Dr. James M. Slaughter, Joseph L. Dobbins,' and Daniel Wood. ' .. ' Or) motion of Dr., Mitchell, Resolved, that the proceedings of this neetinr be ligned by the Chairman and .Necretarlee, ami published in the Western Carolinian and Catawba Journal. .",, . Resolved, that the thanks of this mee ting be presented to ihe chairmen and Se cretaries, v The meeting then adjourned. ,. CKOIICB ANDMRsTfl. CaWraam. . I- Ftsnai), ") Joav Bbabb, Jr. JUL CVa. hiatus Sneed;-r.-.' Saimicl SilliBMft. 5 -'4 fThe-iddrcis-hamot-teerrfurnhhed us yet I and one of the committee vi gilance informed us, that as it wnrto be printed in pamphlet form, for distribu tion, it waa perhaps not necessary we should publish it in our paper although we told- Mm' te Miotrrd nor refuse to do so, in the event of n rejucs bcin made of us to that efTect.J editor. The following resolutions were offered by Major Heard : ' ' Resolved, that whilst we admit General Tarksons military capacity and services, ?:J& farand reaMraM loe ciujcns oi otokes county, Friendly to tM electron of General ' Jndrrv Jackton as rresidcnt, and John C. Calhoun, as v lie rreitdent of the United States, con venee at the court-house in Germanton, on the V of February, 1828 Thomas T. Armstrong, ta. was called to the ehal-, and John F. Poirulexter, and C. L. PanstrEaqulrasi appointed secretaries. The chairman having explained the ob ject of the meeting, on motion, appointed Daniel W. Courts, Wm. lluVhs. and Hen ry A. Martin, a committee to draft reso rations, who. after having retired a few minute, reported the following preamble and resolutions, which were unanimously auotea i :., Your committee, 'appointed to mature and report resolution! expreislve of the objt of, thia meeting, have not thought proper, at this atg of the Presidential contcs:, to present you wjth a long rieuil of tUe e.ompantive merits of thr two ilrtylsht d int'vidfls new .before the 400 2J in 262 172 ill 172 -8 85 20-1 360 203 213 500 187 189 t a tsi CAic.rsa S. . trAMitxGTOjrs Lin rn day, ic:x Coder a very short and tartil notice, a respectable number of the friends of ueneral AmWtvt Jackton assembled at 2 o'clock In the Court-House, Islington, Davidson county, In North -Carolina.- Doct, U'lUiam HtJhltmn conducted to the chair, supported by Col. John M. Smith, and Jesse Margrave, Esq. Poet. William Dobson, and William W. Wise man, Esq. were chosen secrctariee. To aid in promoting the election of General Jatkson to the Presidency, was then an nounced, In addreasea by different indi viduals. Resolutions, appropriate to the political itarrrJing of the country,, disip probatory of the present chief mauls- jraieVaMAlnistratJon i and UkewUe;foH ' IIU, &! Vii - General Jacksoo, and tAeIwprpjft ftJ nets & hr!7lvi.Tw.V "iS.ik'- r -iLf i-t '"Wl m mmi: III uur l,Bl ' - tfonat Oovariir1iirifrr'anr.'air... V Zzm . -m..v. v VUI I JO cirromsthnces as j;epubitcans than the present, were ' uftanimously"adopted rnromees of torrespondence and vigl lance tere appointed. On motion. Rttohtd, that William R. Holt, Wfl. Ham Uobaon, Alexander Shamwell, Hen 'y Duaenberry, and Mack Crump, esquires, re cnos-n delegates to receive alio corner with IV legatee from Kowan and Montgomery, at this place, on Tees day of March Court next, concerning the nomination of a candidate for an Elector in thia District, who will vote for Andrew Jackson as our next President of the Uni ted States, and John C. Calhoun as Vice President. On motion, Retohrd, that the forceo ing be signed by the Chairman, Assis tants, and aecietaries, and published. M R. HOLT, Chairman. 3. M. Hiuti, . . . wuiitm Dobson. ianD3 f,r .tax r.h, h rniiMxt. VVILt at!l t the court hoime In fcttr,v;V on tha 2ii M tracts of. jMnd, or to much, thcrtofai n the Tam for the years 182J and IB'-'fl, via , y Ji hn firm (ir. s.narira Moure Jame ttwann SVilllam Waugh John Vt'aujth John Wiri(fiekl' . Kamiiel H augb Pavid Drard Joseph Rrim Aaron llewese I homu Hair Jamra Hair - , Samuel Mordoch . Janfes O. Maya Jeremiah Potie -- Thomas Portf r'a heirt James rorter " ' mmm a-areiaot - John RfM - . uvorjs.iteidr. J6X l&t 530 220 525 . WG . 221 3l 60O ' .-B. "r 376 -'(50 HO .'t-TJif.W 12b Will,, Cash EttzsCuh W. W. VVUenun, Setrrfarirr. DANIEL II. CKESS TbliriottimrhlchTfor1nienst-ffl EQUCSTS-inersti-iivfcbtedTo hbn by sity of interest, is probably without a par A nte of harn' book account, or otherwiie, iici- me pomtcaiaiscory ol our country, they beg li-ave. in the exercise of a privi lege pujranteel to them by the constitu tion, to select fr themselves the mn they would have Tff rule over them, without pretending to deprecate the motives of those who may think proper to differ with them. They therefore recommend to the meeting the adoption of the following resolutions, to h : Eriolved, that we do dls ---ri " ,,v we have no confidence in his l-lewe and t present incumlirnt aa President of lh temjrer for civil affairs; and we thcrelore j L'niied States; that we contemn tl I to make pajmcnt immrdiatrly, or thetr debts win uc piacca in ine nsiKii pi an onicer ror col lection. Persona hving tlemud againat hip, will please present them for pa mcnt. tie has just up ord an-smntment of GOODS from the Nonh, consisring sf Dry Goods, I Cutlery, Crocker yt Hard Wart Groceries v &rV. which he is selling at a smaller advance on cost, for titii, tan has eer been ofTtrcd to the pub lie before in this place. vi),r. f Wi. Wh. OB" ae the deprecate his election to the Presidency, mode by which he bas been elected, and eaaa ea nmailani . .i . s ' . ... . (-.utl,tm uiiKciuus io me siauiniy tna: we ore averse to his re election. oi our constitution. T) 1 1 .L-. ... IV jtcawiTtu, inai wo iiicreciii ami rn US v ' tioodridge Moova 100 Adam Umpbeil Hugh Curran - Btanly Davia A. 8. Duvall John Fair flassil Jenerson Allen Luneefbrd Brent Bwainey "' r.lisha Solomon John Wooton rdwin Culver Hhepperd IHnicI John Moora . John Welch , Ravid White . Willie Bagwell... fev Itagwela Itichard Chambly Thomas Crsbbs John Dowels, tn. Wifev Gam's Charlea Hooper Juliua Keeton alerrack Clark John MacKafly JordanStjrtra Matthew Roberta, jr. Lucretia ilpeaka Levinis Shoemaker Hoberf Titlmsn t John Crifitli ""'""'Sitae Hartness Aletander Hsrtneie William Hartnen ArchibaM Hogston Jmet llartneta DISSOLU 1 iO.N 'I VIE copartncrhip of UN Off A If ttU, T, X in Lt i ington, l)v idson county, U dissolved by irutual consent. An those iiuk-bted by note demn the charge of intrigue and rorrup- I Rraolvtd. that this r.,ii recount, are renuctrd to call and make Day. , . . '" '"R 1 , A.U ....... .. i.. : i. .. . .1 ' COnii.ltnce In the ta nt. rlitir.l nf.. i " , imn.inira, i rr .w. ....... . 1 1 . v ttoni imnutert to Mr Aii.n. U. .4 T . ; """'"i.vi.ii, nwrrw vnrcaw, reenrnmena ntm asa max our ronuaence iu. their talents and J- 'i .4 ; wmrwTes on TFielTiiy of which anniversary ; for a moral and religion life is a constant appeal to the favour of heaven, and is a sure guarantee of faith ful aml heroic patriotism. Thxt the fruits of your own righteousness, Rever ent) ratner, may eonttnue to flourish in the lives and neons of your parishioners long after your apTrit ahull have received its reward in the mansions of bltss, is my fervent prayer. Permit me, with your assistance, to return my most bumble thanks to the author of all good for his great mercies and for the benefits he has ourhsafed to bestow on me ; but more especially for having made me and my brave associates, the instruments of his power, on the occasion to which you have been pleased to refer. The following are a few of the rhanv excel lent toasts drank at the dinner : Jtntrrvi J,iclrnn.-rnii titles are Ills services juj (jany me American people. it,. ' .. . ... -f w ttnmrtoiis -rcnftr Tin m ItomM Jrff,rnn .-Me called the lAiieSaniami .... v.n.uicii, anusam oi itie Hern of th. .'ii. oe nat nnea llie nieasureofliTs inicgrity is undiminished, and that we will use all lionoreMe meani to promoie the reeleaipo.oiMr....Jams, ....... Kc sol vrd, that we ejiltrtain a high rpin ion of the integrity .and talents of Ivichsrd Rush, iTsq. and that w will support him as a candidate for the. Vice Presidency. . Uesoivcd. that we approve the nomina tion of Edmund Deberry, Hs.j. of Mont gomery, as a candidate Inntiis electoral district. .. . Richard Alexander, Esq. then ad. dreaaed the meeting, in n Bblc utul do qwent Speech, in favor of the address and resolutions; and after he hd concluded. and. ntv and republican simplicity of General eeive the same. Feb. 18rA. IIRft. MICH KF.L DUOW N, ANDKKW HINI. -03 - suitable person to M me office of Presi dent of the United States; and that we will 'use all fair and honorable means to promot e his election. , ately on the north corner ef the Public Smiare, Rwh al. that we approve of the re-; "-"d one of themmt eligible st&mta for a 8tore eleciwo of John C Calhoun as Vice Pje-li? ,he P.1? '2 T ,ermN &p. Pply - D. sidrnt of the United States ; and that we JXrl i' fV' " LMLnKton: or ."ib"aub- Wl l endeainrln atwMnr. hi. . vr-U Lr.KLV, . v . , re. x vt, uy mi nonoranie means. STOKK UOl'Sti,. I.KXIMJTON. f IlJIE.aubscriber'a JJnrtrl- Aor aM i Lex A. inrton. it for Kent. It klinnt..! i 03 e invwdimrt ?-W.4P.oo;..tneiiddrc'and ur of my '!c re,0,0,,on I1! "cparatelf, on motion tniaTrtlie -Mitchell, all of. whicn .wcre-vnani- nimts.y adopted On motion nf Thomns Chnmfwrs, Esq. it was ordered that sno copies of the ad dress be printed, in pamphlet form, for circulation. The following persons eie then an pointed a committee of ligilance and cor respondence, to wit : John r.ea'd. jr. Thomas!.. Cowan, Dr. Isaac Burns, Samuel Silliman, Dt Lueco Mitchell, Junius Sueed.Ivitha.rd II. Alex nndcr, George W. Crown, John Murphey, Michael P.rown, Ezra Allemong, Ur. Ste phen L. Ferrand, Albert Torrence, Wj Jiam Chambers. William H." Slaughter itiMin uowaru, uaniel 11. Ureas John Pool, John Heard, sen. Maxwell Oh. hers. Kdward Yarbrouglt, Dr. Alexander Long. W. D Crawford, Addison J Kelly, J homns Craige, James 0 tna. Samuel Jiwtved, that the proceedings of the friends uf Qen Andre w Jackson ar the ritv or RjJcigh, meet the approbation of this meeting... . . Hfiohcd. that John Hill, Albert Moore, Hams M. VViUgh, Henry A. Nurtin, vmcy . Lourts, and John F. Poitwle- fr'rb5 apojoted delegates to: meet and I confer Kith ih rfineiiaanffl rf 4awlaaWAS a " from Caswelt .;i:T:-MILLlNGTON " "vvniii.mni V-ll II I IXTI JOHN Yt)C NOS - ESTATE. THE undersigned having qualified, at Ftbru, ary session of Kow an county court, a ad ministrator on the estate of John Younr. Ucc'd. requests all penun indebted to said estate m rne psyment, and all persons having clujim against tbt same, to prrsrntjhem for parmcnV u ithin the time pretcrined by law, or this' notice , will be plead in bar. W. B. . WOOD, JMm'r. ttb. IQ.'a. IH?H. .; 6,03 PETILLOS ESTATE. t Rockingham court house, on Tuesday rr,'r'",nb""-'' " 'U";"'C person to Oe placed oo ( all persom indebted to said estate to make p.y. "e Jackson KlectONl ticket for this dis "ent with as little delay as uomiMe , .11 tnrt perni having claim againrt said estate, are de. 173 100 488 2J 59 50 50 30 120 120 195 270 150 30 iro 21.1 155 330 12f 310 23 121 f2 150 140 50 115 200 160 284 150 100 . 716. 54 45 150 .".40 100 900 178 150 261 .to 200 50 340 V,3 " 3o3 3t2 154 916 65 131 'OO .. too l2 100 150 1SI 50 -- nr, 200 240 100 35t 7.1 2H2" KiO 135 50 130 lirnhed, that T T. Armstrong, Eso 'Ts.- ,Pre'.ent ,,hem' ,pt"T ""thenticated, Danii-r W. C.n r v " iw!,h,n ."" '"".led by act of a-semblv. E,n U.u ui 'TV .,r,erw,se -ii" inbe plead i bar of 2 , - -,,u . uiricrxirr, urnry A Mil- tneir recovery. JOHN VOt Nti i.sq. col. Jno ebb. Wm Moore,' MOSRH MHIIESM)E3. .',1- Josep, Scales. Dr. Wm. A. LacJ 5;o' THOMAS UTILE. ? "mil. Lyon. Thomas Carn. F.sr, T)J,A .... . . . . . JHN HURGIK, 52 ,!,r""r' 1K"R. Mmimttrntnr. ' 1 gallon, Esq. Albert Moore, Esq. Philip Klcr, llulet Blarkhllrn. Pli.K- Ii k 'MJ. iMnmnn TENNESSEE LANDS. nnn Jiose, Elijah Hooper, --. m j 1 , .nine. W .. w I ... hour, Esq. Francis I . mwTw ' aewrous of exchanging John Butncr. Eso , "' w"e "'"tnct of Tennea. r r q i scp' for ,amU in ,he w"'rn cuntiea of North- !""'. 111a lawia lie in ..1 cl , n ... T" 'T rt - - uc Lnn 11... 1. r : -1 r i; i ... . . ""cricK iuurrnison,;ine wearern imtnct, and are of the very best -v" seiner. r.q. uenrge brooks, tsa. ! quality. different counties in are of the very b t l'ertons owning lamli in the western .Nllufhlnl Si.. tl . . ... n ' I hirl tJ ih'.m .t..A u . 1 n -.-....v. . luiici.sq. veorge J.invttir. r.sn. '7 : ' " c' "rc uesiroua o uispnsmg Vu'- Johnson Clement, Gabriel Moor. n,',,.h.",v.'ew"f reTinff the svfl,t. :ns. Ellsha Tl,. iZe u ' 10 P?H '"Tramby way 5ns, Lltsna l (u of eiehange, oa application to the mb.criber, at r," v opt. Jjtntj f Beaty's Fiml, liicoln emintv, N. C. he Dili n sr. . . ' ""k" 'ciuy, -oim xiaaicR, Leon 5555,? Frost W ctZ0' Atr! :W commit 9 t a jriorv. 5 1 Cenernt lefaveUr. 1 I?' f01 bv ,h do in, ,b sheepfokl, but ''tllespie, George Andrews, Samuel Barf ; T- ' '" robberrbut beAK'ereth'by-tbe kilnMrirV. Witi: a. . J' 11 ooMia utAsitcpaerd of the sbeen . ,- A t , . y, uiranam U. . ,t c ri. JAM I laahnVetPM. . H ... chard T 4 .it ntKMaJtt''mr!bMar.K'IiV An extract of a letter, says : The Uth of January is past. anJ with theeaception of the day of the Victory, a more glotious day was never witnessed in New Orleans. To convey to you ,n j(tI Ule subimi, or grandeur of the flotilla, garj Ml dclcnruoA from me. The old General Thomas McNeelv. Dr. Jn. r- nr.r. i-.iieily, basil G. Jones, John Dismukes, Tcnnison Chesh ire, illiam Huwkina.James Frost, Lamb I aylor, K9bt. Foster, sen Richmond Pear son, Yii.iamii.il, vt. Pleasant Hender Wn, Jesse W. WI,on, Anderson Elli.. Henry El,s James Eist Thomas Cham &t, Oho Chamber, Jllnes j. Long, tee of vigilmce and rnrreannnflonr rm this coumy, tQ promote the cause of Gen Jackson in this State. oW, t hat this meeting recommend to. their. d.elegaieithwselectltMi of Ger.r.i Abraham Philip of Kockingbam county, as a-caTttrtdate for Elector of tn1s district. Aewtved, tb, the proceedings of this neettnirJMt signetl by-lhe chairman and awl published In the Western Carolinian. THO. T ARM.tTRnTr. -.;.-- JohnF POINDBXTEII, " . . Constaktike I, ft. . C Secretanei. "nniant j J,vrid,L- S"1". Esq. hss resigned the office iu40 Jst judir,jl4 circuit of this Frbrwtr? Uth, 13S8. noBERT ii; itom on. 3t04 -TitUST-RALKr- BY virtue nf a Deed of Trust, executed by Kobert Gardner to me, for the purpose of mating me aafe for being security to Henry Weaver and othera. which ,m i. j the deed, I will sell at Public Vrnfllle tin. day of April Superior Court, at th to; Salisbury the Plantation an whicb-JtheaalaV u"ronf,r ec it. resided, within four or nrown snuomersi terms, to. made known on the davof ,ale. JOO 47 00 450 .100 44 164 9 80 9 L1J0 100 100 930 too 132 230 o0 133 200 150 110 130 171 . 2'.V W illiam Lackey. TlioV. son Highly Looper ...Corge Manhsll 5hn llitchell Hevid Queen Samuel Hobards William Struart Sila hteusrt ' Samoel Smith 1-ewis H ilda John P. Baker Brinaley Barns denjaniin llowles John Correll Benjamin Farmer Alexander t.riffin Wittiam Jolly So.'oaion Smith. - '- AbelsherrifF J obit Tt agu'e John Weotiring ..'..William Comba .Jtnbertr.mott . .... John Kirmtt . George EKlott S'. Atetsnder Gunn " Wpliam HotMtou Furgwt Stilltgtn Jos ph Moore Kzekiet Snipe - -v - . Joaeph Stephenson IUlarV league - - John 'I emplcton Noah H atsnn " """" WiHiam Warren - r " .Tamra 1'rotliertori William Fortune . , '. - William Gray Mathrw Gncdwin .'otTit (TotHlsin " ' . (donion llfiod John' ffoopcr Jas llonuer W illis ll". 1'rjvit llobrrt Potui William Potts .'ames UrviwM Thomas Ttrj-ioMs ''snmel Sumpter Adbi Watts I'.lishs K. Johnson . Tliomas Jeffersnii William Mr Lend, jr. William Mcleod, sen. f:impbell StcKsv Joseph MrKay, for his Father's 2:4 71 151 lieire . J20D Ilalph Steiiart )50 Howell Alley C50 Berry Flobli's 4jp Itobert McKay j?0 John Norwood m Holier? Itraty 300 Aaron Norwood 200 Jfcmes 1 empleton, farmer 314 John F. Cook 13(1 Eet jnmin F. Cowan . 71 .. Jane Ciimmings 645 J'atncK, t.ratma ?mi CASH, the Mothrr und Life of TRADE. 100 230 103 3L5 130J " 95) ' 300 " ilimm Kerr 270 t'.eorpe Mcllenry 25( John Hell, in trust 20l James Carpgan . 500 Samuel Fleming ' 200 Andrew Kerr, in trust for Clay, ton's heirs fm "JoTrrifcrar-"----------csr;: John McCuJJor.Ti '900 Siruih liivnwlda v . Jl David Woohver - - 250 Hairier McKay r syj ; Kjchard h,ioj , 490 ' 1 Itarnci -Jft - P. CALIjWELI, eflrtdrlt. rivtiK suDscnoer having removed his Store tor N. 11. 1 will sell, on the samedav, about SO , IT j ' '',r-ww"J mvueaau tnose who Jrncn oj tsina.on veicutiuni exponas and eic 109 are indebted to him to come forward and settle 'cutinns.' py (tie nrst day of March hest.' Th...',h r:i I Feh. 2fli.TS2ft in complying, may rest assured.tliat their note ! " ' . " and accounts will be placed forthwith in the! BLANK BANK BONDS, i ll'0n'T 2Lc I 0F,he n" form " requirrd.fors.lest III Wr.,st.,lJ57, FDW.CrTFfiS. I U offi thr tTrsjrn Carolinian, Salisbury 4rsv-1 ' 195 3VS '3 25 45 70 2$ 125 CO 3 300 30 170 213 100 441 m 409 26.1 258 180 2 75 140 100 . 115 200 260 40O 2M 100 U14 7 100 7! 3P0 1000 100 1200 170 500 ' 40S . 50 150 ISO 24S 404 240 "790 707 456 160 283 99- 2Do . ' ...!.. 195 H3 100 444 175 4.T ait -390 570 100 450 n - 400 100 135 50 150 400 $; 400 650 500 400 400 78 720 40O voo 150 150 Bhe

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