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iJIJIlST quality of HI Ftmlntit 1mh Oil
. also, UAiff .Mufti, fi by 97
Kulitimy, Jan. 1 i. H'.'W. K. Wltt.F.Y & Co.
iV Thqrtday.'the 13th ifnjrof March next,
P will bo riniMfd In nubile aate. it the lt
'residence of Wrrv, Motby, dee'd. in tlic Fork
, 16 or 17 fit fly FtgroYr, ,
Men, Women, and Children i flock if Ihrtt'n,
Cattle, fh$, and 81tp a ouantitT of Cm end
'tlft ft ady, cleaned i Household VurniWe, one
'- Wajron, IVoSinf, I'tr hil of til kind, andmany
ler article. A 'credit of 13 month will be
riven, the DurchtrirwinrtMniUwrihTOimwml
eeoritjr. All.nenon indebted -te laid estate.
Jarcq!auaujn&e payment tn itibscn.
I ilpi, ll
- -I-, ! l. 1...,. -t rfunnifTTir
eifattf iitirqwcVtwl -fft..4itm-utiily
1 ' authenticated, within the time breseribed hf
law, or this will be plead in bar of their re.
cavemVyRAitaS WIMJA MS. fxnfrir
Sy , ' . ittiktitt miU unncje'J.
: Surry Invnti.'TtV. 1 trt.'1 m .?r"'."-
THE subscriber having declined eetinjr any
. lonjrer t Constable, repeats all peron
who bar placed paper in hia bind for entire
tkMT, to come forward and take then hp, or have
settlement in tome way. He i deirmia of
ttoing hit butineaa in this tine, a xn a no,
sible, am J will thank those concerned to call on
trim at hit resideaee in the Fork of the, Yadkin,
ai toon at convenient. . K. HI MIS.
Ilnmn rtimtf. Frb. 234 1S1T. 3t95
f pHK publkk are cautioned aframat trading
J for a note land jiiren to me It Jntfh
' Crew, eome time lat summer, for 'itt.fiNr
dollar, due the firt day of January, 18i a it
iipaid In full by the uid joeph Crews t Vk1
Note wa lot with tiindry other note ami P
pert, together with my 1'ocktt-book and Coat,
un my way home from Petcnburg, Virginia,
onetime in November last.
L Stthft tunig, Jfth' 6ih, 1S28. 3t03
flTIB aooecTiber'rMprctlufty inform the Cif-T
-JLJzeM..pf8anburyL andthr virrrottmrtn; j
MtiAUivx ran.
The dew exhaled from brauty'a eye, ,
'Mi 4 timurotit Ktancra thrd I
Fall like the moiMtire of the ky,
I'pon the lily'a head.
The lily and the roae unite,
On beauty'i cheek to Hiar
The drop of radint delight,
And drink and flourUb there.
Tl eye fhont forh Iti aunny beam,
. To warm the wakinjc flower i
A Nature owe her lovely realm,
To tundiloe and to bowcrs.
The flWerrVhe Hfrt the warmtli, be tblm?,
Ko tear, but where the meam !iine,-
- In all ka heanty 4rt ....
We love to hear ir friend diactvo
The emotions of the breast-
We love to see a ship arrive
Well laden to our thore j
We love to ee wir neighbours tiir!vrt
And love and bleu the poor. .,
We love to aee dnmetic life ' "
With uninterrupted jojaj
We love to aee a vouthfiil kife
NcK pleased with trifltnjf to,
We love all tbee yet far above
All that we bat ri rr tvd,
We love what every Priktbr tovr,
Ta Aarr luhtcdptimw pu4.
ierliinej, ikj tfiC iu:a cut for
xvagrtalone, with limplc Interest there
on, will amount to more than S45,O0O,
2nd, The ether ettabfahmcnt of black
labor ."
Fn place of hiring hanJij we lay let
them be purchased J and we allow
enough when we estimate that hands
of the right description may be bad
lor S'JOO each, on an average. In
stead of S3, the number of whitea em
ployed, add one to every eleven, ma
kin? SC. These supernumeraries are
put in to mae up for any loss of time;
00 atCQUBI OS WM,u;
7 3fi ilave, ch, it 7V
1 lie following Krport wa made to the Houe
of Common o the l(rilature of ihi Mate, on
the lit er Jantiary lt, hy Vkarln FitKtr,
member from 8ali!mry, who wa ehairman of
the select committee on tbe mibject :
- Blaci Labtrt But. if . thU be the
211 land town, on Mam Street, a few door smith
f theCourt-Housej where he will be thankful
fo receive any kind of arort In hj line of btisme.
Trota a number of years experience, in Europe
and tnerka, he feele confident of being ahle-to
five entire aat'ufaction to all thone who nwy fa
voe him with any dearriptkm of Mmhinf .
" Xlanh Book made to order, after any pattern'.
Tuirhislied, on liort notice.TUid st prir'e. which
lie one can erimplain of. .
; Old Bkt Rtbnmd, either plain or omamen
til, on the mot tnoderte term. All order
srom aowfnce,iaitniuiiy attenfled to. 1 hept
so, when biai lc labor is employed.
We are aware that the opinion jsm
tertainctl at the North - end even by.
some persona among ourselves, that
our slavea cannot he advantageous!)
employed in mantifictorit : 1st. Be
cause, aa is alleged, they -nre deficient 1
? ; i -r
in inicueciuai quaitncations : anu, so.
That they have no moral principle.
Now, that the northern manufacturers
"cost er .innumrto tlthe ana feed
theie J blacki ? Sotne very intelligent
cwtTemHr Targe "owners -of - alavei,
give it as their opinion that sUvei of
this description can be decently cloth
rd and plentifully fed for 25 dollars
each, which would make 850 dollars
per year j but not to fall under the
nark the coirimktre estimate that the
cost will be 1,000 riollirs per year.
T' these sums should also h? added,
the waes of the Superintcndant say
300 dollars per year. Thne being
the expenses of black labor, we wish
iinw to compare it with the cost rf the
white whw $3 hands.
The Si whites we have seen will
rot 3,640 dollars per yer, or, in oth
. a
er words, weir wages msv o put
down as worth 3,640 dollars.
Now, 36 bheks, and 1 white super,
intendant, ran certainly do as murh
work as 33 f hites, We therefore nut
their labor down at tbe same price; of
3640 dolljirs.
Hv4ng thus ascertained the coat of
bur k labor, and aU value in. wsges, we
proceed to make the annual calcula
tions during the term of ten years; -At
the end of the lot year.
i. t capital veeted4a- the pur. .
cnawot irr, .-g7,200 -To
interest thefon for H months, 422
Clothing and feelint;slam: let year, 1,000
, ..... ...v. .,,vi, iiianuinviuicn I . k o.. :. j
ronaje of thepubne is repectfully solicited, hy j hould hold n'ut these ideas, is not to j
thefrbedient servant, i be wondered at,. whn we consider that )
AsVaWa- jiiiSSk '82T CARTF'"7' ' U is their interest to do so j but that c-n-" T"? ?
DR. J W. IHLLYAUn. . . wmf Trrativea,
EGS leave mort re.n,fllv Inf ,b. I an7. WUl ta prrona acqu noted
JLf citixeniof Davidson count
received a fine assortment
untv. thatbeha.ju.t Wl!h our b,afk. Population, is jtrange
' Vmh MftSnnf ' indeed. What branch of mechanics
tlii tafe aide, deiact ("or t!cstt$ taJ
casualties 25 per cent, from first cost,
leaves 5,400 dollars.
Then so far as regards wages for the
operatives, if you employ white labor,
at the end of ten years you pay about
40,000 tioiuri.
If blacks are employed you have
the same labor) and at the end of ten
years, actually aave 815,021 80.
The twd sums added togr'ther; 61,
021 dollars show the difference be.
tween black and white jabor for. ten
years, in an establishment of only
1,000 spindles. But there are ma
hy esfablishmentsf,5X)0, J)f courte
inc uiucrcncp wouia oe ia proportion)
Tcrj his add the items, of transpor
tation on the raw material for.tet
years, '-on 500. bales, at 7 tloCl. 0
.cuta pcr.uue, iiMfi.ucirg i(ie quantity
of cotton annually consumed by siich ao
establishment, equal to 5,000, at 7 dot
Urt 50 cents, is 37,500.
; Coral difference in favor, of black es
tablishment, is 342,605 dollars.
(T A rA ur.
At the end of 2nd year.
andexpect. to receive within a few week.. from i have we in bur countrv. in u hirb ur i n- 'nce unpaid a above, . 5,49.'
aWiiilailMlnhiA atu iVw . . . t J y l . .
r ,ivT.a.raici.iOTs,in innmcm more ,1-. fA r j tI ""rrrv itirrron,
7l ,'" oiaunguisrrea Clothing! feedina; blacks, and
lor their skill and ingenuity ? In every r o Ruperintendant, . .
place we ree them equalling the best
white mechanics. -
4. I. t ....
.m. v .iraq rwrr imcei ims country 1
J tie pJeda;e his time .and talenfa, in fvttrr,
ptireh to his .profusion, lie hopes, from
yeara experience rti the rrofeiion. to meet with
: that pttwre which, a man should whose
Whole mind ia devoted to It, Hi charjres aliall
; ever..eieee4 fhofe male by other melical
frentlemen. .Ikt 27. 1827 78
, wa-
3 29 53
JeArrM.Crtroiia, Mhe cumin
SUPERIOR Court of Uw, September term,
. . . : . ' J " v. unsiia nam win ; r ii,.. r '
Whereas it appearr-tvfw' ""'S nis laci-jHCS,
Petition for divorce,
the rtatiafactton (if the eonrt, that the defendant
as an inhabitant of another tatc, it ia therrfore
rdered by the court, 'Sat publication be made
for three month in the Ualei;h Rrster and
Wetfern. Caroliiiian, that I lie defendant appear
' thet Superior Court of Li to be. held
Tj.:'JmyrAt the mirt.houe -in
JeBeraon, on the third Monday of March next,'
and then and there plead, anwrr or demur,
therwiae the petition will be heard exparte.and
the tame set for trial. Witness David Earnest,
Clerk, at office, this 7th dav of November,
A. D. 1827. 1). EARNEST, m.
.frice advt g4. 3mt04
Slate aXtrth Cartina, f'nfiarrui ronnty :
rtWPr of ple and quarter aewion, Jm.
J MAM. IftOO . .I'lllf . .
v mi7 irmi, io.o: t imam i navtdson t
Adrr.iniatrator of Will. Parks, dee'd. : Justice's
Judjf went 'et ied on land. It appearing to the sat.
iffacfion of the Court that Kara Parks one of the
beira at Taw of the Said Will. Park dee'd. ia not
an inhabitant of this State ; .ordered, therefore,
tba publication be made ix weeks in the We,
tern Carolinian, notiryin; the aaid Ezra Park to
appear at our next Court of pleas and quarter
e.oi to be held for said county at the court
Hoiiar in Concoid,on the 3d Monday of April, then and there to plead or demur, other
wiae Jtit'jrroent pro confeaio will be had a to
, him, and execution awarded arrnrding'lv
Slute of A'vtth CaroHnaA'abtimi eotmiv t
But if et idenre drawn from analo
gous pursuits is deemed insufficient,
we offer proof In point. Mr. 'Don
aldson, before mentioned, savs that
he has been for some time in the way
Ca. Ity wajr, aa above,
7,321 52
; , 3.C81 ,52
At the end of id year .
Da To balance as above, . . . R3ai 52
ao ra midbliiix eiitrri. r
The infiiunce of flwmf Religion on to
mtttie Nofifiinett.
It is ofteo the case, that irreligious
men indulge a prejudice against per.
aonal piety they are afraid of its in.
fluence in near friends, and are dis
posed to represent their piety in the
worst pVmt of light. The following
anecdote of the kind wife, which
lately app'tared1 in the; New. York Ob
server,' exhibits the happy influence of
personal feligitirr on the part of the
wife JlwtoUcte&rJtjo-an - irreltrtmis
and profligate husband, and this exam,
pie of meclness,' forbearance end
kindhest, may encourage other wives
in., similar c isc!jnjbff7aithMdis.
charge of duty, under the most pain.
iui personal arwse anu cruel tre itment.
In this cue the husband w aiovcr of
sinful pleasure. He was "fowl of par
ties, and accustomed to be out late t
night. On a certain occasion, when
sprnding an evening as uual with his
companions at a nvern, the convrraa.
tion happened to turn on the excellen
cies and faults of their wives. The
hushand above mentioned, p vised the
Highest encomiums upon his wife,
saying she ws excellen, cmlv she
wjs a Methodist, (meaning this as a
term 'if reproach for her brine religi
ous.) " Notwithstanding which, said
he, s'ich ia tSe command of her tem
per, that was I to take you gentlemen
horn with me t midnight, mikI order
her to rise, and rtt a supper for vou.
j she would be all submission and cheerr
tu ibinlf, sa! J U , f.y Jc:f, tlat t
shall be eternally miserable I I thank
you lor the warning! by the grace of
Godt I will change rny condoct.-
Such is the influence of kindness on the)
heart. Wert wives, whoso husband
are unkind and vicious; under the influ
ence of that piety, which will enablo '
them to restrain their own tempers
and to be meek and patient under
trials, it is impossible to tell in hotr
many cases, the husband would be
reformed by the kindness of the wife
I dp not mean, that the wife should! "
sacrifice her duty to Qod, for tho
sake of pleasing her h usband , but jhit;
io all his treatment, towards her, sh
should stttdy-Stv-Sxhibit a candescent-
sion, beneToier)ce and pIcasMOtnes'sT
as wouju oe sure 19 carry conviction
to ithay. heart of her busbind, .of, her
moral purity !rr iontrist rith hit'-
it deformltyT"" s" w
follow TrrM. Mr. Eaton, ptintii
pal of the Hensselaer School, Troy,
affirms that hollow trees grow as fast
as sound ones that the sugar miple
after being drained of iu sap 50 years,
and after the whole interior has be
come dead, grows aa fast, and presents
as blooming an aspect, as any o,nd
tree of the same species and age stand
ing by its aide. The common apple,
tree grows thriftily ami bears abun.
dance of, fruit, after the Interior is
completely rotted away. The matter
which affects the growth of trees is de
posited between the bark ind wood.
and the internal woody part does not
seem to have any influence upon the
external growth .
ana that he not only finds them caual
to whitea in aptness to learn, and skill
to execute, but, nil thing considered,
he actually prefers them. Mr. D.
further states that he has had several
SuperimendantaTf mm ,tborthrian
all of these, with the exception of one:
decidedly prefers black help, us they j-
lerm u, to wnitf. With the blacks.
i.i..i i ,., . . k
..urrr-l ,4 nwnUH, . rni H:,. .... " rUm J-
3iitc.fl.vabore, 1.500 O , "HPB"7 .rniinjj
HKiuT ur"B u'ea mm 10
make the experiment, by a Considerable
warer.- The bariraia u,aa mjdr. an
f Q -
about midnight the company adjourn
Ca. As iSnvey 4
A.402 41
there is no turning out for wages, and I Ter Ps,br
no time lost in visiting musters, and
other public exhibitions.
But erne of the great advantnjrrs of
uiaca laoor is, mat you ran attach it
permanently to the establishment by
Tre following calculations will show
the difference in cost between white
and black labor. We suppose,
1st. A factory U erected in New
England, to be carried on for 10 years
by white operative?.
2d. Another is erected n Nortb
Carolina, to be carried on for the same.
I .l r , .
icu8in 01 ume, oy oiack operatives.
At the end of 4th
Pa. To balance as above
Interest the reon, - .
Ca. Dy w ape, if above, ...
1.762 41 1
f 4th year. jed, as proposed. Being admitted to
" gl762 4if house1 where is your mistress,
. . . . u7.44.aaid tliehusdjud lo the mild servant,
. ,? ? nminiMra or of Will. Park, dep'd. : Justice's
judgment levien on lantl: " n appearing to the
- atifactionof tbe Court that Ezra Pat one of
. the heirs at law of the id Will. Pnrks dee'd.
jtotwt4nUlnt of lti-fitterKlere4 there
fure that publication be marie tit week in the
TV entern Carolinian notify ing the ail Ezra Parks
to appear at our next Court of pleas and quar.
ter aeaaiona to be lickUor aaid County at the
f . court house in Concont, oh the 3d Monday of
, April next, then and there to plead or demur
otherwise-Judjfment pro eonfeoo will be haj
7 iB nim iw execution awarded acrordirjjly.
i u r . . ".. . "I
r-Ol Hrcf plea, and rinnrtrr MinnV J.nua. i " 'lf pmdlc8, and both con-j
J rv term. 1828 : heir ofCharle. ffarria dee'd
Matt ifjtmiht tmHnai htdell Ctttntv .
tn wiit ti J '": t;
ducted by good managers.
... ... ,isU.. The one niith.v'hite labor,, ,
According to the statements to be
relied on. it re'duires S3 hand. I.iroe
-t -: l o-
and small, to carry on 1,000 spindles;
At the most moderate rates, these
hands will cost (per week) 70 dollars :
fr, if paid at the end of the year, $3,.
d40. The fact however, is, that the
B70 is always, paid at the end of each
.tttfk:j.wj)jc.b is car.
Tied lorward to the end of the year"
419 MS
. 220 15
Thin, at the end of the fourth year,
the capital invested in slaves, with in
terest regularly carried forward, will
be paid off, and more than paid by
S220 1.7. Besides this, the alaves
have been well fed and clothed, and
500 dollar annually allowed, as wages
iu niic ouperintenaant.
Now rarrv on this sum of
S220 15, with interest,
from the end of the 4th
year, to the end of the
term of ten years, is -Neat
wages of 5th year,
(after deducting SlOO,
for clothing and fee
ding, and . 500 dollars
for Superintendant) will
r be 2; 140 dollars and ini-
terest to end of term,
witn interest,
of 7th year,
of 8th year,
of 9th year,
of 10th year,
' CL'pP'0fi Court of Law, p3n Term, 182,; : nearly, ,-or altogether, 8109
ww5"!L?e-tw. Jamr De,tPn Hetitinn m'-rej btif wre-wi!l"thraw"ihit-itdr-'
Court that notice, be (riven for three month, in T " war-mfiwWKm;
the Western Carolinian. nrinil ci:.k... 1 the time of navihc thi frt Ct rjn .
... Ik. C ... ' I ' .I t ' .
me enu oi the term nf irn ir. .-in
.- , . "iciguj mat trie
defendant James- Deatnni appear at the next
Superior Cuirt of Law to be held for the Coun
ty of Iredell, at the Court Mouse in Stateaville.
on the fifth Monday after the fourth Monday ia
March T,et the., 8d there to plead Io. or an
ser the petition of Sallv IWnn ,.. .k
.same will be taken pro c.mfeaso, and will be
' . 'P"r. .opira from the minutes.
ll k .U- ' . ,
'' j - , mrrtiorc count tne in
terest on that sum for nine years; on
the payment of wagea for the second
year, count interest for eight years j
on the waves nf K iKIl j i
interest for 7 years, and HA fin rr tilaw
' 815,021 80
I us at the enu of hetcrm. of ten
TMr the estabfishmcntrafnerfon'by
wmxe operative ftaswcosr for- labor
While the one carried on bv blacks
has paid the purchase money with in
terest: has fed ahd clothed the hands;
has paid a Superintendant, and made
a saving on the basis of white labor of
815,021 80.
In addition to this, the blacks are
still on hand, and worth more thn
tm hor sat upJot bim $he. Jus gone
to bed sir." Call her up aaid he,
tell her I have lught"7ome friends
home with me, and desire her to get
up anu prepare them a supper. The
good woman at once obeyed the un
reasonable summons, dressed her
self, came down stairs and received
the company with perfect civility,
told them she happened to have some
chickens ready for the spit, aod supper
was accordingly very soon served up,
wiien she performed the honors of the
table, with as mach apparent cheerful,
rifss, as if she had expected company
in a proper season.
After supper the guevs could not
refrain from exoressini? their atonih-
, ment j one of them more sober than
I the rest, thus addressed himself to
..A.. II M .J ! J L
nit mi,. in aii 11 in aaii ne, your
civility fills us with surprise. Our
unreasonable. ..visit is in c onsquence
of a wager, which we have certainly
lost, as you are a very relioiotis
"pe?5rjtrarid"caTi irrot approvrmf nanon
duct, give me leave to ask, xvhat can
possibly induce you to b.-have with to
much kindnese towards us ? Sir, re.
plied she, when I married, my hus
band and myself were both livine in
m, we were without Cod in the
world, . but it has pleased the Lord to
299 49,
tfrr.t. It miy be t nerallr re.
marked Wat rYirrlTi ho-drtve frhivfe
swift horsef,l1otratth7''rJrive,- fjt"
becauae 4hev-haVcs ift hones, but
bfcuise fast driving makes hones
swift. A horse may commonly b
tr2pcd t3 a tjull jsnd hewyj to an
airy and flcet-gaiu- Nature unquet
tionibly does much ; but education
der fr morr towards prodorinc the
treatdiffrrncr in the speed i So'es,
than rcosf men rr illtug t:.sihw.
Horses are more frrqJ"nih irjurerl by
driving them beyond" their habitual
pace, than beyond their natfoc pt rr.
The best direction fcr the education
of horses,' is, drive fart ard stop
often. - '
.IT BfiMP..
At the Rh of January r&wcr in Wahintnt
city, Mr. Ilayne.of Boutiiawilina, beinr railed
on. jrave a toast, accompanie l hv rome prefato-
3' remark, of which the following are ihk cor...
vaiofts.- .'. '
the late war, to be in the neighbor
hool of General JacksonY residence,
and to pass a short time with him an
his amiable and excellent lady, at their
QynhousetTjvere I had an oppor
tunitv of fyrmTngTjulFestimate'of
his character, wholly uninfluenced bv
party ferling j fof his name had nof
then been even mentioned in Conner
tion i with .the ;vprtcTrncn $t
lieve that he indulged a wish of being
again involved in "the busy scenes of
-iMic life, but chorinhed a'hope tnat he
might, like Washington, be permitted
to p iss the remainder of hU divs in
the quiet pursuits of agriculnirr. The
'pinion I formed nf Gen. Jackson,
from the universal tstim try of his
neighbour, (perhaps the best test of
any man's merit,,) and my own per
sonal observations, has undrrgone no
change up to the present h ur. I
found him, sir, in the p "ivrm of
the entire confidence and stimofhis
..!. "1 ... .
iirip'immrs, a-.ui surro'tniiri 'iv is mucn
Ioe. iifTrrtiop .'.-, p.sible:
he was universalis ronsijTecl a a man
nf rr.,r rli.inf ...J :
- uniiinnwulirHj llliriii),
and hnoT, scrupulously just in all his
dealings, mild in his manners, and
charitable in his feelings. He was
known as the guardian pf thc prpfian,
the protector of the poor,and the
friend of the friendless. He was
tbemnnificenrntrmtof ehurches-ani
of schools, and the itralous promoter
of every scheme which had for its
object the improvement of the nigral
and intellectual condition of those who
we're placed by their condition under
his peculiar care, ami - regarded, as a
friend by all who: knew him Whc"
iv . " I -
caiime out ot that dangerous condition, rrr this is added.' -fhnt h was admitted
numoiy nope my husband on4by, all to
TUIIU......II . . I F I ' J
lt-y-t irrmDie tot -n 11 if
ture state. Were he to die as he i
he must be miserable forever. I think
therefore- my duty to make hi
present condition as comfortable as
possible." This wise and faithful
reply affected the whole company
ii.wenttothe heart ot her husband.
and left an impression on his mind of
Wflen first purchased. Bji', to be on I great use to his spiritual v? eifare. Do
to posses a clear head and a
sound heart, ywi have thm veharacfj;r..?(.
Cieh. Jackson Recording to the estima
tion of those who have known .hint
longest and most intimately, ; -among
whom are some of the wisest and best
men in the United States. f offer
a toast,
Aniirkst Jackso'v who. like VusI
ington, saved his ci tntry.. ih'wsi and
like Jefferson, will save it in peaff.

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