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' .'.i:..k..n -niIe. and direct you
tU. ! Xhf the Convention of
l'-u-. f the' Ajministratlon
North Crolin. this m Ji. 1831, by
V'ti. DAVIPSOtf,
... ': i. n...'.-,.' th iflwnwntt of Mr.
the HII1 Parfmn ,-- .
tl Oay'l hWi th. former wfeggg
dent, and tbt Utter S ecretary of ?Ut r
va fcava occurred fo'!he irentleman from
real cause of the nrent fcue oher
- against the .Administration, weto Mm
nutter of astonishment.' He remiridetl
the gentleman that the came was the
manner in which the Administration came
Into power. It it. to be found there-rand
only there for he would clefs- all the pub
lie pressea in the country to produce the
tlTect which has been produced, were i:
not for this taint of oiiginnl sin in the
body politic, wblchcleavei to the Admin
Istratlon, even as the taint of our oiiginal
in cleareth to us.
Mr. It. then proceeded to any some
thing on the subject of the supposed col
lusion in the first instance between Mr
Adams and Mr. Clay. He denied that
there was any in the first instance. lie
contended that Mr. Clay was looking out.
electioneering for himself, until he found
be could not Ret the vote of Louisiana, and
therefore could not be returned to the
House. Mr- Clay, he said, had made hi
calculationsthe death of Mr. Crawford,
vbo was jn - .
ccs 100 to I against his living through the
summer. Iut"Lbuu1anafefusf(t mrrr
Mr. Clay bet vote, and . Mr. Crawford,
svith tinpereUeled obstinacvt, refund , o
die. Mr. Adams was then taken tip as a
fJt tiler (last ahit.J lie had right to
.say this. He had an interview with a
gentleman, about that time, not on tbt
subject indeed but on something relitini
to the House. That individual had then
condescended to electioneer fur -he said
r-' If you of the South will give us any
other roan of .the West for i're&iderrt, in
the room of J. Q.. Addtns. I will not sup
port him."
Who could dare to deny this:
In other words, this was saying if you
will give any other that is egomrntl
myself but when the South would not
go with him, they lost all tbeir weight and
He asked if there was no proposition
o bring Mr. Clay to vote for Mr. Adams ?
Yes he ioMsied tuat -there wji a col
lusion end a corrupt one not in n rf
ting not even a verbal one but one as
well understood as if it had been ex
pressed. We know from the facts, that
whem individuals meet to do -a damned
deed, they, will, not always trust, them
salves to .give names !0" thougbta will
Hot call spade a spade. Thus he, who
was willing to take any man from the
.YCcst- in.prefe rence to J oh n. (ti'A'J ms ,
takttpef John Q. Adams, and takes
liinat no may oc orougni wimin uic imc
of safe precedents: There warnoocca
sion loTrtake- the- matter more, plain
Cannot we make out apple-pve, without
spelling it let te r by le ttc r," from letter
oeforeu 8s bt as-the born -book-i
General Jsckfon waa ho great civilian;!
but be possessed all the requisites for the
rresidency. tie contended that it was
not necessary that he should be able to
write a book, or to make speeches, lie
contended that the inveterate habit which
waa produced by constant attention to
atudy, rendered men unfit for the conduct
of nations. It was better to select those
who understood men to lake those who,
at to writlngr were iintaugBtl thiin those
who are untcachable. lie was not for
trusting dialectician! with the guidance of
public uUMti.
Tho Uey. Traftor lVoodsot Brown
University, Rhode Island, formerly a Pro
lessor In the Columbia College, Disttict
Columbia, has been unanimously elected
President of Transylvania University,
at Lexington, Kentucky.
1 A New' Orleans 'paper" smeV tfiit lFe
mania for gamblmg ephesrs to be spread-
"Ing with Tnactr-nptdtt yrr-tttat ehyrf
through all classes of society It-seems
to be more contagious than the yellow
fever, for the negroes arc not txcmfiijrom
iti influence. .
The Rigltt Reverend llishbp llo
barfhas -addressed t ' letter to the
Mayor of the city of New York, tie-
i dining 3fv:orrter
ful comrocmoration of . the loss sus.
tamed by the state-and nation in the
, death of Pe Witt Clinton, as recom
; ..mended by the city authorities. This
refusal has excited considerable feel
ing io that community, as we should
think it welt calculated to do. The
Bishop's fastidiousness is in our opin.
ion sir judged and ill timed. He is
afraid forsooth, of countenancing too
cjose a union of Church and State ! i
, ton ts wsstssv r,0U',!i",..(. lS.
... r.i.-,.. . s kit-c been considering tne
p. . -r i.rm.01 and onnortunity
labor tinoer i'r wm u. , ,
" . ......! ... rv to enable
mem prop-Tir Krnne of the
l-ipnn-m V, ' ;mln(!rL MM no, Me. With.
M n"f.r uleriv'rd from which
. 4K...S rikiii"SL. iia ill w. vi
u tr. . .tv nreeHarv o enable them to
Wore them accor.
?W m bw and Liatice.. , Por the want crf.ewh
toBrmition. grmny rneis. ieow
wWcrivntiCV.on is inereased. by reM,n of W
ienmit and p.. V., . .t'n
From reflectinir on these firts. the idea has
occtii'rc J To trie, thll It JfwfiFVT fel foKif W
itiir tjrrtiat(ife to ansccranale m-amkli-MML-htr
the mirchaie of hooks contain'm the lawa of
tl'f? HTitesmd lb' 4B(4e'-C- tnMtc oClcerSj
which books miglit be lo.tged in the band of
the Clerk of the teverat cotinttts, to be distri
buted to iliote emmty ofTicers who might need
them, to be returnable to the clerk'i office at
the dcrease or rrsi(rnat!on of tlioe who might
have them In poMemion. In this "way, every
ofTWr woidd be enblcJ to procure a book fiat
would tcacli him hi dijtits. One set of booki
might anawer for a docen or more cts of offi
ern, I thro out tlii h'ntt, ho;iing lome one
elite, better espHblc of httMlbng a goose-rjuill
than I am, will improve upon it.
.HutA 3tt, 18 J8. i1 friend tf react:
htr. White t You will oblige one who
takes your paper, by publishing the Adams
Catechism, Mr. Kandolph's speech, at.o
all the proceedings that have recently la
ken place in relation to the- bargain, in
trigue and corruption between Messrs
Adams and Clay. In my opinion, the
rvidenre is such that all candid men
must abandon the present A.lminiiut.i.
nt ''kMiUi ' ! behalf' of the
cauxe of Gen. Andttto Jacktcn, the pcu
ple'i cbrnre
hope von will soon be throurn with
Mr. G jiton's speerh, for it will do ueithn
g'6ftd' nor 'ThisrMe f w here the -nwvlwr A
well known. He is a federalist of the old
schooT. or he never would hive Turotieii
former. day. h .would i'o well to bear
in recollection, .! his fjther ta mur
dered by the Torus' in lhc UevorotionaVf
War. And how win his dead bodj tretterl I ffrvrd, fhat thia detention publiih an ad
by those bloody trai'oTs ioYlie'ir coum
I -i k:- T, I r forth, in plain, moderate, and reapectful Ian.
. . . ,r ' . ,, . . ,
obvious why Mr. ssto.i u Uiendly to the
P'ent adminiiilration : the tncmls ol .
corruption made a great noie aioiit riv
ing him an appointment : he thought it
was his duty, then, to intrigue with them,
and endeavor to make the people bli-ve
they are honest men; but those who
know the history of Mr. Gaston charac
ter, can never place any coihlen e in
what he mav fulminate against the cause
oF the peopleTTn7hIsruiic)rcd s'') lc, and
deceptive logic.
You will oblige a friend of Gen Jack
son, and perhaps save some honest. peo
ple from being, cheated put of their opin
ions by Mr. Gaston's " " silver-t'itiedM
speech, by publishing something like
the above In your paper. Yours, :
'March Cth, 1828.
The conclusion of Mr. fiaonN addreM,
which we bive beenindacol to;4vibhh t the
found on tlu-Ikk p2c ot tonLiy paper : nd I
.. i 11 :-.-.t,.; . 1
vur CPrrCUU'l'lMIl will utll.Elfv lll'll H'HIfl'JIr, J
intliesbar ofanetMctfr.ime crflr.Ka W f"'8" "y
dotpVf pecehea, accompanies the- t,MwttirffTapfi
l' 1. .... -v .;n 1. .1 jt. ... .... ' 9th mm. Nrbon made his rscaDe. . This is an
actuin some detrree. the fubtiie noNon Mr.
political qnackn Smoit' tin air no tmluMriniwly j
J;.aM tr elsaa mtArtln .lint ts'klK !.. '
rn..nt nt to .ft,,- on a commtinitv that is nl.
ready politically tound. The truth is, the pen.
ole are as averse to swallowine the nostrum, of I
political quacks, a. they are thor of ymcki in
medicine : and they are right, too j tor none ot
Ljliese empincs know any more about alministc
ing to the physical nd political wants of Hie
people, " tlun a black cat does about trigo
nometry." Ed. Curtlinian.
Concord) March 13, 1828. ""
Dr. Sir The other dav 1 got my hands
upon tiie Western Carolinian (of which
you are the .editor) of the 26th ultimo;
and in looking over its columns, I came
ncross the Jjtkson meeting lately held at
Wilkesborouch , seeing that Gen. M.
Stokes was the chair man of it, I concluded ,
I ought, at least on his account, to see
what would be the charges tint would be
here exhibited against our present chief
magistrate of the L. S. and his cabinet ;
blitfartwtt ti-Uc is said about ihe- latterr I
shall only. ask ondoucstiqn, respecting a
ch-ayga cwiulncd anmnglhe JianT-agsifliL
the President i 1 allude to that part of the
pr-amble which charges iVlr. Adams with
being the chairman of a meeting held in
Boston, where the conduct of Gov. Siron
and the Massachusetts legislature wete
applauded - (ot refusing tbeir aid in the
late war, and where the corrupt germ of
he Hartford Convention'" WaS planned'.
Now, sir, all I wish to know of the. chair
ra in of that meeting, or some -one of its
merr.bevs.js, at what time did the rqetiting
in Boston tsko place alluded to, in what
year'tbo mblnttf oT VKef W
One tfthe Peofile. '
We hand over one of the people," to the
chairman arid other members of the" Wilkes
meeting t doubting not but they are willing
(snd we know them to be able) to make such
disposition of bis case as truth and justice may
call fiir. ,
ataw .
CUraw, March 7. Cotton, 9 a 10 bacon 9 a
10 j flour 5; peach brandy 40 to 45: apple do. 35
to 40 j wliivkey 40 j pork 4 to 5( tallow to 10,
MARCH 2Jh. 1328.
t-. n irlfaewtt.Yf unteNtanu
that the Pt.msterCeneral hai recently chan
Ped the name of a P OBI" s l" cnumy.
N. C. from Horl? i r" " "' ,-"""
appointed the tlev. P.Ooeta, Poat Master, Vice
VV, N. Ba, rewgncu
Cmttrfeittri.k cn eounterfeitera has
been broken up, In llmphreys emmty, Tennea.
aee.and Carroll cmiW, Kentucky., One per
ton was taken in llunj'hrcyl county, and three
m ysirvoHr wtomUMfonnd. alMue Jmpie.
ments for counterfeit g specie,
7VieafhtIialme eatttqoaw 1 wuauii wae la
in id'.. ihw, twthe nirtt.of the 9th Init. was
tr.!rfn5(!''vMu buadred jailes. north of
tn l,V n. I I rj4W.t. " W ,TW
ccirrd bV'mal, from' eeir, wett, north and
nili,.ro.M inento" of It;
.... tjAaaaj'iiiif'
The delegatea from the cotntiea of Rowan,
DaviJi'in, and Mm'gomery, apointea lor tne
ptirpxe of dcifiialing some fit penon as the
eanildate for tli's dittrict, to be placed on the
Electoral Ticket In favour of General Andrew
fatm at PreiUent, and Jh C. Calhoun as
Vne I're'iututl convened in Lesingtn, on
Tiewlay, the lh instant, that being the time
anl place previously agreed on. Present, from
IJowao. Gen. 1 M. Kerr, AU nind Hall, Archi
h.U n firt.T.incI Charles Prher. Ewuiresi
fmm D;iTidiion.Ooctor Win. It. Holt, Doctor
Wm. lohon. lenry Dusenberry and Mack
Crump, EMjuireft from Montgomery, Farquhar
Murtin, and Wjit-wn H. Chialiolm, Eacjuirea
Tlir mrftirg ya organised by appointing
Ch-irki Fithtr, ?5sq. chairman and F. Martin,
Kf). a. cre'ary.'
f)n motion oAtlmand Hall, it wu propoaed
to the delriraron that the name of VtM Giles,
t'.iq. of Kowat, oe placed, at the candidate for
ttii" district, cn the electoral ticket of the State.
other pt-'rwn being named, the vote wa ta-
acn wt nim nunron, iimrn- k VM rounn
that the (k)rgtrn raa unauimoualy ia favour
ol (Jic nomination Jnbn Giles, Esq.
i In-mnlLia, li 1U "7Z
ro?t, Tliat 'he chairman address a letter
tn ilif Cmiraf ( - rretpomlipif Committee at
RJri(fb, tnftiemkiir tlieos of the nomination of
JOHN Gtl.F.S, .v. as the candidate for thia
dNiricti ami requrtinr that they place his
name on the "Vliton and Calhoun electoral
ticket -of the St i". and, in due season, an
nounce thearoe to the public. -
On motion a Doctor Holt,
fc ttim dency. in prefer-
enC t0 Jolin q, A,im.
A committee wv accordingly aesignatea to
prepare the addrt a.
On motion, RrtlveJ, that the proceedings of
t'lis meeting; be npnet by the Chairman and
Secret an-, and forwardivl for pubheation to the
Kaleigh Star and tVettern Carolinian.
-F. Mam,ifrrrory.
" Ait "ttprtro)iriaTiot-nf fj 4m boen fwMle
by the leffislatwra f Louiaiana, to defray the
-xpep, of the celebration of the 8th January
in Ncw-Or!eans. Thia is a aunicicnt refutation
of -the awertion that the Hero of that day. waa
treatrd by the Governor and tbe.legialature
with 'coobieas and neglect. - w ,
-MininiptU A deficit in the Treasury of the
state nf 1iiwip)i, of five or six thousand dol
lars, lm been discovered. The committee of
. m . T I.W.n r n gf ,K .1, t.f.
ts a,Mr other nronertv. to secure the state
.- .,. r. . '1 r,. 1. ' . -
i . . saa a ... a . .a . a
- , ' t
I'irnirlin 1nfit SKsii'Vaatrniil fiTfilf ratav tnitn.
t v. and Wm Elzev of Loudon countv. are out on
the Virginia Adams Ticket, in place of James
Ma.lison ami James Monroe, who. as we last week 1
ii. formed our readers, declined theisnsr pf icrv
ing in smca a cause.
Rard Timet. -K an evidence of the hardnru
of the tim-s the Jackson (Tennessee) Gazette
of the 2 Id ult. says one magistrate of that town
haa ri -ndered upwards of tne thiuiand judgments
for the last vear!" To comfort "cur Tennessee
neighbors, (as misery likes company") we
can intiirm them that judgment are pleutier
than !'.l!ari ia North -Carolina.
X"! vmch t9 brag o. Somebody writeafrom
Hertford countv, in this state, that the cause of
the administration is gaining ground in that
quurter-exulta in the belief that the people
there will be about equally divided; and con.
cutties with expressing bis opinion that " said
... ... ,1 . It M, "11- I . . I
tuwiiy can pou no votes: icmuic: -1
tempest in a tea-pot !" Why, the Jackson
mnjitnty that will be polled in the renin of Salts.
r1"" ' 'one.-wamay-veature tn say.jsiHh&inQic
than enom-h to neutralize the Adams votes that
will be given in half a dozen tcA counties.
In fjapt. Fogleman's company, at Holt's store,
in f)nng6 county, on the 23d ult. a vote on the
rresidency resulted in 94 for Jackson,
8 for Adams.
At a muster in. Milton, Caswell county, on the
Btu( inst. the company voted for a President :
rvw Anorew-acKson, .-...., ..,oa.,
For John Quincy Adams, . . 5
H A'tneeting'tiC th!i:tfitt-ih(A'm
Caswell county,, is called to take place on tues.
day Of A
prn court.
The Ttev. Peter D. Fraligh, pastor of the
Dutch Reformed church iti I'atteTson, New Jersey,-committed
suicide a feV weeks since,-by
cutting his throat. He was supposed to have
been deranged.
Revtlutionary OJUtrt.Wtt learn froitt a
speech of llr. Van Huren, in the (J. 8. senate,
that of the 7,485 officers belonging to the con
tinental army during the Revolutionary War,
onl335are nowlivmg!
1 a -if
mention of the Hon. Martin Van lluren, as a
candidate for Oov. of Naw-Vork i we hive ince
seen Gen. Marcy, the comptroller of that state,
Ambroae Spencer, late cblef jortice of that State,
and Mordecal Manaaah Nojih, editor of the
New.York fcnquirer, (a-ho, one of the papers
(a. "iaaeealririme bahff md whole-soul fel.
low) named as candidates. And at an anti-ma.
sonie meeting lately held in the western part of
the state, Solomon Southwicky r. editor of
th K.tinnal obaerver. Was nominated for Gov.
ernori and Col. David C. Miller, who printed
Morgan s booK of ine revemnon or mwrnrri u
was in peril of bein uhducttd along whh the
author, is to run on the sime ticket, as Lieuten.
ant Governor. Should Bouthwick1 and Miller
i.-.k t I.a sU.d. thm Rilitnra in Ner.
Yttrk-wlll litve1titatbcy Wll PC Jikf T. '
to get all the fat offices in the ettte,-if they are
ot,Atuiftte J jDfjnflwjjrjr i;
Judre Kdward D. White is announced as a
candidate fbf the:itext'efftfree rVwm the- eitjr
of rTttr-Orleans, to tun w oppojitoon w KUwrnnt
livlngstoii; tsq; tha present mtnmtomme.
The stockholders of the Old ftank of the
State of Tennessee have reaolveil to wind up
its concerns, and diasolve the corporation i and
have (riven notice in the Nashville' Banner to
that effect.
The city of anv. the seat of government,
of the state of New York, (.ituated on the Hud.
son river, at the head af aloop navigation. 153
miles west of the city of New York) was founded
in the year 1612. Its population in 1712 was
4000, in which ntimlier there wa 430 s'aves.
In 1796 the population wa 6021, and the city
contained 867 house.
In 1820 it contained 12,630 inhabitants. (
At the present time it is supposed to have a
population of 20,000.
LiiM-sto CMy. A meeting of the friends of
- . a s ..a a B ! I '
coliiton, on Tuesday evening of Lincoln April j
Mr. Adams is to tie neia at me ncwiemy in un
court. The caption to the notice calling this
meeting, rs coucnea in me iuiiunijj nmm.,
Mwlr, kriU-iit languajre i Tlwae perwms
in Lincoln county who Wish the continuation of
peace in our happy country, and are opposed to
war, bloodshed, speculation, and ppreuiintftht
4-stfeeouestedJo JttendJic. Now
we aik those supoorters of the Administration
Who denounce the trhmdt of Gen. Jsekwrn foe
being uncharitable, .violent, and ptoscriptive. to
ponder on the abovei-and uy if its parallel can
be found, in any thing that has been published
by a Jackson papey in this ,paft of the state.
Suppose, in calling a Jacknit meeting," we
should commence soraethjng. after this manner :
"Those citiien of Rowan County, who are'
frends to the republican institutions jf their
country, and wih to put a stop'lo tb.e most cor
rupl bargsining for the highest offices under
their government, that ever disgraced fbe rot.
tenest monarchy in the old world ; and who are
opposed t.i the elevation of a lry and mnnrrKitt
to the Presidency, but in favor of the election of
that pure patriot and venerable Hero, Andrew
Jackson ure reonested to meet," he. V hat
n-ould or rather, what vovld not be said of
us ' W by, we should no doubt be overwhelmed
with the vilest epithets the ingenuity of our
enemies could invent ; ami ten to one but we
should be charged with murdrrinir every militia
man that w -killed by the Uritish (hiring the
hurt war.- And yet we -huu'd. be as blameless as
the person, who perpetrated the caption to the
notice calling the A Jams meeting above-.
" At Wilkes Superior Court, held week before
list, we learn that, among other criminal causes,
JaeihiMmer was charged and put upon bis trial
for the murder of Joefh 1). Baldwin, a majnr
trate of ..Wilkes county, living 10 of 12 miles
from the Court-Honse, who Vs stated to have
been shot near the corner of his house, by Mil
ler, on the night of the h inst In this case
there- was a mistrial, on account of the great
number of persons who hsd formed and ex-
presseaflin i opmKm."t he v tails waa,U sameO..
on the trial ot raruh Jtarltw, chargcdt itu the
murder of bis wife, some time last year.
- JametC the owner of the land on winch
.1 . 1 - . T i W I..L1..L..U.
county,and perhaps in the state, has been found,
died at his residence near Ch'arTaTrf7oinhe-7th:f
mstant. Poor old man-his :ff9l,l imn was bis
if ' treasures dug from Ins land gave
employment, and subsistence, and even vylth
to other i but they proved the death of him
who might have profited most by them. Ante
rior to the discovery of his gold mine, he owned
but a few acres of the mot sterile and apparent,
ly valueless land in Mecklenburg county, which
yielded a miserable subsistence to himself and
family t but thev hud itaved on the place, in a
half-starved condition, for many years. Ihe
discovery of the gold mine
liowever, bid !
maeical effect on the wo-becone condition of
the fmily. No sooner was the oki man's pock
ets well lined with cash, from the products of
jhis auriferous soil, than himself and family
p,m(red into extravagance and excess ; and the
BOTTLK, that too common resort of those
whom affliction has Cast down, or some freak
0f fortune has suddenly elevated to a condition
for wi,ich nature and habit has unsuited them.
cut ,hort the days ofthismiVriwrrtwnoeold
Death JUr. 1101. The Raleiph Ttegiiter, in
LUnd UUkJEvX, adds, thatj It Is jt singular tir-"
cstancejjie nao a oream. tne niym previous;
in which he fancredTie was drowneT.r-1Tr
suspect the informant of the Regi'ter has aliirht
ly misapprehended the facts in relation to this
circumstance. We travelled in company with
Mr. Hill, and two other gentlemen, from States,
ville to..Wilksboro'. In a free conversation,
at the house where we took dinner, the swol
len state. of the water-courses being; frequently
alludedto, Jir, Mill casually mentioned that he
had drempt, three several times, of being
drowned of, that he wo U be drowned, we do
not distinctly recollect which. Believing, as
we did, that dreams were there 'idle phantasms,
what was said mail? o imprewion on our mind
ii-Miweshouldprtibably never have tuougbt. of
It again, but lor the distressing occurrence, of
which those, dreams now appear to have been
most fatally ominous. This declaration was
made" hear a week before Mr. Ti. was drowned.
From these facts, it will be seen that the editor
of the Register could not have been accurately,
advised of the circumstances altendincr this
melancholy casualty."
In addition to what we have heretofore said.
we are now enabled to state, that tins afflictive
dispensation of Providence was the consequence
of an alteration in tie Ford. Wkrre Mi, Mill
A.n,rt. fe ..... fclres nolictj
ItcmptcJ to acrori, wis t!i old fori, which f, J
had fren'iflntN pawed in perfect safety ( but a
f!ih-Um having lately been conatrncted there,
the water was an much deepened, that another
ford was used i of which circumstance Mr, Hi!)
was not apprised i the melancholy consequence
was, he was unfortunately drowned.
Another gentleman, who entered the river,
Immediately behind Mr. Hilt, In a carry-all, with
difficulty escaped the fate of bis companion.
We understand now, that Mr. Hill was buried '
t Maj. Thurmond's, near the fatal place where
he lot his life, - ; .'
jiwirmces ExrruoRDMjinr.
Great doings among the Andre wa! Married,
lately in Eieter, Connecticut, ; .;
Andrew Hurnham, to Anna Andrews...
AdoniiahBitrtibam, to Sally Andrews.
Nehemiali 8. ''nurnhW)lf WaWT AndlCw,'
Nathaniel Bornham, to Happy Andrews.
TOna mgTja;'-- to Dolly Andrews.-;
Ephraim Long, , ' ' to Hannah Q. Andrew
Enoch White, -Tf-to Elite D, Andrews. 1
. AndrewAiidret;t( Ann Amlrtw.,
Caleb Andrew. " to Sally Ilrown. '
Beth Andrewa! 'sto; Kuttt Itttleft'r
lobJI Li'-AMrewii-'''' W-Ann'XBurhaa.'iS'
An improved way of making M Merry An.
drewf." lUehettir. Daily Advertiser,
i We have received the list number of -new
weekly paper, just established at
Ntw Ecfiota in the Cherokee Nation, ai
led the Cherolee Phtnix.
It is printed on a Super Royal sheet,
and edited by a native Cherokee. The
matter .is represented both in the English
and Cherokee languages, in alternate col
umns. Thus it seems,)! this nation of $avaget
as they are called by some good people,
advancing step by step, towards civiliza
tion. This same nation too, which, the
Governor of neighboring state lately
said, in his message, must be forced from
their altars, and their homes, and driven
be yond the.Miiiiisippl.ouArrj:.'
The Legislature of Virginia adjourned
pnSaturdsy, after e session of . precisely -three
calender monKTindajfsii)'g 'rhoro
than T 50 acta of chiefly a local or person
al tlescriptiofv and after absorbing about
8110)00 or more than a fifth of the re
venlje,? the whole S:ateV The single
article of legislative fkpehse,' pr6gres'
lively augn)tting, and for which no re nu.
edy can be found but the numerical re
duction of ihe House of Delegates, is of
itself a heavy and dreadful evil, and suffi
cient to justify the call of a convention.
Mrs. Jackton.Tht Louisiana AdvertiU
I ser says, that ' the furniture of the apart-
ment use a oy ucn. season aunng nis
residence in New Orleans, was sold at
auction after bis departure, with the ex
ccption of his bed, his armour, and table.
All these articles, remarkable alike for
elegance nf design and exquisite work
manship, the goTernor jhougbt. might be,,
offered to the acceptance of Mrs. Ja kson y
and "be accordingly ordered them to be
sent to ber, accompanied by a very com
plimentary letter r to which Sfrs. Jack
son acknowledged their receipt in a let
ter, couched in a Very happy style. ""
'Monuments to Governor Clinton,K
meeting was held at : Buffjto" bo the
28th ult. to concert Measures for..the
erection of Two .Monuments to the
located at the extremiti-'s of Erio Ca
nal at Buffalo and -Albany f. and to tj
point a committee who shall-act
concert wun avirmv oi xikwj os
Albfrnj'i in furtherance of ih proposed
Masonry. K convention of masons
(or of those who have been masons)
has been held at Le Roy, N. Y. for
the avowed object of revealing and
publishing the higher degrees of ma
sonry. They adjourned on the 20th
v I a a esr s li
Ttilti but are -to tneet again. J ne .no-
Chester Antt-Masnnic "inquirer,
states that " upwards cf 90 masons
renounced the principles and obliga
tions of the order, several of whom
had climbed to the top of the Mason's
Ladder.' Solomon South wuk was of
the number, Of course!
. An oyster has been deposited in the
Museum at Portsmouth, Va. which
has two mice caught by their heads in
its - slteTTSomeJysrcTShad
placed fay a gentleman in hiapaotf)'.
and when the servant Wenrtcrrjpen
them, he found the thieve in that
The death of; General Brown has
made a vacancy in the command of the
United States Array... It. seems to be
yet uncertain who will succeed as Com
maoder-in-Chief. Gen. Gaines is the
senior.. Brigadier General, "but ScottV
"Brevet of Major General Is 21 days
older than Gaines Brevet to the sanis
rank. Gaines is said to be the friend
and admirer of Gen, - Jackson, whih
Scott is warmly attached to Mr.
The African live$ticatort a literary
and politic! newspaper, has made its
appearance at Tripoli, in Africa.

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