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YOTi. VIII.;.....NO. 409.
X ,
. fbe terms of the Western Carolinian are, 3
per annumor gJ 50, If Paid imuhance.but
payment in advance will be required from all
lohieriben at a diatance. who air unknown to
the Editor, unless tome responsible person of
, .bis acquaintance guarantees the payment.
No paper discontinued, (except at the option
tif the Editor) until all arrearage are paid.
AdveliiiieiJKpn My
AW Jetted Vldwssei to theater, a4 be
ftaia or they may not be attended to.
ry Affairs, to which the subject had been refer,
fed, made the following report t
. The Committee on Military Affairs, to whom
were referred the documents communicatetTby
the Secretary of War, in obedience to the call
f this House, of the 16lhof January, relative to
the proceedings of a Court Martial; which com
nenced its sitting at or near Mobile, on the 5th
December, 1814, for the trial of certain Tennee
gee Militiamen, together with the oerrespon.
bnce between the Governor of that State and
(he Secretary of War, respecting' tbe length of
service of militia drafts, ot tnat state, unng
the late war, reports . . ,
On the IBth of April, 1814, 4th Vol.
Law of the United Sutea, page 703, tec.
4, Congress enacted " that the militia,
hen called into the service of the United
fit, hv virtue of the before recited act
tnay. if, in the opinion of the President of
tbe United States, the puimc interest re
quire it be compelled to serve fun term
. not eiceedini aix month, after the rri-
waist tne jbTate Of rendezvous in any ne
r. ' This Uw wallQcontinue in force
"After the nasaarof this act, it doe. not
- .mnDat.lhat -the President revoked the
power whicn nenaa given to uov. uiouni,
Tbt virtOe of the letter of Iho Secretary
" of 'War? of the Hth arid 31st January,
1814 1 "toot iieaeenMto fcaro been willing
from bis silence, coupled with the notori
ous fact of Gov. Blount's continuing to
' - order" oiii' militia "dram? wwkr thw vl4
cretionary authority of those letters, to
considef that such drafts as Gov. Blount
thould order out, were, in his opinion, re
sjulred " by the public interett."
,Andyour Committee think that this
oronoaition may be put more affirmative
ly, to wltt that it waa the "opinion of
tiie President, that the public interest did
reauire" that Governor Blount should,
under the advisement, or by the requiki
tioos of Oen. Pinckney, have the power
to order out militia drafts, eitptr. for J nrre
r sir months, as the exigencies of the
' get vice - should render necessary, 14 twA
sf referring en thit Mead" to the Presi-
ajent for special directions.
"... . This deduction they considerirrewsti
. .... ie and .cpnplusiye,' and that ihere was
nothing in tbe act of April 18th, I ft I 4i
which prevented the President from ex-
".Uu kU nnininn tKrnnuh (ventral in.
I ttructions, to the'XxecutivV'oTiTlSta'rerl
J svhose orders for militia drafts, under
. audi discretions, should, dt facto and de
"' Jurei be tbeb'p1nioh bf1He 'President;
tbst such cralis were required by the
This infereneevyour Committee more-
' over Teliere,"if they thought 4t-nece4ry
to go into such an investigation, might be
sustained by the rontempnrury construc
tions which were given to this clause in
the act of April, 1814, ia the actual dis
cretion which wiit vested in the Execu
tives of aeveral of the States.
Silly. Your Committee are now brought
(o inquire, whether Colonel Pipkin's re
(jimrnt was ordered outor six . months,
and in conformity with the above cited
authority f It appears, by the muster
rolls, that thia regiment was regularly in
spected, and mustered into servioe for
lx month, to wit : on the twentieth of
June. 1814 ; snd that, consequently , their
term of service expired on the morning
of the twentieth of December, 1814. In
the absence of all other proof, these re
cords are to he considered as highest evi
dence, not only of the fact, but of the le-
- Ri presumption, that the musteF and in
spection were made with the requisite
. authority. ,
. But it is a circumstance oT public and
llnilisDutable notoriety, and one which be
longs to the history of the counlryTlhar
Col. Pipkin's detachment was mustered
pto service txfirenti for mix montfi, by
virtue of an order of Governor Blount's,
dated the 20th of Mav 1814; a certified
copy of which, your Committee ha
Hen steps to procure, that it may belaced
-on the files of thU House, with the docu
rnentsftoai tbe War Department.
This order recited that the draft -ws
made in compliance u with the requisi-
tibin of Mafor 3eBefaT Fwckfley,; antl in
"fUrthinneef4he.yleiws of Government,
by a latitude giveo to him lGdiv,-Blouni;
by the War Department, in regard to calls
for men to act against the Creeks." This
draft was Ordered to rendezvous oh the
40th of June, 1814, at Fayetteville, Ten
nessee : and formed the identical detach
ment of qfie tiKnnaad men who trere if- (
lerwsrdf placed under the command of
Col. Pipkin, and stationed in the summer
and autumn of that year, at the posts in
the Creek conntry. And, by reference to
Uov. mount's letter of the 19th October,
1814, (No. 11.) it seen that he es
pecially reported this regiment of one
thousand men, to the Secretary of .War,
as to aerieeor ,morui,from which
fact the- inference ii iDacaU;ihiit,the
President. eanW,e4
vice, or it was the boundec duty of the'
Secretary tenbave prdered- their ira me di
ate discbarce which, Jt-iio JwhereC ap
pears thaf he ever did lf,.therefore any
confirmation was wanted for the original
authority by which the draft was made
for six months, your Committee consider
thiitGv. Blount's report, of the 19th Oc
tober, and the implied sanction of, the
President, incontestibly furnUh it. '
3dly.' Whether the soldiers of Col.
Pipkin's regiment, who were arraigned
for certain crimes and offences before a
C)urt' Martial, which convened at Mobile
on the 5th of December, 1814, were le
gallr tried ; and whether the Command
ing General, approving the proceedings
of this Court properly exercised the pow
er and discretion vested in him by law ?
Br reference to the proceedings of the
Court Martial in quojion. it will be ern,
that io- coromikkioncd ofiirers, and about
200 of the non commissioned officer, and
privates of Colonel Pipkin's regimen;,
were tried for the most serious offence
which can be committed in the military
service of the country. :
That the offences, first, consisted in
exciting afldwuMnij
fy," for TbercommissiowfMiuual muti-
gravated robbc ry ana - apoiut ioniI e
publtc atoresV and thirdly r in the crime
of dosertibri""' ' ' ' " " r
The two firaf of these offences, to wit.:
" excitint; and causing a mutiny," and ac
tually committing mutiny, ,k by forcing
til'-joViMta-1be CornmUsa
ries' storehouse and stores, at Fort Jck
son, were committed, the firt, before the
19th of Septcnber, 18 14; and, second,
on the 19th of September. 1814; and be
fore even thrtt month' irryice qf thit de
tachmtnt had expired. That some of the
mutineers were deluded into a belief that
they were about to be wrongfully detain
ed in service, beyond the term for which
they were legally drafted, your Commit
tee think not improbable ; and those who
"were thus likely to be deluded, the Court
recommended to the clemency of ihe
Commanding General, who, it appears,,
pardoned them ; and that all the-rest of
the mutineers and deserters were con
demned to trivial punishments neither af
feeling life nor limb,excep ing six of the
ringleaders, to wit : David Morrow, a ser-'
gent in Cpt. Strother'a Company, Jacob
Webbjj John Harris, Henry Lewi. David
llunti rrd"TffiFdLrrisef,twnte--b
Colonel Pipkin's regiment, who were
.fount! guilty either pf causing, or exciting
mutiny, before the., tain September,
1814, or committing a mutiny, or deser
ting- whilat .otu poar, ; before the expir
tion of the 9th of September I3i4, and
suffered death in consequence.
By an examination of the trials of these
six ringleaders, it will bejteen, that they
were prominently guilty, either of exci
ting and causing a mutiny, or of being
leadera of a mutiny ; the first before, and
the last on, the 19th of September, 1814;
and that John Harris, to whose name auch
remarkable notoriety has been attached,
was engaged tome time prior, "in cans
ing and exciting a mutiny, by carrying
i. e . i i
even a muster roil oi mutiny ana aeser
tion throughout the camp, to procure the
names of those' who were willing, and
would pledge themselves to commit these
To these facts, yow Committee will
now apply the Uw. The act of 1795,
provides, "that the milma in the service
of the United S'atcs snail be governed by
the Rules and Articles of War." By the
1 in iirticl of. the Rules "arid Articles of
Wr, " any officer or soldier, who shall
begin, excite, or join in any mutiny or
sedition, in any troop or company in the
ierf icertf-thr United -Swear-or b anyl
party, post, dcUchment, or guard, shall
suffer death, or such other punishments,
as, by a Court Martial, shall be inflicted "
By tbe 8th article, a similar penalty is
awarded;-where" any officer or soldier
"does not use his utmost endeavors to
suppress a mutiny, . or, coming to the
knowledge of an' intended mutiny, does
not; without tfelay, give information there
of to bis commanding officer. And, by
the; the 30th article, the crime of deser
tioriils ponlshaWe by death, or aucb . other
puoisbments as, by M sentence of a Court
Martial shall Winfflcled1;' r;
These facts, and these principles, fur
nish a complete vindication of the Court,
whose painful duty it was to condemn six
of their fellow citixeos to a tye;o and
ignominioos nuoisbment, .
n..i ir .,i .tJ. 1 tA - ..... n
i vu ii an iiiv raaionini . ir vuni
mittee was absurd and yaueless, as to the
fact, that these men weje rightfully in
service for six months aid it were even
admitted that they weretdrafted but for
three months, the procledings
Court would stand witholt. spot,
or legal Impeachment. As the
of z the
for which, these unfortunate luman being
joffered.f(!eathV were wmrritted- before
" iioihii o, uicir isrnj oi acrvico nau
expired i and bV tneTiSflrsefctWIirWe
act of jibe 18th April, 814, whicb was
then in full force, and, wMch ; provides
bat ,any ; cpmmisonol;"o5cel
commiwsiohed officer, musiciin, or pri
vate, of the militia of the United States,
who shall have committed n offence,
while in actual service of the U. States,
may be tried and punished for the tame,
although hia term of service may have
expired, in like manner as if Je bad been
actually in service of the United States ;"
it it therefore, obvious that these men
could be legally detained forNtrlal and
punishment, even if they could Kjve been
considered as in service but for ibree
months. . .
That they had a fair and impartial trial,
your committee see no reason to opubt,
and the mere fact of their jurors bring
.heir own officers, fellow-cilzens, tnd,
probably, neighbors, secured he presence
of that sympathy which Uadl to the most
merciful interpretation where it is just
to apply it) of tbe condud and motives of
-That General Jackson, commanding in
chief, -in the Military Di ision, in which
these: eventa transpired,? properly exer
cised the power and discVetldiTvested in
him, by Uw, by approving the' procee
pings oi tnis iourt, youriommirreei tiao
wise, perceive no reasoa to doubt. It it
tiwthat ;tlH!f were ippWtdtWMd
of Jnnury, fourteen dayf alter the victory
of the 8. nfby whTch llneVnemftisd been
repulsed from the Mismsippi- But the
General waa at thiitim, ignorant of the
pacification at ; Ghent ; .and, . moreover
must have been apprized that a part of
the enemy had gone round, and had con
centrated his forces in tie neigbboihood
of Mobile, in that very vicinity where
these outrageous acts of insubordination,
mutiny, and desertion, aad taken place
That such a concentration of the enemy' a
forces was effected, it fact beyond all
dispute, at, on the 11th of February, Fort
Dover was attacked ard captured.
. The Commanding general must also
have known that it wj on volunteer or
militia drafts the defence of the Southern
coast would rest: whilst fae flagrant mu
times and desertions in the campaign of
1813, of the militia drafts of that year.
must have admonished him of tbe ucces
sily of striking a severe yet salutary, ex
ample in the minds of those wbo were
liable to be misled
was not invoked by the lour!,. it is true,
he might have pardoned these victims of
ineir own crimes, am uicra are occa
sions when mercy is but another name
for weakness : when even a sevtre and
unaltorable Urm ncssrtn lne 'drseirsrge of
our duty,' is the most' perfect justice we
can render to our country.
The examples of this stem and chlight
encd ju.tice, are Kattered throughout
the pages of History, not for the abhor
rrncc, bot the respect of mankind ; they
are found, not only in the moat instruc
live morals which the lessons of antiqui
ty afford, bnt they illustrate the intom
parable services of him, who wav and
ever will be venerated, as the' Father
of our Country."
In conclusion, your committee will
barely remark, that, as the acts of 1612
and 1814, expired, the one by its own
limitation, and tbe other by the termina
lion of the war, they see nothing in (he
transaction, which it lus been their duty
to examine, from its origin to its close,
which call tor tbe legislative interfer
ence of this House, in the shape of any
amendment to tho RuUa and -Articles of
War, or to the existing laws governing
the milhiai whilst in the service, at tbe
United States.
A Phenomenon ! There is aspring in
in Herkimer county, New-York, which
always discharges an equal quantity of
water, never rising nor falling--and
wliat is more--remarktble, . alwaya
about twenty four hours beforo north
east storm; the stream grows. muddy,
and contiouea. so from.4 to 10 houra
according to the pow er-of -the storm
formany yreran4 whe
muddy, though ihe . sky, may be clear,
and the weather, perfectly mild, and'
without any appearance of a storm,
the iriuauants predict Mich an eventj
with the asm- certainty, as thev would
m 4 I
the risinr of c 5up, 1
W.L stand the present
.season, no commen-
ty ceo, snd to continue until the
av J. 1st ot August, at my (table in
Rowan County. 10 miles from Falishurr. and 7
from Lrsington , at the reduced price of tiKt
deiiart tbe reason, payable by six dollars within
lns.rsaspn iJkurjltParif prompt payment, the
io prove witn loau uue as on as tne icara
prevervidenrty wUV M.-Ah pmprty Ja
iranRterred. A-ronaat win stand in Salisbury
and Lexington the four first day a of each term
of the Superior, and County courts when and
where le will: not .'shrink from a' comparison
with any horae In America, as to symmetry 'and
elegance of form, "vigour of constitution and
force of muscular power, combined with the
finest action. He will be very generally found
St his station, except when taken to be thown at
public placet, or to a small distance occasionally
to oblige, for a single day or two, a particular
Ikte ription.-r ronaut is a fine mahogany bay,
with blsck Irgs, main and tail, a handsome sr
and small blaze in bis face, seven years old this
pring, suteen bands rtiirti i unitine. in a hieh
degree, the size, grandeur and elegance ot his
sire the Imported horse Kairle. with the arrest
substance, power and compactness of the sire of
hia dam, the Imported horse Dion. Hit great
Strength of body and limbs entitle him to stand
high as a horse of power, and will enable hit
in.!. ...... . .
""- " Kurrj wrigm mi any reuisie gc
and render them more suitable for tbe harness.
saddle, or draught, the most useful portion of
-" .-.... L-n trainnl
to the turf, in consequence of there being no
races near him when he thould have been train
ed ; yet hi great power, symmetry and blood,
and particularly the strength of his limbs, have
made it evident to the best of juJet who have
inspected him, that be must have been a d't jn
gniahed runner if he had been judiciously train.
ed at the proper time.
Pedigree. JEronaut wsa sired by"thf1mpor:
rrobonte Bgle,-hifam by-h Imiorted horse
Dion, gm-dam .by JGxpectajjo ne .of the
best tons of the Imported horse Iliomedc,' out
of a Rhsrk mare') great gran-dam by Mr. Hoc
hannsn's thorough, bred running borse Medley,
out of a Celar and Fearnought ma,re, namfd
KmTn'-Xin,""ftneThrmit, -tiftwn hamls and a
half high. From wliieh it is evident, as far as
his ancestry can be traced, be must be very
nearly if not entirely thorough bred, aad from
the mort select stock of horses ever known in,
England and America. ROHEItr MX)KE.
.Vflrca 26tA. 1828. 6tl3
f At the Sign tf the Mortar ami Pettle,J
HAVK just received from New
York, a large supply of
Medicines, and
which, together with their former cV, make
tbc-ir present assortment replete with the most
valuable Medicine sold in Our country. As they
are . determined to make this establishment
worthy of public patronage; they now offer for
tale. Wholesale and Retail, the above Medicine,
lit. on: the most reasonable terms.
: Phyncian in this section f the country, as
well as thoe to tbe westward, who,: heretofore,
have Wen in tbe habit of supplying themselves
wjth. Medicines from the north, anil elsewhere,
will find it.for their interett to encourage the ef
forts of tie"pre?enr proprieSorsTbr making this
a useful and permanent stand.
N.' It." Orrfrrr earefully and punctually put up,
aereeablv to directions : and on the slortrt no-
lice. - SoJirs,.AW2atA, 1827. 89
from raleigh 'po salisbury.
HE subscriber having
purchased this route
Mr John Moreing, Jun.
nectfullv informs the
public that no exertions in his power shall be
wanting to render it as expeditious, safe and
comfortable as it hat hitherto been under the
superintendence of its former indefatigable and
worthy owner.
There will be no changes in the route. The
Stare, a usual, ill continue to run from Raleigh
to alibury, sa Hillsborough and Ashborough,
once a week. It leaves Raleigh every 1 1 iday
at 2 o'clock, r. m. and arrives at Salisbury on
Monday a 10 o'clock, A.m. Price of passage
from Raleigh to Salisbury, 7 dollare, and at the
same rate for any distance on the route. All
trunks and other baggaRe taken into the Stage,
shall be delivered at the place to which they
are directed, on the responsibility of the sub
scriber. Tbe subscriber hsxsrd' nothing in
saying that this is the nearest, cheapest and
most sirreeable route from ltaleigh to Salisbury i
and he, therefore, with tbe greater confidence
solicits public patronage.
January 8, 1828. 3mtU
THE subscriber having qualified aa executor
of ih c" Tar wi I r s n d -tevl amet of -I 'Mtrt
Cirbemng, deceased, late of the county of Burke,
desires all persons indebted to the estate of the
said deceased, to come forward and male pay.
ment without delay j and likewise all those wbo
have any elaims against said estate, to present
them, legally authenticated, within the time
limited by law, otherwise this notice will be pled
in bar of their .recovery.
' January 31st, 1828; ' 3mtH -
fTTlIE undertigfied having qnarifiedw a Febru
ary sesaions af itowancoanty court, a ad-
ounittrator on uie enaie oi jonn suung, uec a.
requests all person, indebted to said estate to
make payment, and all persons having claim,
against the same, to present them for payment.
within tbe time prescribed by law, or mia nonce
will be plead in bar. W. D. WOOD, AMr.
is. 19J.V 1828. CmtM
mi r
i jd m k m
kv ttzaa ALLBMOHO.
V rtlHIS elegant catablifhnicnt, situated ,
. fiJTtjl at the north corner of the Court
. lii J'JLHHe, Ima brerl recently repaired and-
fitted up In a hew and superior style, lor the re
ception of Ciimpany. 'I he greatest paint havw
been taken to procure for this establishment '
new furniture of evtry description, necessary
Atbecomfort of Jfravellers tbe most an- ' -
ffrd aervanta.'9:s:inm
care i tne bar stocked with choice liquors, ano)
mc auioicw TTTMiea or oouinnjr ww.iirfjrwivw njryn,
hostlers. The convenience of thia-aituation is
equal to tiny fat tbe pUveer.Tbe beuae eontainw . .,,-
a number of private rooms, ami out-houses, well
calculated for fh sworn modaUoa of Travjlfcrs".7"":;t
snd Boarders. Attached to which, there us' .
Dry Coods and Book Store. ; '
lo tnme wbo may please to call oh him, net
assures (hem that nt pains will be spared to ;
render Uieir stay comfortable and pleasing. . -
Salisbury, Seit IT, 1827. S3
THE subscriber respectfully informs 7 bi,
friends and the public, that he continues
tbe above hne of business at . his old stand on
EdmondstAn'a V'harf, where he it prepared to
attend to tbe sale of produce committed to hie
care, upon which liberal advances will at all
limes b made i or to the execution of orders
for Goods. .
Wm. J. Wilson, Esq. or in his absence, the
agent of tbe Steam Beat: Joseph II. Townee
ill receive and forward, without delav, all
14HIOIK UHMltV.l w c w k. t Omsv.
and will be prepared to advauces on such
coniignments, if required. t09
Charlntan. JVv. 1S3T. '
Look ot thit New EitaMufment f
rpilE mibribert have this oay ' entered info
X copartnersbfo, in the town of Concord. N.
Crnorth-ot-tbexourtooac, opposite-the Post
umce, to
in all its various branches, in the moat approved -newest,4nd
I fashionable sty icj They have made.,
arrangements to receive Ihe fashions on front '
the North regularly as they chsnge. From
their long experience in the Tailoring tnsineaa.
they hope to afford general, .satisfaction to at
who mav give their New Establishment a trial.
WIW' .'.i'f.-i. .. ..... . . . . ."
inev also return tbetf numble'ihankfoth' -
very liberal patronage received from the publio
heretofore. Chi. KLUTTS, in Co. -(
oncnut, Marrh Si, 1828. 6tl3 ,. ,
THE subscribers respectfully inform the citi
zens of Iredell county, and the adjoining
country, that they have commenced the
. Tailoring' Businen ,
in the town of Stateiville, in tbe shop formerly
occupied by 8. l.owry ; here they are prepar
ed to execute all kinds of work in their line of
business in a fashionable and durable manner.
They will receive the fssbioflv regolaHy from -the
North, which will enable them to suit theu?
customers with garments made in the newest
style. I he public ar iotited tp give us a trial
at we hope to be able to pirate al! who may do
so, by the prompt, faitlifuf, and fashionsble exe
cution of our work. JOHN T.OCKE,
SfatrrvilU, March 24. 1 828. 6t 13 rr""
ravHB subscriber- having entered into a eoV
-i-panirtrslirKjLbe jurposa of tanryinj
on the
Tailoring' Business,
in all its various branches, respectfully inform i
their t.-iemls, and the public, that they occupy
the shop formerly used by sTevell & Temple ron. ; v
and more recently by Silas Trmplrton, on Mailt '.: . zz.
sfreev a few doors south of-ih aourthousa. i
the town of 8alilury t and are prepared to exe
cute every speck s of work appertaining to their
vocation, either for Ladies or Gentlemen, in
sty le of workmanship equal to any in this or the
adjacent states.
Having made arrangements for receiving the
latest Fashions from Philadelphia and New-York,
they will be enabled to accommodate gentlemen .
with fancy coats and other garments. Ladies
with Habits, Spencers, &.C., made up after the X
mot approved Northern style. All garments 1
made at their shop, will be warranted to. fil .
well. All orders for work from a distance will
be promptly and faithfully executed, and ve
turned in the Shortest time practicable. Tho
patronage of the public b solicited, with a coo- j
tidencc of being able to merit it.
Satirbvry, March 27th, 1828. 6tl3
Ata Bene. All persons indebted to Siks
Templclon, are earnestly desired to call and
close their accounts, either hv cash or note, ,
without delay, as it it indispensably necessary ha j
should settle hit business up to the lime of hb
copartnership with Mr. Lowry -tl0L-T.
REQUESTS alt persons indebted to him try
note of hand, book account, or otberwiae.
tomake payment immetatelyrue their Usbta
will be placed in the nanus of an officer for col
lection. Persons having demands against hint,
will please present them for payment.
He has hist uneiml an aanrtinant et ROODS
from the North, consisting of
Dry Goods, I Cutlery, Crockery i
" Hard IVarei l Groceries, fcfr.
which belt' "sctnrtear a smaller advance easi .
for eisa, tan hu ever been offered to the pub--
be belore in this place.
MY ' wifV Stary li Wtv.iM,.iiS(Hirsli, ;
cause J therefore caution all pcrnona front
trading, or letting her have sny thing on my eo
count, as I will not pay one cent for any eon.
tracts she will make, or any that she hs made.' '
,X- V! 1R .i'W) "
--sr-,-'-r-r. "--

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