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At a large and respectable meeting of
the fiiertdiof UeoersI Anlrew jacmon,
held at the Court House In WVnevin.
Haywood county, N. C, Saturday the 3d
Tebruary, 1828 j Ma). William Dever
called to the chair, and Felix Axley,
Esq. appointed Secretary. The object
of the meeting being briefly unfolded by
the chairman, on motion of Col. Robert
Love, the fallowing peraoni were appoin
ted a committee to prepare An address
anfl resolutions expresnive of tbe sense of
'this meeting, Wwi? t Col. Joseph. Cathey,
Felix Axley, Esq. Keder 0xn, Esq. John
JI,lIenc4i.LQj!ohn Mcyowelh fcsq,
t lltie. retired a short time, returned and re-
w:."""":' '. v ...- .-. . . ....
ported Jhejoiioiiic aare$tincrm)WTorfMI ttwrliirtWw
. :;TbU meeting; deem it, their duty to
make a public declaration of. the ir sent j;.
tnents on the approaching; - Presidential
election, lent the a'dence.of the friend
of Gen. Jackson at t hit time be miscon
ceited. They would have deferred an
expression of their feelings most cheeY
fully until the period had, arrived when
It woludWe been necesssry for them
to express them in, the chute of an elec
tor, had not calls for meetings of the
friends of the Administration taken from
them all choice on the subject. Without
Questioning the intelligence, patriotism
or motives of their political opponents?
of- presuming to arraign them for the sup
port of Mr, Adams, this meeting would
frankjv, but fearlessly state brieflv some
of the objections they have to the existing
Administration, and some of the reasons
for supporting; the election of (ten. Jack
too. In doing this, thry rlaira to eier-
hers of a great republic, where the sove
reign power-resides in the people. An
election, to the result 4if.which. the er-
ot right and intef t of the republic are
involved, is approacTuhgTZEver
bars a deep stake in It. This meeting
fcel the M"-rwps$t-tejr'r
them, as freemen. They' will act . and
ipeak.accordin to- their convictions, and
M becomes men proud bF their country i
Jealous of its liberties, jmd impressed
with the. great importance of the crisis.
Tii meeting, view he course pursued
by Mr. Adams as being at variance with
the best interest of . the country. The
opinions and sentiments he has avowed
re of the most alarming tendency. He
maintains the odious and monarchist doc
trine, that theew may govern the many ;
that the retreacntative is not bound by
the" will Of hia constituents ; that the
President has the right to nominate his
successor, by making hss Secretary of
State heir to the Presidency t that a Pre;
iident elected lor - four rears under the
constitution has t ttatm to a
re election
bribe Met of trecedmt f -that entansline
elliancea with
toreien powers is
a -'-
srisest , policy
Washington and Jefferson iaawe advised us
..- uutwiin9iauuinr.
to avoid them, as leading to war and ruin
that! under the - comprehensive pretext of
the general welfare, the constitution may
be construed toeanction all sorts of usur
- ftatlonT''.".". ;'-'-,j . - -
meeting will support, his claim upon
theif confidence arise front his sterling
integrity, hia sound good sense, his re
: publican- rirtee . bi ardent . pauiotjstn,
in .greLpyhnraer'viceVhls fiiness for
"cdTice Gen. Jackson ia one of the' people-
General Jackson bring born of poor
parentage, was cast at an early period of
his life upon tbe broad theatre of the
world, friendless aad penny less; he par
ticipated in that holy struggle, mingled
hia blood with tbe heroes who fought,
bled and died to perpetuate to posterity
..the . most inestimable legacy man ever
enjoyed ; he has filled the moat important
civil offices In the gift of hia countrymen
.with dignitv, integrity and honor to his
country. .While Mr. Adams was at foreign
courts, receiving from bis country from
559,000 to $25,000 per ami urn for his
services, Gen. Jackson was pushing his
fortune in a new and wilderness country,
and laying the foundation of that reputation
he now enjoy a. While Mr. Adams (being
at Ghent negotiating a treaty of peace)
sas writing to Mr Harris that our gov-
nme-waieak,and je nuriousjjhe
people 3iVided among themselves, with
half the nation sold to the enemy,''.hat
the collossal power of Great Britain could
-crush u blovGeneralJ ackiorura .
at New Orleans, defending beauty and
booty from the. same coilostal power.
His language was, our country must be
defended we will enjoy our liberties or
perish in the last ditch. Then did he
catablish his claim to the highest honors
nil rewards in the gift of a free, cniikrht-
-ened and tndVr
fawwdV-Tbat e will use every hon
:4irihl)? JDf '' nd effort to. defeat. Ibe re-
election ol Jonn Adams to tne rresi-
Retotvtd That, from the! confidence
we have in the intelligence, integrity and
political honesty of General ANDREW
JACKSON, we will use every honorable
effort to aid and insure his election to the
nixt Piefidency.
fletolved, that the following persons be
appointed a Committee of Correspon
dence ant! VigiUoxo for promoiing tbe
election of Cen. Jajon, la U MJ
Vim. Pever. Col. Jaroes McKee, John
M. Ifenson Esq. Kedcf Bion,. Esq.' John
McDowell. Eq. Mr. Uolarrd -Asborne,
Mr. Welch, Felix Axley, Ej. Na
thaniel Blackburn, Esq. Mr. Benjamin
Chsmbers, Joseph II." Walker, Esq. and
Mr. Banister Turner,' .
Jini be it further retolved by tbit meri
ting unauimounly, That we nominate and
recommend Col. Rokkrt Lore as a can
didate for an Elector to vote for Fresl
dent and Vice President of the United
States, at the enduing Presidential Elec;
tlon, for the find Electoral -Dhtrict in this
Slate t ind we solicit the friends of Jack
son in our sister counties In this district
Rnahifd further That the orocee dings
I - - . : . --- .
man andTSelMrylFWW
public newspapers in this State.
; ?copa,. That the ibanks of tbe mee.
ting be voted to theCh'airmatir.Sf
. On motion of Cot. ft: Love, the meeting
adjourned. WM. DEVEU, Chairman.
UX AxtET, Secretary
Saturday, March 15. The1 senate did
not ait to day. In the house of repre
sentatives, after less pretiminm business
Than usual, the bill for the relief of U
W. Meade was taken ftp, and lonfj de
bate arose thereon. Messrs. Sargeent,
Sutherland and Weems, being the speak
ers. A message was received from the
President of the United States, contain
ing certain, information in relation to our
territory west of the Rocky Mountains.
Monday. March IT In the senate, the
bill to prevent desertions in the army,
w disc"" erd't to a third read
ing : the bill to grant certain lands to
the state of Alabama, for purposes of
Internal Improvement, was also dicus
Vd and ordertd-40 be read' a tbiriiime.
Mr-Smitii-DresejileiLa memorial from
the Baltimore and Ohio R'nil- Road Cwn
nany; prafirtiiAtlher permitted
to import the 'fbwce5arry in Wjtcon;
i 1 ..-: l i ;.r..t..i
leeing that the supply which (he "IT'S.
could afford, would, be i.osuBiciettt. In
the noose of representatrvrs, the bills m
king appropriations for the navy, and for
fortifications, -were taken up, andjieveral
amendments made by the ente, vrere
disagreed to. and one concurred in. The
tariff bill was then taken up, and Mr.
Barnard, of New York, spoke on it for
about an hour and a half, when the house
Turtday, March' 18. In senate, the
bill to grant certain lands to Alabama ; the
bill to authorize the President of the V. lease certain lead mines in Missouri;
and the bill to prevent desertions in-thr
farmv, wrr scteratly-read- the Si ttnie
I and passed. Considerable discussion re
on the bill to provide for the final settle
ment of land claims in the several iates
and territories. ; In the house of repre
sentatives, Mr. McDuflie proposed .that
members should take their hats off during
the session; but bis proposition" was not
agreed to The tariff was further dis
cussed, Mr Ingham jpeaking at some
trncrfh Kit Ir " - '
Wcdneiday March 9 Tn' senaie, the
hilI.j9r.ejettinaiBjreak-Water at the
mouth of the Delaware Bay, wits ordered
to a third reading, aves 24, noes !7. The
bill providing for t he - finit; seuiement. of
landjClaims inenmn states, as father
discussed. In the house of representa
tives, an amendment made to the ouiita
ry appropriation, dim ny. tne senate, whs
concurred in by the house, and the bill
passed. The tariff bill was further dls
cussed, and Mr. Johns, of Delaware, made
a speech in opposition to the bill as re
Thundau, March 20. In the senate
Mr. Branch, of this state, mad a motion
for the adjournment of Congress on the
8th of April: but the motion was lost
without a division: the bill providing for
the adjustment of military land claims in
the several states and territories, occupied
the senate till its adjournment. In the
house of representatives, considerable
time was spent in discussing resolu
tion relative to the conduct of Col. Mc
Kenney, in deposing an individual among
the Creek Indians ; the resolution was
adopted s Mr. Hoffman, of New-York.
spoke Jour Tiaur on the tariff bill f and
the house even then adjourned before he
concluded !
Friday, March 21. In senate, the bill
for the organization of theRIilirlaTwa5
discussed and laid on the table 1 Mr. No
ble gave notice should offer
substitute for the bill 1 tha bill providing
for invalid pensioners, was passed; and
the seftate adjourned till Monday. In the
house of .representatives, various resolu
tlonsrBskmg-forinformetton- relative to
the Indians' "were offered i nhe prmcipal
part, uf the day was spent in discussing
the 'claim- of R.'W7Mea"de"--
, . Saturday, March 22. The senate did
tatives, various resolutions proposing in
quiries on sundry subjects, were adopted :
the house was engaged, till its adjourn
ment, in discussing the claim of R. W
Meade; Messrs. Bunner, Dwight, nd
Oakley, were the principsl speakers.
Monday, March 34. In senate the toint
resolution giving the privilege of franking!
year, to the Spciker of t!.s House of Re-!
presentativel,w s agreed to 1 some time
was spent in cotsidering the bill for the
relief of Wm. M- Snaed, executor of Ste
phen Sneed ; tie bill , was finally laid on
the table. In rte house of representa
tives considerate discussion arose on a
resftlutioii tlTerd by Mr. J. S. Barbdur,
excluding the ;ency of the President of
the U. S. in'appwtoK the principal dis
bursing officers )f the treasury. A long
discussion wis ticn had on the bill for the
relief R. W,Made, Messrs. Polk, Ever
ett, Randolph 3uchanan, andJVood,
peaking on it'ti the bill was pnally rejec
ted, by a vote '05 ' W- ' .,
aoaf THir
-rThe- Aa-jMn-JOJWinue waeepfpi
.T:.w.i:."j k.l KKr tnr Ihnuementl
. .... . . ... . "iM.mrtMRKff:r'nf'' a. - I
MII9 I J , Utf w .. - ;
or ediiicatidl or tletr resoerawe are no;
filly fjtafofije
haa tikert riainsto ascertain wnai
have recency bccuVre'd, and thii
rrtillt i
Ratty Myrw aon Samytome from
Yellow breeches- creek, bst week, and
told hi mother, in the presence of Miss
Lett Codkin and her aunt (rixxel, that
old Mr. Philip Coombs was reported to
have vtirt at'a meeting house, on the pre
vions Sjbrath, between the hours of
meetingthat if Ken. Jackson did make
the six Coffin in the Democratic" Press"
he was 1 miserable earjender. Mrs. Myers
repeat'd this sii;n to Binns,and ha drrss
ti it tip,' and printed it in the Press of
Aotherttgn equally worthy of notice
ha reached us, and candor compels us
to i(ive it a fJace. Four boys digging a
attrh ii, Moystnenhing, on the 30ih ult
were asked svha they were doing ! One
iif the 4 noble so 'ports of the endangered
rights of our country, (vide Burns)
fearlessly, aM will ttrrclgnltf tf rCaro,
on rrom thn It is Interred br the
rwif K forhll candidate.
ww uv unci , , M'nyiun.
It is whispered ht -Tim Quidnunc sent
thfs letter to M Webstert who showed
the same to Ciapmap Johnson. See
the National Journal. -
$i-rs v-JTn'liHv,rnt-J1 .if, .
At a meeting of the Jackson Club in
the City of Philadelphia for the purpose
of adopting some measure to testify their
rrgret at the doth of Da Witt Clinton,
late governor of the State of New York,
the following esolutions were ununi
moosly adopted :
ffaohed, Tht we deeply deplore, in
the demise of this illustrious statesman, a
firm, enlightened, and powerful friend of
(he .candidate of jhepef pUs Andrew Jack
son, Whose wrongs he so fervently re
dressed, and whoa detractors be so em
pbatica If y rebokej, whose, characte r he
so highly evimafed,and to whose glor
he; pid rhe: Montsnwi mage
American patriot, on the 8th of January,
M the sublime issociationof heroic virtue,
and national pratitude." - -
: : Hetofotd That in the demise of the il-
Justrious stf smanr Pe, Wit? Clinfon we
find sild:t'ronal -reason loxling ,10 Andrew
Jackson, as the friend of the people ; and
our teverence for thyi virtues of Clinton,
our pride in his talents, and our gratitude
forjhis seivices, forge new bonds to attach
jil Jo
save of Monticsllo, hat Jilted I he "vuatute
of hit. cuttntry't glory V
Semr.n faj Sir Halter Scott..1 Religi
ous Discourses, by a Layman,' are an
nounced as in the British press; and the
London Literary Gazette states that they
con-ptise three Sermons, by Sir Walter
Scott. We presume they will be read
with not less interest than hia lighter pro
ductions. '
A Bat, crossing the Mississippi, on the
2d ult. with 17 Negroes on board, was
upe', and 5 of the number drowned
they belonged to Gen. Hampton.
It wis noticed, in tbe proceedings of
Thursday last, that the speech of Mr.
Hail, of Mississippi, was cut short by
coughing, and other noises, which preven
ted his gome on. It may be proper to
state, also, that the precedent thus set,
was attempted to be followed on- the day
following, tii the case of Mr. Weems and
Mr. Wright, but" was promptly checked
by the speaker. T Aaf. Intelligencer.
The marriage of the young Prince of
Moikwa, (Marshal Ney's son) and Ma
damoiselle Lafitte, daughter of the cele
brated banker, took place, at Paris on
Sunday week with great pomp- M. La-
fiHeargaised" the; vrnarrlage by jgreat
chaitable flc.nstion and ipendid"present. 1
He sent OQfl66 franca Tv000i;to thel
bereaux of tbe; aiflent.charit'ies of . tbe
capital, and orderd hls clerks to receive
gmtmcauon of 3rj;Jrtt.LI5pfJ The
Prince, who i bv no means in affluent
circumstances, refused a present of 8,-
000,000 francs (80,000) which his father
In law offered on the marriage 1 It has
given rise to the following impromptu.
Lsfitte asked his girl if aho'd marry a Prince, 1 Ten electoral candidates bare now been nonv
Expecting, of course, she'd say yea ! insted by the pepk, to be plnced on the Jack
Out judge his surprise, in return for his hints, 1 son and Calhoun ticket j only five more remain
When slie b!ubingly whispered, pu Ay V I ta. be. nominate, t aamplcta 0e list. . i
APRIL 8, 1828..
Important Suggeitim.Vi would call the at
tention of the public to tbe following proposi
tion, which we believe is original with our
respondent: the plan he propose, we
upon at entirely feasible. ..
Jlfr. lVhi(tt While a number of ctyitin, and
sortie of the ttatei, have been takipg mtaxire
to ascertain the extent to whichdie BIBLE it
wanted within their boundyttlo not recollect
to have.seen any reference io the taking of tha
eentui m 1830, as preienKhr. a auitabl opportu
hit for obtaining the desired Informal inn. The
question ha just occurred to me, 'Could not the
necessary dlscoTeries be then made, in each
county in theunited States f It may require
and f thefore"uirett"illo7li6ft
made the subject of reflection and of
ptaaK-aaali. jat.
Let aa much a norsible be done In this causfe
between tbiaend ttMiit. kit if UW oucticabte.
then to ncertain. and nerwaril "to uppl, the
r v. . 1 I .L l 'il
wmm or uir nation. I liupc nc odicci wm noi
t.. .!k. -r ' ....
Amthc Jaekton flurke county.
Agreeably to the resolutions of a former
meeting of the citizens of Burke county,
favorable to the election of Gen. Andrew
Jackson as President, held on the 29th of
Janoiry last, at Morganton, delegates
from the different Captain'a companies in
this county attended .at., .Morganton, on
Tuesday evening, the 26th of March, to
wit : Col. Benjamin Newland, Col. Peter
B-dlew, Lewis Paine, Esq. John White,
Esq. Allen Conelty, Esq. Charts Duncan,
Esq Charles Carson, John Burgin, Jun.
Benjamin Harris, Capt. Thomas Morris,
Thom is Green. Rev. Richard Bird, Col.
Aloey Burgin, Col. David Newland, Col.
David Baker, Col. Samuel C. Tate. Mark
Rrittaio, Esq. John Roane. Esq. William
Wilson, Col. Hezekiah Birchfield, (James
McDowell, absent 0 to jether with numer-
respectable persons, is specie
: On. motion of Mark Brittain, Esq. the
called to tne cmnr j and oot. ravid e.w
land, appointed sectetsrr. ..The meeting
being; orgahised,"ltdghv M. Stokes, Esq.
agreeably o the request of the former
meeting, delivered an eloquent and pat
riotic address which we regret our ina
bility to publish this weekrit havingcortre
to hsnd after our paper was mostly filled
up.1 After. wJiich, the following resolu
tions were adopted :
. ; Resolved, That we view Andrew
Jackton of Tennessee, as a firm, enlighten
ed, patriotic citizen, and better qualified for
the rresidency than John Huincy Adams ;
and recommend him as a suitable person
for chief Magistrate of the country, to the
citizens of the United States, and pledge
ourselves to support his election by all
honorable means. -
Sd. . Rittitved, Thst we have great con-
Jfidenr ein ibe ability and integrity olohn
C Calhoun, of South Carolina, and re
commend him aa a suitable person to, fill
the office of Vice President of the United
States, - T
3J . Reotved Thst Col. Wm. Bickson.
Col..: Ben jamin Newland, Rev. Richai d
Tate, Jarne McDowell, Esq. William
Roane , E vj. Col llrzekiah Jiitch 6 e Id , and
CharUs Carson, r.sq. be appointed dele
gates from Burke county, to meet the
delegate Ijroiii 7(he othercoahtiei'of"ihU
Tuesday, in May next, to select a suitable
person as elector of President and Vice
President, and that Col. Robert Love, of
Haywood county, be recommended to
them for that purpose.
4th. Reiolved, That the delegates now
present he added to the Central Commit
tee of Vigilance and Correspondence for
this county, with power to add others at
5th. Retotved, Thst the thanks of this
merting be presented to the Rev. Richard
Bird, for the able manner in which he haa
presided, as chairman, and to Hugh M.
Stokes, Esq. for the very appropriate ad
dress he prepared on this occasion.
6th. Retocx'fd, That the proceedings of
this meeting be published in the Ye8tern
Carolinian and Raleigh Star, and be sign'd
by tbe chairman, and countersigned by
the secretary. A true copr from the
minutes iRICIiABOPjtCWii,-
D. Nxwlano, Secretary.
March ZTlh, 1828. -
house of Spencer 1
war, KKI. in uaiiron cous-
ty, by the name of spencer: u is on the main
road leading from Salisbury to Raleigh, by way
of Randolph, Chatham, he ; the office hi about
15 miles from Salisbury, and 12 from Lexing
ton 1 and will afford facilities of receiving pw
sen; fc. through The mail, to a populous aattl.
menrrwhich has- hiuVeria bn deprive in jt
good .degree, or tha beoenta or tbe mail eiub
luhment. -
l'jfff&:'rtLeafr, . of Richmond -eororty",'
baalMee'eowuhaited xsthe Jackson and Calhoun
Electoral candidate for the district eompoaed of
the countie of Kichmofi'd, A nson, Voore,ARobei:
son and Cuoberland,by a convention of dele
ptes which aatembled at. Rockingham,' Rich
mond county, 911 the 18th ultimo, of which Maj,
John A. Cameron was chairman, and .Clement
Marshall accretary.
tut GreennLdro I'atrtut, thut two liiiiJj of U10
voter of Guilford county were in favor of tlio
administration, a citizen of that county write to
tbe Ralegh Star, and contnidictatlie.Utemcnt i
ne ay, -a we are a minority in tun count v. it
act set fa karnti.? . '
" nTutknfnm Cttm W. A Mr. John
of Georgia, haa diaoovered that mhitkty can be '
made from cotton seed. ' For seme time, he
mixed half cotton seed with hia corn, In distil. 7
ling whiskey 1 and those who drank of thisv
liquor, detected no difference between it and .
that made entirely from grain. '
A!r.amWr..Tbe late election in this
Mate, ha resulted in the choice of the.Admini. .
tration candidate, John Bell, for Governor j and -about
t wo-third of the membera of tbe iegiila.
ture are friend of the administration. About
36VCK)0otewtivejiul(uujr flr.nve thowiid.
majdritr rbr theadtoMitiwI
Mr. Adam rejoice pver. thi election at a tri.
umpbl. We think they ought rather to mourn, '
thai" WiSumtiji iMmecum!.
in the midst of their own camp.
Jtutge Kicholson; ot Miisiasirml, befng tely
aorely puzzled how tnHifaetmly to fill the va
cant clerkship of Madison county, in that atateL
from the number and respectability of the ap
plicants and iheittightm their recommend-'
tidna, hit Upon the plan of referrinr the clili-t.k
to the fmple, who were to elect a smmffon the
first day of the court promising to appoint the
person who should be their choice. A conven
ient way of avoiding the responsibility of ma.
king an unpopular appointment.
A Jackmn meeting was held in Cu;iv
county on the 86th Peb ftpirited resolution,
were paised, committees of vigilance appoin
ted, tic. .
InttUrmet At tbe late eelrbntlni, r .1
8th of January, in Troy. New. York. anmnf .k-
partisank.of the administration were guilty of
act of intolerance nd proscription, that find a
parallel at no time in the h'utory of nnr govern
ment, except during the dark period of the
rriii ttrrtr h "9H. The aeversl volunteer
companies of the city were invited by the com
mittee of arranrement to Btrform mm -i.....
and join in the feativititt of the day 1. alt thoie
jowneymeft mechanlcs, hosrever, whose, em
ployen ere administration men, were forbid. 1
den 4o turn out, under . penaltyrof losing the
situation:, numben of apprentices were als
prevented- tVoWimittotingV with their iinsapix
nWn-aad inoneinstaoce, here aaappreoticaj.,,'
had joined hia company, and marched with jtho
proecsion into the church. to w-hnes tbe-eere-- -monies,
a constable was aerit 'by th0'nia4r cw"
the apprentice intt tht cAurcA, and eHo7Ty oW ""
retted the por, ptung man, and carried him f9
dminr lite imice! The heart of that min i k .
olri-gilyfaojgiiobJea deeds thi.inusS
maeea be as black at EBONTr - -
Great rVf There was lately exhibited in
Albany, New. York, a Hog which measured 8
feet in length, 6 in girth, and weighed upward
of 1300 pound! v
5rry Cmnty.Vi'e learn that a numerous and
respectable meeting of the friends of Gen. Jack
son in S-irry county. wa held at Rockford,
during the week of the Superior Coort, at
which fTilham Zkdtsa, Eaq. preaidad, and Gen.
Saltan Cfoirt .rte4:as.JSeeretary-Beolu.
tions in favor of tlrf election of" Andre w Jack
son as Preside nt,snd John C Calhoun aa Vice
President, were passed.;'" Great unanimity pre
vailed at he meeting, and a rwnroon feeKng1
seemed to pervade 'the people,- ausptciouS'
of the weeess of that which aima at- 1he -
elevation of him to the chief magistracy of this '
Itepublic, who has rleac rvccLwell of tbe whole
nation, aud - filled the raea-mre of hi country
ghwy." .
Kvery art mat psrtian- 1eater could devise.
a A. . j . a . . . 9
and the result of the last .ummer1 coneTes.iowf
eieciion, was ning inroofrn ine state, and even
thie great and svrarfaii " InteTfigenCer at hei '
quarters, took especial' Tare to disseminate tiu
intfih'gene att the whole Union, a " a sign
that.VrA.rr.')M was faat.turning over to the '
Admmistratronl Put now that the pcriod l p
proschi tg when the real qoeal'MM, isliasu is to
be decided, we find that public sentiment i devel
oping itself in opposition not only to the Admin
istration, hut to those busy partizans who would
fain drill the people it'lo an acquiescence in it
measure. We are advised that, from prevent
indications, it may safely be calculated upon thst
Sinrt county will give a targe msjorhr for the
Jackson ticket say two thirds or three-fourths,
of the whole number of votes.
As one among the many evidences on which
we found this opinion, we win atate that at a
muster of Capt. Plienii's compsnv of militia, at
Hamptnnville, on the 29th ult. a vote among
those under arms, ws taken, when
Jackson received . 43
Arinmv 2J..
On the fence, 1
Of the by-atanders, a Mrire mainritv were for
Jackson. Ilamptonville is the strong hold of a
certain trry pupular great man, whose effort
have been nnremittrd to drum up recruit for
the ranka if the Administration j from w hich we
had expected a greater show of Adam strength
there than the above exhibit.
- rf(ife. Immense -quantities of potatoefc
(of the kind called, in the Southern State.
frith potatoes) are raised in the township of
ti:l.l ... t. ...... . v.i.:-i. .
-i.,,,. - ;. ,
the planting of pntitoe is made a profitable bit-
tineas 1 An acr' is made to produce from 200 to
300 bushelai which at the above prices, sra
worth from 25 to 30 dollars. This result, how
ever, is not attained by the hmse, ruinoua sys
tem of husbandrr practised upon in this part of
the country." The nelds instead of being care
lessly vkippid tivireeiearefully. efide4l:::
and juiraed, a a gardert. Therein lie the se
cret of making large tropi::--r----' -ftp
In. March tt, a gejAlcsvian of Salisbury -dtig - - v
frpni hi last.resr's potMo-pstoh, three or four
buahen 'of "as'gooB ' trii2mpiwi9& for Hrtinary '
uses, as ha ewtarsed.1 in ' .he h 'vh'werec-w
not deemed worth digging upi but at the time
they were taken up this spring, they had grown
to the ordinary lue. '
Jvw Pttatoe were aold in the Philadelphia
market the second week in March 1 they ere
raised in Jersey, three miles from the city, m
open ground, and in the ordinary way, without"
artificial heat or forcing; fhry were about inc.
sue of a walnut.

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