A Cs t. ' c jlr, 'fiin.c.1 KeJ CVfo!!, ysi unviced at t!e superior court f r Johnon county, In this atate, two week since, of an at tempt t commit t tape on a white ffirl , and sentenced to be hmif on the 25th instant. A ievere punia.in.ent,butajust one. ' jermn Baker, f.K. Public Treasurer of the state f Virginia, committeM atticicle by hanging himself about a week since, Pecuniary emb.r. rassment Is laid to he the came of hit commit ting tliii unnatural deed. : , . 'fill er seven cases! of that kind of the Small Pto, called fartoMd, had been reported by the board of health of Washington cityon the 26th nR.i and had caused considerable alarm among the citizenA. In Con(frfat,i resolution was pas. ted for h committed on the Diatrict of Columbia ta inauire into'the expediency of adopting lome ... .. . . .... . ..kj. SViii t-J- WMri!GltMKW legislative measures dii histsuojou,..' . ...Tte Rrn Hr. Samuel HUtchford, of Lamina;. . IW.York. one of the ablest divines and w learned men of oir country, died on the 19th ltimov' We"d not know hi age but tbink hetalKMit60. ' Tti Wet at Jackson. Tennessee, on the 8th ult were, for Cmn, 6 dollars per hundred , piour, 7 dols. per barrel , Whiskey, 4$ cents per ration. ..... At Memphis, 1st ult. flour 5, ,bcon 7 wins- CaswtlL A correspondent of the Raleigh Slar writes from Caswell, that, out oj f 200 votes &, that county. Gen. Jackson will get 1000, cer tain. : The stage fare between Philadelphia and New-York, a distance of 100, miles, is reduced to h dollar! A man by the name of Brannam. has been tried In Calloway county, Kentucky, convicted, and sentenced to the penitentiary four years, Or evnttrfeiUf money. I mm Better late than never." A bill has paed both branches of ihe New. York legislature, appropriating $10,000 for the retier ot tne tate Cm. -Clintona minoe children, who are left in novertv. afte their .llustrifaspa afmf Tifn I ' " ,,c rC"5 Irani, iiiiffwt'. ';""" tbratich Cfintot.'s genius, enternrixe and pitr.. more tnan n niKxru.' nnii.c, the onlv resource tor the maintenance ana euu- .-MUttl Of JSK-lPmwi''WrciMn"t'-wr feted by the gout, or wwe wr fwnpninf, crawl. cd np to the Capitol, stuck his erinvonM now into tne bouse wiien me yor? was wwrn n yn IdlL and said fft to it t the. rote stood, 88 for, ?5 sgainst it..- ; I Wt have already advised our readers nf the failure of a resolution oflVred by. Mr. McJlufTie. reqiririnf the meraben of the House of Hepre. entatWet t take heie hats off during the it tinirs of the house. It seems that, a short time previous Mr. Speaker Stevenson issued an order requiring the spectators in the gallery to take off their hats. But so obnoiious was this order, md so loud and general the complaints against It, that the Speaker revoked it in a few day af. ter. The sovereign people, 'he mtUert, had no potion of carrying their hats und their arms, while tfee wptesfattve ft Ihein on their heads. : zzzz::z: ., GEiACKSOM'S LITERATURE. The following detectable paragraph U tjoing the rounds of the dmintraton presses, and is hailed by them as a most pferious discovery. It origihalty sppar cd In the Nstiotwl Journal, the editor of hlf h fepf Mt?iih " from'mshviHen writing of Gen. Jackson t Ts tar editonvf the lfaihintn Jiyrm!? -When the midnight assassins plunges fcis dagger in- the heart and riflles your sthte l Jti horrors, when compared with the ecrete aasasVini pibtnard levelled sgsinat ftmal charecter by the hired minions of power." Is there man in the United States, in the whole world, who would lay nil hand tjpon Ms heart, sn2 say tnat ne conacien tiously believed Gen. Jackson wrote the foregoing miserable caricature of the English language f It is a vile and infa mous force rv. Men who could forge and circulate the letter which John Binns published, as coming from the wretched Harris are bt Instruments lor an dirty work of this kind. The hand-writing is said to resemble that of Gen. Jackson. Granted. How manv men are there, who can imitate any hand writing And are . l -. . i j...r u. k ... t. ....li mere not nnnurcut vi retu ivvm be easily obtained for the purpose of imi tation f For what purpose could Gen- 7ackson have written this note f Bat why multiply- words tn this nb- irt 1 Th mln whoih Washington coun tenanced, whom Jefferson extolled, and who possessed the confidence and esteem i-Tf Madison-end Muwwrne wMrote such a note to such a man as the editor of the National Journal. To believe it would be satire on the sagacity of Washington, the discernment of Jefferson, the knowl edge of Madison, the understanding of Monroe," ind the common sense of all -The above lmes, attributed to Gen. Jackson, were not eotitained.m ;, j feceiyeu of je rditort of 'theVaaniiSriwi'' aouraaliTrbIn Gen. Jackson; aa.jasserted by Jhat. pper but ; wero ritten on abUnkinild pare, of n.pamphWftn, !-' . a . ... . I r K7-.t...:H. .!. mi CCIVeo W"TO irfBUrnw jw ninifmci w,nw. .date or signature, directed on the rfs of the pampnKt "W roe eauora w m nwrap Joumat. The paper being coarse and spongy,' the ink had spread so as to render it difficult to judge of the hand-writing. There can be no drmht however, but that some war. or mis. V.hlevous Adamsite, wrote the line in Imitation f Ceji.Jikpp'bniL -foriifn Acfj.Vr e l.t'va r.6il.Ir later from Europe than we gave i.i oar last. VVe add a few more i.ems, by the arrivals We then announced. . In the house of Lords, after reading of the King's speech, the duke of Wellington took occasion to disclaim all intention of censuring Admiral Codrtngton, but la mented th it the battle at Navarin had been fought- .Earl Grey considered the affair ah untoward circumstance, nay, more a most unfortunate calamity.' The Mar quia of Lmsdowne declared that there was no act of Admiral Co'drington he felt mote strongly called on to defend than) his con duct at Navarin I he was satisfied that the Admiral ws pot only above censure, but entitled to the approbaiion of his country.' Lord Goderich expressed the ,J(Mnek,opin, In the Commons, Mr. Brougham spoke strongly gainUhe manner in Rhic.bjbe King spoke of the affair at Navarin. and objected to the appointment of the Dyke of Wellington as Premier. ' The Duke of Wellington stated in the House of Lords that it was the intention of the government to introdace a, corn bill, founded upon that which was rejected last ye-" '' . v ' In the House jbf Lords, Jan. 31, the Duke of Wellington said that the ministry had no intention to introduce into Parlia ment any measure respecting the Roman Catholics. retrace. George IV. has bestowed the title of Viscountess Canning of Kilbrahan, on the wife of the hte Mr. Canning, and at her decease the title of Viscount Can ning of Kilbrahan, on her male heirs. A letter from the Mediterranean, dated Nov. 27th, says "The Pscna, ( Tallin Bey.) who com. rounded the Turkish fleet at Navarino, arrived at Contantiitop1 on the '20th inst. and in- full Di. van, gave an account of the battle. The Sultan waa furioui, and as we are informed, issued or. ders to exterminate all the Pranks in that capi tal i but fortunately recalled them-" ThtydchMfr-oR.th.c Ta'rjff hjllii.ai(lto ha"eralidy TiciueredTheIouserofllep" jesentatives. So many long disscrta tift wereexpectedr that'ennut bai tome on- by anticipation.- We-bve- heanl that n ; emitnable, judge,.;iwUhinig- since to lentenee'tiome culprits to hard liborT he thou gblT W 6fdYi'deWnTffg them to read the Congrtttionat speeches) but upon reflection, he recollected that the Constitution of the ' tJnted St ater for bids all rrur and unu$ual punishments. ftat Gazette. -jrcriry, Ijr c.as; t ! '.J cotfrs! cj f git, vote for Jackson t I'- m& will give f votes; the whole of the V.'t probkbly, with the exception of Ohio, will, jo for him. : The electoral ote for Gen. Jacko will be near 160. " Looking up," forsooth, - Two papers. in Vermcnt, the Middle bury Standard and the Ccnni.igton Gax ette, old republicans, bae lately hoisted the Jackson flag. The Rev. A. G. Frszs, formerlypat tor of. the Presbyterian Church in West field, New Jersey, is aiout to succeed :o the title of Lord ,Lovttt, in Scotland, with an annuity of tkcntythousand pounds sterling. rr ; s '."'.;J,, ,;. JVIr- - Cooper therrfagetiix. "luv re' turned to America." Ha. trfiVed af Bos ton in the London Packet, kn the ' 1 4th trfu-, , Erota.i j.h?.-. 4td49t .MarrtwtivU, which has spurned him writ insult end contumely, he baa cbme batlto the land of his adoption, where hii fame was earned, and where his tnnscendant talents will still be appreciated with justice and honored with a .liberal and atoroving spirit. ... ' .-' V Florida. The ' Pendleton Meattnger, of the 15th ult. ay s M We Have sten a letter irom t gentleman in iqiahauet to another in this place, which gWes a flat tering account of that section oV country, but at the same time mentions tht, occur rencc of some half dozen duels, and street fights with pistols, dirks, fce. The country may be very tine and iti projuc tions such as to offer considerable induce ments to emigrants, but the ibove ac count does not say much In favour of the refinement of those who a re, already there, or of the vigilance of police, io essential to the peace and good order of a city These hot blooded fellotvi, perhaps, will kill each other off after a while, and make room for a more peaceable population." tJlTVJKO TO FMErTEflLLC, WILL find it to their advantage to stop at the fTAOQX TAR I), where every con venience la provided tat Man and Horse, to make them comfortable, at the moderate charge of 25 cents a day and night, for the privilege of the Yard, the use of a good house, fire, water, and shelter, Attached to the Yard, are a Grocery and Provision Store, Bread Shop and Confec tionary, and e House for Boarders and Lodgers, in a plain, cheap, wholesome and comfor table style. 09 t ayetmUle, lit, April, 1828. ; SPRING FASHIONS?- 1 JUST received from Philadelphia, the Spring Faihiem, accompanied by the various co lors and forms now in vogue at the North 1 which will enable the subscriber to suit all, both grave and gay, who may favor him with work s His work shall be better made than any in town, and warranted to bt wdL ,. , . '"The subscriber having been appointed by A. Ward, of Philadelphia, as a teacher of hit Patent Protracter avatem of Tailorioir. will instruct those who- may-des.ro to lefc lbia oper'ijr mode ot cutting out garments.- - -BEtfJAMIV TR'ALUt,"' -iry, K C.Jpni !, 1828. 09 - LIST OF LETTERS, T KM AIMING in the Post-office at Salisbury, IX North-Carolina, on the 1st of April, 1838. Webtter'i Diethnary. gentleman of New York, writes to his friend in Alexan dria, that the first volume of Xoah Web ster's Dictionary is now nearly through the. press, and that the second will be completed in November next : the whole work will therefore be" readr for deliver ing during the present vear. JIo adds els arias' t h v . prwTu c ilon-i ill ::Fu 1 1 y ecjuat the expectation of its patrons in all respects, arid, in some, go far beyond? The ,num: ber of subscribers exceeds two thousandf and is'rapidly . increasing ,.-. Ettra icuim tht AVw.rrfc LejitLtiire. , 1h legislature of New.York has determined to hold n extra session, to commence the 10th November; which will terminate of course on Uie Jfat Tuesday of January, when the political L f lifef -the member will expire Ucurainsry aeHions of that legislature are about four months Ipng'i which, with the two months the extra ones consume, mt i 'one alf be year llial' is w asted in making laws for the people one third of .which, are a ..prrreiLMirityitijl.Jtlis. other two4hWrdoK much legislation, is the growing sin of our He. public;- ' -... JVVw Paper.- Joseph B. Hinton propoes to pubKxh a weekly Newspaper in the town of Washington, in this State, to be entitled the Freeman's f e the paper i to be printed on a royal sheet, will support the administration moderately; and contain other matters and things usually found in a Newspaper : Pri?e, R3 a year, one half in advanoe ; or gi, if not paid till the end of the year. ..esje"" - - Brnten, h their n Jlffnrinf -Major Noah savs it is seldom that you can meet an intelligent Adams man to hold a colloquy on politic. Tbey all belong to what they call "(rood naetf iH they are of the aristocracy, and not of the peo ple. You sekl'im meet them in any public place to talk over the affairs of the day. I met an in telligent , Adams man at the table, who talked frankly oti the aubject. We are looking np," said he. What makea you think ao! Why Clinton is dead Pitcher ia sick Moot is aick Talcott ia aick your aide ia cold the maonio flueatioxi is agitating the wsjsl Wt: imder these circumtances, how manv votea will you give Jackson ? I will (rive him 17 (in Mew-York.) What, not divide the state between mm ami Adams t Well, take-your- pencil, and let's to be"a paradise for- roguet."-On the 16th jgsMi;nsmedJ prehended for aaaking ajni phasing couik icrfcit dollars, and after examination was ordered to WZmffim&Vtf wttimut for this purpose made out by the magistrate ; but as there was neither jail nor jailor in the -county. Ibis document was. ultimately thrown away by..the sbcrilT, and the coiner discharged.. Commercial. The Boston Matonic HSrror is suspen ded for want of support; although it has more than tw rhouand ittbteribert. The editor says'4 Deduct half the number, and let the residue pay punctually, and it would then be a - profitable paper double the whole number and let them jv as we have been paid, end a mint of r f . our own would oe requisite lor ua aup such are some ot the miseries port. to wjiich newspaper prheri re tub jeeted. . ....... - Lbfidoo ttterafy Gsxetle.":of the 1 3th ult. notices the death of Henry Neele, the poet. This singular being, ended a misanthropic existence by elf violence . lie was an author of fine talents, but of considerable asperity, and particularly against his own country. DanL.Arey James Alexander Michael Anderson William Burd, 2 William Buford Jacob Blum h Co. J. C. Hallew base Barrett Abraham Buford Edw'd. Boroughs James Bryant Michael Brown Jesse B. Budget Jacob Brown John Bass John Caloway, 3 John Campbell Mary Cooper Jacob Coughanour Lydia Coxort Diana Cauble David Coper James Cunningham Joseph Cowan John CrotxeT Robert Chnnn Robt. H. Chapman James Cook Hiram Cook . , David Cruse John R. DnnTy- v Thotns- Dickson Hy. S.Dawson Asa Drlozier Thos; ttiefcent- James Daniels Jos. R. Dobbins Josiah Daniel Marv Der.t Willie F.llis John Elliott Jerrmiah Former Peter Feasour Charles Griffeth John G. Gamble, 2 Hichard Ginren Abraltam HiU John Hall, 2 Isaac Haywood Jse Hodge Wiir.am H-ulen Williamson Harris BarbraHighKck-" -Michael Hileigh William Jones - Sam'l. B. Joaey Elizabeth Johnson William Josey Elizabeth Krider John Kesler Allison Kingsbury latbew Locke Rev. A. W. Lyon Elizabeth C. Locke Francis Locke Willian Link Uanl. lirely Chas. Lippard Kev. L. E. Lathrop Peter Lewis John Lindaay Freeland Lodge, 3 Heth Morris Zarb McAtee James McCulloch Job Mcljiuson Mary Miller Peter Mnury Hu. McOrcle -Josiah Morrison John W. Mover Wm. R. Oaks, 3 James Owens Alexander Pinkston James H. Pickens Mtteh'd. CrPur . John lliclv George Rufty Marcus K'ise . , Jamea liusa '""John Renshaw " v" Mary Heneba w. - Jesse Ri-dwine Iwis Robling . Isaac N. Rich, . -Twees Reed-: .- - Archibald Stokes Sarah Shaver 1'homaa .Smoot John Shiv Henry Sechlar Jonah Smith Ex'r. of T. Todd John Trexler Ldw'd. Taylor Lyne Taliferre John N. Truket Adam Trexler John Taylor, sen. John Williams hoa. Webster. 2. Nathan Wade, 2 ' Abraham Wright - Henry Weaver-m - Freeman. .Walker ' A. B. Wauirh Anderson Willis Sarah Womac, 2 Thomas Williams Richard Wilton Catharine Young 3tlt SAM'L: nEF,Vf$. P Mr Tht htgh'lhcdd and Celebrated Ihrss NORTH CAROLINIAN, " h Z-W,LL "d the present i Jt T" " ' season, (which com llff a I menced the lothday of March. '4 jjftTA Ind will terminate the 1st or July) 'I Mf slaughter's Stable in the town of Salisbury ( and will be let to mares at 15 dollars the single leap, the money to be paid as soon at. the mare is covered 30 dollars the season, paya ble on the 25tb of December next; which mav be discharged by a payment of 25 dollars during the season and 50 dollars for insurance, payable when the mare is discovered to be with foal or when she ia transferred by the owner. One. dollar to the groom' in every instance, to be paid when the mare is covered. , No responsibility for accidents or ecapt-a,iiiugh all possible care i " taken to prevent them, North-Carolioian will bq constantly at his stand Sn SHU-burv with the ex. be exhibited at Davidon ami Cabarrus courts, and some of theTpublir gatherihgi in Rowan county, . JOSIAH TURNER.' , JUarth 25, 1828. .- - - H3 - rnttf,iilf. March 27. Cotton. ;'8J a 9 124 1 Beef, frrsh Th fnarket, 3 cents r Bacon; fi to 8 i ' wuh brandv. 40 to 45 : apple do. 33 to 37 1 I LIST OF LETTERS EM AINING in the f oat Office t Mocksville, North-Carolina, on the 1st of April, IBV'H. Foe North Carolinian'! pedigree end other' particulars, tlie public are referred to the haadV Dill. Tbe cehlwaled and unrivalled llorao. ffrrf itfmv the tfre m"!orth Carolinian, is now " no more. He was the moat noble, rare horse of his time j hit owner, J. J. Harrison, Esq. style him " the noted horse of horses j the master, piece of nature herself!" And gives the follow, ing as his pedigree i ' ' 'Virginian was foaled in the spring of 1815. waa a beautiful bay, and when full grown vast upwards of 5 feet 4 inches high. He was got ' by the celebrated horse Sir Archeyt bis dans Meretrix by Magog, grandam Narcessa by the) imported howe Shark, great grandam Rosette, by the imported horse Centinel, great great grandam Diana by Claudius j greaj, great, great grandam Sally Painter by Sterling, great, great, treat, great grandam the Imported mare called ilver, imported by William Evans, of Surry -county, Va. and got by the B IImzo Arabian. Magog was got by Chanticleer, (the best aOr of Wildaire.) his dam Camilla by Wildaire, (the best son of Fearnought,) his grandam Minerva.' by ,Ka imported horse Obaruvitv. his Brreat grandam Diana, by Claudiua aa above. Claudius was got by old Janus, his dam Mr. Meade's famous mare by the imported horse, Aristotle out of sn imported mare. Claudiu was full brother to old Celer. Sterling, i beautiful dapple e-dey. vu foaled! in U6.Vwaa got by the BelUize 4rabian, (whichv -WriTJIliplmri .ofierei! iM'guiiieas for) out of ' . air. Simpson s snsxe marei hiie was got by -B6at?a-iwkv aiVd-lMs by -the.- ijfaipTvTkiwwwwm. Bxtntctiif aletttrfrtmWm. E. trtdttaxt, if T(fi' ' " " Vireinian is fine bred hotae i mostof hia ewaaec Were of my old stock. 8allr'fa4itet'wrri r$m?Je. crosa in !us pedigre,e. was a grey. 4 J feet . . high, aired by Sterlinir j she ws small ami defi atvte, owing to her bad raising. She had several foals before 1 got her , she brought me four or five foals, all valuable f after Which I .apld. ber ana Ihe was carried to the north. The only one of her pro!liee whicfi f retain, ed, was Diana by Claudius , she was a black, 4 f 1 indies high, and remarkably stout made, and a very fine mare.' She ced at 22 years old, having produced me a dozen foals or more; Sha-r had a neck like a stsllion, asd all her produce, were fine. The only one I retained of then was her first, vit ! Minerva by Obscurity, 5 feet 2 inches high, a dark bay, sttmt made and a fine? mare. She brought m only four or fire ful k died young with the sleepy ataggers. I only re- tamed from her Camilla by wildair, a blood bay; 5 feet 2 inches high ; she died at 14 years old. She was one of the finest mares f ever sa w, amf all her produce fine i site w a the dam of Ma- - . - - V " nil tsi lit . .' . a ". a ' ' J a " . goj, iiuzen, air vriiuam, anti several otnew. In those davt but few hones were trained or run. I raised only for size and beauty. ' But all that were trained of the above stock run. well -the fact li tbev turned out more, racers , that I . any other stock of my knowledge in Virginia. Madison and Monroe, raised and run by Burwell Wilkes were from raid stock) and every good " racer raised by James J. Harrison were also from said s.tock ; I might particularly name V'tr.. giniao, who either - liuially or collaterally pan- J took ia his pedigree wvlJdaV side,. evcrwi: cross oi me aoove stocx. M. E. BRODNAXE." flourAJto 4.i..whi?kev,..25 to . ...iNathan-AUdridge ... Si.,:3ilX:-UpIand,cu 8I a' ll .t Ann Balance,: whiskev,.29 to l i osgging. incn, m w xj j sugar, 8J to 9,1 molasses, 27 to 28 cents, bacon, 5i to6J i apple brandy. 26 to 27; bees wax. 25t coffee, 13 to 18 ( hyaontei, 100 to 110 Jamaica mm, 115 to 120 West India do. 75 ?o 80. North Carolina bills, 5, u 6 per cent discount, Georgia do. 1 to 1). Cherav, March 28.-Cotton, 8 a 10 1 bacon 9 a 10 1 floor J i peach brandy 40 to 45 j apple do. 35 Elish Butler William Butler John Banks Jacob Baker Warner Brown John Blackwood Aquilia Cheshire John P Carter 2 John Call , , -rr-- " r.:v to 40 1 whiskey 40 1 port 4 to 5 1 tallow S to 10. ; ""- u.. A... atW 9fi Tnttnn. 8 to O 124 i ' J"n " W erit' !' J wm '. ww. .w g w tobacco. S2 50 a 5-refused, 1, a JJ3; corn, Anderson Foster Martha Murray James F. Martin 2 Jacob March Thomas Neal Grief Neal, 2 Richmond Pearson, John Pain John Rich, John Sainer, Iseac Tennitun Oliver Smith Henry Verble James C. Wedd'mgton John Cook Thomas D. Gibbs . a Ma S fX . V u--m T a SW. &KKf I IIUII1IU) BSDISUI IV. l Dacon, vi ? -XA fl'li wiii;,,H.wk. P. 8. Parker ! s . I. s fkaai1ma k rtls brandy, '26 a 31 1 peach M a 75 centa, k'..L. r..l. n. k.nk Kills 7 tn H nv .. r vi n 1. Smith r.rr.t r. 11 Alexander Houser tn 9 nr cent, discount. : Camdtn, Monk 22. Cotton, ordinary to mid dling, 8J a 8j middling to fair, 8 j to 9 i fkir to good, 9 to 9 i prime, 10 cents. New-tssk, Mahci 26. Cttton: The saJea, from the 2"2d to 25th inclusive, amount to' up wards of 1000 tales comprising about S0J Up, lands at 9 to 10 eta. 1 200 Alabamas at 9 to 10, and 350 N. Orleans at 10 to 12, priaeally at lljalljcta. Charles Anderson Lamb Taylor L.H.H0SC Francis Keller Thomas Fcrrebee fo Freelinir's Lodge -Samuel Van Eaton 3tll A. G. CARTER. P r nt aionn ninnc 1 William Howard - jUarrfcU, - In this county, on Tuesday, th lat inat. by ik., Bisv. Wdlam A. Hall Mr. Kintbeh Elliott figUKawilUateourlxLJirom Williamson, daughter of Mr. Will you give us N. Jersey t No. Penntylvania f Yes. The union of Dutch and Irish in that state is too strong for us. Delaware? Why yes we are losing a little in Delaware 1 take it. Mary, land f You cannot ret more than six votes for Jackson in 'Maryland. I take ttram. Virginia f Yes. North-Carolina- South-Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee Granted.- Louisiana f. No." Imlianaf Not Wio 'J 'Ko7CemSickyf''r7oT Missouri,. Yes.. Misiisalppi . Yes. .Illinois.' .Yes.. So then you out . Jackson don to 17 in New. tTr:rfla tioulsiana, InVliana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Mis. iniri f ; f do. posiivety .WeC tlicn, after all" your cutting and curving, Jackwm 5s elected tv your own figures. New-York 17, Pennsvlvsnia do, iKiaware , nary una 9, Virginia 4 xsorin. Carotins 15, South-Carolina 11, Georgia 9, Ala. bama 5, Tennessee 11, Mississippi 3, Illinois 138 votes, 7 more than is necessary to elect. From this it will be seen, that granting every thing claimed by the administration, they must fail, Kew-York, itfiteW of 17 will Ve S54 Thomas Williamson. X)Z23. In this place, on Thursday, the Id mat. after a abort illness, Mr. . Sct. aged about 55 vears. The deceased was an Irishman by birth, k.., tnr number of vesn has been living in this Louisiana M i..nlr:;:llsi.folloWed the hrennr business fur a time in Burlingtoh, N. Jfrsey. and afterwarda ; phlUiWobia-v -About i? months ago, he came ia this place alAb,e.?ri,Je,!.. man of this town, set sip a small prlwinf emb: Bahment t and was pursuing n wiuwuccesa anu orofiu. when.he,was ,hus suildenly hU awav, The deceased hu left several children in Phil adelpbiarbv a forme .wife. .W""""' A PAIR OF GILT EPAULETS -srsin vrv low: they have been used, J; but are hot much soiled. Apply at Jamea B. Hampton's watch-orst,e.T s snop. Without CASH, Trade must die ! r ItHK subscriber's limit of indulgence having I expired the first day of March, once more, in friendship, solicits his debtors to come tor. ward and lit,uilate their several aems oue mm, the Mav Court next. Those who fsii in fulfilling tliis notTceTinay rest"afedthaf they will be dealt witn n we uw mrecis. 7 EDWABD CHESS, SaUthufy, March 27A, 1828. 7U4 A CONTRACTOR WANTED. ERUPOSAl will be reeeived by the sbseri. " ben, at Rockford, at wir kwnty Cwrt, mj the second Monday nf May next, fur building COURT HOUSE for gurrv County, the build. ' inr to .be constructed of 5rir-.-1ts dimrnsionS fifty feet by forty, its plan to be in the most ap proved style tor a Court. House. G. D. HOICOMR. JAMES McCRAW, 6113 LITLE HICKKRSON, JONATHAN HHITAKEIt, March Sth, 1828. ( imminienert. NEWGOOD8;- THE subscriber is just receiving from Char, leston, a choice and general assortment of Seasonable Goods, which he will sell at unusually low prices such, he believe, aa will make h the intereat of pur chasers generally to call on him t he hopes, how. evety that the public wUt wot 4k bsk-wordr but favor him so far as to call and examine the goods .n.l nriei. and form their opinions accordingly, r.- . ,.f w. nxutT.TnN .VorrA 1828 " v 3t09 ;JKlliLlTZ e4MPAJjC0jmUv ar-a a. It t a? V . h.ataa OI, hand of the a constant aupply during the season, oy ine gross, dosen, or single box : 6 Aaftsearv. -n. 18,1828- 98 . N. 0. uid powders Ire put op according to the method prewrilwl by ttro tendon Fberma. !?4lojft. REMOVAL BOOTS AND SHOES. - THE subscriber has removed his sh.ip frara the house he lately occupied, opposite th Rank, to the house of Thomas Allison, on south aide of Main-street, third house from tbe Court Hotise 1 where he hopes his former customers, and others who want Boots and Shoes made and repaired, will favor him with a calL Those who pay cash down for work, and don't have to be dunned and warranted before they pay, ahall have a deduction made from the usual prices, and those who have been punctual In paying me heretofore, may expect a reasonable 1 ndulgence hereafter. A II who owe the subscri ber, are again asked to pay.- - ' " EBEttDlCKSOtf. SaUibury, March 7M, 1828. 05 STORE HOUSE in LEXINGTON. THE subscriber's Brick 6'lere se in Lex tngtoiu ia for Hcnt, . It ia situated immedi ately on the north corner of the Public Squaiw. and is one or tne moit eligible stands for a Store in the place. For terms, 81c apply to B. D. Rounaatitle, Esq. 4n Lexington, or 4o the aub- ' scribw t saiiabtfryr s :k 11 uelLEHLt;7 - Fd, 23.H 1828. Oj -.-TATEfOlIAL-lDAVW. 7 - THVL subwriber havinjf quV.6ed "ai adminia. trator on tbe estate of Haley Davis, dee'd. , ktf Stokes county, NVX'. desire all person's'" indebted to wiM estate to make payment with as little delay aw possible 1 and all penona hay. ing claims against the estate, are desired tn pre. sent tbem, legally authentturted, within the timet -limited by act of assembly, otherwise. this notice " will be plead in' bar of their recovery. W. BODBNUAMER, .V. 1 jKbevmkxfth - "l t J I

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