North Carolina Newspapers

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.1 'i
'or public documents for 1821, '32. It
will he perceivrrV tbnt the missions to
ilussis and Ghent are re presented as end
!ng at the ume time, vi STth of Febru
ary 1815 t that in le column of
placed a full salary as Minister to Ghent.
If these ststemen'.s bo accurate, Mr.
Adams did receive double salary. Put
truth compels me to say, thar tlU docu
mer.t, fcke other relaimo-MtvAtkmA
u,'cacnt, U verv inaccurate, if not mate
false. In the main document the
i totals do it6t correspond with the items,
T,n(j the recapltulalton doer not wh either
I the totaU or tbe aggregate of the items in
that document." I cannot therefore-
eeive a double salary, or thai he did hot ;
Willi II WCSUI3 immv inin"
!ZrZIibn''0P 1hB truthyttme through his
pr.::iown hands indlmust htve p4wecl We tn-
speCtToO, in reaswisip
Ter that the worst representation it makei
is the real truth of the case. Take this
document coming through- Mr. Adam
bimself, true, in its worst aspect, and
let us see how much money h contrived
to Docket in two rears commencing- with
his appointment upon the Ghent Mission
in April 1813 t
Outfit on tbe Ghent Mission, 89.000 00
Salary ?o
Continpe nd'e do
Outfit on Mission
; Great Britainj
6jary of Hus
. sian and British
'; Missioo, ....
6.: 5
9,000 00
16.000 00
S2,644 90
Vlf this document be correct in :he
smonnt of Salary set to each Mission, Mr.
Adams-must have charpetl and received
this sum for services and expenses be-
tbAirilj 8l3i bsidesome ewrtiogeo
-del it 'Idon-lf indeeUiie,did.carer
ceive toy lalary as Minister to Ghent,
tbea the unount paid, to him for the. 1 wp
tuiltr receive this latter sum, much of it
tinder false preterkes and confraty. to la ",
thereU no room to doubt. What aeency
Mr. Adams had In settling hts own
etwnte- and ilirecling the aUowancesrto
" bimself, I know not.- -Certain it is, that
the Secretary of State is the chief agent
in making all exmnrdinarf allowances to
foreign Ministers, Mr. Adams was Secre
tary of State from 18 If to J p25, and his
. accounts must have been settled after his
return borne. He st least did not object
to the extravagant allowances made to
him, some of them for services and jour
neys not performed, for he pocketed the
. I have now eiven ymi all the informs
"tfbnl can collect from 'the public doeu
-tnents upon the subject of your inquiry.
-' You may" rely upon - it as accurate in the
manner ane to tht exient that l have sta
led...,: '- .
.,. f cinnot forbear to-mention that io thi
fnvestigitinn 1 have met with a key to the
feelings which dictated the letter of Mr.
: Adams la Levitt Harris, in which he pro
nounces our Government rrAe end fienit
rfou$ Con gress bad refused to allow him
. TuIT'Mtfit "of 9000 dollars.- In letter
tohia from Mjr.Miwroatbi Secretary of
Mate, dated June 23d, IB I5. he is inform
ttfbflWl'fiCl linhcfollowmK words -
- M it is necessary to apprize you, that.
altiuri full outfit was transmitted by the
Neptune, and intended to be allowed you
by the executive as a member of the ex
tra mission at St, Peterkburp, yet the
Legislature, on a reference of the subject
to them for an appropriation, decided the
principle, bv the amount appropriated and
the discussion which took place st the
time, tht an outfit only could be allowed
to a Minister under circumstances appli
cable to your case. In your drafts on the
bankers and in your future accounts, you
will be pleased to keep this deduction in
But the minister had the money, and
although the Government wns almost
bankrupt, the army mked and starving,
and the enemy, relieved fiom war in Ku
rope, was preparing to carry fire and
sword through our country, and did soon
after take this city, and burn the public
buildings, he had no conception of rclin
quishing his hold upon the cash he had
received. To Mr. "Monroe's letter he re
turned an answer dted Ghent, 23d Au
gust, 1114, characterized bv a tone and
temper ill becoming a representative ol
his country in that day of her greatest
want ard petil. Among other things of
a like character, he says:
! allrge, that by an act of the Cxeco
live perfectly conformable to the consti
tution and the law, the sum I am now re
quired to deduct from my accounts and
. Jy drifi x w?..niJ .I,r?Pe.r,I much as
the dwelling house of any member of the
trgislarore wis his, and that the principle
.r.v..A.?nfr.t,..-wouW.-u'eJ,F ,n ult'.
mate refusal to allow the oppnpritiori
eoiifd be fic) other than a prinrtple to rofi-
catr without any alleged offence, not half
thr ou'fit of a Minuter under circumstn
ces applicable to my case, but so much of
my individual property."
II I hud more time I would give the
whole letter, from Which you WuulcJ not
fil io perceive lhat Mr. Adams thought
more of filling his own pockete at that
period", inn U ciiJ ? the.wnU of las
bleeding country. . . .
Ilis famous letter to Levin s tarns u
" ' a A S at
dated Ghent, ,1,6th ovemner, ioisv
Among other things not very creditable
to his pntrtotum, he saysi -;
Divided emongr ourselves, more in
passions than inferetds, with half the na
,M he their nreiudices and their Ig
norance to our enemy, with etblt and
ftenurimtt foyernmerJ. With rive Ideates
, , r i .
r.. - ',: snrl arareeiv rive euicieii;
for aft arm , how can it be el
pected that we should resist the mass of
lorce wnicn mat k""" t" ; - -lected
to' crush us at a blow." Youvwill
rirntVet. sir. the events 61 that pertoa
in ruinn while Mr. Adams was grasping
ir TUliT WIIIIC 4 uu t
and eoBtitKentiesr r uhouy c, IMoo, P f,rrri
and- abusing the Govertoenr
hpeanse rtr wOTld-nt vkld tti all his ex-
ingtoh ahd ;u ch. J action i n , urieans
were borrowing on their pwn eredi'., 'and
huxsrdintr escry Mlar they possessrd in
the world, to save their enflerinp: coun
try. In November H14, when the letter
to ihrris was written, GcncrHl Jackson
was drivinjf the Briush from Flotidi and
opening his wav to Ne w Orleans. On the
1st of December he arrived nt thit oity,
and used to the people a language- which
I beg you to contrast with thai ol Mr.
for tt i against t, he informed those
whom he comm.mdcn or waso defeno,
4 to rtmtmbtr that our watetvdvd ' vie
torv or death: our country mutt and thall
bt dtfendrd. tt'e will enjoy our UUrtu or
fieriih in the latt Ditch." .
Your obedient servant,
run LivcnwoaT. ..
Mrf Davis I consuler SecWiet,
ask permission to communicate, throuRh
i the columns fit vmir paper, the exirauc
(unary cntci ie uivcrworj nan wnn im
in a case if nulmomrv consumtttion :
u,i.r ;
most ol the
ac-T,u ri.-inri.;; ntln
ensive hranches ol those
ennected..ulb -e by coosanuipi!)',:CP jLite Hickerssn, Matthew M. Hughes,
Ux ts my knowledge extends) have been j ..JooreEq.'7n'TholnM
of consumption. Ilampton, Est).: who, after retiring a
For five or six years my health was thort time, returned and reported the fol
gradually declining. I had frequent at- Mowing resoluions, which were utisri
tacks of pin i t my breast and shoulders. , mously adoptc.
a distressing cough, discharged matter p wrverf, lrt..That .Repull'tcsr.s of
from my lungs, a difficulty in breathing, !he true JetTersonian School, and hot ha v-
occasionally cahned for short periods,
and fiequently unable to labor ; and I was
generally ronsiarreu as advancing in a
consumption. Early last Spring the dis
esse was more strongly marked. I re
sistcda5.lan ...ail could.; but in . the bt
ter part of July ! was confined to my bed
ft was found necessary to burn candles in
my room at night for two mmM,- rhiring
which period my attentive neighbors sat
by nie. . DrVSTehaeneyriin able PttjsicJjiti
was called in immediately on my confine
ment, and fur some time gave me
eouragemeottv Hut the disease p.vlly
progressed in ppposiiion to his prescrij
tions. The qi.intity of pus discharged
was IntrcclWe, and the nell frequently.
ofTcnsivei . Mv "cnu'ih and obstt fiction in
my breast were distressing, and t had an
Trie rea a w grifr"'CfII f 1 n brcathin gS.r3&l'
length 1 had night sweats rhills," und
fevers, so great a diUicliltv of rcprr3ton,
that I hnd to be propped up in my bed ;
and every returning couh and discharge
from my breast 1 fcircd would be the lnt.
I was reduced to a skeleton, abandoned
by my physician, considered in the JM
s'age of consumpMon, and my burial
clothes prepared. I had not the remotest
hope of a recovery, and my fr?end have
subsequently told me, that, at some peri
ods, they did not believe that 1 would sur
vive one hour.
At length Mr. Ilanes. whose cae haa
been described by Ur. Hereford in the
1. . . . . .
rsattonai irtteuigeorer, paia me a visit
and strongly recommended '0 me the u-c
of the Liverwort, which 1 declined, from
a firm belief that nothing could he 'of ser
vice to me. Liut so strongly was I pres
sed upon, after Mr. Manes left me, that I
reluctantly yielded, and in about 24 hours
I thought I could breathe with lessilitTt
culty. This encouraged me to continue
its use j and I soon had positive evidence
that the disease was rapidly yielding in
all its features, to that benevolent, but
solitary little plant of the Inrest. So
I was the transition from pain, scorch-
eVfrirsafi'i5CItinrrconghrsnd-everTBalTT-nrl Fredertek-M.y-
nher sfBiction, to comparative eaae, as to
create in my breast the most pleasing
sensation ; and to impress upon my mind
a reverence for that Pcing, who, whilst
ho presides over the destinies of the uni
varMYhss'clothed ihe" rocky mountarlnt
which surround -me with a plant posses:
.ing the healing virtues of the Balm of
uueau. i atoul three weeks It was
Luod. uryicc Cisary. la. .ak.up by-rue.-But
my neighbors continued their visits after
ihis, to cheer and congratulate me on the
proipect of my soon being restored to
htalth and society -
I now say that I am in as good health
as I ever was at any period of my life. I
have no tough, no pain or obstruction in
my bicast. a healthy appearance, and a
eighth year of mf see.
A'off. At the request of Dir. Mitchell,
I will state that 1 have lived near neigh
bor to him fir about five years, and fre
quently visitfd him during Ms last sick
ness; that i hen .he commenced the use
of Liverwdrtl 1 said repeatedly, that,
cured hltn7Ushou1d hot be surprised if it
rould restori V de8d n'n to itle i but 1
not believe it fic$we mat any eanniy tor
humanl meads coulee Beet a cure. Dr
Murrar haHoId mertNrlteoneTeJ
Mr. MitchrU'i case as insurable i and that
be places grit confidence in the medical
dualities . of ttverwort-iHonciude by
irvWtfTtbMfTaMllchell U preseiiU-aod
tk 1
aneW mora iolnlme.sWOMW
yaysftbe'erioii I aqusiBt4Hl
htmT'ririil&aoo bit last licknesaMr,
tchffl itiwr-r m-s-Mti; commimtcatioijk.
Aroaa,if)rc.S9, 1827;
APRIL 5?, 1828.
Jnj Administration Meeting. u,.ki an
assenbljige of about 245 of the citizens ol
Surrj county, who are opposed to the re
elect of John Q,uincy Adanw as Prirsl
dentof the United States, met in the town
of Kockford, on the 5tl day of March, be
ing 'he week of the superior court for
said tountyy the following proceedings
look plco, ti
On motion of Gen.' Solomon Graves,
I I'm P. Dobm, Esq. was', appointed
chairman of the meeting ; and on motion
.1 at ..1 St if..i... f ... n ?
Alter a brieleXDlanauoti Jrom lhi ftfiatr;
I ,i...f. ..,;,iAn (.
'or the ccuisiJ
hif K rnmmiile.. conYiated of th follow-
in .icnit : Gen- S. Graves, Mat
.TT,.f3f,,,T.,..T:.Tr,:."""-iT"i.7..-r"j:"r -----
. 1 jS fs
! ing ronndence in the political integrity
1 0f John Q. Mam, We do, upon the ground I
of nrincmle sulrmnlr deDrecate his re
01 principle, solemnly aeprccaio 111s rc J
election at the approaching election ol
chief 'magistrate e United States.
Rcplvrd. 3. That having implicit eon
fidehec in the ?TrlotiMn,
icttl indeppndence and unsh ike.n (Wmnesa
of Gen-ANDREW JACk'SQX, 0r the
state of Tennessee,'- we d solemnly
pledge oitrvlvts to aupport trts electitr
at tbe approaching election of Pre sidctit
'o-lof the United Sutes.
.Rei'lvdi 3. That this meeting enter
tain the highest respect for fhe' talents
and publi.- services of J0HS C. CAL
HOL'Xv uf 5ouib Carolina, and . will sopr
port his election as" Vice President tf the
L States at i!te approaching electinn of
President and Tice.Prcsideh't pJiheL'. 8.
Jietohrd, 4th. -That thi meetingrap
prove of the nomination made br ibe oth
er coumis of this Electoral Distrtt, of
mr . y a. 1 r T I- 1 1
lien, ni'jmjori oioitci, 01 " imca touuiy,
as Eleciot, and that they will support
his election s such.
Ii e solved, ,Vh. That a committee of
Vigilance, consisting of five, he' appointed
in each cap'pin'a district in the county ;
whose du'v it shll be to use all proper
exertions to p omote tbe success of the
Jackson Electoral ticket of this state ; and
that (he siid committees he composed of
the following gentlemen, viz:
For Jonrsville district 1 Tho. Hampton,
Esq Wm C Martin, Esq Hirhard G yn,
Esq. Alfred M. Martin. Esq. John Hob
erts, Eq and Jas Hicks.
For Capt. Holcomh's district : Wm.Col
lins, Philip llolcorab, Esq. ard Wm. Dy
For liamptonville dis'rict: Dr. John
B. ILmptun, Wm., Moses P
Nicholson, Pr. Alfred Cook, Jacob Pad
gett, and Franklin Hicks.
. Fur Capt. Ashly's distiict 1 Jacob.Dou.
thsrd, Esq. Kollin Jones, and Leonard
Mes.ick. t - '
For Capt. Clanton's district 1 Benjamin
tT a st. ist sw a .it
unton, itisj. m- r. Atwood, Henry
For Hunttville district t- Wm. Cr Bird,
Esq. Sam'l. L. Davis, Col. Sam'I. Hpier,
snd Gideon E. Franklin.
For Cspi. Callawav's district : Col Jes.
Callaway, Alfred Maitin, Esq Gen. Berry 1
For.Capt. Reect'i district t.Cipt; Had:
If Heece, Wm. Mackie, Esq. Bryant Jarr
viay-JoKn Disr wtd Joseph Carter-- --
For Capt. Chinn'a district Tho, Wil
liams, tsq. Solomon Philips, Wm. B.
Rash, an John Logan.
For Capt retails district I Isnlah Coe,
Capt- Joel Stow, Wm. Uptlgrove, and
Sam'l. Martin.
For Capt. FuJk's district i Wm. W.
Sheppcrd, Jesso Brijjgs, Thomas Doug-
whicA he su&miliecf io rnerioar wit unTwmm&KBW'"
.'. . .' l ..u 1'Jiw:i.1' 'i2rr. it,Ti"-f'
j-j - i til in r In Ti' I TTi ---TBI" n "I IT- r uria'-- ii S I m r in k mm n l i nlli I
it-f,.-. . . AVM, 11. HANDY. nCo. Galihu Moore. Esq Capt. Jooa
v ' ' - . . i
Utlca UItc3, Ct. Joslih I
' S'-rpoGJ. w ;
For Cant. Urickle s district t V-apt. Jonn
B. Brickie, Joseph Howard, J.esse How- s
ard, Jonathan .Whitaker, Eq. iustun
Bomers, anrl Vfm. P. Dobsco, Esq. I
Fop. JarvJsU district I John JifVW, i
Wrh. Bowlesj tki. Pleasant B. Roberts,
Esq, and Richard Welbourn.
nr . Cant. Marshal's district I Elijah
Thompson, Esq. Ja.-Thorhpson, Maj.ii.
Paiiok John A. Huehes, Eso Wm
Marsh, Esq. Shadrach Frabklin, and Capt.
Wm. Douglass. ,
For CaptTMofirrr dtstncHUapKMw
Moore, Hardin P. Fianklinr tsq. Miiier
W. Easly. Esq, John T, Franklin, and
Capt. Joel Underwood. .
t;l.r-..rL.nt Eat' dist. J Cast. Stephen
Dayi u m. snow, wa m.oiniiDgiKfiii
IItcher' district s Col. Mor-
. .... a ' ... . a 111 f"i J L. .. -
thin c Unthank, Col. Micaish - Forkner,
John Jackson, and Capt. Achilles Deth
awPfsrVaw ' r
Vn Cant, Pfaffs district : Capt Jacob
Pfafr. Jas. M: Hollinpsworth, Esq. Robert
Hill. David Davis, John Cook, and Galen
Resolved, 6th. That Gen. 3 Graves,
Malhew M. Hitches, Esq. vMajr. Litle
Ilickerson, Col. Jas. Callaway, Col Mor
dicat Fleming, O. Moore, Eq. and Wm.
P. Dobson,E.q be appointed the Jackson
Corresponding Committee for the county
of Surry i nd lhat they prepare a mita
ble addrtss for the orcasiim, and be au
thorised 10 adopt such other measures as
may be deemed most advisable for th
purpose of securing the great objects of
this meeting. , .
Orv motion ot Oen. uraves, Jitt!iew
tJe,Ec.:.aiid jor. LitTe Hi. k
erson VrTaplrnie3 1"tteiJtf ihrrom
at Wilksboro' on the "week of the sUpmor
Jiesolvrd, That the pror e"dtrit;s of this
Secretaiies, ana ne put.iisneo hj me "
19 u.
tern CarSlinirtn and Kalfitjlt Sir.
WM. P. DOnsON, Chiir'n.
" S Obatxs,
Tno. Hamtto
Cabarrui cutmtfi, .1fril '2, I8C3.
Jlfr White: It appear that tV KJitur of the
raaba Ju'irnal, dinistiic the abilities rf the
A4am cuinmittee of this county, to nustai
e:rtin c
sllrrge lately published, "has' hlmctf
.1 ;n nn raitnnal not ire of s nart of
our nl rrs-a kind ofrtheily helping hand t..
hem. rhew worthy gentlemen 111 no oouo
, , . .....j,,. .
n win (ii, - : , .
uendoe!, uiid remarks (would that I conli. nav
am-metitt) of Mr. ltinpham.; and, Hjui Honlc ss.
tilt niniimnlv aunnliid with them hence-
ftfrth' I do hot pretend to say tl.sMliey neri
. 1 , 1 1 '1-1 .
them. ladow, wniini ne uviiicen mem unto
a voting or uudisf'ptined pact houmls which
wiits the erv of the old expenrretd leaitrr be
fore it venture with brawling tutigu im " make
the welkin roar." - r .
' The people in tlii. county g-ne'llylliiik for
themselves. The only bnm iiry'ikria t fur.
nUh them with fsct( ami from 'hem they draw
their own conclusions, ujiuidid hv the dicVitor
bin of nv Yuan or wt rif rrt.-it. Tkn hate sr n,
rAry have heard, and rftry hsve- j Jtlgrd j smi thsi
httftjrment Is a determination to ipj ort Asnnr w
J acksos. Herein lies the r'ur tn the si. pillar i
..... .. .. . i 11 -
nolitirsl observations of Mr. lli rl.atr. as wlII as
to the bravado .cbalil), j..tT?ini?.-.i.N eprtent boih sjdi-s in a political contest
te. Tbey fear tlie t fl'ec of ttir stubborn lg.Liriy, ami without p'n Judice : Le us further
presented jn 'the Jackson AUres 1 ami Vrr mijV. hi'M urTL-rlng ttothtrnr to appear in his
whrel i to be p"u"rrn"morCTe?jy''trnagpTr aim a eppn il..-.
trneil, both bv the ewrtioii of pfsonul n.fl'i. in llii- way tf " t xtnri" or qnntatinn' even
4-nce, anil by hold assertion, mansted tMmeili t asaHtrW rnf-MwH:r jnatirrj but, of, the other .-
unl tnr tided explanations, to stem tne current
of public opinion, now so rapidly rum
nrai-i" tnem.
! u iH st once a!mit that the Adams Tommi'-
t.r nrr "Honorable imni" but that thty :r' -
mn nf eharacter, men of influence, and nu n of
eshh, is no reason tht nv free ntn eapsbd:
of judpinjj for himself, should pin his political
faith to their sleeves. By the wsy, per' the
w orthy Kditor cao, among h'n other polit'n l m -
yice, infirm us who hai authorised the pi. Mir a.
tion of the fart, (pny. Mr. Linham, i it fc
that the coun'iea of Lincoln, Mi-cktenhur and
CaHsrrtu, will alt gi'e majori'irs in frvor of
Adams which infurmatinn ha hern rcpeMcd'v
Imrp.-.l mi in the Hichmond tVl.ig, n.l has
tirkh'd the plale of the fastidious Adnjn-
nitration Kdi'ors a Vshtn'on City, itic
infortnant has been kind as to pve Mr. Adsms
three-fmirths of our little t'ninty. Not s-,
Mr. Busy-body. Ikrgsins and sales in r.n!i;ical
matters are nut ao coinmun here as at Washing-
ton City. We hsve no s.tje preretlent, by w hich
to jtiJtifv such a tranter of JarVsiin ro;e : and,
if wc had, the pirit which influcncril our
faltierf on the 20th Msy, 71. w ould i'diip o
to purn the prorxwition. It frrms ttsnj;e that
Ottr Jackson Adurrns, nn'witiistxiiding S ieti an
assumed Adsms majority in the county, shn i!d
have elicited not only the "bold clulh-ne" of
tle friends of the administratiim to tnect mid
debate ita merits, hut has: even brought in ;dsv
tha cornbtiied critirslj tiihKetil and rnur'ienl-,,.
men of Mr. ninirham himself. Whv, with tt h i , , . ,, . i.i
prepomlerance as thev claim, emild they not j "n,""rifJ ,!-4U!,!rr re aPPbend.-I
rest contented ? It aeems their political appe-j in Vofk dir:c . C. nn the 3d lnst....-tbe for
tite is so ravenous, that they wonCl w rench from j mer chanred wi'hthe murder of her nrwborw
mined to 'go the whole hog, or rinne."
But thair object can be readily seen: thev
cannot bsfao'bund stumm know ihst Uns Tate
asswemectry so-Tsvor err raea-wnr ur,'D4..r....
eftecl abroad, r n tfiat they circulate and
couraga the opinion that we are divided among
otirselves. In this district, there is no questhut
that every county will give decidju majorities
for tlie People' candidwir, - . .
I have been insenibly led from (lie not'rt
intended to tike of Mr. Ilinghsm's re-marks,
and will now endeavor, in a few v rv,ion. t
merit his pardon. He speska of the o!ijec'ioti
urged in our sddreit to i, tt. Adsrt, and ssvs,
tl.cre is to li t.,.:.t tl.r-e rl.-;cnu,...a U
invitation to sustain them ill nit be acceoted "
, h meTuben of this v.trteh!, in bt:Ull,f
0f tie committee, anwer, uuhHta'inKlv, that
the invitation to sustain them will be acci pted.
To the challenger! we uy, the addria before
chargv agaittat Adumi is to be public, will
reTL'-.!l T . T. i". . T,u"
expect, m tne same time ana piace, a utr and
full investigation of the objections (it any dry
can urge) aywinat Jucko'n.- 1 hit be a man. '
v courte. The ntectina is intended for politi-
cal effect, and a full discuuion of the relative ..
claims and merits of both candidates will be ne.
ceasary, if auch neceaity exists, to enlighten the .
people, if such be their bject. We believe
they want no new light our. the subject 1 the
healthy need m physick. - . . -
will take this opportunity io correct one erT"
ror la our address. It was, in asserting that Mr.
Adams appointed ministers to t'anama without
the sdvice of the 6ena. We intended to alter it
exercise th power, asterled, in hit BM-awge, a
onaUutional right to do ao.'.. ,, ,
Mr. Binrham auks. " will anv man have th
iijbe ipbet) isappficable to.str. Adm i
the Cabarrus" Jackson Committee ad ,,tba
presumptirm to ay o( and. as a quotation front
a book, (the respectability of which we believe '
he will not deny) illustrating our befief at to the
present and future propecta of A Ism. w are
willing to reiterate the anme; U'e believe ihst
his political life i finished, inasmuch at a ma.
Jority cf the Pi-ople are oppoaed to his,.c.
tion 1 and, aa a necessary inference, that he h
btern weighed in the balance of public opinion,
ami hat been foanJ v. anting. A majority of the
People of the United fitates never were in hit
favor s ami to prove this aaserimn, it is only ne
cessary to refer to the number of electoral votes
he received, and to the fact i.ow so appalling tn
him, his cabinet and his party, that both houses
of congress are decidedly opposed to hi re-elec.
tion. lie complain of this quotation, and ex
cl.iimi, "Can part) prejudice and. rancor go
further P It us give one nut of many exam
pits illtiatra'ing what the administration prints
consider not to be party prejudice and ran
cor." To circulate and encourage report dts.
ixinipng the character of a defenceless and
minble woman, is not party prejudice and
tvntm!9 beeaute . tRe administration prints, with,
htjt lew enpeptiona' from lisine to the ttsbiner
hsve ptthtifihed Such respecting the wife of Aa.
drew ,TftcknTand"ft'r-wo--her reason, -than
that he was to tr, by he Peophr'a approtfil; t -prababtewweasor
rf Adams,
-'fiv"w',' M ;rhe f tHtef implies; pretended tf' '
rrvrrl the li ttrmina'iona of the brity t fay
we asserted that Cod hta esefed hi i' fluenca . . .
we pea tue i.miu vi namn xnowtedge,
ami prrfrseJ to reveal what no man can know,"
in.illiis'rating bv a cptotatmn from th Holy
lUmiX on "r betitf ; that" v 'Cf '"A dams liar 1een" ""
weijrhtil in the balance, and ha been found
antittj ! that the term of his office will hort
tv etpire. foMowed by Trsttlt given t those
whom the p'ople deligM to honor. Ait and bit
adherents' phvrei f Is there any "nnwarranta
ble presumption" in tins, even as ehfwrcrd by
the intrrrwetstion of Daniel, of a prophecy long
since ftilfilled. and only- distinctly ipnlicable to
; corrupt monarch of corrupt aubjects? Rut
,utonion of rpre,mnl .nu op nions is me
. ;(lininull tU tr . V of the davi and no
. 1 m t a a
; where do we find it si frequently -esortecl to
1 s among the editors ot papers devoted to tba
cause of Adams. Tow-hat Hook would Mr.
Binglmin adws the unaltilled to reler fbr'adtiCe,
. .. ' . ir a .
suited to t vi ry smntion in life, in preference to
the Hib'r.r1 .1 he gentler in would perhaps say,
"rrad, bur never qinte.'.. He might'as. well .
ohere t Hie plstof, never preach "
W say that sound political morality is. br-tter
tinj'it there thun in all the Warned books f is ""
favorite Presidm resorts to, for the purjHMe df
t Ijcnhtini; his crude atid umlijested noUons ori
lutio ml Lw. We say an illustration of our
potiiwal cnmlition CHtmot be better worded,
than wv.tbe langHag e4if tH Ke,pttrea.'-Iet nt,
fr injitanc, Mippoe a newspaper est sbl' shed
in ttii country, one, tiMi, taken by its honest
?nd nnMnpirioiis furmfr. trusting o the'editor
i iisn.j. init v roi.itting ami printing enroursg
' tip iiipmomnilssfsini t!e vsriott partisan prints
! on his i h-: s i-l tu c mrhidr, lot us Mippose that
I e i unto the rd or of tlic Cstawba Joumsl,
, M t'lO't rt the mar,': in the lunguage of tho
. prophet N '.ani wlra would he his reply r
" Any er'n'u-, n (l-rIii msn, would say such
j an prt!itni ( a sTikinp aod solemn portion
j cf the -iptt-s, is a p-eat and uh warrant able
; preiui;tHMi."
j 1 he i dit'-r, in the close of his notice of our
; iddrei. jfiven a cowmtntary or. the latter
pin nf the quotsiiim, ai.l then very nileO
i atSines u t- iiublikli one also. Considering
ttvit tV.- fHr'heti rm'iiniiiint' he has ar
raved a -aitiit t'.ie .dininitnirmnf compose the
( -at ms'-a of the Amer'ursn people, and that
j t'icy ett iw of " radicals sn fcnlt.rndicsls, de
J mocrais snd federalist . tsn(T snrl anti-tariff men.
n-trV-tnils and ( lirtuni .ih, qniddite and noth
ingites." t nouM 1ik to Vnow to what party
he ,H yt,r l0 think with him belong. It
' cannot he lo that ol the people, for tln referred
to in the last psri'tfr h, comnone that btnly.
j - 1 ht Drowning men catch at trawa," is an
' old; su.l r. niiigliam'i remarki,.
snd the C,h'tu Adams chsllenire, prove it to
he crrT,. 'ly r -nrts re yet unCnihel, al
though cMt nd- d fur' her (Inn I intended it til
time. 1 hr -' lirir from me afrsin.
Out vj'tht Ci''.iTt;i Jacl-ssn Cnwuitef,
' fTtn in fwter Sap-ih .litlm,!,. AiwLXe?
- .
j '"font i both rliildTrn were Illegitimate; - A jnry
(of wpt.-at a-eed'i.:t of giu'Ity aga;r)?t the
A Jnelrtr, rttsiiary tn th American Trsct
Society, has beu formed at lUlcigh, in this state,
tti procrediltgs shall be published in er heXt
Samuel Mclllui has bctn appointed Post Ma'
ter at Vork,i!le, C. inptaca of ?.

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