North Carolina Newspapers

    l.'upt. Ilcnni, lv the Halt 'ur, svlioxe
liuimiieaml ecOcro'iromlacUino tly noticed
in tlio following anecdote, ii itill I resident of
Beaufort, in this State, tnd hat, fur many years
pait, been 1 member of the Legbbture from
IJarteret county t
The following testimony to Ameri
can generosity and feeling is taken
from pamphlet entitled Remarks
during a residence from June 18th to
August 1 1th, IS 20, it the Ciipe of
Good Hope, by ITiomas Ueorge
Love,' published in Duenos Ayres t
Foreigners of aUnationa are do-
mesticltedin Capetown! rrenchmen,
Germans", Italians, Stc. and even North
Americans. A centlemaa oLMie. Ut
Iter Statei (and 1 regret' that I cannbt
ti . I N L L.
esteem from the following occurrence,
- Me-cormnanddtrAmertcarijriraa
- " teef, last war, fI think the Rambler)
,.. A and madeaconsidersbleiumof money
in captures from us. lie had taken a
British merchant yesstl tonne latitude
of the Cape, and went himself in the
boat to take possession k On bearding,
almost the first object that met his eye
was a beautiful woman in tears, (the
captain's wife.) 11 A woman's tears
are more fatal than our swords j" at
least the Ameriaio seemed to feel
something of this. Addressing the
afflicted lady, he stated that he had
only boarded to hear the news, and
have the pleasure of a glass of wine
with the captain. lie proceeded to
the cabin, and after the lady had re-
tired, told her husband, that although
by the laws of war the vessel was made
a prize, yet a sight of so much distress
would not allow him to proceed to ex-
rw a
iremities.- laRtng pen, in ana pa
he made over all tlaim on the
vFael to the fair creature that had so
interested him.
Shortly after this event the war
closed, and the privateer came" into
Table- Bay. " The intelligence of his
generosity had preceded him, and upon
passing s British frigate anchored in
the Bay, the band, in compliment,
itrock np-theatrof -irtA-ee"Dtodie;u
The lovely Niobe," who had thus
softened the heart of the rough sailor,
was brought to bed at the Cape, and
the child named after her benefactor.
The American told me he felt more
real pleasure at this, than the value of
the prize could possible have given
him. Privatecrsmen are generally re
puted to be so hard hearted and mer
cenary, that one would hardly believe
this detail. Yet it i well authentica-
...ted at the Cape, and I. feel the greatest
pleasure in relating it. I had the
.happiness of knowing the individual
.. whose conduct was at ooce so delicate
and humane."
-The person of whom this honorable
anecdote is told, was Captain Otaway
Burns, of Beaufort,. N. Carolina.
Front in Cotton. In a communication
addressed to the 'editor of the Charleston
Courier, it is stated, that the young Cot-
ton er.d Vegetation in' generat, oh the Is--'-
lendof Edistoand James nave been much
injured by the late cold weather. At the
; latter,, place in particular, the young plants
have been entirely destroyed, and the
Planters are now engaged in ploughing it
up and re-planting. Watermelons, Cu
cumbers, and all of lest hard? natures,
have shared the same fate. The Fruit,
also, is very much injured ; particularly
Peaches snd Plums, some of which were
as large as marbles, and are turned black
by the frost. The inhsbitsnts presage
serious consequences to the health of the
Islands, from the unusual warm weather
during the past winter. A. Y. Enq,
Kentucky.'-. Binns has received orders
from head quarters, to send , a waggon
load of hia coffin hand bills and the forged
letter of Harris, into Kentucky, where the
administration intend having a most aw
ful fight. Clay is released from all cabi
net duty, in order to finish his pamphlet,
anq eupply old Kentucky with ammuni
tion,. These folks pay a sorry compli
,, : mentto the intellect of the people, when
therr attempt ter: mislead them-whir such
shocking stuff as the coffin hand bills, tbe
six militiamen, fcc. &c. Aoah.
Pathetic Eloquence. The editor of the
National Gaietta says, that MrvSpregne's f
oratory on hemp and molasses, in Con
gress, was not quite so lachrymose aa it
was represented by a correspondent of
one of our ci?j p.pers;Ii wsj sreumen
tative, but not by any means intended to
move to tear. Molassev however, is ,
melting subject and hemp has made
many people 4y before nowv
Another Jait taiihoul tevanfSjAi a set
off to the late account of an empty" JSil 'in
Cecil County, Maryland, the Charleston
Courier says, thst on the 7th inst. there
was not a debtor in Jail or on the limits
of the Prison-Bounds in thst District)
which contains a population of 40,000.
u... t V.l I..C itt u.t. '"" 1
of the city of New York, placed in the hnd ,f
the editor of the Daily Advertiser, of that city,
,n huniM Jollar: for the benefit of th family
of l)e Witt' Clinton." .lie said he coniidered
himself r enefitted to a large amdunt In his buai
nen by tha patriotic aervicei of that great man t
and, on the icore of indtbttdnn; a well at re.
ipect and gratitude, he w'uhedto contribvke the
sgm .above mentioned. '..
A masonic celebrstion in honor of De
Witt Clinton, took place in Wsshincton
city on the 29th ult. The Mssons olthe
District, aided by the ursnd Chafter,
from Maryland, amounting to about 150,
went In procetslon to St. John's chufch,
where, after religious services, Mr. Kn
delivered a discourse on the me, cnatic
ceased. . 1 he discourse embraced a w
scope, endr occupied neirty two hours in
the delivery. In the Vindication whlh
the JfffJf.S$.9tS9WlilL' r,
ClTnt6n7s8 regards the Morgan affair, e
endeavoi ed to rescue the craft from t e
odium which that mysterious outrage 1 1
brought upon, iw-sndnade a criminatii ;
reference to (he moral obtoseness of tho
Mssons who had deemed themselves di
aolved from the obligations of the msso
lc oath, and had acted on, that feeling. I
Clinton reposes in the midst of t hi
creations of bis scientific mind and it
sfier ages, when the stranger shall seel
his grsve, be may find upon it tbe samd
simple, but. eloquent inscription, which!
graces the monument of the celebrstet
architect of St. Paul's, in London, withir
that massive structure " If you seek foi
my monument, look around."
From ll'aihington.-A letter from Wash
ington, to the editor of the New York Kn
quirer, of the 20th ult. saysi Kvery
tongue hss been employed for some days
in the none fruiting affair of Prince John.
John Hampden -Pleasants,' editor of the
Richmond Whig, said aloud" the other Iay
in the capitol, on hearing of the insulting
conduciof young Adams to Mr. Curtis
and his family, who sre friendly to the
re election-of Mrr Adamjrthat H he'-de-
served what, be got.' The President, as
you will observe by bis message, intends
to make as much of it in a political way
as possible Some of the Adams men are
in extacies with the nose affair. Thev
WyiiWVproAiite a' great" reaction, and
most assuredly elect Mr. Adams. It baa
come very opportunely upon them, just
ss the Morgan business was dying away
North Carolina Manufatwrrt A few
weeks since, twenty bales of Cotton Yam
was shipped from Tarborough, in this
State for the New-York market they
were from the manufactory of Mr. Joel
Battle, at the Falls of Tar river, about IS
milci from this place. We understand
that this manufactory is the oldest in the
Stale there are now two others in oper
atlon, one at tayetteville and the other
in Lincoln county. Should the ".Tariff!
bill meet with equal success as that for;
". Internal Improvements, necessity wii
compel the people of the South to join in
the scuffle for the benefits . anticipated
from this new American System, as they
will have to bear full proportion of its
burthen, and buffet the northern manu
.lacturers, ." with their own weapons."
ine VMon...i ne lormsJjon of a ne w ter
ritorial government West of Lake Huron
or the Territory of Michizin, is contem
plsted. Michigan will soon claim admis
sibo into the Union, as an independent
otite- The increase of this Republic in
wealth and population is unparalleled
T a . .
in a tew snort years, ai least three more
States will be added !o the confederacy
Michigan, Arkanaas and Florida- and west
of the two former, new territorial govern
ments will necessarily be estsblished
So we are destined to progress, until tbe
whole country between this point snd the
mouth of the Columbia Ktver, will be di
vided into States, and subject to the do
minion of civilized msn.
Small Pox We understsnd (says the
Botton Patriot) that Dr. Wsterhouse hss
given it s his opinion, that there is no
such mongrel or mixed disease as Vtrl
olotd ; that it is either tmaUfioxor kine
fiock and that Dr. Jenner, in a letter to
him, a short time before bis death, ex
pressed a similar opinion.
IT The university oL Alabama is to be to1
cated at Mair's spring, one mile and
half east of Tuscaloosa : and Col. Wm.
Nichols, at present superintending the
state capital, nas neen engaged to auperin
.... . ... -
intend the erection of tbe necessary buii-
- mi " 'ii : m
The Baltimore Patriot states, that Jim
1 ruxton, convicted of murder in the first
degree, wss executed at Easton, Md. on
the- Mth inst:-After the ustiarceremo
riies, says the Gazette, being asked by tbe
onenu, is ne hc any ..tning tp Say , be
arose) and in a firm voice, addressed the
aurrounding multitude', for about ieh
minutes warning them agsinst giving
way to tneir passions and against the vice
i he Kev. t rancis L. Hawks, late of
ihis state, has been elected assistant
minister of Trinity Church st New Ha
veti, Connecticut. Rat. Star.
i x i :
rt VmA yoa at sny
time hve room In your ppcr, I would thank
yoii to imcrt tlie lollowing lines. , '
With respect, I am yours, fkc.
. A. I.
in Veading the newspapers, in a certain
little village, I have reckoned up not less
thsn twenty five great men, seventeen
very erett men, and nine very extratr-
dinary men, in less thsn the compsss of
half a year, i nese, say the uarettes, are
the men that posterity are to gate at with
admiration t these the namea that fame
will be. employed in holding up fdrthe
astonishment of . succeeding age. - Let
me teetjorty $ii great men in half a
year, amount just to nnrry wo In a year.
I wonder how posterity will be able to re
member there an, or whether the people.
in further times, will hsve any other bu-
catslogua by heart.. Does the May or of a
corporatlorinliia .ntWXlMi
lr set down for a great msn. Dofca a pe
daot digest Ills ommori'-place book into a
folio, he quickly becomes frif. , Joes
s poet string up trite sentiments in a
rhyme, he also becomes the great man of
the hour. How diminutive soever the
object of sd miration, each is followed by
a crowd of still more diminutive admirers.
The shout begins in his train, onward he
marches toward immortality, looks back
on the pursuing crowd with self sstisfi.
t;on, catching all the oddities, the whim
$ici, the absurdities and the littleness of
conscious greatness, by the way.
1 wss yesterday invited by a gentleman
to dinner, who promised that our enter
tainment should consist of an haunch of
venison, a turkey, and a great man I I
went according to appointment. The
venison wss fine, the turkey good, but the
great mawas insupportable. The mo
ment 1 ventured to speak, I was at once
contradicted, with a snap. I attempted,
by a second and a third assault r to retrieve
my reputaton; hut was still beat bark
wit If confusions -1 - looked-round to see
who was on my side ; but every eye was
fixed with admiration on tpe great , man
I therefore, ir last, thought proper to sit
silent, and set the pretty gentleman du
ring the ensuing conversation. -
When a. man has once secured a circle
of admire'rir be rosy' be as ridiculous as
he thinks proper, and it all passes for
elevation ot sentiment, or learned ab
sencei if he transgresses the common
lorms pi breeding, mistakes even a teapot
lor a tobacco box, it is said that his
thoughts sre fixed on more important ob
jecis: to speak and act like the rest of
mankind, is to be no grester than they.
There ia something of oddity in the very
idea of greatness ; for we are seldom as
tonished at any thing very much resem
bUng ourselves. The same degree of
undeserved adulation that attends our
great men while living, often also follows
tbem-to' the. tombl--U--irequently hap
pens, that one of his little admirers sits
down, bijr with the important subject, and
is ielivered of the history of his life and
writings t this msy properly be called tW
resolutions of a Ufa between the fireside
ant the easy chair, In this we learn the
vear in which he war norm at what- an
early age "he gave tymptoms of uncom
mpn genius and application, together with
some of his smart ssyingsrcolletted by
hit sunt and mother, while yet but a boy.
Tke next book introduces bun uxxhe uai
versity, where, we are -informed " of his
amazing progress in learning his excel
lent skiH in darning stockingsr and. hit
new- invention for papering books to save
the covers. The next makes his appear
ance in the republic of letters, and pub
lishes his folio. Now the Colossus is
reared, his works are eagerly bought up
bv all the purchasers of scarce books.
The learned societies invite him to be
come a member, he disputes against some
foreigner with a long Latin name, con
quers in the controversy, is complimen
tel by seversl authors of gravity and im
portance, is excessively fond of egg sauce
with his pig, becomes a president of a lit
erary club, and dies in the meridian of
his glory. Happy they, who thus have
sone little faithful attendant, who never
fonakes them, but prepares to wrangle
an to praise agsinst every oppose r ; at
once resdy to increase their pride while
livng, and their character when dead.
Tor you and I, Mr Editor, who have no
hunble admirer thus to attend us we,
wbj neither are, nor never will be, greal
mei, and bQ do not-much eare w hether
we ire great men or no, at least let us
strwe to be honett men, and to have corn-
mot sense. a. l.
Ztrr . The Richmond Compiler of the
1 5m inst. mentions that the office of the
clerk of King and Queen county, Va. had
been consumed by fire, and that the pa
pera which it contained were all'destroy-
The same paper announces thst a per
son in that state has devised . a carpet
oom , by whiQh he is enabled to manutacv
lure figured carpeting of any pattern,
much superior in point of quality to the
mported, PcotcJjL. carpets ; and tbal..tne
editor of the Winchester Republican, who
bad-an opportunity of cxaimng-a sample,
pronounces it to be of a remarkably firm
texture and strong colours ; and superior
to the English manufacture of the same
licet Ccli-j cj Free ....;. Tfl
those who are l et tU'..i J t.f the condi
tion and prospects of this colony, the fol
lowing brief facts may not be uninterest
ing i
1st. Its population exceeds twelve hun
dred. -
Sd. tbe Colonial Government is well
ordered and efficient in ita operation, and
all the officers of this government, the
Colonist Agent excepted, are free men of
color, who have settled in Liberia.
3d. The Colony is provided with am'
pie means of defence, both against the
natives of the country, and the pirates of
tbe coast. -
4(h. The settlers are generally regular
and correct in their "moral habits, Hnd
manr:ofthemsiricew!randf exemplary
christians. '
-$th?irM fa'rids'rih8'''Cb16nflnd'tKe
neighboring country are very fertile, and
4bi5u;nd, ti Ujc;f srloui production of lhe
most "Tavorable tropical climatei." Ne
doubt can be. e,nlf ttained t bat they (ttt
capable of giving support to I very nu
merous civilized population.
- 6h.. The commerce of the Colony is
becoming profitable, and from this source
alone several individuals have in the
course of three or four years, placed
themselves in easy and comfortable cir
cumstances. 7th. Schools are established, snd every
child in the' Colony enjoys their advantage-'
8th. The Colonial Goverment posses
ses jurisdiction over one hundred ond for
ty miles of coast ; and on this line, no less
than eight stations are occupied by set
tlers or traders from the Colony.
9th. The Colony is manifestly exerting
a benign and extensive influence over tbe
native tribes and hss nearly excluded the
slave trade from the whole region over
which it holds authority.
The Managers say, that they. have nu
merous applications for passage io Libe
ria ; Jhat the expanse of - transporting an
individual, incluriing provisions, is from
20 to 25 dollars, and that funds only are
wanting to render the future operations
of the- Society far. more interesting and
beneficial than- those of any-'precedihg
A few day ago, a mechanic at Wins;
fofd "near51iddle wlch," being ill, and on
able to attend his work aa usual, his wife
reproached him bitterly, and in the course
df the altercation that ensued, worked
herself into a furious passion, venting the
most horrible and blasphemous impreca
tions on the poor man. Among the rest,
she wished ' he might be plunged into
the lowest pit of h 11," and said she
" would not mind going half way to take
him there ! in the midst of thisde
moniacal frenzy, she suddenly lost the'use
Lof her sight and speech, becsme almost
completely, paralyzed,, and died in a few
hours afterwards. Ckctter Courant.
. --''. 'hot.. irojir. r y -:---
The EnglisH 8hfp"Albi6nV in the" battle
ith the Turks at Navarlno, actually ex
pended five tons, eight hundred weight,
eleVen pounds and fourteen ounces of
'pnwtfef 'rand " forty '"-five "1605,"" fourteen
hundred weight and twenty four pounds
of shot, besides five thousand musket and
four hundred pistol cartridges. She fired
hree thousand nine hundred and eighty
five cannon balls. "---
' The latest advices' from TNew York,1
Pennsylvania, New-Jersey. Kentucky,
Indiana and Missouri represent Gen. Jack
son'a prospects in those States to be
most flittering. It is confidently asserted
that his majority in Kentucky will be
from fifteen to twenty thousand.
We understand, says the Democratic
Press, that Captain Porter is expected to
return to the United States in a few
weeks. Whether he will remain or re
turn to the Mexican service, we have not
been able to ascertain.
Dr. Hosack ba been appointed by the
Literary and Philosophical Socictv of
New York and a committee of citizens,
to pronounce a public eulogy upon the
late uovernor Clinton.
We understand (says the National In
telligeneer) ;;that,determined, at -the
Treasury, to pay on Jive tntlitom of the
principal of the public debt, on the first
day of July.
The Rev. Dr. Kirkland has resigned
the-offire-iof President-of- Harvard- CuF
lege. His health has been infirm for
some months.
A7frrArow,- charged with: passing WW
terfeit Bank .Notes at Raleigh -Superior
Court, and who moved bis cause, on aftV
davit, to Franklin county
guilty, and sentenced to twelve months
imprisonment m naleigh JaiU and at tbe
expiration of that term. to, receive thirty
nine lashes, and stand an hour ip the pil
lory !
The Eclectic Recorder states that the
Scriptures have been published in whole
er in part, io 17 languages and dialects, j after tbe first of January next.
, The foll.,iit.jf ate extracts ofa letter tmJ'ent Firmer or thia atatfi, t0 a rnftnUJ
Conrea, originally publithed in the K..T
Ahrlllili. ia.
" We have lately discovered that J
country abounds in Gold, more partlri
larly the county of Guilford. Our ft,)
nages nave goio oust, more or let
Some are worth working j others are no
but it appears that there is, in every neio
unruiKJu wnerc ine wnue ana yellow fli
s bounds, gold oust, i have seen seve
grains of gold, found in Orsnee. Tk.
are, at this time, fifteen or twentv h J
working in the lower edge of GuilM
icouniy, ai a goio mine on the land of Mr
MS-Gibonw.An exienUvrtonner h,t.
is discovered in" Chatham county, sout
oi, wreeosoorougnf myomotor rTfo
is more labor done at gold mines, than
many urms. ..':
vur vutniiiwi urmcra in me tinnJ
toonlies are . doing nothing, r, .in'oidJ
woras, iney are starving, i his is not J
wnear country, ana u it was, the r.srrii,
of flour would destroy Itself. The hnt
toms, on their rivers and creeks, are ool
good for corn and rye. My opinion it
that this country was intended by ;h(
God of Nature to be a stock country t this
part of North Carolina could keep pace
with any State of the same size, in raisin
aheepi a bale of wool would bear car
risger The Urushy Mountains in Surry
Wilkes and Burke counties would furnish
psstures for many thousand head ol
sheep, and if our sturdy men of capita!
would turn their, attention to the estab
lishing of manufactories, instead of mi
king their sons land or slave speculators,
Sec. &c, ii would add much to the motil
ity and industry of our country, and stop
the tide of emigration to the North and
West I hope the next region of gold to
he discovered by the North Carolinian),
ill be the employment of many shep.
herds on the Brushy Mountains, and other
places, attending large flocks of sheep; 1
am not entirely alone in this hope; we
have not. the same.kind-of eyes as the
Governor of Virginia.- When I see bsle
of wool,s welt as cotton, in the market!
of North Carolina, I shall think that we
are travelling in the right -path. I 'throt
such ateps Ought to be pursued in Con
gress, as will, m the end,' encooragi
the raising of hemp and wool. N,ortl
Carolina is poor, as regards her navigation
but richr with her internal resources aw
advantages ; with a soil and climate friend
ly to the raising of corn, peas, potatoes
rice, cotton, tobacco, rye, and wheat, am
alt other grains, with wool and hemp, al
though more moderate for hempt Witl
her mines of gold, copper, and iron, am
many other things of grest value, sbi
may, some flay vie in proaperit
with the wealtbieat States in the Union
From the above broken "hints, you . ma;
discover my opinion of internal improve
ments." ... ... .
;vf Sign I Xiana. Dennis Prieor
the Jackson candidate, has been electee
Mayor of New Orleans by a majority o
370 votes Mr. Peychand, tbe Adama can
didate'. The votes given were", for Prieut
490 'loF .Peychand ;32(iOihe:.
memoerTwRo compose the city Council
all are in favoc of Gen. Jackson exeep
two. ;
Sftetie Itii s'atcd in the Newrjeam
P'pers thai specie joa eonsideisb!e
amount is constantly arriving at the port
Two vessels arrived on the I Oth of March
from Rio Grande, with nearly 8100,000
We hope some of it may find its way intc
Congrrtn In the Senate, on the 2tl
ult. Mr. Brsnch, of Ihis state, submittec
the. following resolutions, (Mr. Carsoi
ofTVrrd a similar resolution in the Houst
of Representatives, earlv in the session :
Retotved, That the Committee on Indi
an Affairs' be instructed to inquire inu
the expediency of refunding to the Stat
of North Carolina the sum of twenty-twe
thousand dollars, which was paid by said
State to certain Indians of the Cherokee
nation, for reservations of land.
The House of Representatives has, bj
a majority of 7 votes, directed the Com
mittee on Military Affairs to bring in a
bill to abolish the office, of Major Geperil
of the army. --
The following contradiction is from the
Nashville Republican, (about eight miles
from the residence of Gen. Jackson :)
The National JotirnaL-haapuhlishcds
notevwhich some one of the thirty-six Ed
itors asserts was addressed to them by
Gen- Jackson. It is false Gen- Jackson
never wrote it. If the note purported to
romer rom-ntrriTif "IsTf ' baie'forgerY.
Gen. Jackson mny;be at times careless in
his orthography, but we feel confident
that no such a paragraph as tbtH contained
in the Journal, ever emanated from bis
pen. ...- . ..-1 . . .-
A law has been recently passed by tbe
Legislature of the state of Pennsylvania.
which prohibits entirely the circulation of
notes ofa denomination below five dollars,

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