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loratvotet Ut TUai indJt ke V ft h
dent, ft It. perhaps, pottihle to attain
it the pretext UatsFrom the dMa Vrl
t Gen. Jackson, by tht votes of
jfaffiLwhTch are n concerto' bur-vp
poncnts. 11. te oomoip an tics-
It mutt be reroeiuberi J,Uat Ihl forego
ing ttstsment It the one lettt favourable
i. n.n.r.l Jackton It It properlf the
statement of our eoemf. Giving U our
completion, it would mumi shape too
formidable forth nerves of our oppo-ttnt-
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Again we Say o Mends or .Mr.
Adams-why lay " " chmcter and
glory of the country In to hopeless a coa
ten f Why struggle against a doom that
bluory hit already recorded on her page
ol truth ? It it an old siting, tha! to t ease
to do ctIIi it an atonement for guilt al
most equal to virtue. Phitad. Mercury.
Extraordinary." Arle D.uj;hter, and
a t.-, f . . . f ) .Mjk) tar't
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A female child was born In Tcnn town-
ahip, Pcnntf IvanUt on the Tih lint, where
anin. r nniwiwinii. iin imb i in inn. wiivib
were n the room at tb me. the
thltd. he mhrr, the rraHdmotAtr, the?
T . .
eAA. ah mtker. th rradmotkr, Ihe
V It. " V" v. - - . . ....
Tfror-greiwjnoAfri and the frre jfrrerf
tttanimothtr maUiiK fitre generatlont
grandmother making litre generations
all 6rtt born cbildien but the great, great
-gril ndniother. : TnV greaT,-greaf-yji and-1
mother dretsed the child, and came on
foot" more than hatf a mile lr In the
habit "of ' lUitinjhertMrdrenrwilkrnjr
l6ne,ind'fTequemly-Tetxrrn!rK at-nlght.
She bidt fair to tire to see another gen
eration of her descendants.
At a late meeting of the officers and
managers f the Halcigh llible Society,
taya the Register of the Cih lost., an
Agent was appointed to go through
this County, for the purpose of in
creatine: the circulation of the Bible.
in oursuance of a Resolution pissed at
the annual meeting in December last.
The Rev. Mr, Winston, an Agent
of ther American Biblr Society, (of
Which this Society la Auxiliary,) bring
present, he was requested to give to
ihe meeting such information -at he
"had beeo'abW to eollect in thejur
uey which he had lately taken through
this" State, in order' to ascertain the
state of the Bible cause. This re
quest was cheerfully complied with,
and the account proved very interest
ing to the Board."-NlnW. is nf opin
ion, that there Ire in this State, ten
thousand- families destitute of the
Bible r that tn one-half the Cooirtiea
there are no Bible Societies - that
many of the Societies in existence are
very inelEcient, some of them not hav.
ing met for two, three or four years j
that in some portions of the State, the
operations of Bible Societies are op
posed, even by those who profess to be
Christians. But though these facts ;
wediscouraging, it is believed, that
the Bible is gaining efficient, zealous .
friends and advocates, in many parts
of the State. The Iredell Bible So
ciety has resolved to supply the des
titute io that county, nd the wotk is
by this time probably effected. There
were found in Iredell, more than 230
families without a Bible. This fact
waa ascertained "by the Sheriff of the
County, at the time he collected the
taxes. Granville Couotv will proba
bly be supplied with Bibles in a few
weeks, agents having been engaged
to effect the object; and the Bibles be-
ing on. hancL -The Orange Bible So
ciety have also passed a similar reso
lution, and it is hoped the object will
aooinhee fle cledTesldeslh e seCoun.
- ties, the Societies-in-seven or eighT
others have expressed their detcrroin
- anion to ascertain the wants of the des
titute lamiUes -w'uh'm-their - bounds,
. during the present . summer, w.itLfa
r view to supply them as soon as prac.
On hearing what had bcenffected in
Tfedettan whitr wlH probalsbon'
be accomplished in Granville, Orange
"and other Coupties, this Society has
resolved, in case the Agent now em
pU'vrd t should not accomplish the
work, to obtain like information by
means of the Magistrates appointed
io the several Captain's Districts, lor
receiving the lists of taxable property.
We are pcrluaiteJ Out suili a teq-iert
oeed ortlr ma le, to meet with 4
reaJy compliance.
A torrr.pondcnt of the Philadelphia,
h.t hethinat
an Important end deiir.l.le ehan In the
. f iha counirr. It
lt- .k- riTt hout the lte and weight
of the The adnigei of th he ar . uldl . .
lit. The t4ln ol copper to ! trea
ivk.i fhlt ifftulJ amwont toi h
! ' n. t .ilmittntf accuratel I
. l I. . uini.aiim nn ins
Kreii increatff m im- -- - m
1 1, MM.
manf of iho Sooibera) and Weattrn StJtet' U'u i know tar whom au'cl jackeia are fci
inu. cdln ineldom teen, and DOtblnjc tevlad.
C4n be bouirht for leat than tbe eUUcnlh
Sd. The copper coin would noibe.mel-
ted down.
The chief objection to the change re
commended would he the ronej induce
ment to counterrthlng. How far ihU
might be preteined bt aomo peculiar
preparation of the metal, and whether
iruii wvum mni . - - - i
r it. . r.n.v am nuelitina
eiperience only can decide.
A friend hat furntahed the editor or
the Biltimore Giiette, with a aarople or
remarkably fine coffee from l-iberle
The onlr thing it wnta it age, being or
I hi year a crop. Ou uf b rot i
tpectable g roc era ol Baliimore, who l
fully competent to decide uon uch m.t
I "l ! .
i wnenii it CBniut lu uv mi itm w a-
7. 7 ,7 7 "L ... .'lu:.
,!.- - . -
..It it mentioned, in late Pari paper, I
that," tTurinif the' rea'dlnit" of the minurf 7 j
in the seit'tp.n of the Chamber ol lepu
I Ucit. crowded round "en. Lalayetie, to
congratulaie biiu on the perlect re ettab-
.1 . . " ri t" t.-t Tl i"'Yv
ntnment oi ni nenn. im vnaniucr
was engaffed in hearinR anrf discuuing of
Ih lciral Halt nd if juriea. General
Lafayette was sworn, and then took hit
aLi!a, mat 15.
CirctHl Court of U. States. The
Court othe United Sutea lor this
District commenced its session on
1Mon3ay last present Chief Justice
1 Marshall and the Urn. Judge Potter.
! No suit of general interest was tried,
the Court having continued, upon the
affidavit of the defendant's aeent. the
auit of Rr v. Jonathan Whitakrr vai
Rev. Frederick Freeman, iosthutrtl
several years since for a libel. We
underatand that this suit was contln.
uctL-uipon the ground, ihut the defen
dant was without counsel in the Court,
in consequence of the unexpected ab
sence of a gentleman of the Bar upon T
. 1 ..!... Ar ,1 . , . ,, -
whose services the defendant hud re-
The suit o.itzgerqlJ vs. Williami,
for a malicious nrrest Hnd'prosectTtTtj'n
of the plaintiff, (a citizen of Georgia,) j
upon a charge tl stealing negroes, was
aIso continued by the Court upon the
affidavit of the defendant.
Thefe being but little other business
in the Court, it adjourned yesterday.
A tign in Boston. 'Hyatt, in play,
ing Billy Black for his benefit, at the
Tremont, attempted to read some
conundrums, - reflecting . 00 - General
Jackson he was hissed so loudlv,
that he came to the foot lights and
burned the paper. I'll thank his hon
or, the Mayor of Washington, if he
will notice this. Noah,
The depth of rain which fell in En
gland in 182T, was 1274 inches, or
7850 hogsheads per acre, or 1,211,281
tons weight on a square mile a weight
about 833 times greater than that of
the atmosphere oq the same space.
- The pew. Paj ' h has been some
time building fi "f. for the town re
sidence of the , , ifan extMvaeant
rosr hss beetr-d
lULuvacuiuictiurai ociormuies ana . or
dered to be taken down.: A loud call ia
made for the exposure oi the nerson
whose, bad taste ruled. Mr. Nathj
architect, has cleared himself.
. a
Wolf, the missionary, being prevented
ffoTtt prbsecultag"his intended. 'mTssTO'td'
Palestine, in consequence . of the present
unsettled state of Turkey j ntends -to visit
scattered Jews in Africa, and to explore
the country as far as Tombuctoo.
The London Morning Chronicle affirms
that, according to the latest and moBt au
thentic accounts, the number of Dissen
ters in Great Britain, including the Scotch
Presbyterians in both kingdoms, amounts
to ten millions of souJs,
MAY 27, 1 023.
1 II tug out your lUnncrt on th outward vaib."
- fa TICI MMftllT,
Freeman, 'hrrr the Hickonr Tret.
In MoraM hihwvht hae heher'd hee i
O'er Preedon'a Land Its branchca watt,
Tvai pl"t'J on the Liaa's Gaafa." . ,
Tito r-ruri b fvof ui with i tt
$f We are autboria-4 ) mf, that JJrnrjr A.
Jlarrin. tM. will be a candidate at tha en.
fng Auguai.aWetion, to reprent lb freemen!
of Stokea eowrty la the lloua of Commont of
the nett tgilature of thla Hate.
Ttie Unci on tbe death of Mr. D. C. U'Neely,
; ar raccivrd i and tball find a place In oar oeit
. ,
' or rucceeuing papar,
Major Ceneral la the llou of IUprenla-
te,on ihe Uthinrt. tbe b,IMo aboi. in oi-
lice of Major neral in tt military peac et-
ttbnbment of tha U. Staiea, wa paaeed hy a
1 majority i ths bill waa aent to the Senate
' on (be m read twice, and, Aer a hott
jitcuaion, fefewwd to tbe mintary eommitte.
, ...
... fS?! .f
eoncurred ' in the resolution from the other
aawtaytc. jaw h
36th MiaC, ao UuU
Congre mut b terminatod ita fciart yea-
httrnnt lmirvemnt-'Th bill making p
propmtiona f tr ptirpoaet of internal improe4
ment, tbe pafe of wbioh seemed at on time
to be hatarxW by diaagreament between th
Houaea. haig bce referred to a coromiu
tee or conference, ha, now paaaed into a
law, tlie manager on th part of each House
having mutually receded from eome of the
mot ohjectioral amendment,. Tbe resolutions
fur receding were pawed by the Senate on tbe
16th inn., yea 37, nayt 12 1 it wu alto paaaed
by tl House of Representatives; ao that the
bill it a law of tbe land.
Z3" The Catawba Journal, heretofore, for
three years or more, publiahad In Cbarlotta. haa
diacontinued in that place, and was issued
9'i"bury, on Tueaday Ust, under the title of
ra'"1 Cauwtw ournwt Iteontinuea,
j" heretofore, to-adrocat the caused the
P"1 " Inwmbents of th National Goeerw
Tbe newly organized Superior Court of the
City of New-York, waa opened at tb City Hall
a "." -
. . t j ,
nn K. K Vnt Jncttr Jnra mmanrimtm
1 1 f if mm araaiiB ri aui'n wm nnman. inn ii innaa w
ivv veio vgui aavii kibii wiavai w iiviiim m
Oakley, were qualified, and took their teats.
$hv!.mJ) Ute
i!ntiMM Pllnf am ktawkMA nrnraiftTtjtV tf
."""" ''""" rr"" v
ItbU Court. : He. it a gentleman of talenta and;
extensive acquirementa.
'.', -".n'.Ji- -T- "Ai !
4 further itfiilcoHtn, on lb part of th lal
Treasurer of Virginia, Jerman Raker, who com
mitted suicide in consequence of his embarrass
ments, ha come to light : In 1824, the fundi of
the Cincinnati Society of Virginia, were placed
in the State Treuurer'a hands s about 1 0.000
of which are missing t which, added to th dc6
ciency in the State's funds, ww all make the whole
of the unfortunate Treasurer's . defalcation
amount to about $36,000 !
Corn. &?c In Tuscaloosa. Ala
bama. 00 the 19th ult. corn sold fori,v recommend that the voters in this
a. .vi , . .
. fcr "U9lKl ' corn m utc Barac '
arucie was very scarce, toro
a . n
can be had in Salisbury, in any quan
tity, for 37 1-2 cents per bushel Ba
con, 8 to 10 j Flour, 24 to 4 50 per
A Dnd.K correspondent of the Kichmond
Whig, communicates to that paper the particu
lar of a fatal duef, "which fobfc 'pTaCe af 'Powha
tan court -house, during court week, a short time
.hxhrr uA i:rumpt im which 4b latter waa abot.
dead on the first fire. Archer happened to in
suit Cnimo 1 for which the latter aent the for-
mer a challenge, who very reluctantly accepted
it, and afterwards made every conceation that a
high-minded man could makeTbut all would
asn1ltewtsa. h4.efitkii
tight of ' the court-house, while the Judge was on
tha bencb i Crurap waa kjlIeA and Archer ad
mitted to bail, '.o stand his trial at tbe next
court 1 Crump had a family, of five or six chil
dren 1 Archer it a bachelor.:. , . '
Frm ihe Aational Gazette.
Washington Irving received three thou
sand fiounds sterling, from Mutts,, the
London bookseller, for bis Lfe of Colum
bus. '
lui.l.'y f iur. A l llf r wl fiffivfil
at Muiit Mourng n-jfFi Irnlfll county, In
t! llt1, on th Will April, IB-'H. I,kU
iH-intrkci! at Oell lr, Hmith-Cri!in, Nv.
XMt, IHi'fli It ltilnf btn uttrly Avi
mnikt rellinf iHrtnn milti, the ditance
btfcUe two ,ulficai atttrtaa, U aliotjIJ
ol hut ttkrn at finite, more than m aorai.
Thla circtimrtanc it mada public, fur lha pur.
pooe of Inducing a gfr at di graa of frnr
on iha Drt of ttriuin nort rriM'eri i for it naiit
. . .
iMe been Owing 10 in grow nrgiifcnco nr
kim ane, or or, of them, nat tha trtter
abor4Mad m to parfurmlnf ao Ar a
luurMr. - , .... araaiaeT. ...
WW t!
,0a the 6th inttaot, at the residence
of M rr JhtrUurgto in Durke eoue
ty, It being the place apfiolnted by Jaw
members from tha counties
after, mefttionedy met in Convention,
for tbe "purpose' f of nomlnat'rng n
Electoral" Cabdldatr ! la iatoerr of
Andrew Jackitn, as1 President, aod
John C. Calhoun as Vice Prcaident.
The couniin composing the said Elec
toral district, being called over, it ap
peared that regular meetings had taken
place in Burke and Haywood j and
their representatives in this convention
duly appointed. The county of Ruth
erford being caned, Mr. Carton, from
that county, stated, that no meetings
purposely on the subject of the Presi
dential Election had been called in
that county j but the Grand Jury, at
their last superior court, having been
discharged from any further atten
dance upon the court,' formed them
selves into a committee, and resolved,
unntiimoutty, that they would use all
la w fid, fair and honourable meant Co
promote ..the. election of yf. ttchonj
President, and ; John . C. Calhoun as
Vice President. . They then appointed
to meet io this convention t His cot-
leagues and himself believing it to be
a very-convenient and fair' teat of the
voters sentrmentsrn their crunryf-havef
attended, and offer this recmmeoda
tin as their credential. . Which be
ing approved of,' nemine eontrtt dis
ccnte, the. members proceeded to or
ganize the convention.
Mr. John McDowell of Rutherford,
was appointed President s sod Col,
Alneu- Burrin secretary. Mr. Car
son, of Rutherford, stated that there
having definite number of
members fixed upon as the ratio of
any county, they were-unequally rep
resented : he moved, therefore, that
in voting for the candidate to be pro
posed, they should ballot by counties,
and not . by polls... .This . proposition
being agreed to, tbe representatives of
each county withdrew and after due
consideration, reported each in favour
nf Lo. tiobert Love, ot Haywood.
! rr L .1 ' 1...:
upon wnicn, mc loimwinc ruuiuiiuns
I . '
were adopted unanimously :
Reohed, that this convention
rnmm.Brl RORRRT .LOVK. of Haw.
' ...
wood countv. as a person every wav
.. rmA . . vtMnrA r.Lt,. f.
this district V and . that, Tn the event
of his receiving a majority ot the suf
frages of North-Carolina, ne wtl
vote for Andrew Jackson, an President
and John C. Calhoun, as Vice Presi
Resolved, that this convention regard
the right of suffrage in the election o
President,, as the most important o
civic privileges ; but that, as it is noxv
exercised, it is as injurious to the d m
muoity as though they did not possess
the right at all ; and therefore earnest
district attend on the day hxed bv law
for that election, and discharee faith-
i ' .
r., ,u. - m Antv ,n ,hrr rmmtn-
Resolved, that the following persons
be appointed as committees of Vigi
lance in their respective counties :
In the county of Haywood, Felix
Axley, Gen. Trios. Love, Col. Jacob
Smith. Col. JohaXaum, Mj. Wil
liam uever, John B. Love. Buncombe county, Gen. Wm.
D. Smith, Capt. John Miller, Thos.
Young, Esqrs. and Col. Robert Bell.
in uurie county, .wart: orittain,
Esq. Col. David Newland, Col. David
Baker, Col. Wm. Dickson, Rev.
Richard Bifd,2uld Francis Glass, Esq.
well, Richard Burchet, ' loricl
, Resolved, thrxt these proceedings be
published in the Western Carolinian
and North-Cirolina Star and GTzette:
john Mcdowell, ca'.
Alnbt BurgiMi Sfc'ry.
American Engineers are said to bt en
gaged by the Porte in fortifying the Dardanelles.
Ka r..'..'.''rrto 1 :-J.u l,Jl"'a n"n'r4,
it nur lt ilU, fium M'ttliiiiglnr., l.kli trtta
() lTtb Inat. and at wt hat brfur kKI, ho tf,.
point mrnt ill pn-jLljr he trrnlr, till iftrr Con.
grca adjtxirns hcfi Mr. M ttn'rr ran t atnt
by tb Prrlden, In dfipite tba " focttow
(, and in fuirijmaot of Fr. Adam'i ptdgi
to lha Federal party, .
An Snfammtl publication, mad tip of forgery
and falaehood, knows tttb "coffin handbill
baa found III way into thla part of th coon.
17 1 a quantity of tbem, printed both in Get.
man and Engliah, baa been received for a.77:
tribution by tirtaiu fmtm in thla pkwecmH,ut
by wfm aent, of a received, w ar d'upoa.,
t d4 n t liarllyi not 1o Hiaeloao at iA W y
we befiaet i thai Vea 'at Watt,' th party,"
wovld aa wjllingly reattinlrr aa accoaation of
pe4il Wcenjr, aa bav ebtgd We-M-
lated ao disgraceful a production.
pA'fnend ftg'getirto Vl,W imi'itotm:
ben of Oni jpf iMIrtfflr ffprofiaalonf, Ipprar to
be th principal agenta In this (jnn baDdb3i
tranU"f(Ton f'Tf IttUtti thrt, KOWiftf ir,'W flj
ground that th handbill affords an apt emblem
of their pruttiti but cipresict a bop ttiat but
few wtyrrf hr tboa sombr receptacles which
ar likely to b th accompanymcnta of that
practice, and of which tb handbill la ao peeu.
liarJy emblematic, may fumbbed from among
bie Jackson frienda. v ....
Wretched Depravity We reluc
tantly discharge duty which devolves
on us as public journalists, io noticing
what we believe to be an unpreceden
ted instance of human depravity. On
Tuesday night, the. 13th inst. two
girls, sitters, were apprehended ia
Lincoln county, 6 or 7 miles cast tf
the court-house, on suspicion of hav
ing morcTered a infant child, of which
been delivered a short time previous j
ncsday morning. On iis being ru-.
mored that the brother of the girls
was concerned its ihe foul trantauion
Charged against them, the Sheriff of
Lincoln, and others, went in pursuit
of him,, and overtook and arretted
him iu Mecklenburg county; from
whence he was taken to Lincoloton
and lodged in jail on Sunday. All
three of the parties were examined be
fore a special court of magistrates j
and the folio ving facts, among others,
came out in evidence, or by the vol
uotary confession of the parties:
, . The younger of the rslstcrs jrno was
only between 13 and 14 -years Id,
wasdtlivtred of a li ving child j which ,
her elder sister killed' and buried in "
thegarden being:'instigated thereto
by the threats of her brother, who de
clared he would kill her if she did not
do so.. ..and wh", the girls say, is the
father of the child ! Previous" to the
arrest of the girls, their brother made
bis iescapef went. into Vicckiecbur- -county,
was married to a respectable
yung lady on Thursday, aod was ap
prehended, as above stated, by the
Sheriff of Lincoln, on Saturday night.
We refrain from entering into fur
ther particulars of this unique and
aoul-aickening transaction, or from in
dulging in such reflections as the oc
casion would seem to call for ; as, in
due time, there will be a judicial in
vestigation of the whole affair ; when
justice will be meted to all the parties.
Cttmty ,ifiuri.t the May term of Roa-so
County Court, held in this town las? week,
Fielding Slater wag elected Sheriff, in place of
tatse I). Jones, Ho declined a re -election: John
Beard, Jr. County Trustee; John I!. Ilardif.
flegiiteri Wm. II. Wilson, and George Utaman,
Coroners, The county U was laid at CO cent! ...
the poll, and 15 cents, on the hundred dollars
worth of property.
Under an act of assembly, which esta a dis
cretionary power in the Magistrates of the coun
ty taseleet threes thrbodyrwhowdirrr-h re
made to preside at the rrfrujar terms iof the.
county courts, Thomas G. Polk, Acbibald G.
Carter, and John Andrews, Esqrs. were elected
to discharge that duty for the ensuing year.
fVrrrv-We:fcam hat man by tbena"- "
of art. wat barbarously murdered, a few dajt
nnce, on the borders of Stokes county, i)f in
state : thie body waa dragged about a qu net
oTi'mllean' throat
ment 1 auapicinn fined opon a man of the neigh-
bonrlioor), as the rnurdereri but we have not
understood whether he hat been apprehei'ded
or not. ," SI-
Good Dividend. Th American (New-Vrrk)
insurance Company, haa declared a dividend of
2 per cent, on the capital ttook, for the last X
months. A profitable concern.
f ,

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