Cf Ihr nimv.I n( I It e ship Canad al $iw York from Liverpool, Knglish pi tri la lb Inn April have been rectived. Tim Nr.w tap. in. ' Uathlnion, Miu j The Nsilonal Journal aava. ,. .,;rr i,;u hit final!. r ... - ptnioi '"" n.Krnrcii M... pissed the two Hr.naes, il.e IJoue of Wirt y the -ar I ho Killed Irom ; Itprrstntaiives having yt,trda concur Jlusai and Ihc F.aM ate equal If rc(1 1 ,arj,(), BmtnAmtMt ro,Je b, dubious, overcharged end contradictory lhe gen,u j ,hit h1 W4j(( hf before mr are our anticipation dk ,U,,urt 0f , fresltlc-nt lo become a ip,inted at finding lhe general aspect olii,,, of lhe Und. !.i the thane In which the ppert even leu warllk than by the last arrival. ft i true, that " letter," aaid lo be 4 from Odessa, March 30." announces the receipt ' of a Ruisian manlfeto .which w eonsidtred equivalent to i declaration of war against the Turk j and morning paper here, npon the ttrengih - of hi, announce.! positively ..IN! !! lU Ian declaration of r bad; been received at Odeaai. Sheetato. iroop wouW P" f, i rB feri WHttt AprU.-Bai ib passage oMhU itter.fjij - be mtfC,flfrC"'"ra"''?i no not an act j of War"- 'K'WV iSnaw.'-HMBA,. IkLQrefi anJ Aria The paper before ua contain aavirea irom vuuaiaiiii nonle tithe I9ih of March. They an pounce i tourieri ho bad left Smyrna on the 1 4th with the new of the loul defeat of the Oreeka who had landed at Sck Thia Intelligence, jy the Morning Herld. which had transpired before, bui bad been generally discredited, i now placed beyond any doubt. It Is itaied in the Augshurgh Gafette, (hat Ibrahim Pacha ha been eumrftuned by the Lord High Commissioner to evsc ua'.e the Morea, but that he baa refuted every proposal of f hi nature. Count Capo d'latria, on lhe con'rarv , la said to have declared thai he would hinder Ibra him from leavjav the Morea, tiil he had delivered and given back the Greek IrSoro he had reduced toslavc'ry. According to thCourier, the PrusMin Minister at Ibe Porte, ha been recalled, Jlo afford txrt,n",wfl,,tive o hi m-4 bany: " - - - Kiuua ana lengtn, . we the bill ha been returned from thr Sen e, many of the ohje ciion which origin ally existed against I'a passage have been removed) and the measure ha assumed a character which will make it much mure agreeable lo those interests which moitlr needed the protecting arm of lhe Government. , T full extent of it opr ration cw wtfr Jk lited by e i U. S. Telegrjpb of the Utft Inst.) that tijrTaHfr-aer irio 'takeeffecr In' Sep tember neiU We ar apprehensive tbit this wiH -proAvn much penila4tna, that WZt ..mP?,W:Jia aAhtiori to those now ordered, "will be made ; and a'consT quent drain of specie, and pressure upon the hanks will ensue.. That the pecuni ary distress will lend to increase the ex citement wbi h we apprehend will per vaile the whole of the Southern Sia'es to an extent not heretofore known, cannot be doubted. We consider this extension of the time '. which lhe bill i to lake effect, at pe uliarly unfortunate, unfortunate (or the South and Weit, because the location of the branches of the Hank of the United State, in those sections, will enable that Jt't:,l,,:AUi-Ttum t r i: ,1 in&t. to Isit avuiin. thrra an aniuwte-l UfmnJ f(if American riitionti and an ajraiK oi formr f.rn,a. of lull 18.1. "ha? .oCeU e'd;'M '' of thr Peace herwetn Ruash and Persia. The Si rcteri'nr 0zetre Qf March 37h and S8ib, arc e grimed witu. the glad . lidi'niof tbH event, which hat put money into the cuf fers and added to Provinces to the vast Empire of Russia. They are to be called the Province of Armenh. Russia ru A d the main chain of the Ararat Moun tain, and all' the rich Satf Mine; It d reported in London, latest date, that the new Premier is already disgusted with the Caret of office he is represen ted to have the appearanre of a man worn down with anxiety- The celebrated M. Lavaletle has offer ed himself as a candidate, and published tn address to the elector of tbe'flM elec toral district of Paris, soliciting their Tote. Iii. a list of officer of different foreign nation, who had entered Into the tervice of the Greek, up to lhe 1st Feb. last, the American are eldowa ar 3 Captain and a Lieutenants. An engravtnjj, ealled the Dream oj AJarta Loulta, was sold publicly at Paris oo the 3d ult. She is repietemed asleep, nd Ser son at her feet- Napoleon holds out his hand to her, while an eagle f ltcet t-crowrr n thf head of her son; I sras a matter pf surprise, that the Min ..ister pejrrnitted the sile of it. On' the:irtVof March? thf" Pnnce'of Orange left Berlin for St Petersburg. ine report- ay he r to have a distin guished command in the Russian army and another that he has been offered the throne ofConstantinople, by the Emperor Nicholas!! The deficit in the French revenue wi annouwed, on the 15th Mjrch, to be 217 millions of francs It is charged to the mismanagement of the late prime minis ter ruitlty by his enemie. J he Legislature of Mexico has granted a pension to the widow of Capt. David H. Por cr, ol gl80 per month, ana in case ol her death to his chil dren. It was expected that the widows. children and mothers of the seamen who fell bv his aide, would be simi larly noticed. mammoth institution to produce a prea sure upon these communities, in her ef forts to collect the specie necessary to meet the demand for it for exportation and unfortunate for the friends of the it em, because wherever the pressure ii fehf lhe people will lc -disposed lottri bu'C fo the acl itself, that pressure which will be temporary but fatal and will pro' eeed more from the fcuUioa on the act hharj.from its direct policy. Thetote tulling in the Mouse of lie p representatives, or. the 1 6 h mst. Mr. Mc Duffle, from ibeSelect Coramaiec on the "resident's message, relative to the assault on his private .Serrrurir. made a report iberron, and Mr. J' P. Barbour presented a report bv the minority of the same Commi'tee; both of which were laid on the table, and ordered to be printed The report made by Mr Hamilton, from the majority of the committee, conclude wiih resolutions, that the assault on Mr. John Adams by Col- Jams, was a breach of privilege ; but that no further notice be taken of the aOair bv Congress. Retrenrhmrnt.n the House of Rep resentativrs, I5:h Int. Mr Hamilton pre sewed a report from the Select Com mi. tee on Retrenchment i anJ Mr. Sergeant presented a report from the minority of hhe. same Committee ; both of which were . referred , to, a Committee rf- the Whole on lhe State, of. the tjnjon, and 6000 copies of each were ordered to be printed.- Mr Clay' physician at Philadelphia, ha advised him lo leave the S.a'c De partmeot for a lime. The fieofitt ,i advise him to leave It altogether. U. S. Tlrgrofih. JThf 4U,Tfkrtfl. FwUtvitt. Mat 14 Co4ton. 9 t 9 60. fieef, frrah In market. 3 cants i aWon, 6 to S t (each hrarwly, 43 lo 50 1 appla o. ii to 37 j uwr, 4 t 4 whitkey, 25 te JwUniia4 S'aiea bank aotea. 5 to 6 per e it. premium! Hills on the North, 60 day 5 to b per ct. pre, Ninety dajs draft Jto'j. ' CkHrlertn, Mnt 17. t'nUrideottoa 1 8 a 104 1 whiikey,'25 to Mi karrlnr. 43 inch. 13 to Vt2TuA to .9 -.fMiaaavv 5 IOr20 eaatav bacon, o lo Ti apole bratHly, 35 lo 28 1' bee waa-ittMoflV Jai7;at,aft.taa, J(taW54 Jamaica run, 110 o 11 J West India do. 75 to 80,.... ,.9oreriif rotlona have been aohl a'raV wir niiotataww kaJT aaanCNortb afna bills, H U 8 per cent. dis. t trgi uo. i to i per cent, ditto. Home TanltTtatnmrnt. a a rflllK . anhacriher, rratrful f.r the f....) JL kliuliveM hi'litrtu maitifratciL In .lij J.f'rma lha fmbtic. that aha atill occupiea tna uoum ot r.N I r.K I AIMIKNT formerly kepi by her dreraaed buabaml, in the town uf Matea. villa and hopes to meet a continuance of its patronage. 4tl9 MARV WOKk'E. T WatcAt8a Jtwtn &c. THE aubaeriber has luat returned from the North, with a gooj an asortm t of Jewelry, Watcaet, Siher.Ware, (iff.' a waa ever tflered fr ala la thia otace i his Jewelry Is of the blest Importation!, and thr moat hahtonabM ana clrrmnt kindt l be baa in anv of the Northern Cities i clrfrant Gold and IVvttkrtt pUin Du. IlC kc.Aod in a few dart, he wilt rmetve a vwey elegant aaanri. ment of MHinrv ifdi, Alan, all kinda of Nil vfT-n are, kept eonatantlv on hand,' or made In order ou Ten DoUars IltAianV. 1 ntCCMKI (ntrn tht miUvnUr, ia tl fV. Iwn of .libury, on the 311 of the pri. , f nt month. May, a nejrro ftllow rinwd ViW be ia about 3! ycara ol.l, between 5 h-M 7 anl 10 liches liirh i ndfiU ia a mulatto ma very likely he carried olf with hiw very few clothea t pair of blua raaaimrre pantaloons, and bhia Canimera or black li'k waktewt, and a whitiali coloured woollen round jJxxit jackal, ami prob ably one other ebirt and Vaiatcoat hetidea tho one be wore off, and an old white fur hat. Scipio waa raierf in lhe eminty of Macklenburg, Virginia, by Mr, r'amuel L. lckct, and I as- . pact he is aiming In et back there, or baa ob tained a free paaa from aome peraon and ia try. ing to pan Mifm man i 1 he above re arj ill be riven to a- i rnn who will confine . him in jail, or -liVr li.n lo Wrr Hardle, or - - cither of the Mr. (jileara, in the loan of Safiabu ry who are authoriaed to at a arrnts for anc. . - iu,mi niuais. ' Vqy 23. 1 foftT "" ' 'Si til J.- aept conatantiv on nana, or maae tn Vt. .1 Camden, May 17. Cotton, middling to fair, H tn 8 J ; fair to rood, 61 to 9 1 for very prime, 10 cei.ii have been paid. The market is briak and the prices firm. PHmhvrf, May 16 Cotton, 8 to 10 i to R3 50 a 7-refuaed, a SiCom, 11 a tl, bacon, 7 a 8i lard. 7 a 20 apple bramlv.33 a 40t peach 75 a 100 ernta..... North Carolina bank bit's, 8 to 10 per crnt. diacount ; (;rrria bill, 4 to 5 i South Carolina bilk, 1 to 3 per cent, diacount. Chrrav, .Way 18. Cotton, 7 tolOj bacon 9 a 10 flour 1 1 nnrh hnivtv ill Inlt . innl. An H to 40 1 whiskey 40 1 pork 4 to S( tallow 9 to 10. tfrw-Ttrk, May 12. Cwrrwa i Since oar laH report, thia article has been in very fair demand : he biiaim taof the week amounts lo 40U0 bales : uplands at 9 and 1 1 cent. North Carolina bank bills 10 0 13 per cent. dicunt l.roria, 3 to 4, Darien 8; South Carolina, 3 j Virginia, 1 to Ij.".T lower than auch rooda were t er diaooacd of t ie..--j-T wvv,..'i 'hi uriiirv in inn piacr. The public are reapectrullv invited local! and I examine theae irooUt thrir richness, elegance, anu cncapnr, canmn tail of pieaaingtnoaw woo wiahiubwy. . , All kinda of Wattkn titfialttit, and warranted to keep lima : the ahop it two door below the tourt-houac, on Main-afreet. ROBF.RT WYNNE. Salitmr, May 6.'l8J8 16 ttf fLT.TSTvTn Torthe denveting to mof i r- f f bound- boy byhlafflof fvVriS t.4tz ' Wc, about 17 years of, are, who left me. wrtba ' " f' -' -. 11- any occawon, ew the liih day f AprJlaat. :;'4 N'ICHOLASV E..JU7DW1CI. out -'.War 33af. 1878.' .1118 VnlualAe rroperty. RV virtue of a writ in partition, leaning from the court of common pleas held in Lancas ter, February term, will be ld at the court, houte in Incaater, on the firrt Monday in An ruat, all the 4XiS belonging lo the ettate of C.'hiirchwell Anderson, dec'u. conaiating of. four everal tract a, deignated aa follow i Hie hoiae tract, whrreaaHl ilereaiieil former. which are improvement, vie r A valuable Ton- nrTf, including all the necetaary buildinga, lie. anil a patent Dark-Mill alao, a frood dwelling. houar, with the nceeury out bouaea. 1 he Und ia all under cultivation, and well fenced. Any peraon wialiinr tn purchaae, can learn the lerma by callinf on the aubacniier, livina; in Cabarrus county, on Buffalo crerk; or on Mr. Uilliara 9mitb, living in Charlotte. HOHF.RT McKFNZlK. Caharmi mmty, .Vnv 2?, lH7t. 16f In the Prki of thr Yadkin, ia thia county, on lha 1 5i W-L Ala- Junab Mixna. ano.tif . d'tpl Gwe -'Mnore, to M PaOv Milated, . AK un the I Btli inrt. Mr. Joahua Beeasso, aon of Mr. i'Thoma fireman; tn Miw l.ydia Mortlaod. t)n the 8th in-t. bt John FiDley, Kaq. Mr. iamea Harbin, f IrwUIlcountfo Mist Del pliia Fli tcher, or Wilkes county. In this eminty, on the I.ith alt. by the Rev. Jimra StafTurd, Mr. Fergus Graham to Itiva SaraJi Bker. VoUetj to Tanntra. TIIK anbcriber offer for aale, the valuable property in the town of Charlotte, lately brloni'inir tn Mr All. n lUhlwin. Thia nmn. eHv inclulr abntit 60 town Iota, on a n.ri of, ') lived, and occupied aa a Public llouar, eon- h " - v"n mile creek, adjoining lhe laifla of J. Crockett, lliomaa f.lliotl andotliersi thia aituatUm em bracea a suprrior advantage to any othor of a like kind in the upper country i as there ia com bined, an esrellent dwelline-boue, with rood kilchena, a barn, with convenient liable a i with root! water, a pure and heallbv atmoaphere. ami every thing clae neceaaary lo render it comfor table for a public buie or a private reaidencev .llm, one othrr tract, lyinjr enntiruoua to the house tract, on the Falling Spring ilianch, con tained 4JI acre a, adjuining the laoda of J,' Crockett, Col. Steel, and others. Jlln, another tract, known bythe aame of -the Hrown tract, lying on the aoo'h aide of tow - IZmile crctk. containing Jh8 acres, . adjoining the landa of Kobert Stinton and oihera. ,f,a. another tract, known bythe name of thai Itaudy tract, containing 464 acfeiTtylng on tb north aide of the 12 mil creek, oppoaite the bouacimci.juljuiiiing lhe lamls of Kobert Stia- on, J. Sledge and oihera.-- A rrrater part of this Uod ia ftirnoed to bo 2.4tAW Ar.rpa hriiAXUJ if superior, to any bnda on aaid FOR KAJ V 'creek, or irtihis section of country. - herarmr -- Tr IK . Al.r.. - who have a view of purchasing, are requerted HE aubaenbrr w.ll ofH r for aale, at the t0 nA the premiea. on application to Court-llouae in Waynranlle, in the coon- eitner ( rimmitintoi peraon, unacnuain- ty of Haywood, on the rth M.mday in June, tPej witb the , HM, m it being the week of Ha) wood county court. Terma of sale : the properly will be offered one hundred and thirtyrinht thouaand acres of I j four ,etra on - ere4 0r . ,H 0- tna a . id coanty, on me i three vear, with eoual annual inatalnvnta, with Land for ftue. I offer fur aale, a amaH 'rorl I And, where, oo f bow live, containing' 13 acre., by aurvey, lying 6 milri a cat of Slil,ury, in Rowan county", w ith' a1oflr3 or 40 Srwr clear, ed. and under grxrl repair and hirh enltivation, jTt"lrjtfeeTnetf"uaefcrt(r grrr'w-more- parwewbw ursunpiiun, aa it ia oeiieriHi inoae wno may dc diapoaed to purchaae, would wiah to view the land. ' . .. DAV1U 81EWAIIT. Miy Vldt fi?8. 3U8 m a: f M I 4 A- r The London Gooe, of the 3d ult. says, Jhe treaty between Turkey and the Uni ted Slates i fully confirmed, and TKei let ser itate that the terms are very favora ble for America, as the Irerly was neeo dated tinder the excited feelings Of the onesgaimt the European powers. Extract ij ' a letfrr frt A gentleman in Wjithinff- It to hit friend in Mi aty. , " The representsiive of bis Britannic Majesty tp this goveinment, murmur Somewhat at the marching of ,troops to our northeastern- frontiersr and 'I dtaJold S Preae8 his fears that such inormHtion w Wtioll be-all received bYWaYiltwa ter How should jroa like another war nh England f '..,jabany pafitr,. - eltiemfittd Duel.. . Two members of the rennsylvania Legislature met to decide an affair o' honor, when one of the See ond, FAINTED The principals, upon this, shook hands, and returned to the tavern which the? had left, bearing the inanimate body of their sensitive friend. In the Senate, on Thursday, the 1 5 1 h io-u. the Vict Tresident of thf, U. S:ha ing retired from the Chair as the presiding-officer of the Senate, the-1 loo.. Sam oci omi' n. one l inc penawrr irum me j Stale of Maryland, was yesterday elected J AVUkesllOTO1 wtfttiein'Ja I rcsiucnr irrnnvrui tii ycoaic In Cairell county, very suddenly, oo Sunday 18th inttmnL it the ruidenr of Williim War. rrn. Ean. Mr Hirart Turn a nati tJ Trin. , unimproved LAM), Iving in neeticut, for aeveral veara eitenaive y krtoa n a ' watera of French Broad, Tuckaaege, Scott's ' intcret after the date of the firt payment, (aay a book aelkr in thia arction of country, and as cl uia "Conaiuttey. i OM .rtr t(rr utf j t,e ,,riliM:r to inve a untveraally efleeroed Tor the eorrectne. of bia " "'" -iiinu.y in .u mumu, .i .1... m .n.t ik..,.i. .rk:.j..i:... 'the court-houe in Aabrville. in the county of In thia county, near sprinr Grove, on the Buncombe, twenty -five or thirty thouaar.d acrra 17th inat. Capt. John Coleman, aged about Ju unimproved land, lying in the county of yetrl, . Buncombe, on the waters of Frruch Itroad and At firare-ideoce,7mileeatofSaabttry,on Swannanoah. ... ii. ...nmir nt ii,. tith in r Hmmm u..,. i Ji on the fourth Monttay in Julv, at the Jlln, on the third Monday in aaid month, at : mortgage, with good peraonal rrcuritv. l(t)REK T W AI.KUP, 7nrtZia. A. H. INGRSI, Uuardian. May Qth, ISJ8 2tl7 it l : .1 a? WAKONERS, nnnr.Yfi nt fay f.ttf.tili.w. aged 60 yearaand 15 daya. Ifia loaala r'dcepfj org.nun, u the county pt , "117 ILL find It to their advantage, to atop at felt and lamented by his bereaved family and a D,,r,e ""J i 'nve .nmiaana acrea , ,in. T y BO.V TAR I), where every con- large circle of relativea and frienda i lie was 1 mProved land, lying in aaid county, on the wa-, Cnience ia provided for Man and llorae, to make rc'Dected aa a father and friend, by ad whdi1rT 1oe' Wk. ami WauUga Rivera, The , t,rm comf.irtable, at the moderate charge uf 2J ioiw wtt n vi ymy , ""ccniaB oaji anl nigiH, or me pnriiege-oi inn Wlha. lands sooner diiposed of , yt t,e use of a good hmiae. lire, water, and kne w hint, during bia mortal life. . The hour of my departure is come i I hear the voice that calls me home. C. The knds will be aold inuracta, containing from two hudred to one thouund acrea. Bonds will be rccuired of purchaaera payable on the firat day of April, I8.T, with irKereat : ;n ft p;n, a .as f i a a a. 'is . . . 1 irom tnc iuv or mic ami ine Hioicnurr ui ; table itvlr. W.1.VTED, ir'izrzzr obligation. , . i.w. . come wen recommended for habit of ' Vbrfore - ' ."7. and eatery. . . W1LLEY fc Co. ( , b-St e ,hB e,im.,. .k. fe-ii:u ( tU. . toil, the abundance and eifcellenee of the rar,re. . ...j ! . r . ..ri. ,t:.i re equaiiea in lew panaoi mc yiimcw .-iiaira. ahrlter. Attached to the Vail, are a Grocery and "Proviaion htore, Bread Shop and Coofee tionary, and llouae for Boarder and lodgeiy, wholoome and comlor-09 FayrtiniHr, it, .IpriU 1828. . Salitiurit. MaylSfclKd - If? "v.jCttilon-'XftTiii.l-- l?OR Sale, M Aa.We U HexaiK XPUS 'COT- r On the Grst ballot for this highly res pcctable station, Mr. Macon, the venerable Senator from North Carolina, was tlected, but declined serving. General Smith was then chosen by a handsome vote It will gratify the friends of equity and humanity, to learn that the bill for the re lief of the Survivors of the Revolutionary Armv. has at length become a law, hav THE.. Trusters of thia Institutio are happy to be able tn inform the public, that they have engaged the Rev. A. W. GAT, a an In atructor, who has already entered upon the di. charge of hia dutiea. Instruction will be given in all the branchea iiMially taught in Academies Board, including washing, &c can ba procured in respectable familiea at from ail to aeven dollars a month. I uition i proportionably low. From the oiiafincationa and experience of lhe Inatrnclor, the cheapneaa of board, and the well known heaHifulnees of the situation, it ia hoped a. all .a '. .. ... i : - i'i a ing hnally passed tne Mouse yeneruay, tjiat thia institution win receie a nuc nnrc by a vote of aoou! 2 to 1. A great num ber of members, participating in the uni versal feeling of the country, would have desired to mke the bill more perfect, by making its provisions more adequate to lhe claims of those for whose bene lit it has been passed, hut at thti late period ot the session, there was no alternative but to take the bill in the form in which it came from the Senate, ot lo obtain no thing for these veterans during the pre' ent session. Aat. Journal, iin tnsi. TO V,No. 6 to 15. inchiaive, at 'he Factor F-ersbns reaidinir in the low and aicklr coun-. PT V'T 7" V! 'r.?;m' ' I... n UnlM nrl .N.i.N m.TM I 111 (til trll I fl - attend the above aale, a good bargain may be had. Thia part of North Carolina ia the favourite aummer retreat ot the aouthern people. Any neraon or neron pre fi-rring to purchaae at pri- ate lc, can be accommoduteH, br calling on the aubacriber, w ho may be found at one of the . . l .ii ii .i.. t i. k. .i:. anove p ace. -nomu - : c. tnd bought lor rub, and which are offered poaed of dunng the veek .of le, , another aate , rhrM1le e ,e fof mav be espected ahortly after ward, or ind.vid-. price.-o.herwiac, on time, ual may purchase pn'jj BroW i Country-1'ro.luce bouRht, at the highest market Gnoda monthly, from the above named pluces which will keep up a good ajipply of Fresh Goocla. Call at hia Htore in Salisbury, ami ex amine for yotiraelvrs. JOHN MUKI'IIY. N. It. Sugar, Coffee, Salt, Iron, Molaae, To VuWic. Til P. aubtcriber i now receiving a large and renersl aaaortmei.t of Dry Goods, Cutlrry, and Hardware, . of all descriptions, from New-York and I'hiladet- i phia, where thev were selected by liiiraelf, with Jllnv 17.1828. ."tl8 ot public patronage. By order of the Trustee. S. F. PATTERSON, Secretary, mikftbor,' .V. C. May Hk, 1828. 3tI8 1 he tenors ot IW '." ji her face, both left feet white, and a large near. Rmf Wine.. French Brandy, &c. K. AUo, for Journal, add of the ( olumbia H- eacope, i on h left hip : ahe ha been used to going in ' ,e, M above. aiVr wtf n wa Fnnacta, frerh requested to inaert the above in their repec- The ownrr renuwted to call, , from the proprietor in Philadelphia. TAKEN 5V Y lhe aui?criber, on Saturday, the 10!h inat. torrel Mare nhe ha quite a large mark pane once a week for three weeka, and , d ,ake h.r M ,y r,.-,.l r .rrminta to the Post.Master in 1 7 " ' iitu i forwanl their account to Wilkesboro,' N. V. Mfiointmtnta by the Pretident Al befW Gallatin, of Pcnnaylvania, and Wm. ritt Preble, of Maine, to be severally Agemriaihe-fregotiiionr-nd tipon-the. umpirage, relating to the Northeastern boundary of the United States. John Savage, of New York, to be Trea surer of the United States, in the place of Thomas T. Tucker, deceased. ... " Mt Int. -10 centv-Virginia-Money -freely given.; t In other articlea no alteration. intelUrencer. CUHNEI.IUS BUCHANAN. May 8M. 182S. I3t26 THE valuable Mill and Land formerly the property of George Saner, decf. are of fercd for aale by lha late purchaser. Thia Und lira on Dutchman' creek, 4 miles eaat of Mock ville. adioininr the Gilea Mumtnrd tract, and it equaf to sny land in Rowan county, with a large f PMportion of auperior meadow ; the Mill ar a5 lfuv.17, 1828. Iw l SriU.Mi hAMIIW5 N. i. I live on tne rayeuevme roau, it nmca , bum receivea from rinixinpnia, lire pnnj ef Fiuhiunt, accompanied by the various co lora and forma now in vogue at the North ; which will enable the subscriber to suit all, both grave am' ray, who may favor him with work : Hi! kelow Salisbury. eji' -hk eood and increasing run of custom i the water- power can very eonvemeniiy oe nuac vo unve anv kind of Machinery. For other particular, and terms, apply to Thomas I). Gtba, one of the proprietors, on the premises. " THOMA9 i.-IBR, JOSEPH HANES, -PE ER-SJ ANER,. JACOB SANER. Jl'foySSC 1828. i I...-V:... Jf - - ..v,N.JB, Another tract, belonging o Peter Sa the above CbntaimnB-Mracrei Commerce of Bot on. We understand j will be sold in connexion with the above, or ep-. the Yevenue on foreign merchandize, im j arately as may bert uit the pttrcntserT -v.iicti nnrKirl inln ih n are durimr tho last 18 lixewise nrei raie i.n rwenty davs, is more than one half million of dollars; the duties on the ship Cle matis, Capt. Low from Harre, were g80,- 000. m,n will b anld. a lot adioininr the town of u..wi.ill iint.'minir ten acres of land, with i I I I ......k mi, ki.U g'MiU uweiiing-iiuuac, " imm excellent garden this property will be sold lovr, oa accommodating terms. Apply as above. THsJimi lhe ubscriber'; in States- V ville, on the 17th of April last, a Buy Man, aeven or eight veara old, walks fast j no oth- She waa raised trr Vtrgtmai-nd may urobablyjtryjo get back there. A reasonable reward will be paid to any one whowilt return aaid heut to the.sub acriber, or give information where she may be found. Information by mail, may be directed to 3tl8 P. C A LOWELL, ""May 20th, 1 828 .Varrmte. .V-- - Estate tvf XfttVtun Veer: TE ubcriber Jiayiiyjf thia day qualified a Caeiutor to the last d tttimmiM iiS ATi,iKA,-AVrftt: lute of Rowan county, deceased. ml naka faavmcoi i and all those having clainw against said eatate, are reqiieatcd lo present them to me, properly authenticaied, for pay. ment, within the time limitvd by law, or thi notice will be plead in bar of recovery. ROBERT N. FLEMING, Executor. ' Mat 1828. 5tW work 'hail De oeuer maue man any tu uiwnv and warranted to fit well. fhe niberiber havimr been appointed by A; Ward, of Philadelphia, a a teacher of his Patent Protractrr aystcm of Tailoring, will instruct tho who maysireorniisipjeTjor mode of cutting out garmcnta. BENJAMIN FIIALEY. Sahttmry, K C. Jpril Ut, 1828. 09 " Stale AriA-f 'uroiiin, Jre:kll Vtunty .' SUPERIOR Court of Law Spring term, 1828. Jaue Morriaon si. Ilezekiah Morrison ( PefRlMfrtf r)irorce t apf)eHig toJbe aaliaJt. faction of lhe Court, that Heiek'mh Morrison, ia aM'itmahit-hir etaW-li therefore,, ordered, that onhlication b made for sif ellf '5, in toe western s;aroimian, pTimeo.n?.-,Mcy,.a i l .. . nn Cnr .11 ,iriiii indebted to the eie of aaid deciwa.'lo come-forrt thia court, to be hrld at the court-house irt statesvifle,' on tlm M Muml-tv wt 'he .. 4th Mon lay in September next, and file his answer ami plead, otherwise the petition will be heart expartc, and judgment be rendered pro cou fesao. Iet; JAS.CAMPBEI.U.CfA. Prieesdv. g2. GU8 Wjgrajgjatia

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