i if 1 z iif i k i I t r t a. is- 15 I! 1 i I'M if . .. !1H It li t i IS 5 ft i Y i 1- i.i r n"i' hi i ir ZUUtU &ta!tV fcste.1, tm. VI. , Ail Ad la teviw ! continue In f " Act declaring the a-ent of Congre to ft esrtain Act of Htryhn. . cWcrf y frtarr ft' f ffrfimcnrativft of thl United Statu pj America in Congreit aUemblcd, That the Act passed the seventeenth djy of Msreh, in the ytr one thousand tight hundred, emitted An Aet Jf clarlr.vr, The assent of Congress to certain Act of the States of Marvtand snd Gearu," snd which, by wWquent jctsV-bt. been revived, snd continued in force,'untif lbs" third diyof March. 6m thousand eight hundred and twenty efchti' beVsnffths ttmwMfcfH alsew tw thttttiaftUadhtt!tki it . . . 'rcvived tod continued in force, on'il the 1 1 ttrl day tuJ .March one thousand .debt. hundred andihlrty eight t - f ravidtd. 4 hat nothing fvreiii cootaincfl, shall authorize tbe demand of Iuiy on tonnage or vet' vela propelled by ateim, employed in the taniportation of passentrer. A. HTF-Vr.NSOV, , Speaker of the House of Itrprefrntaiivei J. C. CALHOUN. Vice President of the United flutes, and f resident of the Senate. . Approved) 10 March, IBM. JOHN QUINCT ADAMS. - - SO. VII. As Aet to aher the time of holding Mi District Courts of the United Ststes in the D'wtrict of . North Carolina. B it mat ltd by the Senate and &uc cif Ft ftrt tentative the United Statet c America in Cbngrett attembled. That the Dlitrirt Courts of the United Slates for the Dietricl of North Carolina, shall, after the passing of this set, commence snd be boldeo on the following days, thst is to ssi J st.RJentonlin snd for the District oL Albemarle, on the . third Monday . of April snd October; at Newbern, in snd for the District orPamplico. onThe fourth Monday of April snd October; snd st --iVTlmTngtbni" ftr'and far -the District -of Cspe Fesr.or Clarendon, on the first ' -Monday after the fourth Mond.t of April JSiP': e',chnd. ever ,e.L . stc. i,vWaWiriWfM,iMI.tMfittrhrme.1lOTHnd,ri M hWredl ell suits, actions, writs. process, snd otner proceedings, ctmmeiiewd or to com- mence, or hich shall now be pendine. jn any of tbe laid . Distnct Courts, shall be returnaoie .o, ne.ru. meg, .no procceocu with, in the said District Courti, in the same manner as if the time for the hold ing thereof had not been changed. Approved: 10 March, 1828. NO. Till. An Act making appropriation for the aupport f the Navy of the United State for the year eighteen hundred and twenty -eight. - BE if 'inacttd bv the Senate and Ihue tj RefiretenMivtt o '-the United Stain q Amerita in Congrett attembled, That for defrayiog the expenses of the Navy - fur tbe year one thousand eight bundled and IwcnleIehtv the Allowing suras beY snd me same are ncrcoy, rcspccurciy appro pristed i ' l . lor the psy and subsutence of the ofh ter," ntf,Py of the wsrnen, other-1 ban moat) ai d.tT y.ru., m, .i.oii anu in deot o( tDe Un,ted 5Ute(may think ne . , ordinaty oneimUlwo one hundred and cesssry and proper to provide live oak seventy-six thousand three hundred and ,nd other timber foF the u-e of the Navy twelve dollars ; for pay and subsistence of the United Sute, a sum not exceeding - - end allowances of officers, and pay of sea ,en thousand dollars, tobepaid out of the wen, &c. t ty yardvahore tjonslrooney, ,ppropri,lj ror lhe j-rusl im- nospiiala, and us orduiary,.-one hundred f-iMWA'siisi and eighty five thousand and Ihirty-two s,4le,, bv the f.rat Section of the act, en dollars ; tor psy oi superintendents, ra- vsl Constructors, and all the civil estab lishment at the seversl ysrds snd stations, fifty nine thousand one hundred and two dollars ; for provisions, five hundred snd five thousand dollars ; for repairs of ves els in ordinsry, and for wear and tear of j vessels in commission, four hundred and ! seventy-five thousand dollars ; for medi cines, surgicsl instruments snd hospital stores, twenty-seveo thousand dollars ; for ordnance and ordnance stores, fifty thou sand dollars; for repairs and improve vnents of navy yards, one hundred and five thousand dollars ; for arrearages prior to the first of January, one thousand eight hundred and twenty eight, fifteen thoussnd dollars ; for completing the con traction snd equipment of the sloops of war, authorized by act of Congress of third March, one thousand eight hundred sod twenty five, two hundred and one . .thousand three hundred aria.fiftx dollars for defraying tlbe expenses that may ac crue during the year one thousand eight hundred and twenty-eight, for the follow- ing purposes, to wit : For freight and transportation or materials and stores of every description t for wharfage and dock age, storage and rent ; travelling expen ses of officers and transportation of sea- . jnen j house rent and chamber money, , fuel and candies to officers other than I i ,rd.' "nd sh6r S in Sick Quarters inose"inacnecr to-navy stations and for officers tvhere Ibete IS HO hospital j for comniis sions, clerk hire office leritVsfa and fuel to tbe navt agents T for premi- urns and incidental lnsleVoT recruit mpr J for apprehending deserters ; for compensation to . Judge Advocates ; for per diem allowance to persons attendiDg courts martial and courts of inquiry, and toofticeia engaged on extra service be yond tbe limits of their stations j for printing and stationery of every descrip tion, and for books, maps, charts, nautical aaitematlcslinjlfumeftKcUoneci' icrs. models' snd drawing j furpurcbi ...,l r,r lrnt and fir ft trU'ioCli Shd BIIU I ... , fr machinery t f.r purchiu snd main tenance of on snd horses, snd for csrts, wheels snd workmen's tools of every de scription for postage of letters on public service! for pilotage j for cabin furniture of vends in commission for Isxcs on navy sards "'' Put,lic P Per,r ' ' M siatance rent'ered to public vessels in dis tress for incidcn'sl labor st navy ysrda, Dot applicable" 16 sny toiher appropriation for to 1 and enher fuel for forges, found- riea. and stesm enclnes t for eshdles, oil and fuel for vessels in eomminlon end in nrdinarv t fo ICtutfS tit tnststtnes.snd powder houaes t for prepsrlng moulds for ships to be built f snd fur no other object TwtyKSttaiina 'dtAlmr-fortomitttxtt ex? nensei f'r oi-iects urUtnir In IhC seer one thousand eiht hundred aotLiwenty eight. sif not. hereiubelore .eoumersted, Ce I thousand dollars for pay snd subsistence r - a m arw ' ft of the Purine i orps, one nunnrea ana twenty two thouand three hundred snd seventy sit dollars; for clothing for the same, twenty eii(ht thousand seven hun dred and sixty-five dollars; for fuel fur the same, twelve thousand one hundreJ snd nincljf six dollars ; for contingent ei pcnies, thirteen thouiand five hundred dollars ;' for sdditionsl contingencies nt cnumersted for the same, fire hundred dollars ; for military stores for the same, that is to say, for keeping the arms in re pair, srmorer's pity snd armorer's tools, and ordnance stores, three thousand dol lars; for medicines, hoapitsl stores snd instruments for the use ol the officers and marines on shore, twi thousand three hundred snd sixty nine dollars; for com pensetion of Colonel Samuel Miller, for certain extra tervices relative to tha se counts of it. M. Desha, ppe hundred snd twenty -one dollars snd twenty crntar for jjhefotlQwmifJhxni ctr' ried to the surplus fund on the firit ol January, eighteen bundled and twenty- f etghr, tt f"fof cwfiingenr expense ptm . i I t w s. . u I im.h. f fnii for,T 4wo dol. lUrs, thirty four cents ; for contingent ex- ;na en,r.rour, ,0 ,huunj e;Ku han j d(fd n(, .lhree do,i,, fmjr , , for cwinf,tM pew, for one thousand , . U K1tD hun- nJ eifih,r fw ,wen,T.f igh, cents ; for contingent expentes Tor one thousand eight hundred snd twenly-Cvr, 'not enumerated, two hundred end forty 1 dollars, eight cents ; for Nnvy Yards, five thousand dollars; for Nvv Yard at Pen Sdcola. three hundred dollar thirty seven cents ; for Sword and MedaN, five hun drcd and seventy nine dollars sixtv two rents for- five schooners' fiftv tighr dollars thirty-three cent; for building Herges, lixtv-seven dollars sixteen cents. Sec: : And bt it further enacted. That tbe afore said ..sums be paid out - of sny J he Trrasurv. not otherwise i ' . ' .- w appropriated Sec- 3 And be it further enacted. That there be. and herthv i. annrnnriaied. far j1ne.pBrcnMe .,uch jtlH, , - u Piesi titled An act for the gradual improve ment of the Navy of the United States, approved the third Jay of March, one thousand eight hundred and twenty seven.- Approved: 19 March, 1828. One way to collect Debts. MEN sometimes do that which they should not, and for which they should be sorry i do ye, therefore, that which you would have Other do unto you. - Mr. White: Sometime in Febniarv, I left home oh my ordinary bu-'we of trading, not calculating or atating that I would return before 1st of May : however, I did so, ten days sooner: and to my astonishment eaw in your paper an attachment aued out against the estate of Alexan. aerHogain lavorot John Robmaon, Samue l ,ung b Bordogni and Mesdames Guy and others garmaheed. that I owe taitl , t, ft Robinon 85, 1 honestly confess, which shall be j "aroni, Sontag, and Malloran (lor es honestly paid j but that he ahould have taken ) mcrly Mademoiselle Garcia.) Rossini thia aingiilar i rtep much aurpriaea me , for I fl.t, presided at the piano. In the Inter, ter myself, that all who know me, would as son , r . r . . . . auapect the worthy snd Kev. Gentlemar,.hinwelf o lesert his family snd honest Creditors. i me, I think he must have had but little regard for my feeling, in so extraordinary a step. . Howev er, I excuse him, inasmuch as I suppose him to be better acquainted with the lawa of God than those of nature or histountrv. A good example indeed, to let a man who atartncHnirkefTtor no other purpose but. to make money to pay hi debts'; snd his estate administered on before he can return. 2tl6 ALEXANDER HOGAN. Committed to Mt lai lfT- Mecklenburg rounty, on the 22d day of I if April, im, . Seiiw wimu nimed' t who savtshe belonn to a man bv the nam nf I John Herren,who lives in Duplin coamr. N.'C. PrWXili P?Z cnrg nt ner away May 12, 1828. 15 of Mecklenburg count v Voticc. ON the 29tb of April last my son, Georgt. Brem, who is under the age of 21, left his place of abode. 1 1 therefore intend prosecuting to theutmostrigorof the ilaw, against any per- son or persons who may harbour or trade with said Oorire. JACon riipw Zincoiw A. c, .Was-12, 1828. stir ' BCUiLS-GirOH .w iVHn.irtrz.Yixo. rat stais. ' Thil ii In Mlinfi d warty a JT aett UUim.' Tbia rati aoI I'd rather own. Than all the fold and stmos k That e'er ia monarch'i cullers abone, Titan all diadems i Niy, were H se one ehryaolite, 11m earth B gobies) bt II, Aivl t!iamla all tbe star of niit, - . Thia b1 were worth tfiem all. How balcfti to ambition's eye- L His M"01 wrung apoilt mutt rleam, When Dean's uplifted hand Is nifh. His life S vaniahed dream ! r Tttca bear him h h bia gasping brtstU , For pee poor snoment crave i fool wtNildat thou slay tha arm of Death f Aal' f tt goli Ut Save Y-Mn'. In tfittering noardf ot wealth r-- a utmt UMXie wit nt eye oi rnei,! lioui unnu, uuilui ucbiiii. Dut here s bleated balm appears - To heal tbe deepest wot - AikI be who aeeks this book in tesrs, His teara ahall ceato to Sow. Here He who died on Calvary, Hath made that prosi ble-t i 'Ye heavy laden ente to me, And I will give you feat. A bruited reed I will not break, A contrite heart detpiae i Mv burden's right, ami alt that take My voke-ha!t win the tkiei " Tea, ye, tltia Httle book ia worth All eUe to mortal riven pur what are all the joys of earth Compared to joy of heaven f Thia ia tbe guide our father gave T lead to reahnt of day A etar wheae hi at re glUla tbe grave The lirht-the lile-lhe way.' ; MEMORY. What it memory t Via the light ' Which haltewa life a ray profound Upon Ue brow of mental night j An echo time the paewng anuaJ t r' A mirror it bright aurface thow r "". llopeTTarTgT'ef.lovero'etigtit, T regret r A generou, tpriag j a beam which glow LArig ai)er un andjtar have aet ; "A leaf mirnorm, nor blight can fade,a" Aa ark in time'a bereaving aes i A periume home. Bower decay c A treacure for Klero.ty ! COVCCGAL AFFECTION. How awert to think there still is one Whote boaom beats for me, Who clor enngV as others shun, " - Who'll never, never flee. The faithful bird that cleaves the air, Through trackless region fliet i But till one thought, one hope ia there, To cheer him through the skici. F AITection's chart his opinion guide, Hi-membrance lend tbem light, While to his mate, his bosom's pride. He speed his homeward flight. MISCELLANEOUS. SPLENDID MARRIAOK To some of our readers, (especially among the IsdicV we doubt not but .tbe .follow iig ac euuM of the marriage of the son of Marshal Nar, with the' daughter of the rich Pari banker. LartTTT. which took place for Febnrarr,--wiH bej acceptable i , .- . 'flri. The nuptials of Madernoi selle Lafitte with the young Prince dc la Moskwa (the son of. Ney) have been telcbrated with, princely magnifi cence. Between 15 and 1600 persons were assembled at the fete given by v v aaev UIWIS.SJ set, v aw a M Lafide the evening of the marri ige Amt, A mmmrnm itt.V. ,mrm mm vr ,I P;rr.V number of Hrm,.! - o - . I ties, Generals, men of letters, and public functionaries, and amongst the latter M. de Dclleyme, the Prefect ol Police. Upwards of five hundred la dies, many of them remarkable for. their beauty, and all in the newest and most brilliant costumes, presented a" most enchanting coup (Tttil. The evening commenced by a concert, in which the principal singers of the French and Italian Operas took a part. A Can tata, composed expressly for the occa sion bv Hossitii was sung by Nowviet and Dabadier, of the French Opera.. w - Several Italian pieces were afterwards ,,,i. j v8 r.We,pnw..S ZZ;U . bridegroom walked arm inarm through j the various apartments. The bride wore a veil and robe of the most cost ly point laca : on the head was the nuptial crown of orange flowers ; her ear-rings were formed of two remark- ably fine emeralds encircled with bril liants, and from which hung, in form of a triangle, three large diamonds, terminated by three large pearls ea fiotre r-a diamond . necklace or, .. as the French more poetically call it, a rfaetof: h er neck, and in the words f the old bal- k ?3t.ii ligblihrcghout , The extrtme paleness of her" "counte nance, rendered still more striking by the raven blackness of her hair, and melancholy, languid, and almost suf ferinc exDressior, of her eves, offered a Lgular contrast tO the costliness of L! j v tner dress, and the scene of splendour and magnificence, amidst which she r.icve J. The ttlJrcta U 1 cotl.lrg rtrr.a?ka!.k' in his tye arance. lie is under the midJle size, and his coun. tenance rather devoid of expression. His younger brother (the Duke of Elchingeo) was, on the contrsf jr, one of the finest young men of f,! party. About two o'cl'ick In the morning, the windows of the drawing room which looked upon the court were thrown open, and offered sv many entrances to splendid temporary refectory con structed for the occasion, and raised to a level with the, Erst toryHere was spread a table capable of accom modating 1DO guests at a time ..This tablep the whoTe'U r.gth of whlchr Tan a migotfllcent attmt was sparkling With sf 'gorgtrjui a'cmcr ;of plstej Jn tef spersect wtlh" Aeof flowtTi: snrd covered with all that unbounded wealth Could procure l point of gastronemU : cat ' delicacies and ea-ju'rsite srines, TbtJbrlde took her scat at the middle of this table on her right was the Prince de la Moakwa, and next to him one of the prettiest girls present, the daughter of the Dutchess of Otranto (the widow of Fooche.) The tiands and wines upon this table were renew, ed seven or eight times during the night, and done justice to by as many detachments of fresh votaries. During the whole time of the ban quel, a military band continued play, ing whilst the scene received a oovel, picturesque, and dramatic effect from the numbers of those guests who had not yet supped, and who filled the win- (lows ot trie a-panmenis loosing upon the jrfcttory. For the first hour and a half, M. Lafitte did not sit down to supper, but took his station near the principal enuance, in. ordcHosee that every -ihig-went-on withT order, promntitodr. and regularity. He bore ian airot ihegre)e ti! tioo, and looted as if it was really the happiest day of JisJifc JEvcry one was anxious to felicitate him, not only on the occasion of his daughters mar. riage, but also on his generous conduct towards the town of Metidilsrn (me naced with complete min) fr which he had succeeded in opening a credit of five millions of francs (200,000.) the day before, srtting down his own name for a very considerable part of the sum. During supper there was but one toast given, and that was, To the old army to which some voices added, "and to the glory of the new. lliis fete must, it is thought, have coat from thirty to for ty thousand francs (from 12 to 1600.) It js. only (he prelude to one still more splendid, for which immense prepara tions are making. This marriage is look ed it poiii "wit h' "a "Ve ry e vil eve 1 n the FauXbourg Snint Germain, where ir is pronotinccd to be a seditious uni ion, Monsieur Lafitte having giver his daughter to the son ?f man who was accused of treason to the Uourbons. fhe dowagers, male and female, of f a 1 I af - j ibntiquated 1: auxbourg, are fur.- OUS agaiOSl SjUIIllC UT lUIlUg IUUU urfo4 for hia aaughtcr, Anrlthe jinhetitorof his immense wealth, from amongst the Napoleonite noblesse in stead of the Bourbonean, thereby pre ferring the military renown of New France to the musty parchments of the old regime. It is even thought that this noble indignation has not been al together a stranger to some circum stances that took place before the cel ebration of the marriage. In the course of the night preceding this event, M. Lafitte received six anony mous letters, in which it was stated to . , . . I , . m J.n.nia oaugnter woum. .m: m siuaicu suuuci iii.iu bih.ii uuiuu oiiuuivi suffered to tske place. Two days before the one appointed, another let ter was received, stating that Mad'lle Lafitte would be immolated even at the steps of the altar ; and, what was still more infamous and dastardly, two similar letters were addressed to Mad. Lafitte, who became seriously alarmed on account of her daughter. M. Lafitte, though attaching but little impomnreo-these-missionsj thought proper, however, to lay them before the Prefect of Policey who also looking upon them as contemptible efforts of malice w i thout any serious intentionjof .JMeul'Bioevertheless took certain precautions, which, to those not in tfec secret, appeared some what extraordinary. About the doors of the church were posted some twen- ty'ge'dei'j;riW n which was the bride, was escorted by three or four more. No person was admitted into the church without a ticket. The prefect even carried his precaution further; he procured se veral of the most respectable looking police agents, and sent them, in their hoIjJ.tr eu.'. ti n.rr'j wuu the wfii dressed crowd in the church, and keep a sharp look'-out. No interruption, however, to the ceremony, nor any cti. dent of any kind took place, and all passed off in perfect order and safety. None of the French Peers whi voted for, the death of Marshal Ney were invited to the wedding. M, Lafitte gave on the occasion, to the por of his own parish, 1 0,000 f, (400.) and to each of the other 1 1 parshirs 400of, (IfiO.) total J4,000f.. (3,160) fle gave to each of the clerks In his estab. l.shment 3,000f. (120.) " The day af. ter the marriage, his daughter found in-her- nuptial tor Utile lule :Alounx: u poo. the first page of which was writ tetvli 1. add to the-nuptiai presents, my Vtlwughtcf .OOOOf. (2sO00, iac the benefit of the Greeks,- She may draw !tipoti "fn?- rosejtmorrosr ff the- auan.-.v-Th w'uJqw. of., Marshal Ney made Miss Lafitte a present of a splendid" prayer' book-, the clasp ef which was tormea oi a superb du moitd. This book is valued at 30, . OOOf. (1,200.) ""waasawasasa, noitsts. The follow log remarks upon horses are copied from the publicaii n f an eminent farrier in Europe j and we think them worth the perusal of far mer a generally. "The pulse of a horse in health, is from 36 to 40 beats in a minute, and may be easily felt by prefixing the fin ger gently upon the temporal artery, which is situated 1 1-2 inch backwards from the corner of the eye.-' ' Horses have not the., faculty af puking, or even belching wind out of thcir,stomchs, an4jherefore are pe. cuiUrlv-aubjccuIwj When a torse has been-over.rid-den, bloody spots may be seen in the wrwrThiaeyeB.'''-- " A limber dock is sure evidence of a li mbef back that is, a weak nr. - Horses that are hardy and good lor business, have a short back bone w hlch terminates forward of the hip bones. ' A decoction of white oak bark, will kill bntts by tanning them, and they will become so shrivelled as scarcely to be discernible when dis charged. 44 The principal sign? of a good horse are these. The eyes are set wide apart in the head, and large od bright i the quirl high in the fore head, one or two in the neck is a good sign the neck well set i a high ; the shoulder blades pretty high, and converging to a point; the breast full and large, and also behind ; the body round, for flat - bodied, slab sided horses, are weak natuced j . the" dock still going wide behind, for if the gambols knock-together, ft shows that the horse is feeble : chewing the bit when'provok'eoYiS' a'goorlsign.-' " It is a Spanish proverb, that "3 dapple gray will oqneT die than tire." - Ttir Vnrlrfjtf iJKmntf in the www-I.atilmJe. . The ancients supposed that the tor rid goner here t heat of the'-am is i -rri"st intense, was uninhabited, nd incapable ot supporting animal inc. Uut the Divine Architect has so re gulated his plans in the formation of tbe earth, that man in the very centre of the torrid zone, enjoys the most delightful temperature ; and, what i still more astonishing, he suffers the unremitting cold of the poles. In that part ol th torrid zone, which ex tends along the coaht of Peru from the equator to the tropic of Capricorn, the corcliilera of the Andes exhibits every gradation of climate.. . The bur ning heat of the valleys diminishes as the traveller ascends the mountains: he finds the vigor and productions ot the vegetable kingdom varying and aa ! decreasing, until he arrives at tnc frozen deserts on the summit of the Andes, where no living thing can sub sist To these mountains, therefore, may be applied, with the utmost pro priety, what the Arabian poets say ol Mount Lebanon : " that its head is cr6wnetltr1WntfrT7mAitT-nfct adorned with shrinr; that Autumn re- potea in Hi bottom, and Summer tietp- at its feet." Sara Ben to Jo, prsv let ua know -M'lixtthese 6 CoiTui mriui i , , Some ahipwreck snre upon our shore, - -k I fsar ba .Utely been .,3iyi JneJnReniihwjeboldsij men. - Once i((lUy i the nstkm i - To'Jonny U. belongs tiiis crew, The wreck's Amalgamation. The Duke of 'Wellington, is said to be the first native ot Irefand who has filled the post of First Lord of the Treasury in the British government. ' 'It '

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