North Carolina Newspapers

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men are now under .in
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rAiiMn inJ Acdemics.
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those no nac .v ....i-.l
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of the tocic.j, -
ed the bounty
01 tne v i ... r .v-onl. oW no ereait o es
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missionaries, agent Adm n,ember of Confess. .
ctetics. or licenuaiea. '
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Va it not 110107 " q
American ..l 'TtLclC
h o,e, tt fc cont. the b se ad
tate 01 foreign nw.. ."--Wr.
pt 200 per cent
lime refute 40 per cent
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..r.-tnrrr. on aecoaot of
When they lata iw.PV jS1 T J noflr of thimm.rli.
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if -ti The commwoiw'
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tor oi v 9 " M vi v l
rr -f f Yrk. the New York
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deff ied In a Sute where jg memoes o.
rLViroonoreaaton which pr po.ed l otritioU, qu,li,Ki
"Z,w nnwnollrn and cotton Roodt, to
A black m.n,or Moor, ci. en . r,n.
io- B been in .Uery in Miwlwlppl.
teen U-'W hi freedom "nd 1
been . W.,hineton, the ov-
return to hi n cou..-.7. - -
fe.U.: , ;. .,.irtorilf atren-ined, he
. "r , kine. He cken m
R ,. i- .hi. rnlintM. hSi il0 ttt
.ihv for the connmer equii
that dire oppprcet
- I . . i nn urnollen
7 Z ;fl.of ibout40perccnt.
"Trconciu.;on; therefore whhout
riving much more proof we
. ; n,,r oower. have we not the
'" " r. . iii ....
truth in ua when we oo.a.y -y-;
w notin IWBd tVe,."S5r
auou-ht o fr ry, which we r their
enmity , but that it wa. the object
the duty to which they were alcly
Prd ...t.- m .nd
lUat their opp" - l u
,f is pi1atablene
heuhhineii, and
JUNK mw.
White nomt'i prntectiiiir power we prove.
Ilrr faith adore, her irte
HtUI U owf trtin to heiven wpire,
Ut Horn n.l Jrw k " '
To theifl our rtful l '"
AihI our long pn pour Immortal ntc.
ra raiar
and w
time way
i... ..... ,n the nrotection of the cloth
" Wufac arer. in the United bt.te.,, )infr.lfJ, ,d I. m - r
Tod thereby encouraging wool R''-Ther -re the pj. en of nute
" era. w.a not on account ol xh, amount . of in
of duty then and now wnUmplattd, la .civil,
fullv evident. We could further cjlcd
Jttllyn ' . retrlcn of lha which he U Koin?:
MrrlfifdTo thrir baae intentione the
teal ctmmen'MMatcresU oL ihciouo
trv. Yea, those very- inieteeta that
-..". ' . -'t t Jt tKi unto
they gave that year and bat year.
Aak the individual engiged in
r k -My Italian commerct. wheth
f J r. v.
n.n.r mealiotll
received Wfe inouiana """ ."a
from Worrav, the' LohJon TMu kwrlfer. for
1 he ac'uvi aum
He fe
hi Ufa of Columbu.
.nmr.kit more than this
I lir 7U'1',
r l .u-... .v irn.Ad nauiem on wnic nnO nl our mor-tv.
I ;! K-r ' j - .r .u-: i w lnTaiff.-rertt i;
14 nual lad nor ot nunureus wi men .o- . , ,
rue nuill l " I -r
b ba1U6t.
-Aak -the ahippin? merchants en
eaged in the Wert India trade, if du
ties no higher than those asked for by
the friends of the cloih manufacturers
bit year, were laid on augar, coffee,
. I - tltmia MMI
' talt aod rum, wnetntr one iuumu
shin more could not br kept in that
:::-'i6mmercfflhoie;aaiclei, thanwh-t
are nw employed. .
- Still, on -theae abjecta you find
a... ttrnratr if lo duties .aicn.
jf oorf Thought, in a bad Man.
Two fellows, bv the nme f Pluvmsrt
nd Emmons, latch broke into the vault
nf i 1 r F.rmr r' Bank in Tittshurp. Pern
ivlvmia. and stole therefrom 130 000
,llUt. fin narer, of course) leaving a
UrKe amount in the vault "One 0f the
IWtife of the priaort attl Fluvmart
.h.. ther had all the fund of the bank
befor. them, they ..did hot take, more
Th. .kUf jnlied. that hiscorapat.ion and
. r ...... - ...j .li.
consjucrcu miu
here 26 OUtrlcta o(; of S6 art the
The following ealojfium opw the chsr-
f m r i f A. k . t. iul.n from
ct:r ot ueneraiy " ' . "
thi Ei Preaident Monroe's Tour' pub
i;.k..t in 1119. before mere wis an iu.
.n.. irkuwihceotninii a candidate lor
Ul J I" . . i
. t.i. nra it ma ooDoncnii
ih llero look at this and hide Ihetr
shinrd fies.
an- - In ANDREW JACKSON, com
manlrr in Chief of th' Div'ijon of the touth,
.k. ...LIn.t loiinil a Man IV for any
cmtrtency-a STATIC A.i. coo; ana
e'r SOLDIER, teUem
battlt. mrf mid in victory f n
whoie 4(ov tilled with the love of coun
,ry 4n4 fine. man " whose like we
itull Karca ajok upon aRaln.
aanjci AU-nkin; Institutions, an4
the holder clthtJr bills may not anow
ih.iriMCiv rltrhu and lisbilltiesi the
..... i
fo OWlllg " 14 mtl UlgentC. iscomn.v
' . ri -- , , - , - t
nicated for Ul ueneni oi dbuh
MlilArs ......-. . ...
In the rase f the OufJoin uann vs. nr
Lincoln Bunk, otd 3 HAanmr c
ports, page I, the followin; point are oe
,ut . - -
i Th kaldct nl nana onis ib tmiun.
k. n.'.rf In anrcie the amount of the
iv uv K" I . ... . ... I
hUln.' uoon a miwi wttwn iow-u-.
. .-1- i-rrrr;T7i"uiifc?
hai.. ns nni ri v"
... . . . .. r :
2 He i, noi obllgea to tae ion"
gold or silver etsn me
pavment mmt le oy wciroi.
S. A bank is bound to keep lis monev
counted or weifhed, or to employ ser
vanta uflicient to count it or weiKh it so a
to pay all demands made within the usual
bank hours.
4 A bank holding the bills of another
bank, and (Jemandinj; payment d th
same at the banking houe of tho latter,
is not bound to receive Its own bills in
payment, but may demand specie.
. flotton Palladium.
Slf effoH. to raweW It plea.,o,t k I eful
: w. fiiri.UtMin ha ,teadily. al.
IO lllO - . ... .. .
thourh rrwluaitr.oeen incrr.. ,. - "
"...A ."...Ur-My rwCable ipport. But aa
V . i ....i.r.n wuit. seeest.
h.a been induced to make a new ppe.l
friemla apd the public, in Utftan w rr-u.w..
mem. . . .w. k.k1.. J.
.i. . .hn nppn in lire
inr hii paper, and been obaervint of the MM
Ktakilit would be.pererortory liilhe
9 titor to recapiMiTaie .nn r y
S JTeaWie.. Hut for the rm..
'of thn-e who h.c kIk of eever h.d .
nortuni.v th... imlfit: of. H. he wj
remTrk. that the Wble faculties nf h.a
Intce-rk- laW .f hi. ha,ds h.e been
jtnr ff." 'n aI.. v'.'.J f rut n't 't auturrliie
inil brrninp rfjii.i'i i'r H'a ri7 aniiive
for any (trratrr tiUmUrr. f
Tlinaw f entletiirn wo may uiipvani 10
contribm) toward ei'emli.ia; tne circuiwion,
ml a.lilmjr to the iiKtuineaa, o, mo fu
CrtllnUn, bv obtinir aubacribera, eontribu.
tinK to Us column, ho. anau rreeiv ii kito
nrem'.um, (or Ita eiuivalaot in eal.) ami the
U.irful thanki of tha rMitnr, for all they may
do in behalf of the eatablwiimftnt,
Salitbury, Juni iU 1 818.
la i'l thst Mr. Hochetter. who wis raw
riinst the lamented Clinton, for Cov. of ?ew.
York, ami who no noiae me omc m
dri AfTa'tra to Cuatemala, for which eonnrv ho -niled
durinVlhe WMlurVia to beTroif back;'"''''
tnd armi Vua at lb AiUmi AaaiUUaU tor lu-.
c rnor bfMe aV.Yort: If wwh be the (aeUtnothtv
.gt W one rear 'a. salary, which MrR. J)U
IrVady 'pockiuliulFaVi fceea.t.hfif9-.W..-.
-Atainoetineor tirtcnbmQ1tMiZVot7fi''
on the 21 at wit. It wa ordered that the brethren
of said lodir wear crap on tbeir left arm lot
the space of thirty daya. In token of respect for
their deceased brother, Ihram 7Vwr.....wboa
di-ath was nticd in onr last pper.
ZSX H.-,, hi. jcar worthy nf the rsaris. It ha. been I..
.... 1. In ipiv
tuiheni e intelliTi n"e on eTrry - .
of the cmintry t to edify nd ir-etnict i h.a rc-Ur..
with rcligioua, literary, Kiennnc
one matter to reneral ind..rv. .n
ctet sirtuo, and promoie the morals oi tne
rommunitV.M u nf indiwhiaUr 1o tKne
the anlid intere ortne peopw.Tiy w.rrcn .
uteful improvemeritl in gflctthtorerthe'tj'
rfntTHr-afMf " Wifeiwmy , uv imKm-.
the movements of poUtiral Pt watch .with
.k MMKluot of PulJiB men, anJuaxd
tt. i.i:... .k. nvkuann libenie.of she peo
dW. aainat the encroachment, ami Insure
those wno nave tne power b- -
-.V.'..M.I. - "
rorernmeni in nwir
. i . . .i , if ft...! mat.irj.lw
I f- nnu auuw pi t.;. ,v. ....h. nrMhe bnt.K. i hrt
Vw r
t..A . lw eontent viirt " tsu.uw
d.Jl.r. Iiein? afraid that if they Kxia any
rpore. they would .break the bank, and
then what they did steil would be of no
mnm0te silent.
od in conclusion, we have no al
teroative but t admit, to our ahame,
that .pprlion of our citizens are dc
in 1816, the tleatrucuon oi mmiuu. '
xapital, and the proatraion of the in
" dustry of thousands" iipon thousands,
.hft are now natriotically devoted to
" ihe' of the vjewa;of- our UPftnf - which intbe 7W
the laeit and moat
AttWe JUactn, XL . eenator from tbii
stale, has been in Congress thirty trvn yesrs i
the cut, faahinn and nunner of his dress, are tbo
Mine now that they were In 1791, nearly' forty
years ainee.....and aom of hi present apparel
has bertr worn rw Bine that yeaa."- A aortlu
ern paper. In rrmarklne; on this ainularlty,
uyi i " Don't br'ieve hie tailor erer jfot rich
not much cabbsee in Norhro.n.,
Idghtnine . Wiirina; a thunder-itorm, on the
Uth nit. the'e aeademv at Wrrntm.. m
tins alate, wsi struck by l.ftiinnr, and or oj
the pupils in the academy, the ol'Utf daurliier
nf Mr. Carter Nunnery, was Instantaneously
On the aubject of the Presiderftv. concernmc
WhTch' (hebflc of the) ''ri
reject for the l.ero.c cnaracxer n p ---.lie-
lltarrkd. ln.Stoke count', in tb"iji aflame, by J)
ettrktnw.' ?T n lth bH. Mr. Peter Ma- -
Eakaeol CuiUord ounty. agtdH.l Bv tbia.,.
unequally yok'.r'Jtbersrlf to one old enonph foe fa'her, Mary lias become thr alrpno'rirr of
efn-rfi, and strn-iTWdmotbjrr of cbillrres "
and if nothina; happens, she may adI 'nn wmt
tatlie happy umtly
..... TJ10MS JFR.OK.ul otKDKEW
Jacksok T? aHMpei, he has nmr-of
in, H,'imn in him moe of 'he devoted
MT t f, ari "am man nsw tretne
. . ,. I IT
'Ol (teneral Jjcksm, iir Jfi.ersun
often a.iid. thai he wm un Aonraf. anccrf,
firm, clearheaded, ana fonr mmuru mun.
t of the toundent fiolitical firineifitei, which
( " - . is!..
. t? .. I . kawI s r
Anntnerganes ' i r . .. r .. .; ......! i.i
their annual meetings in c,arM( when he vm Vice frevdent mm
three week since. I hew. i.uDscrvcr
says the meetings were generally
crowded to overflowing, aou mu,
rlf. t had no doubt th uenerai
t...Lcnn hn hrnuirht into office, would
correct the alarming tendency towards
V. o. whole;, tkev have never been ; formidable, and oiherwiie irremediable
aurnaased on this side of the Atlantic. I evils beRimiinK to develope themselves in
The American Tract Society printed
during the ye;.r ending My 1st, 5,
019,000 Tracts, conuin'ing 53,667,000
pages, io the English, Frem h, Span
ish, German, Hawaiian and Italian
languages. The Treasurer received
durirg the year 845,134, of which
532,670 were received for Tracts
Bold. ... The gratuitous distributions
.,..kwI tn 2.fiO2.000 Daces. The
j.,.-; 0f "society "WWeT'gl 5,72 1"
more than in the preceding year.
The American Home Missionary So-
" dettj received dUTing-the-yearrmlni
May 1, 819,799, which i greater than
the receipts of the preceding year, by
the aum of Si, 651. The number of
tnissibnat'te employed i 163, in 1 7
-ttar The, greater . part-uf-ihenvare
.ftUrl rjaatora. or eniraceTTh stn-
. 7 -t- nnirrefvatioris i 3'2 fsefaae" their
ar;z:r;:mirii9trv in large' extent of cotmtry.
ihe coneganona ther&rave
been revivals, and not leas thaw 1 300
soul have beea hopefully., converted.
More than three fourths of the reve
nue f the year was received. from the
state of New York ; and 113 of the
missionaries have been employed in
that state.
. The American Education Soctetij re
dived doting the past year j533,017,
ihe dministr.uion of the ireneral Kovrri
meni, he would be entirely faithful to that
clai's roams oria.ow or dams.
In August lst we copied fmm the
r-anfcfnn Antus. a letter fromlljrrison
Mundav to Mr. Clay, in which Mr. Mun
da gjive the paragraph (pioted below, as
Mr, Clav'i opinion of J. Q. Adams, rela
ted to Mr ' Munduy, in a conversation held
In Mr. Ctav-a office, in LexinKtonv shortly
aftc- the return ol the commissioners
from Ghent:
- There was no doubt upon your (Mr
Clav'al mind, but thai he. '. MrAdams) was
m,,,,, 'MM:
the gfeatitt political hyfiocrite on earth ;
that he was as muen a leneransi i .
time as he was in the days of his father's
administration ; that he wa an oftfioter
rocli "as the commissioners njw
with him nl Ghent eould do, tft fir event
marfpjir tijr'it' the-frermr
vigation of the Mitsifirififii river to' the
A fin roune man, son of the celebra.
ted Mungo Park, has perished in the
Akimboo tountry. In an attempt to com
ple'.e those discoveries which ids father s
death . left unaccomplished. Mr. 1 ark
has fallen a victim ef poison, -JiiVnterv
ed to hTm br the Fdishmen, in conae
quence of his rashly viol.ting one of
their auperitiiicms bT.actnHinn ' !i
tree, to take a sketch of the group assem
bled i the annual Vam festival at .Akinv
W. " This tre it-never appthetrb
any but the piicstsj and Mr. P-rk was
r)issua.d the attempt by the King
of Akimboo j but unhappily persisted in
hi, desipn.
Tk. T.,,n:.1 Journal mentions that
Mr WattainorrliarBed-rTalraet BoKota.
has obtained fr..m 'he. government ol
r-i u:. i. . , nmnmv in the United
tOIUIIIUI", - i I .
Stales, he privilcKe ol making a rail way
across the Isthmus of fanama.
r .. ir.t.1. :
The Rrand council ol tne. aiaia, .
Swi'inland, has published a decree abol !
ishing the punishment of death.
The Three WondertoJ Women 1st. at
fifteen, they wonder who ther shall ,llke 5
oj .m. five, thev wonder whom
,hey shall Ret; and 3d. at thirty-five,
they wonder who will take them.
Extract! ram late EngUih papr. -j
Titts on the 5th of January A column
of flame burst from the ground 4n a Kreat
height, and continued burning for three
hours, when it KrIdiTallrnbside(!,-antl
A,.r a hmiri was extinEuished. U cov
red a space of 300 fathoms long by 150
fathoms broad. The pnenoroenou w
posed to be volcanic.... ... .. . . ..... ....
,V accounUng fr Taite. Married,
SUnton on Wye. Herefmlhire, Kngtand, Mat
ter Samuel Jones, ajfed m'aeferw, to .Mia Jan
Olcott, grd tight.1 flail, weilded love ! -
A meeting of the friende of Jackson in Guil
ford county, was held in Greentbnroiigh durinr
induced him, a a time hen. he beliewee. no j e county court and Jh M. .MreW,
lltj what hu "ince been proven to have I Weetor in that ditrkt We .ill give the pre
been) the voles ar res raorts tf North-t.aro-1 ceeJjnjrs in our next
. . at .. .it.... m.iiwuiiai iisr i
ins, in supporting .. . - -
the Presidency nfthe fn.ted Stales: and he
followed up ihst drela-ation, by a firm .ml aeal
on wlvocacy of the (leniral's claims tu that
hieh olT.ce. . . . ,
As to wnrral potH'irs, hav.nK e reared
nd eifueftrd in He pahnca principles and he.
in both by feelinK and interest, with
Southern poUrri the KdHor'a oue h.
confidently prlSevev been . cordrnce wA
wi ami rhar welfare of brs fellowitrten
of Western arW- H ,a
nobfinf peeadiarities of Itepuhhcan institution',
..... nJ rnroiiracre ni 'itical icwr
amonr the peopht ' 'd.v appreciating the vah.e
SfweSom of opinion, which .recite from
rueh inquirv. and which ,. the b.rt.irtRht ol our
people-, the EdVt-r, aUIo.BU e xcrcis.n: com.
1 Y ';:i ,mPiimi-i exrresinr hia Uis-
sent from the positions of his eorrespondentn
has uniformly Invited cnmrrwwimn
nmws on -boih vor ofl) aide of "'
public concernment ; and has freeTy R.tcn port,
licit-to them . For however tenacious he may
l- ' LiiUi ouo OOliUOIltm uai jvvuiu us
most likelv tblrfmai thpi.hrf-vesh coMm
bute to the p.operity of the country, and go e
lability and character to our free an. happy m
lihitions. he always frh impward tie
juatiei, and even necessity, of impoam? no re
J V . r.....,.n ihrmirh the
Stmmt toa .- ; -r. -
. r k;- -.r.r nf l) mooteu pnin's ol
" A tromatl, who was lately -sold by- her
hu.hund.' near Little Falls, (New York)
for g3 50, i part of which- was taken in.
store pay,) is since understooa to nav
eloped (rom !he purchaser, and left the
country, bag and baggage her fickle
heart b:ing stolen .Any man who will
buy a wife, ought thus to b served.
Arreirrlino- fa', the tatement ofMirHW:
kissony silk manufactures of Enjjland now
" .C t A. tewMLltarvMwl
public policy as the tna .a no ... .... .c
likrlv to be elicited, than in a wanlcBune coll.-
lion of opinion.
Such has hitherto been the course of the A m.
Tr.a- nwiiiHi ami such tt .hntt contmve to
Sr. while the Krlitor r hW-l health and
the wonted facuhi. of hia mind, and .a favored
by the Pioris with the requisite meow of carry-
inir on bis business. .
Havine been amonp mc n- v
. r...i.... r.,;rK lt a.ncerelv believe.
"be The c.i; of the Pe.pU) . the Editor will
u. ... .k W to abandon it. He believe
oc ....v,,K - ... ...: r .k.
that a reformation in me umim.. .
ireneral frorernment, is imperiously called Tor
bv the wislies and wants of ihe Amenean peo
pie and he believes that the surest, and in fact
.,,yme.neof rffertin-this mtfinn. why
electing ANTaEW ' JAOTMOW '
dent i and in tnai wa to - "
of rulers, and conscqnently a change of pohoy ......
thirswibrtitutiiigoe the aaurCf.tho WW
in power, a course of policy more promote of
he card iial interest, of the nation, and more
conducive to the prosperity sna ...Pu..
Culture i W.-We have been obligingly fa.
rored, by Measr. Canon, nd Conner, with
coptra f a- lttr-lrow. Ut Secretary of lhV
Treasury, rransmittiBg tlir information required
by a resolution of the Mouse of fteproentative
of May ll'.h, 18.'6, in relation to the growth snd
ma.uretu.e.iffflr,adapted tothed'n"erentiarU
of the Union This is an iropotlent and highly
interiating. dWmpn!.?f. page. and baa eeat
tU -wwury' of-lheJl'reafllulgr
research. Ti.e difTerent modes o rearing tlie
worms, sna manufscronmr there silk, is animrte
Iv piven, accompanied by tabVa and plates la
illustration of the variotisproMSse. -We sopo.
tbc tiniv IW rrrnotr, r when aection uic
L'niori will witncM as exten.ive and succefuU
cultivation of Kit, aa it haa that of Caifsn.
which mibt be converted into fabrics of ust
and rriKiment, to the ncWton of foreign silU
owl, t ome Uv, not improbably become a val
uable article f csport. It ia well ascertained,
tliat the aojll.ern part of our country isauapted
to the rcarinp of Silk tV0rms and we hope,
our people my be induced to turn their atten
tion towards tl"t branch or industr)', inrtead or"
devoting o much of tM-ir time and labor to the.
cuHure of which haa become cooipars
lively profitless business.
As we enn find space, we shall make tuch ei-
trota from this pamphlet, in will be interring
and profitiible to those in this section of country
ho contemplate embarking in agricultural ptii
suits, or have already any considerable capital
thua invested.
Col. Wm. King, implicated io the abduction
of William Morgan, ami who Utelf elwW b
irsiieralh Arkansas, is nid to be on hisJ'
to New York, to deliverhimself up for trisl
A Mr. Adam, who is alleged to oe an. ....
People. . Tows tnewnmcn
SSS5 iaely left the es,rn part of TCew York snd
..J mleav
. .i j..-: .1.. nnnpncv of the election
Havina; no dependence but upon his personal
labor, for the aubsisu nce of himself and family,
the Kditot U. wholly ..iJldebU 4. to .the l.beral
k:nj,.. f the Psorta of Western Carolina, not
'forTledinfofTlble: HvinKbrt-fbr-hw-wr
nhlhical Utence. And while lie grattfully
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The President or Speaktr of the French
Chamber of Deputies is provided, at the
public expense, with a noble mansion
handsomely furnished, and hia" official sal
ary is 10U.000 francs (830,000) per n
num. But he always live with splendid
WwAt Mora, he i iMFomnted, by the lucreasmg
eipencliturei orhia Mtablishm
himself aneW bore tfiem; and ask for wch ad-
optional support as. in tbeir juugmeni, uirjr ,,.,
think his paper merite. .
The Wbstsm Casouana is printed once a
week, on a large super-royal sheet, at the price
of rw ddlart andfifty'sent a jrear....r . atsi
Ain, if paid in advance.
AovanTisaMaRTs will be inserted on the low
.est terms adopted by other papers in the state.
went into Vermont, has been taken back, by or
der of Uov. Pitcher: Ada us mvs he kno.i1'
about the business ami will tell, to'! We ha!l
now aoon see whit can be hd out of Kit'g
ted to be elicited.. .,. .. . ,
A Comftlere Stage' Revolution-S n"
while ascending the hill a little befona
Herkimcrmn off the banjt and nj.!
complete somericf, cominK regnly'V
the wheels again. Tet no .peital damage
was susl,ined by any of the rune pane
gcr the hoises or the flying vehicle
pleasing llutralioo of rotary tnoMoR-
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