North Carolina Newspapers

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jer owr - hundred
,rty-foir dollar ni iy . v'iit
I r??T2l -rut the Mlowing wi
be, i"7 a . ' ' r ' u. . fi.tlovi I
fVfort.non. 10 each -1'flW"T'
Foe Fort Ad.m. eighty thmtsand r
yirt Hamilton, .U.f a
-wm honored iImmu Waft
!Tr!to?fSSrt Mobil. Point.
Wl and minmuv
.1 f on
Cle-k. Ai 1"! .IT. Jo hued 1
""r. t .mi fifw n. un mr
anna cik "-- ..u. thri bomlrea
dollars, 7,Si2nt Pn.
m of iU nrdii"J ... .houMin.! thr
f. U.MT 7 . our
several turoi hereby IW'
mi ather.i.
of n.r wowry In to. irr' :
"jfr. MTUw, To an urt ta lMert
,0ur paper the fuUi lo i
.....i. i- . fci.;.u Innt lull Otl f T fif
ii fof I t ,m J. UnrrMt wlenco ort
tltl l "rf.,, - n thmu I """"TV: I fer'J to uk fO l I
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! I ':-T.7..' .u ibouwwl ( r: o "!! -1 .1.. wruU. h-n eIWd
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IS dotlw, lor prcr.t,ofl f WkU m
too hrbour, two thou-i! UoIUt.
iMppropmted gTf.VP.NOSf I
Mce lril UnUa utM' ,nd
Prroldontofthe fen.te.
"Approrcd: 19 Mirch, 1828.
o. .
An Art mntJnr of prtfcren. U tbe
U the W. Helen Und Uwtnet, In tho Bute
of luxuriant. '
JB ft enacfiUf tit Smt and Jlouu Rep--nenfliv
tl Uxiled Sunn Jmenra
Cvrt Ttut ererr penon. I" j
bev Wnl reprwematWn, eompwJ in tli i'
of nctokl oetUert rrportcJ to Uc tomir.i-inrT
Into ctiil Knrtro, " j
0.TI.M of th. MM of I'bnoJ. nd Territory of
MleSiwn. wiled out M corr-pen. -""""'V. V.
rettivrd into erc it
OiLcer of th IViiril S'irtr. "
Tbey of Wih,
01 boWd4f HHonn wboanc .
i ..hiIk. to reni'irt M tivi i
W(KlJin. 1" ' , . ...lit.
Wboe priino 'l" oJ ab " lw I1
enS. f Ah, m om bM i h M
Who tmmlntm 'fbt Iber nobWwor
A oil rt AiMtiff mouei M ner skiii
whwo 4ott UcuUIm benn k bloom
In 01 perfection, nd trt 191 T
Muck nlrurf W Wi Wind j iA o the wortd
Amf en it b f M It IW that bdeid t
lie CroccJlk." Ai tie Crocoa.Ie
fetd in the Nile," mji Ihrodotun,
"the In.iJe of hit mouth it lway
lined with Uclla, AUbirdi, one alone
accepted, tf from the crocodile but
that bird, the frecAio, on the contra-
ryl flica to hitn witn eagernen, mu
renders htm great aervice for every
time that the Crocodite laoda to reat
t,;mMf. ond atretchca himaelf out with
pen Jaws; the trochihi eniera hla
mouth, which it cleara oi tne
ib.t ft f.ndi there. 1 he Lrocooue la
irriteful, nod oeter doca any injury, to
the little bird from which he receivea
.wwl. nn . ofllce." AIVD9ttRrt. tnia
Pliny, nod other ancient writera, it hat
btt-very generaUy diacredited in
lutlwniy. or , . , - frnm K hom. bU Nendi.
. k iiiv Uenertl or FieU ' " k; lUmKon i
W"'" "" V. .' . . ' .... .1.. ..'um 1,1 7 .!t.ij '.:..
, i mu rinr runMra oi du omui inn wnmu
) . r . , .
the recent Indian .l..'.iniancc. . - Cbldboori yoart were ipeni in tponne niirx.. .
tentet of tnm.portation. i-tppliet, tnnterials ftr. ffom fMH wlk whom j roulhf
KramUorkHlenttolheexpeiW J,; lw ,ed.nt inontal toil , and far
be Settled, accordine to the Jufjce of tU cla., f ,htlemp, .Her. he wu wontowonhip
arid reevd to the lw and ue , )eWej up breath to Him whoae fill
eatahliJied fr the tettlemcnt of turn f j; ir5t ook fi flljtrt.
.1 it..i the him of forty tbmiian'1 no'- r-j.i. ...U.. in mansion in the tile
Cll,ni . . . ,- ... ' ' - - ..
l- K- .nnn.tiriatcd for tne aiorr -aiu v.j .
to b paul ut of ai.y money in the Tr
and i'b at
L.MliiilM f
.1.1 . il.t the mm of forty thiian'l Hoi-
Tj.wm4.ta uiikiinvii. to manaione in the tkiet
" -: . .l- .-. I.I..J, .rlL . i.. .
The lorelv caet oi ine oeiier pan,
in r enU botom of a northern Und
not otherwise appropn
, ti !.. i h UJ-far from hi Mber-i tplcbre.
: iL a! Za fourteen dollar an,l ;0.dih! r.lentlea. poarer. why take him too
fin.... - - . . . 1 ' tl .1 . am MAM.nJMMWA It I II
Of tbe thoieeat, brighteat aona of earth t
And arihthoii eer more to u return.
Sec. 4.
nrialion macie ny uir - " .i . -
MmlW.; l-rence -four happiest da;. ,
li lurh carried to the fcir- Sh.H
imp vi vyuuaitivi w n i
we nrt bid thee welcome to thy honw
And then rVm foreref f or, iloea
m Minted anirh finrer in the rrara.
uifw iiften w te aeen thee? Vain thonrbt
Of the General Land Office, bjrth. "'C-J , aMff'u Jrthr That thr Then, far thee our brother, and ourfnend.
- - Treama. ru in Mai ' , . , ' - f.. ih o.-i k. ik t..t l,mr len beneath the tod. n
IICI ui - - - .
j .ml k Inch was earned
plH. Fund on the tkirt?4iret of Pecember, one
thousand eieht huadwl and twrntya.i, be, and
tl. same a brreb. sppmpr,.ia
, IF
. . . I -u; k- an other nerami. by tirtne of any irt wiw .. . "....i ' W hen friends m eaahail uwie aram..
I ' ! T. i , -i -i-.- i ii- a.: frm Cretk title to lands in ieorin. nr j... -k,e kpla. wlb. mirnu sUH
.JaiiJ ety-nlne ffopiff awr T7j"T',h rte rtn,kf ,h,t .U1 l.lm o.t let us
for ehumi .ram ne "f " to follow him : for, emitten friend,
e LiiiteU ialci. eiL'J.t bu.Hlred and : J"7L,' , ,MfwU ruii -fL--.
tnodero tuneaZRecent inquirica,- howd
..r-,iiAi tbat in ibis. t In mou OI
hh reUtiona, the father tU hutory
ia fuatified by the fact. 1 ne term
MhHena" hie nttnerio occn iiani.
leech.n It aeema, however, mat it
i. kind of gnat, rhyriada of which
ioaei-ta swirm on the baoka pf the Nile,
and attack the Crocodile when he cornea
. mat
f.. rrnnie en the aand. Ilia mourn ia
n.. an nermeiicauv uuku w
ihey can enter, they do in auch
nnmhrra. that the interior part of hi
paUe, which ta naturally oi origm
yellow, appeara covered with a dark
Lw kvAmi The intecta atrike
1311 III""" " , ,
their trunks into the onficea of Oie
glarnln wh'ch abound in the moutn o
the Crocodile i and- the tongue of th
Crocodile being immoveable he canmv
m rid f thrm. It ia then thM thi
trochiks, kind of little ring-plover
which pursuea the gnat every wherr
hjiteua to his relief, and diafodgea'hii
,.t nnv dancer to Itscll t the Crocodll
Ch'ut'iun LilcrcH'ij ....DlcJ, IA
Manihrsttr, Vi rni'mt, lately, JoirpU
Uurr, liq. ar.ed 5. . Dy auiduity
and etonomy, he had acquired a for
tuoe cttiroated ut 2liO,000. Being a
Uachclor, and having no near relatives
but what were wealthy, he made ths
bllowing, among. other liberal be-
uettaf T tne American Hoard oi
Commiaalonera for Foreign Mia
iona 817,000. Domeatic M'miona,
0.000 1 Coloniiation Society, T,000
. . (I.,!
ract Society, lo,wu uioie oociety,
J.OOOi Vermont Miiaionery Sotit
ty, 5,000 1 Mancheiter (Vt.)Congre-
eaiionai ootisij , ,.....v....
LSterary Seminaf y.11000 ,Mld4tei
bury College, 12,000, Williama and
rm l ...l-t-mAU-
Partmuutn couegei, en i,vw
W. Branch Am ei uso tducatK-n ao
.t Ulll illl? vj at v - - i
awwapfjbl LS'kWW
:.-.- - ' ! ---I t - -..i.-.ti'-M.Mln
movementa which warn the bird to 11
even steep -4
still there
"J.'Z .ll " 7 'I . Ai from Creek ti
.:iv- k iwti. Rritish. or aoaniah Gorem- tune numlr.
ment. or rranted u a donation by irirtu of any : ieen centr,
' 1 h. . . r ..I .V..II k. .n. . ciliitrnaof lb
12 tn a rUTof Dreference. on becomine the . tb.ny-four dollar. d fifty eenu.
bieaaed morn
porchaier. from the Vmt;d SUtea. of such tract
of Und, at the same price for which other pub
lic lancU are mM at private sale t PrwidrJ,
That nch tract of land shall no! cw'ain more
fh.n one quarter eection. to be located by sec
tional Knrt j and that the ttme iall be entered
with the Kefisterof the Land Office in said ilia
triet, wlthiq two year, or before, if the same
ihall be Acred at public side.
Approredi 19 March, im
1.. JO. xt. ., .
An act makinr appropriation for the Milijary
Serrice of the Umtea Male, wr uw yw one
ApproTrd i . U Varch, 18.
1 Ara AnircUient
! l nl 111 ti. Ui.ruiJi. and for a they die i
T . l il ii.... I. k at.n k li in vsin f
A"'l atiail 1'J ihku".
I Ilincom ctwiry, .Wny, I87S. A......
. . . e I
TV virtue of a writ in pantmn, inning irom ;
If the cxmrt of common plraitiela i'i I . as
ter, Febmary term, a ill be 'mid t the court
hou in Ijinraitrr, on the firt Monday in Au
jritsi, all the MXliS beloneinjr to the t tstc oi
Chirrhwrll Anderson, dee'd. eonsiatiiiB; of ftnir
tereral tracts, ileiipnated as folio :
The bouse tract, where aid deceased former.
lv Kvid, and occupirtl as a P'iblic llmw, con.
tininjf liOacrev Ivicfcoujhe apu'ii ide of 12
milt cretk. adjoinina; tlxi land nf 3. t.'rorkrlt.
.thoa-andelghthMndrfdifi? .!id,other &-' 'm-
r u enacted . the Sernife mtrf thnet f Rrp- ce. a superior axlvantaerw nr oflier of a
.Jtfike Vted flpfcl f Jmriea im like kind in the upper cminiry , a. there ia con,.
lT?Utt.t?M&mM)Af excellent dWelUnf-htMi., with rood
l.hbv. kitchens, a b.K with convenient atnUr.
ShS : R-l water,, oure and healthy atirhrre, p,
r? .... o-- .k.MHt .ht hundred . every thine el necerv to render .t couf.-r
ciaica, iy i j o , , - r , "
and twenty-eight, to wit :
. table for a pnMic house or a p'irstr residence.
Armv ar.d fubsistence of Offi- M; one other tract, rtmiievmi io me
ni.iicM.Jha- Ititarf AcadrtnTi one mil- bou tract, on the Fa! ...R bprmf Idaiicn, coiv
f J.
lion and thousand .JX
ri riwio- . ' . i t
nnthp tract, known ov-iiie namr w
m ' .
i dollar and aeventy-five cents
. ." a. kiiUna i(
thealhe-.tbirtyrat Jlecembcr.l lha Brwn tract. KJ.Jl
" onTS ebThundred a,..,twentyven. T U mile creek ejmnaflSS acre. ..Uo.n.ntf
.rk..n.t. .n,t th amla of HobeH Stinaoh ml others.
? V-.v . .." . .. a .-i . . --r..i.-Tiin ?.. nntk trart. VnWn bv the ASmf Of Tnr
Ju like FriendJiip ia yon bubhle
Floating (loan the limpid trem s
Not a breth its course to trouble,
tilittering in the noon-tide beam.
But should a cloud o'ershade the ski-,
Thi TiMle meteor of an hour
-Would rsniaiuaod with run'hine die.
It could not bear Iho tempest lower..
A Philadelphia paper pullishea ihe
following merited tribute to thia amia
ble and unassuming man. .
His midmce is on the Jersey aide
of-the. Delaware river, near B -rden
I'lumA Atone In AutrW6..aJilf,
Martin, of Schohaiie county, New York,
ate a anily of plurrrb., and tinder I he
imprewion that they would be less liable
to injure him, swallowed pita and all. He
waa abonly after taken ill, and has been
out of health ever since, until about two
week, when he took a powerful emetic,
and sinjilar as it may seem, he vomited
up rtstPR ol thirty piumn pit, wnicn
muii have remained on hi stomach from
the period of his having eaten the plumb
in 1826. o that lime, about ia momns.
Doctor Wheeler, who related lo us the
abo.e ficta, left in our possession several
of the pits ; they appear to haye shrunk
a trifle. . and. rt . yer, . hard. Mr M'
heslth- is improving. -A man that will
eat plumb atones ooRht to have the diges
live powers of an Anaeooda.
The moon is supposed to have influ-
?n l!.rtrr aum bat i3rotot)ir viewer
r . " a" r- r -:r . -.i .. i;
been devoted lo ohjecta purely religi
ous by any other individual in this
country. Hia vill may be regarded
as the eipreaaion oi ipve to nia aa t
viour devotion to bis cuieas at
grand legacy to spread and pcrpetuat
happincaa tnrougn tne earui.
All men are by nature cowards, says
one adage a atate of nature ia a stato
of war, aaye anotherman ia naturally
pugnacious, aaa a tniru. van nu
three be true Why ia courage one of
the most common, perhaps, ol all
qualiiiea, held in auch high eateem by
. .. . t
the ladies ! r rom tne w
weakness which rtquirea protecttoc.
Whyis military glory the most daz
zling of all f From the aame conacipus
nes in mankind generaUy. And yet
conrage'is-aa' common" as tM cin-
mon air men will fight for py, for
t honor, and tteff lor mufHnm;
r - i " - -rrr:r-.- -i-
But- what ia courage i inuiuerenco
to danger Inaenstbility to the fear of
death? No. It Is the mere operation
of xcued passioTiIJ...ln"a state of tran-ejtiiUtyoa-
man 4a.Upoed U. JUuxl .
dingers but let any one oi nis pas loused, and. he apnrni them .
We are told by Bacon, that even the
feeblest pasMons ronquer the fear ot
death j that while avarice will encoun
ter it, and while love will alipht, and
revenge spurn it, that mere we-noesj,
Udium rite, will srek it. An Eng
lishman blows his brains out in rainy
weather, because he can find nothing
else to do. A French cook Stabs Him
self with the carving knife from cha
grin at having over-fried a coutetet.
One man jumps into river if he
reahtpoket book another dangle -from
a beani if he has soiled hia char
actera third pops. bullet into his
bodv if his sweetheart has arailed on a
rival. It would be much more ration
al were they to live,"ud exert them
selves to mend mattera and things.
iiiwii, muto i .ui ..,UA tn tli. lUnatrinu atron- . J .f. ..w..
" eic;hta) thounawd dollal ft forajt Tor'Tfll.
fnri thMiaand one hundred and twenty-
e'jthf dollar l fbr ctofhlne' for ernt of Offi.
ven of the Atrriy, "d of the MiliUry Acadrnv.
and twenty supernumerary Secnnd Lieutenant.
rradu4tt'of the Military Academy, nineteen
thound Seren hundred, and evetty dollars
or the recruiting audition to an un
i i . at.. np . n iti. I V i.
Domly tract, containing 664 ncrrs, King- on the
north aide of the 12 mile creek, oppose tlie
hotie tract, dJoinln(r the lands of Robert 9tm
on, J. Sledre and othera.
A greater part of tbi land is supposed to be
equal, if not mperioe, to any lands on sa d
this section of country. Per rs
or tne recmiune auuinwu w 1 - - - . ,
expended balance in the Treaury on the thir-1 ho have a view of purch.smr. are rer, .e-ted
?yXt of Decembrr, .Igbteei. hundred ami to call ami see the prenmes. On application to
tlem v.KVcn.of thirteen Thousand six hundred either of the adimmsfrator person- unacouain-
lullars. twentv-two thousand aix uiinura imi tea wiui e w-iu. ..-.. .
ven!v-tir dollars , for the contincent expeti- j Terms of sule . the property t, .11 be offered
ai-cif the rrcruitmp service, in addition 10 an in four veral Iota, on a credit cf one, tao, and
unexpended -baVnce of three thousand tbi.
liundred dollars, in tne I re.sury nn tne uuny.
Hrst of Dccembf r, eighteen hundred and twen-tv-seren,
fuurtcen thousand tiajht hundred and
thirty stven dollars i for arrearagf s of the year
eighteen hundred and tv.enty-sevcn, being the
dilltrence between the amount appropriated by
ConTest for the pay and subsidence of the
rntsjiis and Sub.llern. and that allowed by
!ie act 'f the tcoid nf March, eighteen hun-
three rears, with eaual annual instalments, with
intereM after the date of the fint payment, (say
one year after the sale) the purchaser to give a
mortirnre. with eod personal fecurity.
ROBF.RT WAl.Kl'P, Guardian.
A. II. INC. RAM, Guardian.
May 0th, 1828 W
Ten DoWurs esaTt.
n3r:nKDRD from the ubscnber, in the
tow n of Saliibury, on the 21st of the pre
AA .nrt turntvjirVFn. tlllrtV-e lirl it tllOUSaiKl dollar, and eight cent. , for sent month. May, a negro fellow n.mea ar,j ,
lb? PurchaW Department, in addition to ma- he is about 21 years old, between 3 feet 7 ar.d
yZSSSS fortV ,hound 10 inches high; Scipioi. . mulatto m. very
i iikfiiv i. lie carrieu ou wiio nun vcry .ic-
1 .kl r',UA tn th illiiatriau atron-
HIS esillie covers n iunsiuti "" :...n...ll..U i. rntr.u-rxl
.,- -ii:...c.-..i..-;-ik'oracr ji. 'j"i
hut not so splendid, upon' a pnuo.upH.v-. vv
I. -L I .
l-rencn siyic, uuv ' -r .,' ' : i
is. lamlsoTv hih.immenst.aums,.,r:-V
w..,- . ivrVWell eiilt'tV- tlieir-Severai posu.on rcsucu m5
(larv uvvm "MWM. t
lt ..l . ' 4
m .ABbaMaii niT rnai bt nprir ra. w a ill
trd. In all public improvements w-V . ' T..:. 7 ',., u- -
contr.butcs Jiberally-someth ng .like -7
WIII ww nu'u ,' j - q
4000 dollars, I am told, he paid on one ,
truth, suggest to the tibsrrver, what
floHar. l -loe.xioujnic mr..inci'ji!7. ' - , .. , t , - . -i,i.
urev one i'unoreu-na ?. R . round-about jacket, and prob-
tliree num-jeo ana -:cm;- .. m . , . . . . .,, .;.:,., k;,l the
iv.nine eentsi for the purchase of woollen Uu-1 r ... i...
i i ,,. ho urnro nfl. and un old wmte tur nai.
Tt rtngnfie rer one tnouwu'ii iHt-mimiwui"' . .-. c- Ki7XT.Zr
f wenty eifW. in advance tor tne year one inmi-1 L i t i w. .n.1 I
eight hundred and taenty-nine, twenty V.rg.n.a, by Mr. barnud I .Loet, and I ex
thmraiMl dollar , for Medicnl ttttd Hospital De- peet he i. aiming to get back there, or lias tb-
TrT. . ... ....t. n- no-toas a a freeman: Iheawve rewara
wSl bVgiven to any who will confine
S. DeVmnt. forty-two thound her of the Mr.G, ese in the,
1 ' i i ,y. .
1 ; ; ' I
.......VY'.1-'- WIUUIAB nivtk?.
' 1 . t 1 . r. ah .
uSttera, tor ine grauuaics inmi ci
.ml nn arte
rractice.amlto complete store hou?es ndh.
uitalv -etrgtfle-'antl Hose.' firebuckets, barrack
qui.rters,,x,dercnce &e. for four companies at
Frtirie dn Cbiem to complete quarter barracks
htwpitaT awlstorebouaesat Fort St. Philip ; to
complete the buihnngs ind enclose the gmtn.da
with pickett', at the establishment near Savan
nah ; for engine and bose complete for Fortress
Monroe, and for fire buckets, forty-four thou
aand two hundred and thirty dollars and eighty.
rlu.Prriiti5 for fuel, rtationery, transportation,
fc.C.i rtj-airs and !ur improving barracks, erec-
ting iew ruiiairgs procuring avu.m ir mo
THE subscriber having thisdav qualified as
Executor to the last will, aiul testwn . tit.of
Nathan lately, late of Rowan county, deceased,
hereby -give, notice for all persons indebted to
the estate of said deceased, to come forward
and make payment i and all those having claims
against said estate, are requested to present
them to me, properly authenticated, for pay-,
ment, within the time limited by law, or this
notice will be plead in bur f recovery.
ROBER T N. FLEMING, txeaitof.
Jltmj 19 18C5. ' ' ' - ?t0- -
He is much beloved and his memory;
will be ever dear to the villagers.
There is scarcely now, a poor family
in the villagr, so many dors he employ
on his lands. He' pays liberally,
punctually fulfilling all his contracts,
no law suits no disputes, anu me in.,
temperate and immortal arc at once,
discharged. He is constantly, in the!
season of agriculture, in the field with
his men, and is constantly with an ele.
gant pruning hatchet in his, hand.
Strangers who are introduced partake
largely of his hospitality. He has
thus exchanged a coronet of thorns for
that of a peaceful agriculturist, and
become a citizen xtDur happy lepuuuc.
Breeding of maggOtt tfc Dr.
Mitchell states in the N. E. Farmer,
maggots, for profit, is a regular ousi
oes at the horse butcheries, near
Paris. They are iotd by measure, for
feeding birds and poultry anu tor n5n-
maggot-ireeding, pays to the owners
of the slaughter house' 30 fraflca (85.
62) perVeck," for leaver to carry on the
trade'. ' -.
itent,'i teud'tlhM'kMiie:;-
.....aovpCJ-a-s..,... ,
TiAcnsa. Well, what does that apeRT
mT. Don't know. "
Taacnv-a.-What' in the window at home t
oi. Wliy, Dad's old breeches.
- Freemen, cheer the Hickory Tree.
In storms its boughs have sbelter'd thee ;
O'er Freedom's Land its. branches wave,
'Twas planted n the Lion'" Qan "
'kind of weather will follow the moon6
entrance into any of her quarters.
O S Ol 13
9. . 3
r 2 -
oo c ,J r 3 s
5 3 3.3
i m 3
w t e
s 5" S 5? n rv'l "
n if m
3 p 3
: " 5-fr-
t 4
13' 6 eft W
O 5
S t ! t
3 B
a. o-
Tke away your expensive follies,
and you will . have little occasion to
complain of hard times.1
touch sinews and sole leather nerves,
brave: from very atnpidity f they-da
not shrink irom danger,. because ther
arc too dull 10 apprehend it, and too
gross to fel it. A man nt nign ani
mal spirits and cxcitanie coostrucuon,
possesses bravery ol a more active
character. He is entitled to no more
praise than a cat is for her capabilities
of scratching, or a bear for the com
pressive power of his paws. It is
natural atttibute of his body. It is a
quality that he shares in common with
the tiger and the game cock..
Mural courage is a higher . qualitj.
in proportion to the superiority of
mind over matter. Yet it ia L very
common, and frequently connected
with the most frivolous traits of char
actcr. The English guards, who lis
ned and lounced. in their ultra-dandy
ism, at London, too effeminate to talk,
or to walk half a mile, fought like de
mons incarnate, at Waterloo, and were
nearly all cut to purees "
Courage is often the child ol for.
or the principle of self -preservation
that be a more agreeable term. A
matrwtll fight forht borne o- will a
dog fight for his bone.. A man will
confront danger for fear of losing his
good. nd chattels; Kis" influence, or
hia reniitation i and if he ' will H"1
1 1 rom irar, n m.ty emu;
I . .. t ' -ti kirn
that all otner passions win tnspuc
with courage. N. T. Morn. Courier.,
iv:i:i?&is-K'$' j;r;r...,. jay 5 v pvmmssisirt&imteti&m
' r.iiAt .. i;iifnil the reauest of.
youtiir lady, who desired 'tWauuiw'td'flmlt
an Acnoirric on
it) ntcblesi maiden! I will obey
Jour mandate, and endite my ly. A
wift as the flight of thought, I frame
E ach letter of the 'loved name :
I. icensed in freedom by thyself
F rown not, Eliza'tis -sty i'-'
j ....
'..vt. ....
,h r:

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