North Carolina Newspapers

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BAL18MJRY, N. C.....TUESDAY, JULY 19, 1828.
VOL. IX NO. 423.
Is 1 A 1 1 h i,1 mi it ji i -
.ll Hi HMMttf Mf a-r patr, i la
WMtrtitrt a , r ,--....,
4, MiMHif M WaHwa tir.M.1., law IHr, Ml
J twin t M fcumt
JlaMM. . tf """ 'Wl 1 Saw
Haa a? m mm, tatf! Ml 4m ar tatf irl MJ
yWH ipl a ttaaM an Ml
iHH Mil tf IMf M MMMi tkmatw. fMM
M tf M fcHlM tlamil kt (M S4H.T, r tWf r 0
Clnitrtr stair JUtw,
mSoUaTtX Fir-JUmi yTiL 'iSHh.Csnren
contingent fund of the House of Repre
tentative. .
' Speaker of th House of representatives
Vie Preside-nt of the United tates, and
: ' rresidem of the lenate.
Approred j 1 Mar, ltr28.
' ' 'Jcjhn QflCT' ADAM
'M Act aJiaklrf ppcoprlMtWM rU -the TaiMie
-T-rrpuadSnpi and fr other ptirpooe
II K it tnacttd 4 the tate and. Aause
reftreoenlatiUi of the United Statet ,
Jmertea$H .mgrtn wrmotea, inaitnc
fellowlog sum of money be, and the as roe
harebr are appropriated, to be paid out
of any money in lb Treasury not other
appropriated, fur tb following pUr
poaea I that it to ajr
... JTor.eonipletirj. the work remaining to
De cone, on and aooat me i hoik ih
JinM. fiftr tlx thousand four hundred
dollar and eiebt cental for the coat of
a bo!Uln lot. aod other expcodiiurea for
the Jail at Aleiandria, one thouaand au
hundred and oinetr nine dollar and aix
teen centa for the completion of the
Penitentiary in the Diatrlct at Columbia
twenty two 4bouMttd three hundred and
ciehtr-aeveo ' doUr ' and ' ninety ' aevm
-eenti -fof defrayinic -the expewae-of a
buildinr p 'be Kay Drpartmehr,
twaWe hundred and aixtr'one dollar! and
lfchlea teoTXTtfbrwTntnnce aiwf door-
. - f . t - t - L - I
way into toe v.apuoii ironi ine top or me
tjtrraee'bti the western fronrrthTreihou'
and one hundred am) twenty-one dollara
And ten 'cenliT"
Sec.' 1. "Md It it further matted,- That
tbe'Commhaioner of It? Public Buildinga
ke and he hereby is, (authorised and em
covered to cause to be built, an En
cfaebbuMt tor the accommodation of the
... i'' j .
' j ranklia - tingine tompaay, uooer auiia
Me condition, to aecure tbe faithful per
formance of the work, and to procure an
JBrdrattlion Enjtine and the requisite ap
purienancea of the eame and that the
urn of three thouaod dollar be, and the
ojme la hereby, appropriated, to be paid
ut of any tnonry In toe treasury not
otherwise appropriated, to defray the ex
jtenae of tb aaror.
Sac S. Jnd beituriAtr enacttd. Thai
from aod after the fourth day of March,
one thousand cHthi hundred and twenty
Bine, the ofijco of Architect of the Capi
lot iball reaae knd determine ; and that
the laid Architect shall on a!d day de
lirer op to the Commissioner of toe Pub
lie Building all the books, plana, ac
coants! foucherirtid all other paper and
thing beloneine to his oflice ( and the
.oaid xommiionr - shall take thaixe-of,
and tuperintend the t ublie UuiklinftH and
perform auch other duties as may be re
quired of 'bkn bylaw; and that the said
" commissionir'bo'TCtjuired ta Ttstde- near
tbe Capitol.
Z " Sc. 4; And U it further fMijfcrf, That
tse recuTattoha oT the City br,WashIng;
ton, for the preseryation of the public
peace and order, be extended to the Lap
Itol and Capitol square, whenerer the ap
plication of the same ahall be requeated
fey the preaidinf officer of either House
of Congress, or the Commissioner of tbe
Public Boildingx; and that it ahall be the
duty of the Commissioner of the Public
Building to obey auch rule and regula
tions aa may, from time to time, be pre
cribed, jointly by the presiding officers
of the two House! of Congress, for tbe
care, pi eaeration, orderly keeping, and
Slice of all such portions of the Capitol,
appurtenances, and the enclosurea
boot it, and the public building and
property in its immediate vicinity, a are
not in the exclusive tise and occupation
of either House of Congress ; that it shall
also be hi duty to obey tuch rule and
regulation ai may be, from time to time,
prescribed, bytbo preaidingofficerof
either House of Congress, for the care,
prwrnfldnT police
of those portion of the Capitol and its
oppurtenances, which are in the exclusive
use and occupation of either House "of
Oongreea respectively ; and that it aball
also be hie duty to obey auch rule and
regulation as may, from time to time,
be prescribed by the President of the
United Stcs, for jhe care, preservation,
orderly keeping, and police of the Public
Building and public property, in the City
of iWashingtoni and the Commissioner
Jnd hif assistant aro hereby authorized
nd empowered to use all necessary ana
proper aeana qr the discharge oi Jhe
" atoresaU duties V aod the newssary" a
istanta of. the Commissioner shall re
teive reasonable compensution for their
ervlce, to be allowed by the presiding
officer of the two. Houses of Congress;
one moiety of the said aum to be paid out
.of (he contingent fund of the Senate, and
0$ otter moietj o be paid oot of the
... To t& VuMlc.
THE aubtcribfr is now receiving a large and
general aeormi.t f
Dry Goods, CutUry, and Hardware,
of all description, from New-York and Philadel
phia, where they wet selected by hiirtelf, w'rth
care, and bought tor ch, and which arc offered
on the mot returnable terms. He will tell for
caah at the 1owet prices otherwiso, on time.
Country Produce bought, at the higbeai market
pricra. Arranrementa are made to receive
Good monthly, from the above named placet i
which will Keep up a gooa iiyij r.-b
Good; -Call at hit Store 4n SalUWry, and ex.
amine for vourselvee. JOHN MURPHY.
N.- B. -8urar, Coffee, Salt. Iron, MoUaw.
Rum, Winea, French Rrandn &c. he AUo, for
tale, ai above, FwtvmU atmnvt Panacra, freth
from the proprietor in 'Philadelphia.";. -
Mm Btfi; lH3i. 1 Jt
: :-- mxv. -
A Act w kthorfce th purchase and cCarrtbiir
"tmn or xtn aeventn t oium or meXaoroT the
- BR tf matted by the tenatt and Aotue
Anttrtca in tongret atemU4, 'l hat the
Secretary lor the Department of State be,
and fcelt heebr, authorized end directed
to aubacribe lor, end receive, for the use
and dispossl of Congress, five hundred
and fifty copies of the seventh volume of
the Law of the United States, to contain
ao index to the tame, to b well bound
and cause to be distributed, one copy
thereof to the President of the United
States, one copy to the Vice President of
the United States, one copy to each of the
Heads ol Uepartmentii to the Attorney
General of the United States, to each of
tbe Senators and Representatives, and to
each Delegate of Territories of the Twen
tieth Congress fifteen copiea to the Sec
retary of the Senate, for the ue of the
Senate, and thirty copies to tbe Cletk of
the Houve ot Representatives, for tbe use
of that House.; one copy to each branch
of the Legislature; of each State and Ter
ritory i and one copy to each of the Exe
cutlvea of the several States and Territo
ries t ano'caHselneresTdue To bedep6l-
ted in the Library of Congress.
sec. J. Ana be it further matted, I hat,
for the parpose aforesaid, the aum of to
inousana two punorcu oo:iara oe, u "
ssme is hereby, appropriated, to be paid
out or any money In tbe 1 reasury not
otherwise appropriated.
Approved 2 May, 1828.
jUiisBunr, jronrit carollha,
fm fflHIS elegant eatabrtahment, aituated
j m. at tbe north comer or the Court
.T "" House, has bee roMntly repaired and
ntte up in a new and wperior style, tor the re
eept ion of Company, liegreaiaat painahave
tahaa to proeuiw for (w eMaiMiment
oaw Air4hwe of avenr dMcnpttotv iMeeaaary
for the wm of YraveDenj -the. nioat ap.
prouuLecmntf have ooen.aelected xUh great
care the bar rocked witn chotce hiruort, and
the ttalilea 'attended it obfirinr and attantive
. i.u .. ..
now int. i rvs eonrenience o, inta aiiuraKm u
i4ild to (if tb P W
a number of pfnta rooma, and otjtbouaee, well
ealoiiUted fur joe acoomoodation of Travellert
rr Attached J .which, Aber. ia a
To tt Tublk.
A LTIJOUGIi the ernisclotumeM of innocence XVIr J-1 cobs' report to the British
. .-! - t (.!.. J- I tl-! . f ,, ,
Privy CouociL respecting the iirrl
culture of some ol the continental
may smtaJa a man. who. in the diacharre
, ifct,j... . a.t . . I
nis oibchu amies, mi incqrrea in auaptckie
owe. that respect due to the opinion of our ,Ule 10 n?-"tbrrn Europe, recently
nwwiuKni, wrra wncr uiraciir or irHurccu puuiiuucu in ngtiou( aiaics inai IM
tMfiooiackaiwa whick. tfu U H niWrW COtvJltlOO, ",10 tbe eutcro
Dry Goodad Book Store.
to 1bo whe may please to 'eall on him, he
aatures tKm that no puna will be spar: to
renaer ueir star comionmbie and pleasing.
Sfliury, Srht IT, 1827, 83
r i raifl R aubK:riber bta removed from the
71 I "X - houie formerly owned by Cant
r"" tUUrt Wvrki, dee'd. to the house lately
ccupiea oy Mr. iiavui roner, In tbe east end
of the town j wbere be will continue his TAT-
F.RN. He aincerety tbankl his friends and
the public for the patronage heretofore exten
ded to him i and be solicits 'ite continuance of
their favors.
He tiledjres his unremittitr attention to his
buainese, and kindncn to those who may be
pleased to can upon him. 13
StattrviPt, Ireddt r. .V. C. JhH 1828.
Union U6ti;
, M HI. fF.Vr.Ilns'rriw.hei
fvCTtt lv J. and thelpublie eenertily, 4
JShZLhm opened a BOJMMLSC ft
her friend
that abe
IiilI h. opened a BOA&MISQ HOUSE.
rvie door noftbatt of tBetoiteopa' Church on
Greentreet. where the is Drtoarrd to receire
Laidjtot-ommodateJnsiwacrt and gmti In a
neat and elegant manner. Tb dw-lling is tbe
one rormeny occupied oy tMm J"dan, tenr.
Kaq. known by tbe name of Mrdani Bttl. lu
pronmity to the -Court House as well as the
butinets part of the town, renders f. deserving
of the attention both of the gentkaeo-of the
oar and others attrnding Sbe cottrts, of the Plan
ters snd Country Merchante ef -this place. - She
aasure them that no eipevee nor e union ahall
be wanting o her part to render her house uo.
exci ptionable in every respect j therefore, re-
pectlully solicits s share of tubbe pttronage.
N. R. This House will be. conduct ed snd su
perintended for me by my brother, Mr. Dillon
Jordan, aenr. late proprieur of tbe Mansion
Hotel. -
There are very large andeommodious suMf
snd carriage home appurtenant to the above
t,Mntm- IIUUN. , XM a
theas iaertby of auab eOoe W tejae i I PVt of the KeiberUnila lilt road, 'are)
hmLUu. . appeal ta tb. pubue fov-that oerIy4a) atate fotortrtrfwnt
"'povF.. . i ui ,n mmtwi i nave lor oyro I r j... "
' m " -.-r iwfw,. , mn wim wiih l . .
jDoaewhose opjniuna I value, needs m apology. o0I?rWntrtt ..vielLChMgtiJo. a. CTJ
U thttol iftnp 7oaepr vVeiK-wU tuul been himtfttfrrfamVtmttrM rv'
eeaUy aeeuted, asade hi eacape, by the aid of -et irp xcarCtly- pJUttble,. . In ; , .,
eaeaoe. trv th aid of - W xcaiXCiy- pasia!
ame persona whose iume be would not H- Mecklenburff tbe rotdt are Deglected.
8lerinof the arJinlw 'J JTZlK
Xllet Rildwin wu l.ilor. Th. atiAi. r' left io a atate of Mturf. lo th
ai ...... j ii k:. i.,-n .. . r n ' '
i towtoo n uwuuitw nie diiiidi inuict.1 wuuacnuu pruvincca or avCQroars, t
K.u - .L. i r . ... . . ... I. . " w
wLBeiWaClkV m. flT. 019 . io i moit deglecteal
wuiie i was gone lo make my official return ia , . . ,, . ,
Raleigh.) the Jailor and myself, iatbe eaeYpa! ,Ute and tWtlhngh tediou io tbe
At last Superior Court. I, a well as the Jailor, most favorable weather. In Eottixod
W acouiuedof tbe charge by jury of my theaanal loail -nf -wnwm-wirK fnnw
wni7. mis la, no doubt, sufficiently satiafac kn,,-. J. art Ki.tKel. Af t.h. f '
tory to my frienda and all acauainted wiib ih 1 80 DUbeU Ot Wheat, reIfrD-w .
. - . : - i . j wv j . . .
propewamj lew or the prosecution but u,u6 JVA-- pounaa oui in me Qlliricrtf
weir sad, by has numerous offences, acadiieifi noticed on the continent, the nan!
the circumstance bv which it r(rM.i K.;n. I Mccklenburo and Holateln are mnr
t'SS l" !tbt'!?t?t4 "I? icio" PH advanced io husbandry than any ttar
a my character, which was. I fear, snreaid mora 1 1 . tiuu u. or m..;:i '?J?i!! portico of the eastern part f
rt!TKweaUdoubtonthetjbiectitivurhiif l Europe. The farm a are eneloied submit to Weir, on tb morning oT tb. end divided into fields. Uk TcudaJ eya-- '
ministering to hrm spiritual conaoUtion, end r-"4 io, - j nc gTcairr pair Ol "
P.".l ' oiscer on dutytu period! in' foqtipent. lejcgltivatedon a widely
wiien every etruiif midn m me 1m j:ir... .1.. .... w r
ceued to b'ave any hold on hi. fe.B Tth. fol- i'"" "1" .rr',n,1nw-mTT
towinc'a-iestlbntrwhich: with I. . . rrewa,r-nusinef rwaoa ana ftusaia
confession under the rallows. sre rraneetfullv Dfoent a wretched SVStem. It is called
jukmiotdjo .the publjiuj the Kmsciousnest tbx.three Mttciiboibaodry:iMw
that a tbi juetificatioa m due to that public, r , . """"w.fwrnii-wg
from vhoee tvor.ble opinion the wbribVr hS ofrUt 00 '' lanfellow - Sd, -
nimeno receiveu me most honorable and flat I waicr rye, wacat oancy, or oau.
tering support,--their juvtice will confirm the Under this ay'ttcm the' procCBS of
verdict on oath of i wriva thU rit 1.: I . . . ' . , .
' L. .vwiiiKiw, l vkauatinn nin lu an1 t km
. .. Toun, fcc. iOHH SLOAK. - . " . V 0 V x ?
TIT ILL find it to their advantage; to ttop 4
f I the' irjCfXV TA R n,"wbere every- con
venience is provided for Mait snd Horse, to make
them comfortable, at the moderate charge. of 25
cents a day ami niirht, for the privilege of the
YaroV tbe-use of a good.loiiae, tlreir.tevsnd
shelter.-- Attached to th tsrd,are Grocery
and Pi-oviston Store, Bread Shop and Contec
tionarv. and House for Boarders and Lodtrer.
a ntin.''raeap.-wholei)e -and 1 cornror
Uble style. 09
Fayritf!lt, U, JffiL. 1868.
F n HE subscriber returns his sincere thank to
A hi friends and the public, for the liberal
encouragement he has received in his line of
business ainc. nn commencement in inn piacc.
Having eolarged his Establishment, snd employ
ed some additional hands, together with his own
unremitted attention, he flatter himself that he
will be able to give general satisfaction to those
who may favour him with their work, tie keeps
constantly on hand, '
Coachn, Char 'tottees, Pannel and Stick
Girt. Matl Stares, fcrc, Uc .
Lincoln, wne28, 1828. 4t25
N. B. Renain of all kinda in bis line of busi
ness, done with neatneaa and despatch.
THE subscriber iepectfully-informs the eit
isens of 8afibury, and the surrounding
country, that he has established a tannery
said town, on Mam street, tewtwora sown
of the CourMlousei where he will be thankful
to receive any kind of work in bit line of busmen.
From a number of years etperience, In Europe
and America, he feel confident of being able to
give-entire aatiifaotioa to all thosewhojwyfa
vor him with any description of Binding.
Blank Bosk msde to order, after any pattern
furnished, on short notice, and at prices which
no one can complain of.
W Book Kcbtund, either plain or ornamen.
tat, on tbe mot moderte terms. All orders
aaiiUithfuUy attended lo.The pat-
rnnaee oi me puoiic repccuuiij wiiuuu, ij
their obt servt. JOHN H. DE CARTKRBT.
SuHsbiiry, April S&h 1827. 62
V dlIIT.n rff!l 1 ' .... . tl MAtenna n.
tr.rcit I w uiiui frijuci an YK,mntm
debted to him. tm forward and make
payment V' snd those having claims against him,
will be paid on application at bta Dying Estab
lishment in Saliabury, three doors east of the
court-hiiuse, as his Stay lo the place awy be short.
July nth, 1828. 23
F the nea form now required, for aale at the
(fh Seats will be seciirrd'sf the above Hotel
for the Charleston, Norfolk snd Augusta Stages.
Fayettmitte, June 4, 1828. ." " 1 4t2i
X-QUcii. to . TanntTR.
THE aubet-riber "bffert fot -sale,
the valuable property in the
ti)Vn of Charlotte, lately belonging
taMrAHcB Baldwia, ,Tb"ia prop
erty includes about 60 town lota, on a part of
: - . . I li.
wnieu are improrcmciiia, w i a vaiuaoie j tin.
nery, including all the neceaaary building, kc.
and i-Tsatenr"Birk-Min f aJs, good dwelling.
hoie, with the necessary out-boose. The land
i all under cultivation, and well fenced. Anv
perton wishing to purchase, can learn the terma
by calling on the aubaenber, living in Cabarrus
county, on Buffalo creek i or oa air. William
Smith, living in Charlotte. '
Coiorrrif canary, May 32, 1828. ITtf '
Physic. Surgery & Midwifery.
I NFLURNCED by the earnest. aolicitationa of
1 many of bis friends. Dr. Bwrtt U Heall net
at length determined to locate himself in Lex
ington, N. C. i though be would respectfully in
form bis friends and those citisens- of Davidson
and the adjoining counties, who may be dispos
ed to favor him with their patronage, that hav
ing businetw requiring his personal attention
without this state, he will not be prepared to
ester upon the duties of his profession before
the 1st of August.
Ane25.1828. 4t2J
CmcWJo4 JMii 30, 1828.
Questions proposed by Col. J. 8 loan to Jos. I
veir, ana answers returned. '
duce it not much more than four titnea -the
seed owq. The field are almost
universally without i the labor
is preformed in the moat neoligeM and
Q. Mr. Weir, my reputation liu been assailed I irfinerfeet manner. In Ruaaiu. AmJ
ia consequence of vour.etcaDe from Mecklea. c r ... .l e
burg jil :-Uo you believe I knew any thine P"." m '7t -
about your escape at the time it was effected I ytem is continued, and the peaaanU
A. I know you did not. are alavea attached to the anil, anrf
t?; nl f"6 yoa TX ,upp: "ght -nd abld with it, The lorda
ed to have aaattted you in makine your escaoe M 6 .. . .
J. Joseph Hilton. Win. J. AltxtiuW and rir I re Poor tninff DUl land, and
,0bnRu . hf JJmo merely contnye to livo
county eijuiune yu concerning your escape L v
a. wo.- r..,: j- i :-r.
q. la Baldwin innocent t umj anu tm praunui,-:. ,n,a.r -f
A. He is innocent, and son tbe negro that I part nt turope, mere are marka - OS
attended on the lait. ; imnrovement it cultivation." houaeif -- f
n Am inu af'tlinvtA liarloaa khnlt anil mil 1 1 .' . . .
,,. n,,,w. .t,. .-... " 1 .,.. I. .,. . Kr 111,, lh KmM.
'v;-'l cannot answer that question. - , "!ru--t. T:": Z
O. Were you let out by a falae key, or were io most districts is very low. ic ia
yan let out by the key of the jail. - , estimated that the population Qt.KtI-
J. I expect partly by a lame key. 9 . u. 011rt,,nt.J .Ur. 1 0 1
0. my brother Robert Sloan Innocent f ll r . , ? "1 " ,'
jt He is.' I0)' ine numDer oi iB or y miuione. -
1'orWs's there-anybtherp
burir. of reiDectability, imDiioated m vour I
rto - r sli I OVCipvvUliiiwvi wtu uj . yw'ti ye. Vft
(na itk vmir kntivtMlcr) f . I . ' . i'
i i7aiaASFaa K a m i trr t mfi a fram
B fJn I IhUI Vl.a awai-taj - -.ini-lihhvh va
q. Do you really baiTeVe ii wu the" Ul- Statearafldrrjiher
by which you effected your escape f countrie are numerout.
JI. 1 imna .11 watii uau ocen incu iuiuc
Slate f MriA-CwvUna, reoVtf eimff
-r a a. a OOO
SUrERIUK Court Ot law, tpnnr term, io.
Jane Mornson. ee. Heseklah- Morrison i
. r j: i. .kt. j.a il la nmerri
peuiioq ior uiTurvc.
by the ceurtt that publication be nude for ait
weecks sueceasiveiy, in me "cucm vhv"i
.l ..i .i j.e.njan tlavalriah lforriaon.
Ulal unicn uic uotiiu.i . .
(who tt appemri to the amti-faoM of tbe court
if not sa inhabitant of tuis state, ao mate
appearanc before the Judge, at the neat aupe
rior court Uw to be held for the county of
Iredell, at tl court-house in 8tateville,.on tbe
5th Monday after the 4tb Uonday in September
next, and tile Wi answer, pbsdto issue, or d
the petitioner wHl-be heard -eanarte, and
have judgment pro confeeao. ,.
t letl. i ila. - ..
f&JSouil&jt, jfaira of Martin Walk, t-a. tbe real
-Mii,. Piintitnt to sn order of court made
at th but term, 1 'n sell, on the 3d Monday of
August next, at tne cour-nowr ,n
upor. a credit of one year, taking bond with ap
proved security, all that, tract or parcel of land,
tiogioJaid county, on the waters of Rocky
creck,7djoinlng the Tandi ;c;LtlCky Specks
snd others, tbe property of said Martin Vlalk,
dee'd. containing two hundred and twenty-two
acres, more or kV J0HK MUSaATjC. m.e.
nights lja-r-"-!-5-
Ctnnr Jail, May 30, 1828.
L Joteph Weir, do hereby certify the above
antwen to have been given to the foregoing
quettiona proposed to me by Col. Sloan, aheriff
of Mecklenburg county, and that the same are
true. signed, JOS. WEIR.
Test : Dtnl. Coleman, Jno. Robinson,
Jeste Kankin.
State of Xorth Carolina, M w 182g
Cabarrus County. 3 '
I, Daniel Coleman, do hereby certify, that I
witnetaed. tbe execution of Joseph Weir, and
that the aaid Weir, while under the gallows, caL
led for CoL Sloan, snd that I was present with
him when be approached him t and that Weir
declared he would clear him of all charges that
might be made against him, the aaid Sk-an,
relative to hit escape from Mecklenburg
Jail, and he did the aame with a clear ton
CommUttd to iYe Ja
OF Pavidton county, a mullatto woman, who
says her name is Catharine, end bslongs to
William O. of Jefferwn county, Georgia, and
wat raised lift Charleston, 8. C, and aoUl as the
property of Jamea Gun, dee'd. She la about
5- feet- hlghV rather a dark mullatto, between
21 and 22 years old, no particular marki per.
ceptible on her, more than her face has the ap
pearance of being marked with tb. mall pox.
Her owner is requested to come forward, prove
property, pay charges, sr.d take her away, or
otherwise the will be dealt with as the law di
rects JOHN M. THOMAS, y.r.
Lexington, June 26th, 1828. 21
Stpte of jA'pnh-CaroHna, Si,kuteuHly
IlOUKT Of pleat and quarter tetMont, June
J term, 1828. John Webb w, Edmund
Beasley Original attachmeu t Je vied .n,.jne
ketile. Jce, It appearing to the satisfaction of
tbe court, 9 tbi case that tbe defondaht, ' Ed
round Beasley. is . not sn inhabitant of this
State tfJa.ttareforeijoriejr
be made in the Western Carofihian' for six
weeks,' that tbe defendant appear at trar next
court to be held in Germanton, on the 2d Mon
day -of September .next,-tben re
plevy and plead, otherwise judgment will be
taken against bim by defendant. 6t22
M. R. MOORE, e. e.
ttpQ iT, J C. fc DAS'CTi
The Editor of the Reading Journal
aays that he has tried the experiment
of pouring boiling water upon the
roots of a peach tree, the leaves of
which had become seared and dry, aod
the limbs In a rapid state of decay
in one week it began to revive, aod
in three weeka it waa covered with : m
new foliage, and new vigorous shoot
are putting out in every direction.
Long ?. A man in New Jersey
has e sheep of the Diahley breed
which weighs 2J2 pounds j some of
the wool is 20 inches in length. A
man ia Pennsylvania lately sheared 29
pound of wool from one sheep j it is
very fine, and some of it 12 inches
long, (probably the growth of two or
three year.)
... jMrge trec,Thc , largest in .the
world is aaid to tie the Adantonia dig
itata, which is found it Senegal
Eirvpt d Abyssinia. TheTTninkir"
from 20 to 30 feet in diameter, and
divide into brauches of great aiac,
which spread out drooping fct the ex
trernitiea, and form a mast of verdure
150 feet: in diameter, and 70 feet in -height.
The wood i light and . soft,
and the neoroe lom'etlme hollbw out"
tliaillUCII It, UIC. . llUUk, -Mt ,'!" It ..k .
their lead wuhia-Um.wacretraeyv
become mummies. Dcrfcctlv dnr. and
WCll trCSerVCU.'':"'"",!" avaWWTl(a,a;i,ti iinrailWju.. I
f .
KiMQX, It is aaid that y several
women id Connecticut have recently
taken the kino pox fren cowa bv naili
ing them, ;
.,4 :v.

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