North Carolina Newspapers

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, - V Jh,. r,.
A tctrriher-r.r'f In-imA WrvMi U',lct
unci Solicit of the Arrtiy uf the Revolution.
BE H enacted h the Srmtttmd ' "f Hrf
mmtativei oftU United Statrt f Umricn
v- r JiMtmhlnL TIit etch of lie tur.
vlvins offlcere of the army of the Revolution in
the Continental Line, wuo tM emuic.i 'o ii
W by the reaolve of October twenty-lir. lev.
eiiteen Wired and eighty, be authorised to re
teive, wit oTatiV money in the treawrry not otb.
1 " erwite appropriate d, the amount of bii full pay
In said line, according to hit rank in tl line, to
begin with the third day of March, one tliouaand
eight hundred and twenty, and to continue
during his natural life PmriiUd, tint, under
this aeU no officrt '" be entitled to receive a
" larger win than the full pay of Captain lirMid
libe. k . . , '
Km. f . jfai be ft Vrter nfiet that, when.
ew tny of m'x! offlcert tiu received money of
Mti yU4 state, a WV";
" third day 'of March, w tnimaand eight hurxlrrd
and Hrenty-eif, eoreaaiil, the mm to received
hall be deducted from what said officer would,
tptberwrfet f niitiei o, uiwe rjme nw w-cjton
f thit act "and every pension to which aaid
tMrrr know entitled, ahatt eease after lb paa...
" . w j. ...' .-,.... ........ w., . Mw.. vMr,
vfitd M u jurtner enacvu, nai eTery
,Z Sec' 8.
-' urvWUig notvonHrtitton4 officer, muaician, or
- privatvinaiAerayijrhl
- inI durinir the war, and continued in id aervke
" Until itt tenrnnaiion, and thereby became enti
r tied toXcelve a reward of eijehty dolltft, nnder
; rewlvt of confrrew, patted Mm fifteenth,
eveneenluolredJand aeventyig M;. thallbe
- entitled to receive hit full monthly par in taid
Vrvice, out of any money in the treatury not
' totherwite appropriated i to bejrln on ht third
--d A?trch-oneb)tNWd-eiri hundred and
twenty-fix. and to continue during hit natural
tXTti PrtviJtJ, that no rionomminioned offi
, , fcer, mutician. or private, in taid army, who b
how tw the pentton Ket of the United Statet,
bait be entitled to the benefiti of thit act.
'' Hee. 4L Jnd bt It further -enacted, that the pay
V- m1) thUact tliall, under the direction of
' tae tecre'tary of the paid to the offi.
eer or. Soldier entitled thereto, or to their au
thnrixed aftomev, at rach placet and dayt u the
Secretary may direct i and that no foreign offi.
eer ihall be etrtftled to laid py nor hall any
- offieer er SoMier receive the nme, until he fur.
niih to taid Secretary tatiafactory evidence that
lie to entitled to the tame. In conformity to the
erovUlom of thit act and the pay allowed by
&ireVthatf Vwfiii i "anyway WTrihafele;
Kible txr attachment, tevy. or aeiirorc by nr le
.' ' ral procetf whatever, but ihall inure wholly to
the weraona) beaelit of the officer r toldier en
titled to the tame by thit act
8ec. 5. Jnd b it further tnattti, Jhrt. lo ftinch
jafiaid pay ai accrued bhe nrovwjont fjf tJui
t' 6eforethV third day of March, eighteen
-hundred and twenty-eljrht, ahall be paid to the
officen and adUCen entiUed to the tame, ai toon
av may be, la the manner and under the previa.
' ' t&ne before mentioned ; and the pay which thai)
accrue after taid day, than be Paid aemi anno
" mlhr, hi Eke manner, and under the tame pro.
-tfatona, ATEVEKSONtT-
Speaker of the Houee of Repreentativea
- . , . BMITIL
Preaident of the Senate, pro tempore;
Approved t 15 Mav, I83S.
Form if a tlrcLiruUtn t be y the t.rere.
For the purpose of obtaining the benrdtt of
n art, entitled An art for the relief of certain
rnrviving ofllcen and aokliert of the army of the
revolution," aoproved on the Uth of May, 1828,
of 1 In the county of in the
tat 0f do hereby declare that I waa an
ofHcer in the continental fine of the army of the
revolution, and icrved at auch, (here Intert, to
the end. of the war, or (at the cate may be) to
the time when the arrangement of the army
provided by the leaolvee of congrett of the 3d
and 2lH of October, 17B0, wu tarried into ef
fect, and wat educed under that' arrangement,
at which period I wu in the regi.
ment of the lioe - , .' ,
And I alto declare, that I afterwarda received
a certificate (commonly called a commutation,
certificate) for I tarn equal to the amount of five
ycart full pay which turn waa offered by the
ner i
IftwgSt iMeAVtntSa &cr
L lithijrn ifthtMirtwanJPeitle. SaR&
YTAVINU frequently been aolicited to pub.
" ..I..- .J nriK CM nT U.reth 78'UIX IltO A W 01 intT Ittnantl, nrvn, riatn.
intteail of the half pay for life, to which 1 a7 Cewt, kc fcr the benefit of the public, Pre.
V rr-
1 I
1 1
ie I
II, in i, ..ll-
day of -,ln tie
ts.i y t. l.. j
hrrtin t-V-u
en my h'l thie
.. P'Ce'l
clerk of the court of the county of
In the ltte of do hereby ce
, -i before Whom the foregoing
i fere iworn, wat, at the time, here in
,cr a Justice of tie peace or other ma.
gittral, duly empowered to adminiater oatha,
tert e
and d
v emoowtred to administer oatha,
Ltimonv whereof, 1 have hereunto act my
iiand, and affixed the teal of the laid
Jcourt, thit day of, In the year,
Signed) . JBW
(.l AnUccJ
Worm Seed
entitled under the rcaolve of the 21t of Octff
And I do farther declare, that I have receira
f .bo l'Ud latot,-a a-oeHtoier, aiwce-ne
U day J;Warchi IKK lUcre Jnert: Mp
nej", or (at tne cate may nej mar i navf re
Ceived, at la' pentioncr of .the-t'nltd - Jateti
Aincethe3ddayjof March; iK&Vthe mc4 )
dollar, paid to me by the agent for paylnj pen.
aionain the ttate tf r .J Signed I
Before me, T- Inhere Inlert, juttlcV of the
peace, er other ougittrate, duly cmpovrred to
aduuniitefflatht, in the coteity of S in the
ttate of penonall) appeared, thiaday,
tnd uf the taid county, who did,aeverally,
make oath, (hat by whom the foregoing
and believed to have beefi an fiber in.the army
of the revolution, in manner v therein ctated.
W itne mv hand, thit dayof , in the
vear -. (?iKnedl "
L clerk of the court of tie county of
, in the Mate of , do hereby certify, that
, before whom the foregoing aftldav'rtt were
tworn, was t the time, a -r here inncrt,
Juttice of the peace, or other maiitrate, duly
empowered to acmimtter oauit,j anu uuiy em
Dowered to adminiater oatha..
In teitimony whereof, have hereunto tet my
u a, hand, and afBsed the atal of the aaid
court, thia day of -j , i the year
nt the following, u eomprlting 4be principal
parlor tfteir prcum v..
Acid Muriatic- Almonde
Butpuunc - - t lavenuer -
Atrohol ' "
Aloee .
Ahint a .
JKthiopa Mineral
Ammonia Carb.
' I jq. VoL
Antinony Crude
fj&ie "Dtto of Roaei
Antw-Root Indian Opium Turker
Artinio Oxide Biamutn
Atp'iiltum Oiymel Squilli
AMfortida Ointmenta
Anlyne Liq. of Uofl. Pearlaah
111...'.. IIUJ L..
KhodHini '-wo
Pip Mnt.
ther Sulphuric
Aqua rtrua
Baliam Cbnaiva
Race. Junbcn.
Xrtaiury Department, May 28, 1838 t .
The Act for the relief of certain aur
tjving oflicert and toldiera of the revolu
Jkw!ILipproe4 .t. tbe I St MlfUpOf
Ilt8, (of irhkh the foregoing is copy,)
v. urill be carried into effect under the fol
I&inw re'eulauont ; .. ..
rr Eiehipfncr .eUlmlnrrjnndef thcriCti
trill transmit to the aecretiry of the tret-
raurv aectaretHHH according o me lorm
"fcefennto'enneTtrd, marked; A, end etch
' fion-comauuioned officer mtmclan, and flri-
afr.'accordloK to the form-marked B,
ccompan:ed by the oath of two retpecta
ble whoenea, aa-to bit identity, which
oath it to be taken before e ttstu:ejpf the
teace or other marittrate, duly ethpow
. erefl to:tdmuitr .oathaine;atate w
c"lerritonrin mhcH e "realdesV end amhenA
iKBieo upoer me aeai oi me coun oi mc
. county In which the oath Vas administer.
Wt'M ahown in the 'iald-loirmi"
' Each ofiicer will also transmit hi com
mission,. if in existence , end attainable,
and each, non-commiasioned ofHcer, mu
jaiq!an,'and private, his discharge ; which
documents, after being regiatered, will
be. returned. If the commission or dis
charge haibeen lost or destroyed, he will
transmit such other evidence as he may bt can obtain corroborative of the
abatements aet. forth in h'rs declaration.
If the evidence transmittedr taken in
connetion with that afforded by the pub
tic ecqrds at Washington, be found satis
factoryi the amount of two years' full pair,
t the rate to which the officer or soldier
was entitled, according 't his ranl in the
linei at the close of the jrar, or at the
time of his reduction,as the- case may
Be;) but in no'instance' exceeding the full
pay of a captainf of the continental line,
- will be transmitted tobirarai the place
of, hia residence! after deducting therr-
irom ine amoym oi any Dcu&jon wnicn
Statei, since ther 3d day of March, 1826.
He may, however, autboriie' any other
person to receive it forltim j in which
case, he will execute a power of attorney)
according to the annexed form, marked
C,jhicb must be ackndwledged before a
justice of the peace, or other magistrate,
and authenticated tinder the seal of the
court of the codnty, in the same manner
as is atretdy prescribed in regard to-dec
tor any such attorney, until he has made
oath, according to the annexed form D,
Abe! JlhepaTh
receive is intended to enure wholly to the
personal benefit of , the officer or soldier
whose attorney he is.
It is tequeated that aU letters to the
secretary of tbr tressoryi on the subject)
r$m if a detTdrhn U (heitdt-lVfhrnlif-tm-
miuitned Mctr, mtutfiant, tnd private: , ,
For the purpow of obtaining 'the benHitt of
" An act.for the relief ot certain turviving om
ceraand aoldiera of tfiearmy of the revolniion,?
armmred w the 15M, of Mavf 1828, I. .-of
, In the county of in the atate of -,
dn hereby declare that I enlitted in the conti
nental fine of the armv pf the revolution, for
and during the war, and continued in itt tervice
until its termination at which period I wa a
tergeant, corporal mutician, or private, aa the
cate mav be, in captain a company, in tne
resrhnent of the line. "And I alto de-
dare 'hat I afterward received a certificate for
the reward of eighty dollars, to which I. was en
titled, unrW e resolve of Congrett, pawed the
15th of May. 1778
And I further declare that I wu not, on the
fifteenth dav of March, 1828, on the pention
Utt of the United Stttea, Signed
Before me, , here intert either a juatice
of the peace or other mtgiktnite, duly empow
ered to adminiater oaths, in the county of .
in the atate of - personally appeared, thit
day, . , and -,'of the aul county, who did
teverally make oath that , by whom the
foregoing declaration Wat aubtcribed, it grner
ally repwted and believed ..have brew an offi.
cer in the army of the revolution, manner at
therein sUteiL. '.. .... . . ;
""Wit'ne8""my harMl' thit "dty of in
the year .-. IRned . .
t , cleik of thetourt pf the Ttounly of
, in the ttate of , do certify, that kl ,
beore whom the foregoing affidavitt were tworn,.
waa. at the time, a (juatice of tbe peace:
or at the cate may be, and duty empoweredJoJ
adminiater oatlik. r
teaUmouy whereof, I have hereunto let my
ft, a. hand. -ana affixed the teal of the aaid
i, . ic
Fmtm 'I'awerf Attwrmrf. r.r
Know all men by thew preaenta, that I;
of theifounfvof , in the ttate of
mmmi Ao herebv eonatitute and appoint : mv
true and lawful attorney, with a power of' tub-1.
atituiion, ror me, ana in my name, to receive
from the United State the aivKwint of pt now
due to me, under the act for tbe relief of cer
tain surviving officers and toldiera of the revo-
luUon, approved lotn May, lave,, at a in
the regiment of tbe - line of the, army
of the revolution. . -
Witness my hand and acal,tiua toy of
. in the year w 1 v
bmledand JeFiver4ilthe'l . ,-
bretenct $ .
' Signed. - ! Jt..r
Before rnej" , a juatice of the peace iq the
county of In the ttate bf - peraonally
appeared, thia day, whoae name it tub.
scribed to the foregoing power of attorney; and
acknowledged the same to be his act and deed.
Wit neat my hand, thi day of -J, in the
year --. '.Signed! i , .n i
I. clerk of the court of the coUnrr f
, in the ttate or , do Hereby certify,
that before whom the foregotnjj pOWef of
attorney was acknowledged, it a juatice of Me
peace. t-s-;,-..T - . .. . -1... ...jt-i
Pearl barter
Pipe Clay Englitb
Pepper Long
PUT Anderson's
, Lee's
Pills Jacob's
Cornp. Aassfcr. -
-Trecipiute Red
Csmphor i"
Csttor " t Mr Wte
CtntharideV Petrel Barbadewis
Crete PraeVsrtts - 'Poladelphla
Calomel . ( -' PhotDhorue -Cochineal
I . ..Polaah
CormlyeTObfitntie Potaata'Sulphaa
Hrocut Maitis
Cocui Indidut
Cubebt i
Cubolt or Fly Stone
Colocynth fulv, .
Chamomile Flowers
Cinnabar Factitious
Cream Tartar
Conserve of Bote
Cortex Cinnamon
Peru Flav.
Canella Alb.
Cortex Mesereon
Cornu Cewi Rup'd
Dover's Powders
Extract of Bark
"" Cicutae
.... Ueabane .
' Jalap ;
- Cettiat
Liquorice -7S
Catechu -3
Spruce 7
' do refln'd'"
Essence of Bergamot
Lemon i- rrr
Pitch Burgunda
Quataia Raip'd
Quinine Sulphate
Bad Bbet
' - Pl.
'Iris Flav.'
Scitla: '
ditto Fulv.
Spigelia Marilandica
Serpentaria Virga
J Columbo .
" Columb Pulv.
Glycyrrhita .
Curcuma Longs ' .
Ginseng '
in twtirpnny wherwtt I hare hereunto set win
(iS.) hand, and wffixed thtr seal of the aai
, v coun, iuu ay ui 11 , in oe year.
: '. r . d.
Fern efjjtdavit to be taken if Attorney.
Before me. , a juatice of the peace in the
countv of - in toe ot , personally
appeared thlVday, -i the attorney named in
the foreroinr power of attorney, and made oath
that the aame. was not given to him by reason pf
any transfer, or of any attachment, levy, or eiz
are. bv anv knl .oruceas wbiteveJ-. of .Jthe bav
therem authorirci to b Tceeived, but that tbir lirrrfvftjowrO'!
fstrtd pwwnnfewdcd -tohwre wrbonyte the peM'jinelaaai-
i L . ' r . t . ft i . L I . " . - . . .
. Jalap Pulv. "t
ipecacuanha Pulv..
Rosin White
,TeUowf . "
Seed Anise
z "Sweet Fennel I
White MutlarJ T
Taney Carte ay .,
, - m . m - 3
. : , " imrr ureen..,-carapace
Ent. Veneris
Elixir Paregoric
Em,). Adhaeiivurn ,
Pol Digiuris
Senna Alex.
Uva Urai
" Juniperi Sabinl
Floret Renzolii
'"Zinci ,-)
.... , Sulphuris
Ferrl darbonas
Gum Ammoniac
. TragacanUi
Copal .
Elemi ,
Gatbanuiw "
i . Flttlie
Sugar of Lead
8anford'i Bark
Sodae Sup. Carb.
Soda Powders
Seidlits Powders
Spirita of Nitre dule
of Wine
-of Lavender Com.
. of Turpentine '
t-1 of Hartahora "
of Camphor
Sal. Epsom . iV)
" Martrs
t .::n
I :' I l:,,.,t
Vitriol w Lite
Wme, Antimoiiial.
rrivf MtMttkts.
Rngert' vegetable pul Stouhton's Bitters
monio detergent, fof Aromatic ditto
Cought, colds, And Steer's Opodeldoc
eontumptions. Henry's Megnetia
Rateman't Drop . Rogeri Vegetable '
Cxlfrey't Cordial Harlaem Oil, of
Britith Oil . . " Medicamentum,
Turlington's Btltatn
' ivxntttt. .
Medicine cheats . Strewing Smalt
Camel halr'd penclll Tine and eoan sponge
Couri platters . Pumice stone
Gold leaf, , . White ka'ber akina '
Silver ditto Apoth.acalea k weights
Gold Bronte 1 1.' ;. ; ' Poland starch .
Silver ditto ; ryr ;f American r ditto r ::
Copper ditto .'. Twine '
Hatter! bow ttrings 1 VanilU beans
Black k red ink powderTonqua dUtam
Liquid Ink ?7C J'Trthhewax'r?w'
IwUaJUte. Yellow ditto-;
Clark's indelible ditto : Bay. ... ditto- W-.a-
Perkins ditto :tr. ditto : Red stsTtng ditto
ratenc unt iii. nwtn nwox
Lama wlcka Red ditto-
Lancet etwee French ditto -Com.
Mortars 8; PertletCologne water
Pohthing Powders Antique oil
Pill boxes - v - '. Maeawar oil
Tooth brushes . F.yetonee .
Tooth powders ' Eye-wster
Fancy paper
wave w I, a
Rotten stonw
lamp oil
r Bole anttenl"
Windaoe ditto 4 Union luice
Naples ditto Hull's froee
Trantptrent soap Macoboy ditto
Waahball ditto Scotch ditto
White ditto Snuff bixes
Cephalic snuff "
gal. cerate pott do. do. do.
1 qt. do. do. UallipoU assorted
1 pt. do. do. Pillules
White lead . Black varnith
Red dittos.. Copal varnlh. ,.
Black ditto Madder
Venetian red -" - Copperas ---'
Spanish brown Turkeytimber
Chromic yelloW
Cbromtc green
tvnnr black
Yellow Ocre
lrocws mtrtif"'
Flake hite
Paris white
Rose pink
Chinese vermilTion
Prusaian blue
floured ditto
Spanwh indigo - -
American ditto
rem de sienna
Ground fuatie
Logwood in iticTt
Red uundert
Vitriofi colcothar
Spanish whiting
A matt o
- Lamp black -
ma iiu(.Aa,
The conflict's o'er-tha crowe Is riven
brow 'mooth'd "ofm-compellinf
The gitnt spirit from his throne Is driven.
The oations to milder atepre bow j
For he t!is great magician, lifU no more
The wand of empire o'er embattled hmtt,
Nor bretks again hi whirlwind battle roar
On earth's wide, thunder-blasted, dreary coutr
Yet like eternal beacon-urea that stream
On night's cold brow of heavy rampart gloom.
The flathmp of hia deathleaa actions gkam,
And abed a glory o'er his Warrior temh. -Napoleon
tleeps the star of empire fadw,
But his proud spirit tpurot the attyguui sbsdes
All mea's Intriguet and prbjectt tend
By lev era! courses to one eixL .
To eompawi by the pronereat tlmwt
mm Ad that wbkh owns tbejjc falrjLStpretett
w viicn iuuou. U19 inuircci au -.
, llepce 'tit, that hypocrites Mill paint
"j Much betief than tbe real taint, ' ' " "
'Z. A4. knltellPPf ' Jore Juiiirue:
Than honest men that make less shew (
The dullett ditguie
. Appear more knowing than, the wise t
lUiurste dunce t-u mil ice rn'd,
' Paas on the rabble for the learn'd i
, And cowardsthat esq dama and rant-..
Pats muster for the valiant -
For he, that haa but Impudence, m:. .
le U things hat e-Jutt pTelebceT'"'
Andput among Lis wants but aharae.
Te til m orld may lay hia claim.
' Butter Rrmm'nt.
2 Cats. Specie Bottles 1 do.
do. do.
1 do. do. do. 1 qt. salt mouth d
do. do. do. 1 pt. do. de,
1 qt. ' do. do. f do. do. do.
1 pt. do. do. Graduating measures
do. do. do. Phialt assorted
I gsL Tincture Bottles runnels
do. do. do. Nipple shells
qt do. pd. Breast pipes '
Bed urinals . ..
J do. do. do Mortars and pestlel
wt,do." - ' do; " " Pungent bottles
4 do., Tincture Bottles Retorts j; ... -2
do, ' do. - do, - : : Peg lamps - - r
Evan's lancets
Comrnon do ' ; " '
Sprinf . do;
Gum Ao'. "-''-Scalpela
Lancet phlemet
Teeth (In were
Setoe needles
'Awe 9A; 1828;
Gum elatt. Catheters
Stomach Tubes
Wax Bougie
Gum elastic do.
'Female Syringes
Male- do.
Clvster nines -i
r-8paMsat "
Rochell f''-
Biureticus .. ..' if.
Tartar, . . .
Cheltenham , , $,
Ni1" ,. u
Ammoniac Ref.
ditto Crude
, Saflron Spanith T
, Oiled..- ...
8tiraX Liquid
! CalamUe-
ttanni Pul "
Gum 8bell Las .
, Myrrh ,-. ,.
V Olibanum
- Mastic
Gallt Aleppo .
Hellebore Nig.
Tartar Emetie f
-"T" ' ' ' Ammonisted
Turpentine Venice
... Tapiosa
Turnerfs Cerate
Tiiict Awafoet'ids
Aloes e.
" "T'T Cantbaridea
Peruvian Bars:
tonal benefit of tbe person by whom the taid
power wat executed. , - . ...
vWitness my hand, this day of in the
fear 7"" -" "; . "" , ' "7" ' ' ''
Before me, , here insert either a justice
of the peace or oher magiatrate, duly empow.
ered to administer oaths, in the county of ,
in the ttate of , pertonally appeared, thit
day, " ' an4 , of the said county, who
: Rhubarb
LpU Calaminarit
Lac Sulphui
Lunar Caustic
Lichen Islsndictn
Manna Flake
Magnesia OatbLv-
Huxham'a Bark
-Iodine ,.-
Termerie , I
Capsicum -8trpentariaVirg.
Muriate Steel '
I1HF. valuable- JVillt and -Land
I if, ft t formerly the propertv of Geo.
1 1 i i Saner, dee'd. are offered for tale
Ibv the late purchasers. Thit land
lies on Outchman'i creek, 4 miles east of Mocks-
ville, adjoining the Giles Mumford tract, and it
equal to any land in Rot an county, with, a Lu ge
proportion of superior meadow i the Milla are
of superior construction, and have now very
good and increating run of custom i tbe water
power can very conveniently be made to drive
anv kind of Machinery. For other particulars.
and terms, apply to f homss D. Gibba, one of
the proprietors, on tbe premises.
May 234 1828. v . MARTIN SANER
N. B. Another tract, belonging to Peter Sa
ner, adjoining tbe above, containing 225 acres,
will be sold in connexion with the above, or sep
arately at may bent wit the purchaaer i which
ia likewise first rate land. - - - - -Jltt,
will be sold, a lot adjoining the town of
Mocksville, containing ten acre of land, with a
good dwelling-house, .with. AuUtoueet,- and an
excellent garden i thia property will be sow
low, on accommedatliig terma- Apply aa above
raoai res Tatnra Tsusa.
Evert man hit own Phy$ician.
I Uke the liberty to hand you, Mr.
Editor, the following recipe for publi
cationit haa beee found very uaeful
in families during the warm season,
end if jpersisied W will prove an ad
51Iye If1. jniobvute! the
neCessltySfiTjiiog harshetrmedicine j
trre -writer ctit eifelrTexoraraenrllr to
all disposed to make trial of it ; and
can add, moreover, that it has beers
used in the family f n emioeht phyi'
siciin for several years past and in
his neighbourhood, it is customary in
almost every family, to have a demi
john filled with this water and placed
in some convenient part of the house,
to that $11 may have access to it and
it is usual for every member of the
family to tike a glass of it, ja regular
ly aa they eat their breakfast he ef
fect is a fine appetite, tnd sin improved
state of health. The qualities of the
water are very similar to the celebra
ted Cheltenham water.
8 oz. Glauber Silts.
4 f 2. Epsom do.
: Z2 tablespoons full common salt to
The Jose ia one wipe gtms full put
in tumbler ind filled up with spring
water, toJe drank half an hour befora
breakfast, and. the. same.: repeated at
night, If reqireiiirjTriJirCt-
. A good fxampte.?Dr? M aCatthey,"
the Anatomical Professor, in Dublin,
with about fiftv other sureeonaJhavo
beganjhe patriotic ?kf liitrendc'f,".";
mg up their bodies. lor- dissection, by
stMinp. with. aU due lolemnttv. an or
ra ' 9
der to theic respective executors to .
that effect.
Scene A country tchool houte.
Roy S, ee.
Teacher What does that spell ?
Don't know.
Teacher-What do I do with my
Boy Squint, air.
THE subscriber ofler. for sale,
' tbe valuable property in the
town of Charlotte, lately belonging
to Mr. Allen Baldwin. This Drop.
erty includes about 60 town lots, on a part of
1 ' l. - ' . . . . 1 I I m
which are improvcmenit, via j a vaiuaoie x an
nery Including all the necessary buildings, fcc.
tnd r patent Bark-Mill i also, a good dwelling.
noutei wnnuie nccetaaij oui.noutea. i ne lanu
is all under cultivation, and well fenced.' Any
Eerton wiabing to purchaae, can learn the terms
f 'eillin'f 'tni' Ltn-SKibiicbsirs nsv1'CabWririti
Smith, living in Charlotte.
Vatarrut enmry, MtwZL 1828.- lrtfJ
To OoA iNWncTS.
ATVTV'bs. of pure Qtdckeiher. jutt received,
WUJ snd fpr tale, by E. WILLEY k Co.
tfapt,imlUrt,lij28, 20
Learn to hold thy tongue. Five
words cost Zachariaa forty years si
,What word is that of one syllable,
from which, if two: letters be taken,
will leave a word of two syllables,
both of which are in daily use f
Chuse a wife, as you would a knife,
by her temper.
Apervere woman, is like i " pcf "
petual blister. " "
opinions arc ther feathera. '
- Jach'Ketch' Arithmetic. 16 idle
knaves make a swindler t 8 swindlers,
a housebreaker j - 6 housebreakers, a
highwayman t 4 highwaymen, a mur- .
derer j: and two niurderers ii dish for
the Devil f ,,, t'u's- .
. legal Arithmetic.,. 12 lawyers
Hetkimak e an. ma?
law i 8 sergeants-at-law, an attorney
general j i 6 attorney-generals, ,jl vice
chancellor j 4 Ueh'aheU6ra7i;..m.a3Z':
ter of the rolls j 2 masters of the rolls,
a lord high chancellor and 2 lore
high chancellors, a doubtful piece of
business! English paper .

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