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An Act to ff peal ft part of the 'act entitled " An
' act aupplemrntary to, and to amend an act
1 entitled " An act to regelate the collection
" ofdniei on import! and tonnaRe,' pawed the
2d of March, one. thouiand seven hundred
and binety.nine, and for other purpoaet.
JtE it enacted by thetenate and houti of
.Itehrrttntetivt of the .United States of
jimtrica in congrett attembted, That the
thirty seve nth section of the act passed on
the 'first of March, one thousand eight
hundred and twenty three, entitled An
kron:of dutfesiwto
passed lecond of March, one thousand
"leten hundred and ntaetv-liine, and for
other-pu7plise1i?' be, and the same "Is
hereof repented.
Approved s 24 May 48C8. ', , 1
N'nEBwtttled Atr act &w the re.
Army of the Revolution," approved UthMay,
Vwoa'ury tkpartment, Aug. 7, 1823.
Notice is hereby given to those officers and
Bbldiert of the Army or the IlevoUtion who are
entitled to the benefits of the abovementioned
set, that l half parly payment will become due
U the third day September, and will be made
. i every such Officer r Soldier asihn produce
satisfactory evidence to the Secretary of the
.Treasury of his being that day in full fife.
The evidence required will be a declaration
- made and sirned bv tbe claimant, ton or after
that day. in the presence of two respectable
witnesses, to whom he is well known, sia'ing
hit rank and .line, in the Continental Army, and
Xhe rank according to which he has been found
1 5 - entitled to pay, under tbe act, by the Secretary
111 . of the Treasury, To this is to be added the
'. Ji affidavit of the witnesses, sworn before a Justice
j 1 1: 'of the Peace, or other Magistrate authorised to
5 1 V administer ooiba, as to the identity of the claim
" rrr: 'JinCand tatte factof his hating made the deC
- 'If-r: tarstirm en the day n whichtt bears date. -Ami
1 . th'ia U In kj innMnl i-rllAVjl'tA. Ulllnr till.
tlal designation and Signature of the Magistrate,
and as to his being authorized to administer
SjathtrThe forms, of -a declaration, affidavit,
and certificate, are subjoined to this notice.
"" TKs evidence "should be enclosed and trans.
Ihitted to the Secretary of the Treasury : and,
it it be deemed satisfictory, the amount found
due will be remitted to the claimant in a draft
tm the most convenient Branch of the Rank of
Jbe Upited States, or, will be paid to his attor
ney, duly authorized under the regulation
Which have been before prescribed.
Each claimant is requested to indicate, by a
Jiote at the foot of hit declaration, the Branch
of tbe Bank of the United States on which it
Would be most convenient (at Uinv to receive a
waft for tbe sum that may be due to bun t and,
if there be no pott office in tbe place of hit rni
denee, to mention also the post office at which
it would be most convenient to bim to receive
letters from this Department.
A copy of this notice, with the forms annexed,
i intended to -be sent to each Officer and Sol
Der whose chum shall bare been admitted j that
the forms may be filled up and returned to this
2)epartment at tbe proper time.
It may not be amiss, on this occasion, to state
(bat, although a earnest desire has been Teh to
wive immediate effect to the beneficent iuteo
lions of Congress, as manifested in tbe act re
ferred to, yet, owing to the numbe' of applica
tfoM, and the Investigations neteisary to be
made previously to a decision, it has not been
- farad praetioablftlo. act, upon f very., case as
ekrly as could hare bern wished. .I he rule has!
beeiy lo lake up each shim in the order in
hich it has been received.' The same course
will be pursued hereafter!
It is requested that all letters on this subject
" HHyheeadomd Rerohitionsry Chums." "
Tor the purpose of obtaining the amount of pay
accruing to me for the half year ending on Ihe
3d day of September, 1878, under the act enti
tled " An act for the relief of certain surviving
officers and soldiers of the Army of tbe Revolu
tion," approved. 15th Msy, 182S, I , or,
fh the county of , in the State of , U
Arr6y Jrtlure. that 1 ws a in the of
the Army of tbe llevolulion, in the continental
Dhe, (as was more fully set forth on my spplica
Tjon for the benefits of the said act.) and that I
Save been found entitled, by the Secretary of
uw Treasury, under that act, to the pay or a
m the said tine.
ti'itnt my hand, this - day of , in the
tear one thousand eight hundred and Ucniy-tight-
Before me, v a , fo? the eountv of
, in the State of , personalty appt-ared,
th day, , and, of tbe aakl county, who
did severally make oath that .by hom the
foregoing declaration was made and subwribed,
is well known to them to be the person therein
described, and that he is generally reputed and
believed to have been a in the Army of the
Revolution, in manner as therein stated i ami
that tle said declaration was msde and sub
scribed by -the said , in their presence, on
1 " )b dsy of the date thereof.
H'itne my hsnd, this day of in the
year one thousand eight hundred and twenty?
I, , Clerk of the Court of the County of
. in the State or s U htrttw ctrtth. that
hefbre whom TfieToregmng affidavits were
(worn, was at the time, a , for the said coun
ff, and duly empowered to administer oaths.
Is TtsnwosT wssases, I hare hereunto set
my hand, and efHaed the seal of tbe said
Court, this dsy of - , In the yesr one
thousand eight hundred and twenty -eight
JlKfsisl 8.. ...4d2. ...
Cotton "XaTtt;
OR sale, wktletali mnd mail. Errs Comix,
Nit'ober 6 to 15, Inclusive, at the Factory
prices, from FayctteviUe. Apply to
Sdbburv, -riy 3, 1823, (U)
Castor tm.
A FULL wnolv of the above article, is iui
j received and for sale at reduced prices by
. t. VVILLEY & Co.
SHttriur, Jitjft ISA if-.
iraox tm tamo ruTt TtUoaxfa.
jiExnrjcurs apology.
Tune.-" Ctming lArV the rye."
1 f a body meet a body,
Going to the West,
llav'nt a body, lick of bargain,
take a little rest t . ; J
Of eating barbacues and dinners,
Who i.o fond Si 1 1
Besides, the doctors all advise
To throw my business by. . ' .'; ' '"
If a body catch a body, ,..,' -
At intrigue and trade, "'
Should body blame a Body, . . . .
' If a body's paid f .
olfticTanavelheir prices; " "J-
But all the clerks they firmest roe ,
-When drawing extra pay,
If a 'body -write hotlyL,..-!!.
Need a body tell,
Or ihojr a body's letter, which -
Would pro eihehargiiMt well f
fohrottldt deny.
-- ua menu an -""'n www
If a bodv heV a body,
At a dinner, pray ..
For famine, war, and pestilence.
What would you have em say i
If Jackson's chosen President,
Despite eVcry lie,
Tbe de'll may take the nation then,
And what the deuce care I ?
mow tms esBMAgr or- sufmisot.
When to yon bright celeil spheres
Mv aoirit soars to meet its doom.
How sweetly then shall Friendship's tear
Bedew tbe nweson my tomb !
taper this mournful scene to lesve.
Yet tranquil as the moonlit bowV,
And smiling as the sun at eve,
I wait the calm, the blissful hour
'6 that 'twould haste, and waft fne there , ..
Where worldsshall roll oenea'h my feet t
Where palm immortal flourish fir. ,.:
And fiieAdSrOa earth beloved, shall meet I ,
The 'woes )f earth arerhaws that-eUnt
Released but by the hknd of death ;
Its 0T-r-the blossoms of the spring,
Ttiat fan befofe the zephyr's breath V
Hell yawned beneath hisfert his burning brow,
(As if a demon there had fixed his throne,)
The strife that raged within did sadly show i
(lis anguish was not vented in a groan,
Speechless he rushed, regardless cf the storm.
Or lightning gained the rock's tempestuous
crest :
Tbe elements in vain assailed his form,
A deadlier war was raging in his breast.
Guilt in his looks, and frenzy in hia mien,
He rolled his maniac eyes in horrid mood.
Scornful he razed on the tumultuous scene.
Defying God, plunged headlong in the flood ;J
Tbe billows hoarser uaifieu, the sea-uinl iiowieti,
Muttering funeral peals, the thunder louder
mo tni osisa oasiavsa. -The
new AW. The important op
eration of making a tew. nose has been
recently performed in this village by
Doctor Batchelder, the late profcssnr
of surgery in one of the eastern medi.
cal colleges, with complrte success.
The" oprtailbh cpnsjsYed in tal it!g I a
piece flesh irom -the-ft)reheal -itnd
bringing it-down, applying and fasten
ing it to the face where the nose should
be, the part to which it was to be ap
plied having been previously scarified.
Vve have examined the face f this un
fortunate individual, and find that it is
not only true that such an operation
has been preformed, but it was
done with so much exactness that the
wounds healed almost entirely by the
first intention, leaving the smallest
possible vestiges of the performance,
the scars are therefore much less ap
parent than could have been expected.
The cicatrix upon the forehead, whence
an adventttous nose was taken, is very
small, and may be entirely concealed
by the hair foretop, with the exception
of that'portirm which extends to the root
of the nose, which he designedly made
in the place where there is usually a
natural wrinkle, for which without the
doses' inspection u would be taken.
The bones of the nose, which from
the partition between the nostrils and
also the one forming the left side of
the nose were destroyed by ihe dis
ease, (a cancer) but the operation was
so conducted as to fill up the deficien
cy occasioned by the loss of these
bones, and to give the nose an aqui
line appearance so that the horrible de
formity caused oyihtloirof thirucial
handle has disappeared, while the
new proboscis stands forth with be
coming modesty.
" Ndthlrfg cao'bc "more beautiful than
the shape of Ararat j nothing more aw
ful than its height. All the surround-
iug mountains sink into insignificance
when compared to it. It is perfect in
all its parts. No rugged features no
unnatural prominences. Every thing
is harmony, and atl combines to ren
der it one of the most interesting ob
jects in nature. Spreading originally
from an immense bate, the (dope to
rirJsUssunr.tilsc. y
until it teaches ths rer
tans cf snow
where It becomps taore abrupt, Ai a
foil to this stupendous object, small
hill, arises from the same base, similar
in shape, and in any other situation
entitled to rank arhonghigh mountains.
No one sines the 4lood seems to have
been on the summit of Ararat, tor the
rueeed ascent to m snowy top ap
pears to render the attempt impossi
ble.. No man certainly, has ascended
it in mndetijriei3Viiea the adyefS
tures of Tournefort failed, it is not
In the New England states, there is an ofBcer
appointed in each township, who is called Hog
Rent, and' whose emecial duty it is to enforce
the law kgainst hogs running at targe, and other
duties in relation to the rmnitk tribe, A
nntUmai near. Newborvnort... Maasachuselta.
hstH(f" haa this hmvable ofRce onfrred on
hiW'Tanl'wnoeYer is appointed Is obliged to
Seejlysjiotice" of his appointment through
the nepaper, anu buisi
Rut who are the h-oo-a i and how far
am I to consider the duties of my Office
as extending? I wish to be candid, and
gire fair warning. I shall consider
every selfish, snarling, quarreling, dir.
ty creature, that denies our town; as
falling Under my jufisdiction, whether
he happens to walk on two legs or
four. If I happen to see a contrary
spirit, alvayi running in the teeth of
every bocy he meets, whom it is im-
possible tit lead, and still more impos
sible to dtive, am I to suffer such an
one to run at large, merely because he
has not bristles on hia back ? Or, sup
pose I meet a poor selfish wretch, who
gets" his living 6y root w,w hose sole
maxim isf take care' of number one,
musTrpefintt him to go looey seekiug
a snout a little shorter than the rest of
them I No Sir, I will not j I know my
duty better, Dy virtue of my; high
office, and in conformity to the laws f
my country, I do now order all such
creatures to be kept close. ..
"There is one kind of sty, which
I especially forbid. I hereby order all
those shops to be removed, where that
liquor is sold, which only one animal
in creation will drink. Of all the
beasU of the field, , fowls, of the air,
fishes of the sea, I have never heard
or read of but one, that will get drunk j
and that is the animal that falls this
year under my jurisdiction. And J
shall be ashamed to drive the four leg
ged drunkard" to " pound, while tbe
drunk ird with two legs, (and legs too
on which he can't walk) is permitted
to go free. In the name then of that
commonwealth, whose dignity I bear,
and whose officer I am, I command
that ail placet ie closed where these
hogs are fattened, whose peculiar char
acteristic it Js, that they consume, a
grCSk.Ucai joi aV suu y,c'"- puiar 1
The force of language - is - greatly
injured by the multitude of words.
The following is not only entirely-free
from th at faultr button the"bthe r- hand.
may be considered as a rare specimen
of the laconic and pithy style.
A respectable farmer, not forty
miles from this place, has the singular
ly happy talent of not saying a word
too much. A young man wishing to
obtain his consent to marry hia daugh
ter, called upon him one day when he
happened to be in the field ploughing
with hia oxen. It was, past all doubt,
a fearful matter for a diffident man to
broach, and the hesitating lover, after
running, parallel with the furrow, sev
eral times round the field, essayiog
with all his courage to utter the impor
tant question, at last stammered out t
'I I've been thinking, Mr. ,
that that as how I I I should
be gl gl glad to to m m mar
mar marry your slaughter."
Farmer.... Tair her, and use her
we --wAfftf, hav Buck." - '
Religion in Kentucky. In Shelby county,
betweeo 40 and 50 persons were added to
the Presbyterian church in July last. In
Henry county a very interesting work of
Sabbath of JtIy,3I persons were received
to the communion of the church in New
Providence. la Smyrna at tbe close of $
meeting which had been continued four
days, 16 msde a nubile profession of theit
faiihta Jesus Christ and .were, added to
to church.
As Tom waa one day tirdeep- ebaMvkli a friend,
Who gravely advised him hie manners to mend i
Your moral are bad, I've been told it by manyi
They lie, replied Tom for I never haa anj f
Hay Making. The wife of a Mr.
S. Hay, who resides in Philadelphia,
was recently delivered of three chil
drenall alive end doing well.
Che Src?! Jlomfnatfca.
roe rassinsirr, ''- ''
Andrew Jaclcsoris
(or TsvatssEs.)
M Honor and gratitude to the man, who has
filled the measure of his country's riory.T
'' ' . ' - V JsmBsoir.
ThTrecoHection oflfienublic" relations" 1n
which I stood to General Jackson,,; while Presi.
dent, ami the proofs given to him, of the lnsrh
tujjation,ilLwb4fit mrfke..'
J1HII Uimtnv -
strong proofs of eonndence and. rerard I have
given him, while President, forbids my taking
any part in me ensuing presidential election,"
M General Jaclrsori's. setn'res t Out uatitn en
title him to their Mghert rewxribhit wkU ca
rter ha ben signalized by the purest intentions,
ind the most elevated piirnoseav
vet Aitses.
ur coun fry. wAsse renew tttuUtulei t treat a
frun tf tit m$ral properly, I never had, I never
can have any othereelings than those of the
most profound assrscr, and of the utmost kind
new.". " HansrCuv.
"General Jackson is a clear-headed, strong,
minded man, and has more of the Roman in
him, than any man now living." .
Tbomis Jsmas.
me vtcs raasiBBST,
(V Soctb ca'aotiaa.)
The distinguished Statesman, and patriotic
Auvocate ot me reopie's Kigiits. .
Elntitn it on Thvrtday, 13t day of November.
1st Cist-.. Robert Love, of Haywood coanty.
Montfort Stokes, of Wilkes,
Peter Forney, of Lincoln.
. John Giles, of Rowsn.
. Abraham Phillips, of Rockingham.
John M. Morehead. of Guilford.
Walter F. Leake, or tricnmorKi;
WiTtie P. Mangunvl'of Otang-."
Josiah Crudup, of Wake.
John Hall, of Warren. - :
Joseph J. Williams, of Martin. .
'Krdar hallard," of Gates.
Louis D. Wilson, of Edgeeomb
Kicliard D. Spaight, of Craven
Rlwd. B. Dudley, of New Hanover,
ttetttt tj&jww s
A good natured, worthy Adams man,
(such kind of Adamt men by the-bye, are
about as scarce as white black birds, ac
costed us the other day u You're gone ;
Louitiana is against you you will lose
Arnfunty, you will lose Ohio, Delaware
and Xrvt Jertey depend on't Jackson is
down. " Not so fast," we replied
" these states have not gone for Adams
vet ; but admitting that we lose them all
let us set down and demonttrate the result
by figures." We did so, and our Adams
friend concedes to us at once the follow
ing votes or Jackson t.
Pennsylvania, : . 3ft
Virginia, 24
North Carolina, 15
South-Carolina, . .11
Georgia, 9 .
Alabama, 6
"-'Te'&nesseetXr " -rr, -
"How many shsjl we'talein 5?:i; ri;"
York f" " Vy, ssy
" In Maryland ? u Take ,
Mississippi ?" Take it ?
-Illinois?-" No."
.Wsisburtr No :
" Indiana r Why, since Gov.
Ray's tonveriion, you must
take it."
" No more No ; you may
fitttibly get more, but I'll not
concede yon another one."
" Why, this is dote thaving, but
5 '
we've got
'One hundred and thirty si f-lWhy4 'W t ana rocs xnc wju.
you've ELECTED JACKSON after all." hat can sleep at night aud work all
"Tls even so, my sweet fellow ; and we day that can discourse music on the
shall at least get twenty more votes thin cheerful spinning wheel, and hang
you have allowed as. You're f one, The your Greek and Latin. The present
PEOPLE are againtt you, and all your tjmei arc too UOnatural and luxurious,
abuse of Jackson and his friends, all Jh,o,,r,nctoriu,ejon bread and broth,
noise and bustle you make, is only "tick An(j WOi1 vr healthy wives in homerpuq
ing againtt the firiclt. Bait. Reft. ; cloth i
: Our mothrrs nurtur'd to the nodding reel,
Tbese two states, chooting three electors , Gave all their daughter leaaons oq the wheel,
esch by general ticket, may be deemed certain 1 t hough spinning did not much reduce the waist
for Gen. Jackson. USica, N. T. Jtumal. It made tbe food much sweeter to the taste ;
raoM tbs sswasaa ssstirsu
mMyeii....The partizins of the
coalition have recently set up a claim on
the atsie of Pcnnsylvsnia, and for the
comfort of the " war, pestilence and fa
mine" gentlemen, of the ancient city,"
but we will show them the utter Aofie
httneti of that claim. They will, firsily,
bear in mind, that in 1134, Pennsylvsnia
gave General Jackson Forty teven Thou
tand Majority over the " Apostate Feder
sllst." They -will secondly, remember
that of the twenty-eight Representatives
in the late Congress frmthi Ste,
,7wwry'w,werw thesaetUav auppo? tars
of . General Jackson. And thirdly, the
will recollect tbsvin the laatlegTiluture or
that, states lhal out of.. one hundred and
thirty three members, One Hundred and
Eight were in favor of tbe pcople'a can
didatot - This, then, is the state on which
tbey build their hopes ibis is their
"tenle etfierance" to prop the crumbling
fortunes of the coalition. At a great
meeting held u in the Court-house in the
borough of Hsrrisborg, on the 23th July
tasf, tlolsrt Harris, Y.. waj r?'"tci'
Presidentand Cr.en,ar.d Wi;;iaroT
Lnnman, Ksqrs. and Captains James Saw.
yer and flichael Whitby," appointed Vice
Presidents. After refuting triumfikantly
in no able address, the numerous sUnders
heaped upon General Jackson, and show
ing forcibly the necessity of expelling th
present corrupt Administration, they say t
M From every direction we bear the most
cheering intelligence in favor of the Peo-
pie's Candidate. In Pennsylvania, from
the bess, information we hse been able to
obtain, hia majority, if there be a general
attendance at ihe polfs7ifW estitd,Jattti
thouiand.- The victory is already won.
Th Pe4ftirr JttrmhuAi& have a Pres
ident of trr?fhoieVsirh
turn coat federalitt in powerfthat Mrjsre
the sovereigns. . aaisTiots.
These -haUr so called fro.m the .port
tW)i'i3leOrlMt'9bjoad, are the thief
manufacture of Tascany. -At Pre to thersj '
tion, and every where in the country, ir
the doors of-the ' cottages, woman snd
childreri are seen picking and plaiting
straws. Fields are sown with wheat,
which Is allowed to grow till ready to
burst into ear the straw is then pulled
up by ihe root, which as well a the ear,
is cut off from every, stem ; the knots of
every straw are aNo cut out. The straws
are dried with more or less care, accord
ing to the quality of the hat proposed to
be made of them j and for this purpose
they are sorted with the greatest exact
ness. , Maria Louisa, - Empress of the
French, desired to have a hat, for the en
couragement of the manufacture, of the
greatest possible fineness, and of the best
coulour i.aiwLjnish, ,i h, price,.or . iy tifi-.
cation to the manufacturer, was, if I re
member right, 600 francs. Besides lbs
great consumption of this well known ar
rjirrofr T great quanutieaar8
sent to Tthe i North' A'rnerican States" 'Tho"
work produces st every .step the plessing
appearance of tabour united to amuse
ment, of a toil Tn which childish play
and childish gains from children to habits
of industry, without exhausting their
strength or gaiety.
ikok tss aorro5 axsttb.
Sparring..,. The following -tdvertise
ments are copied from the Centinel.
The hosband gives a blow direct.
The wife seems to shower her blows
thick and three-fold j there is an inu
endo, however, in her epistle, that she
does not cafe to be separated long from
him, as she offers but one cent reward
to have him kept from her.
Notice .Whereas' my wife Jane haa
forsaken my bed arid board, I hereby
forbid any person harboring, or trust
ing her on my- account, as Isball pay
no debts of her contracting after this
t ,
fienj, Jfobart.
Dorchester, August 11
1 have left my huabanu I do declare,'
A nd hivelio reason for to care ..
-""" Wy -hreild W gaiC hne thiTJ to malntalrw
If I had the other tlien I'd count it gain.
- - He ia not talent very slim j.
lf yoti see bins once you'll know 'tis bim,
Jienjamin llebart is his name,
. Kurn and gidei is4is.fame.
If ymrll keep this man from bm -...... "
Kewarded vou shall bfr
One cent down, illcnit the cost ;
For I am safe if he is lost.
Angutt Ifuh. Jane lltbar
mors tsssaco (suits) muainr.
Give me a snug little farm, with
sufficient letrnint a little wife that
... , . iu
They plied with honeat seal the mop and hroony
And drove the shuttle thro the noisy loom.
They never once complain'd as We do tiow,
We have no girl to cook, or milk (He cow
Each mother taught her red cheek'd son an?
To bake and brew, and draw a pail of water.
No damsel sbunn'd th wash tub, broom, or paip
To keep unsullied a lung grova finger nail.
They sought no gaudy dress, no wasplike form.
Rut ate to live, and worked to kee
them warm-
No idle youth, no tigTiFUc'I mm?
Became a livinr corpse for want of air.
No' fidgets, Hustings, fits or frightful kU
Mo painful coras froan wearing Chinese sboes
rounterfettt......Thm Boston CoOrlef
MyaM'Cuunurfcit twenty. dollar bill if'li
the U. . liank, sre in circulation, vy
Vi atChnTh?stonr 3. L mm-ynnvi-.
Hartford aitd Middlctown, so accunlf..
executed as to require the strictest eB
inatioo to detect them t they have tx
taken by the tellers of the Banks la 'h"
city, within ten days j and but a shorf
time ainse, one was taken ss good at tat
Boston Branch. The bill payable at Mid
dletown appears o have been lately filleB.
qp. 4 ' forthcrn mfltr.

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