North Carolina Newspapers

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Jhli- C. Rarnharf, Wimii-rtm common
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C'Awfl. William Walton, aeoate j Williian
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Cauf !. Jamea D'lrney, tenatei Luke R.
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"J. NeUon. John M. Rryan, eommrwii '
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rrrWwr. Samuel Selyear, aenate i Knock
ttall. Benjamin Rimmone, enmmoai.
Jwiai,Jo?in at. 'mttii, aenae t inomaa
Damnton. A bailor Williamt. eo.nmoni.
DupH- Hi-fibe Millrr, oenatt . WilKam
"tVrtght, Joieph Gilletpie, common".
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Ftfmklin.H- J. O. Jt tiffin, ornate William
Dra'nch, Richard Wafl, ennnmm.
. -Gatet. Abraham HarreR, ' ornate i , W. W.
ttedman, Lemoel RicMiek, eommoni.
Qntniltt Thomai T. Hunt, tennte i Robert
jpotier, aml'Jamee Wyche, anmmony. -
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Jthrut. Uavid ruompton, aenatei UiUary
.Xrikler, Joaiah O. Waiaon. commona.
Jmn. Riadrn M'Daiiiet, teoate 0en 0.
Coxa, C Jannan, eominona.
ienafr. H. 0. Croom, aenate C TbhfleH,
w. B. Kilpatrkk, eomanooa. -
. Xart(n. Michael Rin barat, aenate i Bartlett ,
Chip. Andrew It Loretz, commona.
JVania. Joieph J. WiHUroa, tvnate t David .
tatham, Jeitc Cooper, commona
Mtvklenbvrg. William Davidaon. aenate j
William 1. Akiaoder, and Joaeph Blackwood,
,i Mwgvmtrf E!iHiml . Deberry,. aenate
lteubea Kendan, Jamea Liner, common.
JSfaon.. Alexander MKill,-Joaiah
Traon, WilTiam Wadiworth, commona.
JVA. Willia W. Boddie, aenatei Frederick
"Cattle-, Xiderni Baas; eommon.i;i
AVw-J?oTr. WilHam TJ. Meareii aenate j
John Kerr, William 8, Larlina, commona. L
' .VariAoaia. John II. Patterton, aenate t
i lLJLBudgera, Roderick B. Gar) . commona.
Ofcaaw. Cward Ward, aenate; F. Poy, E.
XTiHiama, commons.
Orunrt. Jamea Mrbane, aenate ; Hngh Wad'
UaSxx laham Matthewa, aenatei Rice BT tMmlort-Moke of wrt;e . - 9j4 Tftf f53 K.,M tmfAri orgeC.Sprullt.cominonf. reter For wy; of Lincoln. ietare '. - -M . . , or public Import.
.- OiywaodL-ThomM Loe, aenate NlnUn h iPA,?amS'0 l 1.rTland . . . 491 . . . . 34, ! . . ,
-Tflmonetoav Brnjaiaiii . Brittahi ennMMMa. -: Sib , . . . . Abranaj rtultot. ot ltektnglan. . r rgJ . a V . 3.U81 In Amhertt and aome of '.he neighbour
ntrtf4-D. 5. Aakear. aenate , D. J. Mont-; 6h . Virginia 4 - . '--57 . . . 10,872 ! In'g CounUet of Virginia, the late drought
ffmery, , a WDeewr. eommow. - -n J- - vrofOrm " 1 Nonh f 4l 3-ui 1 betll eitenaiy, that torcat trcea of
dzzz"' "rsi ffnypr !oi;r.r.-. : : : :,,rtbhi,slet Theo,d";
rii.fliti.. pnwiu. aMata. PicharJ lOih John ftall, of Warren. i:-! i , . . . inhabitant! do not rccol.ect i teaion of
. ! . ' Cell. John Stock. rd. commona. - Rress Irom lbeStatc of orih. .Carolina...
- r tjb---4tfl0tobn'' WT.:- - - . alt-Jit ;:
Si) Tool, William Crejrory, commona. ' " I hereby cerlify that in a conversation
i a TW-r,.urvn-aiiiiviH.a:uijx iuuiua.
we no, fciiun nearer, eommont;' '-'
nairwWiHJ, Riddick, aewtev xV
Ubyv.aois thomaa Wilaon, commona. Voionei uui r in me weti, i oosenrea tnat
yw.John Joiner, lenatei Uanhal Dicke the rumor or the lay waai that Gen. An
pn, Alfivd Move, commona. drew Jackton had joined Burr Not to.
'i?''' JenVson. for I this
Tvalker, Thomas Hancock, commona. j . j . i.... r-T uT in i t.
?;cW.-Try.m McFarl,Kl, aenate, Nl., dceived a letter from him (Gen. Jack
fhan Cibaon, NeiU Nicbolaon, commom. f n'V inlormmg me that he had seen Burr,
J?.won. Archibald McEachen, aenate; MJ. and that Burr said his enterprize wa. sane
Cbm Pure, II, Warren' Alford, commona. lioned by the government, and he Jackon
JIwhAcm.-Mward t. llrodnax, aenatei bad been tendered a high command bv
TTiomaa Settle, w ilham Betlicll. commona. p.,,, j r i. .u.
.AWa.-John Sootu Knt Hamilton C. Tl 'nd "ked f Mf ,ne ,.,ewl
ttbnea. John Clement, commona.. . . . 0 ,ne government, tendering bis services,
Rutherford. Martin sbi'for.1, aenate j Jamea if wanted, to make a descent pon Mexico,
Graham, Jamei Webb, as stated by Burr, but if Burr was not au-
.Vom-nardy Royal, aenatei David In-
ttarwood. IhotDuBoykin, commona.
. rotw. Emanuel Shober, aenatei Henry A.
aVartin. Gabriel T. Moore, commona.
.... fturrji. Mehack Franklin, wnate i Mordecai
Jleminft Alfred Moore, common.
TyrrL' John B. Beaaley, aenatei Daniel
Bateman, Frederick Davenport, commom.
Waie Charlei L. H in ton, aenate i Wesley
ffbnea. Samuel Whitaker, commom.
Wcuhington. Samuel Davenport, senate i Ab.
t N. Vail, v. ; Sanderwn, commom.' "' 1 "
H amm. Richard Davia, aenate; William G.
Jonea, Ramom Walker, conmona.
n"nywe. Gabriel Sherrerd.'ienate j John W.
:-Saiwr;.j.Bmci':Rtfode:iiv jcu(stMn"i:':;::'7;
. IVilket. Jamea Wellborn, aenate Nathaniel
Cirdon, John Saihtclair, con.mpna.
Trmn tf 5oiAry Charlen Fiaher.
- Tiwa .e?tfi5erj'A..Tr PwderickNaabt
Tawn tf FaycttevtUe.)on D. Fxclea.
Tntrn of Himmion. John Walker.
Tawn if Xewbern. William Gaston.
Tawn f F.drnitn Jomea Bozman.
7to HaUfax.-itK A. Bynum,
Died since the ehrtioh.-
. V oman. e uhttJuvca or hate, j her
flections know no medium.
. OAm Jobn W. Campbell it the Jack--ston
candidate for Governor, in Ohio, and
fTrimble,' the 'coalition. Mr. Cam'pbell,
e are assured by good judges, will be
elected. The recent western efeciiona
hive shaken ill (he Adams men in Ohio
jt.f their eenses. jfoth.
i : ft
' eJhf tkDplfl Jiomfaato.
va riniT,
Andrew Jackson
M . t ,
' (or hp"'! ' v .
II . .rr.lilil.L- 1(1 itlft BIn.lM
fillud the mcaaure of hia country I rory
4 Tli. -aenttwilnrl of the wbfifl relatione in
-l:.4. i wvl fA nitnf JcktAtr biW FN
dent.-and tbe ynft. Vywitfty iga
, t I'LL .. t. I. 1 Ktf m.. " If f
rirul.h n for r.en-ral Jncxaon, ami me
i itronir naooik of coiifi.lrnce aJ regard I ha
ritrnni - naooth of ana rerani I narr
riven h m. wWU Preaident. (.irbifla my Uku
any piiri in the' eniuitif wprfrJefitrnrflctmv
Cetwwt Jaakaaaj'a . acea, iaiaia. Jariyjf.gbl
tMe him t thcil rnwiva-A
rvw Am rn aiKnalixe.l by the purett inttftiona,
(n Uie treat derated p.trnoae." '
. Jaia Qciwer A'tM
Towirda thit diaiinipinhcd Capiat (An.
'ATew Jackwn) h hai ihc't much tiltrg n
,r ttumrg, vhn rvnaiax ttnttitute m great a ;
n f . irrtj,, I lerct haJ, I nr
Can ha any Other teehnn than tljuae of the
mnat profound aiaracr, and of the utmoat kind.
neta. Ilaiaf Ciat.
fGefleral jackon ii a clear-hvadeil, atroiur-
mind'td man, and h roo-c of ike N rnian in
him, than any man now living "
.'. Taunta Jirnaioa
( aoiT caaoiraa.)
The diotinguialied and patriotic !
Advocate; of tke Peopled Rig
v . """ "
i ti'rttinf ill trv
f 12ttt
1 l'h
Kedar Ballard, of Gate.
Louia U. Wibon, of KJgernfhb.
UicUar.l II. paight. of traven.
Edad. n. Il-iillcy, of New Hanover.
The attempt oa the pat t i the rttklf tt
tool of the Coalition, to fix upon 0r.
J act; son. "he character of a Traitor 10 hi
coun.ry. ni lo connect him with the But
Conifiiracy. hai become a tubject ol ridi
cule thioughout the land, and we verily be
lieve the political knarea, who trumped it
up, regret the day laey did it, and would
now witungiy nun 11 up; oui we nsve jnt
en. them to the wall, and now we shall pin
tbero there. Now teatimony to the integ
rity of Gen Jackson, upon that occasion, is
daily coming out, and not the least con'clu
live that we have acen. i the foflowing,
from The venerable Willi Jliton who wai
in 1806 7, and now is a member of Con
wlln Bir. JHrnnn. l ien nrairinl nl ,h
I vfrt'fi' '"f.i,,,;: .'rZiT--- . t
ihorised by the government to carry on his
enterprise as ttated, then he, Jackaon. wat
ready to arrest him-
Chamber of the It. of Refiretentativtt 1
Ftbuuary II, 1828 3
raox t vmitib aTiTai TiLiaaara.
Will 1 hey give them up?
GiYe op whom ? Adams Clay St Co ?
Why is Mr. Adam like a Brick maker f
. Because he moulds Clay to his wither
Why is Mr Adams on ticklish grounds I
Became he stands .on ilififlery Clay,
leana on a fiiuh, and hopea something
from the Smthard.
Why has Mr. Adams an aversion to the
Because he has a dislike to viake clean
McLean) the Augean Stables.
Why is Mr. Adamt like a carpenter?
Because be is not a Mason.
What will Mr. Adams do on the 4th of
March? : ' ,
Eclia, MARCH I
. . Yours, Billt BtaCfc. Jr
faoaf"1!! ' ilabtI4'lwTOt;,''
The imiou:ncy. oi the attacks which
have been made upon Gen: Jacksoni dur
ing the last' three, years, by the Adams
party, remind us of an anecdote which
we found some time since in a country
paper, not
Here it in :.
a "Good Society paper
:r: T . i,Jrt ftIW fx.mnml laa..,...'"' - w-wMooa. wuti. .......... ...-.....-"r
win! r ii i Imo -! m . .. .
lr!,i cnt t' " my t,a lit!..."
MYcJI. i latch It then." I lure, tut It
rprI i'aij wrttched," (
M '('Ur Mr. Cljr,' crSei out two
fntrd Unite Tolif " Jckion' Coming
Jackie's iolin.,, Well then," uyi
CUf '.kntl tarijfh'm In lh Journal. I
h4e, but he, wont' tray imt UrlfTed."
Mr CUjf hl out Alderman Blunt,
" th )ld lar'nif r'l tomlng-a coming."
"We , lltcn . Harry, M (offin hand'
bill bin.. 1 hate," ty Binnt but
ha wnt iay tfi hand tlUed.H MMr.
Adarr . Mr. Alimi," ttjri John H. ?!
ant,lM.tht llero'l tomlnR actually
Welti then," Mr. Adatnt
htm and traitor, blm." " I hart
Wont itaf IHrrrod nof Hrallortd.
m Mr. Mr Cli;r ityi Chariot
Hjrti.ubr.d. " Jackaon it" ! comi'na.
. WSfcii.tltsft'ClfTi i Prde him an "tduf
teWrt mil I tjero trader. i nater
. a a a. ' . aa
ia Uhariet. ut M wont tftfy an aoui
trr nor a he5TQ trtder.,i " Mr.. Clayt
rClaiLawU out the full
tboderin gchonii, M wa hart called a'ack-j
(Tailor, an ignoraraua, a ioui, crwa, waca, .
and pretender, kc kc. kc,but he won't
tay ny of theie nra" M He wont
1. 1 t 1 1"Z 1L t' !."'
ayt Clay, ' why then
1 ahtn't Hay At
Waihington that't all
Ancle .Toby,
.. up mv forrf and pUtolt and let Ut b
jjff w h.,e Deen long enouXb here-.M
And thot will the Coalition end itt reift. fit of ticknen. The c flee tt of t bete
tuferingt on hit epiritt, were titible du
BAKK OP THE UXrrtD STATES. ' ring hit late lait to the eattward. It it
lr a irport made at the Meeting of the probable that fever wat the immediate
JSuKHikoldert of tbit ioituution, at Phila-1
deliiia, on the Od inttant, il appeara that
ill clock it divided at pretent aa followat
fCamn. Shorn.
i Mure in 5H
31 587
. 5
. 1
1 Indiana
' lllinoia,
Lou i nana,
tf.' Dir" k Co
; BUtei of Atnenca,
A gentle van irom ra. uarouna, ar-
. i r . '
riyeaai Dammore iaai rnuay vcniog
in the stage fruro Waahiogton, had hit
... . k. i .Mt O aAfW. . J 1
iruna coniuqjug covaa in guiu uui ;
lioo, and about J5140O in. bank nates,
put Into the , entry iof the hotel, from
whence it was altnott i m mediately' t to
len, carried "fevr'aqaarta, the hasp
pried off, and the top cut open The
bank n- trs were extracted, but the
thief left the gold Untouched and de
camped for Philadelphia, where he was
arretted last Monday t and R720 6f the
money found upon him. lie was a
stage driver." - N; Tt Evt, Pott -
A water melon seed warecently ex;
tracted from the wind pipe of a grandson
of John Drown, South Carolina, by incis
ion."" The child toon recovered.
A plum weighing two ounces and a
half grew in the garden of Mr. Curtis
Holmes, New York, last teaaon.
The Lynn, Matt, piper advertisea for
about 200 journeymen ehoemakert, who
it it thought, might find employment in
that town.
A cucumber in Portland, Maine, atill at
tached to the vine, it it taid to be seven
teen inches long, fifteen in circumference
and auppoaed to weigh eight pounds.
The late freshett ate said to have in
jured, very considerably, the Congress
fountain at Saratoga.
The'Cow Cabbage attains, in La Ven
dee, the height of from twelve to upwards
of sixteen feet. Sixty plants are sufficient
provender for one cow during a year ;
and they last, four yeara without re plan
ting.: : mrmr
We wonder if that was'nt a cow cab
iaer that erew mat feel high in Tus-
t.mbia, Alabama, of which the paper in
ttrsT -
Hoith A man by the name of ifacoa,
for a trifling wager7, lately ate, at a sitting
3 Ibt of tripe, and washed It down with
4;qta;ttol.atritf ale.-..: v
The ami masonic excitement it said to
be spreading into parts of Michigan Ter
ritory. " f - - -'
-HW CneintiatlrOhiof thkre is - ,a"?Mr.
Adams, exhibiting fire workt. To pre
vent mistakes, we mention that this it not
Mr. Adamt who proposed building light
houses in the skies. '
It is said the Adams men in Maine, in-
tend to tend Joho lolroea to the U. S.
J . .Va . . . . e-jS.Mlo-HioiNjeiiiireif
. n . . - a
. . . oat. 1.1. .f r- - lUill lVVie'et- 'VtwiiaiiiL .iw
" ' . . vr.liilaaa it i:IMAlnr in
i.ifUTrww.j . ,11 nreeenttnr to the tnouitinr
n n m 9 - .'ai iU M'1-,'ul - - - - mm T . . M . "
. ... 607 timuar teverity.
. . 30
i t x tract
,i,f,.r',s r.r.rr I f '
cf a kittr, date J
i. J;,i t!e Cuba, Auj
20,w which etate, that the govtrnore f
that , int and Torto Klro, he recelted
orderi Irom the KinR, their mailer, to
hare til the, bort found In the colltjrei of
the United Sutti brought home, leit they
Imbibe the. principles of liberty end of
bereiy, which ere In oppo.lilon to the
throne end the titer t tnd the governor
tre rot to permit, for the future, any
boyt being tent from the lilandt, to b
eductted in the United State.. M Mr. V.
nd Mr. Cf hit e been directed to ernd
for their torn from college t In thlt coun
try r-The writer feelingly eddt thli Si
the grettett ol oar tnitfortunei. Wt
bae BO-goodtetcbert here, t hut our tont
rnty grow up like be a it t. Thlt it neret-
Itrf, beciuie' i man that looi oothtng
tcanhot" know hit rightt; tnd nay be la-
ally made to kitt the band that oppretiei
Mm. Happy you, who lire among the torn
of Wa.hlngton. Philadelphia Junta.
- Remarking upon the deatJi of Don Pablo
'.-Hi . ; . a. t ii.
i nil it iruiy f moti umrniauie tUKine.
The deevteed waa a man Ol great worth,
about forty yeart of age, and had been e
dlatinguiahed towier. tic lott an eye
from Inflammation produced by a cold, a
..a a . b ..a m
twelte'mohth or more ag;o, and in the
month of June Wet eiperler
loerienced a tetere
cauae of bit derangement;-
Meiart. Alfred Bynum aud D. E. Swee
ny of Columbie have ittued propotalt for
the publicttloo-of a new paper in thit
place, to be called the Herald The new
neutral in Its
no party but
mind Pure
Faitla and Turliy. Letter from
Bucharest ttate, that, at a council of wr
held at Karawu, it wat resolved to employ
all meant to penetrate to the capital of the
Turkish empire, aa toon at possible, in
consequence of the serious preparations
making by the Turks.
TV. 4 .a. P.. CT. 1- 1-.,.
i c niiucriiiMi fi.Ti me iuui
m) h For NiiK,ril immcdiey lo
K,rri,one by our companiet of the
!ecoiM. regiment of United Sutet infan-
. . . t . . ' I.
iry ana report eayi inai inn ion win oe
made head quarters of the frontier line
of posts.
" raoM Tit xtsr-yoat Mansita coraita.
Turkith Literature. Do those who are
prating abour the Ignorance of the Turks
know -that there are upwards of twelve
hundred public schools supportedby the
trovernment, in the two sreat cities of
Constantinople and Adrianople-J . Do they
know that the Public library in the for
mer -ctty it actually the- best in-Europe
comDritina all the standard authors in
ancient and motfeftrfitcrarurg rtha
Edinburgh, Quarterly,' arid Nnrttr Amerl
can Reviews, with the periodicals and
and leading new spa pert of the duy, are
recularly received there, and eagerly re
ceived there, and eairerly perused ? Do
they know that the present Sultan is a
most accomplished scholar I that he
speaks and writes French with the ease
and accuracy of a Parisian I Do they
know that the Statesmen and Professors
amohirst the Tuiks are intimately verser!
in languages, the arts and sciences i If
not, we can refer them to a gentleman
who passed some years at Constantinople
and who knowa such to be the fact. ,
To the foregoing the New-York Com
mercial Advertiser adds,- that Matek Sat-,
sulamman Muggins, adjunct provost and
professor of belles lettres in the University
of Adrianople, who is travelling for bis
improvement in modern languages, (and
who - received the degree of L L. D.
a! Cambrige, though it is not yet announ
ced, called yesterday and subcribed for
two- copies of the Commercial, ooe or
the Sultan. " These t we admit, are our
first subscribers in the East : but the pro
fessor tells us the prospect is good, par-
are, also very Interesting to the Torks.
Abraham Jacobs, the great Jew Booksel
ler near St. Sophia's, has lately got 920
iMbscribera for the American" Qusrttrryi
and a Complete set of - Dr; McIIehry's
novels-""and" plays' is now";repliblishing
by the same enterprising bookseller.
They ate much admired in Turkey.
. David Goodriehr a young man in Clas
tenburv, Ct. on the 21st ult. while enga
ged in wrestling, (a common practice
with theatheltic yeomanry of New En
gland) was thrown so severely as to break
hia neck and occasion his death the next r r.. , .
o!'i: J ; crt to th
rn'iu.rtr tcttiu J I
22d Au?.
At length, the fate of Greece Is di a ate
mined. She becomes, in some measursr
an independent nation. The Turks ,ni
the Egyptians, under Ibrahim, have corf-
tented to evacuate the Mores toon, and'a
convention it to be held between the Porto
and the three powers, io settle her de mI-
ny under ibe tretty ol July. The frlendt
of Greece throughout thlt Continent, svill
bear thlt Intelligence with much pleasure.
The war lo the East It still hot. The,
Turks present considerable resistanee.
The fate pf Constantinople it arretted fh
Vf the slip Cf.twri.
a thort time. The Turkt, it It said, carry""""
.Li. Jilt I t t
they ever had with the Rutileni.- Aa the
lancr ajproaco ine a uraisn viiiagti, they-,
find every thing quiet and orderly) but all
the' inhabitant gofi.'T The obstinacy of
the Porte having been subdued, in rela
tion lo the Greeks, suiurs favorabl r
iion io concentrate . an Ma power to battle
tMRoksl!ifttr',The iffaii-sbf Eg tope' U": "
create In Interest.
The Duke of Clarence, Lord High
Admiral of England, hat resigned bit
Capo d'ltttla. and the European Admi
rali, had an Interview with Ibr-nim.
Tbey have made a convention to supply
him with provision!, if be will evacuate
Greece- He has consented, and will de
part as soon at the transport! arrive
The Turks st Smyrna do not consider
the present star as national. They have
not displayed the standard of the prophet.
The Turks sre transferring their proper
ty to Austria, by Bills of Exchange. . The
French government intends )o demand
tbe restoration of the Greek capdvet. car
ried from the Morea to Egypt. A naval
force it to be despatched for that purpose.
-The English government has ordered
an embarkation of-8000 man. to.Llsboo..
XheMiaHpifoef iT w Tenths.--.
About 10,000 rorttiguet have tone Into"'
Spain Many towns have been abandoned.
The accounts from Constantinople are
contradictory Troops are arriving (tally
from Asia. -Part of the Turkish fleet baa
mured the Black 6ca.
Formal negotiations for the evacuation
ol-Grtece, end for the settlement of it
limits, were to be opened as sJbo as the
three ministers reached Corfu. Thlt it
with the knowledge and consent of the
The French expedition from Toulon,
was expected to tail notwithstanding tbe
settlement of Greece.
-The general battle between the Rot
tiana and tbe Turkt, which wtt expected
to take place at the foot of the Balkan
mountaint, . hat not yet been fosght.
There it every probability of a moat des
perate straggle- France and England
appear 'to e toquettrn g" with each other
on the Greek question. The London.
Courier begins to talk about the modera
tion of Nicholas-! the " abT)fime reodera
tlon of the Emperor of Russia,', as ibe
North American Review has it. In .En
gland the affaire are at usuaL Ireland
continues to bo agitated
Lord Sirsngford, wae to embark at
Portsmouth, tin the 2 1st, on. bit . mission .
to the Brazils.
Hussein Pacha hat caused Ejoud Pacha
to be beheaded-- because he did not deead -himself
on the Danube.
-The - lerytng-tcaUM-iaoeis.xori
dered severe by the Tarks.
A public dinner bsd been given to
RanieLO'Connel. He made an eloquent
speech on the occasion.
Admiral Greig had aailed from Odessa
towards Varna. Three hundred thousand
have been assembled, east an Odessa pa
per, on an extent of 80 leagues, to be
marched on the -first signal.
Capo D'lttria had visited the7 head
quarters of General Churchy wrho had 4r
000 under hiscommmd Ibrahim Pacha
was to evacuate the Morea in three weeks.
The. cabinet Jaurnala of France and
England are laboring to convince the pub
lic, that those two countries are perfectly
agreed In their policy respecting Greece.
Tne Toulon expedition had not sailed
on the '9th August. There waa much
mystery about its movements.
it is now said that the English are in
great danger in Portugal. The cabinet
of Don Miguel is beginning to" threatea '
them. Lord Aberdeen has withdrawn
The Standard of tbe prophet had not
yet been displayed, and it was tbe gen
eral opinion that it would not, till the Sul
tan deDtrted from the capital.
" mr t:. . r:' . a i j I
i na racaa naa auiuen AarianoDici
encamped under the .walls of. the old paI-
ace. All the chiefs of tbe civil govern-'
ment accomDsnied the army- Tartara
were nockuigThTolhe irniy;
Half of the
qity was deserted-
The -editor of the National Gatette has
seen a letter from Gen. La Favettet dated
Jolv 13. from which it appears that be ...
lie strongly recommends tbe young u
of Montebello, (son of Marshal Lenne-J
who will soon arrive in this country in the-,
character of a tourist. ANson of Marshal
Ney is now in New York with the same

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