North Carolina Newspapers

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ocronr.u 7, 1020.
.. , r.LKCTO tUI. TICK KT!t..
Jny quantity f Jatiton t'leefral 'Trie', fan
be had at the ofllci of the Wntern Carolinian,
on very low trrm....tav 2J cent per hundred,
or Pr thousand. Commit- In tbr several
couotiea, amllndividuala, would do well to apply
ioio,ao that 0re may nut bo any diaappoint.
ment in tnpplj themwlvei Iq time. 139
t t'" KVMW ea-g-7
The iM or last wsek'i ptpar was
wrong'v dated i It should have been the 30ta,
Inateadof J9tft, of HeptiMiiber, ,
" a- we are compelled, hy a press of matter,
ft deft (ha coramanioalMm from friend, la re
lation ,rt " bin-piaee oe"
Ytf ttir samr reaoni w ere' obliged, to 1r
cf r tllf our next 'he piece ' relative to aittult
. M4 battery ees in the county court t .
At alto 'h observation of Dr. M,' IvT Alex
anAV, on the rearing of llk worm, and the eul
tJvalion of iilk.
I ,wi rv;i': i.r
aee Vcofton It 1CV bat Wilt rmtt in"
...JL. nn. Great numbers of emigrant ere
.mra rmn. tireat numoert 01 rmijrraui
continually arriving in that enuntry, mostly from
thif ttate. We hp they may not be diaap.
pointed in their estimate of the advantage of
that " Kden of the peat Valley of the
. . . .7" . ... ....
A man In I'h.ladelph.a .empTe., ,0 n,t n
hroatw.tha pen knife t he made a fc'yM 'i
in hi. neck, but lnt.,ne.,vely avoided the Jor,,.
Ur , tholoein wuwedup 1
k, Hint fair way tor well. The poor fellow
aid be did not thtnHrt -woa! , or ne
wouM never have tried to cut nroat.
TUtrmmng fonf.-Xr. Clay went to Ken.
lucky, tn try tocentroul the election! there, tin.
der oolo' of the advice of hia phyatciant. Hut it
vouM benefit hi health to travel i Mr. hecre.
tary Hrthard wenda hia wav toward the north 1
' ami foe the want of better eicuee, fr lyter.
ineddlinf in the elec'iont of NewJertey. mna.
rra to be lon tick Me. and- it obliged to re.
mam naui aier ne vicciiwn, ir ry"v
4ia health J. foi
jl)ltio rabtnet
ft) ft with all J.;;
inet t- they ftml n . fur alU
their erWKWier, ami oegteet of o witoi TnrTrwftW.itt"rir j.;r,''-6;rhe cariimny'oriaiir.
the oflicet into which ther have wormed t ,n trra.mnWe r 'ana of B irr. We re.
(hemeelvet agaimt tho exprewed will of tlicjp.,, 0..r ciirim Mt -d limit will not admit
4jeople. -
fJattei-Flonr hu taken a rise in market, m
Anaeqtience of a auppoaed failure of crop ia
Hurope 1 which reporta, however, torn out bv
the. la teat accounts ta be esaggeeationii. 41
hatred of flour from Camden, were aold in
Charleston on the 26th till. Tor S per barrel.
. Another trkk, which tle F.bony men con.
templated playing oft" on their ackaon oppo. been detected. It was thia: Jum
Wore the election, rumor were tn have been
i n .. .i . ... L. l-U-
apreaii an over incnrinu,, ,,,,. .i.Mi.-r,
hail a iddenly died, and that it woulj be ueleM
to vote foe a dtad man t care wa' to have be. n
fjiken, rhat the report ahouhl be started at to
late a dav. that It would be impotaible to hear
JT 7 1- . r.. u.r
A.3W,' t.hi. . it w hort ,h,.
Tote enough might be diverted from the O!
llero, to Turn the teal agatnM him in Kentuc
nrftome Other doubtful ettea. --Bot the vil
lamon. 4..m, ha. bee. detected, and the a,n.
le wlU now te on their guard agalnn all aimi.
irooee. - --::r-:.s:r- - - - .r:r.:.
j--.-".--:t-"- -
At rxlgrembtoperioeccmrt. David v
n e
emiwa w m iir'i wci? vwnvuttru i iiiit'iirii
teeft tbe murder of John Abrama. . The hee
1 ne wee
wa killed in a rAf between himelf and ttn'n
way, in a drunken fttiek, Broa'n preventing any
one from parting t'lem. I'key were fined 10,
"nd Imprisoned 69 day;- - ' "
A new volunteer artillery company haa been
-Orranieedlff Raleitfh. be CaTlnhe Cfl,r.r'.
Guard t 8.Birdall,Capt.t Alex. J. Uwrenee,
lat Lieut 1 3. O. Maraball
.Jd-LieuU. L it
It il vtate.1, in ceofident ternrs bv the Kew. ,r""n- "e invoiumaniy Prec.Pu..r.. ,mo
York Evening Poat, that-MrAlonroo wia-notl B'M r .!riiJ.. whichjUe waste-wateW e
sxeept of tbe office of Pott-manerof New.Tork,,,,,,,,,pry -rri"1,f : And although it
por of any other fllce in the gift of the Prei. ,,src bc5.n ,s"l'Psed ' M,.hr ,n" "f
tient, ahould he have the. offer. h '".mortal I part, finding .taelf tenaVed
in too frail a veel for any longer con'inuance.
a k. i.. - 1 u w t. ' took it denarnire for rea"m of eternity, and
murder pf hi. wife, He pMested his Innocence P,act H'" m H'
to the last. An Immenae concourse of people 1 . . , T . . ,.,
aeembled on the ocion. . .. J - J V. Wng. at Mr. Jnhn W,l-
liatiw'a in thii con m, .trnult. a vote we taken
Tl. n.f a.
t.:..-. r .u. . . . .,
paiuum w i(ic u'liinimraniiii an" cons'antiv
Iktrning upon Mr. Adam' great akill a. dipfo.
mtirt, of hit an per lat ive nualification a a
atatesman, &c But we look in vain for the
awdrneeeof hittuperiority'Ih thia repect, in the
acfi of hit administration On the contrary, bv
the Preiident't bungling mirmanagement, or the
grow negligence and incapacity of hia miWdi-
ate officers, the citizen of the United State
have suffered not only aeriou inconvenience
in their commercial intercourae with the Wet
Indict but heavy and ruinous toavec from the:
culpable remiasness in the government to artend4
t the vital interest of the nation. Among other I
f iti2mPv ".Com.!
Brfdle, commander of the Wert lm ha qualron
S !? Cump- "l,t0 crekw' an'1
&y up hia hip m ordinary, an.l witne. the rob-
?!-.AmcriC)n "Tnd IIJSSS!
ahantt anl all for the wantofnnrfr, hi draft
on the treasury having beerf proteated ! while
i h" I'reaident and hia cabinet have deaerted
weir poata, and are making visits of pleaaure
mtO SlI barte ml 4h 4?nmn
hnners, and squandering the people'a money,
which they earned by the aseat of their, browll
... Will American freemen.. will the hard-work-wg
farmers and mechanics of NorthCaVolin,'
io earn every shilling they get by hard labor,..
t" they, rant they,. .by .their vote, contribute
r airemn upon our very life-brood t and irthey
re ifferet to remain m office another four
War, we (ball onlv have the akeleton of a e-
M4e left 1 the iafonce will have befcn de
troyed by the odiona aristocracy which will
gjude.the deatiniea of the nation. The aalvation
our beloved country depend on the election
Andrew Jjtckspn as PrestdeDt.
A nr. 3 V HO I-.'. la iU l: pie ft tie
old Btt.lloi in rtillidclpliia, on the 1 1th
ult, 1 it Wright 4,'WU.Ai.
.WnrJrf..We are Informed that the Re. Mr.
Taylor, living nn lticliar,lw,i creak, In Anion
rounty, wai aW dead by k'n atrp.on, Piter
laughter, on the th ult. f laiiRhter fled, hut
ai apprehended near Moranton, and hai hem
Mjfrd in jail, to await hi trial at nnt eprins
term of Anaon Miperior CfHir. We have heard
ome detaila of thin trajjUs event, which etamp
It at a very tirravatrd eaae of murder 1 bit we
hall decline itivine; them, Icat injuatice may be
done the party criminate d. ,
have received the a.llreM of the Central
Jackeon Committee at Huldjli, to the ciilxen.
.if Nneth Carolina, en the tpprdachlnjf preai
dential election. It It tn able and lucid pro.
djirijoa t and are much eejtret our Inability to
public It H will, however, be pretty eitcn.
aively circatated In pamplct fdrm. "'J "
-vrr "- ' " ' '
I.r'fL'rariff;en,' Sheriff of-Wathiofton
couiity. Marylaml, lately murdered hia wife, and
nuwle hit ew-ape, acoqipanied by an idle jade
whom V had kept at a private Miet.' A laree
rcwaru ta oiK-reaior tneir aprrenetltion.
7'" " tWlttthvIhY rrepubUctn received we
? PobhcMion from ihe Nashville committee,
rclai'Mi to the charge against Cen. Jarkson,
r pnnicinatjnif, in V...T, in Jnrn Burr',
Hirinicf tVtmnitvn. I he committee hare e.
eulpa'edliim m ten nupicinn of having
a k uowlitlM of, much leaa ennnivine at. ir
prnleet if Burr'a for a diiuinion of the Statea.
f II . 1' . . ... . '
Ntntd tli real e,ljna of the Uttee hr&n tn K.
f((ly cral w..
among he .ery f.rat t, warn Mr. JefTerwn
(,en indent of the U. S.) an.1 otW X
..icir,., nure of Hurr'.l tenor da At
. wiHama. hn w.h. a.
, ,hi fu , .
OMrajM . h eau, hl .
hv lve torn uff the -.beep'a-hide, and ei.
;.ovd a hyporrite s Hv hit own declaration, in
comexmn wi'h o'here'a, they have made him
rn!?a!ie hiimelf. nn-l expiaed hia terpverw.
tion and hipomay : they have rflVcuallv pin.
ned the fellnw to the wall, wVr he mutt re.
njin, an oSjertvif aeorn and deriaion.and an et.
ample to oliitra whuw malignity would peompt
them to ilandrr and defjme Gen. Jackaoi.
Th.ft rMlllIir&tiAn mutt urui'i mjul .'iivnnt . T .
Mwtwre. of.,thm, tncmiet :Le, juU'wt
M .- ,B betieve . and : have
of our giving 'hi pen-titction a plae- in our pa.
per: we a;iIi herrarer give ei'rvt ,m it i
and hope all Candid men -vil read the publica
tion, the friends aa '! - mio of Jackson
fire Jfle. Kn a'l'ne ' 'inwn 1 J-r.-.
in. W et Jennetace. 4S-uit the 10 tl ntt. wtiich
weired IT or. , and m-,eel 14 inc'ie, in eir.
enmference. T.yrrv thin? gmwt big in tliat
country i we have heard of mutqnitm aa la'ge a
honrv-beea, and jigjrrt at fat a bed-bug.
. 1 ' . . . J
Cincinnati. In OIiTn, to the fitv or New.
Vor, . t , $,w Df 800 mile, in aetrn rfovt. and
: 4j ,0 wav bv v
: 7 ' m -
j t.i..-rc , . . , . .
' "."laV rfi noV. Tn a t-,e in KnmrSunk.
rate ot Uine, a young green iuir. 7 inchr
Oil! '0'r, m rl",'"r' v t apidee, nd drawn up
, ' ; to iM weh, 5 or e feet from the flour. . The aoi
C .,' ". d.r a formidable" rnemv to all other inert,
ef a young green tnah, 7 inchr.
captunng ami tuimg intiae o. , wice .-a ou.a.
' ...... ' . . . r. t ,t
. " ' T7" . .. . . ,
- .1'ti?f) faa haabeen etablnhd attW
ttouae of David Mock, r",q. in the north-eaem
: Gri, rharh-a Stock, l ot Maater.
r r ii rt c
L epoatfriref.ymerlv knownat&rfly
, f L . -, - ,
; naikioipu tauiiu , n now ucu Mifiunjt.
" Hi mark him veff.!..
Stfunfrt !rtU nt praite thiR tell."
W learn that a man named Jetm Hunt, living
in the nnnh-eat comer of Guilfurd county,
' faaanw tteJ nucide abo'it tWo week alnee," in the
, toiwwing manner: ii.vmg game acx.e to a
ai.hmiaf. he iwallowe.1 ai immmlerate notjon
'ful ttcmpte(t t w!k ti j but lotinic W rfm-
. t i . a :i .
" h I'resklency . and .he following wat the
, retain
Andren- lnckiOn, 2T.
JohnU. A.lama. 00!!
ton thk vimit caantisus.
' Th femneat rnve without
-ami I
1 Will rave in uniaon within ;
Front eonrfanf gravity to flv,
r- Can he no-deeooedeatllv ain. -. , -
Pour out the rheeeinfj wine, my boy,
We mean tu pas a night of joy.
rtceillUBt atudyi.wr.the mirnl. ;
. ceMeIeun.9hin. tRint, fa t;r .
1 Katare i proviJetrt and kind,
9he only fpowns t0 be more,
storm of mirth,
, .
Another peal, another gla!
That ffaah how awful and iiiblime, "
flow fleet the cpruseationt pats,
V Bright embhms of the fight Divine ! " "
Thit nectar gleam before my eighty
A' Pharoa in this dreadful nightj':
Ti not in levity or fear
We treat this dread tremendous hour t
But- in deep coufule'nce and cheer, , r
OAiVnuuAiyA tA.tb..ulrme rmwe&i "
Let tremDiing gum its neau conceal,
True hearts no trepidation feel.
The rtorm subsid- s the midnight chime
Hat atnick, -the ground ii drenched with rain ;
Tis time to aleep, put by the wine, ,
Well drink when tempest rave again
For they mnat be devoid of flaw,
Who thus conform to nature'! lawa, O.
' T-f the arrival of tliu atlpKa,0!eoa at
NewVork, ttill la'er.htetlicnc It.ra
celved to the 3 Ith of Augutt
Ther U no newf from th teat of war.
Pome turpriie It exprewed bt the London
editora. The accounii from Comtantlito
pie are to th 35th July. The Sulun waa
contlnuint; hit preparailpni for tigorout
retltitnce 10 the. Kimlint.
. pur turpriie at the deity of IotelU(ence
from the ten of war lojeatct daily,
The l part of the French expedition
to the Morei conalnedof meo of war
and 48 traniportt, witij 9,000 troopi on
bdird. The jecond dial won wat to tail
on Wednesday.' I wl to eooaitt of 36
tranaporjt arid 3 men ot 9 ar. : .
The prominent intelligence retttet to
,he T!r: ithe cut. If ,'je 'accounts,
which w'e'givt below, tre to be credited,
the RuaaLna have carried iho foitreat of
Shumfa. , .
There eem to have been aerimit die
leniiont in the councilt of the Porte.
rtthrStfiikW ytVMiiie d l EJr'i? f Cto !
to br? trtea'ded," whVdid riit aufDcierrJy
deffm himoelf on the Ptnubc.
A lettce fiom Mdow announcet thii
the PtHrett of Ilhd4d hat been ken by
Uio.-rn; hv the ironpaof Cen. Fjakewiiri
1 ie account irom tlm of ttie 4th Int'
lay, that the report in circulation, and
which agree wiiti one nrfhe , leave no
dou')i tht the position Schumli ha
been ryried )j the Ruaaian. The Em
peror NieimU wn promt at taia tunic,
which witlbe 4 mornl blow for the Turk t
The detail m expect' 1) 10 be important
It n ..i t tnm te lJilltn ni hern r
at ih-e d fTc
h ive effn le !
a l'.rlin in ne
V !'
noitrgj, 10 'r'if r tupp-vt one coy ;
Ihrir 4'dit a.riviiig from Vrna. It ia
added lh !:,e Ji iVuriir ac in arms to
r J(i'an.irt e in
support the rvjunt.
Orov. Ju 73- An A I
amp 0.
iV'tnrraM Kri!chvbrouu lat dt be
J'.Vrd '3 '(";. Jlowinnwt
tie imperial roton are Iriann. int
wain 01 uic imDO".ni 10! 'c-j ul rjr,
which 4 takei 'y alorit on tie 15th
Ju!v. s eieht VclAck m thr tnnmiii?
-...,1- 1 . l . : . r r ,r
J Our
attar ked thr I u--k wi(.n
. lTneluoM1'
h 'he Oavne-, and d 1
....... . . . '
locgen tn- m trom tnat to indole post
tio', notwiihitjnding their tupertontv in
iniimhcra and the vioroui nsistanct they
Tenified hv our sttcceta, he enetnv, to
the number of 5000 men, laid down their
arm-, beside 1250 who wert made pri
soner during the attack. Among the
prisoners, are Mehemet Jarain, Pacht
ol Two Tail, commander of the cavalry
Vali Ag,. nd many otner officers
The aitacR contbued three hours.
The Kround oeruidetfot the catnD, a
' well a the viburo, wis covered wub the
i Turkish shin. The loss ef tne numv,
in killed nd wounded, is 1000 ; 3000
cavarlv. who were in the fortrcaA -escaped
tothe mountjinv the garrison amounted M
JMOQ Tri'-n. VVe had one ofucer and 33
priva;rs killed ; one captain. 13 officer,
auJIC privjies wounded VVe fourth in
tf.e lortrtss If I pieces oj cannon; 35 stan
dards, end considerable quantity wf am
inuuiiion, arms and Magarinea of corn
The siege of Siltstria 10 commence
on the 1 t . Verna is Invested, aim Gen.
ochtetin; t defeated body of Turks
wiio wam over ihe Limm to get in the
rear ot tne o'p- ie fre fhat placed"
it wa s:s!i rcro ted tnt urecce wis
dcdaLCdaJjR!Mt'-v .artrmisttce
hach-en -r;"ip'rrc cn the 'll i oT'the ul
iai , !ut iht Kusl, huilUd It '
A riis pnper of the SO'h states, that
i :ne r i cm n ijorcrnmenf hat determined to
Jloi.o .' c example given by ihe most
I iuo rble clssses ol sor ietv, bv s?"ding to
: use of the Greek Oovernmcut the sum of
500,000 francs. This in fact is tne prjn
cipal item of French intelligence. The
"cTiedirion'' is the main topic there.
Extract of a letter from a respectable
planter, in 'he neighborhoood of Talla
hassee, Florida, dated August 6ih, 1828.
" The city is rapidly increasing excel
lent houses are now going op in ever
direction, and the Capitol is now building
in an "elegant style- We shall make large
crops ol liUiiat, Sea Island and Mexican
co'ton here, next year. Tbe crops are
very abundant the sugar cane looks as
well as it did in November, of last year.
We me exempt Irom disease -Uc re is not
I believe, as healthy a climate under, the
sun." '-;;jyrTrSSn.9wrer,
Proposals are iusued for publishing a
" Monthly Literary Gazette," in Charles
ton C. by J. VV. Simmons and W G.
and W G- Simms. J unr. There-ia to
be e a sweet" depertment for the ladies.
Don't make it too sweet in warn weather.
Pennsylvania iron-landed ai Philadef
pbia, costs 285 per tori. The South
Carolinians aay they can furnish, from
their, own.fesources, t SI0O pey ton. - .
"The Baltimore Susoiehannas Bridge
Conpanv, take depositors. "
The Winnebago Indiana have agreed to
009 , ""Thir' TUT teiWWmSi'Wicn
Ray, by Gov Cass and Col. Mioard, tbe
commissioners. A treat with follow.
Travelling- Drnti'$. writer in the
Alb.,ny I. ly AJveniscr, who aigna him
self a sufferer, cautions th'e public against
a set of persons generally called travell-
tz tj L'j n:$ Citdi
groisly Ignorant of the builnen, and ex
orbit ml in their demand, lie aaye
Ofir of theae gentleman now in ihle tltyi
charged a lady, a few dart alneei only
eventf fire dollar for putting irt three
teeth -another 33 for twoj a third
1J for pledging two teeth, and acraplng
the rctt. (about one hour 'a labor 0 and a
gentleman 30 for merely acrapinjf teeth.
The citixen of Salisbury are not ilran
tn to the imposition of these stragglers.
It gives at pleasure to tee with what
animation, the season of business ia ope
ning in Fayetteville. , The street ire en
livened by .wagons front the back country,
drtytr etrit, fcc all seeming to be busy.'
The arrival of . .Mveral boata Jronvjyil;
mlngtbni has .put the .mercbatju iev po
sessidn of their Fill and Winter Supplies 1
and. if we judge - from the qototityr ve
should aay that tbey must be sold, if aold
at all, very low, tariff or no tariff.
FatitUroillt .Qlttrvr
V" 1 1v r irr n 1 nrr rfT viuv
...r. u.a. utitaajna i 1ir.wi.
Departed thia nfe, at h.t redeee in Caawen
eo.inv, on the JOth alt. the Hon. Banlett Yan-
cy, alter a ahnet but violent attack of bilious fe-
ver, at about the age of forty three year. By ,
thii audden and afflieiing diapenaation of Prov,. ,
dence. North Carolina hai loat. in the maturitv
ot ai geniu, one of her mot uaeful and diatin- i
gitiaSe'! aona 1 the Bar haa been deprived o one
ot i mi iirceaful and eminent member! 1
and hia family ha auatained a low, which it truly
irreparable. In priva'e life Mr. Vaney wa ami
able and conciliating 1 as a huaband and father,
kind and affrctiona'e t and aa a friend, conetant
and uncere. A a Uwyer, he pt awd ttricl
n'erirv. gieat imiu'try inl prrarveranco, a
a j'"!inent cmprelH nive and diacnminaUng,
ai l d-e-ve.lly oceupied an elevated atandinr
1., pr.,fr.,i,.n , a a ata eaman, hia liberal and
enli,rhtened vieaa vecmed to him great weight
reprcthtii'v ft r'urarter.inill
he waa eal'ed to fill : warmlv devoti
rit-'' of hit ftltnw men. be wat. In nrincinle
jn I practice, infleiihly republican, In the year
H-ahia public life rommenced; by his te.
tj.,n rpjrhejMn.rjS! il which he lived
Mjfoy'UrnM ibe tmUd Rutea. 1 The r-
a lonaihit'rty of tb;a truat, at all time great, wa
rendered nirtiriilartv an. hv th mr in whlrh
thii country waa then involved with the formkhwiPf Avrrydeacriptioti, worked mi tbe.nealeri
I We"t)ower'of Great Britain. In what manner :
h diharged that tru't. bit courae while a rep-J
rrenttive afford the best comment. Ao-
:.. :!. .1 . r. . I ... t,
1 wiiw w , m v ( 1 Mil, aia uic wwiiis.iiat tia issst:
Nation, he aupported with animated leal and
rTVOi wry ovare efarv to a wiccraxful
nro eu'ion of tbe war. till ita termination bv an
advantageou and hiMwrahle treaty. He wai ap.
pointed, while a member of Congrew, to act aa
Chairman of the Committee of Claim, at that
time a committee of great importance, from the
immenae number ami amount of churns again
the United Statrt, growing mil of tba war which
had jut closed. Having in 18IT declined a re-
elect ioo to Congress, he wa chosen to represent
the county of Caswell in the Senate nd a a
remarkable instance of public enrfidtneo, which ,
haa aeldnm been beMoard on any individual,
waa elected eleven year tucerasivehr without'
opposition. At the aetaion of 181, th nVnate j
eleef en him speaker ef their bony,- and contin-
ued to confer on him that honor at each auccerd
ihg ariaion. .For that atation he was eminently
fitted : The promptitude, decision and dignity
with which he presided over their deliberiationa,
have been the theme of just rulogium by all wbo
have seen him discharging the dutie of that
atation. Hit lif for the last twelve years may,
with great propriety, be aaid to be identified ith
that portion of the hiatory of the State. In al
most every measure 6f importance which haa
b.-en acted on, during thyl period of time, by,
the State, he ha borne an active and prominent
- part, and ettahliahed on a durable baaii a reputa
tion a a statesman and patriot, a hich will occu--py-a
conapicuoua place in the -futuro hietory -cf
North Carolina.
FarettxilleSifmbee-. Cotton, 9 to 9J f
Beef, fresh in market, :l cent i Bacon, 7 to 8 1
peach brandv. 50 to 60 ; apple do. 35 to 40 ;
flour, 3 a 41: whiskey, 25 a 30 United
State bank note, 4J to 5 per cent, premium j
Dills on the North, 60 daya, 4J to 5 perct. pre.
Ckarletton, Sept. 2' (.Upland cotton 9 a 11
whiikey. 26 to 7T i bagging. 42 inch, 32 to 24;
sugar, 8 to 9 ; molaasca, 30 to 33 cent a ;
bacon, 6 to 7 ; apple brandy, 25 to 28 j beea
wax.SJi coflee. 11 to ISihyaontea, 100 to 105 1
Jamaica rum, 110 to 115 West India do. 75
o 80.....:.North Carolina bills. 4 to 9 per cent.
dis ; Georgia do. lj to 1 per cent, ditto.
tmdm, .r. 30 -Cotton, 9 a 10, wheat 62
. Money i Flour 34 a 4 00, out of tbe wagon i
0.1 s.r, 70 rents I
corn 34
Petrrt'iurir, Sep rm 22: Cotton, 9 to 10 r to
bacco. $2 50 a 7 -refuted, IJ a S24) corn,
1 a R2t bacon, 6J a 7 brd, 6) a7s apple
brandv, 28 a 33 : peach 6 t 75 ccnta.....Nortii
Carolina bank bills, 5) to 6 per cmt. discount i
fieorgia bills, 2J a 3 ' South Carolina bilk,
2 to 2f per cent, discount.
Chsraw, September 17. Cotton, 8 to I Of !
baeon, 7 to8i flour, 31 s 4 per barrel ; corn, 3t j
peach brandy 40 m 41 : apple do. 39 to 30 r
hiakcv .J30bet(; 4i butter 12J to '5
laUow.'B j coffee, irjq 19 sugar, 10 to 12 1
flax-seed, 70.
Vttumhia, S. C. September 12. Cotton, 9J.'
corn 45 a 50 ; wheat 62j a 87 t flour 44 s
bacon 7 to 10, hama 12 to 14 1 whiskey 40 Ut 45 j
aalt75"-North .Carolina-bank bill,.! to 4- per
cenjt. discount Georgia do 1 to 2.
Liverpool Cttttn Murktt, Jug. 7. Tbe sales
during the week, 15.000 bales. Import 15,200.
There ha been abriak aate the last two dayev
- AV.rrir, .4.23.-Cotton r We notice, for
the last three davn about 1800 balet of Uplanda
at 0 1 11 j 'J T00 Wabamw at 10 f rilfTatid
900 Tenner and New Qrlaen at 10 a 13 cU.
making a total tor the vfeCk of 4,400 bales.
( Bmrrinr.-TS piece! Hax Bagging were
wfd'b? aoetiwv yetky atrlSjt centaaihlJ
. a. a a I t a) i. . J . I
North Uaro ina oaok. oi m B.4WW-wa
count V; Virginia do. 1; 8. CaVohna do. 2jV
Georgialo. 3J. Darien 4 un:o p. ivew-wr ean
5, Mississippi 6, Mobile 8,. Tennessee and Ktn:
tucky uncertain.
Pricet at Mempbi. West Tennessee, 30th
August last: Bacon, 8 to 10: butter, 12 to 14;
cotton, 8 to 9t corn, "5 to SO j ftoar, 1; lard,
6 to 7.
In th! county, on the IVh o!t. by Wm. K
Wood, T., Mr. John Johnaon to M m
On the 14h ult. by Atlrt Nfoore, C. Kf)
ftulit RUckbura
td Mr. Bethany ail 0
i Mr. Dc
- e"
Btokes county,
DX9. "
In Davtdeon county, on Thuraday, t!ie Ci3i,
nit. Dr. Cbarlnt Cote, ton of David Coil, .
aged about t3 year.
In Milton, on the 39th ult. Charlet Tl. Donohn,
T.. a member elect to the avntte ef eommon
of the next general aawmMy.
IT' J"' received, n.l h mtw opening at but
Sew Cmk Sitrt U Cn-rL Cberwt eouar
ty, a choice and tplcndid avwrtment of
which were aelected with much oare tod ttei)
tion, in Philadelphia, by himself, and bought
exclusively for th, -
The proprietor being aware of the acarcity of
money, and tow state of produce. Intend mark
Inc. ood. aoeordiiMrlv. - Mw therefore trj-r" '
v;larctrunjKfrfe Ua ciomera'and fnend to "
call and rtanune for themaelvea.
p. $, Alw fn-tJe, and on hand a.t the above
-ore gT1LL M TIN-WAHC, of varioo
iliet iBj deKripiiona.
rvrAe ith, 1828 35
! j
ravi, 1. 11. a St.
lllOTOUKn ttttr A UUTftO
O OV of the imported horse
O Lxilr. will aland that
fall aeaaon (.which has com
menced) in ftafiiborv on Mow-'
and Wedncedavsi and at thw
plantation of the late Dr. Moore, the other dave
of the week, until the 15th Nov. when the aea
aon will terminate 1 the aeaaon will be charred
at ais dollar 1 four dollars the leap, and twelve
dollar to inrure. 0. L. FIT. It RAND,
Orr. lt, 1828, . . 3t.iy
atones, Cut lock, &64
4 acquaint the public, that they make, of
the beat of rock, jtnrl of a superior frit;'.
,....,r wVfl ' Slows
Wndow nnd Dm Silts.
manner, and afforded on the lowest oibk
termt 1 ami good trade, at cli pncet,taka tat
payment, aii onier tor cut or pick'd roea, will
h tl.tnlrfllllv VTmvmI mA fmifAv mttmmAmA
ft- ----- -' 1
ENOCH TlflLiri.
-Wr. -10, 1828. ' 3l37
nV away from the ubcritn"" an apprentks
Hu , bv the name of Andrew Keesler, on
Sundav the 28th inat. The said apprentice If
about 17 year of age, atout made, mldyeoB
plexioo. with black hair. He ia auppoaed to
hve gone to Lexington, or Lincoln!, aaWI
the above reward will be givert to aoy one wbo
will deliver him to me, living 15 mile from !
iabury, on the waters of Back Creek. .
Oct i, 11'?. StOy
Sta of ."Ttk-LrkiM :
DWIDsOV Cownty. Court, Anguat- seasion
1828- John Clemmon rf. John Mathewss .
original atahment, les-ied on 40 acre of land,
adjoining the land of John Clemmon and oth
er. It appearing to tha court thai the 4fexu
dant in thia caae ia not an inhabitant of this state
it ia ordered 'that publication be made in the
West era Carolinian six weeks uceetivetv, fof ','
aid defendant to appear at the next term of Sal $
court, to be held in Lexington, the aecnnd ton
day in November next then indtffer toVeplevy1
and plead, otberwiae judgment will be takeft
against him by default. fit 40
p AVID HOCK, cat. ft. Ai
fe vfXtrth Carolina r
TM'Jl)sn.M County Court, August session
cart, luvMlavk,
V-r BrtVow tHemmons wrjrmnr Maf rH
tlMv r smgtnal ttchmgtit, imeA nn Alt aer m
of laadadjoining the landa of Jno. Clemmon
ami others. It appearing to the court that the
defendant is beyond the limit of the state, h ta
ordered that publication he made in the" Wes
tern Carolinian aix weeka successively, for aaid
defendant to appear at the next term of said
court, tn be h olden in Lexington, the aecond
Monday in November next, then and there to
replevy and plead, otherwise judgment will be
taken againat him by default. 6t40 '
TVM,ON County Court, August tension
. f saner v John NMtiwwii
or1,'.n' ttachment, levied on 40 acre, of land.
adjoining the landa of Jno. Clemroona and others.
11 appeannfr ,o mc coirx nisi me arrcniuini jp
beyond the limits of the slate, it is ordered that
publication be made in the Western Carolinian
aix week u?ces,ively, for Mid defendant to ap
pear at tbe next term of said court, to be holdea
in Lexington, the second Monday in November
next, then and there to replevy and plead, other
wiae judgment will be taken againat him by de
fault. 6t40
. . - DAVID MO;K, e.d. e.-......
- -- -a- vTTf wibwriber haa removed feomthw r
fi?T!l m. hoii'e formerly owned by Capt.
rii Wtrke, dee'd. to the house lately
occupied by Mr. David Porter, in the east enc?
of Jheownabcrc-hc-aillcontinu hia TJV
F.N.V He aincerely thanks hia friend and
the public for the patronage heretofore extern,
ded to him i and he solicit the continuance of
thoir favora. . :
He pledge hi unremitting attention to his
busineaa, and kindncsa to those who may bo
plcaacd to. caJl.upon.hun 12 , -
StoletDille, Iredell ca. ,V. C; Jipril 14. 1828.
' '.oral buaiiiew, again idfer hi er-
;, es to the citizens of Charlotte and
sijjacrnt country, in-the practice of
JeSticine find Surgery.
lit duly cuiisidera the preasure of the tin1e
and will make his charpeHarqnrdlnglv.
' I . - ..

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