ft ' I ! , i - m i in? iitrTin tut nr.TMtnirF.cr, 1ay ef my ymith ! yt have gtilrd awavi I lain of my youth t y ft" fr4 and grav i i of my youth I your keen irbt ,"v!r tiheekl of rr.y youth ! ran r furrowed all er ! all tour vlroe ia f ne i TWteof my yowh I your gy Wn sre flown, Jlayi of wit youth ! I wih not your rtfalf j 1 fain of my youth I I'm content ye ebould fan Yytt of my youth ! much evil have yt seen i Wieekstf mv ydsth! batbM in Iran nave J fctronrhcnry youth 1 why,lament your decay, Tin it mr era I Vt will thnrllv be part i ralm of my age I vet a while can yt la r - j 07 1 01 my ago 1 10 imi wu iKU(mr-' IW Jmr aa! ha reKrion vour h trtit 1 j-bougbtt of my aft Art ye notrhe eoUWi Hope of my age l a t "im op uju r . 11 mf ' lihtvt drunk the can of happiness .wMT-ji BUa-it-v fount Vat dry ! ' " X- VtseaisTef joy am wae iUm-eftt IU springs our aeercn any. I have drunk the eQp of bilterheei, And dill it everlowti la broken hearti the eprinf it foun Eternal aprinf 'of woet ! 'ow let me taatt another cvp. Oblivion's blessed draught ! Ab 1 tit Gkt that of Tantalus, forbiddta te bt ouafTd I rut m eT ar-rataif. 8T.1I. e-rev-ai SUftOMrMlU aMftef to to Wmm AM rw - . -b jrn w s rt tM Mrflt Ob OM IX a"-) t -MMr't amta u, 3rfrx.ft'rMiwMia)Wrr' r . aiwiiiMwtiawift -s. ktllWNMIl llIrEfitofYitTi "often ijuar. fl 1 Thia 1 lamentable fact. I have Sever ceti tons adapted to sncW an cession, frobably tne following a e " " bort one wilt inawer. ft it tddreaaedi fcy a lover to his miitreta, whom he unfittingly offended. Tne Aald Una; Syne." )iok not of wounded feeline;, tore ! Nor doubt myfaithfu heart, Vor think but time ftball alvayt prorei I act a tortr part. &e'rj Under fiance, or klaa, In er'ry puUe that beata, fh all my acts of play fulneoi, ily heart Ka tale reptau. The think oot of thy brokea rot, But let my acoona prove f bold thee aacrcd in my breaat, Aad only claim thy Me. enua.- to tne DOCTOBS. ; ioetors.1 telljrou, to ua, (and t troe.) : The wocMn are (far aaora important than you : ' tbr whboat them to hve, any man I defy, " Bat without your advice, we. can all of iw die. Jtvnutl V f ayorurt. MIJrCELLANEOUS. Sellings a IVie by Auction. One ol iboae accnei deservedly recorded as a reproach eveo to a barbarous age, " tut f dublf di s grace fa? w-hate vci-Xhe lleged miicondoct, id country wun the alighest pretension ta ciriliiation, took place a few days since, in the naritet place of Hniton, Kogland, where the town crier having previous 1y ghre public notice, retch in hu man shape, of the name of Henry Broom, of the parish of Buckerell, after enumerating her various qualifi cations, in the language and style of a ajockey, put his wife up at auction. The womnn, fine grown, and of hand, tome person, about 25 years of age, trad three years married, stood by hre cide, and the first bidding was' that of a painter, who offered 2s. 6d. ; and a Knight of the Thimble, 2s. more. A barber topped the whole, augmenting the bidding by 8s. at once j upon this Thomas Tremlett, of Awilscombe, earned ewe pwndr. and , the husban4 cryingr.: " totky hit,'- let -iaUlhis hammer j the money was insuntly fcaid and the transfer of property took place, and the pair moved off together j banhedignatiof-4he-jpeciaiori, Upwards of 1,000 in number, was by this time excited, and Broom was as ile-by -KUaa-Theannpyance in creasing, he essayed to.oetena mm self, and get rid of the molestation, by the use of brick bats; which were flung about with violence, and several SiCAVsjtrjick. 'lme&Uri?&i&o&t of an ingenious machine for making horse shoes, in vented by Mr. Robert E. Hobart, of this place, has been deposited in this office for the inspection of the public. A patent right has been obtained. It is said that one ton weight - of horse shoes may be made in one day by this machine. VHuigc JrlmeQm AtUussor. which hmM l mUr b., , e wood of o f dc-d i:fif.t.InC. the date tree, wbicb it not ih.cker Ahn p,cnger pn board, . t.lb.Ec J ki they rnak. .re h i P corpulent, 'how without ih.fc.lii r iy rr.me.work. "7 ht f lhfe, 1 1 r iuhbijii. strinj, describes a seml-clrcle ob the ground lavi bis lricli, fattened to ijether with a g) pium cement, cn the lines thus traced and,' having thus formed hit arch, except the crown brick, it U carefully raised, and In two psrts, placed upon the walli.They proceed ihut tUl the whole srehis fin. Jibed, I bis part is only bair a brick thUk 3ut:itirter them-'ti turn, a stronger arch upon ' :- They" who are, easily flattered - are always easily cheated. Silence 1s the best remedy foT.iQ&W-l f ycMisay oo. thins;, you will have nothing toumay. When I tee I man suffer a simple wife to run intc debt at a store for whatever she fancies. I cue ss he will soon wish he had never been married. When I past by a house, and see the yard covered with stumps, old hoops, and brokrn earthen, I guess the man is a horse jocky and the woman's a spinner of sireet.yarn. When I pass a house and see tr.e windows broken, a bundle of rags n one end, and a hat in another, I guess the mistress is a slut, and the master loves rum. Veritable Food.H. little work enti tled Ueta Depicts,' has just appeared from the nenof Mr. Newbv. Its au thor advocates cultivation of subter ranean roots for vegetable food, and states, thatjhey ftwoish mranimal subaisteoce than those sbove ground. " In point of fact, observes Mr. N. " there exists na physical- neceuity whatever for growing corn of any kind, extent that roots may fail." and that the cultivation generates no manure." ' Afixturt Jar 'Siherinf leoiin flastet. Two parts of mercury are to be dissolved with three of lead, and the mixture then poured upon glass, which has been previously polished and heated. This composition is found to adhere to the glass with great firmness, and to cast a Very pure reflection. Care must be taken to separate from the amalgama the coat of oxide formed during its fusion. .. CapuDoane, .pf-the revenue schoo ner.. .Marion, has favoured 'tis with a sample of the Extract tf Lopvotd, which ia now prepared in larger quan tities on different parts of the coast of Honduras and k ucatan. It is i new article ; Ts used in dyeing, painting, writing, marking, and as a Medicine This, sample was nbtiined from-the Captain of the ship DetJemona, lately wrecked on the-Florida-Reef, on her passage from Sisal to New York. -It may be seen at this office, by thoae who take aa interest iotbese matters. Charlciton Ceurter. FringibUittj if Copper. M. Cag. niared Delatour has recently reported to the Academy of Sciences at Paris, a series of observations made by him on copper and brass wire, which he has found, after an exposure to the open air for some days, (but more par ticularly in damp weather) to break readily if bent at a sharp angle, so much ao, that Ita state of frangibUity prevented him from twisting it round the pins of piano forte, after having made the above experiment. This has some analogy to the remarks lately by M. Svart, on the change of den sity in copper, when the metal has undergone the action of ammonia. A correspoodent of the Baltimore 0axetteT statei it as his opinion, that the disease known in the South by the name of Dengue, although a rare is not a new one. That Dr. Rush, in jilef ciibjngjjjejttculiar remitting fever I . L . I ., - - 1 mai appearea in tne city 01 rniladel- phia in the summer and autumn of 1 780, lays down among its symptoms all that distinguishes the Dengue!! The writer expresses his belief, that the affection is a- mingling of bilious and rheumatic disease the lstter con stituting by far the more prominent parDr4ndeed thewhole of the pa- tientVrcompUlntPS A London hatter advertises having invented a porous hat, toremedy com plaints made against water proof hats, of preventing the escape of perspira tion and causing head ache. The in veptor had better cut a hole in his shoe to let the water oafr tunn nan nnu uu vi i Willi - - ' 1 years he had fot walked half a mile, ' eeption. of Company, He freatctt palne have m wb., .in, hi. Mhtata, wfisEsXffzi suswrsss; not been able Stand. ' for th comfort of Traveller- the Mi . After the diacbarge of the lightning, 1 proved eerranta have been aelretrd with fe which ried l ose to the place where ' 'h b' etocked with choice aauora, and TV ' ... Pn. ..... i i the atablee attended by o4r.fif and atteeUvt this poor aippl: " lying, every body . n, oooventtnet of U.U eituatioa U wal a'lOQishea to see him rise, pace equal to any ia the place. The houae eontatna up Slid down the deck, and walk about '"""ber of prWate rooma. iml wt houafa, weO r a .li k. If ikU hari calculated for the accommodation of Traveller! for a long Uoie; ss if oo thing had ever lnd j, kti1chti whiehf ta , ailedhim. M first his head waa 'a Dry Gooda and Book at. " little aKf l:blirthat--Boon wenl off.-,to tbot who may piraae te call on him, lit -K-.l. fri-fif whirW h. haJ . " ,V ," 7 " T If rienced In hit limbs remained. t He i eontinaed to ose them fmly during! the nissage and on the arrival ol the thin inTport, he wslkerj :wlth easeto the place of his residence;"1 "" f Jm. Mechwlt't Afaftxhe. Promenade at JVeiMngton.,.tTht terrace extending around the west e fL .M.nt S a ha. tk. mnrt 7"1 ... r 7 " evening P" scene presented view is said to be beantiful. The rich woodland pros pect in' the distance and the giant proportions of the Capitol at hand, under the silver light of the moon, from a pic tore chastened beauty thst would chain the admirers of nature and art, even if a delightful breexe did not almot invariably add cooloese and fragance to the Promenade. i ST 0tl the 22d ol M-rch, last, the Rev, Dr. Scott read to the Wernerian So-, r v..l Ui.tAH, I cj!. eirtyorWafcltWsWryoJn burgh, I paper 00 the great fish that ; swallowed Ui Jonah, and, altef three land.. Theofijectofthereterendg-n . tlcman was te show" that it could not r be a whale, ks often suppowed, but I was probably jaSqualue Carchuiaa, or 0 white shark. Dr. P . an Irish rector, and in person vert ordinary, having . neat parsonage-house, very conously lurn- ished, wai inne dsy shewing it to Dr. Berkley, bishop ofCloynet Well, my lord,! asys the doctor, after they , r.t-nm.fl t a .k. rlininv.narlour. run 1 see what a nice marriage-trap I have j got here." " wny, yes, actor, cam a . a . SM says me Dt.nnp, a .cc yu navs , uu, I It t L. . k... I am llraid you will not find I lady that will rehsn the baitr T' 1 A French emigrant, having been but a short time in England, was invited to partake of a bowl of pu'.ch a li quor he had never tastedbefore, and which not at all agreed with him. Speaking of his. entertainment next day, - but forgetting the name of the beverage, .he asked, "Vat de calls that liauor dat be all 'conttddkixon where is de brandy to make it sour ?" " Punch I suppose you mean. -i txh-JL'i.M l Aye, ponifjaichMonsiert-J. most putlchct out fny trains Jast night. A sad misteJte.-t-K young man en tered a wine shop, in the Place de Greve, and asked for a glass of white wine. In serving him, the wine dea ler gave him by mistake, a glass of spirits of wine, which he took at a draught, and fell down dead immedi ately , Paris papet. A bull. desired my men one morning to form two deep j. an Irish lad immediately replied, "Oh then, your honor, we are too deep already,' alluding to the great depth of the mud in the roads, which waa sometimes up to their hips. . Subalterns Log booh. A Jacob Whip of Maryland, adver tises his wife, Betsey Stonebraker, as having run a waiyT "" Jacob i"ay S' she' has acted so lour times without cause. She must have had enough of xvklp, that's air; : JCanaan government We are in- TormeoV$ been sworn in as administrator of the Government, and not as Governor. "01ymiwsrtl saiclfrytrt Macedbitwhea ful wottaa, but of doubtful character, that he had indeed consulted his eyes, but not his ears. . A country apothecary has written over his door "All sorts of drugs o4 fyin etufs aold here oi in. leanionaui wrau.1n.n5 yiv , mediately oppoaitt tht Court Houae. Tbepub maende. In a moonlight evening the lie may rely on biaatrenaoot etertmoato render s.UiSnuttr, xoutu cjuquxj, BT ua AtLiuoa. I fllllll tlrftrt ettahliihrnrnt, attnatad (..?. 1 at the north romer of the Cowrt f'.'ii Jjloiiae, haa brrn rremtly rtpaired and nttcd udUi new and ruoertor atvle. for the re- tmu that no) pains will be epar', ( render tUrtr-tUy-coihibio and piranff. - EZRA ALLEMONO. " $ail,burfi Srfii If, 1837. 13 Moodmqjra. Hotels ROZt OP TXQQ QOIJnm'tALL: THE tubaeriber rrtpect fully In. form his frieada and the pub. lie generally, that bt bat opened a TwMnein the houae lately occupied bT by Mr, M, at. Mcculloch of this town, por.n Went eoriier of Bru and Bnf ttreeta. an4lm. mediately erwoaite the Oirt Houae. Thepub. awenieruinmenteauaiaetory in every panicn. kit entertainment lar. Ht'wiahet tbt traveller to call andbMlfe for himself. Private roomt for familiet will at , vays be kept ready ' fumUlvrd. . JOSEPH GOODMAN. CWi, 3. C. Ft. 9. It2& 8(40 NWUs and Lands. rpIIR valuable fitte and Aondr I formerly the property of Geo. Saner, dee'd. are ottered for tale jvJtl !Sy the late purchasers. ITiis land life on Dutchman's ereek. 4 milrt east of Mocke- ville, ndjoininf tht Ciln Mumford tract, and la equal to any land in Ko an county, with a large proportion tl wperior medoi tbo Mills are oreupertor conetruction, ana nave now very th water. power can veryHvemeotfy b"We ttrrrr any kind of Machinery. For otner pamcuiart, r ftjtf tmomA 0. aOBS, -v JOSEPH hanks, PETER j lgg$4 JACOn BANES, MARTIN SANER. N. B. Another tract, belonging lo Peter 8a rr, adjoininr tbe above; ernnaimnr 225 acrea, will be sold m connexion with the above, or sep- will be eold in connexion with the above, or sep- . a a tv L - . L S. ntt Uml t lot adjoining the town of Mockavide, eonUininf ten acres of land, with a V "fi 7itLmV.nlu kw Kcommodating terms. Apply u above. 1 Y.Btatfc of Cunt. D. CtftAge. Tf AVING qtiafified at November court last. Ml m admintatratora on tne estate or capt .. . Uu rf 'A. we desrrr a Mraona Indebted to said deceased, to ke payment wifh as little delay aa possible and all persona having claims sgain-t the estate, . . . . J . I ! . L ro preaent tnew,-iegany..auetea, wrunn- iw time preecribed by act 'of ataembly, otberwiee thia nofice will plead in bar of their recovery. 3mt3y -THOe.'CRAWE; ROBT. N. CRIGE. hv 19,1828. Mmim'ttromt.- Utgmtita Orfttr. Had Quarter 63f Hefnt.Jf. C. Mt!iU, &Aatry. Sept. 1 1, 1828. Tilt officer, non-eommieaioned officers and privates, composing the 1st Rowan (or AM State) Rejriment of N. C; Militia, are ordered to appear in the town of saiismiry, on n emeiaaj. lAe 22d im v e October next, at 1 eJ4inpeona.Jl,lai 10 o'clock a. si. dirreta, - foe rerireenUt tnuater and review- U is stnctiv en . rr ' . 1-.-U. 'A-. Joined on officers to appear completely euippeJ. or tne law will tie entoreea against mem. The commissioned officers are ordered to ap- Sar at the tame place, at 9 o'clock a. n. on Tuet y, the 21st, with fire-arms, for drill. EDWARD YARBRO, CW. Ctmdt. Slept. tu 1828. 7t' Watches, 3evierj, &c. THE tubaeriber has lust returned from the North, with at good an asort merit of Jewelry, Watches, Siker.Ware, tc. tt was ever offered for rale in thia place t his Jewelry ia of the latest importations, and the moat faahionable and elegant kinds lo be had in anv of the Northern Cities : elegant Gold and Silver Watcheet plain Do. fee. fee. And in a few dayt, he will receive a very elegant assort ment of Military Cm. Also, all kinds of Sil-ver-Ware, kept constantly on hand, or made to order on ehort notice. All of which will be sold lower than such foods were ever disposed of before in this place. The public are respectfully invited to call and exaroinetheae goode, their richness, elegance, and cheapness, cannot fail of pleating those who wisb'to boy; - 4... . , All kinds of Watcht Repaired, and warranted to keep time s the ahop is two doort below the court-house, on Mein-etreet. ROBERT WYNNE. SaKibury, Jffly26, 1828. 17 BOOK BINDING. TIE tubaeriber respectfully informs the cit isena of Safisbury, and the surrounding country, tbat he has established a JBeoAV Binden in said town, on Main Street, a few doors South of the Court-Houser where he will be thankful to receive any kind of work in his fine of buatneaa, From a number of years experience, In Europe and America, he feela confident of being able to giveUr,fati6ctidn to all those wbo may fa hinTithanyd Uton Seek nulde toorteT,lftw furnuhed, oft short notice, and at prices which ho one can complain of. . Old Bkt Rebuund, either plain or ornamen tal, on the moat moderte terms, AH orden from a distance, faithfully attended to. The pat. ronage of the public ia repectfully solicited, by their obt aervt JOHN H. DP, CARTEKKI . SSbWyfl'VSstT. 6i iimU - - - - '.--.. nVIN'O hrrn aliwnt m a d,'.nl vln'i paat nimmtr, r"prcifii!l Infurmi Im 1,14 ruMornrn and the puljlifl f enrrally, that he liaa returned hnme, and rumd lxuna, hicU during hit absence wal conducted by lui partner, Mr. Ctwrf. , They continue at tbe tlmp furmertr oceupitd by R. rrrtipleion 1 and are furniahrd wnh the I'arU and UmAon fuliiona. fur ladits and ftcn. tlemen. Three fbkma have been mora f e eraily admired and adopted by the Bn Tn of the Nonhern Citica, than any hitherto reoivrdi and although It require more than naual akill and latt to five them full fU yet tbe tub teribert pledft themaclvea that iheir eiecation of them shall not bt aurpaeed it tbe Union. ladies llabiti $n4 reiiecea, and Gentlemen's Clothing wiH be made up at prices lower than nek tMHr was ever beret of ovo done, in order ta conftirm to tht nneumplcd prcieure of the tiil. ""7--'--'- -.,...... Orden for work from AfUrtce. will be thank. J fully reeeivrd, and punctually attmdrd to, ao. ' cordiOf 10 directlona. tMLAS TfMPI.r.TO?t, -.. , BCIU1EB WWRT. UhikvTf, Srpt. 30, ma. 34 " COWAN fit REEVES HAVE Just received, from New.York and Philadelphia, at their Blore at Hood Uruve; Kowan county, twelve miles wettof til. iebury, a f enera! aortment of freeb Dry Goodi, Cutlery t lurdrvdre, Croceriet, He. Which they are determined to sell umiaualTy low for VAS1I or C 0 7 OA' or on a ahor) credit to ftvmcfMa cuatomera. As they will re. Rlenltb their ttock at short Intervale, from tbe ortbero marketa, and keep tbe newest and aaoet approved kinds of Goods, tbrv feel a con. Sdence in invtiing their friends and the pubG to call, eiair.ine, and judge for tbemeelvea. COWAN at KEEVES. ITJ Grrrt, Sep. Ik. g2. 6rstJJ Trotter & Uuntlngton, Watch and Clock Maker andJeweUert, CHARLOTTE, N. C. nAVE Just received an elegant assortment of articles la their liner which ther will tell very low for eaaa, er to punctual cuatomers ow-r-dit.xfl3rAl kinds of Wptcjies rtpairri and warrantl to perform weU 1 " JiljUma. 72 WAGONERS. JIWIXQ TO MTETTCriLLK, WILL find h to their advantage, te atop ti the HJGOX TAR IK where every cos venienet is provided fur Man and Horn, to make tbem comfortable, at tbe moderate charge of 13 cents a day and night, for the privilege of the Yard, the use of a food house, Sre, water, and abetter. Attached to the Yard, are a Grocesy and Proviaioo Store, Bread Shop and Confee tionary, and e House for Hoarders and Lodgenw in a plain, cheap, wholesome and' comfort, able style. . 09 t'qyrlfvUU, lef April, 1878. '" -" . Cotton Xarn. I 7011 aale', witbadv mndrtttriU Srvw Cerran . Number to 61 J, inclusive, at tbe Factory prices, from Payctteville. Apply to J. MCatrHY,.W. taJftWe. Mnw S, 1828. 14 State AvrtAXarasan 1 MU KLENBUKtt County Court 7Augutt eeaatons, .1828.' Governor, to the use of Irwin and Norwood, . the heirs at law of Was, AUUoo; act. fa. .Ordered by eonrt thatpubuca tion be made six weeka in the We-tem Caroli nian, for George V right, Charles Wrif ht, Uban ick Wright, Mary P. fox. Betsy Cos, end Jamer Cot, the heirs at law- of John Cox, deceased, that tbey appear and answer to raid acire facias, otherwise judgment will be entered up against them. - -.- -. . 6l59 iisac Al.rxAKDKB.7. Afr. State f Jftrth-CanHna : MECKLEXRCTRQ Cmnty Court t Aiirust awioni'Trrjfr-Oovrrnor- to- the uie of . j John Irwin re. the heir at law nf Win. AHuor, deed. 1 sci. fa.- Ordered by eonrt tbat publicv - T5oq bewartet -weeto m tnen etterLafoii: T rl r. . Li-ph.J.. ui ck. nian. for Georee vVrirMrChaHerWrrrht. bba- kk Wright, Mary F. Coxa Betsey Cox. and. James Cox, the heirs at law of John Cox, de. ceased, that they appear and answer to said scire facia, otherwise judgment will be entered up againat them. - 0r39 Isaac Atr.xaitDitB.r ar t. Slate tf JfertWartlina : MECKLENDUKG County Court 1 AoguK. sessions, 1828. Governor, to tbe use rt' Cooper b M'Ginn, r. the heirs at law of IVm, Allison j acila. ' Ordered by the court that pub lication be made aix weeks in the Wesiera Carolinian, for George Wright, Charles Wright, Shanick Wright, Mary P. Cox, Betsy Cox. and Jamdt TJox, the keira at law of John Cox, de ceased, that they appear and anawef to aid rcire faciaa, otherwise judgment will be enteral up againat them. 6'39 isaac ALrxaitpra.f at e. State ef ffemhCartina : MKCKLENBUHG County Court t Augmt aestiontr 1828. Jamea MeComb, te. the heira at laa of John Cox, deed, j sci. fa. On dered that publication be made aix weeks in the Western Carolinian, fur George Wright, Charles Wright, Shanick Wright, Mary t. Cox; Bewy Cox. and "Jamei Coxthe heirs at l of John Cox, deed to appear at nurnext Novem'r, (orj J ty court, and answer the scire facias, ouierwi- judgment according to scire facias will be taken against them; ' ' 639 , Isaac AmxAwnan.f u State f '.VariA-t'orvOne . X STECKLENBURU County Courts A Ifl teaaiona, 1828. the Governor to the of A. and A . lloyle, w-Andrfw Clark, ,8amp Alexander, and the Executor of Wm. Allw 'j.. j :. MMmii. ttt thataurv' tion of the-eourt, that Joseph Alliswn, Johff At ton, and Andrew Allison, heirs at law " ...- ,ii weekaTiii the Wester ClmranfbsfcM county court, and men pieao or.rcpiry -wise judgment will be tntered up agamit tae 6r39 ISAAC AtEXAwneBJ SHERIFFS DEEDS, 4 IOft land aold by order of writs of vmor J e-rttnas, for saje. at this office. 10

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