North Carolina Newspapers

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I imllrV't
iior'H ! ( r n, i noh of l.ictrr
.,0 rtiilrl
court hoow. 8, T, 3 i nul. wuth of lirittf,
N. C!. hunted vtaat K .iiu
:rr-l', on nt an I q isrtrr of Hit" MkhMVo-
'UtmphW (Western dittrlct ofTennettee)
Advocate, ofth iJtti uU. that the Cror,t
of Cotton, and Corn, are unuull
tin lint, ami llm, i niilc from where idaMt In this locll n of lite Dknirl VV
ilkr btK.n" .. Informed Hullhr,IKhu, ,ba Coun
A short tlma since, I wu written to by a gen- il.t r.f If .-1 T.-..
,lrm. In Cincinnati, f.,r eert",r,c.. In rJ . i r,.fW' "J"1'"1'"'
Isuon to Uvn. J-rkaWablruvpU and paren.l "m ,n "" "'OURM Will b mora
I ewpphrl them, and rtptct the? will nu, (? cropt made. rotn th coun
aob publWhtdi and I hofM thv will putitlet of Paycttt and Hardeman, accounts
dowaMsMoftli bast slanders against the Gen. af also flallerlii.r t anr in ih, r
. i .... J . . . '
""'TM'ur piawcrt cniiuucntiy calculate
'. jam em n. CR.UU.
' t.Llim , tall... 17. ...... I t..l.l..
..... . ..rr., n-wiuuir Wl"l k I
' eoofi eonvtne. I beg U-avt id suggest an iitm of I ' -nant "up tr rorn.
um to" vm. I itavf ifjama ilm had I - ')
upon making a general avert of 1000
pound of cotton to the acre, and an equal
tn J, t & , cv 1, J.I , yj rtu
rfiilma lank bills, J to 6 1 er e. M.
I.W.rif, bill', 24
s rf
" i 1 1 . t . A an
t'i itnjn. iftMtii. mportaii iMjfwaa of At the Ute communion near the eo. diaowiiii i ncorpeVk u to 2.
air cmul m lio much lmnll. aiul ih. i rn . . ... . ' : ..
M.ttMtMHiMlitiir.nLNntounqM;: r?rF ward, 15 were! r''J.,B,
2 to J ptr cenl. d ,arint. , Bll all nroni i, jrbt-d him. lo
lMf- 9 to y bacon, "!!. httr acmnta by I ha lat day of N'im.
ioiii nmir, j a per Hrrel, rorn, ibrr, or (U jr may rt aurrd Kit
Pacn bramiy t 4i Ji. 30 1 3ij
wl.Ukry 30 He4 a l 4t Ka(tr l? la IS,
Ulk. eoffct, irtl9 tinr, 10 U 12 1
It-Md,r0. '
Cotton com't In frtrl.4 and rtady aal, at our
quotation corn, little bominj i market ami
food alt i bacon, but a (until qiuotity in etore
od eomsiandi rtadir alfi I! air, ararctly any in
narkrl and incoiidrnilt dcnumL
Vthmhia, H. V. (kffr S.-Cmon: I a 01
corn i') ail i wheat 621 iKfti flour 41 ail,
; bcm y to 10, barna 1 J t 14 ( hkey j to 4J t
, w .uin.-.,Srviiia ran VMM, 3 0 I bef
Mt J'.- - t - ' 1 a I .
I will ba bUccd in tba hndi 1 nil
Irctlon, without fail 1 for money, or lit equira.
Irnt, I muat have, and bare. I am vary
thankful for the palrooajrt I have received from
my former cutomert i but am firry to ay. now
I no lonjfrr carry on the boaincia mytclf. they
term (0 be at ahy of me aa ihouh I would biu
rtiemi whereat when I kept them in ahoet,tbey
were very freient viaitcra indeed.
Halithurv, Ikt. 8, I82H. -
rr eort. iU JHtioar.tuaeaaM.of AfTravt Aa. r;4,t'r(, t(J lfte hurclir - -
aaauteaoA OMierirt. julrtrant arcnr
QTIl.t carriet on the ahdt buaineaa, in all
K7 Ht brancltea. at the ahou heretofore occu-
woava offload, 40 ao.1 r wwtki iwniwwe
- ea an be paatml by tltelerUlur, K'lvinf Juatiee
of trie
tar dav. on Court, lie. ka. It U enenettlv t.rk..l I
- the leeHattiro may laka lii mb et imo an4iti
ooMid'.rat'KM, at tbrir irnt ari tn, an I do xnrir.
thin; la the premiera. taaatii caoati.
nJSmlr (PiiI4mT by the Domestic and ory;.e do.H to '0 per cant dnooui , Alaltama
. ft tO.l3t.buiter.J2 to tottoa, to i com"4 Mro vtrrct.-a fewdnorteaarof
. a fuvtl' auWriber tavine;
JL Camdrn to thit fttace,
f Jinif'irma the public, that l.o
well known aiaixL t
Mtnaon Altmst.
moved fmti
haa tskao tlf '
Ijiiiiiinc the Cturt .mi.
Aawore, recently occupied by Mr. John W. Clark
and uwiilly knoo u C7uf-' where be b'
opened a
Ihuie of Entertainment,
unIer lha above title. The nremiaea are eoiv
cioua, ana well ailiiitleU to tlie buMitetfi tbe tttai
blcf are large and tupplied Willi Careful boa.
tlera, and travellera will find every eonvenieuc
cuv'omarr i;i the let houtci of ike kind.
To profeatiiinal O i'u turn fend utlii r barlnr
buttnrillit thW il,"., ,.i, . itd with the Cvurie
tun Katabliiliiuent often edtantak'cttupenor
any other.
Peraona travrllinf with thfir Jimillei eatl bet
. vfrif,t v . ...... . r uu. au t v irviiiia nil. ai inajw r. .. k , ci inp i wniro will ainKriia. mm in
reaee lurunicuon over tha.a iMiia eaa. " 'r" "h"iwuit uuticiv 01 inr ...f ... ." ' 1 . ' .
k-.a. JtM. mA Prnt,.i..t P..:.' l- rcr'L.' "P nwii.w oi a, tiicri art 'it lo '"'r ieniirmcn wnn me
, .,., ..... mm--, iinri. ! wv-m buinuui iinurcn. itrenr , ti i ... n . . .. 11.1 ..1.1 . i.- j. .m a.-.i-
! ... I .1 ... . :. . I . . .1 . . r, '"vi i .iinau, iiuiaini,ina i, m.Im ' ui anu ri-rn inu ui irmcni made
"H . . . . . ""T .rUi ttiUI vjait 4tree, t-ltMih re? Intn -; l" " -T "tw: i.ii: -U knMk!.-
UrtxW, nf wrtrtr, !4-wVn.-r tr rettgw-rmbt :iml rtirTrirrr-- SWhTTit ?!:- ujffBv,vu..if'wiwiiuwifc;
At the auperior ooiirt lor Kowan county, hel l
in thi town Uat week, a vote tuktu o.t the
Ijreaidency, bv tbe Grand Jury 1
1 4' roae for Jackxin 1
4 at etilL...and taut, that if they k'irw
which waa 'he fi mm, they would vote tixn
the dipoaition nf the people for rcctiv 1 tf'dr,r'ug?jU." 'he
in Miati tnic,' of Hut church. , P' VifT Fl f7
wt .utwiiii, iirci tort
fwn it.... he ia open am) aboveoornJ in bit pre.
Terence of tli Tentieaar raritir. .
By he arrival of tbe parket hlp Flori
dia, t New Norkt the editor of the New
York Ertquirer hat received Lnliih pa
pert lathe let Sept.
The Rattian and Tur'aith war t till
wieinf and it in doubtful tutp'ente. The
HuiUn armr'ita'ia? the lea Vr, hat lutuf'V
dljn')V-lm.rnnt: checkJelare-ihe
valla of Choumli. Report are even
very prevalent, thai thev have been dv
feated. At all eventt, there?' hit heen
-fcomehard fijfhtlng. A month hat elap1
ed ' ainre the lai Ruaaian Bulletin.
Portugal ia iu the time atate at ever.
The crop, in Europe appear not to be
90 bad aa waa anticipated
The Stendird,of the 30'.h A05UIN atyt,
(ba emtentt of the detpatchet received
etterday, are kept a profound terret.
fit Continual to rrxoita lha LmuLmu Pana.
and Philadelphia fmuont, retrularly at they
-I L:t- !ll II II. . V '
moat tarta-
ud with
irhbort can
however, he
cihmI kenie or hiaeuatomeia to be them.
J ilulU. lU UvtA tU. judrf U w hat t footi- twf. A he
rancra I ickt tt. emo l the brat r.f imurnnmen. and haa no a.
Irl-ei'rJ breniitn. r 1 1, ink l,e li a r'u'lil in hi.
In Jirf entinft . tut it... .it. Km k. . .... t. .. i, .. . j i 1 . . '.. .
e.i tii lit . . .... m... nr., i run IM wen nmir inn nf aominfl It to
l t .C rmladeJpliia I rsatl Society have ! Imw Hhere r, Mr. John H to Mi s4llv I fit well. Owing to the rr' rclty of money.
he will nork Uwrr
part of the country,
Mrr aa he rinr.
by the H, v Jolin rtobn.,n, Mr Uwfr W. , t:utiing mit, of all kind of Garmeota, dont
Speaul i Mia. Carotin- Kliiabcth. daughter of on ttiej thorlv at notice.
A. Arta, 1A all of that rttaee. I ll .a . tl nfTrratn taanh tVard'i P.tmt Pmi.
In tbe Fork of the Yadkin, Rowan coumv, on ,' tor nt'em of Tailoring, which i prac'iaed bv
no uu. dt i.. n IUM -. Llri Mr. flenm . Ihr Lal.MwK . n ah la h. 'n,l ll.l..
I H". re cttu'ly aolicita a ahare of the public
i ntrimafa. mnA hnriri tu meeil it bv .a.t-. mihp
i'tnmtmclitJ Uh fit' avfanl prtfrfiont. 36
rajt of I (., t UI:,7. . .. . . . . .
... . y,.,m wnmij HHYc ; - .,-.,. .nn n' iiiui u' i runv 1 hi wen , taing to tie great
reolvtd that tliry will proceed wiilnu ' B"'r' 'Bb,r of U" B"lf"' "" "' ' chea:ntta ..f produce, fce. I
lcla , to place within the reach of every j 'TSU c.barru. cnty. on ,h. 7-h ,, I S tZ? I
imuv in inc Lacy
ana autnirot tome
ju.lici'Mis Tract, whoae object shall be
' nromote the nantifir-jtinn nf th
fort of tboaw who may call: vr'".- -
Membera of tho approaching' Lrgllatur
would U aeoomraodatad in Ute brat manwer
Town boarder can he aceommodred at tl
terma tnoil in thii placer" 'JOIIJt M'COIX,
Chtmhia, S. i Srpt. $, 1828. 4J9
niif mi n thru urn Sir votl acarrelw aver aa .. .
a an whu ta f..r Old Itirkorv. that i afr.i.l In i)''''' 'l
I'luUdtlphia rwbitertf. In thii t Uua u 'tikr.
f rtabvtrrv there are
0,743 com muni.
cantt, 42 churcet, 30 miniitert, 13
I'lcent'utri, aaJ 10 cndiddtct fur li
Crnure. IVettern ! litohgical Stm'tnartj.
The Spectator aavatna' the Kev. Dr
Jane way, Profcaanr ..of Palemic nd
Didactic Theology in the VVette'rn
TilogiciLSUuiuiryf ". ht arctttU to.
Dcjarted lhi life, on tui? 4 I of Kept, et hit (t'ibrr liH
... .. .1 .. : . ,1 , . ...
..-.i-.ii.r in iiuwan, aiicr a i iiip aou vere ill-1 n t 4 i 4 a 1 .
neftMr. .f.U,i '.rier.aitdsfve.r. llea.J lTlVtMe ViUlettftlniUtm.
an hone and well.poael mani a kind but. ) W ILLIAM HOWARD
banu, t tender and aflecti.aate parent, and - j WW i4,rv opened a V,m Enter-
leemedby allwho knew bin. Hi. death iadeep. l MM. luinmmi, 5) milet from Halitbury,
ly. ttmentrd by a large Cine of friend and c j tt wan mnt.. C. on tlta great road
quaintanrea. lie left a wilr tud 13 Children 10 , leading from that place, by Beard'a Bridge over
bemoan bia deitartttrauttml 0 whom hra-trolf wrtbe-TadUtt:ro"iaC
awarrwiiaraWr a-tit-ti hue.-Wttrnr:lf Wols'h: Br,r,,tr i;-'T .
Pittaburg with hit family, and that he J ' f ln I w he paron ofevrryibing i . JJia lWw -(aeral.y known by-the tiameof
will probibly tooa enter on hit official k- " . Tl1 tVr2'S?' . ?m' 1 he " Ve ih) it delightfully butted, .bout
j . 1 hmgdomj but specially of Sm!ay School tnd of a nile tou'.h of the bridge bi MoWe are
i V e ' 'ti 1 rwt HAciclirc. One remirkable trait in his j good, and well provided, and he will apare no
The ChmttanT Of Glatipir, (8roU!c,''r waa, thaV healvaya manifertcd the': prartirabte meant U rendering hit ettablitli.
land.l haveemploycd twenty' MTt-Tfre,tc,t reverence for, and th tjhefett atten- ( mcnl, In every retpect, eomforttble and plea-
tionariet in their city during the p'as
WILL aiaitd the RJf
conmienoeAf) in Saliartury
on Vondtyt. .Tueailayta
tnd Wednrtdayai tnd at
the plantation if the late -Dr.
Moore, tbe other day -
of the arae kr. until ttia 1
HV- ffov. when the ifuosirlM
nAA juat rcidy and U now ofieoinf at fyt -.Vr
Cati Sun in Concord, Cabarrut eoar
ty, a choice Md aplendid aaort(tient of
Xcw and Fathionalle GOODS,
which were aelected with much rare tnd atterf
lion,' in' Philadelphia, by l.imaclf, and bought
eiclu-ivelv for totk.
1 he proprietor being aware of the tcre.ityf
money, and low Mate of produc, bitcntla mark
ing hit itoixi accordingly. He therefor ft,
tpecifully mtitea hi4 eovtomert and frtendr tT
call and e famine for tbemtelvet.
P. S. A lo for alr. tnd on hfod it tbe aboea
atore, a I ILL and TINftARE, of farioU
tin' Ind detcriptiontt.
ryr-Ae-iA, 1828. 3i
The Vorou-A ttred UoxUtt
Son of Out imported hone EUiglc.
1 '0'ltfM.
French tUothers.The lait report
of the pari Mihlr S'K.ety ttatrt, that
tevrral mothrrt of familiei had been
induced to ettablith family prayer, and
read the Bible t their children, by re-
A. . A I. . - I .1 ... I , . ..
i his luurmi tnkntwr, n waa wunoui a inare oi puulic patronage.
;o.emitli. lie filled the offiCt of an Elder in the On. 8A, I8JH. - 8t4l
i ' f-m ' wnv Mn.i.iunt--t::
uiu.crwi amuauM. uunna uia proiracieo hi. . vv nivit at, nctiniitiu.
lar to inture.
rtt: i.ciBi'a.
S. L. t'r.RHANU.
3t IT
Tkaa are helieed In rta immninil Tha
military movement! of th- Turkt are lflectin8 that they ought not to neglect
believed to b- Important. The rumours j b themnelvet while they asstatcd othera
of the tuceett of the Turkt are beginning i to read it. -
to be credited. There had been ninr
(Liu$' hard fighting under the walla of
Ohnuml. Tbe report it that : he Rut
siant had fallen back with a lot of 40,
00O men. It ia aald by aome thht it wat
"jtottlble for (ne RuUn lo be' Vepiilsed.
one?, twice, or thrice, and.atill to renew
the attetk till they lucceeded. It wit
deemed certain, that the; Russian had
; aaSerrd a reveVaet at leatV A jeat rtjri
: otity en expressed to know what liic e
cret Intelligence waw
Re port a were in circulation, in London,
on the 38th, that tome unpleaaant ditcut
tiont had taken plare between France and
.Dngland, on the Toulon expedition.
. - It wat. taid. inSmyrnt on the Ulh
-Kj I y jt h it Ibrahim had received positive
ordert from hit rather, not to evacuate the
The- French papert arr-itrrmtirttf the
JJitjIiih, and the Duke of Wellincton t lor
-the eonduc? of tht eountrv tn-no-tffttt
of t he East. The London Courier ia very
sensitive, and wolds a little.
The London Courier hat given up Dan
iel O'Connell, et an incurable. They
have written hit epitaph, and consigned
bins to contempt. Daniel will rite again.
it appears that the Sultan has a much
more Tiumerous armynhan any one in"
Burope expected he possessed.
The. Emperor Nicholaa had.. gone to
Odesu, till his preparations for the siege
of Schumla could be completed. It sur
prised many.
It ia believed in England, that on the
opening of tbe next session of Parliament
the Dukr of Wellington will recommend
some arrangment to be made with tbe
Cat holiet of Ireland. -
The Turks publish bulletin of their
own, and claim victories in proportion as
the lose ground.
"The c rops in En glan d will a mou n t , I t is
- nid to JuUy au average crop. Potatoes
and such kinds of vegetables will be most
Lrjrdchrime-is abrnit-tatjotr-Parit
and return to Greece. The potatoe crop
in Irelitrtd wlll b most Ibandantr"" The
Bnglish papera are still speculating on tbe
conduct of Don Miguel. ' . -.
There are now four thousand bible so
cie'iet orgtnited and in operation through
out the world.
Afcxie: The Congrett of -"Mexlco1J0i, " "Airy
hive passed a ! aw, which hat uecn com
municitcd to our governmenr, repealing
the law (hit prohibited the exportation of
gold ind iilrer bullion; The dude im
posed are, out CfiV at the minetf and
teven per Cent; on the" cosr. Thit change
will be creatly advaougeoui to .those who
are interested in mining speculations in
that country.
A 4
ToT the
for very ele brndtV ;ther
yet but imtvll, awl the general ittipreaaion t. that " '
We re happy to team that another
Gentleman ha become a subscriber to
nfnrm .4V . "Th iirorV must cede to 9 1-2 to 10 U . Old Lplands
be done. Let every friend of Zion
loolc this way, and Kelp." When Chris
tiana are convinced that any thine, mutt
Bb done, it h easily accomplis ied.
Rafiid Growth .A grupe vine, 0 t ears
old in thegardflnof J.-Pm, PhiUdclpntrt,
frcah start, and bt since attained a .new
height of thirty five feel.
"at Birth.- The annual Income
rTTJmhoD of Carterbu rvTwho
died in England, waa no less
than 25,000 sterling or gl 11.000.
Thit is equ ! t the compensation that
we allow to our President and Vice
President, the four Secretaries of the
great Departments, the Postmaster
General, - the Chief- Justice, and the
six associate Judges of the Supreme
Court, and the support of our Minister
at London into the bargain. The
Bishop of London succeeds to this
golden manger of " the Church."
neat, he evinced tba utmor tubmiaaion to the
divine will, and bore aD will a reference to the 1
glory of God. And in the aolrirn hour of dissolu
tion, the rrbVifin he poteetaed m health tuppor.
ted him in ail hi triala, enabled bim to meet the
" king f T rrrtrtn with calmnrw and coniMure,
and to entertain a cheering aid well-gruuudrd
hope of blitsful immortality.
" ore in vhal I'ettc 4 C'Antfaan tan tbe."
, atoitoR.
aOONTINUKS at the old i
HOD, fJOCUtlied IH for- ?. tonn
I j- "HwiaTiTffr v, iirni w JOIO.
MaiV aOee J'fS Y.- rWtnraJ officer, andf
,, . t b i- u i Mr) Hyimrnt of N. C. Mihtia, are ordered U
Ih J t .. I T, ' P-f l" ,0 "f 3li.bury7o0 WriJjZ all kntda of work In MrmtA ,1M, ' lVWA.le law jireetV f
W EMA1MNG in the Post Office at Salitbury, j and warranted
.Jiorth Cfplina, rhe lat of October, I C8.
(flit line of bu-iiiei
fl'atchei, Clock, and Jewelry,
of every description, repaired on tliort notice, or the law will be enforced araintl them.
I he commissioned ofllcer are ordered to afljv-
: regimental muater and review, ft It Mrictly ep
; joinrd on nincert to appear completely ro-rfitA
at i -it a.r.a
Important to Katt and Mice ! A Lon
don Journal coinmunir.dtet he intelligence
that white cats with h!ue eyes are alwayt
deaf. t .
FaytmHtle, October 2(. Cotton, S J to 9J ,
Bef, fi-etdt in market, 3-entt Bacon, 7 4o 8 1
peach brandy. 50 to, 60 1 apple do. 35 to 40 1
flour,-3 a 4t whiakey, 25 a 30.....United
States bank note," to 5 per cent premium j
Dills on the North, 60 davt, 4J to 5 per et pre.
tf"a r-m J tT I-.1 antlMW O t 111.
whnkev, 26 to 27 1 bagging. 42 inch, 22 to 24 j h" l,0'e" .
wjrtr8...to9 tinolaaset. 3Q. tQ.33 -..ceMkv Hrtc
bacon, 6 to 7 j apple brandy, 23 to 28 , beea-, v ' "P
wax.?;, coffee. 13 to 16 j hyaontea, 100 to 105; Arthur Hi"
Jamaica rum, 110 to 115-Weat India do. 75 J'""0" "c
to 80...:;.North Carolina bills. 4 tw 5 per cent, fy Howel
dia. I Ceorgiado. 1 to 1J per cent, ditto. , ; !Iunl
iremora-t. J nere naa een a nne nemirai ior ,
iftW-UoIand Cottan-bf prim ouUty, twltTs "" Itouaon.
11 hat4.eeo obtaineaVbut tbe latter prio. only alTtr
aif-rf i,n.t.. tK.Viii.nVii awivm ia fArt-nti nan
Jolui Andrew
(ivt. Andtewa
Nancy Anderon
A. V. lirandon. ...
Ale. Bord -
William Beiuard
JohiiO. Brownell
John Bryan
John blackwell
Jurat a Brown
AlklrtW Uoataio
Thus Howie
Joll.l lllillllp"
Daniel Uihr -tVm'.
Hur ler
Kttaa Katbrr
Julio Ba.-i.nger
VVo. Brojya '2
A ndfe'w TJnrtiaa" "
H. C. Burk
Iavid Cooper
'Sarah Cooper
Jiimr ''htmiut
Max. Cuthril 2
Jame Cunningham
John Comeleaon
Hu. Cmft
Joaeib Carr
Junie Cauble
David Clary
John P. Carter 3
3. P. Church 2
Jno. R. Dunn 2
Solomon Dickaou
Janu-a Dun
rtaomi Dobbins
James Dougherty
John Elliott
Kinchen Elliott
John Elliion
James Everett
Win. Everett
James F.Ilia
. John Fow
EIRsSrCJeno -Hy.
8. Oorman 9
T." S. Greepleaf
Mary A. Glander .
Rich'd. GiDeqite
9t orge I looper 3
Dr. Geo. Jonra
SamL Jetet
Dr. J. a Jonrt
Elizabeth M .loh:iton
SamL Jcaey .
Barbary Jar b.i
F-J. Krbn
U.)bt. I.inater
LlixaOeth Locke
Jacob Liiely
Jamtt l.innter
Jo'.iii Ijtanon
m." tawtko'i
Maigiiret I.rn-ke
Cd-Hf earneitly requett all persona indebt: i pear at the tame pbtcc, t .o'clock a. auoo Tuv
ea to mm, to come iorwra ana maae euie. ,uav,Ui m, wh tira-anrx, toe drill. ;
ment, either with cah, nrby giving their note. , KDWAUO YAItDRO, Cal. Ctmult.
SaKihwit, fV. .h, 1828. 36. f sW. !. 1828. 7t".
vyh nivr.R.
fWy I K tubacribert having
wen appointed Agem
. a ...... k . ti .
Ctrnftan, ni; nonce to the vlerchanta in the
interior that the Hcam Boat it in fine order,
ih IJghtert te good and aufficient, and always
' k pt ready in case of low water j Ware-llouea
at Campbrlton
TT AVE jun" "received, 'from New-York aniY
.11 . 1'lMiJuJelohm, at ..their Wore .it.VVocL
Gr. e, Kowan county, twelve milea west of tji !
iMjurj, a general aaonmtnt 01 irean
aOry Coeds,
Cutlery t "
Grocerlei ife
.... W, Martin
Levi Mire
Jrrov'or J.; March
Thoa. MTii-ely
are provided for the twoeo"m1 bey-rrrTlrefTniftW o well onuttially'
atoraM"yrCottoni.llie aature ,.tow..t"r i J,S" or I'OWaV, or on a ahoA
Rev. Miiml'ord Drjemet j produce,
of C.nnU mid tb
- bo-taTorded to render theae boatt woediy of Pj'nNh .Uieifc SUM.aiMittiavfi.ilM
! then patronage -" , ,.. nwacuw. nu aeep .. um- cweat ana rr:
1 aukar.i:Uun a. ill .MnH In tho r,iinl. moat apIlTOVcd kind ol tMaJa, tbet feel a COO. .
and forwarding of Goods to any purl of the wvntng ueir irtendt MltLiM. Jtlhllf iut
OHntrn and the? mrrmnrr-rirrmrind-riie eiaione, ana ju.ipe ior tiiemteKret.
Win. Mason
George Milter
Henry Miller
Hu. Slorgan
Wm. McGuir
Jerry Miller
Forr'eat Monroe
James Ndaon
Mr. oliTer
Robert Porter
Jtme Pattersoa
Nathanl. Peebles
H'm. A.Phelpa
J. II. Flea-ants
Alrt. Pinkston
II. J. Pariin
Jacob Rough
IVm, Roark
Daniel RatL-dge
Leml. Robardt
Sandi Johnson
Geo. Rufy 2
Martin Kengle
. Mary Rou(f ft - --JilijahRatlief....-Jo.
U'm. Sherrel
Benj. Miotsle
n x -
Fnwtteiille, A". C. Ort
1H2H. 4.1'J
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lected, and our quotations ar merely nominal.
CttitHiVn, Vet. 4. Cotton, 8 a ; wheat ,y
S. C. Money ; Flour 4 a 44 , out of the wagon
com 371 s't r0 cenU.
Pettrtbvrtt, fieptm 30 itun, 9 'o lO, to
bacco, R2 50 a 7f -refused, 1) n g2. corn,
1 a g2t bacon, 6 j a 7 lard, 67; apple
Thoa. ttaii
Ik n y Hill jr.
Dani Hendricks
Duvid rioln uter
Jano Hugh, a .
Thoa, C. Junes
Jofio. Jones
Hy. bToari T
Thoa. Sawyer
TElt Smith "'
Jacob Stitxer
Mlcfia.-! Switik
Thoj. T. Sweeny
P. S. Swink
Dr. Wm. H. Trent 3
Jacob.Treslr. .
BediiegO Volunttrte
"Nathan' Wade 3
Janiief WiBtams
Fanny VViUson
David WoolwortU
John Young
Ann I. Young
T. Young. .
!lE Annual twit Jsrturtt, in thia fnsti.
tution will commence on the second Mon
day in November nejt.
On Anatomy, by John Edward llolbrook.ld. D.
On Surgeryfly James Ramsay, M. D.
On obitetrict and diseases of women and
Children By I homat G. Prioleau, M. II.
On Institute and Practice of Medicine By
Samuel Henry Dickson, M. D.
On Chemi-try and Pharmacy Dy Edmund
Ravenel, M. It'
On M'eria Medica Bv Henry n. Frort, M. D.
On Natural Hittory and Botany By Stephen
Elliott. L. L. O.
On Patliolog'tcal and Surgical Anatomy By
John Wagner, "M. D.
Demonatratoi of Anatomy, John Wagner, M.D.
1 he Faculty take pleaaure in ttating that tbe
ettablishmcnt of an Infirmary for Surgical catet,
In connection with the College, ha been atten
ded wirh ihe mrhrarrrsget arrricrpirted. tt afTor
ded tn the students during the Islt course of in
struction, the opportunity of witnessing a varie
ty of operations -amongsT ' these ' Were moit of
the capital operations in Surgery :
JnabteeJrJraii jojronLP
Teerf Ortvt, Sept. lit, 1828. - 6mt55
VeYf Store,
fpllfc nibacf.bcra having entered into copar.c
X nenliip in the Mercantile JJuannt, at ..
Mocksville, Rowan county, N. C, under thai
firm of MARGRAVE (J UUMTr ore-wow- a
eeiving, direct from New-York ssd - PhiladclJ
phia, an entirely new stock of
Dry Ceodt, Crockery,
Hardware, Grocer 'tet, UcZfce T
Selected and bought by one of the firm,- fur
rata wmcn tney win ten low lor tVf Sa, or ..
COTTOA; or on a ihort credit to punctuif
dealer. Perwint wishing to purchase, aro
respectfully invited to call and examine for
themselvet. ROBERT L. II ARCH A YE. ,.
fuewi lit A. 1828. 6t37
itiet which our tituation afford for the atudy of
Practical w and ...extentiye rooms
have been erected and provided with every
thing neceatary for the purpose.
The valuable Anatomical Museum of th Col
lege, ha been improved by new preparation
received from France and I'alv, last summer.
It affords" the Faculty additional aatitfaction
to. state, that b v. an tUTangenentmdt.the Ifati
lacy ajtdJ'felosophical.SocieVf.Soujh troliii,
rvtensite and valuaDle collection in natural
careful v arranred. o at to anora to tnoe inter
ested in the i'ttudy of Nature, ample opportunity
of acquiring information, not only in the depart
ment connected with Medicine, but through tU
whole range of Natural H'utory.
The rich collection of mineral, partioularU,
must be considered very important to the Insti
tution, kwmlisu n.t , LlsiI., un
September ft
ON Xfandsv," tbe 1 0th of Novenlber next, at
tlaird't Forge, Burke county, tbe late reji- '
dence of Andrew Biiisl, dee'd. on a credit t J
twelve months, will be sold
Several likely Xryraea
Three fVartni anTTIurneteiy-
Oig, und Sulk-eg t Also,
BtmMaoi- '
r 'utile, llof, Sh'stfa -Uoutehld
and. Kitchen Furniture, &c
M. BAIKD, ?a im
Sept. tart, 18-8. : 8t?5S i;
IN.Saliiburjr, N. C.jun thefitli jat, wegjffc.
'maii'wlio tay n1inTaoie""rsTS'i, thirBe rati
sy .hrB, fail jmaater Jobo JPti.'ro,.aliout tWa-'-4
weeka aince, in Columbia H. C. i uya he fbrmei;.
ly belonged to the i atate of Gen. Nat. Cardlr
of Soaa, i county, A'irg. he ia about 6 feet high,
32 v ars olil, atraight built, black complected;
vith a snwll scar above the right eye. Thet
,t r isdesired to prove property, py charyrn
ml lake him awav. V. SLATER, Sjtfi
ieft.'. 8!MrT8 '

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