North Carolina Newspapers

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I other particular-, lT"r of rMT. n
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, I A.ork tf the Mat Ii.nk of Ntmh Cam.
4 T.m, "f- tht ref1 of which. PI
,Proprft time, J0. f. lur.HW....
" "ICtl 1R sobae-iber Tptfuli M
J X. gt..in4 , and tht f nblir, that he hai
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it the tnrn of SklUbtiry, in Uic -Vw
Ik rro rreet Mil d -w to Mr. Miff hi' .Vwre,
) wear Mr. Torrance's Stlore, ind convenient to
Ibe "mainesa part of the town i where be w pre.
lreHo eiecule !l kim!f of oris ii l.'n Ui of
llr reeivsthe fashions frmn Philadelphia and
Jjew-York regularly ihey cha-ijre, which
) emsMe him " make j Ctw, te iu ihe
oa fashionable and vVrtnt at vie. Owing to
j Bo hardness of tha time, ill aftrk c'leapcr
1 ' flian heretoftee. II hpes bis aequa-ntaocei
, j nd he politic will gut him t trial, a hi feeb
1 rffrtain lit can fir- them, bo'h ! bi wi k and
j &-,. WADE II. IHMPiON.
, 7)r.vo ro r.irKmrit.Lr.,
'Vf TILL 8 nil i tbrlr w!'", t. .top
f I the IMOaV r.i, whcrr rv con
tniene U proWe4 f.r Mtn nd II rr, to mkr
ihtm co'nf'truble, hi th? mwJera'e charge of 2J
?ht a d d irtg-ht. for the j)rnik?p or mr
artl, thr tif if a Hd lion-, firr. wiirr, n1
44 rher. Attafhrd to hr Va-d. are a tirocery
L vt fWinion Htore. Brral Mm ami Confix-
! , gotsry. Bt Howe f Hoarder a-nl lnltrrr,
j,! " " a p'a'-n, cheap, wholrimr: a-'T 'rmniorf
To tioVA .Minv
1 and for ir b K
MM.f.Y b t o.
Utitiy, htnf 10ff l2
TpQlih una ' Clock Mnk'ri md JrHellert
n1. F. Jnnt rrcrivrd an
rlfant awrtmenl
o articlea In their line I
ahtch thty yill aell, erjf
low for rnh, or to punc
tual cuttomera on a crtd
it. 3 Ml kimla of IValchet repaired, and war
ntf ! prtform well.
Jw 14. 182S. 23
Want t A o Vttft8e,
SE or twa likelv NEiK WHME.V, who
ar rnotl Hou Semnrai ndvwi come
. - ' : WM. II. i
Cotton XtiTiw
IJIOR alet aabaoZr ad rttaiLSrv Corr"5,
Kumber to (515rihcluaie, at thr Facton
Once, from ravetteifie. Applv to
5 . MURPHT..V.
ON Tnradar. thr 25'Y if .Vorrmber neit,
till boM,- ir-"ite lateTridrne of Dr
JhfrT "VtwtTT dccd. in the Jeriny bettleawnt,
lA Iikolv AVm man, womc d and children
Ptwal t k-lv foair
BOO or 1000 biiifUnf rjro
J j cgoo i ji.o uu.f mrrox
A valuable libnni. Mftricaland Nriacellane
oua fft;
Sprfht, H. H Fxld"r(
mwhol'l and KUch-n Furniture, fcc.
fh fle will cot Unur fromdav to day, till com.
rictrd vt rm made known on thr dn of i!e.
Jtrtan rtunff, Ort. Vtt, 8 8. 5tJ
, j?-- , At Pf rao'i indebn-d to the etate ol
tjtr. Moire, are d aird o make payment imme
tlia'c'v, w no lnnjrr ind'i'irrnce ran br i'ien.
CommWVA to tAe 3Vi
1 W. v '-ihiirir r.onntv. nn tin- iv nf
tht "am, a nero man. who avt hn
t t i 'ha-!t, and that he belong t a 3tn
Ik Thr nmif of Jacob Aattin, of Montjotnery
rjunt. North Carolina.
' ' JO!j SLOAN, Slrijf
. Oet. 17, 1328. 39 cf.Vnklenhmg toun f.
UommUtftd to Ja
fN Saliitirv. N. C. on the 6th inst. a negro
man, who aa hia name n John, that he ran
yeeki w;icfe in Clubio 8. C. i says he former-
(ZZ. ..TTE&KsSi-i'ate of'KeDzlv'ateCaHllc;
" of Smwr'x county, Virjr. t he about 6 feet high,
4 X' v an otd, itraight nuitt, black complected.
OTcOlie-righLeye I beiTltao lino of VWgUrtlMrtghhaeda thehtef r
o ner in desired to prove property, pav charrrs.
and tnke him away. F. SLATEH. Shff.
I8S8- 31
TactoTage aiu Vomnusaion
IS "continued by the lubacriber in Charlrtton,
8 C. Edmonaton'a wharfs where his aervi-
. vtoaq .w'lQpoipimi , pusmcw 10 nu (jare. tortne
coiivfnienry of hia x;utnTneTJ he his hiaJe'Vr-
"Kitmetrte with the futlowin (rrnttemen. to
recfire and forward I'ttttn or Roods, to or from
hia ndilreta, without delay, and with the least
. possible expense 1 namely : Jo. IL l owoca, at
CheW -vAmv. 3. ShaiinOii,. CiimdenV and M.
Antonio, of Columbia -
(karteiion, Ik. n .62 I3t5-
.' are b"f!i c ' i-jr, live com -
plaiutD ij and die disappoiutcej
lt,e folUnrUir P"1", cop'.rd from he U.
h.m Crt. i" no r.r pr.M,f of the rtch f
Pf,w:rfiri of our, U"iT"8' "
Leation In philologr, hnher ai many !f.a
".M end .piUprtai. phraar. f an b.
ted tI.Jeef.
If not the reawi may b m futmde-l It nature,
that. o thii wUe worM. we need the hiruar
of re prehemlon more than that of commmlatlon.
Tlir writer of the Mbwlog VVt Vy
i. w:tt:.M RMyfn.
fo.ina? Bntlrmao of Mal.len, whom Uttnt are
MeeeWu'ly m.4oa-l la lha Jnatnieimr 1 af
. . t I -. '. a n taw I af InrUI
VOHh,- "O, tJol inviauur nrn m- -
had'tt no by ahich to know thee, ae
would cH thee llevil. WaiaraAKa,
Ami thy wooa'rou irtue aum,
Rut the wont of nmr I'll call thee
" (I, thou hvdra. iwArter HI' Ml , .
. . . ... 11.....
4lhbomptfc.Mlf ft ... '.,
Credi-iih r, devil'i bait. ,
41mhmi.buiWe pauper-makef,
TruM4elra) er, aorrow'i aotirce 1
Pockrtmpiler, Pabbathbrraker,
('ontrlt-ncr aiifler, fuiU'i recminf.
Nervenf ebler,,
Ihirat incrraaer, vagrant tlilrf 1
C!ouxh-m.htcer, trraeheroua Oattercr,
lud-he(laubrr, mock rrli' f.
Buaiiif-a-hitsderer. apleen.inrtitlcP,
tVoe heHlcr, friem!iUil' ba-18
A nrrt.ucuter, Bride w II flUr r,
liebi-involvcr, tuper'a chain.
Memorv-drown-r, honor wrrckfr,
Ju lrfiBcn' arpe''. blue-factd quncki
Feod brjfin' t-r, rt(-trdrckrr,
Strife rnkmdl r, fortunr'a wreck.
Suitmcri coler. winter'a warmer,
Dlood w!lutor, pi-ciou nare j
Mob-col'rntur, ittan-trimfornM-r,
lloud-undtirr, jcmbltr' fare. ,
Uperch bewranrlr-, hi-adlong-brinpf,
Viuti burnrr, dem'.lv firr j
Hint mover, fl eh-anil flmrr,
jioewa-rolbee, ikwihdeprircr, :
smiiKih-auliJuer. hMi ona f.ic 1
Reafn-lUwarter, fraud cor.'rivtj",
VI'nr)-itrr, nation's woe.
TiTei.lufr, j;iy d.ipe!Lr, 1
Pece ilU urbrr. bUkuard gueat
Sli tlM.nplau'er, liver iwrher.
Itrain diftracttr. hateful h t.
ruefancc-bofftfler. aiencUmittf,
Strong ian tpraaler, fal dop t
I omult rairr, vcPum-noit'er,
UtAth-inpirer, cowanlV dtxip. ...
Pin.iiif!icter, e) tr.limt r, .
Ht-art-cornipter, foll' nurae j
Serrrt-babbler, bo(!y.mimer
11irift-defater, laotlimo curev
Wtt-detroyer, fiyimpairer,
ScandaUlealcr, foulmoMthed aeourjt
Senaea-blunter, youth ennarer,
Crime-invtntor, ruin'a erge.
Tirtuc-blaMer, baae deejtiver,
Kagefuplayer, fit dclight'i
Talachaod apreader, acorpwo'a bitt
tuarrel plotter, e-idicbarjrerj
tiiant-conqueror, waatet'ul away 1
iXin-CArauneler, lonijue-enlargef, -j- -WaUce
venter, dra.h'a broad way. ' 7 "
Temperrj .wimlowa-ama-heft
Death Jorejunner he U'a dire brink; .. . .'
Ravenou reurxU rer, wimlpi;ie tlmticT
Drunkard' Udging. m A aod '
fT-. tm- m:v t
The Bcatltitul aoJ unfonunate Mry
Stuart, ilihougn not a n ive ol France,
wa fonkidertd 4- woriby of. J'tinic
(t-amotT Frenrh'poet'sri-Trrr tnllowtnaj
giveoas specimen of her poeiry j ... ...
Dr'ifhrful france--! bid i::Jnrrmli'lli:'u''
I o my Ik art di arer than oiv" tongue can tell."
Sornt ofm eartg youth and infaol .p'aii,..
Dtar FrandV, fart weli fai ewx-ii my haiy date !
The b'k 'hat hear me f om thy clirrinh'dahore
I iviJn wii" lovea.- bnt it oho do no more ;
One half still jWy Krtgeri there,
nd I O'jUk' '0 thy tender care
The ofAer, forced o memory, dwclli with mo,
And dedicates iuelf to thoughts on th '
The following linrs on -he late turn
out (or better fecit b the siudrnts of
Yla Colir, arc fi-ora the Vilhge t
coH :
HaillddsofYalel young peniuati just budding,
Mach Ii-m intent on Plutarch than on pudding,
What cultivated tantea do you exhibit I
Unmatched you stand, in epicurean merit.
To can vata-backathan canvasa books more prone,
Preferring Bacchus' tonl to Helicon.
Live like Lycurgus! 'twere to be undone:
iVack broth! 0 Stys! like Acheron you shun:
Sup like Lucullus in th' Apollo ? ' Ve.
Methinkst hear you cry" Sure that were bliss."
Yon tare not halJLso jnuciiAi-wbaHhef aia-t
Too ciEIhat roasta the wild-boae ta a turn.
tor him what raptures in your bosomi burn !
Much voti preier to scan a loin of beef,
tri. . 1 r v .-i .j., 1 . 1
A pint ol ale to point of epigram, ham :
To smoke dried authors choose a smoke dried
Yotideom it wiser to lteu ronat pooe,
t han gravest problem tophia'a. can produce t
Ora' ions leu than Ortolans admire,
Prefer the acullion'a to the poe' Bret
No ancient study deem you so divine.
As Lucrine oyitera and Falernian wins
You better like the digests of tit-bits,
Than tMdtfjgmwwAmiiufo p5ii
Receipt f cooking to rescripts prefer
Phivrake to paidctS-irof the Emperor 1 '
A comptiahed youths! above despotic rules," " '
ITie bane of Uollee joys the curse of schools .
Oeteatcd like old ferula or birch
Arouse and leave vour teacher in the lurch, :
And on your flagi iemblaion from this date,
" A full cram'd bellytlioiigh an empty pate."
Who has
D' 't a u.juu tOitarue. oupht
. to have goods nnds.
1 tWUsqaa moka a fool s?em wiycj
An Id
rcuin? rk of km- e I,
mrnrerf,Ut hope It the ttt ttt Washing
tort, lo
ho fin rrrsHyierim church.
1 from Coiretpoodrrtt that
We leark
four dap meeting of an onusualtf In
cliiracteft a cloeiI there n
f.b wH The Ssbbatrt afternoon
ap4it in the communion service.
or iweotf were added to the
The se. son w sole mo end
iiieretiing Some farther ae
I this work, may bo expected
hereafter I A preieol It Is lot thought id
visible to) iat nsoreJ ' TUiter.
. flumiil Jfe. k tsrie't of curlou
cUrtirttola-iave ''' IateU' bcei' rnarlo Tii
Fianr,''wtiVrVtper.i lo Ihe tf rse dura
lion of humen Hfs, Ac, In Perls, during
the eiihteenth ctkture.. It appeal that
TttMrwveeate wRe fiaerrat-aaaf IU- fir
nrl three qurier, and that the sversire
R of Prnts, it I he birth of a ion, wn
for women, about Ihitt three yeri and
1 quarter for men, about thlrit three
rei' ind a qirter I follows that there
wne nearls three geaeratians In Paris
durine the last rentorr. It II a remarks
biff fact that this eitiroate coincides with
bit of ihe Greeks in their chronological
Remarit by an Amateur and a JuJgt.
It It remarkable thtt person who
writes' generally "nth accura y (Law
! renre .on'the Horse) should commit
such a blunder as to say that Chilurrs
in running 3 mire aod 1413 vards in 6
minutes and 40 cC"ods m -vnl ti li
feet in a tetondof tme, r near hat the
rate of one mile m a mtnute. lie mo
vrl on!v at "nr rote fit JO fret 2 inchci
and 37100 parts of an inch, in a
ciind, hti n mi q jil to 1003 v"li
05 tOO tf- W tntnoTf-r tnlr 123
yircla nnd OJilOO mire than half a
vttle a,
14 Ftretail wd Pumpliiii'rn.-.miU
in 1 minute 4 itcoods ,od a half (which
is hardly crcfiH'-) they ran m-i h fan
tc than Chilrfcti in the races mention'
cd in this hook. "Allowance, hjwevrr,
mt be madt for the difference of
speed in ruoninij 4 long and a thort
coiirae and ta allojnce ahxil.l or
made for the advantage of measuring
a itraight crurr, at was t1,e rsce be
tweeti Firctail and Pimpkin. ChiU
ders at the r. r before mcnti-ned
would have run 4 milea in 7 minutes
in Irsi th.n a ice nd, which is near
ly half a mile fitter than our best
' Hi race :ef the -Deacorn tourae 4,
mile and 358 varda in T. 11 minutes,
was l the rate of 49 feet iochea and
Sl-3 of an inch io a.ieco d of time.
At the rate ol 4 4iilei 10 f minute S
scctmd and 223810000 of a second.
Weight not memroned: pr-mably 10
Fnm tht Ltndon Jtechaniet' JUagaxiae. . .
Sir rf not in consistent with the plan of
your work, mis I ask the nature of thr
com rwsit lortr if b h a composition, of tre
common inarblei which bovs play wi'f f
thu' sneh ttirWe. ov-the are-termed,
are sctUdlty itonea puked up. on a shioU
bear h. and pTaceif in loose bR rut elv
to the "trtws of windmill sai' in nollan'l,
wberef by the eorratanl rotary motion, of
the nails the stones obtain, by this at
trition, the nerfect spherivu rorm, in
which they are sold Dtre.h toys
Some assert that the white ones, which
the boTH term !!r?s aid b?n, are ac
ui1lv" m rble, and turnetlfno lathe
Others suppose they are made of els,
and baked brick ; but the require a
blow to fracture them greater than any
EiiRirsh pottm or "hruli could heir.
They are impervious, besides, to water,
without bcint? gluted, which no brickiare
that I ver saw, if modern dsys Wht
ever may be the pro ess by which they
are maoufartured. it is known to so few
of your readers that its description wjll
assuredly entertsin them, generally, and
particularly, your humble servant. A
-The-New-Tork- Evening Post fe
ports,. 1. case in the superior court of
that cit y, f wh!chth? fellowifig is the
Cornell and Wing vs. Xeorff. Lo
veil, in.ih?JfgularxourM..flusinessf
but after bank hours, drew and passed
a check of glOOO. The next day, be
tween ten a d eleven o'clock, the bank
on which the check was dra wn "stopped
payment, and thje above suit was after-,
wards-brought; Ort the trial; it wa
proved that Lovett had ample funds i
bitnkf-and-that if the. check had.bejcn
presented, io time it would have been !
paid, The counsel otLoyetl moved j
for a nonsuit, on the ground that '"not
present irion of the check had been pro-1
ved j.but tne coirt denied the motion,
and ruled that under the circumstances
of the case, proof pf pTeserntarion was
tion tif this dittinguuhed In.IiriJual,
1 1 the ltomm Church, has been rapid
though well merited. He came to
tha country, from Engla-.d," after the
Eight of the French priests fmrri re
volutlonary France, and performed
thr dude of pastor of the Caih lie
church at B oston, with unostentatious
fidelity and diligence. lie received
the appointment nf fint Bishop of tha
dioceie, and hi cxemplirlncii, learn
ing, and Catholicism, gate evidence
that h- wa eminently. qualified fir
for the poi and w.i, even capable, of
td"Wing a till higher station, We
had the feinm M htsvqnce
for aeyeralVtarV, ind1 ifwiyi' regret,
ted that man of hia capacity, knowl
f Iibcralityi and independence,
ihoulif rrt0t hmlew ' oambere5"wUh
thrProteitlnt thurclr.-" Ih anodated
with Protcstactn, and seemed to be
devoid of all narrow sectarian preju
dicre. When peraon once enquired
of him how he could conscientiously
cultivate intimacy with those hit church
li uallv deemed heretics, he replied,
" do you think I would form 00 many
friendships among Protestant on fart"
if I thought they would be dissolved
by death f The health of Bishop
Chevero being oomewnat unpaired,
and residence in a milder climate
having bem recomnttnded, the King
havnjr leen recon
of JSt the
livVol tte Frn
the suggestion, we be
nch minister 10 this
country, appointed mm mnnop 01
Montauban. The Protestants, who
a a art. , It
re numerous in this dioeese, felt no
jealousy t at a prelate nf so much
mildness and liberality should be ap-
can panshoners, aud tne many warm
1 . - Tt - t
at nis transition, incy pciiiioncu
the Fre ch moinrch earnestly that ire
migtir rem-rmrba in yain. Biabop
Chcverus considered it his duty to
ofv-v the wdl of hi sovereign', and
prt pared ! take a vl ictani aod nrpba.
ly fi tdl leave of h.s Catholic and Pro
. -at. ..
u-a(iit mends m ine unitru oiate.
I he day previous to hi departure the
vntcr of this overtook trim, a he was
walking several mile into trie country
to bid adieu to a beloved parishoner,
and invited him to take 1 sot 1 his
gig. On intimating n him tHat soon
m- would have greater means at rom
mand than the poverty of toe Homan
church in this country allowed, he re
plied, I shall return im if ranee yerj
pd tr j 'wlth "only o,.e servant and
single Louis d"or, I shall go to Paris j
I shall throw myself at the feet ol my
King t he has insisted upin my re, and he must take care ui me."
He bade, farewell to America, where
he had 'lived Upward of thirty years,
with unaffected griefe' and hi depar
tnre WrtS cc-mpanted wtththe tegrrtsi
and tear of numerous friends. " On
the coast of France he came ncr be
1 at St Wi . s
ing aoipwrccteq. When tne pas
sengers and crew were in consTerr,.
ttoti at the prospect of Speedy death,
Uuhi p: t-hevcr ts was; ;rJmiTrisitering
consolation, aod preparing -them for
ti.e worn.' And 'when providence
graciously interposed, and brought
trtetn safe to land, they followed the
Bishop to the church, where he affec
tionately addressed them, and offered
thanksgiving to G'l. . After being
favora'iy received by the King, and
tuated in his diocese, a vacancy occur
rrd, ind the Bishnp of Montauban
was promoted to be Archbishop of
Bordeaux, and was at the same time
created .i Peer of France. He has
continued a correspondence with many
friends in this country, and speaks of
our institutions, improvements, and
privileges with deep interest. The
last report respecting htm is that the
Pope has given him a Cardinal's hat.
11 a- preiate oisucuani:mtgnieoea
mind, of such a cctholic disposition,
and of so much apostolical meekness
r . ' e ' ' ' "' - .....
yeu4ive-to-wear-lhe-tiara. . Wc-do
not ' believe there has been his superi-' the pmce!Of.the. Holy. Secaioce
the days of Gangannelli. In contrast
ing the poor and humble duties of a
parish priest with faithfulness, with
the station, eloquence, aod grandeur
of His Emioence,',naw in his nat'rye
land', loaded " with honors,, and exert
ing wide liifiueoc -ooe' cannoi but
- hcafu.c.k ih..lhc.mjuj?bilityj.
man things, and the course nf that
Providence who in his o wn good plea
sure,''' "liftetli "up i the (meek, rind cast
eth the kicked down to the ground,"
AVw York Journal of Commerce.
Who looks not before, find himself
John .lay, ! Ne -Vork, is tV -nly
surviving member of the first Amer'u
can Conjrei, that of 1774. Charlco
Carroll, of HryUnd, is ihe oril4 ne
remaining of the Cogrns ot ifyg
that.adopted the Declaraiin of Me! 1
pendenee. .lame Madison, f Virl
giuia, is (it is believed) ihe only survi.
yjng m.nber of the Natt tn t Conven
tion of 1787, which formed t e Con
t'ituti n of the United Scare.
The Ihn Jsmra Kenr, ht J,'P 4
justly eelebrsled Chancellor of ihf Stfs
of Now York, has puMUhed volums 84
eoo'isf."-The -pretbr"oli)mo''wa"
found Insuffirlent to complete his orlgn.
ilplan,' which It Is now Intended to Cr
tompHsh-ln- fourthrwTiTrelSThTdoc.
trlM'of rest estate Will 1e fully treated
r TWersTIrtde r 1ol he wboITwJ'
included. This continuation of the Is
hour of the able jurist It distinguished
by ihe same amplitude of research, nice
discrimination. . clears of development
nd intrinsic force of authority, which
recommend th antecedent part of his
tatensivo enterprise.
Div.overy Ship. VTe learn from the
Few Tork American, that the sloop of
i l f--ir.L . . . .. K
r 1 r wi, wnicn na necn rebuilt for
the purpose of being employed under the
cnmtn.nd nf some on of our dis'inguish
ed Vavel olRcers, as a discovery ship 9
the Sou'N Seas, Is now ready! waiting far
hre oflUers and men.
ft is remarkable, that while frost a
peered in South Carolina as early as the
f th Oct. there was none at Quebec until
the ith. At the latter place, apple tree
h.d blossomed second lime there had
been a second crop of strawberries, and
second crop of raspberries wt re near!
hV7-n-ihe Utff m 1 rive're,Vr
4 it una 01 now.
We received Ibis morning, by mail, w
know not from whom a sheet of wrapping
paper, mnuf4Ctured from rye arrow. i
teems ouiie equsl In Itreogth and pe;.
rior in flexibility, to the paper commonly
used for the same purpose. As the roe
terial 'ta abundant and in no great demaos!)
the price, we suppose, ilo
Philadelphia Chnn.
Wrapping papr r and Pastcboarw
from Oat straw, are made at the p.
per mill of Mr. Shyrock of Cham
bcrsburgi Pa. which are represented
to be very superior in quality.
The Court of Kin's Bench (L. C.) havo
decided, that a Canadian of Frrnch ei
iraciion, has a right to be sued in the)
French Language
The last New England F armer ttatety
thltwes)fT)Otatoe wr4 tiyer oTabun
dant in that part of the tountry at ihs
have been this season. :. Some ol thcro
which grew,, from slips, purchased at the
seed store, in Boston, have" yielded one
bushel to 6ve hilis, while the common
potatoe- planted aidehy side, jrlrded onlf
one 6uhel t thirty hills. - - '
A letter from Al.cher, Florida, to the
edhoriif the St.Augtisnnr tlerTd,7hieb'
tions :he dicovr y of one of the u great
ct Mineral Springs thai ever was een, j
not exit tuing the S.ntoga Springs in th
state of ar-Yora;. '- -- v
and a half inches ia circumference, an4
w'tghlngt: exclusive of - topai ' nlneteea
pounds, was recently eahiUited at Daily
A Buck IfO pounds nett, wit
shot in Washington county, Mrt., few
davs since. This is the largest Deer ever
hot in these parts, so ssys the Torc
It has been agreed says the N. T. Jour
nal of Com me rcr t hat 4 he- m pee to
cidr the question respecting the boundary
line between Maine and New Brunswick
ahull be the King nf Netherlands.
K&traot 'dinar y "rcitrffy. Accordinp)
to naturalists, the queen bee Up about
12,000 eggs in two months, and in five
generations one aphis may he the pro
genitor of 5.904,900 descendants. But
even this fecundity is nothing to t hit of
the white ant, which lays 311,449,6010
eggs in a year 1
From a siatistical actotintjdrawn up by
'Scot! If" ap'jfears tl? Tn tie CotirT"'" of '
lllifX;; there are . 46,523 inhabitants'?
9C,7rS acres of land in rul'ivation ; 6t,
tfit 'MShrtTjHrteTiT
194,957 bushels of otKee yrsinj r-SSS
bosheht nf potatoes-rO 479-tons of ' wry
there are in the coun v 4529 horsies t 39,
466 horned cattle; 32.600 sheep 4 24,033
. AJetferfrom Kingston Jamaica, dated
Sepx 21; states t bat "on th'e.diireviousj.
.t.3 ojicloek. A... Ma. violent nhor.k; pf w
earthquake was felt iMhutptoce , 1 , ,
, .Tortite, SheUTb Jitmih Jilafwicrl
are said to suipend the live torVlse over
a fire, kindled imTqpditely after Jit is t
ken, until the heat loosens ther K'II
that it can be easily removed.. Thv ni'
ml, thus stripped and defenceless, fv set
st libtrty to re eliTrtrrTiative elf menf;,
If caught afterwards it is said to He sub
jected to the same processi buj thjtU
prodeftes a very thin ahelta
1 "l

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