North Carolina Newspapers

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JiTi. -N " K U Um. W mf art
i jnilSt BUc of Bookso band, belonging lo
J. lb tetate of Hiram Tomer, 4L Co.
la Salisbury, I "w oflWred site sale l Um ikw
lislf "the ffry retail price, ta'tl, Il tlo
, k. IimM theeetel. Those Wtfti'mf .lo
k... will da well to eB early a eon.
Cute for li.tGray tTiuce.
T: 1 u StcrUW bat discovered I certain ree.
, edy for those who am unfortunately addic
ted I that moat wretched of all vie, the loo
free m of aroW spirit", itj(1 trial of II
emcrifHto id prove l efficacy Iwters ad
dressed to the subscriber pat paid enclosing
le dollar will be promptly attended lo, by
remittal of lh sedicin and direction.
1VM. L. AUTlrf.
- mi, raW. C. 3mtJa
h. D. PrSmm fwnJly to tho eauto of ibe
afijHunato drunkard, w'dl p!ao t(i tliit an
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!IE tulMcrlbfr faket
Ibt mctliod lo Mtm
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er, I teal cjilinuc to ma boata front
Cbcnv to Gouryetoara, anl will Irriyhi tot
too, m IbotMualtariMi ha hat large am cow-
ytodjova atnrt a4 warcboutvf t aaourky
ffouda eomigcd to tiii cirr, aa wrti aa iortbo
pwtecliDBjfjPonjjiml w3m cryHof.
at (of cottoo eontijrried to tirra tt joT.
Jim oaraj Doala. 1 n greatest Uit and puuciual
tj y bo expected. -
ar;T7tk On. I83S. -44J
raKsmi'AT'g mkhsagk.
to r - J f ic.
HAVR jut rrcrWed, from NVw-York and
Philadelphia, at llirir Htore at Wrtod
Orvre, Ilowai munty, iveive miiei vett ot tm
Ubury, a ftneral aprtment of freah
Dry Goodi, Cutlery,
IlurJyvarc, Grocrritt, Off.
Which they are determined to fll iioumwIIv
tow for VJISM or CO rUV or on a ahoii
oredlt to pnnctual cttiinmpri. At thry will re-
JlcnUb their atnek ot ah'irt inirnraia. from the
Northern markets, and keep thr newt and
Mat approved kind, ot ltoda. they a con
Vic ace In inviting their friend and the public
to call, eaamiDe, and judge fnr themc-lvr
cow as k itr.r.vp.s.
Wi Craw. Sept. In, 18.8. 6mS7
aMVUa and -LaiiAa. .
r 1 H R valuable Jfi77 and lmlt
I formerly the property of o.
Maner. 'dee'J. are offered fhf aale
ke fKaa tfaa miawkaaiai "lllt Imnvf
Set on l)uic!imaiSerek,4milrMof JlKka.
. ville, adjoining the Git. a Vumford tract, and ta
qua! to any land In TtoM an count ft wittn ftrge
proportion of auperior mt adn' the Milla are
of auperior construction, and have now a very
"raninroTgwfiiit mu uf C'liiu'ni the attr-
"warffTaTy -cwnTementry be made to dn4
any kind of Machinery, fnr otlwr particumra,
and erniv apply to 1'homa D. Gitba, one of
the proprietor, am the pramiaea.- -
... i6if THOMAS n. Ginos,
.VaylL.182JU MARIIS.8A.,R.
N. B. Another tmct, belcinng to Peter Sa
ner, adjoining the above, containing 225 acrra,
will be anld in connexion with the above, orp
ralely at may bet Miit the purchaaer which
Ik likewise first rate land.
- '.!, witl be sold, a lot adjoining the town nf
Mockatille, containing ten acres of land, with a
good dwelling-bouse, with out -bouse, and an
excellent garden t this property will be sold
low, on accommodating terms. Apply as aoovr.
Loot au SUoe oMaUlug.
The Mowiig tsaa;a ( the f (t aula nt of the
Uifiird itafet, w rommnnieatcd ie both lloosea
of Cmigrea. oa TaUy, the 2d December, it
being ilia 2d acsuoq of the .tX Congress.
TV rAe 6Vsfe lUpmtiit JU
.fcMiMM w IL iM,,Mi ti n aWiV itrtmSHi
r If thi tnHtfornt r profwiion of the
hptiUi pi.ff 9ldenct form auitahle
laieri bf mvtgslrrstuUtion and gietefu
acknowledgment, t are aJmoniibed at
iW retorn of. the fnin.-wbcn the Ker
ren:aivr tT1heNa'Ioifsrrrrrii'(rd
4 drflbr rate tipon their corrcernto offer
up the trhuto ol urvenl and grsicful
rietn tor the nerer fallfiitf mercies of
f iirn wh ruleth overall.. He hs agin
fasorrd ut with beilthful Miont and
aSondint harvests. He h tattsioed us
io perce wiih forttga countries,' and in
tranquility within our border. He hat
preiei red u h I he quiet and undit 'Urbcd
ixRcssimi oi iivii ami religious iueriv.
He has crowned ll.r ye ir with bis good
orai, tmpotini; on u no other rndiiKna
tnsn ul improiing for nur own happiness
thet!c1nir drs'owed by hi hands, and,
in the fruition, of all hi favor, of devoting
the limine wnh whirh we have been en
dowed br him id Ms tfnn end to our own
temporal and eternal wrlfVe.
In the .relation of our Federal Union
wiib our brethren of tht hunun rsee, the
rhange which have ocrurred tinre the
close of your Un tessinn. have crnrraUr
ilMfefUi,pfjceTyi'ion of Tec. end
ttL if e. f ! tt w . o f h r moo y. Before
jrour I"f e prtinn ; i war'had unhppil
been kindled bctfvrmthe n'npire of
ia. one of those with which nor inter
eoiHtc ha been no oiltor than a conatan:
rxchange of cood o(7i-es, and that of the
TJitbman Potie, e nirinnfromrhictiireo
graphic si distance, rel'iftoui opinions, tod
maxirn of government on their part little
wtHcd4 tio fwrmatioa of those bond of
mutual benevolence which result from
i he benrfit of commerce, had kept Us In
a sts'e, perhaps t.V) much prolonged, of
coldness and alienation. The exiemire.
ferule, and opulotis dominions of the
Surtsn. belong rather o the Aniaticj than
the European division of thr humsn fm
Hv, They enter but partially into the
svstrin of Europe I nor have th-ir war
with Riiia' and Austria, the European
Siate ut"n which thry 'torder, for more
than a century ps, dUiuibtd the paufit
rrUtlont ol IhOM o.tste ' with Ine -otter
Grel Piwt rif En rope. Neither Frince,
or Prui nor Ureal Britain, has evr
taktn.'p' in ihtm j -nor i- it- to bo ex
pected thur they will -a inn lime. I rt
decltrstinnf-wr by Ilusu tus received
the jmprbbatton ot ; afoitiewenro of her
alliei, and e ntjy induigr the hope that
it progres and termination will he ait;"
jftr-t r,hw " ""d fiiriira
nt eTTinr 1rw rtin' by the enrrirr- of 'tie
Emperor NkIioUs and thut It will afford
theopportunitv forsurii collateral acenry
in behalf of theVufrerincc 'flreek, a will
secure "to them liimtelvtne triumph of
humanity and of.Aerdom..
Thr'atale of oor" particulsr relations'
of more recent date of the Brih Patli
mcnt. Tne effect of the mt fiction ol
direct trade commsnced by Qrnt Britain
and reciprocated by the U. S(e, hat
been, as waa to be foreseen, o jy to bub
stiiute difTerent thanoelt far iniicbange
of commoditlendiipenat)!e ktbe colo
iiicBs nd profitable 10 a Aurhcr clast of
it ft ' sT ' ' ' " 1
our leiiow-cniten. .iae exports, tise
eresue, (be navigation of the' United
5utee. .hsve-auDTcred no dmlnunort br
our exclusion from direct scrts to the
Uritish tallies. The Coknie pay
WI.! "e neccturiei of lfe,
hu;h their Uovernmenl bTJrdcffrTrteh
(he chsrge of douM Toytbei; freltftit
insurance and commission, and tht profit
of our export are aomewhM i.ip'frcd,
nd mire iiiiunouslr transferred from one
portion of.. ur cuitent to aootbei The
resumption of this old and otherwise ex
ploded system of Colonial eX;luwoo has
not serured to the ahiooiiie interest of
Ureal lriistn the relief wmch, at the ei
tens of the distant colonies, nll nt the
Uni'ed Slatea, ii ws expected aflTird.
uoer measures have been resorted to
more poin'edly liearine; upon thi oavitri
lion of me United Slate, and which, tin
let modified by lb C wistrjciwo given
io ihe recent Act of Parliament, will be
manifestly incompatible with ibe positive
stipuljuona of the commercial ronven
tion existing between ia.3 (we countrie
Thai convention, however, may be ler
minated, wi'h me twelve m-intht notice,
kiinliun nfrilher nvti-
..r r -rv ... .
L A.Jieatr of - Amite, 3utgibo and
-r;r '.LtT't-i- o.
ma ins 'i esiy ne rinperir oi Aunria.
Kibe of Hungary and Bnemia, bat been
prepared Tor signature lr 'he Secretary
of Sue, and by the Rjtpe de Lederer,
tiimsietl with full p)erofth Ausman
Gorernment. 'lndrpendci'ly of the new
and frleodlr reliH tns whjcimiv be thus
commenced wi hon; of lie most eminent
and powerful itons of lie Esrtn, the
occa4'n has been taken in it, a in other
"Cent Trei'ie conrluded iy the United
States, to extend (hose prlrtlple of liber
intercourse and of'fjr reciprocity
which intertwine wnh the exchanges ot
commerce, the principle f justice, nd
the fcelin.: of mutual j benevolence.
Thissyst. m.Grst pro laimot) to the world
in the first cnmmercisl Trtiir ever con
clutiedbytb - U lited Siaiea, that of 6'h
Fatrujv( ITTt, itH Fr4. ha been
rn4iiMv tne cherihel policv of our
Union.' " It i bv treilief of 'commerce
al-ine that it can he -msde uliimuely lo
(srrwail at the esiitUie4 atiem of all
tyV..',;:".W;ll ' principle
aur father' extenJeJlht hand of frleni-
hip to every nation of-the globe and to
her cotonlet and other nation, though, 1 anil eleven dollar and tixty three rente
by audden and acarcelv explained rrvul- end leave In the Treasury on the first of
lion, the iplrit of exclusion hit been re- nurjr next, the mm of 6e million .
vived for operation upon the United State oo hundred an J thlr eight doliart, four
lone. iteeneeme. , , --
Tht conclusion of our Utt Treaty of I The receipt of the present year hero-
Peaco ith Ort Britsin wa ihortly af amounted to neariwo million more that ,
lerwarda followed by Commercial Con I wai amic,ipwtcd at the commencement of
vehltoll pldnil-sjroel UtercAurse be I ibe Utt ielonpfCongret. ' ,
tweeo the two countrie tipon e footing of . The emount of dntieeeerwJoH'IirjV y
more enutl reriprocity than baa ever be-1 portaiiont from Ihe Crt of anoiry to tLo "
forebeen"ldmlit(!rThe amrprlnel'l 30th of September. wa boutlentj:to....,,,
pje haince been much farther extended I million woo huodredeod olpety-sevtri
by Trestles with Krancei 8ecTen, Den llhoutand, and that of the estimated a
frmfcrtbtHvM eeitvo million, ioawine i '
Miroper end wHa)-4huputic oi uoi j an, aggregsie lor tne yrfrrei nfr-isrtftjr .
ombia, and of Central America, In ijhUleljjhi miilionik'TTUa la one million met'
bemuphere. The mutual abolaion of than the oallmate made Iait December '
ditcrimiasting dutieaand charges, upon for the accruing revenue, of the preaent
Ibe navieaiion and commercial I er ear, which, with' allowance for draw- ,
course between the pirties, I the gener back and cootingettt deficieoclev was
I mjiina which cbsractcritea them alt. etpecleJ to produce an eciual rtVenao of t
There i re n to expect that ti will, ai twenty-two million three hundred lhot
ni dittsni p'riod. be adopted by other na- nd dollar. Had theao only been real- .,
tion both of Europe and America, and to Iced, ihe expenditure of Ibo year would
hope th it by it univerttl prevalence, one have been also proportionally reduced. .
of the fruitful inurcet of war of commer For of Itjeae twenty (bur milliona re-
ill competition will l) extinguished. Iceived, upward of nine million . have
Amon ihe nstiom upon whose do? - PP? ,0 tiuonion of pobjle .'
ernmeni many of our fellow tj,, dw. bearing an lnteret of six per ent ,
h... h tn of indent fear, " l course reducing iheburdeo
ni-y for depredation upon ibeir properly K ,D,e,, nnvtWj payable io future, bf
during a period when the rihi of neu ouw "0 ' hjiUioo, ;
traj commerce were disregarded, was Tbt pay mentaoo account of interest da
that of Denmark. They were, eoon ar finr the current year exceeded three mil.
te- the event occurred, the ubjert of a ,Ion of preentigao eggrefcat ' "
snrrl.l minion from thr Unhed States. of mort ,hn ''! mllliona applied dq-
aubo cloe pf which the' assurance was vtn;he year to Ihe dlcharge.of the pub- ,
given by Ms Danish Mtty-ihif, L: a Uc tlebi, tb..wbole , of which rrroin(nt
period of roore rinquiltivl knd of let due on faMierf ftext elfl amount
distreis, rhey would be considered, ex- on,T rM muiiona tnrrf hundred-
mined, and decided upon, in spirit of "fu ,ww nunureo ana
defermined purpose fo th. ditpentetloii H""! oara. wventy elght ccnta. . r .
of justice. I have much pleasure in in , ,h of the eo'uinif tear r
.L.B, k. f will not fall short of that received in that
... f I nn fftfiv .ffhlnn.. IKa ' kh ' "lAjtl -lUw " I
tnts honoiaoie promise la now in p ogress " . ......v.
wmtn can srarceiy prove oeceptivo il
our country, an uniform experience oC '
forte yeare baa abowo ibat.f alevj.r 'Jhjer'" '
tarin oi oumcb upon articles imponea
that a smill portion of the claims has al
ready been settled to the aatiefaction of
the claimmt! and that we have reason
to hope that the remainder will shortly
be placed in a train of equitable adjust
ment. This result h alweya been con
from abroad haa been, the amount often"
porraiioti ha alw.y borne an average)
, . , , .
A :i.n,t. rvo.eieft from the character ollT",U0 n""j approacning to mat oi in)
oeror.j inteeritr and of benevolence eP'",' though xcaiionally differing ii
which the Sovereign ofthe UanUh Um "e neo. sonieiimea oemg more, ana
ioion h. throueh everv vicissitude ol ometime let, n is. Indeed, general
ri.,n... maintained. law of properou commerce, that lh
r i i . i . . t . j ..
. . c . . e rrai vaiue oi iBiniiia snouiu iti email
The eenersi aspect of the affair of I . . ' . ; . . '
our nciEhtrortnc Anvrtonn Nmioti final
scqtiaintancet and the pub
lie, that, having purchitied Mr.
tlben. JHchn' Boot and Shoe
ettabUshment in the town of Hal'mburv, and mi.
ployed that gentleman as Foreman of" the ihon,
ie is prepared to execute all orders for making
Boots and Shoes,
of every description, on short notice, and for rra
onakle prices.
He intend constantly to keen a supply of the
mort superior Northern Leather, and ti emloy i
...Jrom tato,2U .firrate worxinrn wh en will
enable bim to make the most elegant kin of
Boot ant) Shoer torladie and nMciM and
of the very best materials. He aim keeps an
ataortmanl nr Hnnta and hnfS contantl
hand, manufactured at bis o
aeeommodatHMs those wha.nay to be I
auppnea on a tutuien emergency,
v Owing-to the pressure of the timer, he will
"aJJow a liberal indulgence to those he feeUsaf;
triistin?. . . 13154
His utmost ; efforts sIiaTI be usedto give entire
istisfaction to all his customers, ami he hopes
thereby to secure their continued confidenoe
JMfttUKr;Jfi, J a 1823, :
with Frsnce, ha scarcely variid in the
course of the present year. The com
mercial intercourse between the two
countries ha continued to increase lor
the mutual benefit of both. The claims
of indemnity to numbers of our fellow
( I uens for depredations upon their prop
erty heretofore committed, during the
Revolutionary Governments, still remain
unadjusted, end still form the subject of
esrnesl representation and remonstrance.
Recent advices from the Minister of the
Uohcdiitatei at. Pari encourage the ex
pectation that ihe appeal to (he justice of
the French Government will ere long re
ceive a favorable consideration.
The last friendly expedient ha been
resorted to for the decision of the contro
versy with Great Britain, relating to the
North Eastern boundary of the United
Slate. Bran agreement with the British
Government, carrying into effect the
provisions of ihcfiflb article pf the Treaty
of-Ghen'., nd the convention of 29th
Netherlands has by common consent
ilnstsnuywii. 40,aeleci erLa ilhe umpire between the
n shop, tor the - ; Tk.. " h'm :
roan, who says his name is John, that he ran
awy-frimi -hie 'master, John fegro,"aboitf,"twi
weeks since, in Columbia S. C. i aays he former
ly belonged to the estate of Gen. Nat. Cardie,
of Sussex county, Virg. , he is about 6 feet high,
year old, straight built, black complected,
with a small afar above the tight eye. The
owner is desired to prove property, pay charges,'
uk mm away. r. SLAT EH,
The proposal to him to accept
Iherdwgtrarion foe-be -ptxtmSL?
this friendly office will be made at an
early day, and the United States, relying
tipoo the justice of their cause, will cheer
fully commit the arbitrament of it to a
Priiico-equaliy distinguished for the inde
pendence of his spirit, tus indefatigable
assiauity to ino oaucs ui ma uiii
liritain will deserve the erioucooiaer
ation of Congress,- end the exercise joi
conciliatory and forbearing spirit in the
bolicv of both Governments. The state
of them has been materially changed byl
the Act of Congress passed at their Ut
Session, in alteration of the several Act
imposing duiic, on inspostsi and by Acts
the piJicf ouf c'ou itrf ha ever since ad
hered whatever of regulation in our
laws hssever been adopted unfavorable lo
Tjlirjinetrst jf any fidU-JUUatUJul
been essentially defensive and" counter
acting to similar regulation of I heir' i
oper itinii gainst u:
Immediately after ihe eloeT)f the wir
of" independence. CnmmtwoneN-'were
inpointed bv Ihe Coorcsa of the Confed
em'l'itii authorised io conclude treaties
i.h every n i'foo of Europe disposed to
adopt them. Ik-fore the wsrs of th
French revolution, suchtreaties had been
consummated with the United Nether
lands, Sweden snd PrusiU. Duringihose
W4rs, trcdties with Grest Britain an)
Spiin had been rffitcted, and those with
Frusta and France renewed In all
these, some concession lo the liberal
principle f intercourse proposed, by .the
United State had been obtained ; but as,
in all the negotiations, ihey came occa
sionally in collision wiih previou
regulations, or exclusive and excluding
compacts of monopoly, with which the
other parties hjd been trammelled, the
advance made in them towards the free
dom of trade were partial and imperfect.
Colonial establishment, chartered com
panies and ship building influence, per
vaded and encumoered the legislation of
all the great commercial States ; and the
United States, to offering free., trade and
ecpiat privilege io alV were compelled to J
irquiesco in many...exceptbos..wUb..:ch
of the parties to their trestles, accommo
dated rrthatr exUtinzJawiind anterior
The -colonial which this
whole hemisphere was bound haa ullen
m 1 1 i i! . L . J I I ..
into ruins, aotaiiy aoonsuaa uy ryiu
flbn converting colonies into indepen
dent nations, throughout thejwo Ameri
can Continents, excepting poriipn of
tritrr chieflr at the. northern extremi
Ity. otoutpfn, and cop fined to the rem
" t Vi ainaif flr&At Rrh-''
nan; wi swim -.uw
airotef tbeinsular-Awbip
phicaliy the appendages of,!bur prl of
the globe. With all the;ret we have
free tradeeven with the insular colon
ie of all the European nations, excepi
Great Briuin. Her Governmenmlso had
manifeated approaches to th edopuon ol
free and liberal intercore between
South bu been, rather of approaching
than of settled tranquillity, iclernal dlt
uir'jances have been more frequent a
mone them than their common frirndsl
&uld".tifc;;'.drsired. Our intercourse
with all liaVconiihued to be t hat of friend
ship, and of muiuit-good will Treaties
of Commerce and of Boundaries with the I
United Mexican States have been negotia
red, but, form various successive obstacles
and only a small balance bring a perman
ent addition to the wealth ofthe nation.
The extent .of the prosperous commerce)
of the nation must be regulated ! by Ibo
amount of its export and an important
adduion o the value of these will . dra
sfter it a corresponding incretso of im- -
portslion. " H hss happened, intho vicis
situdes of the seison, that tho harvcttaof
.Il Europe have in the late Jummer and J.
Autumn, fallen short of their usual ivtr '
Aak M B ll. I a - . .! . a-
tr , a ILCi rm I v I Afj lU VI tllQ IllirruiC ULIQII
1 fcl.ll W.I WHH.H II'"M,,.,V., ! .l..l , .n.,.. .
wi". im ,n,uv m uiuuiikiui ill.) t
has been opened io the granaries of our
Couolry ;ToJ a naw7protpect of reward Z
presented lo ihe labors ol (Be "husband
man. which, -.for aeveral years baa . bceO
denied,Thi4accetsion to the profit of
agriculture in me miaoie ana western
portion of our Union is accidental and
ttmpomry it may continue only for a
single ycr. I' may be, as has been of
ten experienced in ihe revolution of
lima, but the first of several scanty bar
vests in succession. We may consider
it certain that, for the approaching year
it has added an item of large amount to
the value of our exports, and that it will
produce a corresponding increase of im
portations. It may, therefore, confident
ly be foreseen that the revenue of' 2839
will equal, and probably exceed that of
1131, snd wiu afford the mesnstf extin
guishing ten millions more of th princt
pal of the public debt
Thi new element of prosperity to that
part of our agricultural industry which If
occupied in producing the first article pf
human subsistence, is of the moat cheer
Is . r- r i .!
c... r f l..i. rlu. of the mg character to ine leeiing oi parnoiism
. .a d.r ,k. Ovn.r ntiw, of Proceeding from a cause which humanity
iiiuiicr isw,"- M-v. v- i ... . . , . 0
1 3ib November,'1J36,-WUbgreat
.... c... m;ns. .;hi hundred .ml .in. scarcity in aistam lanas, 11 yieias a con
one thousand nine hundred and seventy Uolatory reBecibn, ilut tWi Wf rci iv.hi
. j ii... ..a .;,.k. iKr rni Th no respect attributaoTe to us
receipts intotaeTrMsQTrtronrtbe-hrst I HcvarmH...p u.....w. w.,u.
prevails in the Republic of Central Amf rl
CJ, ,,has.been Mnpfopiiou to the cultiva
tion of our commercial relations with
them and the dissensions and revolu
aionary changes in the Republics of Col
nmbi and Peru, have been seen wllh
cordial regret by us, who would gladly
rnntrihute to the hunoiness of both. It
is with great satisfaction, however, ihai
we have witnessed the recent conclusion
of a Peace between the Governmenta ol
Bur nos Ayes and of Biiil : and il hi
equally gratifying to ob.crve that indem
nity has been obt lined for some of :he in
juries which our fellow ci'ixens had sus
tained . in. the latter of those countries.
The rest are in a train of negotiation,
which we hope may terminate to mutual
satisfaction, and that it may be succeeded
ry a Treaty of Commerce and Navigation!
upon liberal principles, propitious to a
great and growing commerce, aireaqy
important to the interest of our country.
The condition and prospects ol the
Revenue are more favorable than our
most sanguine expectations had anticipat
es). The balance in the 1 reasury on the
ordain all in wisdom and goodness, aoT
r I. ....... in th trtth nf Smtrmhrr latl.
ui ....... 7 ... - r --- ... ,,. .r .
so Tares ther -have been -ascertained tol w,,u " --
r k-.U ...iffi.i. .mom,, ,n I nieftTwf Bfood r Tliat, f .teoi.ooirilMi-
igrra i" " i , - :ik t .
t :n:n. .:. h.,nArA . .kt.i. I tine io mis acarwiy, our aucut-y ,w uw ,
eicniccn iim""""" .vw .w .in. - , . -
dollar end twenty even-cents, which, ' "na In pk -xsyr'i- .
.ki .ui. r ,h- rbundance of our own garners, the sup
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o thoMwhoato
thousand eight hundred and sixty-three
dollars and MXty-even cent, ihe ex
penditure of the year may probably
amount to twenty-hve million six nun
will b& the good fortune of oue country tp.
relieve. -
The great interest of an agricultural,
commercial, and manufacturing nation,
dred thirty-seven thousand five hundredjare so linked in union together, that no

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