North Carolina Newspapers

kf to trade the cperaVio.1 cf tfte
Jaw, or for other fraudulent purpose,
' ehall be, end it hereby declared to be
utterly null an J void i ami the parties
to auch assignment transfer, or other
conveyance aforetaid, fchall, on tonvic
tion", be punished at f r a mlidemeanor.
Juries Jjret. Khsr 'Revolution
'His taken place ,h Bjios Ayrest Col.
Dt wn0 " ,0,ne "'roe Fst be
(;o(rnur, lias been driven out of the cliy,
together with bis adherents, tod auch
-troops reminJv fj'ubfal ta him ; tad
Gen L'jvslle,' commander of the army In
jnc recent war i(n ornin, w-oo, since mo
Liftlle left 'Admiral Drown, who onoe
Vimi1 sirrce cut-aueh a fijr,tlre as tofflmm
ler ofTlie 1TuehosAy reinT"Oorr
pro tem. of the citjr, and pursued Dorregp
Jntu'hp interior, and, it it said, complete
If aoquith'ed htm( and dispersed bit for
ces; Dorreip himself fled ; in J, some cf
the reports say, is collecting anTrther
force, to attempt a reinstatement of the
legitimate au! ttoritien. Cut which party
will eventually succeed or which it is
for the interest ofthe peopleshou'd remifn
the. dominant faction, we are unsnle to de
termine. 'Oar confidence in the cap icit y
of the South Americana for self govern
ment, is, of late, a Rood deal shaken.
, ,We are gratified to learn, that the Hon.
Judge Johnson has reached Washington,
and taken his seit in the Supreme Court.
He hat recovered from Se injury he. re
reived by the upsetting of the Stage near
'Tfielast WashTnefon'yapcrr'conraln
the correspondent.o between President
Adm. and a numhj-r of. distinguished
-ieileralista of .New.Ens:lv)ft, . . wh..m i Mr.
Adams charged, in 1808, wuh plotting a
aeveNnee ottha Thre
men repei the charge, in a lonj; and for-
.xibJe appeal ioabff. people. of the United
6:ates. It appears to us t ha' Mr. Adams
has totally failed to aut'.ain hit charge
nod that these 4 distinuistied fcderalits,"
headed by fl. 0. Oim, haTe completely
donatio n R utsclPd him.
The Nation it Joutnal savs Mr. Wirt
never had any thing like r.fnfilery : it was
the dytficfiMia that rendered him ill. We
can't ace the mighty difference be
tween a man's bein& aick in the head or
he ttomach, so that he is rendered unfit
, for . a:rvke ithey. produce,. th.o,. Jirne
result, o far as ttte nation is concerned
f)Ut it the public buViness unatteridedvto.
Gen. Jackton't arrival in Washington
thy, took place OB. Wednesday, the 11th
fast early-in the morninf .- lie-entered
tbe city io advance of his family, in - Mr.
Senator -baton a carriage. His arrival
was so unexpeclediy early, that many of
the ci'izens who intended to escort him,
were taken unawares- He was meWSays
the Telegraph, near tbe western market
1)j the Central Commnt'-e on horseback,
and aacorted. by them in hii., ludninga at
Qadsby'a. The national salute, intended
to announce his arrival, was suspended
until the compsrison of the electoral vote,
"then in progress, in the presence of the
two Houses of Congress, was concluded,
and those two events were pro-laimed by
the artillery stationed on the mall, which
was responded to by a salute from the
Navy Yard
Another big Turnip It is stated In the Jack-
tmt Tennessee, Gazette, of the 24th ult. that
m s patch of turnips on tbe farm of Dr. Fenner,
& miles from that town, one trreiv this le&aon
which weighed between 14 and 15 pounds; and
measured three feet in circumference ! ! The
Editor iavs the mammoth vegetable is planted
ft bis garden, for seed.
iOVVih he would send us some, when' it
ripens: we want to propagate the breed in
tfartb-Carolina.- Query . Ia it not in the that
J)i,.t!'ct of .Tennessee, where, wc.sre .tald, such
the TicTtnesi and 'alrength of the" S'tit, that in
ne night full-sized ten-penny nailr wilt sprout
pfrom a rusty rod of iron ? Perhapa the Jaek
n Guette can inform us. (.')
Printer to Congrefn Gen. Duff Green,
fte able and jndcfaiigable Editor of 'he
wed Siates Telegraph, has been elec
ted Printer to the House of Representa
nves, for the CTSQTng two yeari. The
VUe stood :
' Duff Green, ----- 107
. .Oiies &Seatoi), - - - 96 -.Scattering,-
- - . -. 6...
The situation la lucrative, worth at least
JjMO .dorrars :ianna
-ia oeaion nave had-it eight years(
jhd ought, in that time, to have cleared
'50,000 dollars i and as they have execu-
feVrheir Printin8'n a , workmanlike and
wihful manner, we hope they have laid
7 a snug competence it is their own
f?ulif they have not. I
"aiK- ' - -
TAomaa B. Keedi, (who was formerly in
ne Senate) has been elected a Senator in
Ungress from the State Df Mississippi,
Wf Hx years from the third of March
pi in' the place of Thomas II. Wil
"aras, whose term of service will then
jrjrj Who declined a. re-election
' Tim fc.l.Vte
In purimnce of our dctirminiuort to
afford our readers what lit ht we can on
Lhf ri!!,,,on f ff P,BI
last Legislature on the mbject. It
be seen by thW report, that the.commlt
tee Cannot C esr uo the rertrehens h !
practices ofthe Banks, although they have
made a Whored effort lo do so. The
eommitteeVaim was to pul the best face
on these Illegal transactions, that the facts
elicited during the investigation 'would
admit y-eMlioitv)aled concerns stand
convicted by the showing of their own
the banda-ef- the LtMlure.
We have heard unasserted by tome,
ikhn aaasA iaaw I Uat sa aw a a at a .
and who would discourage all efforts to
relieve them, that the present excitement
in relation to the banks h is been artfully
gotten ip by an. imerested few, who inv
providently went in debt o the banks,
and nov wish toextrica'e themielves in
the best "ay they can. What my
be the views of a noisy ftp thus situated,
we will not pn-trnd to sy-; hut that urh
persons nre the c.V eaue of the present
conpUir)t agilnsi the binks, we M5w is
not Vhe fact. An I we arr half sustained
in this declaration br Mr. (J sston himself
'ne mighty rhampinn of the binks-
the great liint.ury of the East, within the
circle of whuso shadow many fiarr UghH
revolve i fur in. his ajeech he eaiuiirMy
adrnia 11 1' is .';ri7r. that by rash and
violent measures. i he bsnkt may' com
pel a too rapid reduction of the circula
t?ri$ rnedf irmrrtd 'to6v-Mttirprt'i$re
upon Afi deoT6rifwheh"tniyjTncreise
the sacrifice of property, and extend in
solyency I' d bankruptcy, thuoughout the
country." ' Now U'is U just what the peo
ple comphin of: the bank unfeelingly
requires iia debtors, at a time when there
is an unexampled scarcity of money, to
pay. the tenth of their, debta cvrry ninety
dsys, which is bevond their abili y to do.
A persistence in this course by the bank,
most assuredly wit do, what Mr. Gaston
admits is within the rane of iottibtUTii
viz: 41 increase the sactifice of property,
and extend insolvency and bankruptcy
throughout the country." Were the
bank debtors the only sufferers, we should
not hear auch general complaint ; for
they, together with their seciHi:ies, com
pose but a smill proportion ot the nrcat
body of the people. But the fact is, lboe
"Jl0..9w.e -tb ..bankstrgene.rally,hayc ojfieja
indebted to' them : so that when the bank
presses its debtors, they have to press
their' fetrors i" and these last r in turn
press othrrn ; so that the press goes
round from one to another, until, in h
end, the poor, hard-working man -finallv
suffers the heaviest calamnity.. lie bas
no negroes, nor large tracts of, to
dispostof, to SJtisfy the pressing demands
of his rreui'nrs; hut his few horses mi
cvtlri ami -his little tuick. of. household
shnff or constable, and--his wife nd
chillrrn are turned ui of doors, and
thrown upon the cold charitv ofthe world
This is not a high wrought picture o
lite actual state of things among us ; is
reality m'mht be witnessed everv week in
the state. And the hirsh measures of
the banks, ri rapidly collecting their
deb's, and making few and small c'is
counts, indirectly cause this distress in
the land.
j ' Aito Snow, to the depth of t to 10
j hches. fell in South Carolina, at Camden.
Columbia, Georgtown, tec. week before
last. The Camden Journal says this snow
storm brought large numbers cf wild
pigeons with i: : they were more numer
ous after the snow, than for many years
There has, for some days past, been some
very cold weather in this part of the coun
try ; and on Friday last, there were a few
rnjkes of snow seen flying in the at mos
phere ; during that and a few subsequent
days, it was bitter cold.
Taa rfH lT lVfasat S ff VyfTft. P.iw
X V I Tt Srlfs'- sft w fSJ p Vf v wwr
Sir: I observed in your paper of this
morning, a communication signed J obn
Braodon, under the head of Lythotomy ;
in which he, J. Brandonbas been pleased
to say to your readers, that after suffering
more than death Tor several yearsT with
stone in the bladder, he applied .to the
most eminenT Surgeons iff thrt tettkm of
Uie-couniry' ror reiiei . ( buiiic uj wiiui
said it was iqftaatattotv others a glanrJular
Belief that we were ignorant of his case i
which is not the fact rfo the contrary.
I sounded him in Mar, 1827, detected
stone immediately oh the introduction of
the instrument, atrd urged upon him the
necessity of an operation, as the only.
means of relief. Yours,
Sciiifotry, Moniay, tth Fi5TlV7f7''
Mr. Rush has so far recovered from
his late severe illness, as to be able to re
sume his duties as Secretary ofthe Trea
surv. He transacted business at the De
psrtmept fts
M,ir,tiw!?iS.U is slate that ati
difTerent prctes of mamtadthor mas -
tidon. are ascertained to have rxistej.
by the difTcreni atructt.rea of the bones
Ho "p' America., tiro t0
! h"J?c one common to Lurope
.'A friend to the con of the Redee
mer's Kingdom" shall be published as
soon at as can CtJ linla'more space
The reremony rf'in the votes for
rreaiJent and Vice iPresidentVof in a Uni
ted SlaKs? took place on Wedaesday. t 1th
solemnly jrecatn)td4htAadrwJack
sorw of Tennessee, . is elected f resident
Ihe 4th of March nekt: and John C. C.I
houn, of Sosjth-Carolim, Vice President
for the same period So two as the re
sult was announced, some persons it the
gillery commenced ctafifiinf, but they
were promptly removed by order of the
Speaker. y
The life w.York Eveniog Post atates
that Col. Pickering, wJiose death is
announced, had been Tor nearly or
quite a year engaged in writing work
of deep interest to the people of this
country, the life of Hamilton, for
which he was emioently qualified by
his personal intimacy with that ill istii
ous m m during the m"st important and
interesting periods of hia political nil'
tory. ' . iderafeLriildtiiiTi',T N ;w
York American, sta es tht Guvermi V- n
Buren. returned, a ?ly or two .since c L
Assem n bill, wui : h . had p used ixi .
Houses, wi'h his objections to i's becm
ing a Jaw. 0 the qneation,. ahull the
bill pass no'withs'an ling the objections
of the Governor I There we,re oolv ne
affirmatives ! S muh for-ha&ty and in
considerate legislation
Governor Van Buren hss Sfnt a "s
cond message to the N. York Le gisl-iMirr,"
accompsnied by a plan suggced ty
Mr. Forman, respecting the reeul i im
and security of Banks. It pro, m
amrtngst other things that a hard of
Commissioners be appointed bv 'he St rr
or Binks. or bv boh jointly, whose du'i
it shall be to inspect the concerns of the
Banks, and see that they keep wi'hic the
prescribed regulations.
. JLlcxUo. A -friend informs us ttat the
election of Pedrata was to be contested
before tbe Congress, .and that (egl and
regular measures were faked for it when
the revolt broke out Guerrero ff kis
election ty a single vote nd it w-s ul
leged that tbe States ofVcraCmz snd
Yaratan had been misrepresentc-t h-7tigh
the illegal proceedings of Pcdr z ami
ntt triemiSr. - ueaioustfancea nafl jirt-.iav
. r . r . . . ,
blenseTf""uu"T7v iTirTtoWrrLrn'-" Hm V'1' t
plained that in sortie instances lioips- tttr)
ien. so., disposed as., la .cxerase. aa.ini.
proper influence on the elections, an
tana is said ta have acted oo his i res
ponsibility, and on his own inopuKr, in
flying to arms Guerero, fcr his part, Ins
acted openly in this unluppv senile,
and we hope neither approved not ae1
ted the unjustifiable m sures that vvce
taken. Stall a stigtra will affix itself to
his party, unless he distinctly disavows und
condemns them. "The question s'lould
have bei-n set'ld in a 'comiituHonaf mm
Prom Vera Cruz Wt received yes
terdav, a fil of V-ra Cruz poe 'o the
16th ul'. The most important n .1,
the re organization of the M'xi- m go-.-
ernment, alter the recent mn.ten 'vhh
tion, and the apparent nuccess 'f '!e r
volutipnists as far as th.y bav gone
The Vera Crux Noticirtco of the l5thcot. Hobert Sloan. Capt. bloan was in the prime!
ult. Kates, under a viva la tiatria, that ;
Guerrero ha been declared President of
Mexico bv the Sovereign Conires of The
Union, and C A. Busiamentanjmcd Vice
President. It appears, also, 'hit Ssna
Ana has been elevated to tbe ouVe of -Sec-retar?
of War. The refractory
lYaThetd out against the parv which sup
ported Gnerrero are now falling into Ins
ranks The te of the eoorttry is be
coming trsnquil and more. orderly
. A?WJ? t,nquirtr, 'A!i imt.
Public Landi A joint resolution had
oasaed Jthe J I QUSft .Represem ti ye s;of
ddisn,.by a vaic of about 3 2 1 0 J if swr-'f
tin the right of sovereignty xif theS.tit.
over the soirwifhinlts'limltsT"
ftionV whicfi "if appears will be assumed by
Indiana aba Illinois, in - relation to that
part of the national domain which lies
within their respective limits, cannot fail
to excite a deep weresr in toe puojic
mind. However unfounded the claim
set up may appear, at first view, we are
inclined to the opinion that it will be
strengthened by public discussion, and
that it will ultimately be sustained.
Lav.. Jtdverhter.
Courage without discretion is like fan
cy" without judgement, all sail ami no
ballast-. ' .
Jufgt Taytir. The 5'peftafar Crfrrecli
, an-error Into which we were led, in our
f none ofthe death of the lata Chief.'
uce tailor. io were unaer tne
pression that the Judge studied L fi
this State. The spectator says, he pio
secuted his studies at Williamsburg, in
Virginia, under the late Chancellor h'ytAe
arvd commenced the practice of the Law
inthls?taie, in 1790.
Whilst on this subject we will idJ re
mark which with more propriety should
have been incorporated in our.Obuuari
notice of Judge Taylor, but which was
overlooked. ia .Oasfe of its composi
:"lrwif impossible by in iddittortj'to
embellish tha-siyUaf the Chlaf Just i,:a,
6rosubtracfrwofd"wTl houf Hiking "the
deiirutilon of" rcharm. If permitted n'o
Substitution of terms. II had that h curt
oa Yetrif6YrbTi i pFelsr6nT(KaiTna"was
led In the belief, that in the preparation
of his Law Opinions and other composi
tions his whole labor and time had been
exhausted in the selection of words
Raleigh Remitter.
.The Police of London consuls of 417
constables, 408 watchmen, 68 patrollars
and 34 beadles The expense, exclusive
oT constables, is nearly 180,000 dollars
per annum. '
In this cmntv, on the ?7ih. uh. by Casaell
Htrbin, Mr. O.lbreatb Chambers to Mia
Ninry Glasscock. Afso, on the 13th int, bv
the 'anne, Mr. Willie d, Cbaffin to Mias Tf m
prrsncr Hendricks. Alao. on the 1 5th ina by
K. Brock, F.j Mr. Satnuel Mu(hta to Mrs.
Fli'h Biiokbou?. . ...
T.fAfekT.nburgco(TbTjrT?Sth"lift it
H--1.7rTion, Mrr-Alrxnter tinharn of "Cbar.
! lotte.. ii Mi Cathsrine Taylor.
11 Lincoln '-vinty. on the lJih itint. by John
IVrMfi;!, tarf. Mr. Jamea Fleming to H.u Nan.
I ' M-'kl-nbnrrf eoiirr. bv the lirv. Ptntirl
uao.1, i iUo 27U lt, Mr, Jtallin
How us 'o Tenvsa !t-a. datisrhter of Mr.
James K a.- Al-o, on the Jth.inst hy the Rev.
1'ihn ' M: 'SVtlsotCMr. Hairia Houston rT, Miss
Cbrincji Hair, ilatijfliter of Mr. Samuel I'lair.
r ;, , - .'.
1 1 tl.ia town nn the Iflth inst , alter a iingtr
in 'il'-'ss, Mr. Henry M'emonj, in the 4'.'d vear
ot 'us aire.
Died it New lUvrn, Conn. T)r. Nathan Smith. I
Profe-sor in the Medical Institution of Yale Col-1
leg?, nd one nf the most learned and ilis'in
g'jishrd phyaicuna and-aurgeona in the t:nlted
On th morning of tii.: 5:h iot. at his
in Ver-Vlauburg cnuiay, Cart. Samuel Johntin,
4 agrl yar. T-tie ym of rmin nray mrngte
wilU tiie uvad. and -create but. a iejiaitloo of
rcgrtt that hia i ffiirta hive been lost to the
ato uj; iwcniw ;iame wj;lumoar..ii4bhV?-io ,ttnd Cftpt.i:obmMoB,-decesSed;
dtA. and awaken only feehngs of admiration and i ,is list illneM , and- having heard a report in
wq-id; trie Ctida. of Tafne wj;l'umbar..i-Ah
TI";1, " ano u,maumiifcireatjrTion, -TarcffHreo' to inhrro the rprratlon
mdisThul in pnvate I-, svbote fate commandi f Mra. Margaret Sloan, wife of .aid dcceasi-d
.pur aactnf sympathy and aiiieereitaorrow:. It fM j, 4 uUW 4 i.jorl inno.
.s the-e tint wr can appreciate his wqnh. hisjcenc, as well a a doiw owe telt-es ami
beiievol.-nce. and humamfy , can attae h our-! ,!,e pblick. to eclare hat our opinion ia with
aelvee purrlv by the ties of fri, ,s,ip ,J es- j rcg,ra l0 tbe cause of hi.dealh. Our meant of
tr.ii, apj rrel the value oT those rrJeanng ser-; judging has not onlv hern derived from a con
viv. d.rtatrJ bv genuine dianlerestednrsa. ;.,., .,n,UBr nn LJm U.. I. ;il...
I H I... il J ll. L.I...I.I . r II I
" " ", ' ' -c. ""i icuow i
I tinv.
r -i vrit on ue oeepiv -nsitle pi the .
"lr,,11" rsiiirini.-, n'lii hip rraiHV Ot Otir i
rsis in reaiMif '
who attendc.l the lutrr-ra! uf Samu.-I Johnston, !
a man 01 KrrS worm in our nespDorlioou. j
A It hough it were vain touttemptetilogmm where)
m.i.h is due. vet ln ndship must pay a slight (
tribute to hia manv virtues. He was a man of ,
the most una-iiming manners, ao mtinh so, thnl j
few were acquainted with the resource, of his ion : to the niperflcial observer, little ;
wan discernable ; but to hi" acnuaintances and .
neighbouis, in the various pursuits of a domes
tic life, vcrc a mi;id developed with knowledge,
ird lioart ovifltwing with benevolence In
.ii r(-nucr aod sscrea relatmis rrt a brother,
li'i-h. 1, a U'ln r, a nficlibmir and a friend,
U! TJiur-ti . itr o1 s-iti.ii ui uiir rriaiinnv, ne em !
in-nilv evinc d all those virtues ofthe heart
, which give dignity and worth to the nime of
J man. However, bis friends, confidently indulge
j-ilit- hope that he bus been received into that
:oje wnere 'nc weary are at rest, and the
wicked cease from troubling.'' r.. w. m.
In the tnwn ot Uiariotte, on the 13th mat.
of life, and bid fair to be a useful citizen to the 1
county of which he was- native. He died in
the full confldence-of . happy, immortality J
yond tbe grave. f.'ommumWea.
Sn'U'nirt Prieei, Feb. '21r Cotton (in seed I
11... tu . irn '() to "1 nork 3 Wfn 4 .,
trr 8 to 12 flour 4 .50 to 5 per barrel, whea' 50
to 75. Irish potatoes 40 to 50, sweet do, 30 to 40, 1
brown "rigar 12 to t5, cofT.-e 16" to 27, salt 1.25
IT m ssms, tr - ww
to 1.50, homespun cloth 30 to jQ..whukey 22 to
Favtteville, February 11 A Cotton 8 to 8 30
bacon to 8. peach brandy 55 apple do 40 to 42,
hutrer 15 to 20, corn 34 lo 35, flavieed 90", flour
iia1r80 io 9i),.tatlow $, wheat whiskey SfS
t26.....U. S. bank notes 1 J a Zpercent. pre
tniom.' Cape-Feat,.:! J-i3;Ut,Oi rmr'-:'--'
Cirfetioru Feb. 9 :oUon 8 to 9J cents,
flour Si, whiskey 28 to 29, bacon 6 td 7, ham 9J
beT kind of bagging 20 to 23, salt 45rtw 50, rotn
46 a 48, coffee 13 to 15....M. Carolina bank bills
Z to 2J per cent, discount 1 Georgia, 1 ditto.
tToiao, Hb. 14 ..Cotton 7.5Q to 8f , flour 5 a
61 for that made at Camden mills, wheat gU
corn 37 j to 40, oats 30, salt 87 J.
Dalrtmtre, Feb. U Flour g8 to 10.00, cot-
ton 8J to 11, wbikey 24 to 254, bacon 7 to 11.
fluhmqwl, Vb-g. Feb. 1.3..;Qotton h yf, flour
7.7.ri to 8. Wheat 1.45 to t.50, com 47rba-
4ton 6 to 7, brandv apple 30 to 37, old peach do
90 a 1, whi-k-y 27 to 23, lear tofiacco I'J to V,
North Carolina bank bills 3 discount, S. Caro
lina 2 a 2J, Georgia 2 J a 3 j.
Petenhurj, Virg. Feb. 1 j. Cotton 8 to 9J,
flmir 8 50 to 9, apnle brandy 40, peach do.
fsin ttt ffl.vbmcn ?.7Jt(i t?. ntt
t.ti. Miff 31 to til tl Carols f.lnlt b$
1 to 1, 8. Carolina I . tieoryia t lo 3 Parian t .
.Wi4.'.V. C. V4, 6. Cotton 8f to 9,
f r6 to BJ, wh'ukey 35 to 4J, bacon 8 to 10,
i neat 87 J to 100, corn 40 to 4J, Slt C7...Norttl
Carotina tiank Bitla 8 to 7 per cent, ditcount.
(if ot;.a lkaqk tltlla 1 ) lo 3 per cent, diaeount.
1 AVwrrn, V4. 1 4 . .Cot tcm I a 81, flour 7.50 to
wheat RI, bacoa 8 to 7, aJt 55 t CO,
peach brandy CO, Ippte do. 41, wViakey 3J. ,
H'iu'ffn, VA. f .Cotton 8 to . 8..'i0 com
40 lo 45, beeswax 2 haeoo I lo 10, salt 70 t
75. Tiikey JO ta.3i apple brjndy 35 9, 3T
flour 8.50 to 9. leaf tobacco 4 to 4.V5.
AVw. rrl; Jan. 3C.-rotton Vf , to 1 1 flmir ,
6.50 to 8.50, cotton, bagging mad of hemp 17
to 21, wheat 1 63 to 1 7 1, oak tann'd aoie letth
tr 20 lo 25, hemhickiln 18 to 2J, hams 9 to 10.w,,
islt 45 to M, apple brandy '4 to 40, wbbkry l'
to 2ft, leaf tobacco 3-to 1,-?r)tim beeswax 33 to
2..-.onh-Carolins, bank bills 41 DtrccnU...
,U wnW aoift-aaaoUa.2 L UoriL.t4,l itm
inia Iper cent, do. , : . i.
. Btrttm. r. 3.Cotton 12 ta U, rlaa 19 to 13,
(lour B J.s to 9A7,, enrrCOXo Bfehe e'fjjjol
ap'pte branTy 37,lanow 8". . ' 4- "
Xathi ille, Ten. Jan. 31..... Cotton 9 a 10. flour
6.50, lard A to 7, svbiskev 35 to 37, tallow 6.
N. Carolina hank bill 8 to 10 per cent. dia.
JlrmfMt 7Vnn. Dec. 13. Bacon 7 to 8, cot
ton 7 to 8, butter 12 to 14, Sour 5.50 to fi, corn.
25 to 'JO, peach brandy CJ to 75, apple do. 35 to
30, whiskey 25 to 28.
Cmrinnntt, fMia, Jan. .".0. Cotton 1? f, fea
ther 35 rents, flataeed 7 to 40, flour 5.5J t
5 75, Rcnhawa aa!t 50 rents, peach brandy 6?,
apple do. 37, whiskey 17 to 2i, tallow 7, tobac
Co 3 to 8 rents per lb.
Nn-tl'ttani, Dur. 27. Ixmitiana Cotton 9 tr
13, flour 7.2J1 to ".JO, whiakry 35.
TAo.i!i Dickson, Tailor,
RF.HFF.CTrTl.LY infmma l.ii customed
nd the public, that he hai removed hie
Stiop from the stand he his for a year ortwo
ocrunied, to Me, Thomas Alliaon'a buildinf, in
the room recently occupied by E. Dickiotv, at a
H&truker," Shopri-MirdWrtTTBWiTule," "
a few.ilQOrs from the Court House, and immdt-.
atelr opfroaite'Mr. Wward Creta and Mr. Geo,
W. I.ntwn'a Stores, to the town of 8ahburyi
here he ia prepared to execute all deaenp
tions'cf ' '
Isfer lte r-srest fashion, rn theahortest notice,
ami lo crthan In, been done in the piaec for
levernl years.
Ilatnir ma le arrsngerrtenti f r receiving p
ii;vli(uH, from Philadelphia, NwYork, and
I'aria, the la'est Tashiom in thoe eitiea. accom
panied with drafts and portrait fiirurrs, repre.
senfin tienttemen in furl Dreas, showing the
r tlcr$ if ie clo'lis worn, &c. t he ferUcohfi
drnt of bring the to accommodate irenllemen
with fancy Coata, I'antalonna, and Vrala, that'
will he a fa-dtionably etit, and as wrll mmU, a
can be done in the I'lare.
Ordrr, for ererv de .cription of Tailoring,
hicli may be aent from a distarve, will be moet
faitlifiillv esernted according to dircctiona, and
wialiin the ahorlest nosnilile lime.
SauiJu-ry. Afr. Ui'u 18.
To tUti VuMic. :
"VklTH tlic unOersinedJuvine been called tw
. . . . - "
but we have hid the ad, am ie of a Pou ,tfe-
rcw rxtTination.- wtnetrrPftitmf In the f-i'ow.-
i, rniu lnsiun. ria a vioh-nt r,.ld l,i,.h a.
i a a
.mn nni. nA 4 mnrk A....t1 XVa
the primary
,ett 0f disease i that it had been nmbably aflTee-
for vesrs , that in consequence or the,
deranged state of that organ, the apl-en and thn
w!l0e t,orarlc viscera had become very much
deranged. During our attention and subsequent
examination, we bad no rea-on to believe that
,nv had ever been given him to cauae hia
.icincss or death, but that it wa, natural disease,
;,, !, . ..rr.r.Jlnw Pr,..;j
I LUIUbU " H ' WMIIi. a IHSIIII i Itw. .
ertiliec!, by l. Jt. OUNLAP,
, Teh 18, to;
iCha'Un -
) nrr.. The aubscriberi havins Qualified
as F.secutorsol the last will and testament:
of the late Nathaniel Gordon, dee'd. of .VVilkes
county, we hereby give notice to all persons
having claims sgaimt the estate to present them
properly authenticated far psyment within the
time prescribed bv law, or this notice will bo
plead in bar of their recovery and all persona
indebted to said estate, are hereby required tr
make immediate payment, or their nntea ami
accounts will be placed in the hands of officers
for collection " 3t it """
.H. F. PATTERSON, .Cxetufar.,
f'eh.Cih, 1829.
piR4 n p nf .Mvrv IftVnttiTA
raftViVIC til. UrN slUUIllUU.
r'ft1"' Snhscnbers, l.secutors ol the last .tl
""d testament ol Mary Johnato late of
"owsrv eooritr, decU recpTest a persona har
- . j i .in-,, m 1 .1 1 1
log ClIIII niiini B9IIU C'.r.c lu prcill lilcm
legally authenticated, within the time prescribed
by TawoF fiole blpUJ1il tar: at
their recovery; and all persons indebted, ara
desired to make payment immediately.
THOMAS ciuiut; p. . ,
May 20A, 1829. 3mi67
Avvvon fti'Viri 'ViSlaitt.
Ti1K aubscri'.ier haviny qualified, at January
"aesriont, 120, of I joeoln county eourtv a -Executor
ofthe last will and testament of Aaron
Sherill, late of said county dee'd. hereby jtvew
notice to all perions having demands ajfa'mst
said estate, to present them, legally authentica
ted according to law, or this notice will be pleaj
in bar ol' their recovery: 3t57
A M l ION Y LONG, Ere'r.
February 14'A, t)t20. '
A II V Mare, 8 or 9 years of J,' '
Il about 15 hands high. En.
quire ai tins oMice, where all resasonable t.
pcows wu oe paid , .
.vVfSSi.ry, Kb Wit, 8Jd.
. .. . .. .
-v -
V;- , -

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