North Carolina Newspapers

    A HU.I. IH' VALl'sBLl".
V$ri Uvcx Amu.
. (jJT ITF. of North CtMliia, Supreme Court, pps R auWibrr regretfully inform l.'n
K? December trrm, t H 4 Kcsannah Pickett' J friend I the piM'u: generally, that It
and others, m. fluiviiiah Julius and olhers. By ),, opened House of Kn'e rtai.imtjit, to hun.
virtue nf a decree of the 8nprme Court, dred yard et of the Court House, (Wivne
in said cause, on Monday, 'he. If sli l4f of March . county, N. C.) fr tins accommodation of Tra
re it, on Iht pre mitet, I ilutl npui to tc, ta ?;fri i-,d Joardefs, ind all otl'cra wto may
ih litgheit bidder, that valuuM tract of 'a' favor lum with their company. There will be
and J'tfifo, -lying in lluthrrf-wd twmy o'ljjo pains spa'cd 6rt hit part t Ur them
loth of Green Wer, where the Hoad to j eomr-mabW. Ul.Hle shall be funi-bed with
Ulii'e tiip croisra the fat J lUvcr, now in oeca- t!, bet that the Msrket (rn!, and an attentive
pancy tl James M'Kiiinv. Tho tnct conUmi,
ijLikMiikHn. .jutii ijuj acrrsi til which,
lanrr rrofwnton war awaTip. ui.- u un i.
cUri by none on !' Mef. ir the tr-e
tool orchard-of -Wttr-el luJWnkJuil.
l Jinn VI Iran t -' J''
rWranite W-ateJt
mor etTeltcnt
Va ned at Srm (J jJ U RVi'W.
. TerinT
K MA A a 1 1
equal instalments, at 12, 1 and .M month',
milh infereat frojmhe Aw of ! l t o
Mcirr,l bv boiwV pavaSle t- m-, approveil
aceunneat n title Will oe mane nn mc rT
. tnenl of lh purchase motwy, ami then only on
il.f the ihrenion of the Court.
joiin i.. iii;.M)irc-oy, v .i.e.
Ilatcish, Jan 2 ill; IM). M
J vtam (hire for Mcmprrfwe.
nii iur ihw m '''.'
Ml to that lot vret-hea of all icp, ttic too
free me f afiknt.fpinM, a ain-Ie triul of the
prerifition will prove ita effig y : letters w'
drfwetl to th 'j!)Krihrr pil ricl"'i"(f
to d'llLn will Iw promp'ly attcnUl to, by a
remuiancc oi me meaicinc ana uircn'.
WM. L. Al l IN.
Jrfrrttn, Vfuiv, .V. C. JmH7
N. B. Printer friemllv to the cauac of the
unfc'rtun!r JrunkanU, will ple five Ui an
f . t i .:
'Pirn irin irrrfr
tfl "IT PrTTn i.t.V iuforma bia !
m 1- XiMf ruainncf t and the pub- j
itat. harm.; pu.reltate.1 Mr.
tUn..JJitkun'M l.wt.and Shoe
falahlUhmrnt in the tn of Siisb jrv, nnd em. ,
filove'.t ttik ye'itiemj.i aa inr-man ni inr inori,
ie ia prefiarrd to rv.-cute all ordera fir making
-fefeveiv deiaiition. on short notice, and f ir rra
nonaSle pricf i.
II- intemU tnn?antlv to keep aa-ipply of t'i
mo? wtperiof Northern Leather, und lo employ !
from 15 to 20 first rate workmrn ; wh ch will!
i t. . i- ,. ,-i W.n.t. ..f .
Doota and Sho.-! foi Ladiei and Ontlemeo. and I
,.f ,U, vi-rv best material. Me al-o keeni an
aaortment of Boo.a and Shoes constantly on .
hand, manufactured at -hia on ahoj., for the
arn,uiolation of thoe who nuy wi-h to be ,
Uj'iiru ui I ai. in' ii ii i yy '
Owinir to the preure or tiie time, tie win
Jlow a liberal Indulgence to those he tee I rife
In tntarrnir, -. - . Uii5- . . -
Jl'u utmjJ: efiorti alia'l be used to pive entire
satisfaction to 11 hia custotnen. and. hr hopea
thereby , to secure their :eetWUi3iaadS"defle f .'
tul patronage." zahbwy, .Aw. 1", iaiX.
BTiOMAS Vt.InJr, repctfull)
fl. tnmrm hi iniimer and the
puilM tt rrmnfii tm sjwt ana .0110c
Mtahlislment to the builittng tmmi-dijtrty be.
tween Mr. (ieorgt Brown' aiorr and llir Punt
0R.ia.atMl but a -taw sir Da feom-tlio Court-
Ll.. - L. . k- - . 1 I" n . . I1
- - - w a
Home; where he intends to catv on the busi-
. .tea very clTEnTiTrfTr-ftt new sttw t
'Ten!'"'"" a any atanrf in towns - w!re
Tt will ptM ill. rm.J.1 wft win In Vir j
tll mmlAm. lL)uu)l Ul ...If- ,,
ZaHihu-ii, "e4. 2d, S:9.
TTt nCET.,.'hereas mv wile Uttbtcca Uird,
has left mv bed and hoard, from a cauie
ulii(U occludes the pnuibilitv of a return, I
therefore forewarn all persons from tradinf wi'h
or-;-' l''iii(r her on mv account, as I will not he
ei"iisible fur any debts which she m.iv eon
ffact. -Ftb 18. 356 WM. (J. BIRD.
Sunt t fXotlh VartHna:
' HK R County Superior Court of I aw, Sept.
Con .j -. I'etitition for Divorce. Ordered by
Court t at publie.ation be made for three monlha
; in the kaleijrh Uc;iter, and Western Caroli.
nlan, that the defendant appear at next court
and fled on the 4tn MomUv of March next.
Given under my band W. W. F.KWI.N, CP.
HirtSfi ny F.. A. KRWIX, J). C.
Mat: i ,' ' "f lh-Carolina, Iredell cnunty :
Sf..'P'tKIOIt Court of Law, Fall term, 1828.
.I.MK- Morrifon vi. Hearkiah Morrison; Pe
tition for divorce. It aptiearing1 to the satisfac
tion oi 'he court, that llezrkiah Morrison is not
"inliiT.l.T;nani"6f Thll iTatf : IT If there fore, or.
derC'd ' 'he court that notice be civen by pub--.-iicatjiZn
the VT?im "Carolinian, printed in Salubiirv.
for tar-? months, that unless the said Hezekiah
appear Offorff the judire at our next eourt to bf
held tor Uk? county of Iredell, at the court-house
in Stitd-ivi le, on the 5t!i Monday after till! Vh
Ikl on ')' of Mnreh next, a id answer the said
FtiTiot, fe"-si? -wnr e iwiarn cxpane. ana
IUUkoiciii uc rciiut-icu amiiTi iiimi ytti tuuirwi.
' Sm'53 Teste JAS. CAMPBELL, CPL:
Ki4 f Wvih fnrnlna. FJurnln rnuntu
CjtTPeH10R"'Coilrt of Law, Oct. term, 182f:
J3 Catharine Rhyne vt. Michael Uhyoe 1 Pe
"TiRoTi' fltViWeirnfh'ain
deffiidant inllus case; and which were returned
defendant waa not found; and proclamation
haying been made pu ilicly at the court-house
door of said county, by the aald ShefitF, for the
defendant to appear and answer as commanded
by the aain subpoena, and he having failed :
It it therefore ordered by court, that notice be
jrive'j 3 montha in the Western Carolinan and
Rale.K; Ptar lor the deienrtant to appear at the
iiex' a'uperior court of law to be held for Lincoln
eoun(v, at the court-house in Lincotnton, on the
4th Monday after. the 4th Monday of March and theie to answer or ceitiur t
said petition, otherwise it will be taken, pro
:onfeaso, and adjudged accordingly. Witness
Lawson Henderson, clerk of aaid court, at Lin
Pol'ton. the 4th -Monday of September, A. D.
1328. and in the 53d year of the Independence
of the Vunited Statea. . 3mt57
' ' v SflERIFFS -DEEDS, ,
FO fi land oid by order of wflti. of venditioni for sale at thh office.
Vnze loe,
' w.iYxn.wonouuir, x c.
hostler will be provided. J.NO. It. l!l.F.t).v)h.
irtruurt nr. ?jj. , jwv
t 11 "
j AlWtTl--l)VtfcUCe$.i -
' ' .tt,. . . , .. it
"tTa? VlHi i tmi
srtfl herratter h conuuciea
Are no receiving, anil will continue to keep
oil Inn I, an eteniv? attni-Lncnl yf
fiwy Groceries,
which they offer li for cath. Ao, t Urge
nortmrnt of .
. . t--I ti .-j. .
j no-i ann isworn unnnu.
; AH thnne in-lrb(eil to the ih.-r.Si-r. M
I Dlee call ami cttle their acconiit. 5'
it , .?,r
January Vith,
to nn: I'niiuc.
rovN k r.r.VF.s
HAVE Jiut rrceived, from New. York and
niiladeloWa. at their Rtore at md
Cruve, Hoai eounty, twelve "mile wcitof fell,
u'j-iry, a general kortment of freah
Dru foodi, Cutler,
ITur1-irir fi rnrrrir.. tl?C.
i ' i
' I.1U1.L.L. .1.-., .1 I , . ..11 ,,n,.rfitl'
r-T-iiii.'i mi t me ut't' u ij m t '"iiim
credit o h'ouiua emrnmen. A hev m re-.
plrrnh fbir tfort ar i'.inrtTtrierraJa, fr .
wihem mark!, ami ket the newest aiiJ'j
iV approved kind of t;oo,k thry ffel a run-,
eoce in invitinjf tlielr ftrnd ami th.- p ublir J
, c,ii r ,..,.,- tmi j,jee fp ttiemar'trrl
'CnWA'f &"ttrtt'f
1U1 0 me, Sty.
Factorage nwl Cmmntet'wtl fiusirtrss
Tfi coti'lud br1rtbrl iu Charlestcm,
ft. C. Kdmonjton'a wharf i wh.-ris hia aern.
. .ll . I t t ... .' I ... a L. t ... -1 . . I
those who commit bu'ne5 to In care, ror'r.ei
of hi cuv.'-m-r. hr l as ma Ie ar-,
""anient with the r.,tfwi..e; fentlemn to
frward C-Uon or (roods, to or from
' blS without delay, ami with the If t ;
l'"'ble rx)enae , nnrnely: Jo. If. lownes at;
Clierawr ( (.liaa J. shannon, ( am Jem and . I.
ntinio, ofColum'ji. i
ChvlfVm, Ut, Oct. 1R2H.
Dririnst to Faycilccillr,
Ltr 6ud tt''JtA..t!ielf !vartwerp,- to wj-t
...the .ra?n i'tsnt, where, every fotl-
vmi.e is providel forMan an"') 1lore, to malre
Mu-m comfortable, at the m-xlerate clure of 2i
cent a day and night, for the privilege of the
Yard," The osp of a- f-wwl boos, fire, water, and
shelter. Attached 10 the Ya-d, are a Grocery
and Provision Store, Brwid Shop ami Confcc-
I tionan-, and a House fir Roardersand l-oter,
in a pluin, cheap, Whokoine and comlort.
able atyfe." ----
FajeUnille. lrt .ltnl, 1823.
rJSOR- alcr wAaiaae amlxttttik !.l'?..',.tT.".',
Nu nher 6 to 15, inclusive, a the Factbrv
prices, from Favctteville. Apply to
J. MUUl'IIY. .f yen.
V,inA,rV, V.iy5, 1828. (U
T!F. oTic rs of the 63d Kct. N. C. Militia,
will appear at the court. houae in Sali'.
bury, 13 o'clock, A. M. on Friday, the 27th inst.
armed and equipt as the law directc. for Drill.
Bv order of Edw. Yarbrj', Col. Comilt.
Fth. rut, 1S29. 3t55
SaHsbiirij Lisht Infantry Hlurs.
YOU are required to appear in full uniform,
at the Court-House ,n Salisbury, on Satur
day, the 2Sih day of February next, the
lust Saturday in the month. As Capt. I.emly in
tends resif;ninjj, hainjfbecn appointed Adju
tant of the rcjrimeat, you will be required to
elect, on that day, some suitable gentleman as
your Commander; it is particularly desirable,
therefore, that every member of the company
ahould hc punctual in hisattendanee.
Bv order. JOHN IT. H ARniH, Wy.
.Itnuam 19M. 1828. 6t55
UriON..,Ail peraous are cautiunec
irainst trading for a certain note of hand.
given by me to John Roach, for 100 dollar, and
dated 8th January. 1829 ; as it waa obtained by
fraud, and I am determined not t9 "pay tt, unr
less I am compelled by law.
txTittoimFrh tfth, 1&29. -
. .- 3tS6.
iAT wTt Peter Sewton. aiid F.dwiird JIfni
fir-tith. have entered into conartnerahin in
ft!! mf-1i'iiti.jl hiisinj... nt .-
Liincninion, uec. I JMi, io'o. io
fjlf AS lost, on Tuesday, the 10th February,
-W a small red moroccopocke.t book, contain
inff a small amottnt of money-, and soma paper
01 value; it was lott .eilher in Salisbury, or be.
tween there and Haden's place, on the Randolph
roaU, J miles east ot the llndire." A reasonabl,j
reward will be given for its deli very,1 to the Wes
tern Carolinian printing office in Salisbury. 153
Feb. 12th, 189 SPKNCER CLARK.
JLiiirojNlan tti Wire,
TTpY the day, or week. He is able bodied;
JaJaS and erpert at common work.
Inquire at
this office.
None are moreinclined to become the
enemies of vice than those who ha ye
been its stives, and are so hippy as to
have broken from their, bondatre.
-Dependence is a poor trade.
UVMNs-Br KiMor liaatft.
ny eool Hiloam'i nhady rill,
llnw iweet tlte My gvn
How eel tin breath beneath the h'.II
Of Sharon' clew rote.
, inch the chill whoie early feet
The atbi of peace have trot! j
U how arcret heart, with Influence twtef,
-l4prdlilfllf n to Cod. , '
By cool s;iom'i ah!y rill- .
The My mutt dtjcay
Tho ros that b'oomt beneath the till
JUait ihortlv We wy.
.11 fm toff ponyihe wintry hour--. - ' -.
Of mtn'i matorer ae,-- ' . '"
lyniaLfli JJie'ol whh'iorroVi power,-
- ,- :..i i
...tiillM J!l trtj TTtVTt ,nf t-x
rJTTioiY hoe InfantAtt trr (
" WltllrtThTfitherVitirmef-
Mii yean. ab cruise lew virtue crown J,
Were aU alike divine t
Dv-pendnt on thy bounteout breath.
We ftk thy Rraoe alone,
In childhood, manhwtd, age, and death,
To keep Ui aiiU thy own ,
S.WDI.KI) .1X1) U ft IDLED.,
Ut Ccsiik.
Stddled m1 bnjlf J,
And b't. d waa he, .
A at hi helmet,
A Swo'd f bit knee :
Toom hame came the diiei
At evening to me,
A k hame came, the ateed.
But bame never came he
Down came bia grey fither,
9obbinf fu I4iri
Down came hia auld mithor
Tearing her hair
Xown came 5Ii iweef wile
-WIm lowoV bairita three,
Anr at her bowim,
"Ami twa I 'it her VheC." "
There ttood hit fleet ateed,
All foaming and hot
TLer fshrick'd hit aweet wife,
..... xndanktmihrpo -
"There atood hii jrrey father
Weepinf fu free,
; Vor bame came hia ateed,
.. But hame never came be!
. -p
The following linen originally appealed in
... . . . ., .
re Iai l" "ave oeenatmioa Deaut.iui younjr
La ly on heanng ber expresa a wiah to acend
a i,, .
Torbe-ar, iweet firl; your scheme forejo,
And thus our anxious troubles endi
That you can mount, full well we know,
Hut greatly fear you'll not dttttnd.
When injre?3 ee a mortal t$e;
80 bautitu!, divine and tur
Thtylf hot disinha; Voti from the skies,
Uut kep their slater angel there.
Edinburgh, in iHi8.....P puhuaii
(including Lei'h) 170,000, a royal
palace," college,- 31 professors, ri
ding school, a. military academy, 700
teachers of all branches of education,
a r.jyal, exchange, 70 churches, 2 the
atres, 13 courts of justice, 'WQ 1 advo
apothecaries, 7 libraries 11 ncwapa
pcrs, 12 uis.'iranc.ecqmpanies and a-
j r;ncies (34 of these are English,) 1 1
public hospitals, 60 charitable institu
tions, 3J literary societies, 80"r'iyal
mail and stage coaches, 89 hackney
coaches, 400 carriages, 80 public offi
ces, 850 streets, sqoares, lanes, f-c.
and 5 bridges. Scotsman.
- -..CiT?iW.Thc city of Thorn in
Prussia, has ecTdewdlipdh''fcrec'tirig'''a
oxni)ment in ..honor of Copernicus,
who was born there. The "monument
is to be a globe of bronze surmounted
by a bust of that great man in massive
In tiie north of Sweden they use tea,
but not in our social manner, sitting
round the table, chatting or relating
"an agreeable piece of acand . Their
they place it on the side board, and in
tbe interval of a pipe, the geiulemen
help themselves, sip tcaf and walk up
and down the room.
February is called Trumpery month
in Nantucket,' because pdsiness is dull,
and people at that time can attend to
the affairs- ef their ticighbors, without
especial detriment to their own.
the reward for every red ear of corn,
of .course there is .always i a scrarnbic
for these passports to favour. The
good naturcd' girl generally helps the
rustic beau whVis neafest to her.
An unnatural act, A young gen
tleman ( disciple of Dr. Spurzheim,)
was lately tried in London for having
entered the tomb of his dead mother,
aJiejeJietjrMJicLbj n carried j
it away in a bag for the purpose of
examining n craoiologtcally.
Every one believea in.univcrsal sal
vation, as applied to themselves. '
Trust not a, man in the night, wholft
eye roves from yours in the lighv
Teach Trccs.k correiponJertof
the Halcm WtcVly Cleaner, remirki,
that it it not perrupi generally known
that the dying off of the peach trcn
caused by the larvae of a am all iplivit
or night butterfly, which lays its egj
on tnt item of trie ,tree, tear tne iur
facc.of the ground ; here it is hatched
into a grub, which immediately bur
rowaintothcbark, and frrm jat
eagea between it and the wood,- aoc
where there are many, (ia? five or
six) will eventually. destroy the tree by
the loss of apr and by cutting off , the
communication between the. roots and
tr unit i tr.Th - moth - be gins Ita.. v jo 1
auu cistittituv tm , , m.
i herr-are-1 wo gencratioaoi the io
live as larvx till spring, udder the
bark of the root, when it forsakes the
tree and forms a cone of earth ,round
itself, is changed into a chrysalis, and
soon after into a butterfly, in form and
s'i2e very much resembling a hornet,
with transparent wings j the male with
white rings round the abdomen, the
female with beautiful orange colored
rings, the rest of a dark glossy blue.
They are seldom seen, as they only fly
during the night.
These insects have destroyed most
of the peach orchards in Pennsylvania,
and are already beginning their rava
ges in same parts of this State. They
were originally found on the wild
rpTurnTTjut aslhese h a Vff br crrencri 1-
tf destroyed'- -by -farmers,- -tv havc
easilv he discovered by the great quah.
tity of gum which flows from their
pass4ge.r when they have attacked a
ireer - When at their full size, they 4
are about half an inch I ng, pf a dirty
white soft body, with a small brown
head. Where they have fc-fcome-na.
meVous, it is hardly possible to pre
serve, any peach trees: some recom
mend quick lime, ashes, c, but it is
generally of no effect, as the worm is
always under the bark, nd the open
ing stepped up above wit gum ana
excrements. observer.
The above com"mun.ition .vould
have been more acceptable, if it had
been accompanied with acme specific
remedy, again V the destr lying effects
of the insert," .Whether Tt Is owing to
me cause uuscr
.4. It A .....J'
rlf.tsonal r. s-
aM, there irtertamly a great mortal -
ity among the trees of that dchaous
fruit, the Pearh. We recollect to have
read, some time ago, the. application of
boilinc water to the roots of fruit trees,
which was said to -have, a. wondcrful
rffect in reviving them to new life ; and
this," no doubt, raay.have a. .tendency
insects mentioned by
our coTrT3Jt?ndel--JMjC
lu n . a. r,:..A ha.
1 . : . :
menu .nra -o us ., ,,.,juvs:mC..s ...
kitchen ecooomy which . we think de-
serving 01 notice, it may De caueu
r . t . I, .1
an iron back log, and is cast hollow to
A 11 1 t.. -J
contain waicr. . nuu u.ui icaci,
is attached to an iron cylinder winch is
placed at the bottom 0! a wood fire, I have ui-i ne .ore tne reaaer, fiunnp
and connected with a ca,k or tub of the last six months, repeated .rcoon.s ot
1 tba commencement and progress of tbe
water near the .lie plac.
convenient part ot the room. lf ,hcij0rd't people are blessed in Kuthcr
familv .may. thus have a constant sup- j j- r?r it,- foilowinir extract of a let
ply of hot water, without incumbering j ter from t he Hev. II. K'err, under date of
the fire-place, and with much less than January 5, 182'. vc learn with pleasure
the ordinary consumption ul tuel for
that purpose. Zw? klaud Slar.
Trial by Jury. The following an
ecdote is related by an eminent bar
rister: .-The. .wife, of an .inhabitant of
a small town in the west of England
haying died suddenly, and jLbeing.
krio w tf That th e -dece ased hart li vtd xia
no friendly terms with her husband,
from whom she had received beatings,
a re p6rt obtained currency that the
bad died from ill usage, and the hus
band taken up and put upon his man
for manslaughter. On the trial the
husbandr called se vera! fitnesses- to
prove that he had never beaten his
wife, excent unoft creat provocation.
anu tnat tne aeceaseq, trom ncr icia
per, required ; wholesome CMi&Xi ?n . ;
Tvyo" surgeons swdre that the death
was natural, and that it had not been
, , , . !
aUtt hastened by unkind tniatm
kvaf thai rv n",! imnrvotmri rJ T rl e i
and the general impression of the
court and jury, seemed to be, that the
man had been needlessly dragged be-
fore a tribunal of justice. When the
clefk of the court went to the foreman
and inquired if the jury were agreed
orrtbetr-vefdkvthe; foreman! replied 1
emphatically, Ycsr The clerk
then said " what is your verdict, ge.n
tleman f' To which the foreman,
with great emphasis, replied, Sxre'd
her right.1'
Ltbar is good, if not for food, cerV
tarnly for phytic. '
Itodirs for Dissect it" ;l. There art
few whu ore nilliiig to in n jeath t'irm.
lvei to the .inatcratit'i knilc, ' It it
U taij that Min -Owe nion, now Ldy
Morgan, has made such a deposition.
of her remains, 4
In that apartment appropriated in
Trinity College, Dublin, to the recep
tion of the splendid collection given to
that institution by Dr. Maca'noey, cf
that cTtVf irtcrels depoaiEcdTI Icroop"
containing the names of some fiuudrcd
gentlemen and scholars, who have
agreed to give their bodies, after death,
for public dissection One) "of the-rae.-djcal
gentlemen who cigned the agreed
bee'ni"accordingto his wish, aubjecicd.
i ' r r - i 1
deemed it useful to devote it.
Brtai in Turkey We extract 'he fo!
lowing aerountol the nvde " oRuspcctinfj
bread in Turkey, from. the jouna ol Mr
Crewer, an American Missionary in tq
country 1 Some diahoDest practices h.c
long hen pur.iihcd with jr,ret severity
bj the Turks ; such, for example, as tbe
rnajdng of bread lighter than the law or
daint. It may be remarked) by the way,
that in,Turke7 and Qresce'. iread is sel
dom made by private families, even m
their villages. 1 w a one day in Constan
tinople, witness of the manner in which
tho. frequent examination of this uriiclo
takes place.
While pasting the door of a baker, I -a-Turkon horseback, richly
dressed, and followed by a tooi'JcratIe
Beside r t Jw?cr pci-be erj Iw wait
wi'h his hand on the horse behind the sad
dle, the pipe bearer, fie. there wu one
who carried a pair of nildcd baUncrs.. In
to thewe, without a wyij being uttered,
(he trembling baker pu' one of hia loaves.'
The opposite scale ttnk a little, and I-tUouUwiha-woi-
man turned pale j hii
tbe remaining loavea were of mre than
the reull:e weitir, aTid trie xorrfjarsy
passed on. When one of the inferioi oftV
eer finJs tbtf wei:t deficient, he would
probably, for the first offence, order 30 or
40 blows of the Uas'inidoj for a sro id,
he would nail the poor baker by the ear,
to the door of hh shop ; ami for toe r ;rd
leaves his headless tru.'k. lying before the
hjkerv Should the principal inspector bo
passing the rounds, he miht no', per
haps, think it became his dignity to go
through-these previous, abtps but. order
k 1 M (A
be beheaded at once. T.'je ore-
( "" ,v
1 $.fo' JempUtiob to tkhf. .hf
j it naUatelr been stated in ihe
rarely neenstaietitnirte pw
pers, that 20 or 33 bikers, probably on
one occasion, have been nun: up bv their
ears, in the msnner mentioned" above.
A hoatmn demanded a fc morejras
(tbe smallest Turkish roin,) than were
according to contract. Onr of ihr "m
pa'ny, who happened tr berqturnte-t with
the authorities, communicted the fact
oiicndcr was lying; oy tne siae or tm
That the present military system will
r-nlinn. rlviwit f a
don5t. lhm)thirc Gazette.
, r,it,.v.j -
tint rcliirum ii mil
prospering in tna:
"Tbe good work of the Lord," he rc'
marks, is still proi'resMng imonir my
ilear peopij. A fc .vecks afi0, I had a
fonr diys meeting at a little place, 16 or
rl 8 milea irwa mt whre I jiMacb. mflaitl'
Iv ; mostly, however, 00 week tuys.
-We had a-wery-4atr4tiag.-.-niee.ung f
ttvehre perjonn re 4il4 to ihe xbnrcht
and more than Iwc'iVy olhers "p'rcTe'.s:
-.A-: wealthy butcher courted a Mis--D-
, who rt fused him. Tae .TuVfgr,
on hearing this, said he was astonish
ed lit hcrantt)f ambHioaw.-.!! sV-
said her father. " Wh v, i,he xzter' .
after' n.'ticing the failure of a Mr. Nor
ton i fancy waistcaating manufacturer,
lull, ifttiiy naijuuuuu); iiiaiiumv 1
" It is more than probable that th:
American Tariff hasbeguo to distress"
the Yorkshire manufacturers."
It is stated in , the New York pap:
tHt two hundred and twenty cgi
pcrloliswerc" cooSnwrtdr"debt-ift-that-
city, -withou: any allowance for fuel,
clothing, or food." Nevertheless, pro
vision must be rnade for the 'Greeks.
How often is forgotten the precept ol
jiBS)iratioa cbnrttT bcg'ns at nn:

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