North Carolina Newspapers

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Why is the crrdit e.f Stephenson much
fetter linn that of Ms partner! 1 Do ?r
jive, it up! because they lute arM
and '-of.
L: The Paris ppn state that Jhe J'
brilliant discoveries ere making daily i"
lief cutanecm and Pompeii. A magnifi
tent msnrV.n is gradually cmf Kinj from
tnetotraftVenashe-! Uwiiorii
fed lh beautiful pifminjM, and the gr
dm unrounded with colonedet. Some
t4tA.Binjunfcjjr9 "Id to be superior to
- : tnt tr.i r,rMofor discovered-! Bnt
lient'ajrt. '" , '- --?
paper atstes that a mn ii exhibiting at
Uichmond Arms, Basing, 100 lire rati
. in a cRt end he intends exhibiting him
tell among 200-of the itme
lowing them 10 crawl over him; after
which hit dog Hover, cousin of the cele
brated Billy, is matched lo kill too rati
in a minute.
There is now living in Providence a
man, aged about 38 yein, who was never
out of the State of Kbode liland, never
kick, or took medicinej never lued, or
was sued, ha been up before tunrise ev
. cry day in the latt 40 years,, and has not
.aped any kind of inebtiatirtfj liquor for
tO years.
In a cue lately tried In Dublin, a gen
tleman, called as a witness, was asked
whether his brother, trie plaintiff, lived
haDnilv with his wife f He rcidisd that
Ufcey lived at agreMy, as any couple o
mrrui people could. , "
The editor ol the Portsmouth Journal
tfetetlhirimtnwrio a few years ago
was blend with about 820.00O lottery
money, -applied o bim on the )OrJ) int.
for 1 2 I 3 Vents to pay for a flight's Jodg
.ingsl .The Kennebec Journal, Augusta,
(Maine) states that-fortuiuta-iot-Jhc
tvoi Id. the proper use of K. C Rum has
teen discovered at last, and that is to kill
.lice upon calves backs !!
Thr Dumfries (Scotbnd) paper aster's
that a Dutch COr dog, hrlonjinjj to a Mr.
Mt, - h?s been taught to ar-itulate
!he word " IVittiam." very dis inctlv. He
il not the only do who can call names.
X Y. Enfivirer.
.: Tbft Hon. F.xro C Gross, a mL-mber of
the vitw.Yorlc Assrrnbly, from the court -1 the eye, wahavp been acctts -
tf'olEjite t ctr (J W rtrtrrsdaT "wrek MTom? rovr the win J wimhi(iif itba duuolc
hid bctO ill bUiIe w davj. He wsf in, tna wfHpinr appears strange, and perhaps
Conefcss i few Trf sifke.
and wa in all respects an estimate mt.
meMtoCJaKntjol lfc.mVilllnr'Vrn'hrr-K wrote c.tA,istert'ie worU arc Ibus dlstingtiishcil, 4wder
WiOVW;'WHVftXMWi4' ltll;n:mim - k w
Alatijderadei Tho"New "York .-EA,
ttuuJouutdjfJjheJrth jnst. sajrs A
person at one ol the rrmquerades Uat
-evening, infbrraj uijhst it was very thin
lj qendedf.amb that lhere rere Jro7fe
males present sate these of a "doubtful
tharicttrrAt-ijK)llt-H : aclockrsome
persons came in bearing what was inten
ded 10 represent the dead body of Mr.
Morgan : or as some said, to rt present the
death of the masquerades."
Tlif Darbary is said tha' a
gran' project is in rontcmploion between
.ibOTeinmentjpfrrajice and that of
Eucland, to do'away with the BmalIFbwr
crs on the Barbary Coast, now become a
complete nuisance. The plan is lo colo
nize the CoaM of Barbary-wirfl Frerrdrl
and English subjects, for which they are
to obtain the sanction of the Sultan, in
special negotiation, and a person of here
tofore great renown is to be employed in
the business at the Court of Constantino
pie. JV. For Courier.
John II. Henshaw, a clerk in thr 4th
Auciioi's ofjjr at Washinpton, cut his
thron litely, and thus ended hit days
He was a gentleman of fine li'erarr tastr,
ondlignified mannnrs. Supposed to hve
gone crazy. "VarlcnjiTOradTTTrre vfldaron
throat thrbugli' rerorIngfeTinoe"fi
from ofiice; others, that it was in con&e
epenew nT havlnff'bea.n t.nnrr merf irj rj
Sain-ZrauA-on the treasury some sav
85.000 are missinp. One thing is ccr
tain : Mr. Hetisttaw left a memoranJum,
by himself and otbers on the tresury.
A law has been made in Canton fin Cbl
jna) condemning jthoscs wha open sh ps
to sell opium, to death by Vfrantlintr
""''""edwo -mowlw'wK
about their necks, "after which they are
to be sent to the territories, and given to
: - lhe-;oldier aa, ai;;:""' -".v--r-r
..ChUi -A letter receive in Baltimore
frrim Vlpariis'o, datetl.l2th Dec. says;
, tffGfih. Santa Croat sails tomortow in thq
brig of war Achilles, to take the place ot
The war is still carried on between i'eru
and Colombia, but there appears to be
some prospects of a reconciliation."
An Jlonett arW. Among the 'insol
vent"; debtors discharged bf t-e Court in
London, on the third ult. wasilis Highneas
, Geatano Sturubba, Prince of Giardinili,
the eldest son of the present Prince ot
Sitil Prince.
- and axbrhs'tcrmake tfie7Mp::p.ti''
debts ccording to CBstom ; AoaA. ' t -
The lilt number of the North American Re
view eontalnaa critieu t,n Noah Webster's new
Dictionary j end as mot of our readers doubu
let have o eaxict to know aimetliinf of the
merits of tJiUln.ponant urk, we oiake the fol
io inj estract from the kevie w i ,
" Hne wbjert i sua rlyj Viirte of KngUl ia
abundantly mauifcat they aimed at hit 1", at
Iraef,- letters anMugh 4 heir-s?ellSf l
Ihroiifrh f ar, at it al.ould a-. f omituiig a'ime
wukkDili;bt,fcsve fim ,0 b ued' ,hey u"
foisted itiirt their words ntere Wpefmimi'rarita.
rhos, after the language, as 10 words and con-
atructioo. became h a gMH ?eMur-11 fi"d' '
mnA irtiiallv borne
down under tha VdgU OfiUTrrhrf'y-lt
may be uie fu! to ImM'iee Ur a ipeomMis, S
few woKla Trow Sir )VafVf ftaleifh.
d. mmmW, ', WWfHitoriasr,
kiJr$, ktwntut, evillt, taiit, nmnrall, drum,
kc. ThU ia tl spelling of one of the moit eor.
rect as well as not elef aot writers of the reign
of James the Fint. .
The escrtaeence. bich o enctim'ier thew
worda, were tjradually lopprd o(T o that in the
hiitory of CUremlon, the improvements in 'el
ling atrike us as fc-reat. Tlia authn- wrote
moti of hia wora aa they are aiill written i but
fuifl hern,iiL;L luitdnin, Mont, alarum.
. i ihirli'.rfiliuifijliv. in the late etlition of
hia worka, hat bn altered. He wrote rw
without m, and irepier, thwiRh f'"d '""
lie reduced pubukt in pttbhtk, t. Prvden
Wk irreriilar in hit wthagraptiy i but he threw
off ome of the lumber hia preJcera-ors,
which, in a few iniance, has been Jaid upon
him arin by 1ia editor, Malotiif. Bit' there is
no Kivantae in dcllinjr longe r on the hialory
of thpw chanjjea. Aa to the ariaiiona in or
tliogr!iv proped and adopted by Dr. Web
ater. we aliall av but little. We aee no powi
We ose in retaining lue u in tbe few wordt which
are still titenwvely written with the termina
tion r, a hur.fiivour, ItC.
Aa'io'jitJni,jf the letter at tba end of many
words where it it atill ofwsn placed i we see oo
'objecuV. to Dr. WfOater1! ele, to retain the
In such wonls nlv a have sometimes a syllable
added, beginning ith t or f. The reavin here
i i'linj the prraerves 'he pronunciation.
Dut why alinuUany one write fvltrt whea no
on? writea puolick.ttitn? To take another ei
mala of a ainirU word ; we know of no rood
reaaon Lr wn'm ttnnrxion ith an x i ai it i
aa aaoinalK which h'ai been excluded (mtlyrrA
tirtM of the hif heat authority. nuj uiromi
and Tox, in his hfe of Jamea the Second, write
line ord analojicaliy, canneefcan.
In aoTt other cii'a of propoted emrndition.
we ure more doubtful. Dr. Webrter, follomf;
j Milt m, prefers highih and the trna!iors of
Niebuhr hiatnry ol Rome, which i was pubUshed
in lmdon dunng the laat year, hkve the aame
tpeHi", nf this word. The aame triniltton
wri'e iwron and tvronfy; and Dr. Webter
proposr tttvrvn, ami tuvranif i though he cie
likewiae ttie com-non orthography of theae
worm. 'TIC Jfrftr ODjeciwiw -vt ciiangtrn in
a.. in UnJ., or an r m ets.T, ano m impor.
hfifH: afm intwi
n;.u. ;n..:n. f 1,1. Ar.rA
tlo- a. IWr'sXe-ttaetKewto hvaimdat
increased fulncas iniereribtng te object or ac-1
tion in view; Thim under the word J.iAoA,
,..r.-.;n. .. k. ..i,t. . .,.,.m..n,
the iv,t1n; which biahorm-are erected enoiJj!!V!!f btain loans of money
iii:iA" .m;.
country Under the ordr(, he enumerates
the primitive esrthi"re to-
batea at hv mmU-rn chemintn-. .nt
k. k!. c a:
in; 11 teniae urstriicr nic "run, huuic. u ainc- .
ter, an.l revolution of our globe. I'nnVr the
word AVfciJi-. be states in what cases a port'
m,v i r,,n;.i.r,t ,.r hinrViM. i.. ik;. !
respect, the work before us presents not mere-
lv the sipnification of words in their ooeular iou -
port, but, to a certain estrnt, a ac'iensific euu-' coprec,ed numerous errors into which Dr. John
wemiOTfrpriira arKl wki fallen, through inadvrrtener, or a want
thing dewribed.-As esamplea of Ur- Webster's !
I mode oT defining, compared in this refpe ct with ' r'," " J" '"f " mimorr, wmcu n
In. t .1 ,.. .u- r.ii-.. ! had marked aa belnnpintr to this class.
rr-T-J.J,n"rrtnfifw: Johnson-" Robbery of the pub-
a-',:: :c " j ; irri.:.:; rr-i'wi then or nubirc moneyr-webster'he
otrtieol inairument employed in viewing distant ! "'"V" "-UU1S lB F"n v
oljecta, as .he heavenly bodiea. It theiV",0"6 '
eye ehiefly j two trayar first, by enlarging th. ZT ' V fX mm:
1. ....- . .V-.--. V..". .
seen, and thus matrnifvintr that obiert, .ml.
:.n.. u -ii ' j" .
a larger beam of light tlutu would enter th
naked organ, and thua rendering objects dis
tinct and visible, which would otherwise be in
distinct and invisible. Its essential parts are the
tbject-rlnit, which collects the beam of lirht
and forms an image of the object j and the eye-
i-Ha.a, mASrVlnai Iva. ktk. ak ' . '
bs-i. is .agnified
m&XMMms-.. a ,
me&mme-mmmhLXatni.U I.
uv a BirviiiKviui. u. we prujJcriics Ol me O.l-
j... t,t.-h thf tfrtrii designate, and the les',
important, by referring the several- objecta to ,
lu ijutr caiiii. in ,ncmi3iry, )Uinevatogvt
and Qeohrv, Dr. Webster has added a ereit
number of worda to nTscohufarjrahd'nas cb'rSI
formed his definitions to the existing state of
knowledge, on these subjects. In these and
other departments of science, the definitions he
informs ns, have been submitted to professional
gentlemen, .whose character is a pledge for the
correctness of the statements made We would
every inaxance proportioned 10 wnat appears
st..t V.i.t; i .. ::.
4 1,.!- t.o . .v..sevajfte 4DdjrranJ J
work, and their definitions are in i!
with a fulness, which will preclude the neces
sity of a reference to otht t works for the true
meaning of such words. Where this exact in.
formation in the different branches of knowl
edge can be given, within the space allowable in
ar4etwyt.ia.desirjbj5and jdds to the
value of the work, '7."! " ;
Dr. Webster, in the third place has aimed at
a more nice and accurate diicrinunatien as to
the signification of the terms defined. The lea
ding and important words are not defined by
ynnymf, which serve only to confuse the
mind, but by a brief enumeration of the pro
perties which belong jto the object in question.
Thus, f-V ; '
Frwraiila U defined bv Johnson to be eouiva.
1..., i . k.:i.i , . , .
r9oi .lLfil?? jo'jnc unnccessarHf j
sni i'M U tari te a profitable frV- . hoVEtiXOh 70. far. ,
p j that um in which ntli'inr la wa.te.l It Ff0(n tje f(J0W;- JcKunen!, i le stcn
,..4t VY"tUZT jZ Can. Samuel llouaton, has mign. l the of.
an eicris of fiiieaiity, ami a iini. rrvgauifit -
always a virtue" Nor ! it tynonymous witlfkeof Governor of Tenneaee and that eofise-
thrift in its proper senMi ir tuntt is tna tjtci
J Irna kill.
Mmittttin U defined by Johnton to ba won
A,r. tha act of a.lmlrinr or wonderin(r., By
Wtbater, to be wendcr mmtea win, jncMint;;
amotions, u ipprohatinn, eatrem, hive, or ven- i hints In the Govert.or's eommuoication, which
r ration a compound emotion elcittd by M!11 I'err' lo'cnwclopei tie whi.le trsriiictloa ininys
tbinr r-vel, rare. RTCiJ. of 'tTi3mm u U
10 persona ana iocir"'.
I alight tlrgrta of sorpriae. Tbui we Tiew the
Ur ayttem with cMnrtwu -..-.T-r
. MtgnaninUtf U drfined by Jnhnson to be
trannirnrriwHinjees, which aiaj the pof-
aeaaor kitovt rrrcni",
a'ts or benevolence, yntcu ioa wm ;
injurtice and meanne, and prom..t h' to,
- i. A.. jt, t K. ..tub.
KJOMUHUKm 19 W lass j w w .v j - . . r . . a a
bownras.contunMCT. peHinacity.iM'rsiatencyiof forms, existed between the people ol
By U'ebtter, to be a flt'dneaa in otnnioa or reso
- . .
lution, that aUtvn at all, or not witn.
out f rrat difficulty firn and usually onreaaon.
tle anhrrenee to an op m ton, pumow, "
tern i a njedneas that wiln. not jfidd to persua
sion, argument, or other m tans. Ohtttnac may
not alwayi convey the Idea ol unrraaotuble or
tmjiutifiable firmnet as weti we say, soldiers
fijfht ailh tbitinoey. Dut ften. and" aerhaps
uwally, the word denotes a fxednesi of resolu
tion, which ia not to be vindicated under the
.! i(jvurnmenl js defined by Jonon to be an
alignment of a day, or putting oft" till another
dav i dcla. nrocraatination, disniaaion to a fu
ture time. By Webster, to be 4 the putting off
to another day or time apecine or without U
lay ( that ia, tba cloainfr of a aeieion of a pubHc
or official body.' And likewiae, M the tima or
interral during which a public b3y defers bu
fine n i aa, during aa ailjturnmmt. But a sua.
pension of busineaa between the forming of a
hmtte and an adjournment, for refreshment, is
Called a rrretf. -In Great Britain, the clme pf
K$im of fiarliameiit is called a rrao ; as
lite cJuae of a parliament ia a diHlutin. But In
(reat Britain, as well aa in the Un'ued Etalel,
a!jiurnmmt is note uaed fur an intermiision of
buainen, for any indefinite time, t as an ailjtum-
aieirt-of pariUoieat tor six weekil
tramrn tt defned by Joltnaoa to be. In gen
eral, qaKkneia of intellect.' Dy Webster,- to
be ' a quickness of ptrcrptiwnt the facility of nice
- tceuirt ia defined by Johdaon, 4 to pin by
tnt't rmn labor or power 1 to obtain what is not
received from nature, or tranamitted by inheri
tance.' By Wesater, to gain by any meant,
anmething which ia io a degree permanent, or
w'jich becomra vetted or inherent in the po-
aor; as t acquire a title, eatste, learning, hab
ita, skill, dominion, kc. Plants erovirt a green
color frim the solar rava A mere temporary
1 precision jt not eipreised by acywrf, but by
I gain, aifoit, p rtevre , as to (' (not aitmrt)
a book on loan.' ""T """ " ' "
Obtain it tkfined bv Johnson. . to rain to C-
aa:f;mTSrft.rZlu"TeTreYwia defined .by
him, 1 to take or obtain any thinr." By Web-
the word ilna, Ttiu wor3 utumiir tmriea
raW, . wbicksMvr jnajr not imply exer
tion k M'en from orowra, as genus from
'fiaaraem being frofierlyAppLediinly to
1 TTL P" jMwvcaseuj oui sow, is ap
! Phed both to hjnrs of temporary and of per
1 we LutuL. aosWers 70- tetters
l!9?"9 vmX Tm distilmtHHs n4
! ' ften Without trtlmg. VTe atffWrt
rr aftrm'n a svmkI title to lamia bv deed, or bv i
, , f 1 .
Julgrnent of court , but we do not aromm rpmt
ov. distillation, nor do we acquire an answer to
letter or an application.'
f61"" discriminating tne s.gnihcation ot
v esactness. Dr. Webster has
rccur(fe mrorniation;-The-foHowing-inay
crime of defrauding the public by appropria-
or. goods en-
management or ui
A k'. -phencally convex
ooid aiaea.-
Lenaes are not Onlv convex.
but concave, planoconvex, ks. The proper cor
rection ia made by Webster. ,
Xemma. Johnson 'A proposition assumed.'
Webster A proposition demonstrated for the
purpose of being uaed in the. demonstration of
some other proposition.' '
. . . , - ,
. . Fw ; Johnson-' The place
Ceral. Johnson A plant of a atony nature.'
fc-----a- ... A. . t - , .
W P woere rays men
Flame, Johnson 'Light emitted from fire.'
defined LwtbtSr
ia more than light f it is 'burning vapor,' as
row as the reward or
wages of labor, or any performance,' But a
matt may jearn money who never gain itTo
earn, ia 'to merit by semcel CMrd?nfto'
Webster, t '
In the definitiom of legal term -epeeially,
Dr. Johnton has fallen into many errors, which
D.JJebster't professional knowledge .hiss ena
bitd lim tJ correct. Thus larceny is defined
o. Johnson to be 'a oettv theft.' It iaahnwn
W Intl distinguished by him into
grand larceny, timple -and
Bli trlarv and houtit.hrfnicinrr are rnnfiuintvt
b) Dr. Johnson, Burglary is defined-by Dr.
Webster to be the crime of house-breaking,
when committed id the night.
Robbery. Johnson Theft perpetrated by
force or with privacy.' Robbery, says Dr. Web
aUtVnerRraiicji iUi!JenteIoni.
oos taking front the person or" presenceToFaiit
other, whereas theft Is a' felonious taking of
goods privately, &.C., These words should not
be confounded.' r
A tough MorieL A French writer,
speaking of the relative situation of En
gland and Ireland, says that the larger is-
been able to digest It t
fluently, Gen. tm. Hail, abater ot me senate
will be the actlnf Governor, till the eUction in
August There Is aomethlnj about this move
ment, that wa cannot undentand. Ther'are dark
j -
cause of the raaifnation:
, itih Jlprtt, IttJ.
office - of thUl raacUtfat Of; ihC
Stltf I inC'o P' 1n" f oor ,rtfrd, ,u
i 'nority ana responaiminy wni,, wi, utn
, eTent- devolVerCS yoo by the prOVlS
fc f Constitution. -
tli.Mvinthe political xonnexloo
hich has so lone, and in such e arle?
. aw
Tennessee and myself, no private affile
tion, however deep or incurable, can for
bid an expression of the grateful recol
lections ao eminently due to the kind
Dartialitles of an indulgent public
From my earliest youth, whatever of
talent was committed to my csre, has
been honestly cultivated and expended
for the common good; and at no period
of a life, which has certainly been marked
ay a . full portion of intereatlng events
have any views of private interest or prl
vate ambition been permitted to. mingle
in the higher duties of public trust. Io
reviewing the past, I can only regret that
my capacity for being uselul was to une
qual to the devotion of my heart j and it of the few remaining consolations
of my life, that even bad I been blessed
with ability equal to my xeal, my coun
try's genwrotis support Iri-every vicissl
lude of life, hat been mora than equal to
That veneration for public opinion, by
which I have measured every act of my
offidafHtfet a4aught4ne,tctiol4 po del:
egited power which would Jiot be daily
renewed by my constituents, could -the
choice be daily submitted to a sensible
expression of their will. And although
shielded by a perfect consciousness of
undiminished claim to the confidence and
support of my fellow citizens, yet deli
cately circumstanced as 1 am, and by my
own misfortunes, more than bv the fault
or contrivance of any one overwhelmed
by audden diamines, it is certainly due
to myself, and meffe respectful to the
world, that! tkhould retire from 'a posldnn,'
wbichjjn thc public.judRment, I might
seem to occupy bv Questionable authority-
It yields me no smalt Ahsre of comfort,
SO fr ai I m capable - takiug omfort
ray executive cnarge, i am piaanj; it tn
the hands of one whose integrity and
worth hsvo been long tried Lwho.tinder;
stands and will pursue the true interests
of the State ; and who, in the hour of sue
cess and hr the trials of adversity has been
the. consistent -and valued Xricnit; of-lhar,
great and good roan, now enjoy Infc the
triumph of his virtues in t he " conscious
security of a nation's gratitude
Gibt. Willi 4 m Hit, '
Speaker of the Senate, Tcnn.
DUEL between the Dure of Wellington and tie
JMT1 Ji msnrueu.
In consequence of letter writt
Lord Wincbelsea to Mr. Coleridge, Se
cretary to the Committee for establishing
"theTTing's- College hr -which- his-Lord4'
snip rececien strongly on mo conuuci m
the Duke of Wellington, the latter wrote
to Lord . Wjnthilsea-. requiring; him to
make reparation" for " having thus in
sulted a man who had never injured or
offended him " This being declined by
is Lordship, the Duke, after various let
ters between the parties, Lnaily called
Lord Winchilsea " to give him that satis
faction for bis conduct which a gentle
i. l. . j k;.l .
HV li is ill a if ijss vsfi i biuv twaww" -
n ..Too.. , o.Iw If!
parties accordinglf
oafioLIa nrt Sattirr'Ay morning at eiht
o'clock. The Duke was attended by Sir
lenry Ilardmge as his second." The
weather being finetheDuke and Sir Hen-
'r IfirdinBe t
,.i."ru.r..:.. n ntA. .u.
piavc wi iiminiK ica-uiius) in ids
victnitf of ciapham common), where,
soon after their arrivjl, they were joined
by Dr. Hume, the Duke of WrelHngton's
irrlvid fotliivilf It sirioSsodtbeew
able to find out the place,) the party rode
about the 6elds for some time, till the
rrival of Lord..Winchelsea., whoartiyed
from town in a coach and-four accompan
ied ry his second, Lord Falmouth. Preli
minaries being arranged between Lord
Falmouth and Sir Henry Hardinge, the
latter produced a pair of pistols, ard load
ed them in the presence of the parties
he then handed them toLofcr Wrntheise
who exsmmed them, and then returned
them. Sir Henry handed one to eath
of the combatants, and measured the
ground agreed on, , twelve paces. Lord
VVinchelsea re-measured the ground,' and
the Duke and Lord Winchclsea took their
stations, and Were, informed by Sir Hen
ry there was np'hing furjher to be done
till Jhe used the r $sprtffftm. Ftrcr.rt -"Th'.e
jtccr.(!s lien rtured. tnd ?ir II, Ila'ia.i
gave the word M l ire." The Duke of
Wellington immedwtely tiUchargcd his
pistol. The ball struck the l-ppcl cf
Lord Vi'incheUea'a cost on the led side.
Lord WinclitUta then fired his pi:ol in .
theairi the seconds rejoined their prin
cipals, and a memorsndum txpreskicr;
the regret of Lord Winxheises at havinc .
published an erroneous opinion ofthe No- -bte
Duke's motives io a certain transaction
Henry Hsrdinge, was accepted by birll. ,
as a reparation to the Duke ol elungton.
The Fu'ke" sfisTtcd-lprd-WaalKa-
good morninc and the compliment being.'
returned, the' parties' left the ground and ...
returned to town. About, fourteen otht
Uaa garjlcncrt and l-liouilng.intni. who
sr e r ucuj 4 he spot d uri i ! t h a " I r snt rctlcmj
advised lh tft teitlettrsy r
matter In dispute with their fistrf. '
ProiJent'Jatitim, and the erfir JMnlitertA
All the Foicign Minister! resident at
Washington City have been formally and
colleclively presented by the Secre ity of
State, to the President of the United
States. A leter from Washington, pub
lished In the New-York Evening Post,'
furnishes the following particulars of trro
interesting interview t '
"At they arrived, the Secretary tff
State announced them lothe President by
name (at tie Would have done any private
gentleman,) who received them in the
most courteoot and graceful mannet for
he ita gentleman of the old achool of
polished and dignified deportment. To
each" of tbem, as he look them 'by -the,
hand he had something civil and appro-. ,
priate 1 aty-; Aftac tueyjjai li.a?iera;
bled, he expressed to them, In a brief, "
neat, Impressive eddrets, the personal
gratification be experienced at thus meet-
ing them together, at it afTorded blm thr
oppoetunity to. reiterate to them, respec
tively, the tentlmentt expressed in that
nart of his Inaugural Address which re
lated to the foreign policy of the govern
ment, .lie added j i m qui-e sur; tne
true interests of this counlry'wHt be-besr
promoted by preserving jthe relations of
peace with all nations, as long as that can
be done with a'due regard to its own hon
or, and by commercial intercourse foun
ded on a just reciprocity.' He contin
ued : 4 1 have entered, gentlemen, upon
tl.o high trust commitved to me,-without
.prejudices against, or undue psr-
tialities towards, any foreign nation or
people; but with pcfaosal Teelinga ot
the most friendly chancier for alt.y Al "
thnuch ac'uatcd by a determined purpose"
to promote rtje
Cciuntry, 1 have no detre to-impair.. thaw,
tij Sta-s.inus.ti.ot oUicmand wiU.en .
fesnk friendly, nnd sincere negotlalfon. ';
Where differences "existror may Jerjaf
ter Jtie iCwjtl.bmfdesjre Jo settje
thetri on fair and honorabl t?rmv that -"
spirit ol frankness so congenial to my na
ttrre and the charactet cd"ahcAnietiC8.n
pwwIaUEwTOI! " -
and, as nearlr as I can recollect,' the" Ian
guae used on the occasion, at which I
was present. At the conclusion, he
bowed round :o them all, which 4hev rr
turned, and with the most grvified feel-
nigs tncy iook tneir leave, never cio a
f cremonial go off better or with more el-
fact. '
' Mud at a March Hare.. A correspondent
of the Charleston Cit v Gtzs"e h?s
gorre crazy at thesight of Clara- Fisher;
Lett Signum.
ma TaR cm nattTTX
' Mr." Editor.-m hvo bcheld-L hare
admiredI have idolizjd the Master
piece offiature! The perfection of art !
The glory of her sex I The wonder of
the World I Oh J.lrad J thought to com
prehend, or language to describe the ex
cellence of the fair enchantress ; the
transcendent talents of the lovely Clara !
iranscenoant taicnts oime toveiy viara .
u..a t .k- :i...,:...ri.-. -.K.ri,t
1AWU1J a mm?v ...... v ... w ... .
. i t
aaaaivs iiiv twwii aviiiiuif vt mvi v '
fruitless to essay,' her talents require not
n. Mnriia ini-y art- nrrim
or praise '' Omnitxtefiiione major," ba
the motto of her fame, and "now," &c. fcc-
ooiner me,ana now,
would be useless in this cse the man
is mad, aud in oifa-bit situation is hppe-
lets. ,. - v .v; Y. Cwtier.
ilpOaia'i .
unariestoo., wnicn we suppose to ue
in this country, tbough not Io Kngland.
Itjgoes Jo esublishphat S- fit M. Allen
may recover at la w 25(5(3, Tos? at a "a
ro Table, by Alex'r Main, from Henry L.
Watson, and Nicholas Spalding. Gam
blers, and actually passed into their po?
session by Main. The action was brought
on the affidavit of Main himself.
According to a statistical Cc6Qnl, f'r
the existing Jews their number through
out; the world is at least 2,700,000, be
longing to the different sects.
It is expected that Florida will be a"?
milled into the Union as a state, '"'"S
th?" rfftjeatATfr.tstrstiott-'- :
I '"jplj
, . - - .. ..,,w.r,,.1,.(i.;rM.ij;li

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