North Carolina Newspapers

u it ktitel U Pennsylvania pa
ier that Gov. huls hit appinted I If nrv
lUtdetocf Fittsbure, Attorney uener
io the ?oom of Mr. I.Hmaker.
Offden Hoffmen, Em. 1m been elected
phfrlcr Attorney for lb ciiranu.c" "j
of New York, la the room ol nugo "
wrH. resigned
. . i Tnnnamr states thit Lord Coch
Mn ii 16 restored lo his rank' a Cap
ihu h does not aralo enter reign
: ""ilcei end lr Is-adoed,'1 that. Sit Robert
Wilson i be stored to his rank
. ' 7A.. 7A. The riroorletore of i BI
rio Journal have offered I reward of 100
Wina t6 anv person who will maxe
"known a composition uied in Austria, or
in equivalent one, against cecsv eo ieeiu
Thia rnmnoaition when In phial resero
Ilea glass In fusion, but when poured Into
toe CBVliies oi my fcanvua iv"i ----
. I.I a W a aaalflill laal n . IIIIIIIFB
the hardness and permanency of gia
Professor Brugnstelll, of Parma, has
fMfdln to the Italian Journals, dlscov
ered an effectosl remedy agalnft hydro
phobia. It consists In the internal use
and external spplicstien of water diluted
with ftnired saline acid, wherewith
" ih wmnrfi hr the bite of mad anlma
ere to be washed.. Thia remedy ii laid
to be effieleor; even if applied severs
days after .he bite baa &ren Inflicted, and
a great number hate been cured by it
W " pi nA iha' Richmond
Compiler, that the Conttellation frigate is
fitting out at Norfolk, lor the purpose oi
eirrtlnc Mr. McLane to England and Mr
Rives to FraBce. It is expected j thaUbe
will tail about tha I at t Jl-
At a recent trial at York, England, Mr
Justice Baily look occaiion to remark
thatbretotc'rIime?.,V ,?."-!'.
tir.n rnnvictcd of heme tfnwi,-, wai
thereby rendered incapable of. being li
censed for a public bouse for three year.
A miTTiTTlTtnoutbr MasachuaeUa,
lately obtained five dollars damages from
Mother for slander, the defendant baring
acruied bim of forgery, and at the same
term of the court, the slanderer obtained
four hundred dollars of the slandered for
n assault.
The seat of government of Louisiana is
'.-to becefter aXJUoQatdaonviIIe. J he
bnblie -office are to be . rerooveOhis
- tnonthrand the.Leeislature Is to meet
thera for the nexfoesslont
: A eentleman who resides at Kingaclere,
' II ' -i-I r..l.nJ -..n1 U.A Sn til
Stock, a cow which produced twenty one
... cUcs three hundred bhds. of milk, and
four tons of butter( thi value of which
mieht be fairly estiraaud at 500-. When
"iUle'dribe'fat of-this .wonurJuljcow
UbLniorB.than the lean and ' bones
altogether.- 'r
to te' recovered turned our"tote-tmly
"three fafthinrttZ Otrtbli important ease
two sergeants and three barristers were
employed and after all the question was
left undecided, as a juror was withdrawn.
The use of Turkey Red In Calico prin-
ilng hs been successfully introduced to
use at Lowell, Mass. The French have
"ion" 1)(f an ad vantage over the- Logluh
'in the employment of this color.
A London paper mentions that a pro
r.uf nt thantnirv in Denmark. haa re
commended to his pupilfthC'Studyof
." the Wavtrly JS'oveh, as the surest way of
tuininz that knowledge of mankind
which Js so indispensable to ministers of
: the gftspel. , ; V - .
'r Walter Folger, of Nantucket, exten-
lively known as a man of deep research
in scleitcef has recently constructed a set
of tables for determining the place of the
JEfle comet kt any per lod Vttbhr the torn-
pass of a thousand years.
" -"r r The lattirom ar r - Yr e held bail
orTwuner6rrfeHosffof Commons
itjiridcd on the Roman. Catholic Bill, he
addresied the House, anTthurcoocludedr
Sir I propose that thia debate be now
concludedwitb tparliainentarT-toMtt
'which "ls;: May the -ewrer kingdoms be
now united,1 and "ever after live togeth
er like two hmihertit (Immense laugh-
ter and cheeii.j
bo-out ioatiOrt..- Jbejcj.reo of jhe shin
a At LQljn.t recently arnveu in uin-.ont uom
- ... ' ,' "".."W
-, At one of t h Assixe CoUrt8 in Bng
: iahdfihewappeared; o heflrstdsf 0
counsel This was large natch it
;"wisdom .7 . ; S: ':': I.,
4 1: Is belief eo -tbat the next legislature
of Massachusetts will - consist or fOO
members. . Of course t hey ha ve no hopea
of passina any laws. ' AVoA, ,
Countertit Twenty: Dfjllar Notes, ef
the Bank ef the United States, payable at
the Branches in Baltimore and Vyashing
i ton, are in circulation f they are well ex
ecuted, the engraving is goodj and the
paper is very good.' They are most eV
fective io the numbering and filling up.
, Bait. Oat.
Cornelius P. Van Ness, late governor
-of-Vermontia, . appointed mipister to
Spain v
f,e ajairat Port HUfion.-.V lately
published an account of some affrays at
Port MTon, between a number of the
crew of the U. S. ship Java, and several
French sailors, where a French lieutenant
and an American ailor were killed.
Cjpt. Downes, commsnder of the , Java,
hn written a statement of the matter, to
Mr.- Brownt our minister al Taria, fron
milch It' tent srs tht the atrereisloiT wn
on th part of the French, and lhai'llie"
Americans were not to flame.
Carif John Gantt,6fn4fitb,llegt7Ttnt
of" WffTfXftirttM fcr-
. ' aaa - - 4. . Iff 1 1
Martial held at etierson barracas. mia
ouri,rot"koowiogly signinf blse certi
ficate -in relation to hi payan.d TaUnd
gtliltf 'be CaaMeotenced hirn tobe
dismissed tbe"ervlce7tat recommettJe4
him st the srfme time, to mercy. The
President or the United States bas refus
ed to extend mercy to him. '
It is slated in some of the papers tbat
the Duke of. Wellington intends, in Ibe
course of the present Session of Palia
menMo bring forward what ia termed the
West India Question, with tie to the
ibolition of atl Slavery throughout Jhe
British Dominions I
Georeiaf-U is now said (hat Governor
Forsyth will run without opposition for
tbe-next Governor of Georgia. Mr. Gil
mer, it is saidi will be returned to the (7.
States' Seoste, to the place of Mr. Ber-
nan.' . " ' .
We have been informed from Wash
ington, tbat Mr. Adams justifies the tm
oudent frauds of tir. Vatkina, on the
ground of precedent and formee pracUej
What are ire coming to r JvoaArr
The old Leen coalition paper in
Massachusetts comes out, and advises a
uaiaioa wf iK turifl" and anti-iario
. . - . . - . . !
states, it is too late in ine oay. uncie
Sam and his wife bve trotted baod in
hand teiretber since 76! They will stick
together the rest of the journey, ibid.
Jhe ruling pa$etan. uenerai ua ray-
a r a m
ette-nas- requested. tbe selectmen ol
Charlestown, Massachusetts, to send him
bocshead of earth, from the battle
ground on uunaer inn, wnicn if w oeisocietf, presid Letters from the ab
placed over his body after brs decease,
and it is now ready to be shipped, accemv.
panted by a certificate of the three oldest
soldiers in that town. The earth to be
sent, is taken from the spot where the
brave ll'orrtn fell, end the earth which
drank his blood, will surround the body
of tbr Nation GoesU'l..,
Indian Kec We are informed by an
intelligent gentleman, thai in digging for
Gold recently, io the county' of Burke, a
crucible "a-foundJn aminet. '.some
distance bt low the surface, which bore
evident marks of ' having beeij much
used. ' ft is beffeved, hat thVA"borrgiftes
were aware of the existence of the gold
formations, and doubtless the crucible
bund, hid been putiarequisition by them
or -the purpose, of .Jutingjhe precious
fuetaLXhiOelief is strengthened by
theifact , : tli al Jfl;vthe fame jplcV-whencrt
the crucible. was taken, a lospstone slab
was found, -wun exesvauona oi various
sizes, wnicn naa prooioiy ocen uiea in
moulding ornaments, to decorate the
ears and noses of the Indians, from the
gold which had been previously melted
n the crucible. Hau iter.
Hard law
ZlTbeSupremcjCourt of the U. States,
have come, to the following decision, Jn
the law of ratente, in the case of reonock
Sc Setters va. Adam Dialogue i
I l is admitted that the subject is not
wholly - free fr ori" difTjCUltieti but upon
mature deliberation, we are all of opinion.
that the true construction of the act is,
that the first inventor cannot acquire a
good title to a patent, if be suffers the
thing invented to go into public use,
before he makes application for a patent.
Us. voluntary act. or acquiescence in the
public sale or use, ia an abandonment of
is right, of rather ' creaWi Vdisabllityrto:
comply with the terms and conditions on
wbicbal(5ti tbeecretarr of State is tu-
tborhedto eaaUim e paunUL!iiil
J bus it appears, that an inventor mo
sWef llrinTentiqtrter wrinto-uWic
use, cannot sustain bis claims 6 a pa
tent! or, f h obtaid onefronfjihe Sec
retary of State, that it may be subsequent
ly set aside by proof of the publicity qf
bis invention. - - '"Rich Cm. ,
p Sehovi Teachh-rtftVef deceive your
aincny ana iiierany te penorm."'5'-.
Never threaten what you do not mean.
or what it would be improper to execute.
Never tell your scholars you will cut
off. .their, ears -or do any thing' else that
you do not Intend w do;yrVvv"rv
Never shut up a child in a dark closet,
or say any thing that will make hira a
fraid of darkness - ? :,:,v-''V-;;
; Never allude to' mysterious evils, or
threaten punishments from causes tbat
children cannot comprehend. i' 7 '-'.
Never speak to them about the Old Man
or the Old Woman or the Old Harry.
The above maxims are worthy the con
sideration of every well disposed- person
who baa intercourse with children, and
the utility of abiding by them must be
'Obvious to those who possess any shire of
consideration , - ; -
Gavctm )Lui!en ..Tha New Or
leans Arus of the 2Sth u!t. his an article
tmon Gov. Houston which we lure no
doubt is Incorrect. It appears that the
Governor, dhapointet! in not receiving a
portion with a young hdv of respectable
family whom be married about three
months ago, or from some other motive,
bad publicly calumniated and ceumed
his wife i at which the sovereign people
were to indignaotr-tbal.iiif,y. burnt. the
Governor in effigy Io lercral places.- Ai
Nashvillo he troops were called out to
nrevenf similar execudon.'L---:':c'r
We ttndersanlltB.nirOf6vtfrrt6tl
mind tad become di$tcmfurrt ( and tbat
he tad iodulged some tnry .singular and
moat unfounded suspicions the mere
toiaeOf e diseased imaginationthat
bis lady baj riiireJTo ber fitter's- house
in Gallatin, Tenoessee, which be bad
subsequently visited for the purpose of
recoocilutbn t here, 'and here only, as
fares we undti'ilandwn be burnt in
effigy. All bli overtures bclog rejected,
he had "let'trsJ to Nashville, and then
threw up Jh'i office ie has since left
the Stale, kthe purpose of visiting the
Cherokee to the weit of the Misslssip
pt, ' Richmond Compiler.
The necessity of arrtarinjj further crd
el misreprsseotations rar draw form
more DartLular account or me late un
pleasant ivents touching Gov. Ho'json
5ut lo ue mean time it nm be brief)
atated, lb in an unhappy hour his judg
raent beome thaken e her throne- then
tbia gallait and 'generous man became
the victin of a vague, most unfounded
arid UiiiHU auspiciot I the bnocen- aod
amtaoie sojeci reiuroaa io no parental
roof no sort of violence used, as hss )een
falsely reported the Governor resigned
his nffice,. aoi has retired amonir the
Cherokee,' wit oj the Mississippi, one
of whose chifi is bis old od ardent
friend. Kick Enq.
"ntcdn'iibtf Societf.Tb anno
meeting of thi American Bible Society
was beld in iw York on Thursday last
Richard. YariA. Ea. President of tha
sent vice preddents were read. ,The
following is an abstract of the yearly re
part : "Duriig rhe past year 47 new
auxiliariea havs been formed, making a
total of 645. The receipts have been
8 US, 184, viz: For the aale of books
878,618, on account of the debt of the
lrcietr.VjjuMflirs in Nassau street
2349 j donations, 204 J j bank stock
sold, 29r33 1 and borrowed : from the
banks, lSJS.sOOrThtr-disbursementi
mount to 2147,081, which includes the
repayment of $33,500 ior.lhe .banksron
account of theloaa Df,35JOQ-. X h ia.
aues tbe past year from the depository
bare been 200,132 copies of tbe bible and
testament, exceeding tbe previous year
by 65,5 15
'American' Tract -Slsrifftr The annua!
meeting was held on Wednesd7r71ritrYe
AaJireetchurc;;eOork Sr-Vr-S
Wilder. EtaT PresTderitrr ihltletf
rarfcjrrand the Hon. Stephen ranrUeiu
telaer. U appears from the report, that
(t Tbe receipts of the society the first year
alter its establishment, were 8 10,000 ;
the aecond year, 260,000 and its issues
were, the first year 1,000,000 of tracts
the aeoond year, 3,000 000 j the third
year, 3,000.000 j and the- lourtn year
8,000 ,000."
rrmer(mce.rt....The New York" City
Temperance Society beld a meeting on
last Wednesday, when several very inter
estlng'Taddresse iirere mude f nd -jnaoy
important statements submitted.- 1 h
eraif says that the addresses of the Rev.
Dr. Be echer of Boston, and ofMr.4
Maxwell, Uistrict Attorney, were very
effective, The opportunities which Mr.
Maxwell'a official duties here afforded
bim of observing the causes of crime and
mlsem enabled him to eneacre the atten
tion of tbe meeting with details and Tacts
deeply involving the character of the city
and the interests bf humanity.-- Mr. Max
well stated that -there were yearly 4 ve
al I I ... . . ., VT
invuaanu compiaima tne iiew
xerk Uty rolTce; c6nscl$affBtlyT-Tew
thousand persona were parties beore that
Loorvand the average number of wit
nesses summoned at each trial was six
making thirty thousand t a majority of
which great number of persons were ha-
bitual drunkards- In such a mass of cor
.iCuT. ,js-r,T(uiew sorx, in con:
iequence of loUmperaie drinkine.'. Mr.
Maxwell atated that of twenty two cases
oi murder, which tt had been his duty to
examine, every one or them had been
committed in consequence of intemperate
drinking cot excepting the last for
Johnson confessed a few hours before be
was bung, that it was under the madden
ing influence of three glasses of rum, that
he committed the crime for which be
ufferedv.;.-; KU-lV J-t
:- JLav Jfoveltiet.Kt a recent trial at
Bruges, a priest was called upon to tes
tify as a witness. He made such an
eloquent speeth in favor of the accused,
that the Jury acquitted bim without leav
ing ibtjr iea!.. - '
The Krv. Mr.SurLi, wl.o trtnt to
Furooe eit.teen months ai-o, in order lo
make soma historical researches with
view to a more full and authentic History
of tbe American Revolution, has recently
returned to ibis country, hsving succeed
ed in the objects of his visir, In a most
satisfactory and ample manner. Besides
havln? free access to sit tbe public and
private depositories in Knprlirld, where the
desired Information was to be had, he
met with tbe greatest facilities in France
also, and In thai countiy obtained docu
meats of tbe most interesting character.
kexIJiaA;j3wrjLaddj?ni light Upon th
events of our revolution," at connected
with Europe. . ' ' - --' '
The- tmWU- mar soon txreet an inter
citing, useful and valuable work from the
pttfntJfmiiM!i!$t Manas r
fore the American people as a rTpe'schbl
ar and elegant writer. JV.C. Journal.
AV Plut C?ra.Hatters are now tsk
ing lessons in the Materia Medics, to as
certain how many oooces of Beaver are
necessary to prevent head aches. Bloom
er In Broad war haa succeeded . in produ
cing an admirable gossamer article, in
shape of a summer drab, which sits ligh
ter on tbe bead than those of olden times.
" Sits my beaver lighter than ii did
Shaktfieare. 1 he 1 urns are pappy !:
lows they shave their beads, and when
the thermometer is at 100 (bay encase
them with many folds, of thick muslin to
rkeep them warm; while, by the rule of
contraries, they discard hose, to keep
their feet cool. JSoah.
EC'ion Good Senie.--tbti a scarce
article, and acquires its value from Its
scarcity. After great labor and research,
tumbling through files of newspapers,
and poring over ibeir contents for a week,
e picked out the following from an
Adams paper, id Philadelphia t --- JVmA.
. ' It does not appear to ua either good
taste or good policy io make lamentable
outcries about the sweeping removals
from office pursued by. (ha present ad
ministration of tbe general government
It ia M the fortune of war, the mere ful
filment of the ordinary course of events
which every one was duly apprized of,
and oucht to bare been prepared to
meet.' .
Cav. Jav.The Albany (X. York) Gazette,
in apeakinr of tbe death of John Jay, remarks :
Mr. Jay was a member of tha convention of
Ibis state which adopted our nrst constitution art
1777. He was tbe firat ClierTiiiti: ortbls
state. Ha was a delete In Conprt Crom
thia taterd Pri4eat of. that body t.wbite
President of Congress be wu appointed ambas-
aador to Spain, and re tided for sereral years mt
the court: of hie most CuthoEc Majesty i jit the
conckislon of the rvolut!onary war he was
named in a .pmmiaston with Jranklin. Adanu
and Laurens, to conclude a treaty of peace with
Great Britain, and was one of tbe signers of that
On i9 return to this country in 1784. he was
appoioted to tl.e office of aecreiary of foreign
afTlior bad tbecharre Of the foreirii depart..
mMtot our ru vecomenU Ibere. belnpo office
oi me iiue oi aecreurri . -
.lie u a Senator of rhe'Umted Stalest Ha
was the firsTChlef Jut"ieef th tr.Sutei:
wbDe he beld this office, "he waaappteieafojtidtlMussulmalahe use of Vine
baatador extraordioarr and mimster plenipoten
tiary to England, and concluded a commercial
treaty with that country in 1794; and while on
bi return to this1 country from England, he was
elected tort rn or of this state in i7S5 ne was
train elected in 1799. In 1801, he declined
re-election, and aince that period tai been in
private life
Important , if True ! A London paper
sayi" We are-happy to know, that
bonnets are on the decrease, the rate
for huge head dresses is rapidly subsid
ingi and the shadowy :atiken alcoves- un
der which ladies were recently to be seen
walking and driving, are giving place to
a moderately and convenient sized cov
ering for the head."
Opium.- Jne Chinese consume . as
much of this article annually as costs
rom i"2fntr 25 millions of dollars,though
the consumption of it IS lllecal. It is
used inpjpes, or smoked.
A aviet election. Mr. Peel who resign
ei . bis eeatinParliamraWronyOxfor
and subsequently lost bis election upon
another canvass far tbat University. was
afterwards elected for the borough of
Westburv. 'At this election there were
but six Persons present Sir Manassch,
his nephiw, and lour othera. -These rot'
jajpr , boroughs trtyeryconvenient affairs,
for "foisting ? Ifl iUM.i3
hiniObvefnineiir e auppose;alwayj
hI rjiT.Pi,lttl
keep aome of tbem aboQt them Just." to
make change with." vaat. Jour,
UeUziout Liberty. Tbt bieHa of Christ
Church and the state House, rhiladel;
phia, were rung on Thursday, last, in
testimony of joy at the receot triumph
offcligiouf liberty in England., ,
Ladiet Drese.A French paper, in
giving an account of the Ladies' Fashions
or the month lof April, says" Abe
sleeves are of a frightfulbreadth. . When
you have taken the quantity off necessary
for the gown, cut just the same quantity,
and it wilt be about enough to7 make the
ce7esr, ,
By the
olron, Cipt.
Smith, ia ZO
fcrpoGi, we
have papers to the S4th April, but (key
are extremely barren of inteilipince. '
,v. r. F.ntj. iUuit.
The London corrcpondent of the Li
erpool Mercury says t .
I think I may now announce to you, a . .
posiiiTc, m ii(nii.iiyn m a j7inr noter"
from the French and English. Cabinets, "
on the subject.of the Jlussiaa war.Tfc
recistXWleWiiPf J,"1' ,f ?te, aret oLa
course, secret, but it appears ' fro rri a i pri-
vata letter from Paris, received this day
by exprelitjbrt they ereaucb as p&er
io have given great Offence "to tbb"
Emntrrof KlclMTaa2r:f
The French-Ministers sre likefy to lose
ottice, unless tr.ey render the Cabinet
more literal the Duke of Angootema
having declared tbat they are bound to
follow the disposition of the Nation. . Hi
Koyal Highness objects to tbe Introduc
lion of the Prince da Polignac, as desired
by the King.
Tbe Duke of Wellington is still much
indisposed, although not seriously in.
It is considered highly probable that he
will resign office within a few months. ai
notwhhstanding all the care he takes of
bit health, It Is found to be quite unequal
to the fatigues and anxieties of bis situs
Mr. 0Conne!l still .talks conSdentlr ef
taking' his seat on the resumption of tbe
House. Ilia friends sav thst Minister
vail! not offer any.cpposiiion to' his doing
o Jbotf it t Ise a; pectedrabat should -
be be.unablo to take, his seal without a '
new election for Clare, he iJl, it it sub.
5osef, be returned without opposition, at
IrVesey Fitzgerald has very handsome
ly signified hit intention not to divide iho
county on tbt subject. .
Letters from l ortugsl state as followi
" Trade in thit country is entirely at
rand. shopkeepers fail, even bankrun;.
cies are numerous. At Oporto a cele
brated bouse, known to all the mercantile
world, has failed.
"Sequestrations are another of the
plagoea of Egypt with which this dewed
coun'ry is scourged. According to the
system of justice pursued by the Janissa
ries of Don Miguel, all the magistrates
and barpies of the law who are engaged
in these sequestrations, derive tbeir emol
uments from the sequestrated estates;
so that they no sooner, get intai a house
tnaolhey bghnorob and plunder with
ourtestralnr." Thar property Is sold to
the" friends of these people for" an loader -quate
price so jh3tt tboagb the lntJiviJV
ua!s are rulne3, the Government is . noV
muth benefitted by tbia branch of pubiie:
rapines. - : -. . . .
t The banka bf the" Tigus are still
overflown, and threaten to add famine la
the calamities caused by Don Mioueu"
R ractionLttietXTM --f recent-Jate. .
virauu JCijjiiur pas n intoii'siniaiiuiryr
modify Z tbe arllctVof fiiiPranwIu:
and spirtuoui , liquors, and intends to es
tablish, a duty upon these articles, in or
der to remedy the extreme exhaustion
of his treasury. -
Thus it is the Turks go by co'ntraricf
Wind and spirituous liquors were strictly
forbidden by that clever philosopher, Ma
homeUjBt ,no (ooner do ' we organits
temperate societies 'and abate"' the nui
sance of drunkenness, when the Sultan
modifies the Koran, and introduces liquc
without limitation. We can tell him
that tbe-Cossaeks can bear, heavier sebnb
of brandy at a drauKht ihan a Munolrnxn
Therefore they must fight before break
fast. ' " " , Xosh.
Jisakiinationt The Russian miniitc
in Persia, and nearly alt bis suite, have
been murdered by the populace of Te-
beranr '" ., ;
,XcimbiaendPcmbn: nrrinl t
Ne w,Jfrk.btfigjjie
gagement havinfe taken place between
toe Colombian, rand Prruvian armies n
which the former was victot ious. An ar
jnisike ,wss ,sicrjied.jpn the ! field of battle
in wnicn n was ageeu to reter tneir pv
tical disputes to tbe government' of th
Uoited. States.
A- proclamation -has . been Issued
Bolivar, offerincr pardon to all concerned
twenty days, surrender their arm$7ai
takftibejoamrBo'cni. 1 -
Th.o?ewhQ insist W makfnf warnfon
the government, or repeat. the.olTence
after having taken the oath of fidelity.
will be shot on the spot where they are
met, without giving them more time than
is necessary for receiving the boly sacra
ment. ! V;: . -:-
Mr. Peel has been presented the
freedom of the Citv of London in a go'0
box of the value of one hundred guinc-T-here
was great ceremony attending tbe
presentauob. " . , ' - , . ..!.-
St. rrerfi'iWi-'o MaiitiW
io , wnistey io b, corn t
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This is the computer-generated OCR text representation of this newspaper page. It may be empty, if no text could be automatically recognized. This data is also available in Plain Text and XML formats.

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