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' tlttU4tmmh, MHIml.lf ran air,1
ritMitiiiwuiiiiiiw. J
sALisnunv, no wan county, n. c.......tuiday, june 30, 1020.
VOL. X.....XO. 473.
j-'Tf f AVg juat received; at the jrwjr ff a estenaive ami weO aelecWu1
fi E acrrtmcnt of Dktos. MLPlCINfcS, etcTwhicK uWate uferBmeJ lo t.rf as Z Tor
: raiA. ur 01 f redit punctual euatomer, m can be had ia toe State. Among their assortment
' T will be tu iri-I th fcriowtag sxtkl f ia r.ZA
AJoeioa ead hepst.
" Ic'uluni nitric .
. . , muriat.
. tartaric h ,
. I citnc
: Arrow H .
irtnie Alclwhol
' Antimony edph. aur.
- tulphuret
" BJtam eonaivs
' " Bark Sanford'a
, - Prruv. commas
. red
B'jri rctl.iea
IturinJ.v pitch
-BriWh siL.
Can" 4
Caraway seed,
. Cslo" ' v
Caritphor rfipeJ
Canella alba
Jalap pulvia ,
Jumper berries
lichen island.
Liquorice radix
lint patent :. ,
Litharge - .
lime oxym.
Lime juice
Ijtmnn turnip
Magnesia eari.
calcined Henry's
Marfria flak
Miftard teed
Mercurial ointment
Blue TU !aM
Nitre refined
Nui fomir
Okura anie
wurn ensue, . Jamarmut
martic Tincturea, varioul
M itt t M . mi .
iiriieoore ntr. aaiD. ireracantb m..
Ifoflrmao'ianodxn Valerian .
Ifdriodat polata ' Vitriol white
Iodine , Vinegar aquilU
Old Sherry Wine French braod
Port d.. Holland gin
Claret do. " Jamaica run
t'hampaigne do. . ,
rocket Caaei. Noa. Immitalion do.
1.2 and 3 Lancet Pblemet
Elattie Bouriea
do. CalLetcra
Nipple fibelia
lireaat Pipet
Stomach Tufta
Spring Lancets
Kran'a Thumb do.
Touth Force pe
Fot'i Tore Kea
Common do.
Ryrinree, large fcamall
Apoihecarier BcaIi
and Weight.
Cardamom Seed
Cre'a 7.T. .
croioo tig.
. P'ke .
' AnJcraon'a PiHt
.' Hooper's do.
Lee'a - do.
BonaalTi do.
render:: IJremaaVDroM
ongnum British Oil
peppermint Godfrey's Cordial
Warner's do.
Haarlem Oil
Rtoughton's eluir
Tuilmgton's balsam
Swaim's panacea
Potter's catbolicon
Eiaence of muttard
Thompson'i eye water
r Deari'a rheumatic pills
'.XkuUt$ bitter - '
Anderson'scougb Drops
Aooeraons pectoral
Rogert1 Pulmonic De-
Do. Pulmonary Syrap
Do. Tooth ache specific
uo. Limmentum
Cnalk red end white.
Cuctiineal . - ...
Con-me ro 'f
Cream 4ar--rmmort,
Caustic Lun.
Coppers - 7- -
Coioabo pulr. x
radix -Colchicum
Coir s hire smj
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. CorroMT eiiblimale
Digitafit porp
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, Mencelemoa "Kmento
.wtotrr grr Cayenne
Ciseoce Berganot Powders James '
cinnamon 1 antimonial
Jaeoder-f oferwrrAr --
winter green
. cinnamon
' lemon
Ozymel Scilli
Orange peel
Opi'im lurk.
Pearl ah
Pink Mrtt
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" '" v- 'diechyion, ,
i .... mercurial
Fine chrome rellon - l amablack. Madder
Ulue, Pruaiian filue
Kotten stone, pitmice
Terre do tiienn.
Yellow ochre
Venetian red
Spanish brown
Copal varnith. No.
1 and
Spepiah whiting
Extract C'mchon.
r: v:v. hiocratni -
Ergot V V
Florcs Benzct
ri -V elder -FoLSabina
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Fennel teed .
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-Gentian - , ,
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'"Glim Arabic' v.
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. . kino
1- gamboge
' acammony
thellac .
' copal
super tartris
carb. ptinn
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Jrec.pi.a. rub. and alb. Pocket
quinine miiTi.
. Uleacbing salt
White lead
Black do7
cd do.
Ground fustic '
, Logwood
, Nicaragua
Indigo, ivory blaek
- tiU. Taper
. . . Pink do.
Foolaeap- do!
American drawing
-. paper
;Englih vdo.- - -
Paint Boxes
fcveV-p"6ihted silrer
7- Lead- dor- -Sand
Kedand black Sand
f le
-Quassia excelaa
" Quick ii1er ; - - -Rhei
pulv. and riJ.
Rochelle salts
!Win yellow
rprnt. virgin.
Senna Al. and Ind.
Soda sup. carb.
Spirits nitre du'ciJ
lavender corop.
- Sponge surgeon'a
8osfp catilf --- r
SaltK tartar - : -Sanders
Suitar Lead
Tartar emetic
Turpentine spirits
Trusses Hull's & ivory
Turmeric 1
- Dookt
,,1JGewIernen.'.s , dp;, JVal.
PpeC... '..7
Letter Folders, bone
and ivory
Ink Indelible Perkins
Came4 hair -pencil
-Carmine aaueeea
Gold leaf
Wafervjcaliag wax -Pocket
Cologne water Antique Oil
Smelling bottlet Macassar do.
Cos-ne'ic vah balls Dcaia do.
Fancy waps. variom Pomatum
lavender water Hair powder
Milk of roses Tooth paste
Oil Bcrgamot Pearl powder
Otot lloscs
Tincture Bottles Mortar and Pestles
Salt mou'.h'd do. Pill Tiles
Specie do. Ointment Jars
ials assorted Spatulas
Fancy snufl' bnses
Plain do.
Lorillard's smitf
RtLATlNO k ihi VB&KOttt iIydS.
LtjUtaiurt Am C'ertaxo, Imdtn 826-7.
..The Joint Select. Committee,
memorialixe the Congre t tbe Unrfl tuu
upon the lubjcct of the Cherokee laadtf
tmari ' i
It it true the act of ceSon did riot re
qtrtre (be United Sittft to itipujate tht.
it right and. title of the Ind'untf tb iiodt
withh the limin of North-Carolinibould
be txtltJg,uUbcd y theUnltcd Butf i
hit been done by GcorriaT "Nurt5 Cro;
lint atknowledttlng the parcntaf tare of', ... . .7 r
eratwn, and aubmii it. jaccopan.j. narwJ. tot,fanK her sense of jOMke, end be
ami recommend tbe adoption of the fotkjni 1:. . x t:. . jl..,. .i.
reoiuuon. via. ,
Hntlvtd, That the Governor be requeAd
to tianMiit a copy of this, memorial to .each f
the Haoators and Members of the House of Kef.
rcsen'aUvtt from this Bute, ia Congress, will
a request that thry present tlie taine to botU
llouaes of bongrca. "
. JOILX D. TOOMER, Ckmirmmn..
T Ma Snai md Hum JieprtHhfaUvet iht
U u 14 vattt, U LerM wwXt
.The mcrourlat oi the Ocoeiel Astern
bly ol the State ol Norttj Carolina reapeit
lull repreacntii That a'f the close oHhe
Kevoluiionary War, tbe territory cornpo
king the sovereign and independsni Sute
of North Carolina, waa bounded on the
eatt by tbt Atlantic, and on tbe test by
the f acinc ocean j on the north, bj e line.
beginning on the tea ahorein the south
ern boundary of VirginU,tn-369, 3 north
latitude, and thence west tu tbe Pacific
ocean end on the south by a lite, be
g'inmvg'oorthst ietUe, i f cedr atake,
at or near the mouth , of Utile Uiver ;
thence a north-west course through tbe
boundary houtr, which stand in 35,
56', to 35 north iaiitude, and tbe nee
turn, une eapenouure oi wnicrwaev .,)
madeoeceftarf hy.the uotatbot ued,.att .,
oT the general Roverr.ment.Jla rrfe ct'","7 i. w "T .
fully submitted to the wisdom and justice " . J '' '' y,
Steel scissors
Hatters' bowstrings
Pocket compaMca
Music and Musical Instruments.
'dp The foregoing list is not complete, but
may be useful to ihoe who ish to order.
May land's do.
Tooth brushes
Hair do.
"WUTILL stand this sea.
M WW min in fh r.nlinti
y a of Kowan arTdCabarrasT
commencing the week in
SsJiibury;pn Mondays,
' Tuesdays, arid ' Wedner
uayi in mc townoi con
cord on Thursdays. Fn-
"tt.04w days, and Saturday. The
r season will commence he jst-of March, and end
1st August. Twelve Dollars will be charged for
v hib eaoa, payyv tendollaTbefore th&sa
'""aoiif xplreer ''Cif1ltlIr'tbrtevf4lldel'
. 7 Dollare to insure. For Pedigree and descrip
JiottotAetonaataee handbills.
fV4. !2A, 1829, . , ' 54Wlaf' Jug.) ' S &
N. B. Great care will be taken to give gener.
aJiatisfaction ( but we cannot be liable for -heci-ri.
Grain will be furnished, at the market
price, to mares aent from a distance.
WAS just received, and opened at his Store
Driving. to:Faycllciillet i-
TTILL find it to their advantage, td rtop at
the Watn Yard, where every con
venience ia provided for Man and Horse, to make
,"eii comfortable, at the moderate charge of 55
em day and night, far tbe privilege of the
u the us B00 bouse, fire water, and
welter, i Attached to the Yafd, are a Grocery
w Provision Store, Bread Shop and Confcc
Jtonary, and a House for Boardera and Lodgers,
7 tfbftswtflg, Urtytilt'im. 09
Tn Salitburjva largie and handsome assort
merit of
Spring and Summer GOODS;
. A1sn Groceries, Hardware Cutlery, Plated Ware,
Hats, and Hattera' Trimmings, Crock.
ryt "good. aasXArrflctiJL. , .'l0!im.e
west to the Pacific ocean. The Congress
ot the United States having repeatedly
recommended to the respective Sta'.es in
the LiuoBTjwg jrajypt jj-sttrq tern
lory, to cede the tame- to the Dnited
btttt, tin act was passed by the LegisU-
:urc oi mi otaie, at us session in me year
1789, authorizing certain commissioners
o convey to tne United States all those
ur:d situate within the chartered limits
oi North Carolina, (being west ot a line,
beginning on the extreme height of tbe
bioue Mountain, at the place where the
Viigmu line intersects it ; thence along
the exutoic height of said monntaio, to
tbe plate where Wataueo nver bieaks
.through, it j jhente a direct course to the
lop- ql -ine-.iciiow-MouDisto, where
PUgbJ- 'od crosses the tame i thence
along the ridge of said rnouni.irYi between
the waters ot Doe river and tbe waters of
lock creek, to the place where the road
rossci the I'on Mountain; thence along
tbe extreme height of said mountain to
where Nolicbdcrv Tiverrtina thtwjghthe
nic4.inepte to tne top oi tne uaiu
Mountain ; thence along tneeTXtreme
height oi aaid mountain to tbe Fslnicd
ock, on trench Broad river; UituU
along the bigneat ridge of said mountain
TO -tne plce where it u calM -UcCxcal
run or ftmoky Alountain j tlicnce along
the extreme Height ol sid mountain, to
tne place where it is called Unika Moun
am, thence along the main ridge of tuid
mountain, to the southern boundary of tin
Suie.l upon certain condition! therein
expressed, in pursuance of said act, the
commissioners executed the deed of ccs
sum, which was duly accepted end ratified
by tbe United States, in Congreat aiem
bko, on the 2d of Anril. 1790. By the
acceptance oi this cession, the United
Suits, among other obligations thereby
assumed, oecame bound, "that the lands
laid off, oi directed to be laid off, by any
act oi sits ot the Jeneraf "Assembly ol
this Slate, tor the officers and solmci
ttie.rcol, their heirs and assigns, respec
lively, snail be and enure to tne use and
benefit ot tne said officers and soldiers
their heira and assigns respectively ; and
that all tne lands thus ceded, and not ap
ered at a common fund lor use and bch
etu of ..ail the United States, North Caco.
Una inclusive according to their respei
uvc-and-jiaualnrgportton in the general
charge and expenditure, and shall be
laithtully disposed of for that purpose
land lor no other use or purpute whatev
T tr . .. . .. j
tr. n pari oi tne lerrrtory -so teoew,
and every article usually loa
aiard tot in atore.
Si:niiMgdtbB pareiu
ly for taik ; aodbe is determined to sell them directed' to be raid oh, is t
as low as can be bad in .the place, for cath, or to
punctual customers on a short credit. T!ie pub
lic are respectfully invited to call; examine, and
judgd for themselves.
Saliibury, June 3d, 829. 70
Ooods at Auction.
1 WILL expose to Auction, tbe balance of the
Slock of Gdi of . Allemong, on the 13th
andjith of August, 1829,the" day of the Elec
tion; R. H. ALEXANDER, 7Vwee.
..Salitbuni, June 13M, 1829,.' . 9t79,
.. Reform la Nash Beaufort, and se
veral other counties in this State, we are
happy to observe, public meetings have
been held for the purpose of putting e
now forms the State of Tennessee, boun
ded on the east by the western ooundary
ot iNortn Carolina, as desciibed in the act
oLce?.ionj and on the west, by the river
tne northern and southern lines ol the
All the lands laid off, or
General Assembly of North Carolina, lie
within the limits ot the State oi 1 ennes
aee ; end after the 4ocation of all the said
lands, there remained, within the limits
of Tennessee, a very large and very va'lu
able residue, which should have been
appropriated to the use of the several
States of the Union, including North
Carolina, in the proportion set forth in
tbe act of cession. The United States
still hold, under this cession, for the like
uses snd purposes, an immense extent ol
country, end of, great value, situate be
tweien tbe river Mississippi and the Pa
cific ocean, and between the northern and
southern firtrits of (he ctded territory.
commenced the purchase i a oortlon onlv
- -r -.-. - - w . , i t I
Ihsi, vet bftn purchsted, and u ts cosa, f VI
fher In the sum ptl helndiaa-a'nd "Jn- V.' -'T.h '
incldemsl eipen- abnut tnty two
thousand dollart. (SJJ.OOO.) The claim
of North .CarrimYMw.-'raSsfuhded : frtZZzZ:.Z I
sum, Vine expenditure oi wnicn was v , . i;
ft '
Irulian Jfuiit, h kitk was
" ihquii iie imtt tkt ttfxik-
Ueying that good policy would dictate the
extinguishment of the Indian title,;did
not demand such stipulation, which (if re
quired) would hive been a very inade
quste consideration for the territory con
veyed, and the sovereignty granted. It
i believed that the portion to which
"forth Carolina was entitled, by the act ol
tesflon, of the residue of lands in the
Site of Tennessee, after the location of
al the military claim, would have been
amply sufficient for the extinguishment rf
the Indian title to lands within the limits
of Njrtb Carolina j but the United States
baveappropriated this resldoe, exclusive
ly, to the use of the State of Tennessee.
Ths United States, acknowledging the
rights sf North Carolina, and yielding to
her tuv claims, attempted, by the trea
ties of 1117 and 1119 wl h ihe.Chrrokee
Tribe ol Indians, to extinguish their title
to all the lands within the limits of this
State. This attempt proved abortive, by
I mlsflU Indrscriblng the territory Jo.
tended to be surrendered by the Tnduhf
The language of the treaties leaves littlu
doubt of tbe intention of the contracting
Dartiea. to extinguish the ludun title to
all the lands within this Stste; but the
application ol a technical rule produces
the difficulty. The treaties stipulate.
the Cbcrokccs shall surrender all their
unos lying wiimn ;ne limits oi noun
Carolina: and then unfortunately set
forth the supposed metes and bounds of
the territory intended to be surrenderco.
Irt thete metes and bounds (here is a
great mistake. The foimer is called a
general, the latter, a particular descrip
lion; and it is said, the particular con
trols and restrains the general descrip
lion. The lands in the occupanr y nl the
Cherokees, not embraced by these metes
snd bounr?,, and within the limits of
North Csrolina, are of great extent and
i'lueCThis iracr nf coumry,-fm the
most - accurate . information how obtain
ed, lnclu(fes more than one 'million of
acres of land; and is estimated to be
worth four hundred thousand dollars;
and ia occupied bv about three" thousand
Indians. The extinguishment of the In
rfitm tiile.4o..tbix district of country , and
the removal' of"tTila unTbr'nnate race be"
y'ohtT Thtr Mini Wppi U-oLmomcjiipti j.m
nnrtance to the interests of this State.
The"fertility of toil, the t xlent. and . vajuj ; Jj1". s.,!aJf
of territory, are sufliricnt induiements io whom u
sirieabeTextlntiuishment of the .Indian
title; CSpcClallV, aste Tuning c xiarv """'T 'jw". iii"7.'r'rW'
contitctio ciaims rauseu mcn disiur
bancc ; (he purehssers depnicling upon
the fai'h of the State, to make valid their
tides, and the Indians on the faith of the
fieneral Government to secure them in
A great number of suits were intitu
led by the Indians in the Courts of Law
of North Carolina, against those citizens
who had lakrn possession under their
purchase from-the State Commissioners;
and one rase 'was carried up to the Su
preme Court of lha State, and derided
in favour of thr Indian). Disagreeable
results were likely to. ensue. Nttniity
compelled Nonh Carolina to take prompt
and decisive measures Tot the relief of
those citizens who were likely to suffer.
Time would not permit her to apply to
the Generul Government to extinguish
the Indian title to those reservations.
of Contretu' i
The following wis the Committee fa the)
State Legislature, in 1836-37, who re-'
ported the above memorial, to wit; on
the part of the Senate, Mtwrs. Croom,
M'Ky, King, Love, and Heard of Rowan i
On the part of the Commons, Messrs.
Toomer, Swsln, White, Shlpp, and Dono
ho From the Journal, page 167.
lhuit ttf nettrfirntativeifJan. S3, 1838.
Mr. Caron, from the Committee on Indian Af
fairs, 10 which the subject bad been referred
made the following
a smart
Th CommlHrt in In
reftrrtd a rtflutitn
entf frrnndnif la the IttuU .V' Vrlimt
g 1 9,979, w'Jck mm wai pU4 1 tmain lnMani )
tf lAe ( Kertkr lrtb,itr rtitvatin( Undwith- '
in iht limit tf mid itttr, grunted I them, l ft
timpte, b) the trtaty if 1819','' ttfrt 't
That it was stipulated by ssid treaty
thst, to each and every bead of any In-
man famiiyVreidin"g.Qfllf
Mississippi river, on the lands that are
nowtor. may herefter'bf , surrendered to
the United Srates, the UnTieiJ S'ateY do
agree to gives reservstion of 640 acres
in a square, to inrlttde their improve
ments, which are to be as near (he centre
thereof as practicable, in which they will
have a life sta,w-iU rJoJVj iqJfM.,.
iimilf,'o thrir children," fkr.
The-facts connected with this claim,
and which induced North Carolina to
purchase those reservations without first
applying to the General Government, are
briefly as follows
Immediaiely after the ratification of the
treaty of IB 19, the Sute of North Caroli
na appointed Surveyors and Commission
ers to survey and sell the lands acquired
will. In th limits by mid treaty
The duties assigned those Commis
aiQngri.jsndSurvtybrs were performed
without a knowledge i of wh'at'Teier'vjtirtnr '' "
would be taken, or where located. Sub-
aTfjucnt "fo 1 he rale by the Slate Comtnis-.
sioncrs, a Surveyor was sMit by the Oen-
eral Government to lay ofTthe reservations
for those Indian's who claimed under the
stipulations of tbe treaty. The conse-
Yue:.wjirj.b?!:ta rcser-
vanons coniiictcu sun lanns previously
sT(7iT5yrthe""CnTTtYnisrrrrrr parruf
to her cr is- ns, a number of
J ioM (heir liV.mel trt the 6IJ
settled pails of the Staiend jemoved to
'JAW miKrrxi
f x-
Jtbz:4v' .tor.
just claims on the general government
These are not the only inducements ; the
red men are not within M.e palo of tivili
xation, they are not under the restraints
of morillty, nor the influence of religion ;
and they are always disagreeable and
dangerous ncighbnisto a civilized pco
p4erTbe proximity of those ted men to
our white population, subjects the l(ter
to depredations and annoyance, and is a
sou-ce of perpetual end mutual irritation.
It is believed, this unfortunate race of
beings might, etsily, be mUucerj to ex
change their lands in this State, or ter
ritory beyond the Mississippi, whither so
many of their bretbren'have already gone.
It is unnecessary to recite facta or urge
artniments. to Drove, tint such removal
ill be beneficial not only to the citizens
of this State, but to the Indians them
selves t aware of the liberal policy which
IwibreTT pursued br-t he -general g.uvern-1 She, therefore, appointed Commissioners
roent on subjects of lliif-tharaerrU- wiU
ha tufTirint to invite, resbectiuiiy," the
attention of Congress to this memorial.
Before the ratification of these treaties
Iw3, fn'sTrncnonso purchase thosexeer-
rations w hicb pu rchalE was : tfejgted;.fbrrsr
the som claimed by North Carolina, and
which your commitlee believes in moral
North riirnltnn hrd ghrfvaWju'cftuQ be refunded to her
reignty and aoil of all the land within her
tmits ; the Indians enjoying a mere ngni
of temporary upaj)y.u.I?j.ihes. trea-
ties, a large tract of land was sccureu to
the beads of the Indian families for life,
with remainderfn fee to their respective
hifrfrew : and thia was a part of the con
wwjitt.,'Lvn. h the United States to
h Indians, lor aoanoonmc me otyu
paney of "the land then surrendered. It
of North Carolina, that the United States
could not legally deprive this State of the
right ,of sovereignty and soil of the terri
tory thus attempted to be secured,t6 the
ndians ; but they were unwilling io ar-
ray opposition against the acts- oi tne
general government. With these feelings,
North Carolina not only acquiesced in the,.
terms of the treaties, but ratified their
provision by lagUlative acts, .Policy
oon suggested to rsorth Carolina tne
r r . ; r ' .u. tA',...
propriety ol purcnasmg irom mc .u.-.i
the'lands thus secu-ed to. them. The
peace and tranquility - of her citizens
made such a measure necessary. Yield
ing to mis nccc;5iij, .iww
If I
' r '
The reasons which have brought your
committee to this conclusion are s
Ftrtt. The General Government had
ho "ipowerto exereise'-any control. over any.:
part of the soil within the limits of any of
the original States, and that the injuries
sustained by North Carolina resulted
from" the act of the General Government
power,' set forth in-, th xrthfifjyll
1"' .' 'ir ".'a:"!" '"O'l V'V-r -r.ijcv:, c:
sovereignty oi. ...inai Jtaie.
bfconrf. i he general policy of the
Government has been to'extinguish Indian
titles to land within the States, when she
could do so, kc. y
Your committee entertain no doubt as ,
to the correctness of the first proposition,
" that the Government had no power to
grant the soil within the limits, of the
original Stafes," &c. But as this power
has been exercised, and,- consequently,
claimed by tbe Government, your, f om
mUtee deem it due to the importance otv
the question, and to a correct, discharge ;
of their" duty, to U their viewstvtac?
wirat at length. . - , 4 ' ' '.: .
i 1
5 '
-V. -.
I il

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