North Carolina Newspapers

t0 rnr. wistmw caroliviim.
f, fj.tor: I i somwlu mud
h oner day, in company iiyout erjl.l
i. jji.leil in poliiic. to see those called
Ad.mimen tome f. or-six months
inci ,ne COi,"cr)"i,i 1,1
Many h"1 epithet dil they
-p. 10 our present wortny ChieMligis- w
.rate," nt msny cenure did they pan l; p
cehis measures j ,na ProIe weretnej
jxjrcvl'w hy usei, CsijruUU-d la irdj
lite hit irien'", '-ui'rwvcrv.
fctiid our Jackson UUwW-the friend
J irdtt; e,; T.'1 - C0rr Wf V ' m ' n
liinnifi'd ilence. A corucioiii'tfionapu
Warned frimjhelf, brows, while in indig.
nint smile P!VJ rMUr Tn'r MlwTbF
Mtmed To ayi?eniUrnv tuve
ti(iqu'hhed you, "end scorn to wrangle
"'"ufTi fa1tenfoe- You, gentlemen, mux
8. (istnet HfotMy for Key Welt, inj lapt,)
Chtrlet K, Hawkins, of the Mexican navy, In!
eoru'n itnr.a or the Uucit IniercmirM bet wren r II v" a hih, in ir.urm..s munu
M'ltaeand Hawkintvifei M'Kae ws wounded to Mr" Yarbrongb lor the uae of her
Si) ih thigh. Hawkins, after this, waa absent , 'T, ' wouia 11 ,M urr "me oance io tba
Line our victory with becoming moder
iiioot nd without manifesting any signs
ofiulgaf triumph. This is proof to de
montrtion, that we did not contend for
the empty ntme of victory, nor for tri
..mnhover meni but for hrtnvhlt. We
fought under the banner of fUroRM we
nliDtcd the flg on the Capiul at Wash
ington, with the letter R-E-F O il M, io
dtfihly marked on I?. The work goes on
gloriously t thil is whit you complain of,
but precisely wiat the nation hat loudly
billed for. ' Di! the President act other
tite, he would betray the trust so impti
citlr rf posed in him by the American peo
ple, and b unworhy their confidence,
thkhhe'now oU(rely shares. Continue,
jcntemen'l long at you plea e, to pour
forth your lamentations over Jhe fate of
. hose pti b' iti ile r j nd j i rtizjnie
public, that a riy will be performed for her
beuefit, on the 4th of July, , t
Afiftrofiriatiom fur Worth Carolina,
The follow injr,, approprlitiona were
made at the late leiiion of Congrett i .
, 20,000 dollar for the extinRuUhment
oi all the remaining Indian rcieryationi
in North Carolina
31,000 doljari for effeciinVtb 'ewo-
at of the ihoaU form in tr obatruabna tu
paylgatbrjiearPcracock.Inlct-.,; .
"w.oooftailiri'for traprMintf ihnutK
gation of Cape Ftr rirer, between the
tea wbicr ti-tjr MQfd e- heed not
your bi'tef exioba'ioni j we hate obaer
e4jhecoure ;f tn-flturea pursued by the
Arfmiaiiiraiior, -p'prore thtm well."
I r)tve witnessed n .ry poli-ic! con
ttoersy, but nrfer uch on efHctual,
lileDt triumph. . I Isti a1! our Jarkaon
ClCloui rrur. - -
j , 1 he lilmie fpwe intepitf, aft
' """rcriundtl when HUHn f tttt.'
We hi? e reastiifd wi'li itnat gentlemen
for year iT mnv of thim still dlere o
their former opinions, with wonderful
pertinacity t hu' let them rage ; we will
be lilentf and smile at their r' ger. Like
Qiiiotte with (lie wind mill, they will
loon pet lirerjof warrii.g v! h die crea
terei of their iinagir.a'ions.
In Mexico a fa month t en liit return, ha
found M'lttD reneaed the IntriU's with hi
wife, and did not betiute to avow iti thia ae
enrtfrtjd llawkiw, that on M'Uta'a paasinf bis
rindow, he ahot birn with a doublcbrrelled
ufll Melt died loon after, and I law kin rave
himaclf op to the Mar,hal. Ilawkina' wife bad
been lent away from Kay Weit to her relations
prevloja m lit taut return from Mtiico;
Th'Gold lbghu We hire hitherto
Inadvertent fy omitted to mention the flt
Uruid i!iCQrcrieix, jhe precloua metal
wUch'have'hectJ niAde the"preient' W
oa in.ihiilR9rP!Qj loufitjr .Piyioualyj
no aeriom attempt bad been ma la, to at
ceruio .jtieiherilieifl.M .any ..G iMJn
the--eo4m7Reewlf -4Mweraome JQ dollari..ofplacinjt buoyt at the they complafn bitterly of g
email pinklei, accidentally found, In ( new channel point, at Ulef Island po
uucea a leircnprv me pirto: omo of our and at 'he lower mouth of Wallace's whin
enterprising cititentt and the. luceeis nel in Pamlico Sound. ,,
which attended their efforu, prompted! 80 dollars for making a eurvey of Pas
otberi to make learch unnt there have quorank rirer, for remot ine , bars, or ob-
been, op to this time, more, we should , atrualons in the aame, and an estimate
of the cost.
It U underatood that the vote! In Congress
upon the above appropriationa, were not recor
ded. As it is i-nportant to the people that tbey
abouUknow who of rhe mr-mbers of Cuntreae
towhof WTiminVona Whd'raout
Ibe said, rjytr ., , ' I tj pperatiyet; the distress is unabated
retrioua taxrs,
V.wr. :
France The Duke de Lacl bai re
fust rf to accept-the foreign secretaryship
of France. The Count de St. Priest is
taikef for the ofTict. ,
Portugal Don Miguel has become
religious he had much need of improve
num. lie will have more need of re$lj
presume! than fifty gold mines opened in
the county. In all that district of coun
try aouth and east of Salisbury, extending
from Cabarrus to Daridsoi, more or less
gold is scattered through the ridges J and
. k. . i . i . : . . . i- j
i mi iiiu uccn rounu iu caiai noun wi m .1, n . ,
west of th town; in the extreme part of ,, ,, . . . . r' . " ,
.k. . .... , v j tltm( It I expected that they will avow and
make public their aentimenta' and sotea on thia
all ihportant aubjert Nay, it la the right of
tba people to know, and tbey demand from the
members who are bow candidates a fu'l and
fair ditcloaure. QUERIST.
the county, adjoining Iredell, a 'company
(Com this place is working a , valuable
mine which promises to be extensive.
At some of the mines a few miles east of
us, where companies of our (itixens have
recently commenced operations, ore has
been du up, so rick, that it Is thought
ott whorrrJ k -h ejtcted " from vime of4ri M pcate anherat t of.
dvU. per bushel! A confident belief is
entertained, thai Rowan, will prove as
rich irv her golden treaturet as any other
couory in the state
G!d baa recently been found in U'ilk;a coun
ty, in a number of places. Man) of the enter
priiing citizens there are buying and leasing
iaod, for the purpose of, pursuing the .M'uijng
buriness. We have been informed that one or
more of the comnira contemplate the imme
diate erection of machinery, rbr pulverising and
washing the ore
A new and very rich mine hu been discover
ed on the plantation of Maj. Jonathan lla-rii, of
Mecklenburg county. By I lie labor of four ne-g-oc,
Maj. lUrria realisea about a hundred
dollar worth of Gold (Lilly.
In Gui'ford county, we learn that new diacov
--' .Poiaf. The,;posrTnister at BufTalo,
New York,- has receivecTrhstructloVis from
the Post Master General to incrtase the
rate of postage now charged on letters
from that place to New-York, as 11 post
age is to be charged, not according o the
shortest distance bv which a letter can
possibly be sent, but according to the dis
lance whicb it usually is sent, provided
it is sent on that route whicb .it will give
it (he greater potsiblr expedition and
safety'. On ibis principle, letters from
Buffalo-to New York must be rated at 25
cents, the distance being more than 400
Two lots on Market street, between
Fourth and Filth street, Philadelphia,
measuring 54 feet IQ inches in front by
133 feet in depth, were sold last Fiiday
.'i a rri.i."-ii rr: -r . ... , i j o i
cow counij, iook nrc op me ?a inn. aunng me I
abseiMa of -the faniiTy, and til entirely" cont"
tuned, together. wUh-all it content.
erieaot the precioua metal are almost daily I'" public auction at. the Coffee house fot
; made i and gentlemen of skill and enterpriae 9" swiw.aoiiars or si me rate w ninety
T.r,. ,.T,-, .,,.,...,irr7. , Wo w'Ai.eiwor each inch
. - - ;
Vi bava received Um first No. of tbe MUttn
Gaitite, publiibed at Milton, Cuwell county, N
. by Mr. Malbon Kenyon. It i v ry well prin
ted, arid ably edited j and ae hope ill receive
librJ tirpor for-no one more Ubtriouly
cams his money than an edilor tbo publishes a
f5 p.---. -
Large hr atated--m -the Warrenofl,
Tirpnjapapfivthit; furious bail torm viaiied
thst iecdonef country on the 1st int. Many of
tbe kail atones were ten inches in circumference
some appeared to be of the fixe and shape of
I pint cup i mott of them bunted aa they
struck the ground.
el Irani
. la. Uacoin, m tu M Ruiherfird ; count tea.
Gold baa been fouod-io-diver places i and we
learn that preparations are making to work the
mineav . - .r... . j , i;,.n. - ,.a ' a . . . ' -mi - . j. owm of .......
In Randolph, Chatham, Stokes, Rocking. ! f 5blincnent. The resolution ws adop ! brown sugar U to 15, cofiec 16 to 23, aah 1.25 1 Spring-and S
Ithaca. TVmiSmmrr. The corpor
at ion ol (he village of fiKac,(New York)
ttTtST Vastta viwi, a
By the packet ship Pacific, London anj
Liverpool papers, have been received at
New York, to the 16th May
England. The Blowing Journal, of
the 16th May! says, that the Duki of
WIlingtoo and the King quarrelled about
Lord Anglesea, and that the Duke and Mr.
Peel will both soon go into letirement.
We do not believe It.
On the 15th May, Mr. O Connell en
tered the Uoaie'bf Coinmani-wa'rtf
fused his seat, unless he would take the
oaths which were required previously to
fih c jJiiss gvrof t br Re lie f EUUw as or dc r
ed immediately to withdraw, am be
Np new disturbances have taken place
Another if evolutionary Patriot gone !
On Saturday morning last at tbe real
(len'rr ot-his on in Hoxbury, departed this
life Gen. HENRY DEARBORN, aged 78
years and 3 months. Alter a well -n
life, devoted to the service of his country
he has been gathered to his fathers, full
of years, honors and good works.
Dotton Patriot.
Washington have' found" a lourVh indict
ment against (he late 4th Auditor; to
which his counsel, as with tbe three fiist,
entered a genrral demurrer. The Dr is
s'ill in jail, and has ben since he was firsl
arrestee!, and brought fmm Pljadelbi i
JYcgro cs ) Wan led.
WKS rntoptirrhae,2I sr.W NDHtOEl,
for which liberal price will be given 1
In ca.h. I can at ill llmra be found, io rialis- .
bury, it T.. AUemonr'a llantion Hotel. Any ,
perwin wishing to acll, to whom it may b- in
convenient to make application, can direct a few
lins to me, at Saliabury, N. C. and tbey will be
attended to. JUSIAII llt'lE,
.Wiry,An?lA 1829. ; . Ji
XUOM enbacribcr'a paaturo
I fliJury, n lha Slat mat.
: d ,r i" VClPV l!rk kruiil lr-.r4 rl
OtaS"'"! I", abnul n hawla bigii
ytavHI, aWHit m,k ahf w, and a MU
wild to catch In the rvr. He was bourlit oT
UaJ. ffenj. I'arks, of M'ilkesLorwiglu and it U
aUpftWe't 1tlTnJrfirewnTaIns.-Airr
person taking up said horse, ami Informing mo, . '
ao thirt'Tget-'htnrirsifl .-stiiH b librrallr rei -
aratded fur the truuble. anl.all jiccrary cx;. ,.,
penespMi. niUM.lil .Mtl.lar, .
.Voiiiiry,fl23J,18i9. Ti
Sunt f Xtrtk Carolina, Wilita msf
"InPBTof pica and quarter trsaiona, Maj term, .
J 1829. The Petition of John Murphey.Charlea
Murphy, a lunalie.who petitions by bia nt It (riesxl
John Murjihy, John Tomlinaon and bia wilt A ana
Levin Gordrn and bia wife Br tar y t t. Stephen
Murphy, John ItaD and lua wife Ifcbofah, Cbarief
Cillian ami hi wife IVilanar, 8te4ien Htuart
and bia wife Itebeccab, and Jowpli Murphy, ala
aj;aint said Stephen IJ'uart a aunririxg Eiecti
lor of Daniel Murphy, dee'd, and again said
Stephen .Smart and Jovplt Murphy a aIminia
tratoraof llaanah siurpby, dre'd i Petititn fr
IHimbiUitn, In thia ca-e. it appearing to the..
aaiafctioi of the court, that Mephen Murphy,
John Ball and hi wife Deborah. Cbarle Cillian
aiMl hi wife Dulanar, live beyand the limit of
this Ktatr ; it i therefore ordered by tbe Court, that
publication be made, ait eek aoccrrirely in
tbe Wettrru f arolinian, that Ibe said Stephen
Murjihy, John Rail and lborahhia ife, Charles
fjlia-and llaiiar bia -wife bf , d appear
before the joal'ice of ir cwirt of pleas and "
quarter aenions to be hebl Ibr the coiniy of
Uavidion, it the coun-brinie in Lrsingion. on
.be 2d Monday in Augim neit, then and there
to niead or nnawer laid petitHm, Aihewia it
ill be taken pro c0n .,, and heard riparte as "
to them. Witnr, Dati.l (k, clrrk of our olFce,the2iMl llonda) ofMav, 1829
6'71 I). MiiCK, C. C C.
Price of advt. g3.
lUti Icctiuntti
On Saturday, 30th ultimo, Mr. M Pierret,
I native, of France, but for the laat three year, a
resident of our villare. aaa an ingenious a iv ii .., ,,, ,. . ,., . .. ,
mechanic, fond ol ab.tract apecula'ionaa.i in- .,.;, luM vrM.m inf eff kte
gulaHy enthuaiaaiic in the pursuit ot novel dm- ( u lUt Vl wiMMt Mtv w i(t(.(K, ,0 om
eoverte-H is said he waa once m affluint ur- lo,jH.rinjr mm iw ,hwt a moots and
cumaiancea, but mi.fonunea, aome tncvitablc , Wil, ,hc moIley lh(ll i, 0n.g to ua, to buy
and some the fruit, of hi peculiar propei.wi it a, lleevr. ti,h j, d h, .
dun our cuatomrrii, an. , till more dimjrreeabUs
to wi.iTfinr them 1 but r ihall be compfllcd to
adi.t the lalt. r alternative iim!.-i, c rc anrrdl.
ly paid our juat dura. kltlDKU k It ' LUS.
Auhslturii, June 1 J, 1 8i9. 3l7
N. M. Our day of furnishing Hrrf will be as
in hi latter rlayi, bore heavily upon hi.n ln ill-
nt-ta wai of a aevere nature and bafflrd the ef
fort of medical skill, tbe bet our vil'agt- af
forded having been cheerfully rendrrtd. It is
understood bat he bad not a relation on thia
side of the Atlantic. He willingly rraigned,
bimsell totbe Will ofhis mukcr Heporter. i hcretolor. . I I, .!.,-. ..i w i..,.
I ' -r waa v amj ikl Itl m J
ilT -X-earfylrf the hWilngY" "".KriC'R.'
i mem e Htum
ter 7 to 10. flour 3.7i to 4 per barrel, wheat 30 mf "l aoo.fty, a lag aKrt
Tit tijiprme fturi commenced its summer
term in Raleigh" the 'd Monday in this month:
Among those gentlemen who have obtained li
cense to FratUe Law, are the following :
"Joseph CiMweHiTif- Iredell ernnty Tbomas
J. Oakea, of Rowan county J.ime P. llendcr
fQt,of ;.l'inw.ltrjB.f2LP.ujgeM. S. . Gaitber)' of
u.rke and VVilliam B. ' Haskell, of Peiinsylva
ia, in the. County Court. And Daniel M.
Bsrringer, of Cnbarrus, has been admitted to
.Superior Court License.
ham, and Surry, some gold, and indication of ;
more, have recently been discovered.
r!&Heiriitrg, new and rich veina are con
stantly opening," ?Xterv machinery lis edritin'
ually building, and large quantities of the pre
cTdu mi:Wt "Mfe!:
ter, and horae power.
In Auaon amLMontgomery-, the minecontin
ue to be worked with profit f although not as
extenstVLly in tht latter county as formerly.
In Davtdien county, a number of new mines
have been opened, and machinery ia erecting to
work them
It is ataied in the Pioneer, that a . company
have commenced the Gold Mining business in
York district, with a go d prospect of auccess.
ted by the board unanimously. This is a
bold experiment, and we understand it
has been submitted to without much op
position. , .
A western paper announces a marriage,
and acknowledges the receipt of a pteca
ol cake, a bottle of champaign, and "half
a dozen first rate cigars;: from the happy
The Editors add that thev invited a few
7 to 8 Jffl
U to-42, ilavv,j f7
tmmer GOODS.
A Nil ftLjil
to 1.30, homespun cloth 18 to SO, whiakey 0 to
25, bacon 7 to .
t'n4lillr June 7tk. Cotton I
bacon5l to peach bt audi 55 apple do ) to 42, ftviS GR0( IIHIF.S:
Jutlor 10 to 15 corn 49 to 50, rutl 80, tlour cm an al noat r r riic!- ihmu.Iv t bo
4to 5J. lanl 7J,"moliUiie 3:a34,stigr8Jlo 10, iiui 14 SlortS ,-tMlbt toraA, ahdlittcted:
utt 75 to80, tallow HvWhtat 8i a90, wbikey v:4 by lums f, with care, in I'lnladeljibia aul Niw
to :28.'.;rxlT'. S. bank notes 1 4 a I) Cent. pre , Yutk: .
mium, Cape I'a're ditto, li a 2. . r " he PuWie are awiirrri thry-sriH find fuk
-mpp'vi afKl m hv (or cmh as any tn rbr pJat-j
CharlnltH, Juu l5.-.fottotl.7i. tQ..J centa,
flour 7 a 71. whisker, 26 a tf7, b&,H 6 io 7, bama
' . n i . l ... I ..I l.... 'HI tn i t .ull iA. Ill
of their (riends to partake of the good ! cTJ..;.
cheer. Few H ought to be, for one bottle , bani. billi2ai Derccnt. dirtount i ieorKia, li
trr nthera ise, on acenmrmHlatme; 'errrrt.-
are invited to call, eamine'-d iodrr trtWm-
fiiy, 9. 18J9
2 77
of Champaign and rr cgart
Foot Race Owen Atkins aad J. W.
Cumtitn, June 20 tJotton 7 to 8J, flour 4J
to 5 out ot the wagons, that from Camden
mill 6 to 7 v. heat fcl, corn 6o to WJ, uaU ji.
Boiins ran oo1 aCC PlV.ay l.'ania j u 73, whiskey 28 to 35, bacon 7 to
county, Vs on the I4 h ult. lor glOO
-1 . a t- :il s r a
AKem.cmarr0riorav,M iwinu !.. j. A,l:m !b
his plantation, about a mile from the village,
which promises to be productive.
In the IVilmmg'tvn districti the Hon
G.ibriel Holmes, and Gen. E. B. Dudley,
aie both candidates for Congress. We re
gret to see su h men c me in conflut,
but as 'hey are both highly respectable
gentlemen, the district will be ably and
honorably represented, let whichever may
be elected.
The Harvett A majority of the Far
tners in ihU section of the country have
I'tAtedjheir'cropsof Bye ar.n Wheat t -
iBe former is tolerably good jbut Jthejaih"
rtuma.outa. was. feared, not huff an
ovmge mATlbelorrr soell trr wet wea
.a 4 . " lurili. uu ui sire wsim mviif . 51sk
inerrlurtag..tha period .when . the-CaUOr , atruckaamailJiuuae-ULMeKer street, aul killed
Mad should have ' filled," ruined the ; a man named Scjuirea Charity. A sloop waa up-
bet ; the grain was either blasted, or set in the nver, by the violence ot tbe wind, and
Wed." 'Bearded wheat has succeeded i our y n-
this yesf rnurhlieTfef ithWothef kitidr
Com and Cotton look well ; and of Oat;
present appearances promise an abundant
crop. ; -'
The Wheat crops in Caswell county are good ;
acrop of 800 buhel was sold in Milton at 80
" ltl Df hllwVl! a an aara (ka Milthn f-,i'it
, . - - "i'mvi 4 wim amy isiv rniwn
ed tbe bet, having ' as nearly as could be
ascertained ran it in about forty min
utesl! 1'
Baltimore, hine 19 Hour &6 a 7j cotton
10 to 1 1,- whirkey 24 to 5, bacon 9 to 1 1.. .
CinciimttM, OhivluneS Cotton fea-
tber 2J cents flunked 37 to 40, fltiur 4.7j to
5.8 , Kenhawa salt 50 cents, peach brawl) 6.',
apple do, 37, whiakey 20, Ullow 0 to i, lonac
CO 3 to 7 cents per lb. - .
Bovtm, Juw 13 Cotton .1 to 11. fla? 9,
a II, Hot! i 7 t" i corn ju ji, Kimwn ,
YvmA CirocerVes.
sx Co ffee
Avfvl Calamity. The dwelling bouse
of Mi. Jeicmiah Watts, in Butler county,
Abbama, was lately destroyed by fire. ! 5, tallow 8 a b
Four of his children, one grand child, j jathville, Ten. June l3 Cotton 7. a 8
and a traveller who had put up for the ; flour 8.0w, la.u o to?, wincey 10 Jt, uuow o,
night, perished in the names.
... . t . 1 : 4.1 xr ! . CL 1
a anrm ncv.iurt was rdcimv iriuiiiciicii . .
todfith by the thunder and hgbtTf jngd.trmg a Jttng, near Armsirong s torcj, Lincoln
torm. During the same storm, the lightning ' county, on the 25th Ulr.j while standing
in a yard convtrslng witn Messrs. fllal
Tas. 37. of Pasquotank county ,
Jitnnouncid a a candidate for Congress from
mstnet, which hu heretofore been repre
."' y. Mr. Sawyer. We have ndt seen
"ther the latter ia a candidate for re-election.
. , . ..
f Dr- TJamoi H. flail is a candidate for re-elec-l'oa
to Congreas from the Tarborougb district.
body 'of George W. Adams, Efqaon.
'ne late Prewdent of the U. 8. lot ovetbeard
am-boatand drowned, baa been found,
safc.? ,ore itEMt Cbester.and buried by the
IFf.The public morals of thia' place
Th,? i tbeU ,ow bb- Several conths since,
, ouei took plce. between Wjn. A. M'Kae, V.
The celebrated Ann Royal, has been presen
ted by the Grand Jury at Waahington City, as a
nuisance 1 and it ia reported the dr camped be-
. iJ.stiii Ltw myitis,
1 1SL Camliiia bank bi II 10 uer cent. 01a.
CAeraw fne 17 Cotton, 7 to 8J, bacon
(1. flnur A to 4.3!'. whiskey 25 o
Mr. v.CfOTi?Aee-wia lulled by ugbt42i wtbridv. 450. 50, 4' to45,
. .1,. . r . m rj 4 r
Imt tohlCCO t. Colic . .3 IO 10. MHO iv i j, r
tallow t, molaftes .4 .-beef. 3. .
ArJru.June 13 Cotton 7.50 to 8.00, flour
I' rtceived, and for rale,
low tor fh or prompt pay-
M) bass
5(X) lbs. hutj do.
500 frsibi, Liverpool Salt
8 .Molasses
3 fir rves Hire
pipe Old T. Jl'ht
1000 lbs. joi$h Moulds
French Brandy, Holland Gin, Jamaica Hum,
&c. Ur.. JOHN Ml It I'll V.
SaUibury, June Uh, thJ9 6t7()
thew and Andrew Armstrong, on tbe very
. Patent Office. John D. Craige, late of
BiliimoEc. htt Jbeen aoDoinled SuDerin-
herrdant Mhe.amin&T'rThc
r. Jones, the late supernvencam, was not J
revo'vedt as some of the pajper asserted,
4 will appear from the following extr.act
from his note to the Intelligencer " Af
ter a free conversation with the President
and with the Secretary of State, by each
of whom 1 was treated with marked kind
ness, I consented to be transferred to the
Bureau, of Consular Correspondence in
the Department of State, whicb office I
now hold. TlfOS. P. JONES.
. Wa$hington , June. 16.
A Presbyterian congregation in Boston,
have resolved to use the Episcopal form
of worship ia their church:
tudden decease of old Mrs. Armstrong, i to
who had just been found lying dead on
rh flder. The M wrarrnstrongv were
also seriously injured by tbe lightning
one of them is not expected to survive.
Trouble in France It appears by ex
tracts in the-New York paper,. that . in
some of tine departments of France sedi '
ilotiS symptoms have r.eceplvjnanifested
themservMrthdt'Afhr ppfbnsviejrt
entertained that a revolutionary spirit has
been started among the peopler growing,
apparently out of the scarcity of provisions
in some of the districts.
Singular Suic ide. CaptJpseph Erwin,
of Iberville, Louisiana, wealthy sugar
planter, distinguished for his hopitality,
lately terminated his own life in a very
singular manner. In a fit of mental ah
enation, to which he had latterly been
subject, he enveloped his head in a blank
et, and plunged into a large water jar,
head foremast, in which situation he was
found Hfelestr.. . ' :
50 1 $7, wheat l.W s t, bacmr fi i" b 0
1 100, peach brandy 75, apple do. 40 a 45, whia-
key t5.
1.2i, corn 45, bacon 7 to 7J, brandy apple U a
45, whiskey 26 to 27.
June 17.... Cotton 7 to 8, flax 10
to 13. flour 6.00 to 6.50, corn 60 to 60, cheese 7
Tallow, Hides,
-tiboe thread, - Fat Cattle.--
Corn, Oats,
Ivive Rattle Snaketv of Cash, " T
Will ftejaken in errhanze. for
Molaaaeev- -
liberty Hill, S. C.
June lot, IH29.
..-.Naiuv.......-, -
Indigo, or cash.
J. (j A It LICK.
IVditlttS ttti fetteeVs.
' TB-.HHt,:s,vL!S will or receivtu, umii me m' w
streets, in llie iown)i Baiiwmf.
by filbnir up the guiiy-noica, gravemng. v.
Ft Hi iLt.,
LVLN'tr. in the county of Surry,
and, as i believvd from recent
TUiyrdlie Gold tltglut.
i, ' Torth.CaroIiii," fi.'; tract "wa ".'
Viz . Main street, irum inc wnun nc iaie, in uieyear t yj siniaia .
the Court House i Do. froin the - Bank to Gal- ,,; t ,luii,uou ui ve, ajjoinin the county
Iowa Ilk) I; and Market atreeLirom tbe Court- W,,f Hilkts, and exuiidjnn- from tbe Blue
House to Mull's, opposite hi Ian Yard. For , Kidge to wkbin tlir. c mil' ot .h? Main Yadkin
all other information apply to Mr. Andrea .!": River. It ia intersected for fifteen or twenty.
tAjeu, one ofjhe Comniirtiooers, by whom the mile by Mitchell' river, arlordinir an abundant
work will be superintended, kc. Ca$h will be supply i4 water-power a' an aeaxons, and many
paid, v. ben the work ia completed, bhouio no t convenient lor tbe application of this pow.
Private .contract be prcviouaty made, the v.orkferttBwpirpeof lachmery. Geha late
will then be put up to tbe lowest bidder, -jly be. . ind in the neighborhood of tbin land,
ltr oaiisa or tmi Coaaisiioaaa.
af6ryr June 1 8W,
.OB land ajld by order of writ of venditioni
expnit, for t" t tnts otrre; -
but ita ibtueral treaaurrs are m a great measure
unexplored. Persona desirous to purchase, are
h Lrred in the Lditor tor more particular ini'ot
.atK)H, with whom tb- plut of this land ia tie.
:. A48rrfJ7r4l. ' ?l
, -
mr.,a- mi y
t v'
- h
. . i' .... J i
rTrtVcvy 'WKy tf.
& 1
. t
v: v
4 -

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