North Carolina Newspapers

t 1' .
VOL. X.....NO. 477.
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1 MS
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pnUmM Ik rMM t laa Umi ufM f rWim,
tt. flu, tntaaf IM n,rl CwUal St.. laa ita4,Ma
till kmrfiw " Hhni , .
Tin 411 M tatf friHM r t Wtw mXf, If aal
Xjtt af ! rHr, aU Ml aala my. HrMifmmi
;-, "' at S JVni ftf SW ,
KtM tt Jm tHm .?
' M alllaittia iannHata HiUt, trlMy r M k
I-.., - -s
WANTED to purrhase,2J at 50 NEGROES,
. fur which liberal price will be given,
f in cash, I can at' all timet be found, in Satis,
bury, at E." Allemong't Mamion HoteL Any
person wishing to tell, to whom It may b In.
ronvenient to make application, can direct a few
I linet to roe, at Salisbury, X. C. and they will be
, attended to. i J0SIA1I liLIE,
. . SalUbnrti. June "Id, 1 825. . , , 73
; 3 XfcGttOfcS for sale.
ON Monday, the 3Jdy of August next, at
tbe MU1 of the Ute Alfred Macay, dee'd,
' will be told, the SLAVES belonging to bit
- ttate, 14 Mule. Home, fce. T be terma will
' be, in part, fur note negotiable tit Bank and
' part will) pond and approved lecurity, at ait
months. ' JAMES MARTIN, JunJSwctior.
'' Jdi 10A.-18S9. 3t77 ,
linubcriber.haalbe pleasure cf noun.'Prt,,'
cine to Lis friends and customers, and the
public in general.that he it now reoeUing from
vhilMlelDhia and New
lora, . i-, , . ,
or Tat ' .
I anJ'ihtit faihJnn8'r
he hu evef had. - Having been selected with
. great care, by biir.seH and. bought for catk, he
ieela peniictly counnem, mat ;or patterns
- .- nnd euuil
" 7-eny other
cualitiea, he cannot be undersold by
Mouaeintbeploce. -4, '
t,. Lsr:,:
Tbe public (re respectfully in
vited to call and examine for
! themselves. His assortment com.
1 prises sJmoat every article .usually
- kept in Storea. nClKlEtrRROW,
. ... a
. , . aliburyt Juty 6A, 1829t.j.U 3mt85
WILL expose to Auction, tbe bJaice"of the
Site tfCnJim E, Allemon?. on the 13th
ajo,.- a ALEXANDER,
.".:rir ; . --C ijA k.mwwiww
JLM. in daninury, a targe anu nanusome swon
KTnent r..--i -.j.
. .' .Spring ani Summer JOGOU
" Also. GrocerleaUardware, Cutlery, PlatedWare,
IIat.nd Hitters' Trimminn, Crock-
erv. a rood assortment of Molting
Cloths, , oboes, .L'onnets,
and every article usually
aatedlor in storci.",''"' , , t
Hit stock
. . ,
c of cooda has been purchased entire-
ly for reA t and he ia determined to sell them
" ax i -t a s
KTlmMKXfmtM i. K'gnt DoUara the leap and Twen
- punctual aistomers on a short eredit.-. The pub-1 to ::v.pjr,A ..t,
- .. Ire are ret
itr tr roMivrtfultw invited tn elL TminA. and
judge for
for themselves. ' -Z . "
i -. A'u'6iry,7unr 3J, J 829.
1?vnol r.fMAa IMi.nn flnAA.
Zl,,Z , , . v. , N. B. Great care will be taken to gire geter.
mHE aubxnber ia now receiving and open, j .ati,fc:ion but we cannot be liable for acci
. JJ. ing at biaiVere iqiWii6ry, a large assort rfml. Grain will be furnished, at the market
inenioi . - ,
spring ana mummer u u uus,
.routinin almost every article usually to be
found in Stores iboughlT6FVffdsehxted
The Public are aasiired they will find aufl
pippl and as low for caA u any in the place,
... ...1. " .ysa-a-ia. . !
4 or otherwise, oncofnTffoartngleTnttr-Jl'hejr
4 are invited to call, cxamiue and judge for them
selves. i JOHN MURI'HY.
; J,9. 1829.' i I2t7f
Wax, ..
- - Hidee,- ' -,--'..
f f. Tllow,
Shoe thread, .Fat Cattle, .,isz,
Corn, v Oats, - .
Live Rattle Snakes, or Cask
Bgar, Coltee, , . -
Shot, .w row4er,rT-'i
Lead, '
' ' Soap. - , ii ' Paper. '"
' ' ; Yea. "vv Indigo, or cssh. '
Iioerfy IhU, S. C. -1 . , J. GARLICK.
' Juita 1st. 1829. j ' ' ' 3nu8
:-r ciuo5L.nv.
. DarsaTxtirT or Stat, )
- i Talent Vfficet Jnw 29, 1829. J
tnunications directly to the Superintendent of
that nr, in.t.. nf th So-rMMvnf Slat, the
tatter mode beinr' attended with considerable
inconr-ninr. nrt anmrt'imra. risk. . AU such
communications are free of pottage, and win re
: ceive immediate attention - ' r ivfvV
t78 JOHN D;' CRAIO, Superintendent-
- .' T ' . . - 'V'1,-- '?';
e county of Siirry.
t and, ai u t
believed frmn recent
VJ( 'liiooverlea, within the Corf -Wii
.a, m. Aortaaroiin. . Thia tract rai
griMtay the State, ii the year 17954 ;:c4tint
f ntinuoua aumy, ajoinin Ue county '
fine of MiJkea, and u4r "
liidge UwilhWttliree mileeef the M.ifi V!iriiiJ
hRief,' It i liiteraected for tfteeii or twe
mitea by Mitcbell'e rler, alTordinj an abundant
upply of water-power at all eeatone. and many
aitea convenient for the application of thia pew.
er to the purpoaee of Machinery. . Cld haa late
ly been found Id the neighborhood of thia land,
but ita mineral treasures are in a great meaeure
unexplored.- Peraona deriront to purchase, are
referred to the Editor far more particular infor.
matioo, with whom the plat of this land ia de.
po4ted. . ,,. , , , ji.; '
Salisbury, June Uth, 1829. ' ' . -. ) f .
"ffT'OR SAIKArreeabty to the
JL' last will end testament of Abra
St k w b" Kahardc, dee'd. the undersi
ed, Executora to aaid will and testa.
. mnt, cm Uuraday tbe 27th day of
Anjrutt next, 011 the premises, will expose to
public tale, several adjoining tractt cf LA.ND,
eootaininff nearly 400 acrea.. -, t. ' '
- 1 hese lands are lying on the traterl of KiWan's
Creek, a mile and a half 9. R. of Gen. Graham's
farnace, aaioining Unds of , Graham, . Moody,
Lowe, and Uinkin, and are equal to quality to
any lands in the neiehborbood.
Formerly there -were in operation on iWpre-
t, ., i n 1 - 1 uun'afJd- cottrfw- au-
enme t dui a; present only tiie gnat-mui is n
. v
' n excellent one for any kind of
mum - ry, having aconaidefable fall, and good
wxerpwer. . ' n : '
Oothe premises 1st rooJ Annie Orchard 1
and also a. considerable quantity of meadow
Condition One and two vears credit 1 ap
proved security will be required, ami title to
paaa at tbe payment of the purchase money.
J:f 'j," .
tH .J?' 2'62 1 Extcvfr,..,
: r..VJy IdA, 1829. - - -6t8l
"Valuable llciiV Fi&t&te
fUlIIE tubseriber ofTera for at'e
ill pV-S-TOJWTalaaWe Pitntatitm,-with.
Ill I V in four miles of Salisbury, en both
i'jl. ?ides of tbe Beatties Foard road.
recently owned and occupied br Mr. Ceonre
Locke 1 ool hlch jbere ta t larg. he w" and
commodious dwelling-house, with aQtheetfeiJ
tary out4kouaca.Tbere.. is only about. $0 acres
W un WtiOttT Whirdavf the
tract la aa good uplind as any in the neighbor-
hooat witn a irood poruoit of best kind orawamp
1-J . V 'I' !. . '-.1.'
I iaTOiipr cuncr gnuaor jjrmin 1 n is in mc
midst 'of nospttable anUaocial neTfOioorhOod
For terms, Etc. apply to the subscriber, in tbe
neighborhood. JOHN LOCK fc Sent- -
.Jlay 23di 1829.-. . 68 ?
riLL stand this srs-
j y in in
w -aonintnecounuesr.c:. xl.i.- r..iti:..'rt
commencing the week in
Salisbury, on Mondays,
1 ueedaya, and Wednes
days j in the town of Can-
riwt nn Thiirtaua PvL
"W-ra.eAV days, and Saturdays. The
i icasun wiu cumiiicuee uic in vi nHU'vn, ana cnu
.., t.u-- ..n -sn -iT. j r.
season will commence the 1st of March, and end
. . -..i. v .in. r..-JZ
1 alio wcaswvrta aear ewv ww via awai 9 icatsr lJC Kel
I r
I t , , , eTrpitrv 1
v- V54liiWjr.j:""".:t
price, to
price, to marct tent from a distance
Watches, Jewdxy, &c.
THE subscriber has just
. returned from the
North, with as good an as
aortmcnt of ; i it-
j t Vu eVfcp 'jjlTered for sale In tibia '- place j his
I- ,. . . 1
jewtirj iiw CTffintK smpwwqns, snq ie
most fashionable and elegant kinds to be had in
any of the Northern Citieti elegant Gold and
Silver Watchett plain Do. i fce, fco. And in a
few daya, be wilLrecejte a very, elegant assort,
ment of Jliititary Good. Abo, all kinds of Sit
vtr.Wvrt, kept constantly on hand, or made to
order on abort notice. All of which will be sold
lower than- auch goods were ever diapoKd of
before in this place. , ;:'lPr7r:.?r-
The public, are respectfully invited to call and
l Vtatia suvra wua aavts a iVBBtaeaawy v. t uwv
Mhd teneowncfaitofh
examine these goods their richness, elegance.
' All kitKto of iJoir4.aad warraiited
takccR Amgijhe ahop ia two doors below the
courthouse, on Main-atreeti""OBT. WTNNK-
Satiiburg, JUdrcA 30, 1829. 20 ?
N. B. I have recently employed nn excellent
workman, who will in future be constantly in my
Shop) so that those disposed to patronue me,
in my fine of business, need be under no appre-
nension, in coiuctjucuce n ray occasional io
sence, ' . ; ,4; B. WYNNE.
jk LL those indebted to the Bubtcriber, by
1 il. note, or otherwise, are hereby notified to
j call immediately and make payment This no-
tice will apply more particularly, to all
tnose wno aa not live in tne immeutsre neign
borho4 rfSansbury. ROBERT WYNNE, ;
Match y)&W9. ;
jUi.i:vLRi:rrn solicit,
Delivered at Nuhvi'.!e, Teisnes;e, on the otv
canon of a Public pinner, gUea 1 him by tbe
citiiens pf that place, on the 2 J ojune Ut. .
Our Vut$t. the llun. Jjard JT.rrT, a diitin
piihe(irrprfsrntttire, vt ti I'.rnin. tsite,
of our country. f-: :
" "' .4 , - ,
. Tl drinklns ef th!j toe m fj!lowel
by T6hs' ind continued token) of inproba.
tionl ; : Wheo ibe Jo'; h4 iJfded, Mr.
Everett rose and aaiJi . J
, Mr. Pretident, and Gtntlem'g Tot
lentitnent which hai just been announced,
and. Iht kind lUentioo, of which in(j
tnyteif, on this occatbn the object,,
mind tny particular icknowledemenw.
Coning amonj yoa from remote diif
trut ot (be country 1 pcrionally ecqualn
td on ray arrival with but a tine! indi
ridual. your diatinftuithed renresentstlf
in Congress j possessing none of those
public and political culms on your notice
whicn sra usually acknowledged by cour
tesies ot this kind, I find myself the hon
ored guest of thia day; cordially greeted
oyao larfce a company, where 1 could
bate expttjed only to form a few ac
quaintsnce andinsde to feel myself at
bometo tneand of strangers, 1 should
feel thai tense of oppression, which un
merited honor. esjght alwiyi to produce,
did-I-look-wlthhi.nyHlf for. ;he rea
aott ot lM7teriivi .;dwW-U . r
not here gentlemen, thai I look for it.-; I
know that it flows from i much higher
source;1 from Vour ready hospitality--
from your liberal feeling,'wbich is able to
take in those pans of the npublic which
are tbe moat remote, from you I : and
which disposes you, even ttward tbe per
toa of an individual atrangrr, to strength
en-the bonds of good till tatweeo all tbe
brethren of the great: Anuncan . famtlr
it ia this view of the ,'subjct alone, that
could reconcile my acceping this kind
proffer of your public attentions, with the
inoffensive privacy which 1 la my study
to creserre in mv nresent iourneV i for
be aake of which I have been led,' on
more than one cession aires I leftbome
to express wish to be excused from
similar attentions oil the (art of political
mends .attentions which would have Ira
plied a DUbhc standine which 1 do not
possess .would have caused rn"xcur
Vion to bo ascribed to another "thsn its
teal motlvcLi:.. ' " . : r " ;'-f
raT'motIverniement-ti the- long
tWTisltecwtsh "twboholdtith nay owji
eyeSi thia western world, hot of promise
merely, but of most astonishing; and glo
rious fulfilment. . The wonders, as they
may justly be called, of the West J tbe
nrodgious extent of the territory, the
msgnittjde f the Btrcimajhal finite into
lone greavayatem .the.reniotesl parts of
soil, of which the accounts,, till they are
verified by actual observation, seem rath
er like the fables of romance han sober
narrative,, were amoog the earliest ob
jects, that attracted my youthful curiosi
ly.- While visiting some of the most ap
cient abodes of civilization in the elder
world, I hsd frequently, occasion to. ob
serve (and 1 have no doubt Mr. rresident
that your observation confirmed tbe fact)
that the cuiidsity rot the intelligent men
of Europe waa more awake on the subject
of tbfalban any other portion of our-coun-try.
. Of the Atlantic coast they, have
tome general knowlecige, arising from
the length of time since it was settled
and the political events of which it has
bceo the. theatre but the valley ot tbe
iuissi5ippi accmco to navo- picuicu t.
self, as It were suddenly to their imagina
lions, ss a most peculiar, Important, and
hitherto comparatively unknown region
But from the time I have been led more
countrflrt its social relatione toahe reet
of the Union, I have felt an irresistible
dcsirelo3desTor to underatano. Irom
personal observation, the stupendous wort
of human advancement, which is here
t-oinr on. and of which ' the history of
p - ' - :
mankirMl-afford. Do'oihcf example.
cannot but think, it is the roost latere
ting subject of contemplation, waich '.the
world - at present afford j. .Apart ; frpm
thci grand natural features of Tlbe Scene,
the aspect of populous tovns springing
i v m m , i-
vacant or aavage wilderfless transported
ia ooe ireMriU6h7ioto
temtorr must cenamiy appeal aa airong
ly to the inquiaitire "mind, aa the sight
of crumbling towers, of prostrate columns
of cities once renowned and povertui re
duced to miserable ruins,- and crowded
provinces turned into . deserts. While
these latter objects are thought sufficient
to reward the .traveller lor a distant pu
grlmsge i to. foreign i countries," he , may
well be pardoned for Iceling himself at:
traced by the opposite spectacle which
is presented to him at home! a .scene
not of decay, but of teeming life of im
provement' almost 'too rapid to ieera tbe
result of human mtsns.
It Is i remark often quoted of ai cele'
brated foreign statesman Talleyrand,?
that America presents, as you travel west
ward in point of space, the same succes
sion of appearances, which may bo traced
In Europe, as you go back in point of time
w-ihat at you move from the cot toward
the Interior on thia continent, -yoVpais
throtJgh. those stsjek of ci vjIix(1on' wjilch,
are lound in Europi asjrou follow ita his
T6ry".tact to 'the -primrtive'-ageaU we
take the aboriginal vibes of our continent
into the survey, there is some foundation
for the remark, but applied to our own
population, it ia rather ingenious than
solid. The scene presented, by our wes
tern country, Is not that or. barbarous
race, trowing ua like the primitive tribes
Nf Europe, Into civilized nations i but it
is he far more Interesting, because the
more rapid aod intelligent progress of a
civilized people, extending itself through
rude wlldirtiesa, and transplanting the
mature arts of life Into the hidden mes
ses of tbe fo-est. The traveller who pre
netrates a thousand ot ;o thousand miles
from the coast into the interior, may find
it is true the log hut of the first settlers,
as be may find wkhln the limits of Phila
delphia and New-York, iay of Paria or
London, many a wretched hovel fur leas
commodious but; he will also find bcre
substantial dwellings Spacious and even
CCU oy ewuie uiQicauuna 01 tneimprurcu
arte of liie. I have learned, to my aston
ishment, that within twenty years, the
city of Nashville bas grown up, from not
exceeding four or five brick- bouses, to
its present condition, as a large populous
and thriving cpiul i the mart of a great
and increasiug commerce, exniuiung lor
the number of ita inhabitants, atmsDy
costly cdificcararany city in" the Union.
The log houses have disappeared, not in
the lapse of iwoinousand, or even ot two
. . " ''""; .- . m at- " - s . . .
hundred years, but in tne iape oi twenty
veara- the primitive foretta of the old
hunters are rone, not -by the drear of
age, but in the progress of the society for
i slngTeenWtTdnT
the . coast, we walk abroad and find our;
selves, noUn the rude infancy of society,
hntin ihe midst-'ofita-.aruils;refine
raenu-and its elrgsncles, the proHJuci
not of centuries but of Inc. ure .of :mar
VA iaouiad years sewee aerre teforffl Itatei
AO ilUUT D1KJ IB X tm tmw .
TteTtTtrse eaomi almoV.trBer5ThiIe
we contemplate in Europe the fate of
kingdoma that have been tone ring iof
ages on the.brink of decay, slowly dying
tor a thousand years, we behold our own
republics rising into matuiiiy, with the
exnerie&ee of irenerat ton. - v ere -that
not our countrymen,2ourTaiKera, did not
lioree baiiaotajcw surviving veterana
carry convicuon io .our. iiuumi, w.uim
scarce credit the narrative oi tne pioneers
of the western aett lenient. ' ' It was not
till 7Cf that even 'DaDlel Boone, whose
fiitrht from wilderness to Wilderness forms
a sort of IletMra In the west, maae nts
annearance in East Tennessee. Tbe
first cession of land obtained by treaty o
ha Indians in this state is of no older date
than April," in 3, tnomenwuaionihT,aa
ir the great order ot eventa tnioe coun.
trv'a progress required that aimultane
ously as the blow warstrockrwoicn gave
A . .4 .a s
Independence to America, me ponan oi
the western mountains should be thrown
open, to her: eons, who bad hitherto been
forbidden, by authority Irom tnaj vrown,
to extend their settlements beyond the
Ohio.' (Oheers.)4 All those high spirit
ed adventurers cannot have passed off the
ataoe. who moved forward at" the head
of i the column of firat emigrants; It
related that in the year 1766 not a white
that year descended these rivers.' l h!tbr present
period, cannot be less than o0o,0ou.
-j But it ia not merely the 'rapid growth
of the western settlements into populous
states that wpriiv jrai?Hefrom
tbe, seoaat.. For this growth be must
be prepared, because he finds It net down
in the atatistlcal tables of the countrytand
because as a mere matter of figuresr he
cannot but comprehend it. That which
vanced Siataof the coromuciiy jtbe so:
cial impfovement hJcbiJbteWJtnesses.
He finds thit grtatWeg wa abounding, poi
merely with fertile lands but with highly
cultivated farms, filled, not .. with Jld
hunters, bat with a substantia! yeomanry.
The forests are interspersed, like the
reeione be has left, with village active
with all the arts of life He descends
the mlcbtr rivers In fine of those Costing
castles bslf warehouse and half palace,
which the genius of Fulton ha launched
on all our watera f built bere in greater
number' than in the East, and wi:b a
least enual mieniBcencej' and on these
(ivera he finds free PiUsburj, dawn to
New Orleans, a s'iccesilon of Urge towns " .'
surpassed only by a few of the Atlantic 1
ciuesj growing, fust tm a rivalry with r
some of .them; and already rich, -not ?'
merely In wealth, but in all the refine,
ment of life, and In all the Institution"- , ,
that Worn the nafure,dchlintcl.!ce;'':'-,w
mat, moru ana rcutoasman
" Suclit ipectatli'tMhotbe eontr mpli ' "
ted without rhingledLfccIings f astoniah - '
mehVand' 'griUficatidorbiir.wre'-'fwsr-will
pardon me for adding, that it enhan'; ;
rea the plcaaufe with which a son of New'
England . contemplates, it, to find that " .
among those who have swelled the hum
bera of . this great family who Ravo '
come hot merely to share your proaperi v '
ty, but In Tormer days to partake the
more doubtful fortunes of the early eet-v
tlements, are hot a few of the children of (,
that distant reflon. .He rejoices that he '
is able, In addition to the :2es of common v -. :
language, government, and laws, to trace ' , , ,
those of common origin and kindred of. ' '
blood, .Nor does iSsr rrjolce atone. ' The . '. . 4
feeling I am sure, Is mutuaL' .This fes
tive occasion, gentlemen, Is a pledge that !
you too are not' less willing to seiae an .",
oppottunify, however slight of promotinp; '
that mutual good-wilt, which is more Im '
portant for the perpetuity of the Wnioa - j . "
than all the forms of the Constitution -
Trtmcnioui theertnjt ; , . '.' . '.' "
menr cwm pared . wlib. ftutiaJ, .fnerallf,
speaaingf oarren region. sur . rocas
and aanda yield not those rich harveitl
which clothe your more fertile soil with
plenty t nor are we' connected wtrh our "'r
sistet state, by nobis atrearhaiike )our,
which penetrate the country lor thousands
of miles, and bind the deepest Interior to
marts on the coattr-But i may vewuto
to aasure yourori behalf of mv leltuw clp" 7 "
ixena at home, that we behold, hoi with -euvy
but with pride, ynur natural advsn-
agea and wonderful progress. -f When we) .
are -visited by strangers frpm Europe,' af .
ter we bare ahown Jhetn what is most
worthy of notice among ourselves, we
habhBaltyidd trrarthUliltnleTiompiried;
with tbe astoniahing advancement of the
West, v We boast of your Improvements
ratherthan OUT30WJK- We ere in thai - -habit
of contrasting our .cbrn'pafstfveTf "
tardy " progress ' tinda r a foreign colonial
system with youfntore tabid growth be
ncaULjne cneenriT Huttsenca oi JvracJtcan. .
Independcncerr W Hook to. n to com
plete tha great undertaking which was"
but begun by IheT fathera of ihe Americai
people who settled the Atlantic. , Ueicc-i
ting men in that region never, regarded
the great work to be performed In Amcr.
ica, as confined, to the settlement of tbo '
auip along the. abore. Jt wis to open, thai
whole, western world as an abode ih ctv
lliied freemenrnd werwisb' yoa :God -
noble work. . j wo centuries nave passed '
away since the first .settlers 01 the Atlan
tic coast were struggling under thoser ,
hardships which, the generation " imrne
dittely preceding you waa here called tov
encounter, and we cordially rejoice that -period
of thirty years has, purchased for.
yoa that security and prosperity, which
were. with us tbe growth oj a century and
a half. We feel hanpy in tbe belief, that
in your further advance meot yod wUIflot :.:
and that vou will bear in. kindly remera.l
brancei tne, men and the deeds which arer
among ihe dearest titles of our glory .1 Irl '
casting the eye over tbe-map of your
State, e behold among the
your counties, those of Lincoln, Oretne,,
Knox, Warren and Perry. We feel that
our hearts ere tbos linked together by tho,
tie of common devotion tb the precious,
memorf of our great and good men f anuY
we confidently rest in the assurance, that
JKhctypaVpresE ttrr
with you shall have passed awry, our cbil" "
dren will unite with yours in the : tribute
. ' ' ' '!- ' t i .... ..... L ....
01 grtuiutie -to-tnose-wnoriy netnef v no-
North or the South; the East of the Wests
have triumphed or bled,' have atood or fal-'
len lnheiflconlry,iJcasAGf
; Oentlemenr It has been; Justly etatecV
that when the next census shall be taken
the valtay of tbe Mississippi will probably'
be found to contain a population larger
thao , tbau wuh which the old "thirteen'-
ISftes,,ptqnged Into the flevolutionarf
waf.aod when after a pcVro(To! teh years
more, yet anomer enumeration snail bef
made, you will out vote a in the coun
cUs.of the nation, r The sceptre wilf ihen?
depart from ' Judab, never to raturn.w
We look forward to that event without?
alarm, as in the order of the natural
growth of this great republic.. We bSvo
a firm faith that our interest are mutually
tousjitenf ; that II y6a"b'r6sper'e''ihalt.
prosper if you suffer,- are shall suffer.
,that obr trengib ' will; grow - witi the
closeness of our Union1, that our children'
welfare, honor; and, prosperity, vill not
fwuffertfl- the preponderatice,' wbici thw
t a.
. )
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