North Carolina Newspapers

JVLY 23,
The annual meetlnr of the Itowan County
BlU Hociety, will be held on Monday, the 34
Uy ef August next, at Thyaiirai, where t Ser
mon may be expected from a Miniiter Previous.
1 appointed The Importance of the Bible
.. and eDee'ally the etieutirat-iiMr asiiect
wl.kli it has recently, assumed, will, it U hoped,
t u.ira t fall ineetinif, and a Urce contrrrntion.
- .-of v:-r-1. KANklN.
THi 0U JWnetL,Tb9 New-York Courier
'Zgrfft that th'i;tM' ffiworeted. Iff
cat 5 IS!i'?Jd
And Instance op in prow oi ii powuon.
Ko by pln inference) we understand the
Courier a placing North-Carotina upon a lerel
with fiptin, unk by all the debating vice
bore enumerated. And if lucb bo it appre
henslons, welt my it regret the extension of
that root o much mischief Into other state
to'deitroy all that U noble and deiirable in their
Institutiona, and alt that It virtuous and lorely
tn the character of their citizen. But wesus-
yiect the Courier labor under a ad hallucina
tion, with regard to the conditioa or our State
and the character of our people i for we cannot
admit, tbat the finding of gold ha yet tended
o loosen their mora! or repre their pa'.rioU
i!mv Tbui far, the mine have hid an influence
(be reverse of this: they bare, in tome degree,
relieved the people from the heavy pecuniary
embarrassments which so recently oppressed
, them, and ire eren yet sorely felt they have
inspired the friends of Internal Improvement
with a hope of realizing tbejaeana of ' accom
pl'uhlng those laudable works of improvement
without which the State never can become truly
great and wealthy t they have created new de
mands for labor and provisions j and given i
new impulse to indurtry and enterprise, which
mutt eventually have the happiest effects in
smeliorattng the condition of the country and
Feeling of fellowship, and common justice,
ibould dictate lo our brethren in other parts of
the Republic, to be slo in jiving currency to
the frequent slanders which are propagated in
relation to tbW much-abused State. It is the attri
hule of a charitable, frellnj, to prompt its po.
jnor always to look at the bright tide of a
picture, and judge and sjxrak eceordingly.
A fire took place in Ifew-York, on the 6th
Slut, j during the continuance of which, up
wards of twenty building were destroyed.
m ii i urn 'i i ""e)eSiajyv--'j
J. AlheV Tung, 'of Iredell counryrbai ob.
"Sined Bcense'to practwe ttw'ln" the Superior
" '-Jnuhif Ltcrft Ru JAi,Mr.' VVillisnr WeM, a
nteran of the Revolution living a few miles
from Salisbury, pulled a Radish in his lot, the
other dsyr which weighed five pounds and a
quarter and meaaured fifteen inches ia.circum
fe.tnce. ... Many others grew in the same patch,
nearly as Urge; - Mr. Weat says, that if the
perple of - North" Carolina wilt only be Indus.
trious in working their ground the right way, it
ill reward them abundaatly j am that there is
no need of so many of them rambling of! to the
wilderness of the new country .The old gen-
tleman thinks 'tis folly for every body to turn
jheir faces u WW-wsrd.
We h?e never known more frequent and
heavy rains, thunder, lightning, and hail, than
h been experlence'd thia season, in this region
of country. TTe are informed that the country
m the vicinity ef ThomMs Ferry, Iredell cbun
ry, vss visitea on the mn inst. witn a severe
Monn of rain, hail, thunder and lightning : the
Minding com and cotton was a good deal shat
tered one hog wai killed by the lightning at
th house of Mr. S. W. Thomas, and many oth
tr animals badly injured.
Gov. Branch. The followinp toast wan riven
at Lynchburg, Virginia. We have noticed simi
lar sentiments expressed in various parts of the
t'eion, oath late anrnversaryrof independence
" grstilymr to the fnend of JckiranV ad
niniitrttion, and particnlarly to North Caroll
ranMo mc that the talenta and character of
o mc that toe talents and character oi I sleeps, .. 1 .
road.! I Shall long keep his memory green in our touls.
ed abroad.
B) CafitrJihn E. Xtrtnih John Branch. Sec
'ary of the Navy hit purity of mind, his fidel
jff to the duties, of bis office, and a long tried
w io the ervice of his native estate, prove him
5!1 qualified a station ia the councils ef the?
from Norfolk, on his return to Wsshingtotj, the
5R0rd of the, Constellation fr'jrateY which was
a jT'!te,a t9 England, and France. Gov.
ranch intended returning to Washington Via
OMtf BumWic Th fnllnvinr flfRrM in the
'7 of Nt w.York, have declared their dividends
Jr' H months, as foUojas s .
he Ocean Insurance Company, a reirular Di-
- - w ur qcni. ana an exira jjiviuenu oi
' ?r eent maVini. IdiMnnl fr lh lart
"ontha. The Union Insurance Company, 6
Per cent i Th Fr.A fi r,u' tn.,.r.nm rnm.
t'eent.! The Naptune Inirance Com
?sy, e pe, eenU Th Mercnantl intur.
C-I,nT'' 3 Per ent- -The New-Tork
prance Company, 5 per cent.i$ The Eagle
u(wce uempany, 4 p centy
; ' f'dA$T font tithi'iA till'., Tttki Tha Antnrrat nf l! lU
RuiVisti whilst he is carviniruo Turtru. m
he keep hit knuckles out of Grr.
JUann Kan Burnt True greatnefs will sir-
vive, but enr.ot avoid the adults of cnviuiis
calumniators i and genuine merit will receive
its Just reward at the hand of i. discerning peo.
, r-nvy, calnmny, tnJ tfite, ,
ffuvt rs vrnsni in tfmr bit. ' ,
At Charleston. 8. C.i Tha Vi TnM,1nt r,f
ine united State i every assiult invigorate bia
genius, and his enemies tell the Est of hia
inumpna, . i . l .
- At Beaufort, V C.r TSe-MviMt' CM-
uio peopie ougnt, in eonacience, to give them
iwo term or omce, t the bare double duty to
pen'rmtDeir own, and tbatM wAnUUed by
their peripatetie ptrdeceaior.;.---r.--;-,-y-.-
TUm rreawfcmt of the United 8t rfni,!
to Wathlngtoo' d Tur sdav. the 14ft Inst, from
Mrtuur to NoTfblkr 1E n ttlaW winr tss"
'tunvtna tiiUaJ;b ,laiproveiLs-n wm the
first relattionfrofn the severe and one rout du
e . . . . . . 'I
tie er hit office, which the President bat enjoy
ed since hi inauguration into office.
Mr. Jonathan Frary, a retpectable dnirrltt
at Hudaiin Wsw-Yofk, hiving charged, thf ves
sel of hi Soda Fount aiq-too powerfullr, an ex
pivwun uiuk wnicn aiuea Dim.
jnwe was peneeti neaithv on the SdJdlvi
the Register of that date, aays the whole of the
month of June was more healthy than has been
known fur many years.
fi'cwXMean; however, by hut authentic tc-
counts, wai afflicted by that great scourge of the
extreme Southern towns, the 9tUm fertr, A
good many case occurred before the middle of
' A child in Qa!eigh lately swallowed a pbial of
tjuaH$, through mistake i it died soon after.
rhiladApUa, Jul 1 4. Upland cotton 9 to 10,
flour 5, corn 45, black eyed pease 40,io 50, ba
con hams 9 to 1 2, tear tobacco 4 to 7, common
wool 28 to 28, mixed mermo do. 31 to 38.
. pMtfmtuirm. JmLi 18- Oj caarkrt cojUwms
quite languid, and but little business doing.
Toe louowing pnecs wwrm curreni yesreraay i
Tobacco, refund 3 to .XJ i passed 4 to 12
cotton 7.50 to 9. wheat 21.05, corn 50 to 55,
bacon 7 to 7.j, lard trio 6.50. Uld Uminin.
Mobile, Jul 3. Cotton 8.25 to 9.75, bacon 8
to 10, flour 7.50 to 8,25, whiskey S8.
Baltimort JHarlctt.Tbcrt is very little varia
tion in the prices of flour. We heard yesterday
of 8.3.374 having been given for Howard atreet
from wagons, though 35.25 appeared to be the
general price. From stores. 5.53 a g5.6j 1-?
is considered the average price.
American Farmtrt 17 1 h intt.
The Torkville fioneer. has been tranferred bv
Wr. P. Crty to. ilrsars.J. li. Cocks and N, M.
Foulke', by whom it will be published hereaf.
trr, under the title of "Pioneer and Soutb-Csr-olina
us nit, jclv 10--
i?uwr. There a rumor (we know not on
what authority) that preparaiiona are miking
for an arrangement., with -Great Britain, on a
basis of extended commercial Reciprocity i and
that a tariff on imports will be agreed upon be
tween that Government and the United Stairs,
which will meet the approbation of both. It a
said the Bntim Minister at WiAhington ap
proves of the project,' and that a. special mission
to F.ngfand ts on root, far tire nurpime of aim
pleting the arrangements. Mer. JIJv,
Extract of a letter to a gentleman of Baltimore,
dated i -
... . . - . LtXIBOTOg, Kx. Jctx 4.. .
-Tbe trial of Mr. Wlcklifle for shooting Mr.
Rennirg, the editor of the Kentucky Gazette, af
ter octui'vinp the Conrt fotraflda""half davifc
haa ended this dsy. The Jury, after retiring
fifteen minutes, brought In a verdict of Not
Guilty, falling is no murder, then.'
Ttabtrt Emmet. No Irishman can pronounce
thia name without love and veneration. Robert
Emmet was one of those pstriot martyrs whose
memory will live forever in the affections of bif
countrymen and to wnom, tne scsitoia conse
crated by his idood, will , remain. prouder tr
nhy thsn the loftiest monument tbat rears its
head in Westminster Abbey.
Previous to hi execution, it is said thst he re-
S tested his epitaph should not b written until
e wrongs of his country were redressed un
til she stood M redeemed, regenerated apd dis
enthralled by the irresistible genius of universal
emancipation." It ts to this mournful request
tbat Moore alludes in the following beautiful
and deeply pathetic lines.
MOh! breath not his name-.Iet it sleep in the
Where cold and unhonor'd his relics are laid
Sad, silent, and dark, be the tears that we shed,
As the night dew tbat falls on the grass o'er hit
Sot'the night tTiw that fall, tbo' in ailence it
-----weep. "
Shall brighten with verdure the grave where it
The time, to whirh Emmett so ardently bent
hia prophetic vision, has arrived. Ilia epitaph
may now be written, and where shall we look tor
it, but from the pathetic, rich, animated, and
patriotic muse w Moore, mm- -
The followine anecdote -is related of
IUC ItHC VIUTlJ?Jiawi w uiuv7t a uiaiiu-
and f mm ef not approved courage.
An inoiviuuai wuu uuuv.ciTcu iiiinicu
insnltidy GtlrTlt
determination to challenge him. " You
are perfectly welcome," cooly replied the
latter, but I will not fight you." "If
you do not, I will pott you as a coward."
You will then" replied the Gen. post
yourself as a d d liar, for nobody
will believe you."
We find in tbe papers the followinr account:
A British ship of war touched off the . Island of
Tristan D'Acunha, in January, where she found
seven women, six men, and fifteen children upon
it, all English. They had been there twelve
year,, had built comfortable houses, and had
cows, pigs, and poultry, meat and vegetables.
The soil produces suootweou, and suh aa
U.e Leiltli'mtjloi'tlui RtV. Tack Uhk nuJ
of the South Atlantic, and to may hundreJ
miles from it nearest land, that ten the ills
common to children are there unknvn,"
a lua It the Island mentioned byone of our
publio tplrlted citizens, st a suitable ilsce for ut
to tend coovict. , , . , , , i '
Suhrtme CourU...Tha trtuneriti of
Counsel before the Coorl art CHed, and
the Judjje art engaeed In Vrepsring
their opmiom. i lit. Hrgliter&Qth iiut.
mman .Jiut)tiihcL.Y-&ii the. fol
lowing curiou advertisement I an Ohio
paper.. ! ' . . . -t--- -
1...... ".-....t.f - j... i r ' -
iciui ; q . lariiun r- jmr.r repute ion ft
cenUr adw Vf Mrs." CtlBabeth Bf
raara to luomii to vny acqnatnvnCS tn j
the publkl Tb uld Mr. Eattbe "iiiS
la a lisr, and a neighbourhood nulvm t
and tnismuch, aa the licsntlouinea, ni
ber tongue cannot be 'curbed, the Du
wuni ww otiiBu, inai nor sacriioivi
L. L- . J!.. J .v.. .
are enuuca io ao wci;nti accordingly
hereby give that inforntaCoh, and hold
tnyielf ready to prove it. "" "
.1.1 m - . t t . m
A (fvH JFisA.-.Tbe editor of the De
mocrtlio Prets withes Mr., Cliy health
and happiness in the bosom of bis family,
until his country shall call him forth to
do honor to her highest station." This
is certainly erer friendty with. It even;
exceeds tbe Spanish expression, rosy you
Uve a thousand year. If he enjoy health
and happiness until he Ells the Presiden
tial chair, he wiHv we tlink, pur Methu
aelahvery vouch h the tear of him in
point of age. Balt.Urfi.
qol4 -The Philadelphia G statu
We are informed that considefable quan
titiet of North Carolina gold are now r
ceived st the U.'S. Mint. It h a melan
choly reflection that we shall nn be able
to keep enough of this metaf in die coun
try to serve the purposes of a crculating
medium, even if our gold regim should
yt4d ten million a-year. -iilver abhors
t So company of dollar notes) am! gold and
five dollar notes cannot circulate together.
A Toes' with at Imiro'tmet We
learn from a correspondent of. the New
Hampshire Spectator, that at a late pub
lic dinner at wbich the Hon. Dariel Web
ater ..wai a guest, the following loan was
givenj John Quincy Adami-roay he
live to confound his enemies;" to which
Mr. Webster added, "cihehai hitfriendtn
and immediately dnk it.A. F. Cearifr.
''s HmL
'-i. renniyhmnian .Loan. The. Secretary
to .4 ne mmonwealtlChtl'np.. WThila
deiphis, attempting to negotiate loan
for the purpose of carrying the Internal
Improvements of the State Into effect.
The Aurora states, that the Governor will
be enabled to obtain much money as
will be necessary to continue the state
canals, without convening a special ses
sion of the Legislature. The Ui States'
Gazette repeat the report, that it is not
the intention ol tbe uovernor to convene
the Legislature! even if tbe whole works
I should be stopped for want of fund. '
r - " nrr n r iv
- men. ijomniicr.
Tlx Lutheran Church...7ht Lutherans,
now found in almost every part of tbe
United S'ates, have 900 churches, but
not so many as 200 pastors, tho mem
bers being in many parts widely Scattered,
and one paator itinerating among several
churches. The -ministers are chiefly
aupplied from Germany, and the service
is usually in German, though in many
placet it it In English. Al their" theolo
gical seminary recently established, at
Gettysburg, there are twenty students,
preparing for the work of the ministry.
National Intelligencer.. ..We learn from
Washington, that Mr. Staxbauoh, editor
of the Harrisburgh Reporter, and u a gen
tleman from the North," are ne gociating
for the purchase of the National Intelli
gencer, and if they succeedT its columns
will be devoted to the support of sound
republican principles. "Thus wjlUbis old
establishment once more become tbe
... .j .rr,:-i .. rn,.
tration. - J . I. Lourtcr.
Tnaae Jenning$.Tht Cincinnati Liber
ty Hall Gazette, contains an advertise
ment cautioning the public against ju vil
lain by the name of Isaac Jennings, $
fiddler, dancing master, dentist, havitg
divert wives. See. from the tillaee of
I a' a XT r A . if -
ning-'s character, renders it a querf with
US now ne couia ever nave ooiamcu iuu
uwgh'flCincirmattW Tender
such an advertisement necessary t (or a
greater blackguard never went south.
Toattt on the ith. At Raleigh, by tbe
Cold wster party i v-
Cold Water Nature's beverage The
best and safest ever drunk by frail and
erring.msn. 1
jlrdent Sfiiriit. Tje..ihop of he, Apo
thecary their appropriate label- -and the
prescription of the skilful physician a
wise nreliminarr to their use. 1
Washington, Adams, JcffersdL and a
. .! . . tlf i.L ! ' 1 ,.
nost oi nevoiuuocary ' onries-Aii jo
Fonniax muvs.
' MxoYork,Juty I J B. the Sully,
from Havre, French paper to the Ut of
June-have been received. There it no
thinp; actually new, which we can depend
opon, from the teat of war. . It U evident,
however, that we ihall'toon hear of aonia
far aanjulnarjr engagement.
"It appear! that the objact of the itua
aians ia to get by tourner) the Balkan by
bearing upon 8iieboli, and effecting a dis
embarkation at Bourgaa. The more
mtTrtrcmcemra0on'' tope rate f'ihli
morflenf opQftlli'trttl'W
!A. reference to the map will wke thit
Should the ftuimn ucceed lr turning
barrier" of the empire, the war would be
terminated, and it it very probable that
they would find no further obstacle in
ineir marcn io vonsianunopier
i. rt ,
The report Is again circulated In Get
nny that the Kingdom of Hanover it to
be'mde independent of England, under
tne Dukeollumberiand.
Froth Buentut Jyre$Tht U. S. aldop
of war Boston has arrived at New-York,
in a ahort passage from Buenoua Ayres,
naving Kit there on the 15th My. liy
thia. arrival, the New York papers learn
that the city of Buenous Ayres wt in
possession of the " Army of the Provin
ces,, except the Grand i'lsxa do Victoria
and Ibe Citadel, and it was expected that
they would soon turrender. Lavalle was
in the city' and uiing every exertion to
maintain the ascendancy, but there was
scarcely a bope ot his succeeding. Th
lovadinr armr from th interior ( stvled
ie.rederal party beaded by Lopez,
uovernor or,ine a rovinco ot Santa re,
and their object was to revenge the death
of Gov. Dorreco, r and re-establish tha
Federation of the Provinces of La Plata
Lavalle't party, Which had caused the
revolution, was called Unitarian, and they
were io favor of a consolidated govern-
Tpentitbeteid of which should be Buenos
Admiral Brown had resigned his situa
tion at Provisional Governor of the Pro.
vince, and it wa reported when the N v
ton aailed, that he was about fitting out a
fleet to proceed against San Nicholas or
Santa Fc, but the last accounts received at
Montevideo stated the project had been
In consequence of alleged insults, to the
French flag and nation, the Consul Gen
eral, M, iMandeville, demanded hia pats,
ports, which were granted, and he left
Buenos Ayres, with hi family and effects
bnlbe '"Cih"iJ ' Way rln the - f renchr ship
Galatea, for .Montevideo, where he arrived
a a - f a t. -. .
on ine oin. me rrencn Aamtrai on
that station had .also taken potaeaaion of
the uuenos Ayrean squadron, consisting
of foortrig andseveral gtmboatsr The
vessels were attacked by the boats of the
French squadron, and after being repulsed
R. times, the. surnd-d 5n ;.I.B,
. j . . ,7 . --f
them, and burned one of the brigs.
At Montevideo all was appirently tran-'
quit when the Boston sailed but it was
said that ther- was some jsr ring -amoni;-
the leaders. They were busilv engaged :
in regulating the government, and fra
ming a constitution for that province
The Boston has been absent from the
United States three years and three
months, durinir which time she has onlr
test three of her original crew, who died
r .,, n.irl.. v.. ..:..
us aa wm i iiu
are assured that, although she hat fallen
in with hundredi of vessels, she has ne
ver met any that could outsail her.
Mexico. h letter from Vera Cruz,
May iJ.tayi; Thit country now enjoys!
a degtee ol peace and tranquility which
I have not before observed since my resi
dence in it yet the dearth of the pre
cious metals is so great, and the public
treasury so empty, that the government
has been compelled to issue paper, which
ia sold at a great discount, in order to
raise means of meettnp the exieencles rf
thenomentr Guerrero end his cabinet
are very popular, and there aeems to be a
Wsposmon atiwing an masses io oear wun
patience any privations under his sdmin
The Navyi I fear, is abandoned, not
to be soon again resuscitated. Commo
itore Porter is in Mexico, settling his nc
(foUfit prevloilsir to his1 "t eturn'to iHe
United States, lie will certainly carry
home with him the best wishes of h3
The newspapers contain energetic cd
horarrttcie ld bfial ' oelamion
in reference, to .the, JreaJtncd paiikb
invasion, which appears to have been re
garded as almost certain. According to
the articles just mentioned, the Mexicans
are not only to exterminate the invaders,
but to retort hostilities upon Cuba and
Porto Rico. Our government is accused
of having done more to frustrate the in
dependence, of those islands than any
ether power.
Cincinnati, OMnJidy 10 Cotton IS, fes
then 83 cents, flaxseed 37 to 40, flour 5.75 to
5.8. J, Kenhawa salt 50 cents) peach brandy 62,
apple do. 37, whiskey 20, tallow ? to 7. tobc
eo 3 to7fnts perlD. ,
Mn. UiyMskn Indictment confaic
ing three distinct counts has been found
against - Mrs. florall. The 'nt count
charged Iter with being a common slan
derer the teennd, with being a common "
scold and the third, with being a common '
brawler. -. To tbe second count, she put ,
in her plea of nor guilty j but demurred 16'.
tha other two counts. Yesterday Judge) '
Crsncb delivered the opinion of the Courts
which luitilned- the . dernufrcr, on tho
ground that the terms coramon!nder . '
ar.'.'.. and . : H com moo. bra w lar .t w ere aoi ILL
vim, ii in lint i uiai umr wii o- .
cbnd eobnSha wai testera c&iitt
k.. i.l. u.. ..u il ...
prp ired ; lot ectfUU bhVMlWMMSZZp
occdphc br thenention of the Court byTr "
the case iii)xi;AYatkbahe,jM:tmot -x-sjzzz
without pasting ihrough-lhe.jnrdcali.. for
which we have no doubU ahe was full
prepared. yi at. Journal, I tih intt.
Cotton Seed. A machine which prom
ises to be of great bene6t, to cotton plan
ters, haa recently been invented by Mr.
FoIleU of Petersburg, Va. Cotion seed
has long been known as posirtsing a largo
proportion of oil j but its hull, acting as
an absorbent, has heretofore been tho
great obstacle to the extraction ol tho
oil and the seed remained vatuelesa and
a 44 cumberer of he ground" around tbo
cotton gins. The machine under notico
removes the hull w(h great facility, and
loaves the highly oleaginous kernel fie
for the prebl. The effect, therefore,
of the invention i!l be to create a new
source-of profit to the cotton planter,
which . requires no additional capital.
We shall have occasion to notice thia
nKjrt aRtin in ths mean time w Hiyst,
Vefer those interested to the "advertise''
ment of the proprietors, in this number
of the Farmer.
Amer. Farm.
fn the Oth inst. by tbn Rev. Jsmes StarT)r.
!u8;m.,.! JWerto. m RicliellKf Juoiiu
a!i of thia couuty.
In Iredell county, on the "il int. after a short
illness of four ily, Joseph Vllai Mvtn. son of
James S. Uyers, l'.sq. aged 9 yer .1 "months.
In Iredell county, n- the HH inst. M. WU
liamMurdcick,iiiihe9)tbyrsrof hiage. Tliit
otd gerrttemaii hiS been rrmrried fl years, snd
has lived on the plsntttion wlre he died for
about 65 year, lie has left an aged widow
fie ctiiMnen, "and twenty grund children, to
mourn h I of nrj affectionate parent. He
served a our in 'Iw jvoltitiortar war, and was
aJwajo a tutinck Republican. ; IIe; a mem-. I. 7 .
be of the Preabyterian 'Church r and wjs a ar
.inata.tca' f IBgev'i; '- putntirW aMn'citj-riS-:
and devotion to his country and her fr?r in'-.itu-
t', (cOMMCflCiTIII.
Departed Uiia life, on the 7ih it air a e.
vere and protracted illness, Mr. U'UUtmS. r-.
vrd, in the 24th year of hi age, son of Ucni
min Brevafl,-Rijr of hedefl ewmtr.-.-As nie
i Wk,k ,rorn vo,,'h "pwards, had ben in the paths
"5 n.d ' "d hi hol emirse of
llfe eiemplary we msy rationally hm hi. exit
was serene and hsppy. Communicated.
- g-
Gen. lne Alien, in tbe MiL vear of hit aira. .
In the rlty of New-York, on "flie" Utli inV
"''aitt mM,-Uq.- (lie-sble and vrte run-
mtor of the New-York f:vei.hig Pott, tgod 64
- tttctut Mwaa
Salithury Pritrt, July 25th Cotton
jl to tj ccnt, corn 25 to .30, pork 3.50 to , but-
ret ' '? .'J flm"' 3 " ,0 htrrtl '"'
to ou, inn potat(M!i w to sweet o, 4 ) to so,
;to !.2J, homespun cloth 18 to JO, whiikey JO tu
35, bacon 1 to 9.
' Fayfttei4lle, Juty 15... Cotton t o 7
bscoh 5 J to i, each brandy 53 npjilc rtu id tn 42,
butter 10 to 15. corn 49 u 5. lt'tri HJ. flour
Jl. 7i molaw aaHmitarSJ to 10
salt 75 to 80, tallow 8. wheat 3.'. 90, nhi.krv M
to 28 IT. 8. bank note Hal' p--r 'ent. prr -
mitim, Cape Fare ditto, I) i 2
BaUimore, July 17 Flour ftt" j a 7 rotten
10 to II, wfiikey 24 to 25, diVon y u 1 1.
Churletttm, Jult It Cotlm 74 io 94 ctj.
! flour?.. 7 aVja'h kk ey2fi a. 27bcun jfiLto 7. .
8 a 9, bent kind .of .barjrinir 20 JoiiMii 34
corn 4i in 46, cofiee it to I V Carolina
j MU ' Pcreen'' "nn tttorg,, tr
Currulrrf, July let Cotton 7 to RJ, flour ii
to 5 out of the wagons, that from Camrk-u
mill 6 to 7V wheat Rl, corn 60 to 62 J, uati Z2,
salt 75, whiskey 28 to 35, bacon 7 to 8. ,
' H'ilmintfton, Juk 8. .Cotton f to 8, flax 10,
to 8, apple brandy 33 to ?5, tallow 8 to 9.
AVw. Yk, Jut 16..Cptton 81 ito 10 J, flour
lft.9lJ.ajr. cpUoa bagg'tngmsdsk-of- Jmhbo. 49-- -
to 71, aheat im to 1.5 J, oak tann'd sole leath--
suit 4 j to W, apple brandy 36 to 40, wlutkcv SI
i?2;1eaf toba J to iv -ylwr bjtMix 23 ut -24..........
North-Carolina bank bills 3 to 3J per
cent dixenunt, South Carolina-1 to 1, Georgia
2 to 2J, Virginia 1 per cent. da. " --r . - -
Vwrn, July Cotton 7. $5" io 7.50, fluur
6.50 to g7, wheat 1.00 a Rt, bacon 5 to 6, salt rtO'
to I0O, peach brandy 75, apple do. 40 a 45, whii
key .15.
C Iter aw Jufy 15...... Cotton, fb 8, bacoif
6' to, 8, corn 50, flour 4 to 4.50". whiskey 25' to
28, peach brandy 45 to 50,'arTpledo.'40to45,
leaf tobacco 3, coffee 15 lo, 18,'talt74to 75
tallow 8, roolarses 43, beef 3. ,
Jlttion, July 11, Cotton 10 to 11, flax 9
all, flour 7 to 7 corn 53 a 51, cheese.?.
3,rti! 9 HH ' " .

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