North Carolina Newspapers

j . ' list up
EM UMNO in the Post Office at Salisbury,
. (Vohna, on the lit of July, 1829,
Michael Alhrifbt William Dulen '
John Al'mght .' ' John Johnston
Lticind Aine Isaac D. Jone u
Xlarcn A. Almitfd Abraham Jone "
James B, Anderson Joel Kimbol , B f .
Mnli A. Andrew Jacob l,inp1e
Marr Adami "": ' Aleiamler Lock
Thomas Boyd L, : y . I'redand Lodjre 2
llctliias Barringcf ... Jamel C;leompt 7
Thomat Brown .. William Link "
jjii'.p' lcaoV'j&.fiffi'olin--;,Ioor1iead
.:'r-i.(."f-.T...rt.,-. Tsahiia iifihf i.a mi. nrr
fMicf Baker
- Allen. BafourLI James if ."mtw
Forreat Monroe
Charts Bile
Fdmnnrf Birtt - -
llenry Baker
lUetiard BraMia
Henderson Beiison
Jo!inthn Barber
ftarah Crump
Daniel Call
Lydia Casort
Elizabeth Coltrf
Almond II. Col
Mary Cupie .,
llenry Christie
Henry Call
Martin Clut
Ithmael Coddle
laaaC Co an
XV m. Cowan 2
Jamel Carr
Ford llyernett
Wen. C. Dukee
Thomaa Davi
Clcrtent B. Dickeon
Jmepb P.. Dobbin
FJeams Elliott 0
John Elliott
Cabrael 9. Fisher
. Jacob Falin wider ; ,
" Ja'-ob llaber or Paul
" Clutt
Rcbcrra Gamer .
Jane Garriaon
Jane Cimn
. John,
Caty Clover
Christopher Graham
JohnT. fioneke '
John tiibbipa
Robert HuVn
John G. Makir
Thomas Ilolrnet
Celia Hill
James Ilackany
W'illismson Harri
John Hall, aen.
John Hughes 2
WUUam 1111
James E. Helo S
JJuiitl Partly
Samuel Huie
Vtoses Hall
John Hodge
Thorns Joqe
James Jackson
.Jrtargret McNee'y
Jamel McCracken
Samuel Ftaahe
Aleiander Nealit
Alanson Nash '
Chancer Newton
oiish Owen
Vmphry Owen
Hafe Owen
Anna Tark
Jeremiah Patrick,
John Plaster
John Pool
Levins Roe
Maria A. Keener it
John Heed
Samuel Renshaw
John Riulinel . .
John Itoaaman Y
John Ratlcdfre or
Jamea Talcofn
Diniel Reed'
William Stoker
John Shaver
Wm. P. Stockdoo
. John Sampson
inarj r., rnn7in '
Jane Stikeli-athcr '.
Jtenh Shnplnff'
Edward Smart
Alexander Smith or
.tamea Smith
John Sborr
James Hraith
Thomaa Sfhoxrt
Caleb Smoot
tiMiti iuiiicr- -
Mary Todd
Catharine B. Troy
Peter Troutman
Richard Thompson
Daniel Webb, aen.
Robert Wood
A. C. Windrra
Edmund P. White
Dr. Jamea Wilson
Mary West or Elisabeth
Joseph Woods
Elijah Young
Philip Yost,.
irp EM AI.NING in the Post-OfTtce at ConeorJ,
J4.I' N.Carulina, the 1st dy of July, 1829.
Ssrah Bradshaw
John L Beard -
Hiram Drown
Josish Bradshaw
John Raw
Joseph Barker
Newell BattU
Samuel ll'aek
Messrs. DisVil and
Barker, ",..1
Charlen B.Biack'
Jamea Bluster
Jemima Houston
- Johnlladly '
F.lemW. llarrie.
.WjliUm a Hanil
Jamel Harris ' ,
, Uriah Jonea
Samuel Jemison
. John Littleton -
Georee Lfttte 3 - -
Jacob W. Little
" David Lonjt
John Misenhamer
Mirf Waek wellder a lijr B,McAkp ..J,
1 DOmaa lyancr ; Artuinu
George Crider J Robert Mean
Willians JwattZZrneorgf wm
uaniei tune
Moses Ctirzin
Hiram Mitchell"
Rachel If cant.
Nancy Davis
James Davia
Jamea Eagle
Nancy F. Erwin -John
Thoa. D. Erwin
Valentine Faggot
Frederick Frcalam!
Tobias Furr
William Furresoti
George Goodman
John Giles
Hiram Goodman
Jackson Gijriey
John Garmon
Thomas GoiTigs
Doct. C. Harris
Mary Houttdn
Eliiabeth Hsrria
William McUraw
Ebeneser Martin
Willism F. I'hifcr
Nathan Philips
Robert Pickena 3
George A Phifer ,
James R. Phinkct
John Kitch
George Sugb '
, Elias 8nn
llincholrf 8uthe
Jacob gtirewaV.
Georg 8togh
John Itill, jr.
MararetC. Walke
Jacol Weaver
Jose).h N. Whitner
WHIiam Walact
Keziab Young.
V.I-A am llirMlll fKf n sr f
rtow raa oaiTit taattB.
Soft ae the fruitful dower that bring
The wtcorrie promise of the tpring, -
Am; toft the remal gale i ' - , .
Sweeth wild warbling of the grove, J.-.
Tbe ice or nature and of love - , , ,
"',':"TTm gtaddeni everf faJe.f----"--.
But after tn the tnoarner' etr '
mtifitnM alnii fnrriim
ImA 1m lit miuu A .M.lli
whel to tne rptrd emi ant tens . ,
'nUf yew ana primia'd ficave,S.
Firre the flower that deck tbe ground,
jJl fwe ind garden blooming round.
Unmimoer a cnarrn unioidr
Driclng to Faycltctitte, .
llKriLL.Cnd it to their advantag, to stop at
..?T . the Woztn ttri, where every1 eon.
venienee is provided for Man and.Horae, to make
centa a day and night, for the priTilege of the
Yard, the use of a good house, fire, wster, and
shclter. Attached to the Yard, are a Grocery
and Proviaion Store, Bread Shop nd Confee
nonary, and House for Boarder fend Lodgers,
in a plain, cheap, wholemme and comfort
hle style. FavrHevWt.Ut JhHUVitt. 09
ROWAN County, Mar Session, 1829 : Thoa.
Gibbs and Martin Saner ra. John 8anet;
Original attachment Htmuel Sillintan summon,
ed as Garnishee. It appearing to the catisfc
tion of the Court that the defendant ja not an
inhabitant of this slate j on motion of the plain,
tiffs, by counsel, ordered that publication be
made in the Weitern Carolinian printed in Sat.
isbwy fo nx week, thai the defendant appesr
at the next court of pleas and quarter seasons
to be held for tbe county or Rowan, at the ctmrt
house in Salisbury, on the third Monday in Au
gtist nx, and answer, plead or demur, or jjdg.
ment will be entered against said drfendant.
6tr7,n ... : :J:11 GILES, LTk.
Jrlght is the aun'i meridian ray, ' v
' And bright tbe beam of letting day. .
'. t That robe the cloud in gold.
But far more fair the piou breast,
lit richer robe of goodness dreat,
Where Heaven' own graces shine i
And brighter tar the prospect rise
That burat on Faith delighted eye
From g lories all dirine.
All earth!) charm, however dear,
Howe'er they please the eye or ear,
AVilLouickly fade and fly i '
Ofearthly glory faint the blaze,
And aoon toe transitory ray
la endless darkness die. -
Tbe nobler beauties of the Just , '
bhalt never moulder In tbi dust.
Or know a sad decay i
Their honor, time and death defy,
And round ikt throne of heavea on high
Beams everfaaling dayx'. ' -----
Karj 13cef and Pork Hir 4830.
Uth JvM, IU29.
SEALED Proposal will be received at this
office until the" first nf September nert,- tot
the supply of3U00bbla. Navy Beef, and 2400
bbla. Navy Pork, for the uae of the United
States Naval Service, 1000 bbla. of Beef, and
00 bbls. of Pork, to be delivered at each of the
tJuited Statetffary Yards, ChaWestown. Masa
i. .chuetta i Brooklyn. New York j and Norfolk,
"'""Tirgini f "ami thw wlrole ejuaiflity most be deli v.
- - tred at. each and erery Navy Yard by the firaf
of Anril, 1830. The whole quantity of I he anuT
Beet and Pork must be of the best quality.
The Beef must be packed from well hvted cat
tie, weighing not less than 480 pound in the
Juarttr, or 800 pounds sn A htt all the le;i,
jroumh, t'tdi, ihetk$, sAins, and thi neck tf un
imnl, must be wholly excluded from the barrel,
and the remainder of the carcase mutt be cut
into piece of ten pound each as near aa may
he, so that SO piacea will make a barrel of .300
pound nett weight Navy Beef.
The Pork must be corn fed and well-fatted,
all the ikulh, tut, and Kind 1e entire, must be
wholly excluded from lhe burn.!, and there-
tnamaer of tbe Hog" rrrastbe tut into piece -off
eight pounds each aa near as may be, ao that
twenty five piece, not more than three of which
shall be shoulder, will make a barrel of 200
pounds nett weight of Navy Pork. ,
j The whole quantity of the said Beef and Pork
must be perfectly Baited in the first instance
with, and afterwarda pocktd with a aufftcient
quantity, of Turk's Uland, Isle of May, or St.
ubes Salt, and no other, to insure its preserve-
...,,A?rk'',b fi ounces of pure Saltpetre to each
anl . every barreXTh1n,eh-trr-w'hrcb-the
laid Reef and Pork is to be packed must be
made of ash, Tree from sap, with one iron hoop on
"ealn7WdthMrlae AillvwidaaiistjDittrdl):.
hoond t and eaoli barrel muH be branded on
ita head " NavyTtecfr' bf - titxj Pork," wittrf
tbe eontractom name ami the year when pack
, All the said Beef and Pork, on delivery at the
$io5 'ifXert&'CdriEriii. 'MeckJifybttrf-fiWtSL:-
SVffcKIOR Court or Law, May term; 1 839
BeiTy 8teward"t'r Ilariett Steward ( pet,
tion for divorce. In this case, Ordered by the
court, that publication be made for three month
in the Western Carolinian and Yadkin and Ca-
tawba Jounjaljaueeeaaiyelyjjthat the defendant
be and appear at the next superior court Ad be
held for the county of Mecklenburg, at the
Court -1 louae in Charlotte, on the 6tb Monday
after the fourth Monday in September next, and
pleaor answer to the plantifT petition, or tbe
same will le. heard "exparter vVitnel "SamT.
llenderaon. Clerk of our aaid Coil rt, at office, the
fth Monday afler. the 4tblg31wV829:li:,
Stnte Xorth-Carelina, JHeckltnbwf teunlgi
SUPERIOR court of Law, May term, 1829 :
Marion Tanner vt. John Tanner i petition
for divorce. In tbi cue, ordered by the coort
that publication be made in the Raleigh Regie
ter and Western Carolinian for three month
successively, that the defendant be and appear
at the next superior court of law to he held for
itieeoTjnof-Mttkleftburf r at th cotfrUinusc
in Charlotte, on the ixth Monday after the
fourth Monday in, September next, and plead or
aiswerto the plantifl's petition, or the same will
be heard expart. Witness. Samuel Henderson
clerk ofour said court, at officeTtneTttrMaHi
day after the 4th in March, 1 829.
3 jrtS6 SAMX. HENDERSON, e, . e. L
jejpectwe Navy-Yard: must be nibjected to
,,,th test juiiiflpftctwft
of the State within : which it is to be debveect'
who shall be aelected by the Commandant of
the Yard aVtha place of delivery without any
charge to the '.United State therefor and,
"iinirfpmfndinfinerrbe' m4co.
inut putt, Jhe; .barrels in good jhippinjf oHer t
ler a-e reouired to state their Drier
they otler to lumiM) at mere than one ard, then
ecparately Tdr each;Tard.:Tbey aie aho re
qulretf "to' rre- their- name, -their residence,
and the name and' residence of their sureties,
minutely l and must transmit their bids sealed.
and endoraed " Offer to furnish Nay Beef or
Navy Pork tor tne year igjtf."
: The Comniittioneri of the Navvare at liberty
Uptake-the offer of a bidder for any one" Yerc),
or in greater prtjportions, if sach bid be the
, Any bid not made In eonformityto this adver
; tiseraent, cr not received withjo th limir?d
; time, will not be opened.
The part of the animal to be excluded from
the barrel will be particularly described in
drawings which will form part wf the contract.
Person desiring information upon the. cubject
with an intention to bid, may obtain it by season
awe application to tU fiearf. ' 7tL
Slute A'erth-Carolina, Mecklenburg countw .-
SUPERIOR Court of Law, May term, 1829:
Robert Bigham t. Mary Bigham j petition
for divorce. Ordered by court, that publication
be made for three month successively in the
Wes'ern Carolinian and Raleigh Star, ttat the
defendent be and appear at the next superior
court of law to be held for the county of Meek
ftnburg, at the court-house In Charlotte, on; tbe
6th Monday after the 4th Monday in September
next, and plead or answer to the plantitl's peti
tion, or the same will be heard exparte. Wit
ness Sam). Henderson, Clerk of aaid Court! at
office, the 7th Monday after the 4'h in March,
IBJ9. 3mtl SAM. HENDERSON, e. in. .c.
State Xerth CaraKna, Davidtin cenntg t
emarof pleaaandquarter sessions, Mayterm,
1829. The Petition of John Murphey,trfea
Murnlrv.alunaticwho petition by hi next friehd
John Murphy, John Tomlinson and hisu ife Anna,
Isvin Gorden and bis wife Betsey w. Stephen
Mirrphy,' Jftbir Oall and bia wfI)ebflrah, Cbala
Chilian; and ,bu wife Dulanar, .Stephon Stuart
and hi wifs becb;and ipb Murphy alo
pinM wiu oicpucn o:uari surviving cxecu-
tof p.!niej Mmkidl&t&iisin&-JvA.
Stephen Smart and Joseph Maruhv as adminis
trator of Hannah Murphy, dee'd t- Petition Jet
IXetrikutieiu-In tbi case, it appearing to the
satisfaction of the court, that Stephen Murphy,
John Ball and hi wife Deborah, Charles Cilfian
and hi wife Dulanar, live beyond the limit of
tni Matet it u therefore ordered by the court that
I publication be made i weeks uccesively in
the western Carolinian, that the aaid Stephen
Murphy, John Ball and Deborah hi wife, Charles
CiHiati and Dulanar hit wife, be, and appear
before the justice of our court of pleaa and
miartei sessknw, to be held for the county of
iaviason, ai ine coun-nouse in Lexington on
the 2d Monday in August next, then and there
to plead or answer to uid petition, otherwise it
ill be taken pro confesso. and beard exparte as
to them. '.Witness, David Mock; clerk of our
aid court, sv otFce, the 2nd Monday of May, 1829
D. MOCK, C, C. C.
mststfK-MW ;fftveTe. iWWfcj
The Vitafh of Promise jledect,
I've gat a money-mended heart
Throurh all it rent the silver abine,
And esery mon returning amart,
I mollfied in, mammon' minee.
ComeJ young adventurer, prove me now,
Tbrov at my feet thy Manliness,
Breatie deep to me thy paasion row, .
Aod rray me with my love to bless.
III bits tbee with my thrice won poaa,
I'll git thee what has hronght a price,
Or catch tbee in the elf aaoie toil,
Aa traps inveigle IIfjr mice.
Bflieve my every fender sigh
I've rtade them o'er and o'er again
Tbe thrice told tale u not a lie
The licaled breaches give no pain.
Thy COTlt; Adorir,Tbarnv me-epiitef
And I can never cease to gaze
On tbt dear band ao promp to write
All that thy first effect ion say
While I, ah me, bow new is love !
Am lost in ecstacy'a deep tea,
And, akerWtf' coding dove.
T. Preent my Wtf, dear one, to thee, rotir.
jfOTEshm "AtrrGirrs oziimaxt.--The
spite of the Cathedral oi Btraa-
B'ufglrfouf' "hUffdred and ninety- feet
hig'i f the tower and spire together,
of that cathedral, defy all competition
fop beautj of jjothic ornament, for al
rast inconceivable lightness of archl-
teeruref and for gigantic alutude
"There : is a custom: tn the North of
Gernvany which seems to be worthy
of imitation in all countries. " When
an individual is sick, the friends of
the family call and ring at the door.
In the hall they find a book Mng on
the table, in which some one of the
family writes, every morning and
evening, T the: state oPtbe "palieritV
health, giving all those particulars
which would be . interesting to the
friends of the individualirlJnder-this
morning and evening bulletin, all those
who call write their names," to apprise
the family of their sympathy. They
never see the members of it, unless
they have some other object than as.
certaioing the condition of the pa
tient." . .
It is a custom in Prussia, when two
persona are- engaged-toJbe marriedj tol
puousn me engagement in me news
' Fjchhorn, the elder, of the Untvcr
sity of Gottiop-en. has been in the hab
tt of studying sixteen hoofs in a day
during the last fifty-five year.
It is calculated that there are nay
thousand persons alive in Germany
who have written and published books.
Within fifty miles of the 1 current of
indnteriirise "irt ! not anrpassea by
The bngevity of the German literati
iiTemsrkblif professor Streaume.
yerjT of rGottlngen; ii 1 delivering his
hundred and sixth course of lectures j
Eichhom his hundred . and frst
Heyne 'died ;at 86 j Ksstner at 81 1
Michaels at 74 Hallar at 70 ; Kant
at 80 j Jacobi at 7&f AVielapd at 81 j
KlOpstotk 79 1 Goethe is now seventy
even, ioj-c. No law Superanuates
them. 411 are hard students and volu
minous authors. v,V.
! Thert are in Hanover eleven Pro
testant onvent,' where single ladies
tniy retire,' who have survived the
blpom of youth.. Each of these. in-
Ititutions is under the direction of aa
elderly lady .or abbess. The inmates
receive annually from 2 to 200 rix
. . -i t
aouars. ,as tney receive visits wun
out great restrictions, it sometimes
occurs that the ladies are addressed,
but they lqse the domicile and the pen
sion as soon as they enter into , wed
lock. Nine of the eleven convents are
for the daughters jDf the nobility.
In J826, the -numbcr""! medicsl
students in the-Oermao , Universities
was1 at least five thousands In rend-
tationjhe-medicaV faculty w arenot
tayrMrfiwi;Ti' acquainted rto a
coniTdcrabfedegrVe witltilreritate -and
leadctijoLthe science of medicine in
other .countries. FeveraF of them
at. ' a
have conversed ' with me respecting
Messrs. Physic, Chapman, Hosack,
Post, Warren, and other eminent doc
tors of our country,' more in the man
ner of Americans familiar with the
reputition of these gentlemen, than
as residents pf the centre of Europe."
In no part of Germany which Mr,
D wight visited, is the Sabbath regard
cd as holy, in the American accepta
tion of the term. Protestanta and
Catholics act alike. The only difference-'
says Mr. D. 11 between the
Sabbath and other days is, that no
newspapers appear, on that day, and
that the shops are shut. . The latter,
however is noPcenerally necessary ;
it results from the custom of devoting
the day to recreation, rather thao froo)
a belief in its sanctity. The laws,
however, of many of the cities, re
quire that the shops should be closed
during the divine service. For about
five-sixibj of ' the population of
Northern Germany, it is a dav of
mere amusement ; particularly for
among the higher classes for duel
ling, with the a'.u lents; and for dan
cing aud walking, in tne summer
moug the lower chises of citizens.
Wranc FatulUy The Literary
S tftialrrrTy a ; paptrr tri -iProv U
ticncr, whor rditor has travelled in
the Western couutry, mentions the fol-
luwi:ir singular instance of fatality at
jentlint; the marriage state :
well recollect one instance ..winch
oecurcd in Nashville wbiUt I ras in the
city, "and I nevcf 'i6alt:dFortIiu' r" Bix
sisters,- all posscwed of ample fortunes,
had resided rn the citr, and were in
the enjoyment of .popular favor, and
tte-ry cf ths urAindncss bf the fate)'
. .1 .. n F I. r 1
" uiiiupinwusncsa oi nis for
tune and his hopes. A more worthy
individual never existed, and shouU.
this note chance to fall upon his view
he will be assured, that it was written
by one who honors his gallantry, and
well knows hqw to estimate his exal
ted worth, distinguished bravery, and
splendid talents. '. v
" TOeNsshvitle Binner, In publishlnV
theaboyf , remarkaj " The truth
however is," If "we "are' right inour
fcojij wiurc.'as jo the instance referred
?o, there were four sisters only, instead -
xeit isue.ana..corisequci)tly SM.mU
ted poscsMcu,;otihrw
did not fall ' into the hands of theT
bfflct who married the list survivor;
The Major, we bejievc, i$ still living,
but does not enjoy the benefit of thij
accumulaton of property,
The Cocoa Tree This is a small
tree, with" pule bright green' leaves,
somewhat resembling in shape thoir
of the orange tree. The. leaves are
picked from the tree three, or four
times a year, and dried in the shade j
they are packed in small baskets. The
natiyes in several parts of Peru, chew
these leaves, particularly in the min'
Mng districts, when at work in the'
hnincs or travelling j and such is the
sustenancjy ,ey oerive irpm them,
that they freouently take ho food for
four or five days, although they are
consUn'ly.vorking,f,.. j have often bceo
assured Vy "thcin", that wBTfst they have"
a good supply of cocoa they feci nei
ther hunger, thirst'or fatigue, and that
without impairing their health they
can. remain ,eighL.orten.. lays and
eights without sleep. The leaves are
almost insipid but when a small
quantity of lime is mixed with them
t hey" "fi avlTaoagfeUeWe t "TSiftT'
The natives put a few of the leaves
in their mouths, and when they be
come moist, they add a little lime or
ashes of the(molle to them by means
ofastmll stick, takmg carenot to
touch the lips or the teeth ; when thr
taste oT"th"ecocoa""dtmtm5liesra'sntaH
quantity of lime or ashes is added, un
til the taste disippears, and then the
leaves are replaced with fresh ones
am Ml Teather pouch containing cocoa.
taad': a imallxal.ali' Ho1d?a K neT or
asncs j anu one oi rnese- men :win un
dertake to convey letters - to Lima, u
distance of a hundred leajtuesi Without
On uch occa-
The oldest was married first r and in
six months, died ; the next sister was
uot long afterwards wedded j she died
soon after heTTiion with the man she
rred, and followed the aamcUut; alter
the, lapse of but a.few months. J.'ut
one now remained.' She was young,
qucros, and this epithet is also giveif
to different conductors of the mails.
The Incas had men stationed on all
the" prlhci pl rosd f for the trjnsmis-sW't)f-nyarucle
belonging ;.ia ...the.
Incas,-whfi- according- tocihcqualitr
q jhe road, bad to carry, it to differ-
yuuiiK, . .11.. " l.-.i.i ' s
beautiful; all who knew her ad-, k ' . n
. l it i.l iL three. These men were continually
mired her t and her wealth, and beau- , , . . ..
.... rmninvtrl. and when one or them ar-
tv. and innocence, elicited unnumuer- . .
ed suitors who
PeigneJ or felt a flame,'1
rived, he delivered to one in ivaitine
. .. - v . .
whatever he was charged with, and
Vnlr Ur ,hen pnd anLeltefl Kit K him the watch word, chasqui ;
hand in holv wedlock. She well re-i tfs mn ran immediately to lhe next
membered the' fate of her sisters, and
sheresolyed . tQ-ApeodJieriJife in a
state of single blesscdnct Si For two
or three years, she was resolute ; but
at length an officer of the United .States
Army, Major , visited Nah
ville, and w&s introduced to her socie
ty. He was a man of. prepossessing
appearance j his manners were pol
ished and popular, and gallantry and
The proper methud to correct the
two irreat onenness of sandy soils, i to
Chivalry were never surpasheci. ne i mx them wi:h clay, which is the most
stl SSt.ll J w i
post, delivered his charge, and repeat
ed chasqui ; and then remained to n-st
until tbe arrival of another. By this
means the Court of the Incas (or
Aboriginal Emperors) was supplied
with fresh fuh from the sea.
solicited her hand in holy -wedlock,. 'tenacioulof all soils, and as an eartli
attraction of the officer could not be COmnounded of alumina and Tilei;
resisted j hejTeftedfandfJ
cholv fate of her sisters, whilst fhe
confessed that the officer wss not un
welcome to her. The Major, was an
adept in the- war s -of lov as well as in
the wars of arms, and he-resolved not
to surrender the attack, till the citadel
capitulated. He was successful i the
young anu Diusning sieoe consented,
aod ibsjltm .were bjated.
The happy pair Hyed in perfect harmoi
ny for a while, but ere sit : ..rrfOnt'fi's"
had .elapsed, she;, too fU viatim at
the? shrine of -wedded. luveIIlTHetc
was something exceedingly singular
about the unhappy fates of these young
ladies, and though they now all slum
ber in the same sepulchre, their merits,
their beauty, and their forms are fresh
in the imagination of those Who ex
perienced their friendship, and best
know how to appreciate their inestima
ble worth,' . : .-, '
The unitcd possessions of the whole
family fell into the hands of the officer,
and he yet lives to enjoy it, and to
recount the cad ancl doubly mtlanvholj.;!
fossil and mineral, which causes it ty
abound Jn thejood necessary almos
to all pfants. . Where clay hiHs or hot-
I Ullt a 1 lV I vl xtw w rw '''wirig wwwt-v, j v.x--
dy sbils,-the remedy is at hand, W'
ought to he liberally carted on the sur
face, well and judiciously mixed, arw
a artificial tenacious soil is formed,
parts of vegetable and animal matter
within reach''oTrtherts:of;..p)nts
Where clay carmot be convenient'
obtained, sometimes lime may, which
answers a very good purpose in some
soils. 1 ' Memoirs.
. Why is a man who whip, his
like a quack medicine f Because
I. . . . .
"Why is a female fairy like roc ? E;
cause hc s Mise-LU.
Why trelKings like ladies' hors"
Because they, canVerr,'. ' -
; ;. ;v '.V. , '.

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