.....J 'UV. . ... .. f iJM,uuMMJU U ri ff mart r r jxtruMi W4 1 f Wertfi. irf U rrwMaiy M Omiu, CMI rarlofcwt , WM(iMf,l)k',""f f ft WwUrt CHd1mi intui lw4f uil vliii Mrir fcUKwti,, ;.." ,''"., ""'. f, TMlana4atslftrMika ? tm 4IUu ;, ,.i1 2Ssaw.i f W1ftMwHi: JSWtf ,! 4sflb Vlll t lmJl at tM MM wort fMrttM ti-K , M ..-v. 'tt-MKfc' fcy v h 'fttWJMry-' Ml mmi """ "1JPiM rt ltl'IWrWMtXlnnM W 0rar, data 'sw'4w WANTEDto purciiase.SJ wSONEGftOES, . for which a liberal price will -be given, in cash, I can at all times be found, in Salis. bury, at E. AHemon's Mansion Hqtel. Any person winhinjf to 'ell, to whom it maybe in convenient to make-application, can direct a few Unci to me, at Salisbury, X. C. and they will be "attended to. J0SIA1I iiUIE, r Salitbury, June 2Zd, 1829. 72 BARTER. IIISKEY, Wax, Tallow, Hide. Shoe thread, , Fat CaUte, Corn, y Oats, - l-ive Rattte Snakes, or Cash, ' Wilt be taken in exchange for Sujjar, fcbot, Lead, 1olafiei, . Cvap, Coffee, Powder, Iron, Nails, Taper, !ndjfn,or'eaiu" J. GARLK'K. 3mt83 Tea, June Ut, ) Cheat rHl"' subcriber has the pleasure ol anoun. cine to his friends and customer, and the ludlic in general, that lie is now receiving from ;'hild?lp5i and NewTwk, . .n vt'viA a Kurt nniimiKK K,r 1 ' Of" TUK i-tXkapctlaiul tkiuit FiukiiMulU- t:y VQODS be hai ever nau.. Having been selcted with 'lyit cae.-By liimself, and bought for caji, he .dels perfectly tonflder.t, that tor like patterns . and equal qualities, he cannot be Undersold by any otu-r liousc in the place. . . " rTtle public arc respectfully io vited o call and - examine ' for themselves.' IITs assortment com prist's almost every article uully kept in Stores. -MCIMBL BROWX. HAS just received, and opened at h'.s Store in Salisbury, a large and handsome assort, inent of Spring and Summer GOODS ; Ao, Groceries,IIardware, Cutlery, Plated Ware, Hats, and Hatters' Trimmings, Crock- erv. a cood sssortinent ot Hating kClotH bhoes, Bonnets, fwV 'mxd exen article usually ya asked for in stores. - 13 jto'kcf'faodj has been pmrhased entire jy for faihi fcnd he is determined to sell them .as low a can be had in the place, for cath, or to punctual customers on a short credit. T!ie pub. lie are respectfully invited to call, eiamiue, and jidge for themselves. Sditbttry, June 3 J, 129. 70 Nratcfts, 3eseT-, &c. ft IF substribcr has just returned trom the North, with as good an as- 1 sortmcnt of Watches, as was ever offered fur sale in thia place ) his Jewelry ts of the "latest lmpattnsrnfebefc: most lasiiioiiable and elegant kinds to be had in any of the Northern Cities : elegant Gold and Silver tfttteheti plain Do.j fee. be. And in a few days, he will receive a very elegant assort ment of Military GWs. Also, all kinds of Stl-X'tr-Ware, kept constantly on hand, or made to " efd'efon aM lower than auch goods were ever disposed of before in this place. ' The public are respectfully invited to call and ." examine fee gotdsf their- richnesv elegJwee and cheapness, cannot fail of pleasing those who " ' Aflltihds ofjJfrcSs Rt'pcrfrtdt& wr?wVd fb keep tlnie : the shop is two cmort Wow the ouri-hmisr, n Main-street. UOBT . WVNN E. L.MhmuiMmh Mms. .. .20 N. B. 1 have recently employed an excellent orkman, w ho will in future be constantly in .Tjy Bhopj so that those disposed to patronize me, w my line of business, need be under no appre hension, ia consequence of my occasional ab "ence. R. WYNNE. MOXEY WANTED. A1 those indebted to the fubwiber, by note, of otherwise, are herebv notified to CU immediately and make payment. This no tice -will apply more particularly,, to all Jhose who do not live in the immediate neigh wrhood of Salisbury. ROBERT WYNNE. Mart 304, 1829, - 60tf 4 'SilERIFPS DEEDS. Tj'OU land sold by order qf writs of venditioni exponasj for sale: at thv omee. Ill I Gttcat Bargains ! THE SoWriher' iatentiow being t remove to the West, if Doaiible In tlia inrlnir. nf. fera lh fpllowinr Property for. nle;'po t ea- Ml. bid leriiM. name I . B : a Jffra,n " vrovm, wrmwty occupied 'riJUiW'MiiHeif tre.m4 oh fAtn4lMi beat stands Cur .huMneat la Sflibuxy:t iogether with jvarlrtis out-buildinpa. and a new and com. pletely finished office now occupied as a tailor's hopbv Mr.JLowry. , . , v. ' 3.1acrea land, hing in the 1 ' f Porka of the Yadkin, nine miles from Palisbury, adjoining Fred'ck. Ford, -Jjlm ' Zachariah MacAtee and others, on wbich are same improvement i and as for health, supposed to be equal to any Plan tation in the county; , Also, 36 or3Q acres Land, lying on Crane Creek, three quarters of a mile from town, ad joining' John Utzman, I'homas Mull, and others, on which there are ten or twelve acres Meadow Ground, of first quality. .Also a number of Stillt and Tin Ware, for sale at his store in Sshfjury. In excliange for, or in payment of, the above property, notes of hand on solvent persons, or negro property will be received. Thoss who wish to buy, would do well to ap ply soon. ' EDWARD CRESS. Salitbury, Mg. lit, 1829. 78 P. S. The remaining Stoiek of GOODS on hand in Concord, comprising a good assortment, belonging to the subscriber, :.,wjllfr;Mkj.fQ. low terms j "hd payments male easy to the pur. chaser, if the whole stock coujd be disposed at one sale. E. C. TIIF. subscriber having been freouentlv solicited by hit M- eiirhrniere,v'gaf ir to'ablish the Gin - Making ftutineu, lias opened hn simp n Salisbury, where he is prepared to make and repair (ii)it, of the very best materials, in a tupertor style of workmanship, and on terms the most accommo. dating, even in these hard times. Having been engaged iu the business six or seven years; employing a part of his ti'ne for hree or four of the hist seasons in picking cot ton, for the express purpose of more fully ac quamting himself wiUrthe prliicipTea and prac-1 deal operation of these useful machines ( and having recently visited South' Carolina, where the most improved Gins are in use, with the view of examining them, and making himself ac quainted with the plan on which they are con strutted, Etc.; he therefore feels aasured, that by hia enUiged experience, thus acquired, n making and tepairinp S3m$ a nd picking cotton, he can coristrcct Wachincf superior to"iy ever done in North Carolina. Those wishin work done in this line of bus! neaa, arj-tkaeci fully iok'utd w cU oa UuU sciibtr, wiiiicss the plan and execution of his work, exa nine and judge for themreves. He will pare no pains in supplying himself with the bt-st materials to be hud in the country ; and mi ill make and repair Gins, according to orders received, on short notice and reasonable terms. All those - who may please to caW on bimv wiU find him either at his shop or dwelling in Sali biiry,TreadyrcM may be pleased to favor him. SJIMUEL FRALF.Y. Salitburg, Aug: 6, 19 . '9. 79 4 valuable tract of LAN i), on the Catuw ba river. Y virtue of a deed of Trust, I shall exnoae to sale, on the i'fmises, on Tuesday, the 7th of Jt September next.thatTalaable tract of LAND, lying in Iredell counu. immediately on the Catawba river, known bv the name of the McKay tract i containing 426 acres. A good proportion of th.s iract is h si rate river bottom, and the balance of sup -Mur uplands, with some improvements. It is y sumed the local lituation of this tract of i.a .d, and its quality, will be a sufficient ind'iccn t tit, for those wishing to purchase, to call and ex amine for themselves : any information relative to the said land, can be had by applvinir to William McKay, living on the premise, one and a half mile s below the Island Ford. JULES W. ABERNATHY, Tnuiee. Lincoln county, July 28, 1839. 4t8 Laiuis in IAieou 1 imnt , sAQfiSAE.gtMy 3. last will and tes'ament oTAIira ham Eallalt, dee'd. the undersign ed, Executors to said will and testa ment, on lliursday the 27th day ol m August next, on the premises, will expoe to public sale several adiqiung tracts. GiAJiD containing nearly 400 acres. These lands are Ivingon the waters ol Ki.lian i Creek, a mile and a half 8. E. of (Jen. Graham's furnace, adjoining lands of Graham, Moody, Lowe and l)uiltMt.r nd ar eoicquaw to any lands in the neighborhood. ; Jownerly there ete iw b'peritTon on W'wis miet,a wisiictrGrfstTH difle ; but at present nly. the griiA-mUkis-ia operation. .The seat is an excellent one tor any ainu ot . . la f machinery, baving a considerable tail and good water power, . ' . , On the premises, js a good Apple Orchard i' and also a considerable quantity of meadow land. Conditions : One and two years credit j ap proved security will be required, and title to pst at the payment ot the purcnaae money. I4HAD L'lUVl'i- ABRAHAM FORNEY, Price adv. g2.62j Surviving Executory JJncoln c. July lbtft, ' otBl ' MliS WMX. ONE thousand pounds of the first quality of BEES WAX waoted4 for wliick a liberal 5 rice will be given, -An cash, at the Salisbury ledical and Drug Store. AUSTIN k BURNS. t.-$r4 Aug: $h, 1829, 7 9 : re Fnm the Savannah Mercury Jul. - . , rviLic visTiaa. -Agreeably to retjaest rjmatelf dmr !.atH d v" 'JSe Tjff cfaWc .num'dtr ..of iW of brjWjr ioihiiteffR) Uv- Mir pe-l.leyic lop svay i aod -mottoa forouflteracttnjfthet tnfluftce1 o- the Temperance Societv, atid cf preaerviog unimpaired and uoimpeached, the rights, customs, and immuuitleaof grog drink ers,the takers of anti fojfnatics, Juleps and other cornbuat'tblHi nd of aetting limit to the alarrofog encroachments which have lately bseo' attempted. On motion of Mr. Swigwell, Mr. Keel about was called to the chair, and Ncp pcrkin apjoioiel Secretary. Mr. Hedfuc? rose to explain the objecti of the meeting. From time immemorial, sjid he, hare the good people of this community enjoyed the valuable privilege oi getting gloriously drunk on every meet and fitting occasion, without let or hindrance. It is a right, Mr Chairman, secured to us by the Constitution. Will the respectable gentlemen who compose tbi meeting,' tamely submit to ijs being wrested from theml trust not. What would ourrlibert'y be-wortht . without It t It would be, a name, sir, a mockery Yei for this very purpose sir, have we already teen alarming preparations omde. Nay sir, strong foxLO Is already organized to put us down. What then remain for us to do f Sh-.ll we submit tamely, and have thf manifest !njurv.or.our. corporitkmsl Rut I hope Mr. Chairman, that , we shall ull be united in this matter and deteimine to take a decu'eo stand in defence of our Thirsty said, he looked upon it as a very serious matter. What, said he, will gentlemen undertake to deprive us of the p.iivilcijc ol taking moderate rf.iesh- ment i How expect us to ki-cp cool this hot weather ? No', sir, that I am any advocate for drunkenness No, sir, 1 scorn drunkenness I am a very temper ate man, sirI drink hi- moderation, in great moderatiorj, sir but would they deprive me of fight draught in the mor ning, just to uke the phlegm fro.m my stomach . I am a temperate man, sir, very temperate I scarcely ever exceed two 'ttr Thf Mi drtfik wtrftf K" irrsirtRr ' T drink in moderation, great moderation, sir and then sir, will :hey say that I shan't take an anti fogmatic after walk ing to the market. I am a very temper ate man, air, I scarcely ever take more than twa .fjprnt.ai or uncommonly good liquor,) just for the benefit of my stomach. No, sir, I drink in moderation, in great moderation, air, - And then a js or two of bitters before brr Vfast, to give an appetite. No, sir, I am a v rnperate man,'sir 1 abhor drunk (iinesb; I attend to my business; and if I t Ae a ttttler after my coffee, a cooler jt nine, a bracer at ten, a whetter at eleven, and two or three tttffcnert during the Torenddhiavmynece&1riem who has a right to complain f Yf, sir, I drink in moderation, in great modeiaion, sir 4 ana 'ua ngnt uave tne temperance lotks to (o ce their cold water down my ihroat ? My very bowels, sir, mu'iny at he proposal. Here Mr Thirsty put hu haitd to his pocket, pul'rd out a flusk, which might hold ubou1 a pint, and threw off ti' contents, by way ol a comfmer in gitit moderation, however, it u single oraft. Hut the thread of his "discourse was broken nv this r;tesiftry-xerfise, and Mr II J t obtained the floor .lSTr,T12J"Alcl .Ucm!L!Oo.liap.:ecj!d.ATO'JUhall.al; Yet, said tit, n tmall feeler will iot hurt any man and 1 humbly cun tl.s that thoae pee-o-ply, who ore endtttv mg to introduce the told water ,v.em, will meet with but - iht letu-cctsr in " their measures of uretrn'.iet reluriiutinn. -, No sir, the extraordinary countenance which you, sir, have shown us this evening and the extraordins y countenance which Mr.-. Reface' h ist :how persist in our rights. Here Mr. Prinkall rose and introduced a set of ifiiriied resolutions, which were supported in a ttifiul'atir.jr speech. After being seconded, they were tarried by ac clamation. A constitution of a society was then in troduced, and signed by several respecta ble gentlemen, who were still capable of. writing their names and the secretary was requested to call on the other indi viduals present, early the next morning, for their signatures. . . CosA taking, fFiVrc'. Married at Nan tucket, William B. Cash to lane B. Wing. Cash never took wing in, a more delight ful manner. erk. .liner. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH IN THE U. 8. From the Minute of the General Ai semMfymw before vi;,we;cnpt the" fal lowing, statistical view of the Pi eabvterimn eburctiU.; sed in the TjrosptTitf tit Increase 6f tills b.'ada Tth ciiureh of Christ, will we trust, exritethe fervent gratittido of many wno are expecting the coming of the Lord -and , will strengthen and sustain their hope of being honored, of Heaven as instruments in spreading the knowledge of salvation the rutb and power or the QospsI among thousands in our country, destitu of its blessings. ,nifr. " The General Assembly of the Pres byterian djurch ir the United States, has under its care nineteen Synods; ninety two Presbyteries j 1 393 ordained Minis ters, and 205 Licentiates; making 1598 Preachers of the Gospel ; 195 candidates for the sacred office; 2070 chdrches,or congregations, under the spiritual gov ernment of so many Sessions;- and one hundred and sixty two thousand eight hundred and sixteen communicants During the last year, fourteen thousand eight hundred and Torty-six' communi cants were added to our churches on ex noma tieiF an profession ; of t heir faith ; and 3 i 55 were added by certificate from foreign churches, or were translated from one Presbyterian church to another. The whole number... uf communicants thus added, amounta to 18001 ; and the actual increase of communicants, since moyals and aujprntsiom, has. been 16,508 The additions of 1829 have exceeded those of 185ft, by 1 ,906;. and the actual increase of the year ending April 1st 1828, has exceeded that of the preceding year, by the number of 5,485 communicants. Our increase of ordainrd Ministers last year, was 108; but as 20 Ministers de tcase4indaeve.raL.-rcoio:edia-Aiter. churches, we may consider the 'addition of Ministers as having been 130 Ql our Ministers, 40 are Presidents or ProJchHors in Coltoges or Theological Seminaries; 3 e Chaplains in the Navy of the United Stales ;' iand 1 5 ''areeigagrd In i inissTons to the heftthen Our increase: Licen tiates haa- been- 1 lT "ind-f CahiMBdatea there lias been a decrease of 4 7. In our last btatistical year, there were baptized wtTTiirMir I J, 171 infants; making a total of 16,153 tiaptisms ; which excetded those of 1828, by 1,974. The sums reported as having bet n collected to defray the tra velling expenses of the Commissioners to he I' -General Asiembiyamount. (0 S.442-67 .The commissioners arHidel egates who'act'uallaTtendcrwe're-1 76 ; and1 the distance which they travelled, jn passing to and front Philadelphia, a lif.le exceeded 75,000 miles. 'The funds leportedby our Presby teries, rs having been collected during the last year for sundry charitable pur poses, ore the following, vi2. t or lor eign and domestic missions, thirty-nine thousuru one hundred andeiuhty dollars, and fihy tnrce cents ; for the support of several 1 heologicai oeminanes. ten thou sand and fifty four dollars and fifty-two cents ; and for the educution of the poor and pious youth, twenty thousand three hundied and ninety dollars, and fifty-four oents. fht!e two bst sums may be said for educational purposes, and j be amount to &30.445 06. The total of collections is S73.068 26. from tiu Ttaaoan' rar.ss. Ihtation in 0jpf.em....y believe there hus been as yet only two removals, in this SttleTl''peysoiVs' KoTdrhg"' pluMic office undtr the coairiil of the present National Arttstr4oH,--'4ee removals , do not app at to have produced those pitiful and contemptible lamentation, complaints and threats, which have ro frequently pro ceeded fiom the " drrangeti" officers in other sectioni ofr m rbtliftry' tn bne tri stance, and we are pleased to notice it al though we are fearful it will be a solitary case, the derang ed officer appears to have m jotne method in hia midnes." ..The t Collector of fJeauftrt,-who w -veplyi 10, IRroASlf ictures on J)ts.pfll.iticjl .conduct, by the Kaleigh otar, observes s ' ' 1 differ lrom many ot my esteemcu friends with respect to the tenure f public offices. 1 am of opinion that the President should be elected for six years, and be forever after ineligible. I would prefer the present term of four years to any longer period than six. A law should be passed by Congress fixing the term of all officers appointed by the President to six years and that they should not be re-appointed for the next six years. The public offices were trea ted by the Sovereign People tor their own benefit not to gratify the friends and toartixan of any great man. Six years is long enough for any pobhc officer to hoM an office?" Drcfy Neftiin In orur i. , T," . . I. n .. " i. i. A ' ; - polled -for -4lfr rpa-tbat -409 . WMO yn inH iiie puonc omcert should be a kit. vhoo Id descend f roni f athe r .to . son. T h keeping of the patronage and emolumenu, of public offices in the same family for many years is aristocratical j it gravitates towardi mortsrehy.. : No prudent man will depend upon the emoluments of e Eiublic office for the support of a familv ; tis not his property, he is only a tenant at will and the emoluments should bo laid asida for a rainy day If a public of ficer knew that he was to return to pri vate life at the end of his term, he would arrange his business accordingly, and not be placed in'the awkward situation that many are now in. Many who have been in office for hall a century, are now com plaining because they are removed. - 1 think their complaint are truly ridicu lous. Were they promised a life estate when they accepted t When the im provement above mentioned are carried into effect, the President will not be be leaguered with-atf6liKoi(-'et'niry;: office-seekers, who are looking but for a snug life estats. It is rather degrading to the dignity of a freo bom and high minded republican, to' be ..enngirtg and licking the dust frm a great mi-n's shoe for the sake of some petiy ufiice. Agii- culturc. manufactures and commerce, open their immessur. ile resources to 'he uepunuc, may be a candidate f6r the hoti- ' ... ora and emoluments of public cilice and . ' J, let'VTeiT'afc'ftVte i"c1nce hf 'renVwIh;'.'""'1'''' industiious and entet prising. The petty offices of the Kcpublic are generally sought afier by lazy, idle men, who Hnvo no i . pacity for the active pursuits of4tfe " I have rettli tied tharkajo President Ja k- son for relieving me h urn tTieTToafiTefjuTd cares of the public office I held here. I have the plemire to inform my friends, , that I think I sliall make twice .he emolu- mi:nt of the ofli. e, by devoting my atten ' tion to o'.hcr business lWa (IV. C.) July 19. " t.uzil(for Solnmon :werr he ttvfojiNi ' X art informed Wat at aUwwtae. h IUmty Where a woman was lately cle ii veted of a child, a neighboring" farnrer's wife who was letldHig her aid, was instantanebusjy taken irr labouryand wait also delivered a few minute alttrwards. The children were both of the same aex ; whether mule or fcmule, we don't know. They were put together, and in. :he bustle of taking care of 4be wonun, the mid wife ... .... forotwfiich thtW .!h.r..3Y.hiL. plextng drlcrhma ? " If -war agreed be ' tween the pirtirs, that each mother slioutd tjkijthe child which fell to hef by' decision of lot, and him or her bring ufi, rear, and educate, until some convincing family likeness appeared, by which they could, arrive at a moral certainty of their parentage, and that an exchange should then tjke place, if the Delphic oracle of lot appeared to have been mendacious. (rioa tni acirm coirat j Jtir 23.J -Governor Forsyth is at present in our city. In coming down, we are informed, he nanowly escaped the effects of Mob Law in Sparta. A Row which is a fre quent amusement there, was in full blast a bis Kxccllency drove up to the Hotel Pistol, swotds and dirks were the play things. One gentleman lost t finger by a bullet and was then knocked down by his antagonist with the butt of the pistol, while others ran up, and were preparing o rut short the sport by the use of their dirks. " ' """ " '' -At this momentr the Governor rushed 4 fciwtg U-iU 4rowtra-iRdiete4he-Ja wif; M save (ho TaHeifTrom impantnngTaTeT All were too busy to recognise the majes ty of the law in the person of the Chief Magistrate, and his Excellency, therefore. waBxoUaudtandJLhriMtejicdwUh..tbe dirk, before lit antagonist was made sen sible he had M caught a Tartar." Ciircgrafihy.'YUe editors of the rhil adctyhia.U. Ojjwtte ..welcomev .the fa- - ybr uf a coi'ivponacnf lc), WcS a faic ,v band, by telling him, 14 It wilt be a rare rre a t to "t he'compvsitwr w-hoba dimmed--his vision in deciphering our cabaliitic characters, and the pot hooka and tram mels of certain correspondents -that ap pear to plant ink upon paper " broad castt'' as the farmers say, with expecta tion that it will yield a good crop ot let ters. To write 'a neat, legible hand Is es teemed a positive virtue in a correspon dent, among editors; who are unjustly obliged to exercise the negative virtue of patience to an incredible dc lare. The London MiWiontry Society hat recently received from a single individual the umq1 TenTlrousjnd Pounds, 84tf- ' i" t ' t . . ...

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