North Carolina Newspapers

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- Mrtllfc tubscrtbet offers for u'e
(hat valuable Plantation, with
.in four miles rf Satisburr. on hotb
. j!''Mdet of th Beattie Foard ruad,
'Locke; on Which there i a large, Hew and
T commodious dwelling-house, with all the neces.
' sary out-houtf . There U only about 50 Acre
of thli Unl under e!tirtioB t two-thirda of the
' .. ' tract is as good upland at any in the neighbor
... .. itooI( with a good portion f best kind of swamp
' land, for either gras or'grainWit la In the
midst of a hoapitable and aocial neighborhood.
...lToe terms, &c. Apply to the subscriber, in the
neighborhood. JOHN LOCKE, Ken'r. ,
Cents AVewaTA;
Li.iaUMMM.r 24U4ast
"theWe Tew" will be "grveir-fbr tois Wi very
tome in Lincolntonf snjl all rton are cau
tinned atrainst harboring; him, underthe penalty
ot the law. . mahiiw ,s;u..iuua.
,aJr,lS29. 3t80
rt i
Of . t4 frit lu bxW
' L too, im 4rna th rvr
Wklck Howl UrantK kt' lr
Jrtw the United State Catetti.
Ob, let lis never lightly fling : V ' v
A barb of "woe to wound another r
" Oh, never let ua hatte to bring
..;. The cup of sorrow to I brother,
Each! hat the power to wntiforthe---;
'., Who wound that he may witneaapain;
Has learnt no law of charity; -
Whi-h ne'er inflicts I pang in vain. , -Tiagod-like
to awaken joy, i
TBatMto wound not to annoy, ,
la part of virtue's letfwn too i -
Peace, winged In firer worlds above,
"SnaTI benl hef down and brighten AVr,fc
When all men labor shall toetove, f '
'tin ifftirthoughtl-a brother's Mis
Navy Beef and Pork for 1830.
Jfavv Ctmmittiiner? Q$ie, )
17iA 7n. 1H20. (
WEALED Propoaala will be received at this
"25? office until the first of September next, for
the lupply of3000bbla. Navy Beef, and 2430
4h"a -'Nwvr Pork, for the use of the United
C Slate', Naval Senr 1000 bbla. of Beef, and
800 bbii. of Pork,1o b delivered at each of the
United State1 ftavy Yardi, Charleatown, MaaU
ehUwttai Brooklyn, New York i ana nonon,
" Tiivlniai and the whole Quantity muat be deliv
ered at each and every Navy Vad by the firat
. of April, 1830. The whole quantity of the id
Beef and Tork tmMt be of the best quality.
The Beef must be Backed from well fa'ted cat
' tie, weighing not lets than 80 in the
tuarier, or 800 pounds an the hoof) all the left,
femuiub. eUJ$. theth. iWn. and the neck tfan.
W. muat be wholly excluded from the barrel,
and the remainder fihtt carcae JDUJe cut
'ioto piece of ten pouni each at neAf a may
- be, to that 20 piecea will make a barrel of 200
pounds nett weight Navy ueei.
The Pork mut be torn fed and well-fatted,
aU the ekultt, feet, and hind lep entire, muat be
whnllv excluded from the barrel, and tlie re-
manider of the Hog mutt be cut into piecta of
Vighf pMind each aa nrar as may be, to that
twtntv fivepieces, no more man mref s wimcu ;
"r1iihatl .Ireauoulde'ri;'" will '"tiialt a barrel of 200,
poundt nett weight of Navy Pork.
The whole quantity of the taid Beef and Pork
mutt be perfectly salted in the first inttance
with, and afterwardt packet with a sufficient
quantity of Turk't Itland, Isle of May, or St.
Ubes Salt, and no other, to inanre ita preserva.
tion, with five ounces of pure Saltpetre to each
and every barrel. The barrela in which the
taid Beef and Pork it to be packed must be
madeof ash, free freinap, with one iron hoop on
each chine, and otherwise fully and luWantmlly
hooped and each barrrl roust be branded on
its head " Navy Beef," or Navy Pork," with
the contractor's name and the year when pack.
All the said Beef and Pork, on delivery at the
repectie Navy Yards mutt be subjected to
the teat and inspection of tome virn Jtup4:tr
" " of the State within which it ia to be delivered,
.hp shall be selected by the Commandant ol
the Yard at Ibe place of delivery, without any
when intpected In uid manner, the contractor
'-most pttt the barrel w good shipping -order i
or the Beef and Pork will not be received.
Bidders a-e required to state their pric
separately for Vhr Beef and for the Pork, and jf
the oflcr to furniJi at aur than one Yard, tRen
aeparately for each Yard. They aie abo re-
quired to give their names, their reiidcnce,
and the namea and residence of their sureties,
minutely j and muat transmit their bids seated,
and endorsed " Offer to furnish Navy Beef or
4 Navy Pork' for the year 1830."
The Com-niaaionertof the Navy are at liberty
to take the offers of a bidder for any one Yard,
or in greater proportions, if such bid be the
; Any bid not made In conformity to thit adver.
tiaement, or not received within the limited
time, will not be opened.
The part of the animal to be excluded from
the barrel will be particularly described in
drawings which will form part of the contracts.
Persons desiring information upon the aubject
with an Intention to bid, may obtain it br season
able application to the Board. 7i81.
June 19
Sie .VariA-Caraliiio, Mecklenburg county t
SUPERIOR Court of Law. May term, 1829 s
Berry Steward vt. Hariett Steward i peti
tion for divorce. In this case. Ordered bv the
court, that publication be made for three montha
lit Ih Western Carolinian and Yadkin and Ca-
tawSa Journal aucceaurely, that the defendant
be and appear, at the next superior court to be
held for the county of Mecklenburg, at the
Court-lloute in Charlotte, on the 6th Mondav
after the fourth Monday in September next, and
plead or tnawer to the plantifr petition, or the
same wiU M beard exnarte. Witness Sam'l
Henderson, Clerk of our taid Court, at ofB
a aroLooPi.
Truth. What it Immortality f -
Ttut A. It i the glory of the mind,
The deathless voice of ancient Time j
The light of genius pure refined!
The monument of deeds sublime I
O'er the cold ashes of the dead,
It breathes a grandeur and a power.
Which, shine when countless yean nave
Pop iorne time I'tvity thing tttt
conducted in a very orderly manner,
except that the conversation was ra
ther loud and boisterous,' as it general
ly is among an uncultivated people; ;
At length, one of the principal men
proposed drinking my health, in which
itV readily united, with many expres
sions of friehdshtra,. After this they
drank to the- Three Great To wert of
Europe who" ;had saved "thetFnafioo
from destruction. Next .to ,lhiswas
proposed tie health of the American
Ladicv whick;W
with thfeeor '"feuFiou'dl" cneers and
Truth. What ia Jmmorulity I
Age. Ask it of the gloomy wavea
ur the old forgotten graves,
Whereof not a stone remaini :
Ask it of the ruined fanes.
Templet that have passed away,
Leaving not a wreck to tay.
Here an empire stood !
Ask it in the solituJa
Of thy musing mind,
And, too truly, wilt thou find
Earthly immortality
It a tplendid mockery !
Jouoert glvcs-two similar instances. f ! f. tCOTTS tyotffts;
A patient being very low, the physic W take, on the authority of the Efit
ian who had ordered a dose oCrhabarb,. burgh Journal, tba annexed list exhii
countermanded thfr medicine, which) ting the literary labours of Sir Walt?
was left on the table. 7f A monkey in ecott. numerous and extensive as h;
the room, iumninff ud. discovered" the writings are generally supposed to
' ? . . . I- . ,J 1
coblet. and havincr tasted, made a ter- wm, ;c imna, fx
rible erlmace. Aeain putting only his ci!? W
Bess of the dissolved manna, while the ed before the public in 1T90, (just thin,
rhubarbdiadaunktothe bottom. Thus ll" Ago) h translator of a tred
emboldened, he swallowed the whole, ; u
uui iuuuu suv ii imujcuus Pu"UMl 1 -.,kll'l. t. I -fWfri'
- 1 rnousiy, ana nas oecn mtie neara or scd
grimaces; he grrnded his teeth to ago- in 190j4 ha ouhH.hed the Minstrels
clapninp- of hands; They did not ny. a
burst into reneated Deals of lauchter. I clldoune, with a Preliminary Di&iertati,,,
and the recovery of cheerfulness led nd Glossary t in 1805, the Liy of ult
to the feaiorat on of health. 1 wmstrei J in lauo, Dauaos and L.
ncal rieccs; tn 1808, Marmton,-.r,t
www '.1.1 t a
i the uorxs ot Jotm unrden. in i s vnu. v..
""""""" v .; llnv,r,tH -1,1, Nnt Hlalo.trai:
IV K a as tSt KlAa kV Iaa IiUaSi awa, J IIa I wh a . - . : '
..... i,.ul,vfiKu,vwiiii i and anator. and a Life of th
goes on allfours. Why is a person thors in 1803, the State Paoers and Le
who ukes a certain Boston paper like J ters of Sir Ralph Sadler, with faistorlci!
a loaded rifle? He has cot a BulleU Notes, and a Memoir of hi Life, ami
in. Why is a person justifiable in pur-1 Lord Somers Collectbn of Tracts, in 12
chasing a ticket ia the Rhode Island r01 4101 in l2oth Poeticsl Works o!
lottervf He trusts to PromdenceA "nn a wr.a aoshscis irom be:
raox tbs MatTLisii etarrrt.
What must an Acrostic be V
Acros'ict must be neat and terse,
And uk!y apun in lover's verse ; -
They murt present a picture fair.
Of mind ami form dressed nut with care :
Each ringlet must be curled with grace,
And ev'ry charm must have a place s
Tlie snowy neck, the sparkling eye,
The ruby Up, the pensjve tigh.
The rounded limb, the well turn'd form,
The teeth to white, the sni!e so warm i
Then tout ensemble . v'ry grace,.
Tlie angel form, the angel face,
The very air that she would breathe, .
Must be sweet scented like a wreath :
When thus you have ransacked your brains,
There i much force, and more truth, in the
following lines. Their author is T. G. Festenden,
of the Boatpn Tarmer.
Tien men of arrogance attempt to anar
Above the limits if ibt:ir deatin'd sphere,
Their every efi'ort serves to sink them lower,
CjyrtaU'd uid baflld 4n their mad career.
Yet witless sights, in rash pursuit of fame,
Sim far f a.nimiuuc if puer Slid place,
Who, if they gain the rank it which they aim,
- Become the heralds of their own disgrace.
tittle hitVOTiiraota the!
aniTtn8 fr 8 or JO
minutes, nothing was to be heard but
Ions and reiterated cries of " Long
livs tne American juaie : L,ong
lire the American Ladies .'"
1 must confess, that the hearing of
this, five or six thousand miles from
Vny native country, among a rude peo
pie, on the tops of the mountains of
Arcadia, in the heart of the rclopon
oesus, excited to my bosom peculiar
emotions of pleasure, and showed me,
that the kind and benevolent exertions
of my fair countrywomen had pro
duced a powerful effect, even among
those who had never received a single
article ot their charities. INext to
that of the Ladies of America, was
drank the health of the President of
Greece, and then was proposed JJThe
Democracy ot America."
Some of the young men present,
among whom was One who bore in his
face the scars of wounds which he had
received from the Turks began tct
sing songs in praise of their Compan
ions, who preferring death to slavery
had fallen in battle j and one and an
other young man was pointed out to
me, as among those who had distin
guished themselves in the late struggle
lor independence.
How dear to man, thought I, is lib
erty. Here on the tops of the rocks
and barren mountains, where he gains
fbut a scanty subsistencrtc-he can sit
aod sine, with a glow of enthusiasm
not to be described, enkindled by the
thought of Liberty !
"Live Liberty," and "Death
Treachery," now resounded through
the room, from every q-ianer ; and as
all had become very noisy, J deter
mined to retire, which I was permitted
to do, after the Priests had sung a
kind of spiritual song, which seemed
intended as the concluding service of
the table.
HOPE. - .
Wliat it Hope? rhe beauteous sun
Which colors all it altioea upon i
The beacon of life's dreary tea,
The star of immortality
fountain of feeling young and warnVj -A
day beam bursting: thiouirh tha storm
A tone of melody, whose birth
la, oh ! too tweet, too pure for earth !
A blossom of that radiant tree
Whose fruit the angela only aee !
A beauty and a charm whose power
It seen enioyed confessed each hour !
A portion of that world to come, aiing doom.
When earth and ocean meet the last orerwhel-
I care not. Fortune, what rou me denr :
You cannot rob me of free Nature'a grace ;
You cannot shut the windows of the skv.
Thro' which Aurora shows her bright'ning face j
you cannot bar my constant fret to trace
Tlie woods and lawns, by living streams at eve t
Let health my nerves and finer fibres brace.
And I their toys to the great children,
oi lancy, reason, virtue, nought can me be
reave. C ante a Indo'cnce. cantt 2. if. 3.
State tf tftrtk-CareUiUL Mecklenburg count i
l PER10R Court of lav, May term, 18:9 1
Robert Digham t. Mary Bigbam petition
for divorce.' Ordered by court, that publication
b made for three months suceetaively in the
Western Carolinian and Raleigh Star, that the
defendent bt and appear at the aest'superior
, . nexi ana pteaa or cntweno ine puntin's peti
- tkmi w th time will be heard exparte. Wit.
neM Baml. Henderson, Clerk of said Court, at
.o(Ece,tteril Monday after the 4'h In Msrefl,
3mt8J. UtnUEKSUiM, e, m. t . c.
S W . m
Why iM bottle of wjne like a hog's 7 T -T.. CI.. x, liM
tooth ? Because it,, drawn fronTa f l,ho .L.e ' J?rfDo
i w. t Kocenck in 1813, hokeby: m lg4,
nogsneaa. vnen conapart conquer. th. Wnpk, nf ni4,
Sf " I1M
I am an old miller, and have observ
ed the progress of' the weavel for ma
ny years, and I offer you my opinion
.j ... ..: o.: 1 . ...
cu every pruriute iu jisin, uui one, ,nd , Life 0f the Author, in 19 vols. 8vo.
why was he like a nsked man? He .-the Lord of the Isle and th r,u
had not Aaragon a-rag-on. What Antiquities of Scotland snd England ii
four states may be considered as fe-1 1815. Paul's Letters to his Kinsfolk, thi
mle states I ,- JMary-larid, Virginia, j Field ofJYaierlocv--and aw wk icq Ice
f5-6uriand"JfwiV.sippi. " IsndV In 1819, an account of the Regali;
a ai "aa ,a
01 ocotiatio, anu rrovinciai Antiquuie
and Pirtnreimia Scenerv nfrnilm.!
0M.,They are usually fattened Uith Historical Illustrations: in 1820.Tr5
with Indian corn, given whole ituthe Ulal Poems and Triolet?, by'.?. 'Carey
cob, which is far from an economical with a Preface; in 1822, Hslidon Ui!!
made of appropriating that grain, butMbe lile of Napoleon, in 9 vols. 8vo ,
the diEculiy aocl. exnente of .shclUogPmol" of I.rochaijfuelin, v'uh s Tre
and cracking it, is the great bar to its ltCf for ,hc fir,t r.e
being ground. Putting the cobs into a ? "celiany.-and tne letters ot Waiarl.
barrel several days before giving them
. . , 0 Talesxf a Granduther,i;f rrzi ; and
to the pigs, will, in a great measure, ..1. T,- -f a Qr-ndfj,her. tenm
answer all the purposes of grinding, I ff, m 0 heM ,IiroW the Diun,
as the p-rain thus becomes solt. and is 1.,.. nA ,h R4.t f ,r, .kiri
easier masticated and digested. It is originally -ppeared annonymousl ?
a commoft-saying among-theScotchtsays onXnTvairy,riornsnce, and the Urs
house-wives, that for every pound of ma, in the Supplement d the hncyclopa
salt yot give a fatting pig, you have in dia Dritannica ; Uvevof the Novelists
return a pound of pork t and the her- tracters 01 me utc uuae oi uuccieuci
rin .th ia hnimhr nn in firrulaml fr George HI-, Byron, and the Dqke
thi, v-rv h,,rnnrf York ; the Visionary, three periodic
r 4 I rt irtaM vukiVK Ariinul1n annsare1 lit iL
jJtpifasa svl piiiat;iinitiij wh.
Edinburgh Ifeekl'j Journal, on the sute
To make. Kitchen Vegetables- Tender v the Country in l HO ; and -innume rai;
When peas, French beans, and sim annoymous contributions to diffetent n
ilar productions do not boil easily, it riodicJ works amonR which we may p
li. .i..,oilv Kn ;m,....rt k. .nni ticularly mention the Edinburgh at
ttaa uouhiii si tuiiiuii.u tvs m. s aa luui i m -
Pess of the season, or to the rams.
This popular notion is erroneous, The
difficulty of boiling then soft arises
from at superabundant n;iantitv of crvn.
sum imbibed during their growth.,. To fJhr.yoIwetbxe
,,.,, .l;, .u'.'u, .m,u .( tions which we particuljtise. In 181
correct this, throw a small quantity r,f w ,8l5, buy Mannering; 181
subcarbonatc of soda the pot along Xhft Antinunry.-ahd Tafer of My LTn
wiu vm, ,..c iluUiuv suu 0rd) xrtt seri consisting of the Hi
Quarterly Revtnsi. ' Edinburgh 1nhu
htittr ihtkc, ...;:..-
Sir Wslter Scott's Novels have con
out in the fallowing orJcr, snd each h
" . i .f ...V..V. afeiltl AM. (... m .lm 1 rtM . . 1 r r . r . . . . . . .
as to the mode ol savintr vour wheu . - vc ui,u" "'s uwart and ujd ivortsiity, vols.; isi
The cge of the weave! is deposited thc and trcc thc legumes Hob Hoy.-.nd Tales of. My Landlor
in the wheat while crowing. When ,,rom InHucDce' rcoj.rf sfrir. consisting o! the Heart
Mid IiOthian, 4 vols.; 1819, i ales of 3
the grain is put in bulk,' it usually be-
comes moist and warm, tne egg is
Grease Spots. The following me- Unaiord, thhd rrr, consisting of t:
O I . . . . I ICoBJaW . I .m.MdXIIIM . ft fl Si a I M S
then hatched into a worm, and whilst thort ol removing grease and oil spots " ' 'c '1' ' u'Al.
in that state, it iniore.'the wheat. !f?m k oher articles, without 1,11
' 1 - - .1 11lll'akTISU.Jll1 W VV S W a
siTaacT raoM ua. kiss's jocatu.
In Damitzana, are nine Priesti; In
the evening, the Oicooomos, br Prin
cipal Priest with whom I lodged invi-
3mt83 8AM'L.. HENDERSON, e. m. a. e. ,uPPert which he wished me to
partake, and also, he said, he wished
to make me acquainted with his peo.
pie. I accepted his invitation, and
was iutroducrd to the guests,- as an
American Priest, and the highest
place (next to the Oiconomos) was as-
cohK of law to be held for the county of Meek, signed me, ao)tr7 thc.Prie.sts -of the
ftjibuiX-Btrte village who tstat m ri.l,t nj i.r,,
6th Monday after the 4th Monday in September X!"6! , SVt. "!lLll,ef-
1 ne . uuies consisiea ot long boards,
raised about twelve inches above the
1 floor, pa. which of course - we - were
seated, borne lew had cushions .to
lean against, aod I was fsyorcd with
one as a seat. The supner was such
as might be expected in a village built
upon rocas, and where almost, the
only produce of the liule earth between
them is that of the vine. Pilaf, goat's
meat, coarse bread, vegetables, hard
cneese, witn an abundance of walnuts,
raisins, and figs, .and good wster. and
a plenty of wine, which is about as
uuug Aiucritaa.ciocr, were tne
principal articles which appeared upoa
the table. . ' ' J
fitute tf Xtrth-Carolina, M?cklribuf county j
SUPF.IUOU court of Law, May term, 1829 1
Marion Tanner w. John Tanner t petition
for divorce. In this case, ordered by the court,
that publication be mad in the Raleigh Regis,
ter and Western Carolinian for three months
successively, that the defendant b and appear
at the nest superior court of law to he held for
the county of Mecklenburg, at the court-house
in Charlotte, on the sixth Monday after the
fourth Monday in September next, and plead or
answer to the plaotift's petition, or the asm will
be heard esparto. Witness, Samuel Henderson
clerk of our said court; t office, thc fto Mon.
day after the 4th in March, 1829.
weavel, the. wheat must be kept cool
Tne most criam way to do this is to
dry it weirinMhe sun, and then spread
it thin on ' a Vool floor until used or
sold. This made of saving wheat pro-
.... . i . . .1 1 .L-I'n.c 1
Without .his warmth the egg does not .."jury o,, g.vcr. ,n mc Ktniluorth. ,822f ,he Firate-snd t
hatch, and the grain remains sound.t Journal uea uonnat-sances usuenes : Konunes ..f Ni;tl ; !823, Qneniin Dj
Then to prevent the hatching of the jTake the volk of an egg and put a lit- Wirrt ; 1 n, St.. Uoi.ati' Wei!, ai
tie or it 011 tne spot, men puce over it
a piece of white linen and wet it with
boiling water j rub the linen, with the
hand, and repeat the process three or
four times, at each time applying fresh
ved successful in many instances last boiling wjiter; the linen is to be then
season,' and where it was carefully at- removed, and the part thus treated is
tended to. in no instance f.llil. be washed with clean cold water.
aJ.hit!t.uodersUx)dTltere, ia-ano-ther
mode of preserving wheat, uhrch
is eq tally effectual 1 that is, kiln dr iog !
it, which ktUshtaveUiohtTiag"tY OtttlU$pGpe7s. Many peoj
CxtiaCt from Minutes of the Proceed-
And sometimes it is saved by leav
ing it in the field in hand-shocks for
ten days or two weeks, if during that
time the sun shines l Yc.ryliQt.. The
great' heat of the sun operates like a
kiln to destroy the wesvel.
If, however, the wheat is well dried
and kept cool afterwards that is all
that Wnecessary7rrTo VccblnlilisK'th'ts
it must not be pot in bolk in garners
or Tail peoa. because iff " that "Situation
it undergoes .sweat, that . generally
hatches the worm. When well dried,
spread it out on a cool dry floor, and I
doubt not it will escape the weavel.
Lexington Steam Mil, July 4, 1829.
in r ...v .r . u i..L.r... V'. 1
uiun ciiv-c ui me lucKiuiiiiv episcopal
Church, in Fayrtteville, N. C. held on
Monday, July 13, 1829 :
Whereas we have viewed with deep
ing men to Congress or the State Legis
lature, who are either intemperate men,
or who treat, or employ ; piherMo do so
fI :'f Ipctlcihiering; purpesesi we as aiedy,
u Retotve That we xrillnot vote for men
whom wrknow-
and" 'ftquesTHie Preachers ti recorarnend
he. private number. tf the Chursh to
follow our example. A true cOpy,
Deverlt Rose, Secretary.
Laughter A witty writer says in
praise of laughter" LaogMer has
even dissipated disease, and preserved
life by a sudden efi'ort of nature. ' We
are told thit .the great'Erasmus laugh
ed so heartily at the satire by Reutel
ler aod Van Hutten, that he broke an
imposthume aod recovered his health."
In a similar treatise on lajighter,
Conflagration The roysl Bstsr in
London (a covered street with a row of
stores, tec. on esch side) was destroyed
by fire in Msy. The eahibiter of s pic
ture of York Cathedral when on fire, ac
cidentslly set firt to something behind
the scene, and the whole Bazar occupied
by aboot 200 milliners, haberdashers,
fancy goods dealers, &c. wis toon in flames,
and most of the goods were' consumed.
1 he building itself cost nnward
1 8 100,000- J
Rer.g.tuntleii 1825, Tuiiiof the Crm
der, 4 vols.; 1826, Wlstork; IKI
Chronicles of the Canongate. firtt terii
2v. ; 1828, Chronicles of the Canonga
nccnd tent 1 ; and now, 1829, Anne
It was in this year a'sn that the fiiat of I
Waverly Novels rame,.oit, but. we abU c
clwJtf"o"ur 'TIst of hi cniscel'aneous works btf.
6je4kir.g of them. " -
take newspapers, but tew prtser
them ; yet the most interring re
ding imaginable is a file of old new
papers. h brings - trp the-very aj;
with all its bustle and tvtry davaffa'n
and mirks it genius and its spirit mc
than, the. most labored descripTion -the
bistp'riin:- If is" easy to presef
ttoixJo?: sjktrjhat'.'rjf rsilfee'pte
value increases with their years j n
6td files have sometimes been sold
prices too startling to roentioo.
" Do you print for the mssons ?" ak
s good natured, ysnkee doodle sort oi
fellow the other day, who had strolled i
to our office, and seated himself. "1
sir' we answered. " 1 heard them s
you did,n continued he "No J m
ami mason, and swear I"I stick to it i
a holy cause. Dtin't you think to, r
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