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VOL. X...'..NOt 434.
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I A. York MM Shlrtingt ' LV
"... Spool Cotto,Xt. 12 la 20 '
LW(n Card, 7 to 16 r
Slumped Bonnet liibhon ....
Parted Ife't do.
-White WannA, Irish linn, lie.
.Wiw, Aug. 230, ISA 3i84
to Mr. ftladuon, with the nnexed paptr,
in the' form of Declaration to be idop
ted by the State tf Virginia, rtUtite to
I!.n rKht. ? i.h general Government to
me conntrv, will be read with interest bj
HAS just rcccircd, ami opened at hit Store
in SaiuburY. targe nd handum vrt
njcnt of . '
Spring end Summer GOODS ;
Aki.GfOcerie, Hanlware.CuUei-y, riutedWare,
Hatvaml Hitter' Triiwn? Crucki
rv. a oxmmI &iiinut. .ill' JIoIumi-
inked for m tore. ;. i; ,
Hlg stock ofgwda nai Veen purchased feritire'
asjoww can bt- Tnl in tlie plac, Tor" cuihyottS
pur.ctuaJ ciibtoii.ei- on tliort credit. The pub.
tic are respectfully invited to c&ll, examine, aiid
. judge fr themselves.
SaHtfiuri, June 3d, 1829. 70
fl'IE subscriber lias the . (ilessure oi, anuuu.
JL cin to hi friends aitd customers, awl the
fublic in general, that he is now receiving from
biW-tpVii and New York,
.t::::; , ur tms
Chevfiefl M .! Fathitnuffi .
... . . cairns
le 1m ever liaa. iisvui Been seimea vuii
gmt care, by bltnset ani bought for cnih, he
teeli perfectly contident, that (ur like patterns
vii ennal .qualities, he cannot be undersold by
jjr pherjloiyise. jn 1 UiejUce.
T he public are respectfully in
v'ttcti U call and eKumine for
themselves. 1 lis assortment com-
aailurisesalHtfisI e crvmicle.twuaJIv
kept n. Stores. MlCnAELBROVJi
jfffijm t
YAVU1, 8jc. tor SaU.
r'FlHE subscriber havinir deter
X. mined on removing to the
re presented to the public by the editor
of the Charlottesville Advocate,
" M i to be presumed that Mr, Madison
did hot agree tth hi$ excelleni friend,
as to the propriety of the policy recom
menced pursued by the State, or in
some other soim, nothine was ever
done with the Declaration here Riven. ,
, ; . , Monticella, Dtcember 2 1, 1826,
DitAK Sir j 1 have foi some time con
sidered the question of internal improve
ment at desperate. . The torrent of een
eral opinion sets w fttrohgly'ih favor of it
as to be irresis'.ible. And 1 buppose that
even the oppptriiiuji in Congress will here
ufter be feeble and formal, unless some
thing can be cione which may give a
gleam of encouragement to our fiirnds,
or' alarm ihtir fancied security. -1 learn
trom-Ovicbmoudt- tbat-4hose-w bo- think
with mtnere ire ia uuit of perfect di
rwl knowlrt what" to do, or what to
propose. Air Gordon, our itnresenta
yerpiruUilyv has wriilcn 'to mc in
tery despondiuK terms, not disposed lo
yield indcid, but pressing for .opinions
attaudvtcerttn-' the'xfbjccr.' ihave tro-
doubt you arc pressed in the same way,
and 1 hope-you have devised and recom
mended something to them. If you hare
stop here and lead no tao'e but consider
all Ihat follows as non a-MUue. 1 shall be
belter ftaiisfitd to 'adopt implicitly any
thing you may hate advised than what
occurs to. myself. For I have long
ceamd to think on subjects of tl:is
ki4r-4n4 -pay-4Ut4ettritofT -to- pubiTC
m. 11 ... I T v a
jjiuccciuiis uui i: you nave done no
ifting in uthtn .l ikk for your consider
ation what has occurred to the, and is ex
prsssid in the inclosed paper. Bailey's
propositions which came lo hand since 1
wrote the paper, t. which I suppose to
have tome Irom tht.i'rtsidcnt- iiinmrlf
other rlgltsrTnJcpenJeilt g-yernmeot,
tereftw;---.--- - .. ; f
For the administration 'of (Mr tcieM
branch they agreed to appoint i cobjuiic
tion,' distinct tet of functiontier, ecii
uNinncr KHiea raioat compact while to
each, scver-iry.and of course rerjained
itself, a separate set ol functionaries Jeg
isUtive, executive and iudiciarr, alsS for
adminihterinu the domestic branch of
their respective governments.
These two sets of cffiYers, eac.h Indt
pendent of ihe other, constitute thus a
whole of government, for each State sepa
rately; me powers ascribed to the one.
a specially made federal, exercised over
the whole, the residuary powers, retained
to the other exercisable exclusively over
hv particular Stale, foreign hereio, each
to jibe others, as the j. were before the
Original compact.
To this construction of eoveroment and
distribution of its powers, ibe Common.
wealth ol Virginia does religiously and af
fectionately adhere, opnosimr. with eaual
fidelity and. firmness the usurpation of
euntr mhi turwtionanes on the rightful
powers of the other. -But
the federal branch h
" w.wUIM IJ
while-we wjll bresst with them rathef
han lenarate from thftn everv misfor
xune lave that only ot living under a cov-
crumcni oi unumnca powers. . VYe owe
evqr other. sacriSc to oursalves, to our
federal brethren aJ ia mtl& t larifn
aomexase vend claimed in others, ric;ht
of enUrKing itsv ownjwwex by construe
lions, inferences andtndefinite deductions
from those directly given, which this.As
sembly does declare to be usurpAlion of
the powers retained to the independent
branches, mere interpolations into the
5oropse, nd diretj infractions -of
Tney claim, for'example, and have
commenced the exercise of a right to
construct roads, open canals, and effect
other internal improvements within the
terrt'orici end jurisdiction exclusively
uelonRlfli? to the several states, which this
assembly does declare has not been given
to ihot bi'anch by the constitutional com
pact, but remains to each State among its
domestic and --unalienated Do ; e i s, e xer-
citable within itself and by its domestic siviia;.' - .
et, oller for cale his present
place of residence, ryin on the wa
ters of the South Fork of Cratic
Creek, contain'mr Tw hundred and thirty one
arret f being six miles and a half of Salisbury,
i i I. ... .
aiijuining me lanes lormeriy belonging to Jticob
TuJier, Mrs. -VV'aUtir, Will'uir.aon Harris, and
others :
On the above premises, there a good comfort
able Dwelling-House; anew Bam, built in a
superior style and Stable! sufficient for any num
ber ot Horses necessary tor working the farm.
Persona wishing to purchase, .will of course
come and examine fur luemlvei when due
attentioi will be paid.
The payment for the above premises will be,
300 in eath, the balance on a credit of one and
two years stood and awroved notes,
I likewise offer for tale, one Tnct of Land,
VffC oo Panther Creek, containing fifty teres ;
sdjiiining John Hodge, Eara Parks, Uc.
For Sale, on the above premise.
Hie above premise", if not previously dipoed
of. will be otfervd at Public SaU, on the 25th
't. Which will be ou Friday. v
Spi. :. 1829. 3185
W ANTED to employ, three or four journey,
men tailors i 'o whom constant employ,
sad good wsgfi, will be Riven. Apply to the
briber, in Concord, NVCT r--THOMAS
shew a little, hesitation in the nuroojes of
ins pill iy, aim in tnat smic ui iiiiuti)
bold shot (.liticiilly' may decidj the con
test, by its circct on the less bold. The
olive branch held twit to them at this mo
mett ifray-be sect pteuV and .the consliiu:
tion thus saved at n nioflerate scciince.
1 say nothing of the paper, which will ex-
pUiu itscUV ,.The following beads ..ui, coflr
sidcratiuit, Or some of them, may weigh'
tiv its favor
It may intimidate, the wavering- It
may break the western coalition by otter
ing the same thing in a different form.
It will be viewed with favor in contrast
with the Georgia opposition and fear of
strengthening that. It will be an exam
ple of a temperate mode of opposition in
tuture atid similar cases, ll will give us
the chance of better times and of inter
vening accidents ; and in no way place u
in a worse than our prestnt situation. I
do not dwell on uiose topics; your mind
will devdope them.
The first question is, whether you ap
prove of doing any . thing ol the kind. -1 f
not, send it back to rue, and it shall be
suppressed ; for 1 would not haxrd so
important a measure against your opinion
nor even without its suppori. If you
:hink it uuy be a canvass on which lo put
something good, make what alterations
you please, audi will forward it to Gor
don, under the most sacred injunctians
that it'shbll be so used as that not a shad
ow of suspicion shall fall on you or my
self, that it has come from cuber of us.
But what you do, do as promptly as your
convenience will admit, lest it should be
antitipited by something worse.
kvf u4ueaionaielyjtfltirBj
Tnis Assembly does further disavow,
ami declare to be most false and unfoun
ded, he doctrine that the compact, in au
thorising its federal branch to lay and
colter 'tflxesr-'dutin7!mpot9 :and ;exches
Utttted States, has given them thereby a
power to do whatever they may think, or
pretend, would promote the general wcl-farff-wlMch.-onstjucUca..w.oald..jm4k.5
that, of itself, a complete government,
witbt.ut limitation ol. powers hut that
the plain sense and obvious Mea!wgwits;j
VbiY YTVjey- might levV laxea necessary 10
t r a ..1 .... . 1 1 . fc 1. a 1.
ioia8lor vne Keneiai uct ui me
ynttous acts of owej iterem sptctncai
ar.d delegated lo them, and by no others,
Nor lilt admitted, as has been said,
tliat iht people of these Slates by not in
ves'iti their Inderal branch with all the
means of bettering their condirton, have
denied to ihenijtlves ai.y hich may ef
feet that purpose; since in the cli-t t ibu
sion of these means, the? have-Tpven to
that branch those which belong lo ti da
tat tmcnts and to the States hav rm ved
separately, the residue which belongs lo
them separately. ua mus oy orga.-nzi-tion
of the two branchos taken logelhsr,
have completely secured the first objeu
of human association, the lull improve
ment of thir condition, and icsei ved to
themselves all the faculties ui multiplying
their own blessings.
Whilst the General Assembly thus de
clares the rights retained by the States,
riirhts which they have never yielded,
and which this otate will never voiuniari
the great: experimentjvbieb; shall prove
thai nfan is capable of living in aociety
and Atcuung to. its.mtmbers ihe4 enjoy
ment of IUe, liberty, property and peace;
nd further to shew that even when the
government of itt chqice shall show' a
teldency to degeneracy.- we are not at
one to despair, but that the will and the
watchfulness of itt sounder parts will re
form in aberrations, recall it to original
and Igitinute principles, and restrain it
with; the rightful, limits of self-govern
ment And these are the objects of this
BccUbtion and Protest.
Supposing then, that it might be for the
good oithe whole as tome of its co-States
seem l think, that the power of making
roads aid canals should he added to those
directly given to the fedoral branch, as
more likely to be systematically and
beneficktlly directed, than by the inde
pendent action of the several States, this
commonwealth, from respect: to these
opinions, and a desire of conciliation withJ
. W - A . . .. I
Its OriaiesiaLiQftBt
who them, to make this addition, provi
ded it be done regularly by an amend
fment 6f the compact, in the wny t. tab-
lished by that instrument, and .provided
also,, it be suflkicntly guarded against
abuses, compromises and corrupt practi
cca not only of pirstlble but cuCprobable.,
And as a further pledge of the sincere
and rot dial attachment of this common
wealth tothe nation of the whole, so far
as has been consented ,0 be the compact
called ' The 'Constitution of the ITnited
States of Auierica,' (construed according
to the plain and ordinary meaning of its
language, to the common intendment ol
the time, nd -f lw)ewUo-44itt4-4t4
to give also to all parlies and authorities,
time, for . reflection, and. consideration
whether, under a temperate view of the
possible consequences, and imperially of
the constant obstructions which an equiv
ocal majority must ever expect to meet,
they will still prefer the assumntion nl
Dread of Flour makes a N-ge p ortionof r '
nr l most commonly. drink one. glass of,xll J'i...2.':." .
Vine plain boiled rke I am fond blit ' ' '
makes nearly half my,Dinnerrnrhr' ff ' ; -
often- ts everv oiuer Davl rirelr eat
fuit. vay ctwf;wuenti
getable food one klnd .or o her makes
commonly two-thirds or three-fourths of
9tnwui..jvmuJMtMAriHh "and
Onions. As to Drinks, 1 - se.ldm uko "
any but at meal times and with ripe in
younger life my most common draft was
Cider, seldom Wine, leldom or never..
Beer cr Ale or distilled Spirits i but for
the last 40 or SO years, my most usual
rfrtnk has been' a mixture, a little singu.
lar indeed, but as for me it is still palata
ble and agreeable, I still prefer ittho
mixture is this, via: Good West India
Hum 2 Spoonfuls Good Cider, whether
new or old, 3 Spoonfuls; of Waler.9 or
10 Spoonfuls of this mtxtuie (which f
suppose lo bo about the strength of com
mon Cider) I drink about half a pint with
my Dinner and about the tame quantity
with my Pipe after Dinner and my lip
in the evening, never exceeding a iai inc
whole Day ; , and I .desire nothing chn
except one glass .of Wine .immediately
after Dinner, the whol day. 1 generally
take Pi.fMa jt:JhniAi..M
In the Evening, and hold a smll pcTr
Pigtail Tobacco In my m -jifb om
Hroakfast till near Dinner, and agin in
the Afternoon till tea ; this hasbreti nty
prattice for 8p years 1 nsernn Srruff -i
drink its about sunset and eat -vitft it a
small slice of Un.sA toasted i!n H itter;
I never eav any more till bre--.l-..
I have not olten had any con-pLtm Itnm
indigestion, but wbon 1 have, ubsiinence
from Bricakfatt or Dinner, or both, has
usually removed v indeed I have several
tithes thrown ofl seriou coniplaiuta by
abstinence. As to Clothing, it is what
my Friends csll thin i 1 never wear Fun
nel next my Skin, though often ndUed
lcdLMdjfijJgjjitb)e to take- cold. a U
is called niont people a good Warm
double breasted )aist Coat unJ a Cloth
coat answers me for winter, and as th5
aesson grows warmer, 1 gradually con
form my covering to it. As to Pul
sions, Sir 1 iced not tell vnuah.V-Mn
Lnrlnlo"'' thmm . Ilf-t -. -
ation, In our expectation and inn yt,
and to preserve Peace in the meanwhile;! contriHute nrirh to our Health, wri
. " . .. .. . . i. t i. . " -t". .T'r--5- r-
we proceed to maxe ittne tluty ot our pur nappiness, auu uiai mixaiy is injun
citizens, until the legislature shall Other ous to both.
wise and ultimately decide, to acquiesce 1 bsd a (jood Set oi lecth, hut they
uhderthme-wty-of th' tedi4MaMJuifmlea nte gradually without pain, so that
our coverhmeni which we have declared I by BJ t lost tficiii ill.
la belisurpaiioift, and iiguinal which. Hi
void and never to be quoted as prece
dents of tttbli
We theiefoie do enact, and be it cnai
ted by the General Assembly of Virgin. "e ;PI0,BK' "''f ,,on; '
that all citizens of .-Mi Co nmonwj.lth h ",,h,n
rURunJerairiiediuAlified atUfuH
. -ju Bawa4 coiity.: iourti-M ths xe!lr
oi lbs will of Dm Woody- AU peiaons in
debted to sai,i estate,, are requested to mske
fyment j and kit "persons having demand
JRsinst the same, are requested to present them
J01 settlement, cr this notice will be pleaded In
. " . WM. B. UOOD, ) .. . .
JngM 19th, 182S. 3m93
ommUltA to Wve 3t
T this eoumv. on the 23th of Auirusl, 1R29.
a AVara Mtih. who sava his name is TOM i
"id that he belong to a man by the name of
"vwtM MayjUld, Chester district, boutn uaro-,in-
Tlie ow ner ia requested to come forward,
prove property,,nay charges, and take him away.
and pet sons and Authorises within the
same, shall ny full obedience at all times
to the acts which may be passed by the
Congress of the United States, the object
of which shall bo the const ru tion ot post
mads, rnaktni; canals of navigation, and
maintaining the same, in any part of the
United Statrn in like manner as if the
said acts were, tutidem vrrbiut, passed by
the legislature of this Commonwealth.
T DtisMtitic Extracts from a let
fer from the venerable Dr. Ilolvokc, of
Salem, written in October last, to a gen
lleman cf North Carolina, who had asked
of him same account of his mode of tile,
kc. Dr. H. died at the great ago of 101.
As. to ny diet, having been taught to
. . . ... . 1 1.
eat ot-sriMnliii! tnai wasjireuamu ioc ui.c.
from their Sister States, co-operatca with
themselves in Ibis compact." They know
and value too bifibly the blessings of their
Union as to foreien nations and questions
amiwg-smong thcnmUc3t.lo vonider
- ii .u-.. J Mn .in ik anil havi)l? slwHVS a
IV VICIU, "HI VI W .IV. .. y . ... f . ......
. r j; r .....iin nr irtiaut about ntv iood, and I do
- iwMs, ; -..;
The Kditor of the Waiertown, V. .
l'ion 'he 1. r
the. y--
discount on Canada nioiuy to r.i.
ted. A subscriber has ulso "
The crops of gmpes, and paru
the Isabella grapes, are Said to bt
fine in the gardens around Brooklyn,
i. I ho oiar mention1 that one vint. lit
Poplar street, Brooklyn, entirely covers
the end of a two story house, and that Mo
(ruit of the vine ovcrsnadowa the windows
of ...Ibe t and front of lllfi hotise.
One James Read, of New York, bis a
machine which weaves eight different
watch ribbonds at the same time
The townol Salford.T Kng J which has
a population of 23,000, his but one law-
tirs oil ice. i here is, perhaps, ho other
-i a I I . - ..t
civuizea ana cnristianizeu coinniunny, oi
equal population, which can boasi but w
good appotite, 1 fn I single injb cf the la.
"'J ,wu' ' I , -. V. I f-.. .L.
not reccllecl anv thing, that Is Commonly . .
uui HHiivv., i r, i I iL. hall a rti.Hn tjuvrri
nth my atom- I"!''; ., ,'. " , ' . . ' f
tv.,t, i,i,h have filled in 1'hiladelpbu. 1 his, so far
eaten, that does no: agree wi
. f I. ... l..f. u).ii.h I
aca, except .. ... y - " from bcing n il,jicalion 0f .. hai d um, s,
tnoug. very .r . , " shoud bc onMdcred - proof that ah oth-
niOSI Wiways uiaa.w. -
The okmn declaration andfirtel fthe CtmmA
vrahh ol Virginia, on the principle of the ton
ttuuuon of tM, United Utatei of , America, and
:" WtJIWBli n lit T Atmbf of Afl irginvay,
every infraction as to be met by actual
resistance. 1 hey respeci too auccuoo
ately the opinions of those possessing tlie
same rights under the.sanie instrumunt,
to make every diffarence or construe ion declare as follows :
confederated to establish their -indepen
dence on the governmetit of Great bri
talr., of which Virginia was one, became,
on that acquisition, frec-ajid independent
States, and as such, authorised to consti
tute governments, each lor itself, in such
form as it thought best.
They entered into a compact, (which
is called the constitution of the United
Slates of America,) by which they agreed
to unite in a single government as to. their
relations with each other, and with for
eign nations, and as to certain other arti-
ele? particularly specified. They retain
er! t .he sknic.time, each to itself, the
Soint of Sal Ammoniac
drpsf Aqua Ammonia pure in a wine
glass of water, gives me relief after Pork,
00 behalf nd In the name or the people would indeed, consider such a r upUirjr as
ww..vBf-.r.., j,,..!,,,
among ine greaicsi ihih
could btf il tnem; but not b- greatest.,
Tijere is" yet brie greater, QOtnsiton-tow
government of unlimited powrs. It is
only when tbe hope of avoiding this shall
become absolutely desperate, tut further
forbearance could not be ihdulged.
Should the - majorities of the co-parties
therefore, contrary to the expectation and
hope of this assembly, pref, at this
time, acquiescence in these assumptions
of nowerbv the federal member of the
eovcrnmenu we will patient and sulTer
much, under confidence that time, ere it
be too late, will prove to them also the
bitter consequences in which that usur
nation witl involve M all.' In the mean
I T ' --
. .' . I mr Irinrlv of liiminen"! tire in a thriving ia
however, I have J remedy, in tnet "" ; n
KiKht or ten
es a wi c ti . at-wA i
l lie u. ufizefc says nai n unu-
cock-roach socitty ik about Id bo'itarted"
rj af..r an. thin else which of- in New Lngland i tv e expect shortly to
kndwy sromacV-A
ionn'er W
thwe is. one peculiarity in my diet, which, j ivcf- Btuijc n9J been established in
si it ,"P wata tniriDir.n in
Health, I would mention; i am louu i
Fruit, and have these 30 or "more years
dsily indulged in eating freely of those
ofihe Season, as oirawocmes, v.Uirin.
Peaches, Plums, Apples, Ecc which in
summer and winter 1 eat just before din
ner, and 'seldom at any other time, and
indeed very seldom anv tnmg wnateve-
betweivicals Ny wreuKlasi i vary
VrlitK tfua Ul ivoraa)s ort
ihe'SSuWbTT' '.
A lady correspondent of the New York
Ameiicn thinks that " of all the absurdi-
;ics in dressing yet seen, none can equal
thc.ccjt- third in which it it the pleasure
of some gentlemen to conceal them.-;
selves." '
The Cincinnati Chronicle speaks of s
..... f. I . - - .a. I ' ft g
, l 1 . a l Kit l l mi w n nniii wr ills ai n aw ill l liar ill ll -
continually, toffee, tea, v. nocivoia.o, uaiiw..e - i "''""IT
with toasted bread and butter, mux nn "'" 7"-"b "-
Bread toasted, in hot weather, out. never wnai yu.. ..v.y u. . vy u. v
any meal in my-Lifc-seldom the same se.ecteu a w.e - w ,v
Breakfast more ihan 3 or 3 diys running. Uc placed In theMuseum! .
ii i
V .
. .
V i
. ..." i
t i
. v,
. 1'
II -

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