North Carolina Newspapers

    , .. i ; . .... . "i h.
Tl Pttiidcht of the United Siakt arrived at
. IWashinjton City on Tuesday, the 1st inst from
a tour down the Chesapeake Bay, fur the benefit
of his health. It is stated that he has recovered
the wonted vigor of his constitution.
JCJ The communication from llecklentsurg,
relative to the mortality which prevails there,
das been received, and shall be publuhc) in our U would not have been precluded thii
... week, but for a temporary absence of the) di.
' Omega" fi received, anTahall be attended
MacUdnwwprwiU i wov lection of the
country south lad cart of tlie rfiountun diilrmti:
.Weniuy remark, however, la' geneil terms,
ti there j not much, tfayt more (uckoej fa
KJiaborv. than io ordinary years at tuts season.
, We are aJviaedVrom Mecklenburg, that in aome
- part of that county an unusual degree of mor
tality attenda the cases oi icver una seasons
vouna: and old fall victims to H,
f ' . ..' . am .
Dueli-MurdereriCirward Two coward,
fellowe, one a Mr. X C. Sewall, the other a
Dr. H. B, Crews, happening recently to Call out
' ahout some tobaceo-spittle which escaped out of
the leeward aide of the Doc's, mouth, and alight
ed lomewhere In the region of the nasaleafirr
of the otheror aome other cause aa trivial
greed to try to aboot one another, in erder to
repair the terrible breach which raid spittle had
Mattered in their konr: accordingly, the met
on the Alabama and Florida line, accompanied
ly their friend; fala'dy so called i after shooting
at each other thrtt Uwes, at only about a doxen
steps apart d"ng which, no doubt,' like a boat
ytiwcrtbey looked one way and fired another,
efce we. can't aee Jjor tiiey ao ft en missed ibeir
. mark at aucb a distancethey agreed that their
Wrt were whole again, as Sewall had drawn
Cluojfioiu .tUo fleah of the Doc's, right shoul
' der.- Thev thenaneaked off borne and thus
ehdedthe ridiculous and disgraceful affair.- -
' CflmnVrt.The Camden Journal does not re.
.port, the prices in Jhr mrkej at that place,, and
we have no other convenient.nieans of ascertain
fiig them. '
CAwiw. The newspaper in this place being
defunct, we shall hereafter be unable to give
the- state of the market there.
Gen. Wm. F. Gordon has been elected to
Congress from tbe Albemarle district io Vir
ginia, in place of Mr. Rives, appojnted.Miniiler
V France.
Yellvm Fever .-.-Apaper from New-Orlcans, of
tle 10th ult. states that the yellow lever waa
- making frightful ravages among the iuhabitanta
forty or fifty died daily !
Awful depravity Some of the negroes of
- Pr -KtoydV family nf Lynchburg, Virginia,
put arsenic inthe cofTee-patr by-imch alt the
family were sickened, ami a ..little son of the
' PoctorYdied. " Five oTthe negroes were put in
-jiif, ii spcf edufemg iri' the nefarious plot "to
- Bather a serious conspiracy among thejjacka
at and in the neighborhood of Georgetown,
South Carolina, was recently detected, and sup
pressed. It appeared to be the object of the
- - slaves, to mamacre the white, and plunder their
l property. Jhe. conspiracy, was nwt howxver.
- - extensivf m at first apprehended. .. : ;-;
-Mr. Fiit. In all probability the'report of
iic nsHiiimiuii vi wi. ruiuseii, our jviimater in
alcxicn, ta without foundation; as accounts
from TampiCo, of a later date than that on
which the report rested, are silent on the sub
Indian Trtaties.A treaty haa just been con
eluded by the U. S. commis'ioners, with the
Chipewa and Potawatomie tribes of Indiana, on
the Upper Mii'.ppi riter; by which the In
diaos cede to the U. States the district of coun
try comprising the lead Mines, and about
3,500,000 acres of valuable land. A trcatv with
the Winncbagoea waa also agreed upon ; by
w hich they are to cede to the United States an
xtertmvejtract e4;j
Ousconsin rivers. A council would soon be held
with the Sars and Foxes. The stipulations of
the treaty are i the Winnebagoes are to receive
annually, tor SO years, gia.000 amounting, in
all, to RMO.OOO : the Potowatomie to receive
annually $15,000, as long as they sustain their
name a a distinct nation. Harmony prevailed
between the Commissioners and the Indiana,
arid the latter appeared satisfied with their bar
gain. Theae treaties are supposed to be the
most impftrianf of Iny'ever''eoc1Ude6twfrtr'thTe
. iimianj: the- whole amount ot lanun ceded to the
V. States by these treaties, in about six million
fturti, including the moat valuable Lead Mine
Su the Union.
.lciamrt. Some of the papers have stated
that Franeia W, Armitrong has been elected to
Congress from the Mobile district in this state
this seems to be a mistake ; Dixon II. Levi haa
been elected, as stated in last week's Carolinian,
He received more'Votes than both' the other
wuxlitWtwv-Me! atOiiver :n4A.rWirgt
Armtttong, so far frqm being elected, waa the
hindmost on the hat.
in is iaina wniniimii sTriTsirrriiwirrrMfciiafci fa wit r i in-tiwi irr
mo university.
Mr. Mc(j elite, Professor of Mathema
tics; ami .
31 r. Jumet P. IVaddeU Frbfessor of
The duties of Profesior of , Belles-Letters
and Ethics arc, for the present, to be
uiscbarged by Vt. Lhurch-
LllJl. .T. Miiledgeville Jour.
A drotre of from 80 to 100 fine Mules
recently arrived vi BaUimarc from Ken
uckf, and were aoM ut fair hrifes RTl
being the lowest sum that was paid for
"j-encxirthemV . .
Ireland. Vie refcret to find yanoui In
dications of new troubles in this country.
iapgerated, no doubt, by one tide of the
press, but showing thai the country it
still in a attte of fermentation.
London. July 22. The Dublin Evenim?
Post of Saturday last exclaims i
' What state It the country reduced
to! Io Tyrone Armagh, end Feamanagh
the Catholics have been obliged to retire
to the' mountains for protection The
! milcKJcp wi,"e Offered io run wild
about Ihe country" lor thrWanfof proper
care the children atyl tbeir mothers
have fled from their homes, under tbe
terror, oC.Mv4t;?kn,y and ,J( .vigorous
m e a su re I be tioCiiMf "the
coi. war in.the .North may be extended
to other quarters. V - . -
deliberations t and the result is a procla
msribn, calling upon 'the authorities of
the country to obey the laws, which will
produce about as much effect as the invt
tation to Mister Bamerdine to come down
and be hanged. The Dublin Evening
rost has hit the nail on the head 44 Dis
arm the yeomanry; and proclaim martial
law.". There is no use in shitty shilling
when multitudes . ere uking the field
against each other. In all cases of this
kind severity is mercy. In Ta country
where the magistrates are partisans, the
law is a mockery. The only efficient die
cipline is mattial law, administered un
sparingly and impartially, without regard
to rengton or party.
When Jesse Benton, and Patrick Dar.
by, and Henry Clay, used to trump up
stories against Gen. Jackson, the Toby
atkins party never heeded who the Ju
thorrrvn nhe tnventpjnmar tttmveiF
tor, was what engrossed their attention ;
but now the tune i changed; a friend of
our side relates number. ofocf touch
ing the public interest, and . straightway,
there is a fuss to know who he is!
Jialt. Reji.
Ttie-Virglnfs pfBtrf ers en the Rtrwoke;
since the opening of .the Dismal Samp
Canal, have turned their attention o that
channel of communication, ins'ead cf pur-
u,nl5 in,, ?ld.P'an or Ki;oning to Lynch
burgv Hetween six and beven hundred
hogsheads of tobacco, of the present in
pectton,have been ship;ed from Danville
to Not folk, by the route of the canal.
In Zanrsville, Ohio, the inhabitants
celebrated the 4th bf great barbae ue on
the east bank of the Muskingum. Among
other delicacies served up, was an Ox
roailed iviole
It may have been roasted whole, but
we do not believe it was wholly roasted,
The editor of the Androscoggin
PreTOayii that thebthVf day he "saw
seventy-five ox teams, each containing
fifteen femnlas, alt of whom were going a
blue berry ing.
Buenot Jure. Intelligence from Hue'
usr.ftt -wfticft -time nw result oi the - war
still remained in the same uncertain state
as at the date of the previous accounts.
There was no prospect of peace between
the belligerent parlies.' Flour was quo
ted at a doubloon per barrel, and in con
sequence of the long continuance of the
civil commotions the price of the article
was expected to be maintained.
4 sssjjja
14 Thelaw'i delay.'' A suit in London,
commencing. in the reign of Charles the
first, has just been settled by which a Dr
Boucher recovered M0,000. Who pays
A machine is advertised in England to
destroy bugs by steam. It can be used
without taking the bedstead to pieces, and
will not injure tbe furniture be it ever su
From a Idle London Pafier,
Kerentl a fellow ol the name of Wil
ITam KobertsonT Was coh vlct ed in the" Po
lice Court, -Edinburg, of stealing Bell's
Lifa in London and two other newspapers
in a cofTee room, and was sentenced to
the discipline of Bridewell Jor mxty day.
The paper mentioned was sticking out oi
hi pocketratnl dwingthe-reaistance-he-
made to be turned out of the house, his
hat fell off, in which tbe other two papers
were discovered.
Free Black The Norfolk Herald
states... th8L,.the..ftcJaw,ner...Washin(rtori,a
Bartre, captain Benedict, has beenthar-
Liberia the captured Africans at Amelia
immediately for the Island, to take them
on board. A. 11: Mechlin. Esq. eoes out
in the Washington's Barge, as agent on
the part of the government, and Doctor J.
Vaughn Smith, of the Navy as surgeon of
the vessel.
The 'papers sre beginning to publish
nteam boat ballot for the next presidency.
One of the Editors of the New-York Com
mercial was recently present at one of
these trials, which terminated in favour
of Mr. Clay., "Tbe result was., exactly
two to one': two turniu to a leg vf.mut?
on, wc suppose.
Wf5rrV fiittioriaty.itr. ftaker, of
Thetford, Eng. propojes to reprint Web
ster's American Dictionary of the Enrlish
Language, in parts, tj be completed in
two yolurqcs, quarto.
Extract of o letter frm Carle Carroll, Jr. Is a
" " ftiend in Mtimtre, ' i -Dooanoaaoii
Manoa, 25 iotf, 1829.
l regret that W thorl itaV bf Gen.
Jackson at the Minor fore vented mr ask-'
iofiT 'yoft lolneij; bim ' dinner but he
left us yesterday morn rig in consequence
of an engagement he had made for that
evening in Washington '
f'ff f f fJusK-iOivi. -tn't jupJW1Vwkfiaa.''W'XJWplS
7u knowjis as agrees
able as possible, and his conversation par
ticularly, on the events bfe last Wat, io
which he -was o d'utior ui hnl- wn' mrtnr.
. replete with be most iireresting de
tails; showing strongly his : accurate
knowledge of character and his natural
talents for war. If is impossible to be a
day in his company, and not to feel con
vinced, that he is resolved to pursue a
straight-forward and upright policy, ta
gardleas of the sneers and abuse ofoppW
Tooth Drawing. Tiro men have been
charged before the London police of steal
ing 400 sets of human teeth, valued at
300, and, in spite of their teeth, have
been committed to durance.
Difftrtntli of Trade. Tit smouot of
the trade of England with France, during
the past year, is stated at only 800.00
while the trade with' Turkey duting the
same period is estimated at more than
A sea Fo, measuring 13 feet ia length
an 4 feet in circumference, was taken in
Wiscasset harbor lately.
" sfcrrtu 9b mnx m -
In this county, by Henry lyrller. Esq. on the
23d'WrHr7Uaolel Tenery 'tbMiw nirtwell
Drske. Alio, on the 27th, by the same, Mr.
Kenton Albea to Miss flessy Rbbisont all of
Kowan county.
In Surry county, near Jonesrille, by the Rev.
Mr. Carter, en tbe 3d instv Mr. Isaac Carter to
Mias Sallv Hurt. Also, on the name day, by
lames Calloway, Esq. Mr. Hiram Spencer to Miss
Mary Rtce. Also, tame day. bv Jonathan Un
thank, Esq. Mr. Anthony Collins to Miss Sally
Jfj?nkUru. - .
At his father's residence, Mecklenburp; coun
ty, on the 12th ult. after auffering the pangs of
a protracted and painful illuesa, June Columbu
urWi. Esi. attoritty at liwn the 35th year of
Itislge.;'. He fielded up bia aoul, with pious re
signation, into the hands of Him who gave it j
ml !, w tm, rnW -IrtKr ttie OowimOt '
his Father and bis Uod, there to recaivetlie ra. :
Wrd of a X"llflLH'tLJJli?'"?"l'2if(- !
In Iredell cointy.on the 6th inn. H'ilUam Car.
ion, Esq. in the 40th year of frs age.' He was
an enterprising man, and much beloved by his
acquaintances, fn the domestic circle, he wss
tender and affectionate and Ihs afflicted family !
win long deplore trie rasa or tne uupbarul and
the father. ( qnmunicutcd.
At the reside nar-of her father, Maj. Junathaa
Harris, in Mecklenburg county, on the. 1st inst.
Miss Sophia S. Ilairii, aget ti years. We re
gret our inability to publish tbe pbituar) accom
panying the annunciation of Mi us Harris's de
cease, this week : it shall find a place in our
Also, in Mecklenburg county, on tbe 29th ult.
Mr. John Rlack, county surveyor. Also, Mr.
Hugh G. Kilpatrick. Also, on ihe 1st inst. Mr.
John Barnett, Sen. i who wss a staunch Whig '
during ihe Hevolutton, arm sn nonest
throughout life. AUo, on the same day, Mr.
John Patterson, jr. I
In Iredell county, on the 5tS inst. after a snort
but painful illness, Mrs. F.Raabrth Campbell,
wife of Mr. Nsa Campbell, aged !8 vesrs 6
months and '7 day. AW, w the ex'. 3y, 6th
Inst. Mr." Asa' Catnpbelt, huiband of the above
named deceased, aged 28 years 5 months and 9
days. Tbey died within 24 hours of each other
were carried to the burying ground togeth. r, in j
the same wagon, snd laid in the same grave, !
there to sleep until the Lord Jesus shall descend i
lromHeaven, and with the voice of the Arch-
ange and trump o God, shall awake the nation.
..iu. .nH. Li .Mhintm th .rlorion. mor-l
h .. , - o the wrrectmn.-itThejr were - lovely
and pleasant iriiiieir lives. snd in death were
not divided." Tliey ieft faur imaTr chndren. and
many connexions, to mourn th-ir Ijs.
SahiburgJUaectt ..eptcmheLHih MiCottotljaatveraLh
lj to li 25 1 .10, beef 3 to 4, bui -
tr 8 to 10. flour 3.75 to 4 ier barrel, wlvat 50i
to 60. Irish Dotaioei 30 to 40, twei-t do. 25 to 35
brown auirar 12 to 15, cotl'-t 15 to 22, alt 1.12
fo 13rmcatJ0rlTn5li'18 tH30WAfrW1
25, bacovi it to w. . ,
fayetteville, Sept. 2r. Cottol 0 to.7j
silt 75 to 80,
la 28 V. . ban notes Jj J I J percent, pr. j
mium, vpe ear uhvw, 15
Charletton, Sept 1st Cot 00 7 to 9. cents,
flour 7 a 7i, whiskey, 26 a 27, acon 6 to 7, bams
8 a 9, best kind of bagging 2 to 22, salt 34 to
50, corn 42 a 46, cofTee 11 to l......N. Carolina
bank bills 2 a 2J percent, discount 1 lieorg' 1)
ditto. j
In Upland Co1 ton, the saleapfthe week were
vev limited; as far as we could learn, not ex-
ceeding 50 bags. We have advanced our low
festnuotatiort fa cent, tliere being nothing now
in market, that can be bought at 7 cents j we
quote the range of prices 7 I 9 j j the stock is
very amall.
Prtertbvrg, Virg. Sept. S.Cotton 7J to 9 1
Tobacco, middline 5 50 to 6, prime 9 to 10;
Wkeat 95 to lOOjCorn 550)60 cents perbushct,
Flour 6j Uacon T,
PJchmonJ, Srft, 5 Cotton 8 a $J, wi.ral
1.25, corn 5, bacon 7 to 7i. bramlv sntla 1 a
45, whiskey 25 to 27. Comriltr.
Lnmden, Auguit 29....Cdtton 7 to 8J, flour 4
t S out of wagons, tbat from Camden
mills 6 to 7 wheat 1, corn 50 to 50J, oati 32,
sah 65, whiskey 28 to 35, bacon 7 to 8.
CAeraw Sept. 2....,..h....Cotton, 7 to 8, bucon
to 8, corn 56, flour 4 to 4.50. whiskey 25 to
28, peach brandy 45 to 50, apple do. 40 to 45,
leaf tobacco 1, cofTee 15 to 18, salt 74 to 75,
tailow 8, mutaitcf , beef 3.
aUimr,H,pt. &YUnw g6 a 7, cotton
IQ to, Uwltuke? 4 to 25, bacoa 8 1 lt-,
Ittt;t, Juj. 2. .......Cotton 9 to 10J, flax 9
all, flour 7 to 7 121, corn 51 a 51, cLeese 3
5, tallow 8 a 8J. -
Cincinnati. 0!t. An. 8..' Cotton . ie
Amw cni, rtaxwei 37. : 4, pWJ? t.M
5.85, Kenhawa salt 50 cents, peach brandy 62,
apple da. 37, whiskey 20, tallow 6 to 7, loose
co 3 to 7 cents per lb. '
6.87 to 7, cotton bagging made of, hemp 19
to 21, wheat 1.37 to 1.5 J, oak tam.'d sole teath.
er 30 to 23, hemlock do. 18 to 23, bams 9 to 10,
aalt 42 to SO, apple brandy 36 to 40, whiskey 21 i
to 22, leaf tobacco 3 to i, yellow beeswax 23 to
24..........North-Carolina bank bills 3 to 3 per
cent, discount, South Carolina 1 to 1, Georgia
i to 2J, Virginia t per eent. do.
AewAorri, Sept. 5....Cotton 7.25 to 7.50, flour
6.50 to 7, wheat 1.00 a 1, bacon 5 to 6, salt 80
to 100, pescb brandy 75, apple do. 40 a 45, whis
key 35.
tf 'ilmington, Sept. 2..'...Cottw 7J to 8, flax 10
to 13, flour 6.50 to 7.00, corsj 60 to 60, cltceie 7
to 8, applebrandy 3340 35, tallow 8 to .
Mansion Hotel,
nrvllii elegant Establishment is
situated at the North Corner
:iitk iifcof the Court-House,anu in tbe cen
as ni ... . .
sr.'riLJter of businesa. I he proprietor
haaxiktn great pains to procure for this estab
fist rrentj furniture of every description neces.
sarv to the comfort of Travellers," and no ex
pere will be spared in providing for tbe Table
the best the country affords. Ihe Bar will he
stocked with choice Liquor, and the Stables.
equal to anv in the state, provided with plenty
ot rro vender of all kinds, and attended by obli
ging and attentive Hostlers. The convenience
of this situation is equal, if not superior, to any
in thr'ptae,e'T"thr tiouw ewrtamra-viimbrf
private rooms, with out-housra, well cakulatfd
lor th accommodation of. Travellers, with or
w ithout familiea. On the premises is an ICE
HOUSE, which will regularly be supplied when
ever the season will admit of it. -The aubacii.
ber assures tbe jmblie that nothing ahull be
wanting, on hi part, to make those comfortable
who may think proper to cull.
It. J The Aarthern, Siuthurn, lintoln and
Ch HTMiESrAHV at lhr Hotel
SalUhurs. A. C Sept. 10th. 1HQ9- Bt9t
IH Girder to ciofe and e jpedite the settling of
the buainesa of the la't firm of Hiram Tuu
ncr it. Co. there sold at auction, in Ihe
Town of Sa'inrturv; n MoiuUv evening the f2th
ociuber nr', and sale toconriiMie every evening
firing the. week, (Ii beuig the week of Jlowan
Superior Court,) all the Rooks remaining on
hatfd I t"tb it I'hree.'eonsisling. of - ....
6 or "lOYiAumess,
well s"sorted, and in part Law, Medical, llit oil-
cal and Misctlfaneous works-. Trnrrscertmlr
the most splendid assortment of Hooks ever of.
fered for sale by auction in the western part of
the state,. and wiU be. well .worth the attention
of the public. "Ttie fale "will be positive, and
wTrnWreierrer r ht siuiation -of the- ealate-
requirea that it should be i.nmediately closed.
Terms will be liberal, and nude known on tbe
evening of the sale.
N. D. HUnilF.S,...
for II. I). Turner, Surviving partner.
Saliibwy, A. C. Stpt. tih, 1829. 4137
A OHKEADI.Y to tbe last will and
1m. testament of John Thoma,
1'cM. the undesigned, Executors
ta said will and testament, will ex
pone to sale, on Thursday the 24tb
(if September, on the prcmisei of the dee'd.
lying on the waters of ttie lliifTalow Hhoal Creek
8 miles south west of Statesville," and woe mile
north of Thomas' Ferry, cuntajningitt) Acres,
with a dwelling and other necessary building",
anl an improvement of thirty scre, under Rood
reIm,r . 1
and well tit
The former, 150 Acres, lying Joining,
an eacellerrt teat lor Water Power,
Also, st the sume time and place, will be ao'd
Corn, and H her,,, and various other art.clrs not
tt iniriA 11 ii Ii' ii i.ji.
necessary to mention. I uelve months credit
wit b e gi vrit, w ith bond and a pp r ov d se cu rity.
Ary person wiirhing to pUTchaehe above Iund
cat examine it' previous to the day of sale, by
Stplying to .1 MKS B. 1 HO.MAS, i
UeiUR county, Sept. tt, 1829. 2t85
X"" We will, at the same time, ofier for sale
tra ol llaichy, in tbe counties "of Shelby and
Pnvettt. Tennessee: twelve months credit will
b; given.
EINQ determined to remove somewhere, 1
will offer Cut sale, to the highest bidder,
road tetdtng vrom Wawvlw o- licwnwii em
tftifl'atow Bboal Creek, Iredeu JntV.
r,h-1l irt wswntl Vtne-HHmpoet
eaod iudjesmuch brsnch or bottom and hill
" . J . . .... ,1 . 1. .... n, . .. - .
Gold: lOKClllcr Willi mrec wuitr tract ncr
me; te wooie coniaiiK . 1
terms of sale will be made known on the day of
ad,, JOHN I.EA.
September 3th, 1829. 2t33
NOTICE." This it to notify the1 public in gen
eral, that having acquired from the De
partment of State of the United States, fc patent
f.,r the Machines for Washing, Cleanine; and
sn.ratinr Gold dtiftt; consisting of a Funnel,
Trunk and Spout, I herev forewarn all persons
from uhitig or making said Machines without my
permiin. 1HCHAKP I.EE..
RuOirdCo.t.X&i vt)t51
Salisbury, X. C. Sept. 5, 1829. )
HAVING p(Nint. d Capt. S.m'l. Le!g, Adju.
tant of the 61 1 Regt. officers will respect,
and obey kiro accordingly.
. t VARUIWUGH, Cl Comll. .'
' Vou are hereby oommamfed lb iLiDrsr In'the
towa of Ailibtiry, tui'Awft'tiy, the 8th day of
October, 1821), at 10 a. a. arroid nd equipped
And on Friday, the 9th, you will appear with
your respective compinies, armed and equipp'4
with full, uniform, srcorditig to law. Captamty
an.t eortimandMits of Hr""w ,B iuirea mi
By order
rw KtfvsM Tarbroiigin Vol. CbrmTtr-
, e37 n)gu S V.'MMa,
YOti will appear on the cmirt-hona bill, on
Friday, the 9lh of October, praximo, 9
o'clock, a. n. armed and equlpt far regimental
muster and impaction, in accordance with the
requisitibn of tbe Cot. Comdu
fly order of Capt. Thomas ft. Polk..
JNO. II. UAUDir.. Sx'y
Sept. 14A, 1829- "4t87
SON ol the Imported
Horte Eagle will stand
the Fall Seaion, commen
cing' the 10 day of Septem
ber, and ending the 15th
day of November, in the
town of Suli,9nr, on Mon-
wwrnim I" m' U, r"wya and W'ed-
'VMahaMVS' Miili.v,, an,) .V..
- . . w , .it iuc luwq
of CtncorJ, Cabarrus county, on Thursdays, Fri
days and f aturdaya and will be let to Mares at
tight dollars the Season i ix dollars the l.espi
and twclv dollars insure a Toal, .
84 R. I.. FEltRANf),
Sept. 10, 1S29. C. I.. BOWERS.
" SftU&HuvV '-Sluices
THE raxes over the Salisbury Turf, will com--inic
t thuiatlay, S2J October next,
and continue three dnysi lint day, two milo
heats,' free for any librae niare or gtldiiig s.
coua Uay, mile beats, free tor any thing except
me inning norse 01 me preceding oay j fhtM
day, three best i:i fire, free for any berse raised
aiid owhed iu (he county, '
SAM'L, JONtS, Jhvpiotor.
SfliAry, Sept. 8, 18J9. 6trt9
ftttaet or SttAtn,
IJtHtOM the uitucriber, on the 15th Aug. a
v joung sorrel .Vat, time yaari old, four-
teen band twa inches high, with a arnsl! vUr iu
her forehead long Switch tail, well made, hich
ajiirited, and runsf.nt. I will give a rcaonb.ev
ftWiid IO anyeTSun'V.tio ill gTVnie any In
formation, so that I get her atain If strayed 1
and if . stolen, twei.ty -five dolUra for the sp
pri henHion of the thirf. ai.d ten dollars fur tha
recovery of the mure.
3iB6 JAMF.8 R. BlTvCkHEAI),
liireci to Ctiiiirr rfttnlu, .k'. t
f 11IC eubscriber'a intention being to removfl -JL
- to the West, if potoible in the lrptingi of
feM tbe.olowing rropertjAir sale, upon rra
sonable terms, hamely": " ..
if of lana lying. in the
- J Forks of tbe Yadkin, nine miles from
Wt-iw' Salinburyradjoitithg rwdVlr. rord,
A Zachariah MacViee and others, on
which arc some improvements 1 anj
a fer healh, supposed babequal t any f hw- :
tation in the county.
-Abw.'Sfl Lot10 irt mmli y -(rM
Crerk, three quarters of k milo from town, ad
joining John vtamany Thomas Mull, and ohrv
on w rkh there are ten or twelve acres Meadow
Ground, of rirst quality.
Also a number of Sliilw Tin Tare, for silo
at his store iu Salisbury.
In exchange for, or in puymetit of, the above
property, notes of baud 011 solvent persora, or
r.egro property, will be received.
Thus who wish to buy, woold do writ to ap
ply soon. FmVAKO CKF.SH.
Sidiihury, Jug. t, 18 ?9. 78
N. It.' TI.e remaining .SWfr UO)l)S m
hand in Concord, cmnprining a (rood assortment,
belonging to the subscriber, will be sold oil n
low if rmsj and piiymerVs inude easiy t tl'.- iir
chaarr, if the whole stock could be dit;vl at
one sale. K. ('.
I. S. 1 here will 'Vn "Tie" sWTa 1 101 f ' nM "
I .'!', on Muin street, formerly the proper v of
bitter William JUaore, dee'd. no the propu 1
of Mis. f.litabeth Mire, and occupied by K.
Also, new and com pMe Rtick and Har
ness. For all which, gorx'-notM of hand, or ne
gro propertv. will b rrrrivrrl in pn mrnt.
"20,000. Acres ot LAO
TT Yy(l in the county "cf Surry,
d.i and, niin believed from recent
-liscoveriea, within th: Guld liejtion
of Norlh-Carlina. This 'rart was.
grunts'. ty the Slte, in the vesr I79.i conniit
of one coiitii.UQHs trve. aiS-iininy he cunty
line of Wilkes, and e.xtenJing from thi- Kliia
Ridge to within three miles of the Main Yadkin
River. It is intersected for fifteen or twenty
mile br Mitehell'a river, atfordinr an abnn;l..t
sitkS convenient for thja. application of rn n .
tr t the purposes of Machinery h late
ly been found in tlie neijcliborhood of Mi? i:i l.
WW its mmeraT treawrtwtfrNr'm fwi wr&iw- 4
upexpTored. Fcrioni dc-iroujtu iirLa.vwo
rererred to the Elitor for mor prt r..!jr iti r.
posited. - -
5ffftrv..rMI2rt, 1829. 71
State of .Worth-Cartlina, .Mecklenhurg cvtniUi
StrKlil'Mt court of Iaw, My term, 1829;
Marion Tanner v. John Tanner: petition
for divorce. In this case, ordered br the! court!
that publication be made iu the Raleigh. Regi.
ter ami western Carolinian tot three months
Hjcnejaivery, that the defendant be and appear
at the next stip'ior court of law to he held for
the county of Mvcllenlwrtr, M the ourthoun
in Charlotte, on the sixth Monday afW Ihe
fourth Monday In September next, and plead or
answer to the plantifl's petition, or the same will
be heard exparte. Witness, Ssmuet Henderaot
clerk of our said court, at ofEre, the 7di Mon
day after ihe 4h in Mareh, 1823.
tyM fyiXL. lUifDLnsaN, r. e. (f
' i . ...1.1
i. "
. 4,
' ".1
J v V

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