North Carolina Newspapers

, , , . ..." J)
fUli'ir.iiiWiijer offers for s'e
ill iT4 M. that valuable Plantation, witb.
I II I 4 in four milri of Saftsho.rv, on Solh
1 rJ- rutu
recently uwneJ and -occupied' ft Mr. Ueorge
lj)k!j on which there is a larjpnear . end
cominwItAUl iWellirt(rhnusc, with all the neces
sary out-bwiMS. there is only about 30 acres
?f rhtf tanl iwdetJCiillif lioai4Htj!r! l,.nS.
i . ... .. . .
tcact ia a.1 X'm Ul'lana M any mUie nei,i.uir.
fcolr M gHid partioh of oetkiml of wmp
Und,f.r cither e;raie' or grain iit is in the
midst of S hospitable ami social neifcdihorlwwd.
For term, 8ic. apply to tin lubscriberj In the
;Jrpw AiV, AVfa.. who aavs liia. rme
- JL, U HAM, ana (bat lie belong to a mail by
the name tf William ThomDton. of Chester div
.trict. South Carolina, was committed to tho jail
of Meek etiburir countv. N. C The owner ta
requested to come forwarded, prove property,
pay charges, and tV him away.
, JOHN SLOAN, Stiff. f
Jtututt 3th, 1829. 8t MeMenhmf rewwfy.
- Law NoUce.
Vtnn atiWrih liavinf? rrmSVed frlOl IJn
J. eoluion to hla farm at tbe DurfWlo Shoal
l'ord, on the public road leading front Lincoln.
Ian to BtateCMIe, nine mnea irom ma tauer
oJace. and twenty from the former i bega leave
to inform tbe public, that he will continue the
practice of Law in the County and Superior
courts of Lincoln, Iredell. Uutherford and Meek,
knburjr. lie may be 'found at home, at all
timi s scent wheu necessarily aburnt on hit cir.
cvit. All letters on biiameM, may be addressed
to liim ia Statrs ille. oiee
- P !. '1'he Rditor of the Journal i rrquuated
to irV.r the . abeVe five times and forward bia
account to StsVavilte. '
L'O A3iN0U GUUCT8. .
. ' rinpllE subscriber hsvinr been
A. Ml
frequently aoJicited by hia
ctutomera. again to eaUbliah
Gin JHatiiir Vutinct; baf
--.opened- Lit .ahun. in;. Salisbury,
rfl 'ne
where he ia creoared to make arS repair Gin.
of the vrry brat maieria'a, in a tuperior atyle.of
worktnunnbijj, and on terroatbc mow accoramo.
dnrtng, een in tbeae bard limej...; - , F-.J1.
Having beea enKffed In the btiinea ail or
aevenyearf; employ ing a part of hia time for
three or four of the Lt aeaaone in picking cot
ton, for tbe esprta purpoae of more fully ac
quainting hiiwelf wkh the prirxiplea and prac-
Ileal Ovr'MH-4H uciui iuwuuit, -m
having recently viaited South Carolina, where
tbe moet improved Cini are in use, with the
View of examining them, and making bitnaelf ac
' iqnaliited-wtthihe-plan on hich-Ahey-ara.jojx
by hia coiarged experience, thua acquired, in
making and repairing filna, ami picking concn,
' be can construct Macbinea auperior to any ever
done in North Carolina.
Tho wiahing work done in tVt line of busi-
n&U, ar rtipectmtlj -invited to call on tH auo
KjnherjJwitoew the j!an and execution of hi
will ..apare no Jiaina iu wipnlvirig himielf with
the beat materiahi itei be Hadia tUe country ild
will mVke and repair Wirt, according to order
.. , - reeeied on abort otke4Ad. reaaouablc tcrma.
AO those who may pleaie to call on him, will
And him. either at hiv ahop or dwelling-in Salifc
: bury, ready .to execute any joavwUfcbich..Uiey
roav bt oleaKd to fnvor him.
..-.SiMunt, wtuf.MSJit . -..7.?...
,, r i i n in ... ,
THE annnual Course of LECTURES in thia
Institution, will bn reeu ned on tbe second
Mtndatt in November, on the following branches :
.Inattmy, by Jobs Fdwabrs Hotaaoot, M. D.
Swrgtry, by JikS RAWiiT, M. D.
InuUimm jbyMDirso,M.D.
PractH f Median '
Maiena Mtdita, by Hinaa R. Frost, M. D.
OtoatraVs and W.eose. j T & Prio4T M. D.
t 1 smen anil t luldren J '
Citrmttry, by Edhuso Ksvssat, M. D.
l?rwnsfrot fnofsfiiy, by J : Waovvw, D.
Chnrlntm, .luf 19, 18Q9. 8t90
Departmcht or Statc, )
W athingtn, 25th Jugwt, 1829. S
THE Proprietors of all newrpapera now ta
ken ty Ui Department, are requested to
discontinue itndiug the same after the first day
of October next and to render their accounts
"t'othartlaXei-'-AfdiHitke i hereby ewe -that
,joppejr wi!!be.paid for after that time, ex
. ..capt,auchu,ainay- i specially aubacribedfo
sunvquent to thia notice.
The publishers 6t the Lava of the last Session
of Congresa, are requested to publish the above
notice three times, and forward their accounts
Mg. 27, 1829.
Taktu ttit CowvmiUcA
0 jail in SuliiburVTbn thtTSth lnW.-twa fie-
iiw lormer aaysnc Oeionguo Allen W'atgon, and
the latter aaja he belongs to Capt Benj. Watson
of Prinee - lldwsrd eountv. Va. i - fatrick is
.about Vfyw&Wxv$$ j-ravgj nfte ioy
mer is a irei o or . tue latter 5 teat tm
inches iiiglt they are of common size, rather
airs: Cimpiecrct,arvdhtei4a4-;they4id
pv t go w Aiaoama, pro&awy forged t no
particular mark on them. The owner is deired
to prove properry,-py charges, ana take them
w.y. u F. SLATER, Sk'T.
Jug" IV, 1829. , ' 81
Driving to FayetteviUe, ...
W 'ILL find it to their advantage, to stop at
' the Wastn Ywr where every con.
vehteace is provided for llan and Horse, to make
themr comfortable, at the moderate charge of 24
cents a day and night, for the privilege of the
Yard, the use of good house, fire, water, and
ahelter, Attached to the Yard, are a Grocery
and Provision Store, Bread Shop and Confec
tionary, and House for Boarders and Lodgers,
In a plain; cheap, wholesome and ecratort.
able Wyle.Fye! l WJ, 1628. 09 ,
kick 1i. ILr.t. 7 ' " I
raox thi aiw toaa tocaiia h axoiaaa.
The following ia an ungeneroua libel on the
laJira. Muwo la an accomplihhmcnt of the
highest ordered faction In, the acienco U
apaakt a dUete and reQnad aadcntaadiilgJl
ia an old adage, that we mtj, get Jo noch of
good thingi but If a tUng be raoJrjr gooI, it
a Ion time before we ret too much of it. Ud
not the name of JJayley been attached to the Ii
Uior. ."UUt no, never menuon ucr," w
one of tbe sweetest songa, and is sung to an air
of aurpiusing rnelodv-botu tlie worda and he
air are by Buy Icy, whom we rn'iat now act down
aa an arrant I'.bsller. . , , . a ' r".
! ("Prm ttuytry'i BultaJt J
My wife ia very muaicaL ,
blie tunea it over much,
And teatct me with wb;' ihey call
Iter fingering and touch !
Shc'a iwrwHntolK my pain,
Her yery B road wood quakea t .
Her vocal effort! split my brain,
. I ahiver when ahe thakn f .
She tells me, with the greatrst eae
Her voice goes up to C!
And jrovt at, till her rr.elodiea
Are mutadiei to mei .
SLe'a "MiViflatir,
Front where my hooka lie hid i
Or, Oh ! no, im nevkr mntim Kmr,'
I wish ahe never did.
Her newert mu turn out to bo
" The eame at heard laat years
Alaa t there'e no variety-
In variutUnt here i k
I ace her pufi, 1 aee Ler pant,
"Tl broagb dittaea wild and ttrange
T wish sbe'd charigi tmr tutti, they want
Some aiiwr ami omr. thangt i"
WHAT IS LIFE fa bubble vain!
"An interval bftoUknd parn; - - -
A period spent in sullen gloom,
Betwixt the cradle and the tomb
Whole years of woe, with hours of joy,
" That only Tig1ifelftodccoy
. The spirit into keener grief,
And mock us when we seek relief,
A season spent in anxious strife
With all the world and this ia life V
Bot what ia Cfe i Ula to aec
Around us scenes o!" mhery
Ii is to see the ladine cbeek
J That suffer, though it cannot apeak,
lt is to aeo the-dHB y-lo.
On friends that press around j while flows
. J he bitter tear far Confort lost
When De'aih affectTo'ii pa'.h bath crossed"
It ia to see each promise rife
W'uh all the world and this is life.
-Then what is life, that we should cling
With so much fondness tp a thing ;
14t yild.not happiness wc knor 1 . .
" Folf well, and dly.that the glow
- in jty; but ghmmert m mr shies
A laomoM, i'r tt, ladaa awl -r...
; .Our sun acts darkly, and the cloud
t)f gloom, oiir fondest'EbOeif erYitlYOdd1
We linger here, then yield our breath ;
. And all i s.i!l-snd this ia Death. B. II.
-vi JtCHOXTlCr"
Joy1! elbydtess sun Ibrever round thee ahiue
As bngmrndglonoiia-ashe-UveJoiig flajU-i
Nor grief nor sorrow, with a blight malign
TJer oast ahidoit o'er thy ftowery way.
When atorma uil thee, or when griefs oppreai,
Or earthly friends be cold to tby distrefs
0 ! may that Power whose goodness none can
DeferfJ from anguish her I love so well ! tell,
H him protected, in this vale of tears,
Unknown to ill shall pan away thy years
Rewards unthought of may He give to thee,
o aerapli brighter no redeemed more Tree !
nun ruaviiuus.
A'rvvifle, P. Aug. IQth.
Ye mincing, squinting, smok'd face pretty things,
Willi corsets laced as tiirht as fiddle atrinca,
Chnsked a a IomI, mmI supla'aa ii" oat t
About the wsste p. sharp, the pate B flat i
Ye cringing, auper-serviceable slaves,
Ya self-complacent, brainless, heartless knaves,
Ye lizard-looking apes, witb cat-nah gills,
Ye acoundrela, go and pay your Tailor'n Bills.
I love to hearken to the simple chat
Of pratling Infants. ..From the lip of youth
I draw a sweeter pleasure to remark
Ho w reason dawos towards hex pctfeet day,
How passion kmdlea ana impels the soul,.
To all the useful purposes of life, ihtrdii.
Vn mnWtf ttw ! fcr Ita Urn.
Have I come to this r' How paio
ful -muat be the reflection of a yousg
msin:whisw tjr
. . -1 . . k . . . 1 ! , i r r
wiciy, moral lusirucuona, anauiuilul
admonition, to find himself arrested
justice, and about to receive the pen'
sky of the law. for . his crime, while
tmparing ;fivQfigel wluVTiis
prcswi. CtrrHmstaoces. Indeed he
may say ' have I tome (a this I
. Tuis is not altogether an imaginary
case. It so happened that the writer
of this was present when several con
victs arrived at one of our State peni
teotiaries. Among the uumber was a
young man of ahduHhe age ofri4
years, or goocuy appearance and well
Pressed. On goinrr into the nriaon he
involuntarily exclaimed, have I come
to thisTKUi I too late to avoid the
punishment justly due him for his
crimes What instruction such a icene
anJiuch thnsuJAe ttre calculated to1
pflord to yOuth. It should teach them
to obey tne first command with prbm-
Ue to honour tfieir pareou j to avoid
vam compaoy i U a word to remember
tnetr lyreaier ia iac uayi ui iucir
youth. And to a parent who poaaca
sea a dee,p iaterjst ia the welfare of a
aon juat coterioi upon the scene of ac
tive life rwho mows the. vil pr open
antes of the naUral hjcirt; and.!(he ex-,
poscdnca of yojih t.i the snares of the
world, a scene ike this must occasion
I decree of anxious solicitude, lest on
' V -"M- - -, , m-nvJ,", K,,..rf.
some tutors dajl hMy, feave, ,i'CcauAu
to hear. from that sop, trie 'melancnoi
reflection, kfivc come 16 this V -
vlarn'air..There is one circum
stance, or event of human life,' and
that bv o? means of a trivial nature.
avrf. wi ich the influeace of .Fwrtune'a is' considered supreme. It is
agreed that 11 marriage goes by destl
9V,n, Here ' lack" reigns paramount,
sod ' good guidance" is uselss No
precautions can insure a man against a
ttrmiigant wife, or a woman against a
laitrriess nusoana wnuc unions tou
tracted under the most apparently un
favorable auspices, sometimes afford
very edifyiog examples of conjugal
fcliuty. ' A ten years' courtswp will
not prevent quarrels In the honey
moon, while an affection sown sudden
ly at a ball, and of which the harvest
follows in six weeks, shall endure un.
chanceabie all the buffets' of life.
Couples atyearsof discretirn,have pro
ceeded gradually and steadily thro the
grammar of love, and when duly qual
ified for a"mstnmoflial 'jdegree'; nav
advanced moat decorously, and nf
ter the mst approved methbd,'t6" the
altar of Hymen. Cupid and Minerva
preceding them hind-in-hand, and
plenty of coogaYuTaM fot-1
lowing in bridal atttre : and a Itte a la
cat and dog has been the result j While
boys and girJs, scarcely half-way in their
teeos have fallen in love at bjttledoor
and shuttlecock, galtopped off the next
morning to Greina-Greco, been mar
ried by a Uackara'uhjiDd. throw uulwo
whole families into hysterics, who have
afterwards passed their youth like turtle-doves,
their maturcr years like the
tenderest of friends, and their age like
Earby and Joan. English paper.
imnak,'.7.T;.Committees have
aaceruiocd byw:arelui. :inqttiues,rf -.aJIJ
Uic ct4ilcia. ami tavcrp tt). i royt iV.
i.tbat 74,656 gwlons of ardent spmW
are annually consumed in that cltyT
The popfulstionjs about 1 1 ,000. The
number of habitual HnihTafdi nnd lipi
piers., is. J85T ad the ouinbex ; nbt
have adopted tne prTac4pIeXf em ire
abstinettce -is - about the same, . The
denominated temperate men. The city
coroner states that in three year! hi
has holdeh inquests over 33 persons
found dead, and that 29 were suddenly
precipitated into eternity by intemper
ance. The keeper of the house ot In
dustry reports that since October last,
224 persons have been received as in
mates, and that 95 of these are intem
perate, and 82 are children of intem
perate parents. There are in the city,
about 50 widovs, aod 300 orphans, of
deceased drunkards. Wide spread as
the evil is, an evident check to its
progress has been effected in the city,
Some people affect to believe that the
pictures of the evils of intemperance
are overdrawn j bulk the truth is, that
the half has not been told. .
Ilamfithire Gazette.
JffigkttngilACMvtSH editor of the
Boston Palladium in the account of his
late visit to the Shakers, remarks that
" the nightingale was pouring a plain
tive song through an adjacent grove.'
Irhe not' mistaken .' is nonhlrtlrdTT
so celebrated for the softness, mellow
ness and duration of its warble, a stran
ger tothe United States! -The name of
nightingale may have been improperly
applied to other species of birds, whose
tupeM otes. arc, tomtwhNuatmtt!,
lujaic vuAMciua luscimaj is iimuea
modern Eurspeans have related many,
wonderful things of thia little songster.
It is said to unison with the
flute or the lyri, fo'fill a circle a mile
in diameter with its melody, and to
change its notes with so much judg-1
"'vui as iw jiroaacc. iiic must (Jicisaiug
variety. Hampshire Gazette. J
The Tea Shruti has been natur&liz
ed in Asia with complete success, so
that sooner or, later, the Chinese
Monopoly will come to an end, and
with that end, probably, t the Celestial
Empire will break w pieces. : A .
llhtim. '.!M New York; list week,
P. U. A. fitith, a young' man of res
pectable connections, was convicted of
stealing money from persons who
boarded with him at the Eastern Ho
tel. After the Recorder had charged
the jury, the prisoner uttered the fol
lowing blasphemy, which struck, the
persons present with horror. " I de
fy any one toj say that I did commit
"the crime; autlTver f-rrd4iad-said
so it there was - a uod, uut tncreis
no Cod I say if . Cod adjudged mc
guilty. I would impeach him upon his
was ordered to confine him sothat he
could cot: commii suicide i&WK
dQubilm wis -plMn Fa,nnYAVngtt!s
discioles a it is evident, however, that
he has some miagi viol's, for before he
was 'taken from the Court he said,
"my only hopeis that the bowels of
hell will open and receive me." , Wit
nesses testified that he was an atheist,1
and that there was no appearance of
any other insanity. V. York paper.
A "AfW norometcr, Observations
on a Leech, made by a gentleman in
England, who kept one several years
for the p tfpose of a weather glass. A
pnial of water, cootainiog a leech, was
kept in the lower frame of a chamber
window sash, so that, when I looked
in the morning, I 'could know what
would be the weather on the following
day. If the weather prove serene and
beautiful, the leech lies motionless at
the bottom of the glass, acd rolled t-
getner in a spiral torm. ir ttTatn ce
tore or afternoon, it is found crept. up
to the top of its lodging, andthrre re
mains till the weather is settled. If
we are to have windjf the poor prisoner
gallops through its limpid habitation
with amazing swiftness, and seldom
remarkable storm cf thunder. and rain
is to Succeed, for some days before,
it lodges almost continually without
the water, and discovers uneasiness in
violent throes and convulsive mot'TOn;
fji the frosr, as in clear weather, it lies
at the bottom. And in snow, as in
rainy weather, it pitcKes'T.s dweTTTng
upon the very mouth ol the phial; The
leech was kept in an eight-oz-phial,
about three fourths filled with water.
In the summer, the water was chang
ed once a wetk,' and 'in the winter
once a' fortnight. - - ; ;
, i xizr.sYxan. ;,
-A Cjofdertticc, of j. ii ,;n!i-rr of the
MinistJn ViT''I7aTvDe'-'F4'5i'-,rifthe-Evangelical
Lulfteran Cnu ch of Vir
ginia, hW " rVeTnnff tepUyrrHdSrr- the
j .Luther, art Chjrrch fWood?tock, in the.
county of Shtoau Joiih? ' '('here . were .
eicriitMioisiers prcscn1., The Rrv. N.
feenraucker w as calUd u the CUiir ji
aod tte Rev. JvJichier appDiated Se
The principal Uisiuessisfthe
Conference was the formation ol a oew
Synod within the bounds cf Virginia,
distinct from the Snod o? Maryland
and North Carolina. The .
was remarkable for the animated and
active preaching which it put forth.
Though the object was to lead to a
separation of the Churches, yet the
whole affair weut off with the utmost
harmony, i No jirriog interests ap
peared to interrupt the concord of the
meeting. All seemed to admit the nz-r
vancing the good of th? Church.
Rich. Compiler.
A New Fashion. The. last num.
ber of the 14 Petit Courrier des Dames"
of fcaris, contains print? of the fashjuni
for June, w h ich leave a l.arge sleeves
worn since the American Revolution
quite in the back.ground. It is the
Bishop's sleeve! The tight wristband
and, bracelet too, are dispensed with.
The hem is slightly turned back by a
loop and button above the wrist, and
is broadly pendant belbwj exhib ting
waist, it is comparatively a small mat-
Logic Q'we me that logic that
will prove blark to be white, and white
no colour at all. Many are they who
wield the weapon that can do it, and
that too, despite of reason 1 1 will
prove to you, says the logician, that
every car hath three tails. And
is a wrapper. Ot py in ti:,..:- V"rjt w-T
anaeaoy a urnau hero, emoroia- ? p aK . h.V(. tfi94t(.1 h i
. 1, . t l. j J UldUCII VUUUIT IdlCIII liUllui: Uil u
how r inquires the gaping multitude.1. f,jllll,',WOelb,lB,nt.,
" iuui j r, w vv ,a'.l no.
Granted." " Every cat hath one
tail more- than no cat.M " True'.w
. Two added to one are equnl to three
ergo, eccrjfcfiih&h three tails"
Saul, Cashier of the Dank of Orleans",
put an end to his existence on the 5ih
ult. about six o'clock, by shooting
himself With a pistol. The ball enter
ed the left side, passed through tho
heart aod was extracted from his right
side. At the moment he committed
the actj a Committee of tbe Hoard cf
Directors was occupied in examining ,
the quarterly accoont nod counting-'
tne1 c8h. (Ja jhe tahjejo the dlrec
tiob where he committed the suicide,"
a letter was 'found, addrcsicd to the.
bewtrd, ia whtcix JuruiAtaxcg.Jiimw
self to b'e'aaefa'uliVr
sum of shtrthdUsaind dollars, and
that he had'iptJ rn.eans of paying it
:: Darin the ' reicTj of Lewis XT. si
prince of the blood returning, one tjay
from hunting, perceived a poor bof
upon a tree when with. the greatest-
sang froid Imaginable, he instantly
fired at. aod killed him. The affair
was mentiooed at court, according to
the etiquette of which it was necessa-
ry that the prince should repair to the
king and solicit his pardon. tTbe king
sarcastically smiling, answered, 'yea
cousin, I graqt your pardon and to
whomsoever may fire at you, I will
grant the same favour. The sarcav
tic manner of his most christian ma
jesty's answer, was, . at that 'time',;
thought a sufficient punishment for tho
enormity of the crime Maul de to
Cour de ljouis AT.. . i '. ' .
df.having been educated at two col
lcgs. 41 rou romioj -n,w- aa'id an
aged divine, "of ao instance I knew
of a -calf that. sucked,. two.cowsv .
" What was the consequence !" said sc
third person. Wny sir, replied
conse'jucn-e was, that he was a very
great call'
Prtures of Father and .Ao
old wmanf who showed - the house
and picturr-s at Towcester, expresses
hcra.-.lfin these remarkable words:-.
1 rToIa ts Btr Tt5Tr t rarmerTTteiived
in the country, took care of his estate,
buiTt this hooseyafid paid for it ; man
aged weu saved money and died rich.1
That is his son j he was made a loro
too! a place at court,- spent h estate;
and died a beggar " :- -
. Task, for Jfi'.T'J:r
ment, composed of powdered sulphate
f lime, made, into pas t. witV ,wajter .
and a small portion of the acetate of"
morphtne, is no-w-4jsed by some den.
lists For stapnma-naininl raflgHSiteett
irTiTeu of g-ld leaf or silver. After
cleaning" Out the- tooth with lint and',
ed with a weak solution of acetate of
m orphine, by " "f a esmflVhnir
pencil j the anodyne "powder is then
inixed with a little water, and instant
ly introduced, so as to fill the csvitv
ibout half full j after which it is filled
up with powdered sulphate of limey
immediately on its being formed into'
a thick piste with water," which rapid
ly becomes solid. The practice, where
the cavity of the tooth will admit of
the cement being ...retained, has proveik
very successful.
Fancy. The vaursries and transi
tions ot fishion, are extremely singu
la! . Old and young dandies now wear
blue striped and checked shirts, like
sailors." Coloured shirts must be vul
gar; yet dipped in the crucible of
fashion they become purified. Had
would have considered it a emybol cf
disgrace, and wept accordingly.
Dr. Brown had long courted a lady,
who was his constant . toast. One 'day
4eanoot make hrBrown .
P&U$MHg:-T?h prsnnjrmleBw-
after dinner, ha vine civen another la-
pany accusine the irnn nation wun uc
ing the most unpolished io the" world, ;'(
was answered mydly by an Irish gen- 1
tie man, 44 that it ought to be otherwise,
for the Irish 'met with hard fubs en
ough, to polish any nation on earth.
4sA fayvrk .Miss Ann Davis, of
day M"
yards of cood Cotton Cloth, in a common
loom. The act Is atteaied by aoch res
pectable authorityi that it cannot be
douoted, Who, mong' be ladies of
Xcrth Carolina, can titat ijiis f ; . Qfa

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