North Carolina Newspapers

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lliik)lli I M ana,lw
, -Tf ffAS iut received, and opened at liii Store
If I in Salisbury, large and handsome assort
ment of
Spring and Summer GOODS ;
A!i. Gwceriea, Hardware, Cutleur, Plated Ware,
Halt, and HatterV Triinminjr. Crock
ery, a jmhI awifmi-nt ut Uniting
C'lotln, 8ho', bourn ta, rK
and every article UM14I!) W'w5
mkrA fur in atorea.
Ilia stork of ffuodi ha, been purrhanel entire
ly fur tath t nd he ia determitu d to them
t low a can be had tu the place, lor c uh, or to
Jiutic'ual curtomera on a t'lort credit. T'.ie pub
'tfi are respectfully invited to c.ll, examine, arid
judrfe for themaelvra.
Wiibuty, June 3, 1829.
HE raeea over the f.ibury Turf, com
mence on Thm'U, 22n October next,
and coulinue three Uy; fi-xt dav, two mile
tieaU, ftee fr. auy .h.:.?rs. "'rC or tiding i aet
" cond day, m3t heata, free for any ng except
the winning liorvsof ibe preceding dnyi I bird
ly, three oest in five, free for any hone raised
and owned in the cotmty.
SAM I.. JONLS, Proprietor.
Saliihurti. Sep A, lit J. - - 6;X9
"WT1R0M the ui)-ctibrr, on ih I0M1 Aup. ft!r Wjre );cars old, four;
teen hunclii two incbe hipti, wi'.li'a amil star in
her forrheitd i lun swiicli tail, well made, hih
spirited, and run fast. I will give a reasonable
reward to any nert xi m Iio ' ill ive me any in
formation, no that I h'-t li (Hiii if strayed;
and if atolcn, twenl) &ve dolbira for the ap
prehension n' the tb'u-f, and ten dollars Cur the
recovery 01 me niare. 1
Jhrci Ut Cuiamu tuualUy Jm'. C
Great Bargains !
TMF. mibscriber'i intention being to removr
lo the We't, if poible in the spring, of
ten the following Property for aale, ujon rea
aonable erma, namely :
'ifgf"?0 '- ' r '-fl'iJ, Vn., in tU
j4- ? Fork of tlieVadkin, nine mile from
-Salinbury, adjoining Fred's k. Ir.Ii
F Zachariah MasAtee and oihera, on
which are aome imimivemenlai and
a. for health, supposed to be equal to any Han-
- tation wv the-couaty .
Also, 26 or-30 acres lAind,Ui on Crane
Creek, three quarter! of a mite from town, ad-
''wn'titg- JohTrt;t'ian, ttronw Miitt, nd others,
n wbich there are ten or twelve acres Meadow
Ground, of first quality.
.;:..A!l'j f QUfftber of -S'a7t.nd ImM'arc, Sox. laie.
Sugar Pitmting, Th Northern Edit
or art much astonished at the ttatcv
mcntcf Sugar aDi-Molass-Tnidfl last
Americao,) 11 those of the South can be.
The total bhda of Sugar made io all the
4 9 v8 T hfr"Tnor"prod or rt ve-ra (jfr
et'tate U General Hampton'a, 70 milet
aboe New Orleans, which yiejrfedl 640
hirdaTugairaml '.'.3 iOamMnVi
br itsrh'a 10 milt abjov New-Orleans,
999 hbds sugar, and 415 rnolastca. Very
large broduct indeed, and very wealthy
propiieior no doubt Shall we add hafi
flier than bthtr citizens f It is very
doubitul, whether there are not hundred
of smaller proprietors, who are happier
than the wealthiest Who then it the
best off? -Rich. Comfiiler.
A brief sketch of the signers of the Declaration
ol Independence.
Thontai Jffferwn. .-A distinguished
statesman and philosopher a native of
Virginia ; boin April 1743, educated at
Milium and Mary; and Stu4id Uw un
der 1 hat distinguished Chilian and patriot
Chancellor Wythe. In hi 26th rear, a
disiinguHhed member of the Virginia
Legislature, in 1773 appointed a member
of the "committee ol correspondence,"
the, mot "efiwierrt bdf la'direetlng and
maturing the material Horn which spr4g
the revolution ; elected toCongre 1775
re-elected '76. Member of the comani
tee WhUh drafted the declaration, consis
tini; of JelTerson, Adams, Franklin, Srter
man and Livingston, and as chairman
made the original draft, conformable to
which, QZih Jue, .hf.tairi)dujpedATeolu
lion -'that thete Stalei are, and of right
ought to be, free and indi fiendent Siatet"
which was stcondod by John Ad-ms, and
ununimoiislv passed 4.h July, 76: Oov
ernor ol V'iiginia '76 '84, minister
rranre; which station he held until ap
pointed Secretary of State by 1'iesident
asjihigion, '89 ; Vice ! resident United
Scales '97, and Titsident 1801, which
plce he held eight years. In the 83d
year of his ap,e, on the 50th anniversary
ot our independence,. he died at Monticel
lo,the seat ol hit fathers, having filled the
Inghest office and enjoyed the greattat
honors witbin the nift of hi Countrymen.
flenjamin- FrankiimS Printer, philo-aophei-
tind itaemanf a native uf Boston :
born 17th January, 108. At the age of
30 appointed clerk to the GeDeral Aem
biy , und Foy master jat jPhiladelphu,at M
' member of trie Assembly. About 'this
time he identified jltctiidty and I'bt
nine to"be the same, by drawing the light
ninu from he clouds, ' and manv other
inirrniuus. cxDcriments ; commissioned
To 1
than 430 pupil attended hit lectures I he
wa auccctiively choeo prolcswr .ol
physic-- Chosen 1r, July delegie In
Congrett, ht wat net' prttht when the
declaration was adopted, byt fgnd it on
lakingiu teal 4tMutotr lorff
htr conatitotion. Died !0th April, iSIS.
ncc horn in 13otoo 1 742f and luxated
at Harvard college. Removed early to
No,r'h Carolina I a re presentaiive to the
General Aemll for several years; a
member of Congress or 1774 ; and the
succeeding until the ad p ing and signing
of the t'eclaration ; a judge to settle the
dispute between New York and Mass
chusetts. Died, October, 1790, in the
48th year of his age ; having retired ev-
etal years previous, from the cares of
of public life into the joys of domestic
Charlet Carroll, qf Carrolltoti.t)ny sur
viving signer, at ihis time, (1029,) was
born September l?J7r at Anntoli, Md.
Being of Roman CaMiolic dec cut, he com
menced his education at Si. Omm, Great
Britain, and finishes) it a Hhetms, France:
studied law In Pari nd London ; an ac
tive and efficient newspaper writer, in fa
vor ol the cause of the colonies. Being
a rloman Catholic of education and for
tune, was ae letted as one of the Commit
tee to visit Canada, early in 1776, to make
overtures to the Catholics of that province
to join the colonies. During this tour,
the declaration was adopted, but was
promptly signed, on his return on the 3d
of August : soon afier a member of the
board of war ; in 1801, retired from pub
J lie life, after having been 1 member, of
me nrsi committee 01 aatttf and observa
tion ;- twice in the Convention of Mary
land 5 twice a delegate in Congress ; once
a senator in the. 0. States Senaie and
four times in that of hi native State.
Ctiar Rodney, botn in Hnvr, Dela
ware, 17JU ; a member ol L giaWMrr
sc v e r ajycH r s 1 m m b r 1 o j C on gi e m ..0 f .
l 74; continued until '75 ; an acute lea
der in the war upon i4the enied field ,"
a general in the army : and the intimate
friend of Washington.
Benjamin Hart inn, a natire of Berkley,
Virginia, the descendant of very reapec-
laiue. nc walihy tnmiiv eariv
a member of the provincial legislature ;
a member of itrt first' Congrrss, and of
those succeeding, until the honor of vo
ting for sod signing the' declaration i a
member of the. committee, pj . Safety 1
chairman of the "board of war." Aficr
resigning his seat in Congress, a mem
ber and president of the colonial Askem-
bly ; Governor ol Virginia in 1782 ; and
reelected the vear following. Died
In exchange for, or in payment of, the above
property, notes of hand n -solvent -persona, or
reyro property, win oe u-ceneu.
Thos? who wish to buy, would do well to ap
rly ao.m. KDW.YKD ("KKSS.
'SalUhwv, Jug. lit, 13.I9. 78
N. B. The remaining Stock of GOODS on
hand in Concord, comprising a good assortment,
belonging to the subaCt ibar, will be aold ofT on
low terms; and payment inude eaay to the pur
chaser, if the whole stock could be dipoed at
oue aale. E. C.
P. 8. There will ata be sold, a HOUSE -and
LOT, on Main street, formerly the property of
Xc.r ; itfioin Moore, dee'd. now tbe property
of Mr. E.izbeiU Uooie, and occupied by E.
, Alaa. a. nc and complete Stick. GIG and Har
ness, l or all which, good note' of hand, or ne
gro property, will be received in payment.
tXK 'liit. suoacriuer uavmg oeier-
wined on removing to the
WVlSw Weal, offers for sale his present
place of residence, lying on the
tern of the Scuth Fork of Cra:ie
Creek,, containing 7Wo Armdreti and thirty one
fcfM! being.,8i.njile. and a half of Salisbury,
"idjounng the land formerly belonging to Jacob
Visher, Mr. Waller, Williamson Harris, and
On the above premises, there a good comfort
able Dwelling-Home ; a new Barn, built in a
superior atyle 1 and Stables sufficient tor any num
Der of Horaca necessary ur working the farm.
Persons wishing to purchase, will. of course
come and examine for themselves j w hen due
aTOthfion witl be naid.
. Tlie pay taftjrt fon vhe -above premise- wilLbe,
5fJU0 in tath, the balance on a credit ot on and
two tear, in annA and annroveil note.
""" s3fomitig johtv Uddgt, tin ram;
150 -Bmkels JVIIfWr;
1000 J)o. CORN.
The above premiaea. if not previously disponed
of, will be offered at Public Sale, on the 25th
inst which will be on Friday.
, Sept. 2f.'l829. . .3t85
.Committed tu te 3a
OF thia county, on the 2th of August, 1S29,
"1 JVeor iMtm. who say hw name is TOM 1
nd that he belongs to a man by the name of
-ipruham Mayjteld, Chester district, South Caro
lina. The owner is requested-to come forward,
. .... I
prove property, pay cnarges, ana taae mm away
rrviiM bimv ,r .r
.I.29rt,.l... 83' tf&liknbrg .ctmt. j teacher in medicine; in
Congress in 78 t member of. the con
vention which formed the new constitu
tlbamysteriQ Frani4 Pievtral ilauas
Governor of Mass. f Vlc Preidnt of
the U. States In 1808.- Pied 53d No
vember, 1814, 00 hi road to Washington
tr-Viee fmWmvt ;ttitf .fjfirtiniifrtt
70 years. .
. George Ron, wsi. bom In NewcsJle,
l7eLiii J 7S0. A scholar t became law
yr of eminence after he VerrtoVed to Urn
caster, Pennsylvania j a member of the
legislature of Penn. a early a 1788 , a
member ef the first Congress, and of the
three succeeding ; several time a mem
ber of the ttate legislature ; a member of
the Board of Admiralty of Penn. Died
July 1799, aged 49 year.
John Jdam, s lawyer and statesman ol
great eminence, we hern Qutncv
Mass. I9ih October, O. S. 175, of puri
tan psrents writer and active leader
preparatory lo the adopting and signing
the declaration : a member of the fiiat
committee of afey for Boston; had the
honor of nominating uen. ashington to
Congress, as commjnder-in-chief of the
American armies ; and 01 making the
motion. to adopt the declaration, which ha
supported and advocated with hit power
ful eloquence ; a member of the first and
many succeeding Congresses. Soon
idea may be formed of his business hab-
haTwfienTt l stated lie was 'member of
ninety committee, snd Chairman of 35 ;
commissioner in Trance in ITJfl, and
minister to the same power in 1781,. and
minister to England in 1785 1 a member
of the convention which formed tbe con
dilution of his native state ; Vice Presi
dent nfthe United State twice, and Pre
sident once ; jtnrtd from. pubJic ilia 10
1801, und abut 4 o'l lotk, P. M. on the
fiftieth Anniversary of our Independence,
he expired, in the fllt yesr of his age.
Richard Henru Lee, a native of Virgin
ia, and an .egant, ws born 20;h
Januit v, 1733. Like manr of-the distin
euished men of his time, he was educjted
iu -Eog Uud ; h t eady ia -xmr-Mtmwlc
become a polnial writer; and in the
hour of peril, otlicr early 0 mrmr
of the House iTliurgcitses, of a. a pol
ished and eltgant speaker, he was called
ihe ( 'ueruol America j a member 01 the
firt Congus ; he first introduced a mo
rinn in Con. res . I'O'li June 1776, 44 that
these V'itrd Cotonrei mere ana or ngu
ought to be Ffefand lit Ufiendfttt Hint$.
Bairn. 'railed away by sickness in his fam
Uv, Mr. Jefferson wa appointed in hi
pUcc on ;hc CromiuM bich the res
olution was rrferrrd; and filling Ihe v
canrvof the mover, Mr.JefTetson became
chjii-mauTa r. rtTh ti ?beniirrr-dTfrsrrrarr nf
mat instrument which has ao justly given
. l-i.tiiw to Ins name. nce ri;rMUnl
-- ---
lcl writer of eminence j member of
Congress eight tlmrj rnefribtf fif lb.,
convention whiew Jormec the constitution 1
of his arate and r f the convention which
dopted the Cons'itution of the U. States
Lieut Governor and .Gov. nf Maaaacfcu
whom the" firitish authorities proclaimed
beyond the risch of pardon. . Died, SJ.
H. 1. tana. 1. k. 4
"-' iwJ 111 I K VLI TCdTi
4ohnnxnrci ft -schnlir n"i-in3Trtif
immense wealth, was born near Gjilncy,
Miss. 1735. A member nf the general
court ; chosen spesker, and rejected by
the Governor acted with Sanuicl Adams
in remonstrating against the mu.crv by
the soldiers on the 5th March, 1770, and
in procuring the removal of the troops
from the ci'y. On the 5th March, the
vcar following, pronounced his celebrated
speech on the massacre occasion ; was
one of the proscribed patriots with Samuel
Adams.. A member of the first Con
grrss; and President ti the second snd
third, in witch capacity he signed tho
Dccliration of Independence, whjch se
purified the colonies from the mother
country forever; Governor of, hi native
State, a series of timet He large
sums of hi ample fouone in benevolent
rharitie and wa gathered to his fa
thers" in a rips old age, laved, revered and
. .1. . - ... . - r ,. - -..,..iv.iKf-win YfRrni
GrMtBritalnTrdm iheUorontcs,exa-m- 1791. at Ins -residence, nonoreo ana re jm rnKn.., -
ined before iht bar of tfielleoH ot Com-- spetved tyls couniryrarn. hit age,-.oauuo
H ons with great credit to himself ; elec- if;7iam Pata (m ,cholar and an cotmN vmen. - - ' ; .
T77r.76nrnTelTft efnlnennurinvtorn .740, at Wye -Hall, -- ffXl IS
one of tbe committee to hear proposition E5(ero Shore, Maryland, a member of lo ,L . JJti.ln U.ihnol much
of reconciliation; comr.issionertoFr.nce tne firl( alld ,everal Ii.cceeding Congres- f1'" " ' 1'.
in the 7 1st year of his age ; concluded a Immcdiille,v ttfter voting lor and ''''' ' C"2 T 3n,W of the
treaty -i.h that power in 1778 ; .nd in -,,-,- , he declara-ion, elected Z member brother ; . v er v r ;"7;."rMth!
1783 concluded a treaty wi;h Ureal Uri- of,he Nttyy board twice Governor of nou ' r'h" frm RiJirnond, the
tain, by which the war was te.min.ted, Mirvand, and twice chief justi. c on the
.1 inn -A l ll nil wwj- - --
l-'lOU Kti'
t 1 I - I . 1 .1 ..... 4 .
ana our innepenaence acKiiwicu;cu
elected to the high honor of foreign As
sociate of the Academy of Sciences, at
Paris, in 1781. After his return to Amer
ica he wus I resident of tho Common
wealth, and of the Sute convention which
adopted the new constitution. Alter
ong life, spent in the most, active and
useful pumiits, he died in hU 84th year,
27th April 179D.
Francis Hopkinnon. lawyer, and
man of elegant literary attainments; a
native of Philadelphia; boin 1737. A
member of Congress 1776, and voted and
subscribed the declaration. Me dted m
bU-5ad.yes.r, 6th May, 1791.
Hubert Treat Fame, LL. u.A Law-
r r n
ver ot eminence, a native 01 uosiyn,
born 1731. For several years past a
member of the Legislature of Mansachu
setts; a member of the Provincial Con
gress,- 1774; a member of the first and
second general Congress; a member 01
the committee of fiveto consider the State
ofMassachuseits and ..Supreme '.Judge ;
. r a-' 'ia i . j ni' " 1 '
2AomaMMay.yw4MWM JU)etJlttMi
of Su Lukens, South Carolina, 1749.
Edticateekirr Awertcar whed -lw irrthe
years on a tour through Lurope ; 1775
and '76 a member of Congress ; auer-
wards Supreme Judge of his native State ;
. . ' Vl'
was wounded at tfeuuiort ; taken pusoner
at Charleston ; was in the State Conven
tion for forminc a new Constitution,
j770; died March 1809.
limmmin lluih, M. U. born near
Philadelphia, 24th December, 1745.' A
physician of great eminence t studied at
Edinbu'g,, Paris and London, his name
is written as indelibly if possible, on the
scroll of medical fame, as on the declara
tion of our riehts. . A -most successful
- ( j
1812 not less
bench of her judiciary
66 years.
Arthur Afiddleton, fine scholar, hav
ing taken the baccalaureate degree of A.
B. at Westminister, England, and a gen
tleman of fine fortune; born in S. Caro
lina, 1743 ; jpent two a lour
through Europe ; a member ol the 44 se
cret committee of five" in 1775; s
member of Congress in '75 ; and took an
uctive part in the war ; a soldier ; taken
a prisoner at Charleston, and sent as such
to St. Augustine ; suffered, with the rest
of hi fellow prisoners, great hardships ;
elected again to Congress, 1783. Uepar
ted for the better country-beyond, the
grave, at his country seat, on the Ashly ;
aged 45.
Elbridge Gerry was born July 1754. it
Mutbleheadr-MassachMaott. Took-iu
degree of A. B. in the 18th year, at Hjr
varda merchant by profession v.-.nvm
ber of-the General Court of Masv i3y. in
his 29th' year ; a member ol the n-w
committee f safety fo Mas, i onwe
and.efficlent leader during the revolution
sprnt'the'evenvngprfvioiis -
to Lexington, among whom was tne
brave and early lamented General War
ren; on parting in the morning with the
General for the scene of danger, this
brave man, all devotion to bis country,
droppped these classic word 44 Duke et
decorum ett,ftrofiatria mor?' before this
night was an example. A member ol
It was this committee, which consisted of
Chafle Coataworth Pinckney, Wm. tlenry Dray;
ton, Wm. Gibbes, and Kdward Wajmar, that re
.vA nn hivmir rrrnuiae to force, in 1770, in
ettlimr the difficuhiea between the coloniea and
mother country, and tbe public arms .then n
possesion of. British keeper, were takn po-
aesaipn ot aqpraingty
Senaie of his native uc. I he pnriP u
lars of his death r.ol recorded by hisbiog
raphe r. ,
Samuel Vhae, a lawyer and iurlst ol
.rrrat eminence, wjs a native of Md. born
I7ib April, 1741. Early a member of
ik. Colonial AemblV ; a member of the
fir.t and four succeeding Congresses ;
member of the mission to Canad i, in '76,
vith Charles Carroll and Ur. franklin;
at his suggestion, the convention of Md.
renrindcd tluir instrucltons to tneir rep
restntat'ives. not to vote for declaring the
colonics, independent,; ihe early patron
,nd benefactor of thaisiiopuisneu 11
.... . .... f .4.- Kf. ,
lum r nktiev ;t a memoer oi inCi.iy
Innd coiiveniimi which adopted the new
r.m'stiiution : d ief justice of Md. and ap
nointcd by Whingtonftn associate judgo
I In- u . niaic
Samuel Adam, i native of Boston, a fine
scholar, a men luni bv profession, wai,
trirr 22d Senttler,.l723-. He reported
ih first resolution lo. the. citizen of lies
the right of the mother
at'-iinst their
8 polii
on, denying
c, nntrv to tax the coionies
nt lor purposes 01 reveuue ,
attended debating club composed of a number
vnuii men. LMirmtr uie ut-uaic n
a.-A nn. whooooke with remarkable ease. aiw Boencv i alter tne ueouie riiocii,
the Judge sought an; acmiaintance with tli
mn. ami learned hi. name was I'mkim;
YUUiift . . I ' .
'. . ..... mw.r nri wan then earni ik
mar ire '., -.. - - ..
hv his services in an apothecary shop
and designed studying medicine. The Judg
. I..-....I k'.m tnaiudv aw i ana Oliereo nun
BU,W.. ... ... , .i: , I.:.
use or his library, aim invneo .mm v
..m.I hi had completed hi studies-thesc
.. ....... lo.lw arr.fnteri. and VOUWST
propoamona m ---,r---. ,
tinkney put up his trunk unVned.ately lor the
... j. ...;,inr. Thit same youiie man alter-
.aa became one of the moat distinguished
1 nf time : Attorney General ot ni
fnred 5-tat, Minister to Russia, fcc.
Rrnrfit nf Corrt! !- larhr wasthrowiT "
out ol a gtgin the streets of N'rw Lutidtn
lew d.iys since, the wie.elifJlkh pas-
ed ttuiicily over her breast, but to the)
vci lasting credit of her corset be it po-
cn.kbe escaped wi liout the shgh'tstin-
a, it ti
uiy. jvcjii ttuvrn HrgttliT.
The Gravrl, tifr. At a btc sitting .
of the Paris Academy of Sciences, a
etter was read from Dr. l)ud-n, stat.
ng that he lias discovered a prrfect
olwnt. for the stone in the bladder.
ven when it is encysted. lie re-
juests the Academy t name Commis
sioners, in whose presence He will
make use ot. his solvent (which is in
the form of powder) upon dead sub-
ects, preparatory to Ins performing
the experiment on a Uvmc person.
rhe Academy has named Messrs.
)umeril, Rover, and Magendie, to
assist )r. Oudon, and report upon hh
proceedings. At the same sitting n
)aper was read On the discovery of two
new caves filled with fossil bones
one at Combes, and the other at Bau
vigard. -Yht preen of hiMVHft-
banes, mingled with those ol maraert
lous anim.ds, the species of which are
eilinct, was in these instauces incon-
testiblei They hear evjidrnt traces ot
the"teeth; of Wtiirrttrrt.
states, that the excrement of the latter
animal was also ictunu.
This is the cap'iraUng raptign of the
first Editorial article in the J j'iiefton,
N. Y. Republican of ihe 25;U tib. Tho
paragraph which it graces, run in the
following terms t -
1 " , ol Sugar Grove, and
of -liii Sown, . hav- -tn jway iry our
debt. 1 he fornvci' nwrd u K3 50. iha
latter 6 50. is asm ill mn, with 1
lank and masonic visage, and resam
hies Nrrsganset Indi in. We are thus
minute in describing tlicm, that they may
not gull other editois as they hive us.'
We omit, of course, tne names of the)
Runaway 1. Ti. ariicle l a aUifte on
tor a newspaper ; and really it appear to
us, that he fium$hircrit ia rather dinp-o-poHloned
to the offonre If 'every" ub
sctiher of every ncwspiprr, who oe a
way from a place, in the Editor' deot. is
therefore to be Called a. runavay and a .
troundret,- and to he published as m'ch,
w w. , . 0 - Vwiuiin tati9t Vai
our newspajtera would be crowded with
4 Uunaway ScodndreU- 'Phi MKHih
ment, however, iaas unhpte, SHlheotfcnco
is common. We distpprove, of course,
of siibs'cribers '"Sisappeairiig," without due' "
pavment o( theit aucaisj bur wc disap
prove of Ibis visitaUOu of tlta- Jtinestown
Editor, more than we do of their 4 runa
wiy panoiis. nirn. jomnucr.
Jr. Ui(f!erm -The excellent Mr.
Butler was living in great obscurity in
country parish. , .Queen' Carohns
one day happened to ask Archbishop
BlaCkljumy whether the pious Mr.
Under was not dead? No madam
answered he, bat he is buried, The
witty reprbacn had its effect, anil liut
Icr became a bishop.
No man is evrr satisfied with another
man's reading a newspajwr to him ; but
the moment it is' bid down he takes ju
up and reads it oyer again. BMop fofttt.
- .-yvy.v(--ay'.vix;
' '

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