North Carolina Newspapers

    5N order 19 elw al rtitstlie-settUnf of
th biistneas o ! Ulc frm of raw Tr.
r U C. there will te sold at uriion, In the
Town eOaUourv, ) MoJy veninj;th 12th
October nett, sl ' te continue every evening
during the week, ( being he f Rowiit
Superior Court.) e3 the IUh.Ii remaining oa
band et thit flare, contiiting of
"well asserted, audio part Uw,Milicel,Ifitori.
c.l t MiscelUnecus work. This U eerteinlv
tk nnd inWixlul alkftrtment Of tUuktCCT ot
tered far le by auction In tbc western p f
tetteyand willbe well V'in ins atteniien
f the twine. Tkt i Jo win be positive, and
without reserve, as the situatloo of tbe estate
require that It ebould be Ismedialtly dosed,
;X Trt lw. fibe and wde eo the
Irr IF. A 7VV Surviving part,
to5iurfrACr, A, B3
Mansion Hotel,
TY nP,,,9 elegant lbliibmwit U
f I ftp JL situated t lb Nortb Comer
I IfillVurtbeCottrt-llouMkaiMlintlitctn
L 4 - - -lur of business, the proprietor
baa great pains to procure for tbls ettab
nhint farniture of every description aece-
aery to th comfort of Traveller, end ro es-
peBee wUI be epareo inproviojng iwr toe 1
tbe bt tbe country affords, Tbe Be will bo
locked with choice Liquor, end the Stable,
equal to any in the Kate, provided with plenty
of provender of all kind, end attended by obli
ging and attentive Hostler. The ewnvenieace
nf ihia lituation ia eeusl. if not superior, to any
la the place 1 the lloe contain! a number of
private roorr.s, with out-housts, well Calculated
for tbe accominKh.Uoo of Traveller, with or
without (amities. Oti the premiat if an ICE
HOUSE, which wtB refulariy be eUpplied whep
ever tbe acaaon will admit of U The aubarri.
fcer aaauree tb public that notbinf .ehall be
waaiin, on kit part, 10 make thOae comfortable
who tMy tttink proper to cajl.
IO Tbe ArrAirn, btutStrn, Unetn ami
Cltrcw STAGES, atop at the Hotel.
V7R4 ll tMOmi, r,w.
S'tiikirt,, K C. Srpt. NX, 1919. 4l
Sjtetiury, X C. Sept, 5, J 829. J
VTAVINQ tppointed Capt. ,Wt Lemli, Adju
MM. Unt of the 63d Re(ft effioera will reapoct
nd obey turn acorduiy.
Tou are hereby commanded to the
town of Salisbury, on ThurtJay, the 8th day of
October, 1829, at 10 i. u. armed ana equipped
for Drit
And on Triday, tleb. VW will ppemr wrth
your retpective cornpaniee, armed arH eqtt'pp'd
with full uniform, according to law. Captuina,
nd conimandanU of companiet, are required to
make their return on tbe day or drill.
By ordtr of Edward Tarbrourb, Cl. Comdt.
- 4t67' OdRtgLXJ:. Militia.
Sfllislntnf Ligtl Jnfantry Blutt :
YOU olll appear on the court-boute bill, on
Friday, the 9lh"of October, -pToiimo, 9
oKck, a. a. armed and equipt for regimental
mutter and impaction, in accordance with the
requiekioo of the Col Comdt.
By order of Capt. I'homai G. Polk.
4rpt. M, lt29 ..- 4t87 ,
To Colibn Omneta.
nHHE-eubKriber havinr been
' l ..1.. .1. J L
tbe Cm Makinr Uuiinet; Las
opened hit ahop in Salisbury, 1
where he ia prepared to make and repair G., j
of tbe very best material, in a wpnor style of ,
workinanhij, and on ternu the mo accommo.
dating, even in theae hard time. i
Having been engaged io the buneo n or
three or four of the last seasons in picking cot
ton, for the express purpose of more fully ac
quainting himself with the principles snd prac
tical operation of these useful machine j and
having recently vial'ed South Carolina, where
the most improved-Gin . are in-i uae, with the
view of examining them, and making bimaetf ac
quainted with the plan on which they are con
structed, fccihe therefore feel assured, that
by his enlarged experience, thu acquired, in
making and repairing Gins, snd picking cotton,
lie can construct Machine superior to any ever
done in North Carolina.
Those wiehing work done in this line of busi
ness, are respectfully invited to call on tbe tub.
criberi witnc the plan and execution of bis
work, examine and idge for themselves. - He
will tparc no pain in attppfying himself with
the best material to be had in tbe country l and
Will make aod. repair Gins, according to orders
received, on short notice and reasonable terms.
All those who may please to call on him, will
. .. -.i .. l . .1 j lr c.r
nod JUm eituer ai on anup or uwturor hi cane
"hdfyTTiadjrta execute any job with which tbey
may p pieaaea to nvor mm.
Salivary, Jtuj. 6, 13J9. , 79
Driving to Fayetteville,
-1iflt"'$iatt' lltetf Misl'irjDr'it
If the Hesn Tard, where every con
remence ia nrovided Cor Man and Horse, to make
Yard, the dee
ae of a good bouse, are, water, and ,
and Provitum Store, Bread, bhop and Confcc-
tienary, and e louae tor Boarder and Lodgers,
ift a plain, ciieap, wnoierame ana comiort'
able rtylc.-fa.vfiCTi7. 11 April. 1828. 09
DdcVot eMoote'a i3taU.
A LL persons yet indebted to tbe estate of
X JL Ur. Kobcrt Moore, late ot Kowan county,
deceased, are desired to make payment to the
Executor t with as little delay as possible, and
save cott and Ireuble jand those still having
unsettled claims againat laid estate, will present
them, legally vouched for, within the time pre
scribed by act of Assembly, or this notice will
be pleaded in bar of their recovery.
. . ; ; EBENEZER MOORE, Ext.
Aftfinhrlith,lf 3t8J
a ta wiitiif tiouia.
f bfl lub'oined line may l comiJetM no
thing more than the ebullition of the moasetit,
produced cy reading the fl!owiBf Intefe.
linr account of the battle of Drogeacbaa, frorn
II ViVl narrwtt. Action which merit admira
tion and fame, ihouU b eitenwvtly eircolated
A publla p'rijl not enfy alTorJ effective me
dium, bot gratifio it pron, eipccialiy Hiom
who may out have read OoenmeoU eooulning
cnlnal"lnrirmatln. t1 lbM rfiwna, I aub.
mit to you, Mr. W hite; the propriety of divei
fjiog one of your aomber with thia commum.
- A waver now ia the Vicinity of lUmnik,
AimAM Mtareatiftff by the battle of Pni!'
W, f'mrhfiri0'ViMiy, IXtll J.ouJdBOl
paW tlMTKt without yialtlnr It, Md heading yew
aome local detail of one o? the moot affecting
trxrWetiti of nvxiem Ue U.connacring toe
youth and circumaunee of the partiei enpged,
rivalling ie intrepidity and elf devotion aay
thing we read in tbe history of ancient .Oreece.
Uptclantei, not finding In tbe province the
auDDort be expected, waa compelled to retire
before the Turk, and Uke up a poeition at Ter
rotit, tbe ancient capital or vtaUacbia. rrom
bene be wa obliged to retreat through the up
per country, croated tho River Olt, and etb
iiabed biraaelf in Kimnik, a mall town near that
river, and not far from tbe Carpathian mountain
which aeDerat tbi province rrom TranayWaoia
and the Auatrian tarritorict. A Urr body of
Turk, u peri or in number, here advanced
againat him and it was debated in the Grecian
army, whether tbey tbould wait for reinforce
ments, or immediately meet the Turk a. The
position they had Ukcn op wt very favourable
to the 6 rat. There stood r.ear it the large mon
astry of Drogeschan, which it wa proposed to
occupy. The Greek monasteries are well adap
ted for such a purpose s They consist generally
of a large quadrangular edifice, surrounding an
open area inaido, and entered only by a small
door throurt tbe body of tbe building. Tbe
wall arc very strong and maaaive, and tbe win
dow narrow exactly resembling .embrasures,
fo which they are well calculated. ' -
The accommodations inaide are eitenu'vei
and bence every monastery ia, in fact, a fortress i
Droteetinr the inmates from pir on tbe aca
coait, aoJ robber in (be inter.of i and affording
the Gresk a Shelter wben bard pressed ay tneir
enemies. Aa thli stood among the extreme
bnncbci of tbe motmiaina, which here advance
into tbe plain, and was encircled with woods
aod difficult ground, it would be easy for light
troop to advance under cover, and completely
haras any army who abould surround it
It tai therefore proposed by Georgaki, a dis
tinguiihed officer in Upselantes army, to occu
py tbe monastery snd woods and wait the com
ing of the expected reinforcements. Thb ad
vice, however, was opposed by Karavia, another
officer of influence, whose motive was evinced
by his subsequent conduct i tuch, however, wat
too eotbuaUam of the troops that bisadTtce was
unfortunately adopted.
The force' of Upselantes Consisted of 9000 ef
fective men, AmauU, Pandours, Servian!, Hut.
gariana, Wallacbiana, aud MoklaviaDi general
ly animated in the cause, and all united in the
rvmmbo bund of profeuing the lame Religion of
the Greek Church i but from the very nature of
their former service, tbe tame total relaxation
of military discipline, and, above all, their being
of different nation, and having no bond of per.
eonal and Ivai attachment, they were not much
to be relied on in a general attack. - There was
however, one body whose former character gave
them the higher waim to confidence.
It had been latterly tbe practice ol tbe urecka
in ceneral, but particularly those of tbe provin
ces, to tend their young men of respectable
famiriei.'for education-different luurejlftet iq.
Europe, generally to those of ItaJly and Ger
many : inch as were intended for the learned
profcsston etuoVd medicine and law and aucb
at were intended for business, mathematics.
The first grflerlly returned and practised at
home i tbe last were usually placed in the dif-
-.-.ii,, h.,.t h.rh iK r.kht
ow ehed In every capital on the conli.
nent w,,en the ociety the eUlrU e,ten.
deJ hstlff young fentemen enrolled
theoneUea a membera of it, wherever it bad
rmfictna and when the plan of revolution
Mlved on, they vera the first to offer
ibemtclvcs as soldier to support lu Every
man provided himself with a case of pistols a
aword, and a musket with a screwed bayonet,
after the European manner, and a Uniform suit
of Black ; and thus equipped, repaired to Upse
lantes' standard. it was a lingular and rateres
ting spectacle to ee these young gentlemen
voluntarily, and by a simultaneou movement,
abandoning their college andomce, in differ
ent place in Italy, Russia, and Germany, march
ing forward either singly or in email bodiea,
from the remotest parts of Europe, snd meeting
at one common centre, to form an army
They enrolled themselves in a corpt called
Irru Ltchtt, or (Ae toereW bandt and they evin
ced by their conduct that they merited the ap-
pellalion a much UiheTheDtni lit the day of
Epaminondas. Tbey inscribed on their ttandards
'i'fmmatt t Ileuthma, Deatk or Fredom f aud the
inacnption of the Spartan' shield, e fan t tpl tan,
either thia or upon it. The greater part of them
had never felt hardihip, or handled a military
I weapon before i yet they endured faturue.pri't
4 ..tinn mnA i1i-inlin. m. ti. k .iih!..! J if... i
trtuoe setting an example to the ret, which
wu badly followed. There were of thii corps,
now with Yptelantes, about 500 menj and
on these he justly placed bis chief reliance,
Tbe little army, originally so tmaU, had been
further weakened by tbe of Frince Can.
tacusene, who bad taken strong detachmeot
to oppoie; tbe raaha ot ibrail en the Umube.
What remained did not consiat of. more than
SQCAi men, who had wrtrt thenrsr aroaH body of
ArnaUt caYarrr.'aTtd atew iron fieki piece .that
nea,rJy.ouWet thenum
wea. appoinie cavairy. among woom, waa
corps m, jjtuut,
f ra ' " """" ' '-'"-"-
The battle began at 10. A. M. of the 19th June
1821. Alter a tew rounds of grape shot From
tbe small artillery of tbe Greek, the Turk
rushed with their usual impetuosity on the
corps of (he sacred band, who flanked and
guarded the artillery. Tbey were repulsee cooL
ly by the fixed bayonet of the corps,, who
bad a great advantage over their cnemici in a
close charge, a the Turk ated no bayonet on
their muskets, and their yatigans, or bangers,
fere too short to reach' withitv their guard,
be Turks retired in confusion, but aoon again
come to the chargeand were again driven back.
Ypselante now teeing the moment for decision,
instantly ordred up the whole corp of hji
cavstry la itticli lit "fgdi U I f i if, tl tlty
were retiring in cf.f.i'n. I !i4 th arJrn givea
been obey'!, tl.ry.asver would ba rallied
tgaia, ami the v'uiory would hv been at sfnl
aa the cwM-qoercr to the Creek would have
Kca jiomefitaiiaJ, The ctralrywa commanded
by Karavia, who bid be to atreouou it) ad
vising an Immedfct battle. ,
Intead of obeinf tbe etdert of tbe Ceneral,
and attackingtths Turks la tbelr cwnfuaion, they
turned suddrn.f round, beaded by (heir infa
mou coAmande and riding fuHnuly through
a body of their oVfi men, threw the whole I ft
wing into confuted. Every effort wa aad to
remedy the differ, but ia vale. The panio or
treason of the Mrs communicated itself with
tbe lalantryi thi whole dahed beadlonr into
tbe Olt, and paiseJ to the other side, Uaving the
taerrj hand aim 4 hnt in IM midst iSf plain.
It wat now thsi the Turkish cavalry, seeing
them abandoned jo Ibelr fat, rushed on them,
and tdrroonded aieir LnU ir all eUsj wiO
theirjWf p!nIT?kn, l-hi aw W Uia-
tjon, thee yoog aoeo, uneriy unused to ma
pline, kept Bmiy Wgctber; Ma rrpeiie lor
one time evwy eAtet to break, them i the JV
hie particulart, rushed on ibcm, but were re
ceived steai'ly.00 tbe tKntus dtfritt which
their bayonet presented, that their horse were
alwayi threyn back in confusion. At length
the pitottf the cavalry effected what their
sahre eooVnoti tbey made repeated dischar
ges on thee beyond be reach of their baroaeta
and tbey re re gradaally thinned and weakened
by this fling, and then tbe Turk nuhing on
with ther tabrca, caf aVwe every oum thai re
mom!, M tbe spot where be stood.
Moratban 400 Perished, aide by side and of
the lew uai escapee, aimosi aii uiea of uieu
wound) t so that hardly aa Individual of this ad-
mirabb band, tbe pride and flower of tbe Greek
nation survived tbuf dreadful day." " No eoe
hit biherto dared ie erect a tomb to deaigoate
tbe pace where tbey He."
Hani kt ott r pvpatvr csmieiii trmt."
Ifcrolc youth ! I Freedoms cause
Your heart aod soul were one i
tour deeds have gained tbe world tppluae
At bloody Drogeacbaa.
Though buried here yeor bodies Ee
Eeneath the gory tumuli, - " '
FoSterHy require ae spire
To point te the sacred po
For Clio's page and kiadling lyre
Hill sooner be fsrgot.
Than this distingushed plain abafl cease -To
warm the merjory of Greece.
Deserted by a Traitor chief
la battloTi burning hour.
Heroic was your fight aod brief
Against o'erwkeTming power !
How dauntless ma by man ye stood
On the unequal field of blood,
Nor sunk your tUmdard whilst a man
Surviv'd on bloody Drogeschan.
That banner for It motto bore
That of tbe Spartan shield of yore ;
And well your deeds did emulate,
-And well you marked ihe fait . :
Of that ImrntrUd Band, whose name
You took : jrou now divide its fame r
While memory remains to msn.
Twill cherish bloody Drvfescliao.
L, lw,kut 4rarih Ik ni"" Mru '
WMrt am lr, Urnf tttj In I
or Bhtmt,4 M Mi i
raow re rkw.yorb riimi.
How blest the farmer' envied life,
I fit active days and tranquil nights,
Far from the city's noise and. atrife,
-0 biiwUvaeurse but feaUf lightav-
When from the soft and pleasant south
The Valmy mutk wind weetfy steals,'
'And s forth with rosy mouth
To breathe fresh rreennet o'er the fields,
With what a cheerful face he wends, -
With tparkling eye and cloudlet brow
With what a manly grace be bend,
Hi sturdy figure e'er the plough.
Then beaide the furrowed heap,
The rich and liberal teed i sown,
While in his breast tbe glad heart leap
To think the soil the soil' bit own.
Wbat pleasures must his bosom fill,
W ben Bcath the summer's ray he td.
Turning bit eye o'er vsle and hill,
O'er all his richly cultured lands,
He sees the harvest ripening fast,
And know his strength Jiath.made it rise ;
And he shall taste Us fruit at last, .. .. v
Beneath his own dear native skies. ' '
And when the merry autumn's fled,
And the large barn are amply stored,
How many a gay and joyous head
1 1 gathered round hi plenteous board I
And then when winter's rainy clouds,
Rise in cold granduer o'er tbe iky
When from the east in dusky crowd
They almost chill the heart and eye
He jtfely ih betide hi bearth,
" That nany a frolic chiW makes gsyi:
' And to the thrilling sounds of mirth,
.1 Hcwilrt.thettormyhQuriway. ,
JWrt, 1829.
M. I .. n t ,a1 m ..Im lit. mamI mm. a mm.
That luastve hone hath but a srren tontrue I
True, site may sport with life's untntored day,
Nor heed the solace of it last decay..
The guileless heart her bappy mansion rpurn,
And part, like Ajax never to return !
But yet, mcthinka, When wisdom shall aasuag
The grief and passions of out greener age,
Though dull the close of life, and. far away
Eachllower that baifcd the daa ning of the day,
Vete'er lowh;jopa that, pnee were dea bw
Tbe time-taurht asmt. aeniive. nor severe.
And weep their falsehood, though tbe love them
mm may have been, that wrote the following
lines, be ought to be subjected to have hi head
well tombed with a three-legged ttool, by every
fair maiden in the land j
Wwaon' iA and wsmen't frurt
- Write the character ie duat ' 7
Sump there on the running stream
Print them oo the pale moon-beam ; '
And each evanescent letter.
Shall be firmer, better,
r And more durable, I ween.
Than uc thiaf then letter metja.
m mm&i ''' M imm-
raow Tas us toai lanraicaa.
Advice 4 Fatmmm l$ hit eny Daughter.
, WrMM Imililitr aTMV Mv
The following letter i laid to be
from the pea of one el the beet and
greatett men that vlrlnia vcr prr
uucedt , (
just cotertd into tbt itatc; which !t
replete with heppioetsor atiaeryTbe
isiue dependi upon that prudent, ami-
aoie, unuorm conauct, wnicn wuuom
andvirtue to itrongt recommend, on
twhlch a'waotxfcflecticmriiiiwj
Meaj ayiwe - wa av Vivsj .a
Y6d""irtTirrtd' to"ktnaroT honoar7
oftaleati, aod of an open, geoerooa
diipoeition. You hve, therefore, in
your power, all the essential ingredi
ents of domestic happinea it Csnaot
be marred, if you now reflect upon
that tyitem of conduct 'which you
ought invariably to puruc if you now
ee clearly, the path from hich you
will resolve never to deviate. Our
conduct is often the remit of whim or
caprice, often such as will give us ma
ny a pang, uoless we tee, beforehand,
what is always the moat praiseworthy,
sod the most enrntial t' happiness.
The 6rst rr.axim which you should
impress deeply upon your mind, is,
never to attempt to ootroul your hus
band by opposition, by displeasure, or
any oiher mark of anger, Aoan ol
sense,' of prudence, oi warm feelings,
cannot. and will not,-bear an opposi
tion of any kind, which is attended
with an angry look tor expression.
The cureDt of h'u aETections ia sud
denly slopped ;"" his attachment is
weakened j he begins to feel a morti
fication the most pungent he is belit
tled even in his own eyes and be as
sured, the wife who once excites those
sentiments in the breast of a husband,
will never regain the high' ground
which she might and ought to tuve re
tained. Wheo he marries her, if he
be a good man, he expects from her
smiles, not frowns; he erpects to find
in" hi r one w nd is not ttttootrool htm
not to take from him the freedom of
acting as his own judgment shall dl
rect, but one who will place such con
fidence in htm, as to believe that his
prudence is his best guide. Little
things, what ia reality are mere trifles
.t ' i r. ' i' .
in tnemsetvesi onen prouuee otcaer
lings, And even quarrels.. JTeyer per
r t " t a .
mit tnem to oe a suoiect ot dispute
yield them with pleasure, with a smile
of affection. Be assured that one dif
ference, outweighs them all a thousand
orjten,.thousaocJUifrjiS!lt ,A. difference
with your husb4nd, outfit ever , to be
considered as the grea est calamTty
as one" that la "to be most studiously
guarded against t it is a demon which
must never be permitted to enter
habitation where ail sh juld be peace
unimpaired coi.&dence, and heartfelt
sfTection. Besides, what can a woman
gain by her opposition -or her differ
ences? Nothing. Hut she loses every
thing ; she losses her husband s respect
for her virtues ; she loses his love,
and with that, all prospect of future
happioess. She creates her own mis
ery, aod - thca - utters - idle- and.:silly
complaints, but utters them in vain.
The love of a husband can be retained
only by the high npmioa which he en
tertains of his wile s goodness of heart
of her amiable disposition, of the
sweetness of her temper, of her pru
dence, of her devotion to him. Let
nothing upon any occasion ever lessen
that opinion. On the contrary, it
should augment everyday f he should
have much reason to dmireher for
those excellent qualities, which will
cast a lustre over a virtuous woman
when her personal attractions arc no
Has your husband staid out later
than you expected r W hen he returns
receive him as the partner of your
heart. Ilaa he duanpointed youi to
something you expected, whether of
yenieoey I Never evince discontent)
Does heV; when you are liousekeoper:
invite- company without informing
you of it, or bring home with him a
friend I Whatever may be your repast,
however scanty it may be, however
impossible it may be to add to it, re-
ceive tnem with a pleasing counten
ance, adorn your table with cheerful
ness, give to your husband and to your
company a hearty welcome j . it - will
more than compensate for every other
deficiency j it will evince love for your
husband, good sense in yourself, and
tut pi.tfr.v:$ el u.. v, 1.1th
as the most riowcrful tlarra ! If v.4!l
give to tie piajnTstfirea ztiHuperior
to all that luxury can boast. Never
be discontented ca any eccatioa of thia
, Ia the aext fcUte, as your husbsnd'a
sucens ia his profcinon will depend
ppoo hit popularity, and as the mini
nera of a wife have oo little inSuenca
ia extending or lesscniog the respect
aod eoteera of others for her husband,
yoti should uka care to be aflable and
polite to the pocrt it as well as to the
richest- A reserved Haughune'sils
sure indication of a weak tniod and m
Uafceliag hcarC v
With retpect te roue am ants tesck-.
tKe'oi W JepcClandIloVepu7MB I
you expect from, (hem a reasooable di
chorgoofihtif-rcapecdrr-dntitti, ,
Never tease yourself, or tbem, by
scoldingj it has no other effect than to
rcodcr them discontented aod imper
tinent, Admooiah them with a calh
firmneif , r
Cultirate your mind by the peruif)
of those books 'which instruct while
they amuse. Do not devote much of
your time to oovels t there are a few
which may be .useful and improving,
aod hi giving-a higher .tone to' our
moral sensibility ; but they tend to
vitiate the taste, and to produce a
disrelish for substantial intellectual
food. Most plays are of the same
cast they are not friendly to the de
licacy which is one of the ornaments oC
the female character.' History, ' Geo.
gTsphy, Poetry, Moral Essays, Bio
granhy, Travels, Sermons, aod ether
well written religious productions, will
not fail to enlarge your understandings
to render you a more agreeable com
panion,, and to exalt your virtue. U
woman devoid of rational ideas of re
ligion, has no aecurity for her virtue j
it is sacrificed to her passions, whose
voice, not that of God, is her only
governing principle. Beside, in those
hours of calamity to which families
must be elposed, where will she fin
support, if it be not in her just re-'
flcctioos upon that alF benign IVovi,
dence which governs the Universe?
whether animate or inanimate.
futual I politeness between the motr
intimate friends, IT essential to that
harmony,- which should never be once
broken . or interrupted. How impor
tant then Is it between man and wife .'
The more warm the attachment, thr
leas will either party, bear4 to be alight
ed, or treated with the smallest degree
of rudeness cr inartcntion. This po
liteness, then, if it be not io itself a.
virtue, is at leant the means of jiving
to real goodness a new lustre it is the
means of preventing discontent, tod
even quarrels ( it is the oil of inter
course, itrenwvejspejhj, angi-s
to every, thjog a amooth, an jeven and
a. pleasing movement. .L ., .
I -will only add, that-matrimonial
happiness doesnotdeptnd upon wealth;
no, it Is not to be found in wealth ; buc
in minds properly tempered and suit
ed to our respective situations. Com
petency is necessary ; all beyond that
point, is ideal. Do not support, how
ever, that I would not advise your
husband to augment his property by
all honest and commendable means.
I would wish to see him actively en
gaged in such a pursuit, because en
gagement, a sedulous employment, in
obtaining some laudable end, is essen
tial to happiness. Io the attainment,
of a fortune, by honourable meauij
and particularly by professional eat r.
tion, a man derives particular satisfac
tion, in self-applause, as Well as from
the increasing estimation io which h
is held by those around him ;
Io the management of your domes.
tic. concerns,- let prudence and wif
economy prevail. Let .neatness, Ol
der, and judgment be seen in all your
ity with a just frugality t always re
serve aomething for the hand of chari
ty, j and never let your door be closed
to the voice of suffering humanity.
Your aervaotSr in. particulai will haver
the strongest claim upon your charity -
let them be well fed, well clothed,
nursed in sickoesB, va& nsver le4hea-,
be unjustly, treated,.
id 'witthe com
by an unfortunate son of Erin, who.
had been tried before justice Whitmsn
the other day Are you' guilty or
not guilty r" said the clerk' " An
what the divil are you put there for
but to find out"
It is not lone since one of the pelry
African kings said he would send his tpn
to England, that be might learn. " to read
book and be- rpgne'' .
V -'.

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