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. . VOU'X N(. ir.n.
mm U iu mum, miI u4 . UaHiMawM
-, M MM. 4 M W ,- k Mfl , sa4
t'f V '., fll KMt
i a tun m i 4iwf , tMf f m M
J " Tiux urr.n t ; . - "7
4 Ilf. now vpcairg at the tvibscftbaYs Store in
JRft - J.I. .kiitou - - '.ar .. . -
ea)mt e'V description, aaiud to all actwon
of ibj year, ' A9,
- Hardware awl Cutlery,
'cttentivo in variety tnd amount.
faii ii "MkcttJby himself it It core, ami
bought for cash on the best term, in Pbiladel.
pliia and New.Ycrk. Tlie pub!i ore aured
fhy will Hud t bwee and full u ;.;, owl lower
, fureA thn uwial, or other -e on sccommo.
latin lcrni. ,Thy ere res,, cfully invited to
611, t4hiov. tiomiiK uu;i, beor pricci
J. M. repf ctful! be r to return Mi unfeitfr.
4 iImmI f- ik n f.hchkl ind diitir(pjUlifd
p4W( ho been to liutijf Itonourca vin.
AitccrAag jifUtie."d hopet, br diligent
ties'loB, to went b contir.iiurice of the Mtnc.
" S!brf, .Wx. 8. 1829 . W
SO"ol the imported
llurse f'ariwi'l itottd
.the't'ftll Sea-oii, tomn.rrw
ring the 10 diiy of SSeptem
Lcr. oik! emlinn the litli
cMinvW dojr of November, in the
p r to n of .vaAtAiiri. oo Mon.
dovi. Tuttdovo and Wed.
fr'Wf.o elorir nq In the lorn
.of Cnctrd, Cfcb4rru county, on Thuivli), 1'ri
tUyiuid lioturdovi t ond will be let to More M
tigU iWUr the Season our UolUrt the lap i
rid twthf dnlloro t- insure Ibol.
' 84 "1, L. FERKNP,
Sept. 13, 182V. C L. B0VVEH3.
uWsburf Hacea.
Fofl'IC race over the Salisbury Turf, will com-
P menee e T1itwUyt S2u )e(oter j
and continue three clayij first day, two rule
liea, fre fame, mare or ft-Wing ; a?.
uid da.r", ifcile heaf. & iv thhtff eaeept
iiie wiwifnC bora. or mc jncvcuing
tUy, three beat in Ave, free ff eny horoo ri4
and owned in the county.
. SajUiurM. Sepu 8, 18 L . jSttf!
fjp!IF. untleronrned qualified M August K'f mono
X" of Hnwan county court, m the Executor
of tbe lat will of 1WL Wood s All pt-rsoni in.
debted to taid estate, are requested to make
payment and aU persons having demands
against the same, are requested toir!Wnt fhem
tor settlement, or this notice will be pleaded in
h, VM. B. OOW, ...
TltAC liVtAn L '
Mt;uit 9th, 189. 3m93
ON Tuesday of the Superior
rmift i SLtlesville. it beir.r
the -id day of November i.ext, will
be sold at puuiic lenaue, soerai
I HOUSES and LOTS, and several
unimproved lota, in said own: and among oth
ers, that valuable and for business, foi merly
occupied by Jamt Irvtn, and Roltrt Simonton,
and uow occupied by C'oifan atul Alexander for
a Store." It U presumed those. inclined to pur-
of Robert SImonUm and '.he executors of James
.JruUv joining in the will mke the title
Mnqueattunahly good to purchasers. liberal
1 : credit avm-Jie tr'vfar" T
;E0RGU L. DAVIDSON,-) Executor of
ALFX HUGIUNS, ( Executori vf Jamet
JOHN IRWIN, ) Irwin, daeuteiL
htptembtr 1tK 1839. t8B
to the Stockholders of Ihc Bank of
i half of the Commissioners appointed by
ttoi State, Vetrigltiiidef coiUidemion; Resolvcdi
Tlmt the President do advise said Commissioners,
that it is (Seemed fteceamry and eipedienf to
subiect matter of the T communication s ami fur
tier that the President of the Bank of Cape
Fear he. an he U herehv fullv authdnsed and
-empowered v&tu ?! J.hc.
ooara ot Director to can a gcnemi nict..6 -'the
Stockhholders of the Bank of Cape-rear,
to convene on the 3d Monday of November next,
r . .. . . 'T. . ii
iheitr t 'WflsMer -of their inteectagiiieiijxi
and esneckllr tn tiirnifv how far. in what way,
Uhe GQfr& Air.h v in the estabUWimeni Oi a
new Bank, by the consblidation, or ttherimh &
tftos now-Mi eiwteBeopy. worn me-imuuica.
In accordance witli the above Resolution, an 1
fcy virtue of my office as President of the Bank
of Cape-Fear, notice is hereby given to. the
Stockholders of aaid Bank, to meet at their
Banking House in Wilmington, on the 2d Mon
- flay of November neit. then and there to con-
der of and to aet upon the matters and things
IS now receiving from New York and FblUv
,lt)pbnn,-a tiaotn mi bxndaaiMf'tOoMtteirf
'flj Hardware, Crockery, '
vLicE tit tourht at reduced orioc. am1 wiU
bt aold fct a small prcQt, lor r4, or on time to
punctual ucaJrrs. Among the Groceries arc
urn quality
Teiurljninf.OW Muscatel! ditto.
Port ditto, Malaga ditto, Genuine
J1J Holland Via, old Cognac
' vranaj, Jamaica ana rew Kng.
land Hum i tocether with ever
article usually found U btore in this section of
ri rons inline to mircbaae. ill ulcase call.
and eiaoiine the above Good.
Wiseur.v, Sept. 2da, 6mtl 1
f KS. U lLLLV. thaalful for th Uberal en-
courogement she has receivej in oupnort
of hei ickupL fur the instruction of Yonnr
oury, sik ns nuiiity, mat ine nit quarter win
commence on tbe let Monday of Nov. neit, and
will certainly Continue (health permittioff) two
quarters rrum mat time 4 and Itopes, by the aa
u'uixji discbirse of hvr duty to tbose who mr
be committed is bcr ore, to merit t contimia.
lion of favour. :
ller term arc the same as heretofore :
Reading ami Spelling, per quarter . .
Tegrther with the above, Keritations tnd
"nunc, u.
The above, with Englpu Crarnmor, Ge-
ogvaphy, Arithmetic Compoaition and
ifhetodc, ..... . S.
1'loin. Needle work, marking samplers,
c tov'ttber with any or all of the
above bronchel KS.
rliiri arwl Ornamental Needle Work, in its
various branches, including Lace Work,
&.c. on a new and improved method,
hich will enable a Lady to execjte
wok with facility, equal to the impor
ted RIO.
Drawing and Tainting on paper, also
1 iteorrm fainting upoir Vehret Tntdpnper.
a new and elegant method, .... glO.
L B. The present quarter of the Schol will
toencrment of the ensuing quarter.
Salitlurs. Srflt.2l", 13-
A LL persons iodtbted to the firm of li
im. JSre.aremDecUuily4nviua iocuana
settle their respective dues with me, as Mr. &m
haa soliMiis entire interest in the above tirm to
me ; aiul 1 shall ex)ect iy debtor to come
immediately and settle their acccunts, with tuth
or by divine their note.
Til (J. .. JSUIUlbJVI.
Chatlottt,,'. C. Sept. 15, 1820. 3t88
Ciwriw, S. C Sipf 19, i 820. '
A ItK """ JL ' tihUe the Btatine Bu- between this plsce
ayfrjrr ytm m? in( Charleston, via George
tnwn. u hereiol'ure s and will attend to the re
ception of Merthandii;, and transportation of
Cutton, and other priHitice comnmieu 10 ins
charge. His Boatt are of a light draft of wuter,
and particulirly adapted to the navigation of tbe
river ; and, with the assurance of the strictest
attention to his charge, he hopes for a contimi.
ance of the patronage of hit friends.
Salt, Sugar, Coffee, Molasses, Psg
giig, - Bale Hope, Twine, &e.
which he offets at wholesale of re-
6191 JOS. 11. T0WNF.S.
ONE of the most valuable plants
tions in the upper country. It
lies in the county of Cabarrus, m the
fork of Itocky river and Coddle
Creek, containing about five hun
dred and seventy acres of hind. The quality of
the land is first rate, the soil deep, the surface
Welv..TUer is ttbouttuiuhu adred acres ekar-.
ed, mostly fresh s 'a new, convenient and elegant
dwelling-house," winch- cost neartv jour
thousand dollars, ana other buiimngt
suitable to it. " The paymentt J
property can be made easy. Applications as to
terms ol sale, can be made to UTtTTAIeSnUerT
in my absence.
Inoromy, by Job EDWaua llotaaooK, W, V,
Materia .Vedica, oy Hiirat n. rnosT, v.
Obtetric and Dueatei T G PRIOtI4U M D.
of It omen and Children )
tnemstry, oy (.hwobb mvamt, m. v.
Aorurat Uiiury, t hv e-.;.-.- v.. L.
- . r.
and Botany.
Pattobgicaland j b JoM Wi0, D
Surreal Anatomy. ' . ... .
Demanttr'atvr of Anatomy, by J. Wrtiris, M. V.
I . . ,.n n .
JKRl'SALr.M. 1
Jir, An 4 n'i rtmarki tH ikt Oft City,
There arc two account! el'th indent
City f Jerusalem, whicb ha tome
down 10 us with tb isouiofl f Mgb au
thotitr. Tfc Rrst h iiu ta the
ihlrd rhipter ofchmaiawhokuilt the
walls ot the dtv, sfier the rtlata of the
e V (r.m. J?!! J00'1?, Cptt i'Jfr ,.Hf . it
tentiorTwas. ' pinkii&rt-dirca'tOtbU
Htovntf bf tKt-Counteti -of-Betmerf
who vUte4jhttiutno'bli.poli ia jmd
tbout Veruuleitt;-Uti tbf ml ttul fitt
ing of a ploai Cbrlniaa, lakin iht Scrip,
lurti for bar guide, while at ih tami
titna ihrtf alted'tcrulf of TiltiniHghi
that modern triftllera niva been able lo
collect for the Illustration of this most in
tereatinf portion of cred.topographf .
The other ia from tbe pen of the Jew
ish Historian, Josephutl who haa the
misfortune lo witnaaa the lacking and tit
ler destruction of hit native dtv, by the
victorious arrat of Titut Vespasian.
It it a tantalizing circumstance, howev
er, for the traveller, who wishea to re
cognize In -hie walks, the aite of particular
building, or the Kane of rnemorablt
events, that tbe greater part of the sub
ject mentioned in tbe description both of
the inspired and Jewish historian, are en
tirtljr removed and razed from .their
foundations, without (earing a trace or
name behind, to point out wfcare ttiey were.
Not an ancient tower, or gate, or wall, or
hardly even a atone remotni. Tbe foun
dations are not only broken up, but every
frKtneDl of which they were cornposrd,
is swept away anJ tbe spectator looks
upon the bare rock, with hardly sorinkline
ol earth to point out ber gardens of plea-
aure, or groves ol Idolatrous devotion.
Aod when we consider the Salaces, tow
ers and walls about Jerusalem, and that
lhe.aiwiof ..aich sows of them were
constructed, were thirty feet tongy 6fieen
feet broad and seven and a half thick, we
are not more astonished at the strength
and skill, and perseverance by which they
were constructed than shocked by the re
lentless and brutal hostility by which they:
were shsttcred and overthrown and utter-!
ly removed from our sight. A few gsr
dena atiiL remain, on- to aWaw. tJ J
Mount Zion, entered from the Pool of
Siloara; the Oardeos of Gethsemeoe are
trees decaying, as it the hand that dressed
and fed them , were .withdrawn, .1 ha
Mount of Olives still retains a languishing
verdure, and nourishes. a few. of. those
tree from which it derives 4 name.
But U around about Jerusalem, the gen
eral aspect is blighted and barren; the
grass is withered t the bare rock looks
through the scanty sward ; and the grain
ttself, Uke the starving progeny, of famine
seems io doubt whether to come to ma
turity or die in the ear.
- The vine, that was brought from Egypt,
is cut off from the midst of tbe land ; the
vineyards are wasted; the hedges are Ta
ken sway i the graves of the ancient dead
are open and tenantlesa. How is the
gold become dim, and every thing that
was pleasant to the eye, wttndrawn ; Je
rusalem has heard the voice of David and
Solomon, of prophets and Apostles j and
He, who spake as never man spake, has
taught in her synagogues and in her
streets. Before her Legislators, her
f'octsr and hr jipoailcs,lboac.of all Other
countries become dumb, and cast down
their crowns as unworthy to stand in their
reaence... Once she was Tich m every
blessing victorous over air her enemies
and resting in peace; with every man
.miner under bis own vine and fig tree.
none to disturb or make bim afraid. Je
rusalem was the brightest of all the cities
of the East, and fortified above all other
townsso strong, that tbe Roman Con
queror thereof, and the master of the
whole world besides, exclaimed on enter
ing the city of David, and looking up at
ed, 4i Surely, we have bad God Jot our
assistance in the war ; for what could hu
man hands 61- human machines do agsinst
t hee4ower lt-i -no--other than V' Oil,
who has expelled the Jews from their for
tifications. Their temple was the richest
in the whole world their religion was
the purest and their uod was the .voru
of Hosts. Never was there a people fa
vored like this people. But they aet at
. J -n . V . 1 tin
city ;,giMPlforf?'Bf'r,"th!l!'
gloty departec from taraei, ana sow
t.i. l..i,thft dav nf venceance ar
rived and, the rebellious sons 01 vvo
sVe scattered, and pelted, and driven un
der every wind of heaven, without a na-
tinn or countrv to call tneir own uoaiw.i-
..... , , ,
gamated, persecuted, piunoerea ana re
eled : like tbe ruins of a blighted towef,
..!,.. fr.trmants remain to show the
ww aavwv - O '
tremendous lesson for (he kings and peo
ple of the earth, in the midst if their
prosperity to recognise the hand from
which their comfjrts !
It is impossible for the christian travel-
ler to look open Jerusalem with I he tame
fetUogt with which he would set s1m1I
io ton'emplate the ruins of Thebes, or of
Athens, or or Home, or of an? other city
all the doing s of tlseJewsr their virtues
and their viteSj Jheli - wlom and tyeir
follyi height and fietxbr breullb and
lengihi that angels cannot fathom ( their
whole historr is a history of miracles
Thereeeptv of their -Sacred Ilohrere
the most profound, and the best adapted
in tsery situation In which man rsn be
placed they moderate him in prosperi
ty, sustain bim in adversity, guide him in
health, console him In sickness, support
him at the close of life, travel on with
him through death, lite with him through
out the endless sgea of eternity i and Je
rusalem lends its name to tbe eternal
mansions of the blessed in heaven, which
man is permitted to enjoy through'tbe
atonement of Christ Jeu, wbo was born
of a descendant of Judah S
ioa vaa witTsaa caaotisua.
Ma. E di to it t. After the brief notice
taken in ta last number of (he more
prisate mischiefs of i.iironce, let us
proceed io lake a similar view of it
more wide spread evils, as they appear in
their bearing upon our national Interests:
W'e believe that no ssiion can long retain
the glory which is now univrrsollf ad
judged to our nation, with ao euormoua an
evil in th- midst of it, or rather spread
abroad in ail its length and brradth.
Let us consider firM, the number of
deaths which his believed are annually
chargeable to liitempcufice. According
to the calculations of several permits who
have taken much pains lo proOjte prop
cr data, especially M,-. I'ulfrcjrt iha in
temperance of our nuiion furnishes vie
lirm for no lc than 36,000 graves, an
nually. Now who me thosu thai die by
a. .
intemperance : .ot our women orchil
dren f noimr aUvcs - iLer t remit men,
our ilorer our soil.'icrs the bone
and sinew of our n4U0n.J.ct us just
ihinLrifJruftmWsS'ou the ril5w,"eiii, as
slave population. Over thirty thousand
while mm die of intemperance e very year,
while not one I how sand adored men can
have the me-ns of fhus destroying them
selves, "ht fcadul luuucnce does
this leave upon tbe ratio of colored men
10 white men !
Aain, let us consider H as it respects
iit tendency 10 diminish the revenue of
the nation. It will bo sid, perhaps,
that the duties on importation, and the
tax unon licensed retailing houses, pro
duce a revenue u ;he governmcouBut
let it be remembered, that in this country
there w a no tack ol tmplay mentr to those
wbo hsve-industrv enough to seek it;
that there are ways enough for the invest
ment of all the private capital ot our
country; and that those persons from
whose capital this tevtnue is produced,
W ill Id hn nroductive of ntire revenue in
some other way, were this source of pol
luted and cankering tribute dried up
The diminution ihrp ames from the in
aolvencv of the mivchtv host of poverty
stricken drunkard,. What ah Increased
value would their labor bavo given to
many a plantationl How much higher
added to mans - a
nu,n Iai 1 Then who dors not see how
it diminishes the revenue ii this way f
ft.., .ut .1. rnnsider it as the
&- -- --- i
wreat source of increase of pnupetlsm.
Ve have no means of ascertaining with
certainty the tax which it imposes in this
.. .. . hut wamII know llut the irrcat por
tinn ftf the nauoarisui of the United States
wises liom this quarter. WV have scei
H vtiou4y cfctuualetL f l fr9in .. ..?.
milliun. of dollars. .. U. is no do.ubt much
above the lower estimate, ow what an
enormous aunt ta he paid every year.
yjtJiout "y advantage
whatever; and
t: .?:. :....!". r,;; ...rv rtfortH
cor.necied, or supposed to be connected,
rtain nv-i ii-uium xcniuua imi e-j --------
,..h diminution of taxation I
wimi m w. ... . . .
But still egsiii, Ulw be ainsiuetea as
the Meat source of crime, me
j.mnn r.f demoralization among dur pop:
ulation. - Many pious prosei.uuw6 y---
UaWJaiiut under their cognizance,
... ..... ik Afffnre annealed to have
II v 1 a si ? 1 1 .
. v. - . ----- UaMMAm
..nn mm iniemDeraiicc. wr...v ...
,unce his
nine'tentba of the Indictment-v may oc
-i,,.d it intemoerance ; and in many
-r.L. and outraces which led
Ul Sliuse . . .
,n indictments, many were involved oe
sides the particular persons whose part
s- .1,- matter would bear an indictment.
Ill lliw ssoiovvw- aw t I I t.A
Their demoralizing innuenco wouiu
subjected ibemselvea 10 ciiil essilgstion.
in ordinary cases, aa ay individual!
and families, aa are e x iied by such col
rage, are more or less dcmoraUzed.
Oa lo the d'xr of e house, ( rt
any puUie"6csiIonVnd wiinesVla n
law, a. rf 4- w- as, yny
which generate then, lis ttodency i0 de
morallra 1 and see the same thim U ik
.... ... . . . . ... . , IS 14 sM
loatnsrrnr and nltBjr UJChlPgf fjr:lfcf
wmh m eewg"rpfopetr Jji:
v-rnu(ru uzue uieac, twtier
Mir tiirouffD-Uie alreeia
Jlul again, who does not tee the threat
entngetpecta oich it assumes, when it
jrawnHii a art cieatorteertrrg weipon ?
What reBectlng or thinking m.n docs not
tremble for our political institutions, when
he sees a large number of voters.
turning around from the fountains of h
sanity erected on electlondays, and walk
ing away as directly as they can to tba
polls f And who does not tremble, when
he heart the mellowed mit of some who
watcn at toe oHM box, nroelalmil K-
their loud and inceitant babbling t Who
that even thinks seriousfv on the im.r.t..
of a population, to amonnt, probably, ia
one century, to a hundred millions, does
not tremble to see the elective franchise
put in this way so far under tha rMiri
of aspiring end wealthy demagogues
. ivw ..M, mew oi me auDiei-t, tbe appeal
is most loud 10 every patriot, and ouhr
to be deeply felt In every bow. Jn wnjch
such a feeling resides.
Again, Its tendency to effeminate anil
destroy the soldiery, oq whom we depend
for safely, when our country is invaded,
torwhum is entrusted Ida t.f,ia r
seaport towns, most liable to toe
is another ground of alarm. V10 does
not recollect, that when in the late wsr a
diaught was made upon some parts of
our own state, for soldiers to defend
sicajy seaport of Virciou. tK u.,h.
amounting to about one in ten. were
bieuy confined to the
w ho can tell how much the loss of 100
oui or a 1000, might have been felt in
esse ofao engagenifnt I The drau,'
and enlistments, as all the "Pn"
ses of a war, must be iacresu e,rf
one tenth on account ol tcmperance.
Addr to t he-deaths, "t tMMftber-wf kk,
tbe diminished strength of the consoles
cent, and bow arv 1 mut the real
we nemw the n""" -
We must conclude, with this verr par
tial list of public en!, firot. W. the wu(
of time ourselves; and secondly, from
the iear -yow wooid riot find room for is
more perfect one. Let'ivrian.
patriotic and benevolent man, feel as if
II his powers were laid under rrnuiMtion.
r. d. m.
If I possessed the most valuable
things in. the world, and were about to
will them away, the following would
rjelTTair6f distribution V "
I would will to the sv hole world
truth and Friendship, which are very
I would give to physicians skill
and learning.
T oclergymcozeal and disinterest
d piety. ,
To young women common sense,
large wttistt and natoral feet.
To servants obedience and hones
To masters humanity.
To Ta r me r a pu n t ii ati lyind iob'rt"
To young aprouts or dandies good
1- . 1 L I . 1 L
a .
sense, little casn, anu naru wora.
To old maids good tempers, little
talk, and suitable husbands,
To old bachelors a love for virtiie,
children and wives.
To scliool-boyshafd study, and
To ichool-Rirls adornment ol thej
braio, simple dress, and more work.
Tecboot-matra abiUUea to teaclv
what they profess, and atten,tioD.
To our college--the ablest profes-
sorsi without regard to bitth.pUce-ot
seer, .
To mechanics punctuality, hones-
a... ntaialr f a-sS- feP
r7l' luI'V. I,
- - r r
did dealing.
To judgealearniog and impartial
ity. To printers constant employme.nt.
good senac and fai work.
-To the charitablelittle parade and
home bencfactidd?. ' f Cw. JctWtOl'l
. a set forth in the above Resolution.
' J. R. LONDON. President:
r litrviiT iv. r KU3 1 , imm.
i Chnrmui. An. 19, 18W, 8tU0
t ' - -w

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